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Effect of dates of sowing, seed rates and level of phosphates on the seed production of berseem at short and mild winter of West Bengal

Barik, A.K.; Mukherjee, A.K.

Environment and Ecology 8(1B): 288-289


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-0420
Accession: 001808140

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The effects of 2 sowing dates, 3 sowing rates (15, 25 or 35 kg/ha) and 3 P2O5 rates (0, 60 or 120 kg/ha) on seed production in Trifolium alexandrinum were studied after harvesting the crops for fodder production 60 d after sowing. Sowing in late Nov. or in the 2nd week of Dec. gave yields of 150 and 100 kg/ha, resp.

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