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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kunelius H.T.; Sanderson J.B., 1989:
Effect of harvest dates on yield and quality of forage rape

Deshpande, S.D.; Ali, N., 1988:
Effect of harvest moisture on some engineering properties of wheat

Hung, Y.C., 1988:
Effect of harvest time on the moisture isotherm of pecans

Shin, M.G.; Ha, Y.W.; Yoon, E.B.; Kim, S.D., 1987:
Effect of harvest time, drying period and rotary velocity of thresher on germination percentage and field emergence in barley

Canevari W.M.; Curley R.G.; Murray M.; Brooks C.; Knutson G., 1989:
Effect of harvesting and handling on damage in canned kidney beans

Canevari, W.M.; Curley, R.G.; Murray, M.; Brooks, C.; Knutson, G., 1989:
Effect of harvesting and handling procedures on damage in canned kidney beans

Bouverat Bernier, J.P.; Gicquiaud, P., 1989:
Effect of harvesting chamomile capitula, intended for the herb trade, on the essential oil content of flowering tops subsequently harvested for essential oil production

Shabana, H.R.; A.K.alidi, M.S., 1988:
Effect of harvesting date and freezing on the quality of palm fruits (Zahdi cv.) at rutab stage under cold storage

Bochniarz, J.; Pleskacz, M.; Drzas, E., 1987:
Effect of harvesting date and method on seed yield and quality of faba beans (Vicia faba minor)

Stryk, J., 1990:
Effect of harvesting date and post-harvest treatment on the quality of pea seeds

Juntakool, S.; Chantkam, S.; Tudsri, S.; Khantongchai, P., 1989:
Effect of harvesting date on guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) seed yield and quality

Ivanek, V.; Toth, S.; Ivanek Martincic, M., 1989:
Effect of harvesting date on the yields of roots and sugar of sown and transplanted sugarbeet cultivars

Santos, H. dos; Pereira, L.R.; Lhamby, J.C.B.; Nedel, J.L., 1988:
Effect of harvesting method on rape seed yield from 1980 to 1983

Ghanekar, A.R., 1986:
Effect of harvesting stage and fertilizer on different sorghum genotypes planted for fresh fodder in summer season

Choi, H.K.; Choi, K.J.; Lee, D.K., 1987:
Effect of harvesting time on development of grain, yield and quality in naked barley

Herrera, J.; Alizaga, R., 1987:
Effect of harvesting, drying and conditioning on seed quality of two soyabean cultivars (Glycine max (L.) Merril)

Sacco R.E.; Renner P.A.; Nestor K.E.; Saif Y.M.; Dearth R.N., 1989:
Effect of hatching egg sanitizers on embryonic survival and hatchability of turkey eggs from different lines and on egg shell bacterial populations

Sharma, R.K.; Aggarwal, C.K., 1990 :
Effect of hatching month and age on egg quality of heavy and low weight turkeys

Sharma, R.K.; Aggarwal, C.K., 1990:
Effect of hatching month, sex and age on blood constituents of two divergent weight lines of turkeys

Duriat, A.S.; Tirtawidjaja, S.; Suesno, R.; Satari, H.G., 1988:
Effect of haulm killing and insecticide spraying on symptoms of potato leaf roll virus (PLRV)

Bang, U., 1989:
Effect of haulm treatment and harvest time on incidence of tuber rots of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) after standard wounding and on frequency of stem lesions caused by Phoma foveata Foister

Elfagm, A.A.H.M., 1989:
Effect of heat on beta -lactoglobulin and alpha -lactalbumin in bovine milk: a study of the interactions between alpha -lactalbumin, beta -lactoglobulin and the caseins in heated milk and model systems

Leahey J.M.; Thompson D.B., 1989:
Effect of heat processing of dried egg white on in vitro iron bioavailability

Jeon I.J., 1989:
Effect of heat processing on flavors in dairy products

Baldaia, L.; Maisonhaute, C.; Porcheron, P.; Best-Belpomme, M., 1987:
Effect of heat shock on protein synthesis in Locusta migratoria epidermis

Plotnikov, V.K.; Kil' , V.I.; Bibisheva, V.A.; Novikov, B.N., 1990:
Effect of heat shock on protein-synthesizing system in ripening grains of common and opaque-2 maize

Brodl, M.R., 1988:
Effect of heat shock on the synthesis and secretion of plant proteins

Benlamlih, S., 1988:
Effect of heat stress and genotype on water turnover in pregnant and lactating sheep

Arjona A.A.; Denbow D.M.; Weaver W.D.Jr, 1988:
Effect of heat stress early in life on mortality of broilers exposed to high environmental temperatures just prior to marketing

Campos Neto O.; Kohayagawa A.; Brisighelho R.D.C.S.; Lobo M.A.M., 1989:
Effect of heat stress on some blood biochemical parameters and feed intake of buffaloes

Mielke, H.; Klopzig, U.; Oswald, R.; Romberger, U.; Bier, H.; Jahreis, G.; Gallowitsch, F., 1990:
Effect of heat stress on the improvement in milk yield in cows brought about by bovine somatotropin, and on blood concentrations of some hormones and insulin-like growth factor I

Veresegyházy, T.; Kutas, F.; Fekete, S.; Csapó, J., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment and subsequent urea supplementation of sunflower meal on the in vitro ruminal degradability of crude protein content and its postruminal digestibility

Mandell I.B.; Mowat D.N.; Bilanski W.K.; Rai S.N., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment of alfalfa prior to ensiling on nitrogen solubility and in vitro ammonia production

Wessels, J.; Post, B., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment of fish meals, fines and the addition of lysine as related to gizzard erosion in chickens

Yingprayoon, P., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment of milk on the detection of antibiotics

Joshi, N.P.; Deans, R.J.; Ullrey, D.E., 1987:
Effect of heat treatment of mustard oil meal on chick growth

Molska, I.; Zmarlicki, S.; Konarzewska, G.; Janicki, A., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment on microbiological and keeping quality of milk stored at 4 degrees C+or-2 degrees C

Huffman L.M., 1988:
Effect of heat treatment on the composition of whey protein concentrates

Nour, A.M.; Omar, E.; Akkada, A.R.A.; Gunther, K.D., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of soybean seeds as a complete diet for common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fingerlings

Chander, H.; Batish, V.K.; Mohan, M.; Bhatia, K.L., 1989:
Effect of heat treatment on the physico-chemical properties of dahi - an Indian fermented dairy product

de Boer, R., 1990:
Effect of heat treatments on the house-dust mites Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D. farinae (Acari: Pyroglyphidae) in a mattress-like polyurethane foam block

Atanda, O.O.; Ikenebomeh, M.J., 1989:
Effect of heat treatments on the microbial load of 'nono'

Wright, P.M., 1990:
Effect of heat upon enzymatic micellar coagulation, curd strength, and cheese production

Manik, I.G.; Sastradipradja, D., 1989:
Effect of heat-moisture treated cassava in urea containing feed supplement on carbohydrate, protein and energy metabolism of goats

Kontova, M.; Prekoppova, J., 1986:
Effect of heat-resistant lactic acid bacteria on cheese quality

Gökkuşu, C.; Güven, Y.; Omidfar, H.; Oz, H., 1989 :
Effect of heat-stable factor (SLF3) on plasma and erythrocyte cholesterol levels and erythrocyte (Na+,K+)-ATPase activity in cholesterol fed rabbits

Morr C.V., 1990:
Effect of heating and elevated temperature storage on cheese whey

Geervani P.; Eggum B.O., 1989:
Effect of heating and fortification with lysine on protein quality of minor millets

Duriat, A.S.; Wibiksana, E.; Sofiari, E., 1986:
Effect of heating of potato tubers on leaf roll incidence

Vital, B.R.; Lucia, R.M.D., 1982:
Effect of heating on dimensional stability and hygroscopicity of wood

Silva, A.F.B. da; Moura Filho, W.; Fernandes, B.; Thiebaut, T.L.; Pinto, O.C.B.; Silva, T.C.A. da, 1987:
Effect of heating on phosphorus sorption by samples of a red latosol

Giovannini G.; Lucchesi S.; Giachetti M., 1988:
Effect of heating on some physical and chemical parameters related to soil aggregation and erodibility

Vital, B.R.; Lucia, R.M. della; Euclides, R.F., 1983:
Effect of heating on some properties of Eucalyptus saligna wood

Bar Yecheskel, H.; Elsner, O., 1989:
Effect of heating on some properties of honeydew-contaminated cotton lint

Tokumoto, M., 1985:
Effect of heating temperature and prior drying conditions on recovery of set

Harwalkar, V.R.; Allan Wojtas, P.; Kalab, M., 1989:
Effect of heating to 200 degrees C on casein micelles in milk: a metal shadowing and negative staining electron microscope study

Pelzer, J., 1989:
Effect of heavy metal concentration on the distribution of lead, cadmium, and nickel in soil and soil solution

Biddappa C.C.; Khan H.H.; Joshi O.P.; Manikandan P., 1988:
Effect of heavy metals on micronutrient nutrition of coconut

Simwat, G.S.; Sidhu, A.S.; Dhawan, A.K., 1985:
Effect of height of cotton stacks and some other factors on the survival of diapausing larvae of pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.) during summer in the Punjab

Gur' yanova, S.D., 1987:
Effect of helminths on the amino-acid and lipid status of freshwater fishes

Nelson, N.; Ohman, S.; Larsson, L., 1989:
Effect of hematocrit and added heparin on ionized calcium in capillary blood samples from neonates

Adegbola, T.A.; Olatoke, V., 1988:
Effect of hens' age on the physical characteristics and composition of their eggs

Lu, K.H.; Gordon, I., 1988:
Effect of heparin on the capacitation of frozen-thawed bovine spermatozoa used in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) of oocytes matured in vitro

Romanski, K., 1988:
Effect of hepatic bile in the interdigestive electrical activity of the stomach and small intestine of dogs

Ramon J.P.; Uriarte J.; Valderrabano J., 1989:
Effect of herbage allowance on intake and performance of ewes and lambs grazing lucerne

Parker W.J.; Mccutcheon S.N.; Carr D.H., 1989:
Effect of herbage type and level of intake on the release of chromic oxide from intraruminal controlled release capsules in sheep

Balocchi L.O.; Fuentes P.R.; Jelves A.M., 1989:
Effect of herbicide (2,4-D + dicamba) and harrowing on the introduction of white clover into permanent pastures in southern Chile

Agnihotri, P.K.; Murthy, P.S.; Mukherjee, S.K., 1989:
Effect of herbicide banvel on rabbit vaginal mucus membrane

Srinivasan G.; Pothiraj P., 1989:
Effect of herbicide mixtures in transplanted rice

Mydlilova, E., 1988:
Effect of herbicide residues on subsequent crops

Toboa, P., 1987:
Effect of herbicide residues used on winter rape on spring crops grown after its ploughing down

Gupta, K.; Pahwa, S.K.; Wagle, D.S., 1989:
Effect of herbicide treatments on nitrogen and sugar contents of wheat and lentil plants

Kosinova, A.; Kosutzky, J.; Hudecova, A.; Berkova, S.; Mlynarcikova, U., 1989:
Effect of herbicides (Zeazin, Aminex) on biochemical values in hens

Martin, P.; Rahman, A., 1987:
Effect of herbicides and flower head maturity on the germination of nodding thistle seed

Sowinski, J., 1988:
Effect of herbicides and of additional interrow hoeing on weediness, growth and yields of willow. Part I. Effect of weediness, growth and yield of willow in the first cultivation year

Sowinski, J., 1988:
Effect of herbicides and of additional interrow hoeing on weediness, growth and yields of willow. Part II. Residual effect on yield and quality of stems in the second cultivation year

Venkateswarlu, V.; Rao, V.V.; Rao, A.S.; Rao, D.S.K., 1988:
Effect of herbicides and phosphorus levels on nodulation, phosphorus uptake and yield of urdbean

Singh, O.P.; Bhan, V.M., 1986:
Effect of herbicides and water submergence levels on control of weeds in transplanted rice

Arnautora, A.I.; Vlasenok, L.I.; Khodasevich, E.V.; Latypova, R.M., 1989:
Effect of herbicides of the sim-triazine group and urea on chloroplast ultrastructure in lupin

Lubigan, R.T.; Moody, K., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on Ischaemum rugosum

Wazbinska, J.; Kawecki, Z., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on breaking seed dormancy and on seedling growth in myrobalan

Voevodin, A.V.; Barashkova, E.A.; Kazirna, E.M.; Vyprentseva, E.G., 1987:
Effect of herbicides on cold tolerance in winter wheat

Bansal, G.L.; Singh, C.M., 1986:
Effect of herbicides on control and germination of Ageratum conyzoides L

Prusty, J.C.; Behera, B.; Parida, A.K.; Lenka, D., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on fertilizer use economy in jute-rice cropping system

Stroev, V.S., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on genetic variation in spring barley

Stefanovic, L.; Zaric, L., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on growth, development and yield of some maize inbred lines

Sharma, A.R.; Vats, O.P., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of field peas

Alvarez, D.P.; Luque, A.G.; Marini, P., 1986:
Effect of herbicides on keratinolytic soil fungi

Kovtun N.V., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on maize pathogens

Khokhar S.N.; Malik B.A., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on nodulation and nitrogenase activity of chickpea

Vaishya R.D.; Singh V.K.; Qazi M.F., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on nutrient leaching from rice leaves

Vlasenok, L.I.; Latypova, R.M.; Tarasenko, L.G.; Khodasevich, E.V.; Shekunova, M.G.; Yudaeva, M.I., 1990:
Effect of herbicides on photosynthetic apparatus in various lupin species

Montaldo, P.; Fuentes, R., 1987:
Effect of herbicides on plant population dynamics in permanent pastures

Grimalovshii, A.M., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on the biological activity of soil under permanent maize culture without irrigation

Sisira Acharige, T.G.; Mordaleva, L.G.; Rokhita Kumara, K.P.A., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on the cellulose-degrading capacity of the soil, and their toxicity

Pankotai, M.; Terbe, I., 1987:
Effect of herbicides on the elementary composition of paprika leaves

Shin, Y.S.; Oh, J.H., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on the survival of soyabean nodule bacteria (Rhizobium japonicum) in vitro

Naumov, G.P.; Surikova, O.I., 1989:
Effect of herbicides on the transport of water and glucose in plant leaves

Barashkova, E.A.; Kazarina, E.M.; Voevodin, A.V.; Vyprentseva, E.G., 1988:
Effect of herbicides on the winter hardiness and frost resistance of different winter wheat varieties

Milosevic, R.; Stefanovic, D., 1988:
Effect of herbicides, tillage and fertilization on the occurrence of weeds in field crops

Mulei C.M.; Daniel R.C.W., 1989:
Effect of herd on changes in blood composition of dairy cows during late pregnancy and early lactation

Winkelman A.; Schaeffer L.R., 1988:
Effect of heterogeneity of variance on dairy sire evaluation

Shakoor A., 1988:
Effect of heterosis on the stover yield components of some local and exotic inbred lines of maize

Yanze Kontchou C.; Blondeau R., 1990:
Effect of heterotrophic bacteria on different humic substances in mixed batch cultures

Bank, P.; Cullum, M.; Jensen, R.; Zile, M., 1989:
Effect of hexachlorobiphenyl on vitamin A homeostasis in the rat

Yarborough, D.E.; Bhowmik, P.C., 1989:
Effect of hexazinone on weed populations and on lowbush blueberries in Maine

Maevskaya, S.N.; Andreeva, T.F.; Voevudskaya, S.Y.; Cherkasova, N.N., 1990:
Effect of high CO2 concentration on photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism in mustard plants

Cullen, L.K.; Steffey, E.P.; Bailey, C.S.; Kortz, G.; da Silva Curiel, J.; Bellhorn, R.W.; Woliner, M.J.; Elliott, A.R.; Jarvis, K.A., 1990:
Effect of high PaCO2 and time on cerebrospinal fluid and intraocular pressure in halothane-anesthetized horses

Peters, C.W.; Grigsby, K.N.; Paterson, J.A.; Lipsey, R.J.; Kerley, M.S., 1989:
Effect of high and low endophyte tall fescue and orchardgrass pastures on intake and digestibility by cows, performance of cow-calf pairs and subjective evaluation of symptoms related to fescue toxicosis

Ahmed, AM.; Zidan, MA.; Adam, MS., 1988:
Effect of high boron levels on growth and some metabolic activities of the halotolerant Dunaliella tertiolecta

Cherepenya, L.P.; Leonova, T.G., 1988:
Effect of high concentration of NaCl and Na2SO4 during imbibition on subsequent growth and yield of barley

Sena, S.F.; Syed, D.; McComb, R.B., 1988:
Effect of high creatine content on the Kodak single-slide method for creatinine

Paulson, G.; Aschbacher, P., 1990:
Effect of high dietary nitrate on the disposition of sulfamethazine in swine

Abo Rady M.D.K.; Nabulsi Y.A., 1989:
Effect of high doses of elemental sulfur on barley growth in an alkaline soil

Broucek, J.; Kovalcik, K., 1989:
Effect of high doses of ultraviolet irradiation on the dimensions of blood cells and on phagocytosis in calves

Stadler, J.; Stern, H.S.; Yeung, K.S.; McGuire, V.; Furrer, R.; Marcon, N.; Bruce, W.R., 1988:
Effect of high fat consumption on cell proliferation activity of colorectal mucosa and on soluble faecal bile acids

Markus, W., 1988:
Effect of high fat diets on number and weight gain of piglets and some parameters of sows' milk

Shi C.; Shen Z., 1990:
Effect of high humidity and low temperature on spikelet fertility in indica rice

Pier, P.A.; Berkowitz, G., 1987:
Effect of high leaf K+ on gas exchange of water stressed wheat leaves

Hay, W.W.; Lin, C.C.; Meznarich, H.K., 1988:
Effect of high levels of insulin on glucose utilization and glucose production in pregnant and nonpregnant sheep

Abdel Aziz, I.M.; Awad, S.G.; Mahmoud, M.H.; Osman, A.O., 1987:
Effect of high levels of phosphorus and zinc application of broad bean (Vicia faba) grown on calcareous soil

Michalec, M., 1989:
Effect of high nitrogen rates and different cutting frequencies on the productivity of grass stands

Klemmedson, J.O.; Blaser, P., 1990:
Effect of high nonexchangeable aluminium on nitrogen and phosphorus availability in a humus-rich acid forest soil

Dawood, F.A., 1989:
Effect of high rates of sulphur on the CaCO3 and CaSO4 content of calcareous soils

Ryan, J.P.; Gray, W.R., 1989:
Effect of high strength yeast culture ab initio utilizes a residual source of volatile fatty acids in strained ruminal fluid from hay-fed sheep

Karakis, K.D.; Sidorshina, T.N.; Ermak, M.M., 1988:
Effect of high temperature and intensive insolation on zinc requirement of maize

Lee, S.P.; Kim, S.K.; Lee, K.S.; Choi, D.W.; Lee, S.C., 1990:
Effect of high temperature and water management on agronomic characters in rice

Chepel' , L.M.; Akosta, A.F., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on French bean seeds of different genotype

Tan C.; Y.Z.W.; Yang H D.; Y.S.W., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on ethylene production in two plant tissues

Berry S.Z.; Uddin M.R., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on fruit set in tomato cultivars and selected germplasm

Wolf S.; Olesinski A.A.; Rudich J.; Marani A., 1990:
Effect of high temperature on photosynthesis in potatoes

Sharma, P.K.; Laxminarayana, K., 1989:
Effect of high temperature on plasmid curing of Rhizobium spp. in relation to nodulation of pigeonpea

Xu, Y.B.; Shen, Z.T.; Shi, C.H., 1989 :
Effect of high temperature on rice spikelet fertility

Dudeja, S.S.; Khurana, A.L., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on root exudation in pigeonpea-Rhizobium symbiosis

Ismail, A.Y.; Abid, S.H.; Mawlood, N.A., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on the mortality of the red flour beetle Tribolium confusum and the khabra beetle Trogoderma granarium

Gawronska, H.; Thornton, M.K.; Dwelle, R.B., 1988:
Effect of high temperature on tuber initiation and growth

Garraway, M.; Akhtar, M.W.koma, E., 1989:
Effect of high temperature stress on peroxidase activity and electrolyte leakage in maize in relation to sporulation of Bipolaris maydis race T

Moya Guzman, J.R., 1987:
Effect of high versus low dietary energy immediately prepartum on the performance of the dairy cow early in lactation

Masud, S.M.; Lacewell, R.D.; Miller, F.R., 1989:
Effect of high-energy sorghum cultivars on the cost of energy feedstock for methane production

Pouliot, Y.; Britten, M.; Latreille, B., 1990:
Effect of high-pressure homogenization on a sterilized infant formula: microstructure and age gelation

Vesely, P.; Michele, P., 1987:
Effect of higher ratios of NaOH-treated straw fed to dairy cows during their rearing and first lactation periods on subsequent milk yield

Abd E.A.l, H.A.; Hosny, A.A.; Mohamad, H.M.H., 1989:
Effect of hill spacing and defoliation on yield and yield components of Giza 75 cotton variety

ukaszewska, J.; Dejneka, J., 1988:
Effect of histamine and cimetidine on abomasal secretion in sheep

Gupta, S.; Katiyar, J.C.; Patnaik, G.K.; Srimal, R.C., 1989:
Effect of histamine and its antagonists on the course of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in rats

Masuda, R.; Hashizume, K.; Kaneko, K., 1988:
Effect of holding time before freezing on constituents and flavour of frozen green soyabeans (edamame)

Irving, P.G.; Goldstein, S.R., 1990:
Effect of home-field advantage on peak performance of baseball pitchers

Kebary K.M.K.; Morris H.A., 1990:
Effect of homogenization of reconstituted nonfat dry milk and butter oil mixtures on curd formation and characteristics

Kebary K.M.K.; Morris H.A., 1989:
Effect of homogenization on clustering and distribution of fat globules in recombined milks

Prasad, C.; Balachandran, R., 1988:
Effect of homogenization pressure on heat stability of full cream buffalo milk concentrate

Russell, E.; Hicks, C.L., 1990:
Effect of homogenization pressure on skim milk agglutination

Khan B.M.; Shahid M.; Chaudhry M.I., 1986:
Effect of honey bee pollination on the fruit setting and yield of loquat

Skirkyavichyus, A.V.; Rukshenas, A.Y., 1986:
Effect of honey on the decomposition of (E)-9-oxodec-2-enoic acid

Crailsheim, K.; Pabst, M.A., 1988:
Effect of honey with a high mineral content upon the mortality and upon the midgut cells of the honeybee in winter

Blasse, W.; Haufe, M., 1989:
Effect of honeybees on yield and fruit quality of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)

Hagvar, EB.; Hofsvang, T., 1989:
Effect of honeydew and hosts on plant colonization by the aphid parasitoid Ephedrus cerasicola

Furuya, M.; Nakazumi, H.; Tsutsui, S.; Kawamura, K., 1989:
Effect of hormones on root formation of proliferating Phleum pratense spikelets

Bickelhaupt, D.H.; Ulzen Appiah, F.; White, E.H., 1987:
Effect of horse manure on white pine seedling production in a forest tree nursery

Diaz Gomez, N.M.; Domenech Martinez, E.; Diaz Gomez, J.M.; Galvan Fernandez, C.; Barroso Guerrero, A., 1989:
Effect of hospital practices and other factors on the length of lactation

Buchwald, D.; Soumerai, S.B.; VanDevanter, N.; Wessels, M.R.; Avorn, J., 1989:
Effect of hospitalwide change in clindamycin dosing schedule on clinical outcome

Cline, L.D., 1989:
Effect of host availability and light conditions on light trap catches of Bracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Johnson J.C.; Rosenbusch R.F., 1990:
Effect of host cell on the in vitro characteristics expressed by two bovine viral diarrhea virus strains

Sinski, E.; Bezubik, B.; Wedrychowicz, H.; Szklarczyk, J.; Doligalska, M., 1988 :
Effect of host nutrition on immunity and local immune response of rabbits to Obeliscoides cuniculi

Randolph, SE.; Dransfield, RD.; Rogers, DJ., 1989:
Effect of host odours on trap catch composition of Glossina pallidipes in Kenya

Saha, M.; Khan, E., 1988:
Effect of host on morphometrics of Pratylenchus zeae Graham, 1951

Topp, W.; Beracz, P., 1989:
Effect of host plant and changing seasonal development on consumption rates, utilization eficiencies and survival of Melasoma 20-punctata (Scop.) (Col., Chrysomelidae)

Mohammad, M.A.; A.M.llah, N.M., 1989:
Effect of host plant on the lace bug Stephanitis pyri (F) (Heteroptera Tingidae)

Bahagiawati, A.H.; Heinrichs, E.A.; Medrano, F.G., 1989:
Effect of host plant on the level of virulence of Nilaparvata lugens (Homoptera: Delphacidae) on rice cultivars

Widiarti, A., 1989:
Effect of host plants and potting media on the growth of sandal (Santalum album) seedlings in the nursery

Sivaprakasam, N.; Balasubramanian, G.; Venkatesan, S.; Jeyaraman, V.; Narayanan, A., 1986:
Effect of host plants on parasitism by parasitoids of Heliothis armigera Hubner

Liu, TS., 1989:
Effect of host plants on the development and reproduction of two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae

Masoodi, M.A.; Srivastava, A.S., 1985:
Effect of host plants on the pupal weight and fecundity of Lymantria obfuscata Walker (Lymantriidae: Lepidoptera)

Law M.D.; Moyer J.W.; Payne G.A., 1989:
Effect of host resistance on pathogenesis of maize dwarf mosaic virus

Lee, H-P.; Lee, J-H.; Ko, K-S.; Kim, S-H., 1989:
Effect of host species and their kairomone on the host acceptance behavior of Brachymeria lasus Walker (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae)

Hoque, AAMM.; Khan, AR., 1987:
Effect of host-plant on the cocoon weight in Samia cynthia ricini (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae)

Nagendran, K.; Alexander, K.C., 1987:
Effect of hot water treatment of different buds of a sugarcane stalk for the control of sugarcane smut

Dorward, A.J.; Colloff, M.J.; MacKay, N.S.; McSharry, C.; Thomson, N.C., 1988:
Effect of house dust mite avoidance measures on adult atopic asthma

Probst, D.; Keller, H.; Troxler, J., 1990:
Effect of housing conditions on the formation of calluses and subcutaneous bursae on the limbs of pigs

Taylor L.; Friend T.; Smith L.A., 1988:
Effect of housing on in situ postures of gestating gilts

Poyraz, O., 1987:
Effect of housing on laying performance of a commercial flock

Mahapatra, C.M.; Sachdev, A.K.; Thomas, P.C., 1988:
Effect of housing system on egg quality in Japanese quail

Tawfik, E.S.; Osman, A.M.A.; Ristic, M.; Hebeler, W.; Klein, F.W., 1990:
Effect of housing temperature on fattening performance, carcass value and meat quality in broilers of both sexes at different ages. 4.Sensory evaluation of meat quality

Osman, A.M.A.; Tawfik, E.S.; Ristic, M.; Hebeler, W.; Klein, F.W., 1990:
Effect of housing temperature on fattening performance, carcass value and meat quality of broilers of both sexes at different ages. 5. Physical and chemical evaluation of meat quality

Marfenina O.Y.; Mirchink T.G., 1989:
Effect of human activity on soil microfungi

Parshad R.K.; Guraya S.S., 1987:
Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin and follicular fluid agglutinability on goat ovarian granulosa cells

Carnevale, E.M.; Squires, E.L.; McKinnon, A.O.; Harrison, L.A., 1989:
Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on time to ovulation and luteal function in transitional mares

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Effect of humic acid on wet season rice

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Effect of humic substances on biological and enzymatic activity in soil

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Effect of humic substances on mitochondrial respiration and oxidative phosphorylation

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Effect of humidity ratio on corn moisture content as determined by the air-oven

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Effect of humus wettability on the water regime of soils on poor pine forest sites during drought conditions

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Effect of husbandry methods on production of cows

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Effect of hydrocortisone on the volume of extracellular fluid in calves

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Effect of hydrodynamic conditions on sucrose hydrolysis in a fixed bed of immobilized yeast

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Effect of hydrofluoric acid pretreatment on the degradation of wood by soft rot fungi

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Effect of hydrogen cyanamide on coffee (Coffea arabica L.) seed cv. Caturra. I. Effect on germination

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Effect of hydrogen peroxide administration on the life span, superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione in the adult housefly, Musca domestica

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Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the germination of grand fir, lodgepole pine and Douglas fir seeds

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Effect of hyperglycaemia on the electrocardiogram of dogs

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Effect of hyperglycemia on the antigenic and antibody response to infection by Trichinella spiralis

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Effect of hyperthermia on thyroid structure in the late gestation fetal lamb

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Effect of hypertonic vs isotonic saline solution on responses to sublethal Escherichia coli endotoxemia in horses

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Effect of hypomagnesemia and exercise on slowly exchanging pools of magnesium

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Effect of hypophysectomy on body and organ weights and subsequent development in the fetal pig

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Effect of hypothalamic deafferentation on the pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone in ovariectomized lactating rats*

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Effect of hypothalamic factor treatments on the behaviour of sows during lactation and on their behavioural and cortisol responses to weaning

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Effect of hypothyroidism on methylmalonate excretion and hepatic vitamin B-12 levels in rats

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Effect of hypoxia and iron deficit on spectral properties and the number of photosystem reaction centers in pea leaves

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Effect of hypoxia on cessation of intestinal transport of immunoglobulins in newborn calves

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Effect of ice storage on free amino acids of various edible fishes

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Effect of ileal perfusion of carbohydrates and amylase inhibitor on gastrointestinal hormones and emptying

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Effect of illumination intensity on the response of the hide beetle, Dermestes maculatus, to aggregation pheromone

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Effect of imidazole compounds on the pupal-adult development of brainless pupae of the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

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Effect of immunization of ewes against prostaglandin F-2 alpha on the life-span of corpora lutea and oestrous behaviour during two breeding seasons

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Effect of immunization on immunodepressed pigs, naturally infected with Cysticercus cellulosae

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Effect of immunosuppression on epidermal defenses in a murine model of cutaneous candidiasis

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Effect of implement and soil parameters on penetration depth of a disc plow

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Effect of importation of high-selenium Australian wheat on blood selenium levels of Otago residents

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Effect of improved glycemic control on the response of plasma triglycerides to ingestion of a saturated fat load in normotriglyceridemic and hypertriglyceridemic diabetic subjects

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Effect of improved implements on the pattern of energy utilization in agriculture

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Effect of improvement of Albogleyic Luvisol on yields of maize, wheat and potatoes

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Effect of improvements on cereal yields in the East Slovakian lowlands

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Effect of in situ cultivation and incorporation of green manure crops on the yield of coconut

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Effect of in vitro addition of some metal ions on serum alkaline phosphatase in calves

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Effect of in vitro heat shock upon the synthesis and secretion of prostaglandins and protein by uterine and placental tissues of the sheep

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Effect of in-vitro heat stress on prostaglandin and protein secretion by endometrium from pregnant and cyclic gilts at day 14 after oestrus

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Effect of inbreeding and environmental factors on reproductive performance of crossbred Norfolk rabbits

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Effect of inbreeding on characters of the reproductive system in lucerne

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Effect of inbreeding on milk yield in a Caracu herd

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Effect of inbreeding on milk yield in a herd of Caracu cattle

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Effect of inbreeding on performance traits of Nili-Ravi buffaloes

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Effect of inbreeding on performance traits of riding horses based on competition results of the races Holsteiner and Trakehner warmblood

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Effect of incidence of lac insect, Kerria lacca (Kerr) on bearing and quality of jujube fruits in Haryana

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Effect of including lasalocid or monensin singly or in combination with furazolidone on the growth and feed consumption of turkey poults

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Effect of incorporating acid treated deoiled rice bran in the concentrate mixture on milk yield, composition and digestibility of nutrients

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Effect of incorporating pigeonpea residues on response of maize to added nitrogen

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Effect of incorporating prunings of Leucaena leucocephala, Cassia siamea and Cajanus cajan on yield of maize in alley cropping system

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Effect of incorporation of 32P labelled green manure (Sesbania aculeata) on the yield and P uptake by maize

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Effect of incorporation of cheese slurry and supplementation with Lactobacillus casei on the quality of buffalo milk Cheddar cheese

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Effect of incorporation of isabgol husk in a low fibre diet on faecal excretion and serum levels of lipids in adolescent girls

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Effect of incorporation of kodo (Paspalum scrobiculatum) in the ration of growing indigenous pigs

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Effect of incorporation of leguminous and other crops on soyabeans

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Effect of incorporation of potassium sorbate in salted butter

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Effect of incorporation of rumen contents in poultry ration on nutrient utilization

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Effect of incorporation of serum from dogs with renal impairment on canine erythroid bone marrow cultures

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Effect of incorporation of tree leaves on soil fertility

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Effect of increase of the water level on the water uptake and distribution pattern of nitrogen in the main stem and tillers of floating rice

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Effect of increased ambient oxygen concentration on the growth of sodium-deficient C4 plants

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Effect of increased salinity on CO2 assimilation, O2 evolution and the delta 13C values of leaves of Plantago maritima L. developed at low and high NaCl levels

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Effect of increased salinity on rice genotypes

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Effect of increased stimulaton of the teat mechanoreceptors at the start of machine milking on blood circulation in the cow's udder

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Effect of increased temperature on dehydrogenase activity in winter wheat seedlings

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Effect of increased vitamin E on selected performance parameters in race horses

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Effect of increasing amounts of dietary fish oil on brain and liver fatty composition

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Effect of increasing cattle slurry and mineral fertilizer rates on the chemical composition of a meadow on a humic mineral soil

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Effect of increasing concentrations of nitrates in the nutrient medium on the photosynthetic characteristics of primary leaves of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Effect of increasing doses of mineral fertilizers applied to a Eucalyptus grandis plantation

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Effect of increasing levels of potassium supply on the content and uptake of various nutrients by rice

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Effect of increasing levels of thallium on yield and uptake of thallium and other mineral nutrients by bush beans and green rape grown in nutrient solution

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Effect of increasing nitrogen doses on yield and quality of spinach

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Effect of increasing rates of NPK on yield of wheat on chernozem with different husbandry measures

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Effect of increasing rates of mineral fertilization (NPK) with and without manure on the weedy state of cultivated plants

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Effect of increasing soil compaction on changes in yield formation factors of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare var. nutans Alef.)

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Effect of index selection on traits of the breeding aim in pigs

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Effect of indigenous and introduced VAM fungi on growth of mungbean

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Effect of individual and group rearing on age and size at maturity of male mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis

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Effect of individual feed intake of fattening pigs on the fattening and slaughter performance

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Effect of individual input factors on groundnut production

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Effect of individual or group penning on performance of feedlot steers

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Effect of individual, concomitant and sequential inoculations of Rhizobium, Rotylenchulus reniformis, Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizoctonia solani on cowpea plant growth, disease development and nematode multiplication

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Effect of indole butyric acid (IBA) on the rooting of air-layers of pomegranate

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Effect of indole-3-acetic acid and kinetin on germination, seedling growth and some biochemical constituents in gamma irradiated seeds of chick-pea

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Effect of indolebutyric acid on the rooting capacity of vegetatively propagated MM.106 rootstock cuttings. Preliminary report

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Effect of indolebutyric acid treatment on growth of Hevea budded stump

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Effect of indolylbutyric acid on the rooting of green cuttings of ornamental shrubs

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Effect of indomethacin administration on glucose homeostasis and pancreatic hormones in lactating goats

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Effect of indomethacin on the glomerular filtration rate after a protein meal in humans

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Effect of indoor, culture conditions on maturation and fecundity of wild-caught female noble crayfish, Astacus astacus L

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Effect of induced molybdenum deficiency on growth and enzyme activity in sorghum

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Effect of induced moulting on egg quality

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Effect of induction temperature on the production of malaria antigens in recombinant E. coli

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Effect of induction treatments on the frequency of matromorphic progeny in sugarbeet

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Effect of industrial and agricultural pollution on the genetic toxicity of the soil

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Effect of industrial discharges on the ecology of phytoplankton production in the River Periyar (India)

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Effect of industrial organic wastes and Lantana incorporation on soil properties and yield of rice

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Effect of industrial pollution on seafood content and dietary intake of total and methylmercury

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Effect of industrial pollution on the leaf size and shape of selected tree species in Wabrzych

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Effect of industrial pollution on the microorganisms from barley and field pea rhizosphere

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Effect of infection by nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Baculoviridae) on the copulation capacity of males of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lep.: Noctuidae)

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Effect of infection by the fungus Fusarium culmorum (W.G. Smith) Sacc. on seed weight in some wheat varieties

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Effect of infection with Peronospora farinosa on yield development in sugarbeet

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Effect of infra-red exposure on physico-chemical characteristics of ghee

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Effect of infrared irradiation or extrusion processing of maize on its digestibility in piglets

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Effect of infusion of a mixture of volatile fatty acids during feeding on the feed intake of dry or lactating cows

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Effect of infusion of bile salts into the mesenteric artery in situ on jejunal mucosal transport function in dogs

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Effect of infusion rate on amphotericin B-associated febrile reactions

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Effect of inhabitation by ciliate protozoa on the digestion of fibrous materials in vivo in the rumen of goats and in an in vitro rumen microbial ecosystem

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Effect of inhibition of leukotrienes on gastric function in rhesus monkeys

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Effect of inhibitors of amine nitrosation in human gastric juice and animal tissues

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Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on somatic embryogenesis in the cell culture of carrot

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Effect of inhibitors on milk fermentation

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Effect of initial body weight on feedlot performance and carcass traits in Holstein bulls

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Effect of initial length of uterus per embryo on fetal survival and development in the pig

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Effect of initial moisture content of soil on leaching efficiency of soluble salts

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Effect of initial plant dimensions on the condition of Juglans regia plantations in the Crimea

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Effect of initial spacing on the growth of Scots pine during the first 10 years

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Effect of initial spacing on the physical and paper making characteristics of wood from Eucalyptus camaldulensis coppice

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Effect of injecting arginine and glycine intravenously into lambs of different ages on plasma glucose, insulin, free fatty acids and total alpha-amino-nitrogen compounds

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Effect of injection of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone on testicular steroidogenesis in the hypogonadal (hpg) mouse

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Effect of inocula of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas obtained from different plants on corn

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Effect of inoculants, nitrogen and micronutrients on yield components of beans grown in the winter season

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Effect of inoculation and mulching on some physical properties of clay loam soil

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Effect of inoculation and nitrogen fertilizers on development of lucerne

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Effect of inoculation associated with the application of micronutrients and mineral nitrogen in Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Carioca 80

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Effect of inoculation level on alfalfa silage quality

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Effect of inoculation method on early expression of sugar cane smut

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Effect of inoculation of Azospirillum lipoferum on growth and yield of rice (Oryza sativa)

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Effect of inoculation of a strain of 'Tristeza' on 'Tarocco' budlings on nine rootstocks

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Effect of inoculation of whole plant corn forage with Pediococcus acidilactici and Lactobacillus xylosus on preservation of silage and heifer growth

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Effect of inoculation on the synthesis of crude protein and production of soyabeans

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Effect of inoculation time of soybean mosaic virus on yield and seed quality of soybean

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Effect of inoculation with Azospirillum and Azotobacter on the grain yield of wheat and rice

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Effect of inoculation with Azospirillum brasilense on yield and quality of guinea grass

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Effect of inoculation with Rhizobium phaseoli and of molybdenum fertilizer on Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Carioca 80

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Effect of inoculation with Rhizobium phaseoli, seed treatment with micronutrients and mineral nitrogen on Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Carioca 80 in the rainy season

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Effect of inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi on the uptake of trace elements by soyabean

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Effect of inoculation with vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on plant growth in some Saudi soils

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Effect of inoculation, N and P fertilization on yield and yield attributes of greengram var. Gujarat-1 (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

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Effect of inoculum and urea on the yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

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Effect of inoculum concentration and salt solutions on biological control of postharvest diseases of apple with Candida sp

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Effect of inoculum concentration of Macrophomina phaseolina (Tass) Goid. on the reaction of five sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) genotypes

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Effect of inoculum concentration of Rhizobium japonicum on soybean (Glycine max)

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Effect of inoculum density and seasons on fusarial wilt of tomato

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Effect of inoculum/substrate ratio on methane yield and production rate from straw

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Effect of inorganic anions, alcohols and divalent cations on activity of soluble ATPase of pea root mitochondria

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Effect of inorganic environmental factors on the growth of Pinus koraiensis seedlings (IX). The influence of seedling weight growth and T/R ratio of seedlings in transplanting bed

Kim, Y.C., 1988:
Effect of inorganic environmental factors on the growth of Pinus koraiensis seedlings. (VII) The influence of shading pretreatment on weight growth in the transplanting bed

Kim, Y.C., 1988:
Effect of inorganic environmental factors on the growth of Pinus koraiensis seedlings. (VIII). The influence on needle leaf growth of seedlings grown on the transplanting bed

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Effect of inorganic nitrogen supplementation on biogas production

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Effect of inorganic nutrients on the acclimation period preceding mineralization of organic chemicals in lake water

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Effect of inorganic phosphate and Ca2+ and Mg2+ on the in vitro lysis of bovine erythrocytes

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Effect of insect growth inhibitors upon hatching of the nematodes Nippostrongylus brasiliensis and Nematospiroides dubius

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Effect of insecticidal application against bollworms and their response to whitefly in cotton

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Effect of insecticidal protection for stem borers and gall midge on rice yield in Orissa, India

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Effect of insecticidal sprays on the visits of Indian honey bee, Apis cerana indica Fab. on radish crop

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Effect of insecticide applications in soybeans on Trissolcus basalis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

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Effect of insecticide applications on carabid beetles in a forest nursery

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Effect of insecticide-impregnated ear tags on the milk production of dairy cows at pasture

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Effect of insecticides and phenolics on nitrogen fixation by Nostoc linckia

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Effect of insecticides and weeds on Plutella xylostella (L) and its parasitoid Diadegma insulare (Cress) in cabbage crop

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Effect of insecticides on 3 parasitoids of the yucca pest Erinnyis ello (L.)

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Effect of insecticides on Achaea janata Linn. III. Haemolymph proteins, ninhydrin-positive substances, trehalose and uric acid

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Effect of insecticides on blossom midge-caused purple discolouration and drying of flower buds in Jasminum sambac Ait. CV. Gundumalli

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Effect of insecticides on nitrifying bacteria under waterlogged conditions

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Effect of insecticides on rice gall midge GM and its parasite Platygaster sp

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Effect of insecticides on the control of whitegrubs (Holotrichia serrata Fab.) in sugarcane

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Effect of insecticides on the growth of plant and incidence of bollworms in cotton

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Effect of insecticides on wheat crop inoculated with phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) and VAM fungi

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Effect of insecticides, predation, and precipitation on populations of Thrips palmi on aubergine (eggplant) in Guadeloupe

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Effect of insects infestation on the weight loss and viability of stored BR3 paddy

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Effect of insemination volume on embryo recovery in mares

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Effect of insulin on protein synthesis and degradation in skeletal muscle after exercise

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Effect of insulin on the glycogen content of the rat small intestinal mucosa

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Effect of insulin on the utilization of propionate in gluconeogenesis in sheep

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Effect of insulin-like growth factor I on deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis and galactopoiesis in bovine undifferentiated and lactating mammary tissue in vitro

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Effect of intake on efficiency of digestion and metabolism by the dairy cow

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Effect of integrated control practices on the onion white rot pathogen in organic soil

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Effect of integrated nitrogen management in rice on soil organic carbon and on succeeding wheat crop yield

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Effect of integrated weed management on yield and quality of sunflower

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Effect of intensification factors on winter wheat yields

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Effect of intensification methods on yield dynamics in spring barley grown for ten years in monoculture on calcic chernozem

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Effect of intensity of physical activity on body fatness and fat distribution

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Effect of intensive fertilization of pasture on the amount of nitrate in the sward and in the ration for dairy cows

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Effect of intensive fertilization on the phosphorus uptake by winter wheat during a vegetation period

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Effect of intensive inbreeding on various economic characters in White Leghorn

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Effect of intensive mineral dressing on potassium schedule in soil

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Effect of intensively cropping greenhouses in semiarid regions on soil salinity and nitrogen fertilizer requirements of cucumber

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Effect of inter se mating on growth rate and feed conversion efficiency of Jersey X Kankrej crossbred calves

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Effect of inter-planting dadaps (Erythrina lithosperma) in tea (Camellia sinensis) on soil physical properties of an Ultisol

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Effect of inter-se mating among Jersey X Kankrej crossbreds

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Effect of interaction between Meloidogyne javanica and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris on chickpea

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Effect of interaction between Rhizobium and VA mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on the growth of groundnut applied with different levels of gypsum

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Effect of interaction between VA-mycorrhizae and graded levels of phosphorus on the growth of papaya (Carica papaya)

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Effect of interaction between root-knot (Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica) and reniform (Rotylenchulus reniformis) nematodes on nutrient uptake by tobacco plant

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Effect of interaction of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash on Alternaria leaf spot and fruit rot of brinjal

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Effect of interactions between genotype and both population density and year on expression of quantitative traits in pea

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Effect of interactions in plant communities on the expression of genetic parameters in a diallel analysis of pea

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Effect of intercropping maize and soybean on some water relations

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Effect of intercropping mungbean and sunflower in sugarcane

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Effect of intercropping of garlic and red pepper on growth, yield and land productivity

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Effect of intercropping of maize and potatoes on growth and yield of maize in dry season

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Effect of intercropping of pea and mustard on the population growth of plant-parasitic nematodes

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Effect of intercropping of pulses and sunflower on the incidence of sucking pests of rainfed cotton

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Effect of intercropping of some host plants with tomato on population density of tobacco whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.), and the incidence of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in plastic houses

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Effect of intercropping on population dynamics of insect pests of black gram Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper

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Effect of intercropping on the incidence of pigeonpea pests in Orissa, India

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Effect of intercropping on yield attributes and yield of rapeseed, mustard and linseed

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Effect of intercropping with sorghum and pearl millet on the incidence of pigeonpea sterility mosaic

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Effect of interculture of marigold and mustard with acidlime on citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans

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Effect of interesterified fat mixtures on certain lipid indices in experimental fat metabolism disturbance

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Effect of interference from Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) on dryland and irrigated wheat

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Effect of interferons on the replication of alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 of malignant catarrhal fever

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Effect of intermittent and continuous photoperiods on fly populations

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Effect of intermittent degreening method on decay of Satsuma mandarin

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Effect of intermittent flow of the nutrient solution on tomato plants grown in nutrient film technique

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Effect of internal and external physiological conditions on nitrite reductase activity in etiolated leaves of wheat seedlings

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Effect of interrow spacing and sowing rate on seed yield of soyabeans on sandy soil

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Effect of interrow spacing and sowing rate on soyabean yields on moderately good brown soil

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Effect of interrupted suckling in summer on the interval from weaning to oestrus in sows

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Effect of interscapular brown adipose tissue denervation on body weight and feed efficiency in alcohol drinking rats

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Effect of interseason cropping of sesbania and tillage on maize production under a rice-maize system

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Effect of interspecific competition on the population build-up of some storage insects

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Effect of interstocks on the fertility and fruit quality characteristics of apricot cultivar Velkopavlovicka clone LE 19/2

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Effect of intestinal osmolality on insulin secretion to subsequent intravenous glucose or arginine in the rat

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Effect of intestinal resection on two juvenile horses with granulomatous enteritis

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Effect of intra-ruminal infusion of volatile fatty acids on voluntary feed intake and rumen motility in buffaloes

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Effect of intra-uterine infusion of oestrogens on release of prostaglandin F2 alpha by the endometrium and consequences for ovulation in pigs

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Effect of intra-uterine infusion of prostaglandin F2 alpha analog on fertility in subestrous crossbred cows

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Effect of intranasal irrigation with zinc sulphate on male-induced oestrus in the wild mouse, Mus musculus domesticus

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Effect of intraperitoneal administration of amino acids on the food intake of piglets on a liquid diet during the first month after birth

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Effect of intraruminal butyrate infusion on the plasma insulin level in sheep

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Effect of intrauterine and intramuscular administration of recombinant bovine interferon alpha 1 on luteal lifespan in cattle

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Effect of intrauterine infusion of 2% povidone iodine (PVP-I) solution on the reproductive performance of post-farrowing sows

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Effect of intravenous infusion of a soybean oil emulsion on plasma concentration of 15-keto-13,14-dihydro-prostaglandin F2 alpha and ovarian function in cycling Holstein heifers

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Effect of intravenous injection of short chain fatty acids on glucagon secretion in sheep

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Effect of intravenous nutrient infusions on food intake in rats

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Effect of intravenous nutrition on nutrition and function in acute attacks of inflammatory bowel disease

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Effect of introduced biological control organisms on the density of Chondrilla juncea in California

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Effect of introduced germplasm on sunflower breeding

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Effect of introgression of genes from local germplasm on the performance of composites of maize

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Effect of inundation and its frequency due to flood at the Nakadong river basin on growth and yield in peanut

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Effect of inversion of the light-dark cycle on the time of day of foaling in domestic horses

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Effect of iodine nutrition of cows on their milk yield and biochemical values of blood and milk

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Effect of iodine-enriched mineral mixtures for cattle and pigs on iodine supply and goitre prophylaxis

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Effect of ionic composition of milk on transepithelial potential in the goat mammary gland

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Effect of ionic salt concentrations on heat-induced gelation and gel strength of heated UF whole milk retentate using the hot wire method

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Effect of ionic strength on swelling and the exchange of alkaline earth cations in soil organic matter

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Effect of ionizing radiation on monument deteriorating microorganisms

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Effect of ionizing radiation on the respiration intensity of pears during storage

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Effect of ionophore coccidiostats on the course of experimental coccidiosis in broilers

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Effect of ionophore on volatile fatty acid production in the rumen

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Effect of ionophores on ruminal fermentation

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Effect of iron and manganese interaction on paddy yield and iron and manganese nutrition in silicon-treated and untreated soils

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Effect of iron and vitamin A deficiencies on macrophage function in children

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Effect of iron and zinc application on yield, oil content and their uptake by sesame

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Effect of iron deficiency at different nitrogen concentrations on activity of RuBPCase in some cultivated plants

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Effect of iron deficiency chlorosis on growth and yield component traits of sorghum

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Effect of iron deficiency on growth, micronutrient status and chlorophyll content of Vinca rosea grown in calcareous soils

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Effect of iron dextran preparations on resistance of the lipids of erythrocyte membranes to peroxidase

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Effect of iron enriched organic manure on yield of sorghum in black calcareous and red non-calcareous soil

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Effect of iron on dry matter production, nutrient contents and uptake by rice

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Effect of iron on sugar crystals during storage

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Effect of iron on the guaiac reaction

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Effect of iron restriction on the outer membrane proteins of Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae

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Effect of iron supplements on the occurrence of diarrhoea among children in rural Egypt

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Effect of iron supply on the uptake and transport of 32P and 54Mn in barley

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Effect of irradiance and plant age on the dimensions of the growing shoot of poplar

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Effect of irradiating pollen with very high doses of gamma rays on genetic variation in maize

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Effect of irradiation and exposure to nitrogen on mortality of adults of Tribolium confusum J. Du V

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Effect of irradiation and storage on patulin disappearance and some chemical constituents of apple juice concentrate

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Effect of irradiation on Plasmodium sporozoites depends on the species of hepatocyte infected

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Effect of irradiation on antibotulinal efficacy of nitrite

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Effect of irradiation on biomass production and nutritive contents of Robinia pseudacacia Linn

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Effect of irradiation on the patulin content and chemical composition of apple juice concentrate

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Effect of irradiation temperature on the thermoluminescence of control and fenazon-treated wheat leaves

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Effect of irrigated agriculture on groundwater quality in Corn Belt and Lake States

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Effect of irrigated horticultural cropping on groundwater quality: Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia

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Effect of irrigation and N fertilization on dry matter production, fruit yield, mineral uptake and field water use efficiency of watermelon

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Effect of irrigation and different soil cultivation on the yield and quality of winter wheat grain

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Effect of irrigation and differentiated nitrogen fertilization on yield level, structure and quality in three forms of spring barley differing in ability to accumulate protein

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Effect of irrigation and fertility levels on lentil

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization on yield of horsegram and uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus in acid laterite soils

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization with municipal sewage on physico-chemical properties of sandy soils in a lysimeter experiment. Part I. Soil transformations

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization with municipal sewage on physico-chemical properties of sandy soils in a lysimeter experiment. Part II. Balance of nutrients

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Effect of irrigation and foliar sprays of nutrients on the yield of late-sown chickpea

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on yield, quality, N uptake and water use of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on yield, quality, nutrient uptake and water use of onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on growth, yield, consumptive use and water-use efficiency of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea subsp. juncea)

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on winter maize in calcareous saline alkali soil

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on yield and yield attributes of mustard

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen rate on cotton grown on Sharkey clay

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen schedules on the harvest index of mustard

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Effect of irrigation and of mineral and organic fertilization on the onion cultivars Piralopes, 1987

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Effect of irrigation and seedling age and number on rice yield

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Effect of irrigation and soil cultivation on the quality of malting barley

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Effect of irrigation and sowing date on dry matter accumulation in maize (Zea mays L.)

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Effect of irrigation and sowing rate on yield of some maize hybrids on humogley soil

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Effect of irrigation and the presence of Cordyceps sp. on the control of nymphs of the cicada Proarna bergi Distant in sugarcane

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Effect of irrigation and weed control on growth, yield, consumptive use and consumptive use efficiency of summer groundnut

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Effect of irrigation at different growth stages on yield, water use efficiency and economics of linseed

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Effect of irrigation at different physiological growth stages on yield, yield attributes and consumptive water use of gram, lentil and pea

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Effect of irrigation frequencies on the incidence of aphid population and yield of fodder mustard as influenced by mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.)

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Effect of irrigation intensities and nitrogen and phosphorus interaction on seed production of radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

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Effect of irrigation interval and nitrogen levels on yield and some physical properties of Virginia tobacco var. F.C. Special

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Effect of irrigation intervals and spacing on growth and yield of Virginian tobacco (var. Special)

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Effect of irrigation intervals, nitrogen and zinc on maize (Zea mays L.)

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Effect of irrigation levels on growth of rabi maize

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Effect of irrigation levels on safflower yield in laterite soil of West Bengal

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Effect of irrigation management on sour skin of onion

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Effect of irrigation method on plant growth and water use

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Effect of irrigation methods on groundwater levels in glaciated terrain

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Effect of irrigation on cropping pattern and agricultural production in Uttar Pradesh

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Effect of irrigation on cultivar-rootstock combinations in apple

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Effect of irrigation on establishment and early growth of coconut (Var. CRIC 60) in the dry zone of Sri Lanka

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Effect of irrigation on fruit growth, development and mineral composition of watermelon

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Effect of irrigation on leaf water potential, growth and yield of mango trees

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Effect of irrigation on salt and sodium content of salt affected soils in Central Nebraska

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Effect of irrigation on some biochemical and technological indices of wheat grain

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Effect of irrigation on some biological and technological characteristics of proso millet forms in western Kazakhstan

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Effect of irrigation on sugarbeet yield and quality

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Effect of irrigation on the chemical and processing quality of processed peas

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Effect of irrigation on the dynamics of Phytophthora citrophthora populations in soil of citrus orchards

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Effect of irrigation on the yield of cauliflower

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Effect of irrigation on transpiration, its course and intensity during the growing season under the agroecological conditions of south Metohija

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Effect of irrigation on yield attributes and yield of mustard (Brassica juncea)

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Effect of irrigation on yield of transplanted summer rice

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Effect of irrigation on yield, berry weight and sugar content of blackcurrants

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Effect of irrigation regime on safflower

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Effect of irrigation regime on the yield of wheat and the efficiency of water use

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Effect of irrigation regimes and nutrients on the growth and yield of mid-altitude rice (Oryza sativa L.) of Meghalaya

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Effect of irrigation regimes and phosphorus levels on yield and water use efficiency of chickpea

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Effect of irrigation regimes on growth, yield and water use of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Effect of irrigation regimes on the stages of reproduction in Citrus limonum L. cv. Verna

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Effect of irrigation schedule on grain yield and water use efficiency in transplanted rice

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Effect of irrigation schedules on the yield of groundnut in lateritic soils of Konkan

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Effect of irrigation schedules, phosphorus and biofertilizer on summer mung in coastal Maharashtra

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Effect of irrigation scheduling and nitrogen on yield and N uptake of mustard

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Effect of irrigation scheduling on growth, oil, protein content and nitrogen uptake of groundnut

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Effect of irrigation scheduling on growth, yield and consumptive use of late wheat, variety AKW-381

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Effect of irrigation systems on fertilizer elements in soil and some aspects of crop metabolism

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Effect of irrigation timing and depth of water table on the yield of corn

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Effect of irrigation water quality and NPK fertilizers on nutrient uptake by wheat

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Effect of irrigation water quality on Verna lemon response and soil salinity

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Effect of irrigation water quality on mustard crops and the development of soil salinity in India

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Effect of irrigation waters polluted with industrial wastes on heavy-metal concentration in soil and in certain crops

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Effect of irrigation with mineralized waters on the physiochemical properties of desert sandy soils

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Effect of irrigation with saline water on chemical composition and yield of nutrients in lucerne

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Effect of irrigation with saline water on soil properties and salinization of perennial pasture soils

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Effect of irrigation with sodic water of increasing residual sodium carbonate levels on yield and sodium and chloride content of chickpea

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Effect of irrigation, nitrogen and phosphorus on NP uptake by mustard (Brassica juncea L.) at various stages of growth

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Effect of irrigation, nitrogen and plant density on yield attributes and yield of castor varieties

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Effect of irrigation, pattern of sowing and intercrop on the growth, yield and water-use efficiency of winter maize

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Effect of irrigation, salinity, and leaching on the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco

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Effect of iso-acids and phenylacetic acid on in vitro digestibility of feeds

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Effect of isoacids on ruminal fermentation characteristics and apparent nutrient digestibility

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Effect of isolation on testicular and adrenal function in mice

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Effect of isolation on the sexual behaviour of rams

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Effect of isomalto-oligosaccharides on human fecal flora

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Effect of isopentenyladenine on the floral induction of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

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Effect of isopropylamine glyphosate (IG), as cane ripener, on some sugarcane cultivars at Sei Semayang, north Sumatra

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Effect of isoprothiolane on hepatic lesions of heifer caused by carbon tetrachloride

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Effect of isosorbide dinitrate and atropine on the lower esophageal sphincter pressure in Chagasic patients

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Effect of ivermectin on psoroptic ear mange in rabbits

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Effect of ivermectin on reactivated somatic larvae of Ancylostoma caninum in pregnant bitches

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Effect of ivermectin on sarcoptic mange lesions of goats

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Effect of ivermectin on the ear mange mite, Psoroptes cuniculi, of rabbits

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Effect of ivermectin on weight gain of calves on pasture in Alberta

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Effect of ivermectin on weight gain of yearling steers on pasture in central Alberta

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Effect of ivermectin treatment on anti-hypodermin C titers of Asturiana cattle naturally infected with Hypoderma lineatum

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Effect of jasmonic acid on germination of dormant and nondormant seeds

Daletskaya, T.V.; Sembdner, G., 1989:
Effect of jasmonic acid on germination of nondormant and dormant seeds

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Effect of jejunal infusion of nutrients on gastrointestinal transit and hormonal response in man

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Effect of jellyrolling and acclimatization on survival and height growth of conifer seedlings

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Effect of juglone on freshwater algal growth

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Effect of juice composition on scaling formation in sugar industries

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Effect of juvenile exposure to NaCl on adult size and fecundity of snow-melt Aedes

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Effect of juvenoids and precocene-II in the growth and differentiation of the female reproductive system of green stink bug Nezara viridula (Linn.)

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Effect of keeping beef bulls in loose housing or with access to a yard on the content of 25(OH)-vitamin D3 in blood plasma

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Effect of ketoconazole and terbinafine on the pharmacokinetics of caffeine in healthy volunteers

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Effect of kharif legumes on productivity and nitrogen economy in succeeding wheat

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Effect of kiln-drying and moisture content on the impact bending properties of aodamo and yachidamo (Fraxinus spp.)

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Effect of kind of acidulant and pH level on some characteristics of Mozzarella cheese curd made by direct acidification

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Effect of kinetin and abscisic acid on photosynthesis and export and distribution of 14C-assimilates in potato plants

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Effect of kinetin on alpha -amarantine synthesis and monophenolmonooxidase activity in Amaranthus caudatus seedlings

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Effect of kinetin on growth, flowering, yield and chemical composition of fruit of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Effect of known projected calving date on subsequent lactation milk production

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Effect of krill meal on performance of fattening pigs

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Effect of lactation and nutrient balance on blood IGF-I response to daily somatotropin (Sometribove, USAN) injections

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Effect of lactation and of roughage to concentrate ratios on outflow rates of protein supplements from the rumen of sheep and goats

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Effect of lactation feed intake on sow feed digestibility, milk yield and composition, baby pig performance and postweaning anestrus duration

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Effect of lactation on serum cholesterol in Hariana and cross bred cows

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Effect of lactation stage on composition of goat and ewe milk

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Effect of lactation stage on fatty acids in goat milk fat

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Effect of lactic acid bacteria (Streptococcus faecium M 74) on the fattening performance and health of veal calves

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Effect of lactic acid bacteria and heat treatments on pesticides contaminated milk

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Effect of lactose hydrolysis on calcium absorption during duodenal milk perfusion

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Effect of lactose or its component sugars on jejunal calcium absorption in adult man

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Effect of lake management on the parasite fauna of fishes

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Effect of land clearing method on chemical properties of an Ultisol in the Amazon

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Effect of land levelling indices on irrigation efficiences and crop yield

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Effect of land shaping on grain yield of upland drill sown paddy

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Effect of land slope on the severity of stem blight of pigeonpea caused by Phytophthora drechsleri f.sp. cajani

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Effect of large area land cultivation in the GDR on flora, fauna and soil

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Effect of large city conditions on the species composition of fleas parasitizing small mammals

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Effect of large manure applications on soil P intensity

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Effect of large palpable ovarian follicles on response to prostaglandin administration in dairy cows with corpora lutea

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Effect of large scale nitrogen fertilization on growth and yield of mature Norway spruce stands in SW Finland

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Effect of larval density and cannibalism on growth and development of the southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella, and the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Effect of larval infestation on the choice of seed for oviposition by Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

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Effect of larval inoculation at different times on cyst production of Heterodera avenae on wheat

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Effect of lasalocid on performance of lactating dairy cows

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Effect of lasalocid on reproductive performance and subsequent lactation in the sow

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Effect of lasalocid on the course of coccidiosis and on productivity in lambs

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Effect of lasalocid on the development of Eimeria tenella in chicken embryos

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Effect of lasalocid sodium and molasses on performance of fattening lambs and on rumen liquor and blood parameters

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Effect of laser irradiation of eggs before incubation on hatching, growth, transport of 14C-glycine and activity of some enzymes of chick intestine epitheliocytes

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Effect of laser irradiation of seeds on some physiological processes in cucumbers

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Effect of laser radiation on the fungus pathogens of fodder

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Effect of laser treatment of the pollen on some physiological characteristics of the hybrids in breeding spring barley

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Effect of laser- and X-rays on infectivity of Fasciola hepatica larvae

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Effect of lasers, gamma radiation and p-aminobenzoic acid on the frequency of waxy mutations in barley

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Effect of late fall/winter harvests on the productivity of alfalfa cultivars in central California

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Effect of late foliar application of nitrogen on grain yield and quality of soft and durum wheats

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Effect of late sowing on spikelet sterility in rice

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Effect of late-season fungicide application on grain yield and seed size distribution in wheat and barley

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Effect of lateral root formation on the vascular pattern of barley roots

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Effect of laurylpyridinium chloride on determination of magnesium by flame ASS

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Effect of lead and cadmium on the activity of some zinc-containing enzymes in the kidneys of broiler chickens

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Effect of lead on Phaseolus mungo and Phaseolus radiatus

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Effect of lead on absorption of amino acids in the small intestine of rats

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Effect of lead on adoptive immunity passively acquired through peritoneal exudate cells in mice during experimental infection of Hymenolepis nana

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Effect of lead on nitrate reductase activity and nitrate assimilation in pea leaves

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Effect of lead on the duodenum, liver and kidneys of chickens

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Effect of lead on transport of L-methionine and L-tryptophan in the jejunum of broiler chickens in vitro and in vivo

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Effect of lead, cadmium and copper contents in the soil on their accumulation in and yields of crops

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Effect of lead, copper and selenium on haematological and biochemical indices of hen's blood

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Effect of leaf age and etiolation of barley on susceptibility to powdery mildew infection

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Effect of leaf and ear infection by Septoria nodorum at different growth stages of wheat on plant N content and amino acid composition

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Effect of leaf defoliation and pod removal on dry matter accumulation in seed, yield and yield components of soybean

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Effect of leaf dehydration on kinetics of variable chlorophyll fluorescence

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Effect of leaf distribution in the canopy on the total dry matter production in grapefruit trees

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Effect of leaf exudates of tobacco on spore germination of Helminthosporium spiciferum, the causal agent of Helminthosporium leaf spot

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Effect of leaf harvesting and spacing on the yield of Xanthosoma sagittifolium and Colocasia esculenta

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Effect of leaf leachates of Shorea robusta on the growth and diosgenin content of Costus speciosus

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Effect of leaf physiological and juice quality traits on sucrose in sugar cane

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Effect of leaf plucking on coriander

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Effect of leaf senescence and stubble carbohydrate content on ratoon rice yield

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Effect of leaf stripping on the incidence of stalk rot of sorghum

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Effect of leaf surface area and rate of photosynthesis on yield of lines and hybrids of cabbage

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Effect of leaf surface fungi of groundnuts on urediospore germination of Puccinia arachidis Speg

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Effect of leaf type on coverage in spraying - theory and practice

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Effect of leaf type on the ovicidal activity of hexythiazox

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Effect of leaf-fruit ratio on size, yield and quality of fruits of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Kazi Piara

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Effect of leaflet number and length of reproductive leaf on seed yield in pea

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Effect of leaves of Epimedium species on the phagocytic activity of the mouse reticuloendothelial system

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Effect of lecithin and milk fat with and without homogenization on bulk starter performance and skim milk agglutination

Jose, C.; Hicks, C.L.; O.L.ary, J., 1990:
Effect of lecithin and milk fat with and without homogenization on bulk starter sediments and cell distribution

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Effect of length of breeding period on selection responses in beef cattle

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Effect of length of weed and grass seeds on the position of their centre of gravity

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Effect of length on tensile strength in structural lumber

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Effect of lenperone hydrochloride on gastroesophageal sphincter pressure in healthy dogs

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Effect of lentil residues on the yield and response of succeeding rice to nitrogen

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Effect of leucaena and sesbania leaf manuring on crop growth and physico-chemical properties of soil

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Effect of leucaena leaf manuring on available N and organic carbon content of rice soils

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Effect of levamisole (decaris) and sodium nucleate on the blood antioxidative system of guinea pigs inhaling paprin

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Effect of levamisole and prednisolone on chicken infected with infectious bursal disease virus

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Effect of levamisole on formation of natural immunity in neonatal calves

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Effect of levamisole on parenteral vaccines for swine dysentery

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Effect of levamisole on the course of experimental leishmaniasis in guinea-pigs and mice: haematological and immunological findings

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Effect of levamisole on the course of the puerperal period in cows

Supic, B.; Pejin, G., 1988:
Effect of level and administration route of vitamin D3 to laying hens on egg production and shell quality

Das, N.R., 1990:
Effect of level and time of application of potassium on the growth and yield of kharif rice Oryza sativa

Laki, I., 1988:
Effect of level of dietary energy and protein on carcass composition of male and female broiler chickens

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Effect of level of feeding on body weight gain of young bulls

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Effect of level of feeding on changes in body weight and milk yield of cows

Igon' kin, A., 1987:
Effect of level of feeding on productivity of crossbred cows

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Effect of level of feeding on the chemical composition and cheese-making quality of milk of Holstein and Normandy cows. Preliminary results

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Effect of level of food intake in mid and late pregnancy on the performance of breeding ewes

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Effect of level of haylage in rations on ewes' milk yield

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Effect of level of intake on digestibility

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Effect of level of nutrition on splanchnic blood flow and oxygen consumption in sheep

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Effect of level of protein and plane of nutrition on growth and feed conversion in criollo pigs

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Effect of level of protein nutrition on metabolism and productivity of North Caucasian merino sheep

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Effect of level of protein on the growth rate and nutrient utilization of Ongole X Jersey crossbred heifers

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Effect of level of soil acidity on the inhibition of nitrification by CMP

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Effect of level of wintering steers of different breeding on subsequent performance on pasture

Sharma, S.K.; Gaur, B.L., 1988:
Effect of levels and methods of nitrogen application on seed yield and quality of sunflower

Sharma, J.C.; Tomar, N.K.; Gupta, V.K., 1988:
Effect of levels and methods of zinc application and growth, yield attributes and yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Effect of levels and sources of phosphorus on yield and nutrient uptake of rice

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Effect of levels of fertilizers on growth and yield of Bengalgram

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Effect of levels of nitrogen and different spacings on vegetative growth and yield of radish

Sounda, G.; Chatterjee, P.; Mondal, P.K., 1989:
Effect of levels of nitrogen and moisture conservation practices on yield and yield attributes of mustard at rainfed condition

Sounda, G.; De, R., 1989:
Effect of levels of nitrogen and plant populations

Ghanti, P.; Sounda, G.; Ghatak, S., 1989:
Effect of levels of nitrogen and soil moisture regimes on growth and yield of radish

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Effect of levels of protein and energy on intake and digestibility of nutrients in Jersey cows

Kumar, S.; Narang, M.P., 1988:
Effect of levels of protein and energy on milk production and composition in Jersey cows

Higaki, M.; Okubo, K., 1989:
Effect of light and aeration conditions on the rate of wood decay by the brown rot basidiomycete, Tyromyces palustris

Niimi, Y., 1987:
Effect of light and chilling on callus formation from cultured anthers of grape

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Effect of light and planting density on yield and quality of Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer

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Effect of light and temperature on photoinhibition of photosynthesis in rice

Mokra, A., 1988 :
Effect of light at individual stages of strawberry micropropagation

Wesoy, W., 1987:
Effect of light conditions inside buds on the content of endogenous gibberellin-like substances in grafted Scots pine

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Effect of light conditions on the mRNAs for the two subunits of rubisco in photomixotrophic tobacco cells. Comparison of wild type with a rubisco-deficient mutant

Tsror, L.; Nachmias, A.; Livescu, L., 1989:
Effect of light duration and season on Verticillium wilt of potato

Tokhver, A.K., 1990:
Effect of light intensity and quality on shikimic acid accumulation in buckwheat seedlings under the influence of glyphosate

Chauhan, J.S.; Lopez, F.S.S.; Vergara, B.S., 1989:
Effect of light intensity before and after main crop cutting on ratooning ability of rice

Bhutani, V.; Yadav, S.; Khare, S.K.; Saxena, A.; Garg, G.K., 1989:
Effect of light intensity on carotenoids of maize (Zea mays) chloroplast

Bhutani, V.; Yadav, S.; Khare, S.K.; Saxena, A.; Mishra, D.P., 1989:
Effect of light intensity on chlorophylls of maize (Zea mays) chloroplast

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Effect of light intensity on root growth, mycorrhizal infection and phosphate uptake in onions (Allium cepa L.)

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Effect of light intensity on rooting juvenile black spruce cuttings

Kaneko S., 1989:
Effect of light intensity on the development of pine wilt disease

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Effect of light intensity on the reflectance readings of a commercial time-temperature indicator system

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Effect of light manipulation on ovarian activity and melatonin and prolactin secretion in the domestic cat

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Effect of light on dark respiration of albino and green regions of the barley leaf

Mantagos, S.; Moustogianni, A.; Varvarigou, A.; Frimas, C., 1989:
Effect of light on diurnal variation of blood amino acids in neonates

Dall' Armellina, A.A.; Zimdahl, R.L., 1988:
Effect of light on growth and development of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) and Russian knapweed (Centaurea repens)

Hussain, I.S.A.; Urs, Y.S.V.; Herle, P.S., 1988:
Effect of light on the chaffiness and yield in Phalguna rice variety in Dakshina Kannada

Hashimoto, H.; Possingham, J.V., 1989:
Effect of light on the chloroplast division cycle and DNA synthesis in cultured leaf discs of spinach

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Effect of Light Quality and Vernalization on Late-Flowering Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana

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Effect of light regime and Eltroxin on the response of female rabbits to coitus

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Effect of light source during rearing

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Effect of light sources and light intensity on growth performance and behaviour of female turkeys

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Effect of light treatments on reproductive performance of laying quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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Effect of lighting regimes on performance of female meat chickens

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Effect of lighting the drinkers on the rate of learning to drink water by chickens kept on litter

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Effect of lignin and its related components on plasma cholesterol level

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Effect of lignosulfonates modified by urea on properties of granulated potassium fertilizers

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Effect of lime and N-P-K fertilization on sweet potato in early and late seasons at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Effect of lime and fertilizer treatment on element content in the fine roots and the diameter increment of spruce from forest dieback areas

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Effect of lime and micronutrients on yield and uptake of micronutrients by wheat on acid soil

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Effect of lime and phosphate fertilizer on forage yield, mineral composition and nodulation of pigeonpeas

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Effect of lime application on yield and chemical composition of Burley tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) in pot experiment

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Effect of lime on soil and crop in Swedish field experiments

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Effect of liming and organic material on the utilisation of urea on sandy soils

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Effect of liming and parent material on the potassium quantity-intensity relationships of some upland soils of the western Cape

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Effect of liming and phosphate on yield of maize and wheat in acid alfisol

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Effect of liming and washing on soil characters

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Effect of liming on arable land and grassland in Slovenia

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Effect of liming on biological characteristics and productivity of a Leached Yellow Quartzitic Ferrallitic soil. V. Effect on yield and quality of tobacco

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Effect of liming on biological characteristics and productivity of a Leached Yellow Quartzitic Ferrallitic soil. VI Agroeconomic analysis

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Effect of liming on biological characteristics and productivity of leached yellow quartzitic ferrallitic soil. III. Effect on the microbial population of the soil

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Effect of liming on biological characteristics and productivity of leached yellow quarzitic ferrallitic soil. IV. Effect on the mineralization of organic nitrogen

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Effect of liming on calcium dynamics in a Yellow Quartzitic Ferrallitic soil

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