Effect of pyroligneous acid and mixture of charcoal with pyroligneous acid on the growth and yield of rice plant

Tsuzuki, E.; Wakiyama, Y.; Eto, H.; Handa, H.

Japanese Journal of Crop Science 58(4): 592-597


DOI: 10.1626/jcs.58.592
Accession: 001812888

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Field and laboratory experiments were carried out in 1987 and 1988 in order to study the effects of pyroligenous acid and mixture of charcoal with pyroligneous acid (pyroligneous acid 1: charcoal 4; Sannekka E) on the growth and yield of rice. The results of field experiments in 1987 showed that Sannekka E as a basal dressing increased the ear number and grain yield (17%), but in 1988 there was no difference in brown rice yield between Sannekka E applied plot and the control plot. However, field experiments in both years showed that Sannekka E increased root dry weight and also promoted root respiration rate. When Sannekka E was added to nursery boxes as a basal dressing and in solution culture, it promoted plant height, root length and branching of the root. From the result of sterile culture of root tip of rice, it was confirmed that pyroligneous acid induced to form new branched roots and elongate roots. It was showed that there was an optimum rate in pyroligneous, acid applications and the action might be hormonal. The data also suggested that pyroligneous acid and Sannekka E promoted rice growth through the development of branched roots.