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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sharma, B.D.; Yadvinder Singh; Bijay Singh, 1988:
Effect of time of application on the effectiveness of zinc sulphate and zinc oxide as sources of zinc for wheat

Lee, J.K., 1988:
Effect of time of artificial insemination on fertilization in laying hens

Udealor, A.; Ezedinma, F.O.C., 1987:
Effect of time of cutting back cassava stems on the yield and quality of roots

Bray, A.R.; Burton, R.N., 1988:
Effect of time of day at paddock change on the proportion of ewes giving birth in daytime

Von Mollendorff, L.J.; D.V.lliers O.T.; Jacobs, G., 1989:
Effect of time of examination and ripening temperature on the degree of woolliness in nectarines

Erdman, R.A.; Moreland, T.W.; Stricklin, W.R., 1989:
Effect of time of feed access on intake and production in lactating dairy cows

E.Sese, A.M., 1988:
Effect of time of fruit setting on the quality of some pomegranate cultivars

Babalad, H.B.; Joshi, M.S.; Umapati, P.N.; Shetty, R.A., 1989:
Effect of time of nitrogen application on growth and yield of drilled-sown rice

Bachman, K.C.; Wilcox, C.J., 1990:
Effect of time of onset of rapid cooling on bovine milk fat hydrolysis

Venkateswarlu, S.; Reddy, G.S., 1989:
Effect of time of planting of component crops on productivity of castor + clusterbean intercropping system

Adebanjo, A., 1988:
Effect of time of planting on the incidence of Amaranthus shoot diseases

Reddy, K.S.; Subbayya, J., 1988:
Effect of time of sowing on sheath rot disease incidence in rice

Upadhyay, N.P.; Prasad, R.S., 1988:
Effect of time of veneer grafting on sprouting and growth in mango cv. Dashehari

Kumar, S.; Kairon, M.S., 1988:
Effect of time of weed removal on yield of greengram (Vigna radiata)

Sharma, R.B., 1988:
Effect of time of weeding on soil moisture and performance of maize grown on an Oxic Paleustalf

Chen, Y.D.; Swislocki, A.L.; Jeng, C.Y.; Juang, J.H.; Reaven, G.M., 1988:
Effect of time on measurement of hepatic glucose production

Tarla, F.N.; Henry, P.R.; Ammerman, C.B.; Rao, P.V., 1989:
Effect of time on tissue deposition of selenium in sheep fed calcium selenite or sodium selenite

Willms, W.D.; Dormaar, J.F., 1988:
Effect of time-controlled grazing with high stocking rates on fescue prairie vegetation

Perichiappan, P.; Gopalaswamy, N.; Panchanathan, R. , 1987:
Effect of times of fertilizer application and weed management on irrigated cotton

Pereira, A.J., 1988:
Effect of timing and concentration of naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) and carbaryl, with and without mineral oil, on the thinning of apples cv. 'Gala'

Araujo, D.S.; Galvao, J.D.; Fontes, L.A.N.; Cardoso, A.A., 1988:
Effect of timing and degree of maize defoliation on productivity of a maize/Phaseolus vulgaris intercrop. I. Maize cultivation

Baker, T.G.; Cameron, J.N.; Fagg, P.C.; Matthews, D., 1988:
Effect of timing and rate of hexazinone application on weed control and early growth of Pinus radiata on two contrasting sites

Dannenberg, M.D.; Eversmeyer, M.G.; Kramer, C.L., 1989:
Effect of timing of foliar fungicides on wheat disease control and yield increases

Keisers, J.T., 1987:
Effect of timing of nitrogen top-dressing on yield and yield components of direct-seeded wetland rice

Muhammad, M.W.; Saeed Ahmad; Arshad, M.; Inayat Ali, 1986:
Effect of timings of fertilizer application on wheat varieties

Musonda, N.G.; Kushwaha, R.L.; Ford, R.J., 1989:
Effect of tire combinations and ballasting on 4WD and 2WD tractive efficiency

Kiriyak, G.Y.; Galbur, L.I.; Buzhoryanu, V.V., 1990:
Effect of tobacco mosaic virus and tomato aspermy virus on pollen viability

Banerjee, M.K.; Kalloo, 1989:
Effect of tomato leaf curl virus on biochemical attributes in resistant/susceptible plants of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Murase, Y., 1986:
Effect of tool materials on the corrosive wear of wood-cutting tools II

Lee, J.S.; Yoon, Y.B.; Kim, S.K.; Yoon, I.S., 1987:
Effect of top dressing on the thatch losses in bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds)

Varma, A.; Mitra, K.; Srivastava, TN., 1988:
Effect of top leaves powder of different cultivars of sugarcane in semi-synthetic diet on growth and development of the stalk borer, Chilo auricilius Dudgeon

Patiram ; Prasad, R.N., 1989:
Effect of topdressing of potassium on rice grown on acid valley soils of Meghalaya

Shaaban, E.A., 1988:
Effect of topical addition of ethephon on the ripening of banana fruits

Ahmed, M., 1989:
Effect of topping and bathua (Chenopodium album L.) competition on lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) establishment

E.H.lawany, S.H.M.; Azab, A.S.M.; Mohamad, H.M.H., 1988:
Effect of topping and nafthalene acetic acid on growth and yield of cotton plants, cv. Giza 80

Lee, J.D.; Han, J.K.; Ban, Y.S.; Lee, J.D., 1988:
Effect of topping method on the quality components of flue-cured tobacco

Bochniarz, J.; Pleskacz, M., 1987:
Effect of topping on lodging, maturation and yields of faba beans (Vicia faba minor)

Hsu, C.L.; Chang, F.; Mower, H.F.; Jurd, L., 1990:
Effect of topsoil treated with J2581 on reproduction in the oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Sannomiya, K., 1989:
Effect of torsion on bending strength of structural members. III Regarding cantilever channel beams

Abbas, H.K.; Mirocha, C.J.; Rosiles, R.; Carvajal, M., 1988:
Effect of tortilla-preparation process on aflatoxins B1 and B2 in corn

Mollett, T.A.; Brooks, C.B.; Leighton, E.A., 1989:
Effect of total CMT score and milk quality of the dam upon calf weaning weight in beef cattle

Koerschens, M., 1988:
Effect of total carbon and fine particle contents on bulk density in mineral soils

Mori, E.; Hasebe, M.; Kobayashi, K., 1988:
Effect of total parenteral nutrition enriched in branched-chain amino acids on metabolite levels in septic rats

Jeevanandam, M.; Legaspi, A.; Lowry, S.F.; Horowitz, G.D.; Brennan, M.F., 1988:
Effect of total parenteral nutrition on whole body protein kinetics in cachectic patients with benign or malignant disease

Forte, T.M.; Genzel-Boroviczeny, O.; Austin, M.A.; Kao, L.C.; Scott, C.; Albers, J.J.; D'Harlingue, A.E., 1989:
Effect of total parenteral nutrition with intravenous fat on lipids and high density lipoprotein heterogeneity in neonates

Nogales, R.; Ortega, E.; Gallardo Lara, F.; Delgado, M., 1986:
Effect of town refuse compost and nitrogen supplemented with different mineral fertilizers on the porosity of a Spanish topsoil

Lawal, R.O.; Oke, O.L.; Bassir, O., 1989:
Effect of toxic extract from the outercoat of the fruit of T. africana on intestinal D-glucose transport in rat in vivo

Schlegel, H.; Leistner, H.U.; Anton, C., 1988:
Effect of toxic metabolites from Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary on several test objects

Slavnova, T.I.; Antonov, S.M.; Magazanik, L.G.; Tonkikh, A.K.; Kosovskii, A.V.; Sadykov, A.A.; Abduvakhabov, A.A., 1989:
Effect of toxin from the venom of the ichneumon Habrobracon hebetor (Say) on neuromuscular transmission in insects

Fadeev, Y.N.; Bystrykh, E.E.; Tarabrin, G.A., 1987:
Effect of toxins of the causal agent of Helminthosporium root rot on the photoreduction of NADP by chloroplasts of spring wheat

Naseem, S.M.; Hines, H.B.; Creasia, D.A., 1989:
Effect of toxins on arachidonic acid metabolism in rat cultured pulmonary alveolar macrophages

Khodzhaev, D.K.; Stesnyagina, T.Y., 1989:
Effect of trace element dressings on cotton grown at different levels of macroelements

Ogui, V.G., 1987:
Effect of trace elements and vitamins on meat yield of young Simmental bulls

Koval' , M.P.; Balamut, N.I.; Bugakov, A.V.; Buzuk, B.V.; Kavrus, M.A., 1988:
Effect of trace elements and vitamins on metabolism of substances and reproductive function of heifers

Kvyartovskii, A.F., 1988:
Effect of trace elements on nitrate reductase activity and chlorophyll content of maize leaves under irrigated conditions

Nikolaeva, Z.F., 1988:
Effect of trace elements on seed yield of alsike clover

Gonzalez Navas, D.F.; Velasquez Silva, J.M., . :
Effect of trace elements on soyabean yields

Gupta, M.; Pant, J.C., 1985:
Effect of trace elements on the growth and survival of Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.)

Kovalevich, Z.S.; Dubikovskii, G.P., 1988:
Effect of trace elements on their contents in pea seed and straw

Esheev, S.B.; Kalashnikov, S.F., 1988:
Effect of tractor wheels on the fertility of the chestnut-coloured soils of Buryatiya

Fernandes, B.; Galloway, H.M., 1987:
Effect of tractor wheels on the physical properties of two soils

Pilatti, M.A.; Orellana, J.A. de; Priano, L.J.; Felli, O.M.; Grenon, D.A., 1988:
Effect of traditional and conservation management systems on some physical, chemical and biological characteristics of an Argiudoll in southern Santa fe

Macfarlane, B.J.; van der Riet, W.B.; Bothwell, T.H.; Baynes, R.D.; Siegenberg, D.; Schmidt, U.; Tal, A.; Taylor, J.R.; Mayet, F., 1990:
Effect of traditional oriental soy products on iron absorption

Radcliffe, D.; Manor, G.C.ark, R.; West, L.; Langdale, G.; Bruce, R., 1989:
Effect of traffic and in-row chiseling on mechanical impedance

Radcliffe, D.E.; Manor, G.; Langdale, G.W.; Clark, R.L.; Bruce, R.R., 1988:
Effect of traffic and tillage on mechanical impedance in a layered soil

Prasad, V.S.R.K.; Singh, D.P., 1987:
Effect of training in pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.) for growth and yield

Lenz, F., 1989:
Effect of training on growth, yield, water consumption and nutrient uptake of densely planted apple trees

Srivastava, R.S.; Mathur, A.K.; Kalra, D.B., 1989:
Effect of training ram hoggets on their adult sexual behaviour

Kim, S.H.; Moon, D.Y.; Kim, K.S.; Kim, H.Y., 1989:
Effect of training system on wind damage and growth of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis cv. Hayward)

Leal, T.; Elia, R.; Boyer, P.; Alippi, R.M.; Bozzini, C.E., 1989:
Effect of transfusion polycythemia on food consumption and body growth of growing rats exposed to hypobaria

Javellana, C.B.; Dingkuhn, M.; Schniev, H.F.; Marqueses, E.; Faronilo, J.E.; Wijangco, J.E., 1988:
Effect of transplanting and direct seeding on tillering, crop growth, and yield of lowland rice

Yokozawa, K., 1990:
Effect of transplanting and irrigation on growth and seed yield of soyabeans cv. Toyokomachi

Karjadi, A.K., 1987:
Effect of transplanting date of potato cv. Desiree cuttings on tuber production

Sa, J.G.; Kim, K.S.; Han, S.K.; Huh, B.L.; Lee, W.S., 1989:
Effect of transplanting date on rice grain maturation in the middle boreal region

Singh, R.V.; Singh, V.; Sharma, S.K., 1984:
Effect of transplanting on root development and root:shoot ratio in silver fir seedlings

Jesus, R.M. de; Menandro, M. de S.; Batista, J.L.F., 1987:
Effect of transplanting on seedling growth of louro (Cordia trichotoma) and concalo-alves (Astronium fraxinifolium)

Agnes, F.; Sartorelli, P.; Abdi, B.H.; Locatelli, A., 1990:
Effect of transport loading or noise on blood biochemical variables in calves

Rojanasthien, S., 1989:
Effect of transportation and relocation in post-weaning anoestrous primiparous sows

Kamimura, S.; Mori, K.; Ohgi, T.; Hatta, T.; Takahashi, M.; Tsukamoto, T.; Onoe, S.; Hirai, T.; Kudo, T., 1987:
Effect of transportation on milk and blood components in dairy cattle

Baucus, K.L.; Squires, E.L.; Ralston, S.L.; McKinnon, A.O.; Nett, T.M., 1990:
Effect of transportation on the estrous cycle and concentrations of hormones in mares

Fahmy, M.H.; Guilbault, L.A., 1989:
Effect of transportation stress on ovarian activities and reproductive performance of ewes during the anoestrous period

Boiteau, G., 1990:
Effect of trap color and size on relative efficiency of water-pan traps for sampling alate aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) on potato

Khot, R.S.; Bhat, B.N.; Angadi, S.V.; Rao, S.; Patil, S., 1989:
Effect of trapcrops on the incidence of Orobanche and yield of Bidi tobacco

Upadhyaya, S.K., 1988:
Effect of tread design on bias ply tire tractive characteristics

Artoisenet, P.; Paquay, R., 1987:
Effect of treating cut grass with salt on the utilization of hay by sheep

Klochko, N.A.; Anikeeva, N.F., 1987:
Effect of treating seeds of Lupinus angustifolius with various doses of gamma rays on plant growth and development in the M1 and M2

Biache, G.; Injac, M., 1988:
Effect of treatment of a cabbage crop with a nuclear polyhedrosis virus, associated with a synthetic pyrethroid, on the pests Mamestra brassicae and Plutella xylostella and their parasitoids Chrysopa carnea and Apanteles glomeratus

Downey, N.E., 1988:
Effect of treatment of first season calves with an OPRB on their immunity to lungworm in the second season

Sharma, M.C.; Pathak, N.N.; Hung, N.N., 1987:
Effect of treatment of gastro-intestinal parasites on gain in body weight of Murrah buffalo calves

Ould Bah, M.Y.; Michalet Doreau, B., 1988:
Effect of treatment of green forage on degradation kinetics of nitrogen in the rumen

Berger, G., 1988:
Effect of treatment with HCG or GnRH on the conception rate of cows inseminated for the third time

Bryan, K.A.; Clark, A.M.; Hagen, D.R., 1990:
Effect of treatment with and subsequent withdrawal of exogenous porcine somatotropin on growth and reproductive characteristics of gilts

Suter, D.E.; Orosz, G., 1989:
Effect of treatment with cortisol in vivo on secretion of gonadotropins in vitro

Rajamahendran, R.; Walton, J.S., 1990:
Effect of treatment with estradiol valerate on endocrine changes and ovarian follicle populations in dairy cows

Peak, S.Y.; Kim, H.S.; Lee, J.M.; Lee, K.S., 1988:
Effect of treatment with hormone analogues on the ovarian response and fertility in heifers with reproductive disorders

Boujet, C.; Bin, D.; Favier, A.; Bost, M.; Joannard, A., 1987:
Effect of treatment with sodium valproate on zinc balance in children

Morita, M.; Sakata, I., 1988:
Effect of treatments with some oxidizing agents on the solubility of chemically modified woods

Perez, G.V.A.; Cabrera, P.J., 1987:
Effect of tree age on the physical and mechanical properties of Pinus radiata

Vital, B.R.; Bastos Filho, J.C.; Valente, O.F., 1985:
Effect of tree age on weight yield and fixed carbon yield of Eucalyptus charcoal

Vital, B.R.; Pereira, A.R.; Lucia, R.M. della; Andrade, D.C. de, 1984:
Effect of tree age on wood density of Eucalyptus grandis grown in the cerrado region of Minas Gerais

Abdullah, Y.S.; Abdullah, M.O.; A.A.hoo, J., 1988:
Effect of tree age, cutting length and their distance from the base of shoots on the propagation of Platanus occidentalis L. seedlings

Yamakura, T., 1984:
Effect of tree density on the dbh distribution in Cryptomeria japonica plantations (Frequency distribution of individual weight, stem diameter and height in plant stands. VII)

Callesen, O.; Wagenmakers, P.S., 1989:
Effect of tree density, tree height and rectangularity on growth, flowering, and fruit production

Beers, E.; Hoyt, S.; Burts, E., 1990:
Effect of tree fruit species on residual activity of avermectin B1 to Tetranychus urticae and Panonychus ulmi

Karkkainen, M., 1984:
Effect of tree social status on basic density of Norway spruce

Moffat, A.J.; Boswell, R.C., 1990:
Effect of tree species and species mixtures on soil properties at Gisburn Forest, Yorkshire

Akbar, G.; Ahmad, M.; Rafique, S.; Babar, K.N., 1990:
Effect of trees on the yield of wheat crop

van Miert, A.S.; Peters, R.H.; Basudde, C.D.; Nijmeijer, S.N.; van Duin, C.T.; van Gogh, H.; Korstanje, C., 1988:
Effect of trenbolone and testosterone on the plasma elimination rates of sulfamethazine, trimethoprim, and antipyrine in female dwarf goats

Ruwali, K.N.; Upadhyaya, Y.M., 1988:
Effect of triacontanol application on wheat yields

Sharma, R.; Singh, G.; Sharma, K., 1989:
Effect of triacontanol, mixtalol and naphthalene acetic acid on yield and its components in mungbean

Pazoutova, S.; Kren, V.; Rezanka, T.; Amler, E.; Flieger, M.; Rylko, V.; Sajdl, P., 1989:
Effect of triadimefon on lipids, sterols, and membrane fluidity in submerged cultures of Claviceps purpurea

Anderson, H.M., 1989:
Effect of triadimenol seed dressing on vegetative growth in winter wheat

Lipps, P.E.; Madden, L.V., 1988:
Effect of triadimenol seed treatment and triadimefon foliar treatment on powdery mildew epidemics and grain yield of winter wheat cultivars

Hale, O.M.; Newton, G.L.; Haydon, K.D.; Merrill, A.L.; Bondari, K., 1988:
Effect of trial, diet and exercise on growth, feed efficiency, and blood serum components of castrated male pigs

Bora, K.K., 1988:
Effect of triazoles on growth and yield attributes of Sesamum indicum Linn

Yurina, T.P.; Umnov, A.M.; Karavaev, V.A.; Solntsev, M.K., 1989:
Effect of trichothecin on the process of pathogenesis in wheat plants infected by the stem rust pathogen

Bush, P.B.; Neary, D.G.; Taylor, J.W., 1988:
Effect of triclopyr amine and ester formulations on groundwater and surface water runoff water quality in the Coastal Plain

Oh, S.S.; Kaplan, M.L., 1989:
Effect of triiodothyronine on glucose utilization in diaphragm of obese (ob/ob) mice

Nair, K.S.; Halliday, D.; Ford, G.C.; Garrow, J.S., 1989:
Effect of triiodothyronine on leucine kinetics, metabolic rate, glucose concentration and insulin secretion rate during two weeks of fasting in obese women

Trail, J.C.M.; D.I.teren, G.D.M.; Feron, A.; Kakiese, O.; Mulungu, M.; Pelo, M., 1990:
Effect of trypanosome infection, control of parasitaemia and control of anaemia development on productivity of N'Dama cattle

Igbokwe, M.C.; Onaku, B.C.; Opara, F.A., 1987:
Effect of tuber portion on the performance of yams grown from minisetts

Amin, S.; Khan, M.A.; Hashmi, H.A.; Rashid, J.; Khan, M.S., 1990:
Effect of tuberculosis on certain blood indices in buffaloes

Kumar, A.; Tiwari, A.D.; Naik, D.G., 1987:
Effect of twice or thrice feeding urea supplemented diets on nutrient utilization in growing crossbred heifers

Patel, A.M., 1989:
Effect of twinning on performance of Kankrej and their crossbred cattle

Antonio Lopez, M.; Angel Gonzalez, M., 1987:
Effect of two calcium sources on the fertility of three acid soils of Costa Rica

Tekin, N.; Wockener, A.; Klug, E., 1989:
Effect of two different diluents and storage temperatures on the viability of stallion semen

Matias, C.; Ritt, S., 1988:
Effect of two different edaphoclimatic zones upon seed production potential of five Guinea grass cultivars (Panicum maximum Jacq.)

Umberger, S.H.; McClure, W.H.; Webb, K.E.; Notter, D.R.; Wahlberg, M.L., 1988:
Effect of two fiber sources, fish meal, and a microbial inoculant on feedlot lamb performance

Radi, A.F.; Shaddad, M.A.; Zidan, M.A.; Hamada, A.M., 1989:
Effect of two herbicidal auxins on the cation interaction in some economic plants

Frye, RD.; Dix, ME.; Carey, DR., 1988:
Effect of two insecticides on abundance of insect families associated with Siberian elm windbreaks

Wagner, M.; Barrios, A.; Medina, G.; Tesara, J.; Meneses, L., 1989:
Effect of two irrigation levels on performance of bean (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) cultivars on a poorly permeable soil

Jacob, M.; Prabhu, VKK., 1988:
Effect of two juvenile hormone analogues on embryonic morphogenesis, histogenesis, endocrines and cuticulogenesis of Dysdercus cingulatus Fabr. (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

Hemid, A.A.; Mohamed, K.S.; E.Z.iny, M.; Soliman, H.; Anwar, A., 1988:
Effect of two levels of protein in rations on the performance of some strains of rabbits under intensive production system

Cano Santiago, R., 1988:
Effect of two mating systems, using cryptorchid boars prior to service, on the fertility and prolificacy of sows

Mcdonald, A.H.; D.W.ele D., 1987:
Effect of two nematicides on nematode populations associated with maize

Yonova, P.A.; Izvorska, N.D.; Vassilev, G.N.; Belcheva, R.N., 1989:
Effect of two non-purine cytokinins on the growth of callus tissues from Nicotiana tabacum CMS81

Arora, J.S.; Sandhu, G.S., 1987:
Effect of two planting dates on the performance of fifteen gladiolus cultivars

Quayyum, S.M.; Kazi, B.R.; Bhatti, M.A.; Khan, W.A.; Shaikh, Z.M., 1988:
Effect of two row spacings on the efficiency of two safflower varieties

Khattak, R.A.; Jarrell, W.M., 1989:
Effect of two soil moisture levels and wetting-drying cycles on manganese release in NaCl-amended soils

Houtert, M. van; Nolan, J.V., 1989:
Effect of two sources of fat on digestion in sheep fed roughage diets

Reichenbach, H.D.; Rodrigues, J.L., 1988:
Effect of two sucrose concentrations on thawing survival rate of mouse embryos plunged directly into liquid nitrogen

Calzadilla Dodd, D.; Vargas, A., 1987:
Effect of two supplementation rates on the behaviour of grazing cows in the wet season

Thivolle Cazat, A., 1988:
Effect of two thinning regimes on the dendrometric characteristics of a Norway spruce stand

Sadurska, B.; Skalska-Hilgier, E.; Szutowski, M.; Wehr, H., 1987:
Effect of two-week ethanol administration on lipoprotein lipase activity and blood serum lipids in the rat

Thompson, H.J.; Ronan, A.M.; Ritacco, K.A.; Tagliaferro, A.R., 1989:
Effect of type and amount of dietary fat on the enhancement of rat mammary tumorigenesis by exercise

Ndwiga, C.A.; Erdman, R.A.; Vandersall, J.H.; Sharma, B.K., 1990:
Effect of type and site of acid neutralization on voluntary intake of corn silage by dairy heifers

Hutter, J.C.; Cabodevila, J.A.; West, M., 1988:
Effect of type of administration and dose of cloprostenol on the production of embryos in superovulated cows

Rohilla, P.P.; Ram, S., 1990:
Effect of type of bedding on growth rate, feed and water intake, feed efficiency, disease incidence and economy of rearing buffalo calves in winter

Fuentes, J.L.; Peron, N.; Lima, T., 1987:
Effect of type of birth and age at weaning on age and body weight at puberty in Pelibuey ewe lambs

Alvir, M.R.; Gonzalez, J.; Galvez, J.F., 1989:
Effect of type of diet on ruminal crude protein degradability of roughages

Saharia, J.; Sarker, A.B., 1989:
Effect of type of floor on growth performance in Jersey calves

Schleitzer, G.; Pfeiffer, H.; Rudovsky, A.; Langner, V., 1989:
Effect of type of housing on performance in stress-reduced pig production

Yadav, B.R.; Paliwal, K.V., 1988:
Effect of type, amount and particle size of calcium carbonate on phosphate adsorption

Crolla, D.A.; Horton, D.N.L.; Stayner, R.M., 1990:
Effect of tyre modelling on tractor ride vibration predictions

Pander, B.L.; Chopra, S.C., 1986:
Effect of udder and teat conformation on milk flow rate and milk production in crossbred dairy cattle

Srikanth, J.; Basappa, H.; Lingappa, S., 1988:
Effect of uji-fly parasitization on food consumption and growth of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L

Egan, C.; Rennie, M.J., 1988:
Effect of ultra-high-temperature treatment on rat jejunal absorption of calcium from milk micelles

Nagy, J.; Ratkos, J., 1987:
Effect of ultrasound and fungicides on the infectedness of sunflower with Peronospora

Anonymous, 1987:
Effect of ultrasound on growth, development and the inheritance of characters in hemp

Fernandez, L.; Obregon, A.; Rodriguez, Y.F., 1988:
Effect of ultrasound on kaolinite structure in the Isle of Pines

Desai, T.S., 1987:
Effect of ultraviolet light on thermoluminescence from thylakoid membranes

Aknazarov, O.A.; Shomansurov, S., 1988:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on indoleacetic acid content in barley plants

Antonyan, A.S.; Kocharyan, R.G.; Asaturyan, L.A., 1987:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on milk yield and milk composition of rabbits

Hiepe, T.; Ribbeck, R.; Gehrt, M.; Reichhardt, R., 1989:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on parasitic arthropods. III. Effects in vitro and in vivo of fractionated irradiation on developmental stages of Psoroptes cuniculi

Ariyo, AA.; Oyerinde, JPO., 1990:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on survival, infectivity and maturation of Schistosoma mansoni cercariae

Narasimhan, R.; Khan, M.M.H.; Ernest, J.; Thangavel, K., 1989:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the bacterial flora of the packaging materials of milk and milk products

Roche, A.; Joffre, M., 1989:
Effect of uncoupling treatments on FSH-induced hyperpolarization of immature rat Sertoli cells from Sertoli cell-enriched cultures

Mittal, J.P., 1988:
Effect of underground saline waters on wool production

Ahmed, F.; Jones, D.B.; Jackson, A.A., 1990:
Effect of undernutrition on the immune response to rotavirus infection in mice

Jamriska, P., 1988:
Effect of undersown red clover cultivars upon grain yield of two new spring barley cultivars

Wilkinson, S.C.; Chestnutt, D.M.B., 1988:
Effect of unwilted and wilted grass silage on the intake and performance of pregnant ewes at varying levels of concentrate feeding

Ivanov, I.G., 1987:
Effect of urea and other additives on evacuation of chyme in sheep

Susmel, P.; Stefanon, B.; Ovan, M.; Piasentier, E., 1989:
Effect of urea and tannins on degradability in situ of some protein sources

Wang, V.H.; Juang, T.C., 1987:
Effect of urea deep placement on change of nitrogen in paddy soils. I. Transformation of nitrogen

Juang, T.C.; Wang, W.H., 1987:
Effect of urea deep placement on change of nitrogen in paddy soils. II. Ammonia volatilization and leaching loss

Azad, A.N.; Dubey, A.N.; Singh, H., 1989:
Effect of urea forms and methods of application in lowland rice

Jobim, C.C.; Santos, G.L. dos; Rosito, J.M.; Saldanha Neto, J.; Denardin, C.E., 1988:
Effect of urea on a native pasture in Rio Grande do Sul

Ibrahim, M.N.M.; Tamminga, S.; Zemmelink, G., 1989:
Effect of urea treatment on rumen degradation characteristics of rice straws

Chen, J.; Li, Y.W.; Han, Z.K., 1989:
Effect of urea, ammonium sulfate and methionine on digestion and metabolism in goats

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Effect of urea, guanidine hydrochloride and sodium dodecyl sulphate on the isolated major protein fraction, lupinin, from lupin seed (Lupinus angustifolius)

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Effect of urea, introduced into feed, on the mucopolysaccharides content within the epidermis of the rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Richardson)

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Effect of urea-molasses feeding on some rumen metabolites in buffalo calves

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Effect of urea-molasses lickblock supplementation on intake and digestibility of rice straw fed to growing animals

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Effect of ureaform and N-Serve in relation to nitrogen use efficiency in rice

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Effect of ureas in corrosion of brass (70/30) in mixed acid (HNO3 + H2SO4)

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Effect of urease inhibitors on energy barriers of urease activity of soils

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Effect of urease inhibitors on nitrification in soil

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Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid on biliary lipid coupling and on cholesterol absorption during fasting and eating in subjects with cholesterol gallstones

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Effect of using agro-industrial by-products on sheep performance

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Effect of using different types of animal rennet on the chemical, bacteriological and sensory properties of Ras cheese

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Effect of using different types of animal rennet on the chemical, bacteriological and sensory properties of white soft pickled cheese Domiati type

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Effect of using oil with a high content of C18:2 in the feeding of primiparous sows

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Effect of using some micronutrients on seed cotton yield and yield components

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Effect of using ultra early tomato lines as seed parents on the earliness of F1 hybrid lines

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Effect of using whole and diluted semen on fertility in hens

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Effect of vaccination with E. coli on the incidence of acute mastitis

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Effect of vaccination with a bacterin containing Leptospira interrogans serovar bratislava on the breeding performance of swine herds

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Effect of vaccination with a pentavalent leptospiral vaccine containing Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo type hardjo-bovis on type hardjo-bovis infection of cattle

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Effect of vaccination with a pentavalent leptospiral vaccine on Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo type hardjo-bovis infection of pregnant cattle

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Effect of vacuum level and teat cup liner on milking machine liner slips

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Effect of validamycin A on the activity of trehalase of Rhizoctonia solani and several sclerotial fungi

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Effect of vanadate on vacuolar ATPase of Acer pseudoplatanus

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Effect of vapor pressure on farm buildings

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Effect of variability in response to superovulation on donor cow selection differentials in nucleus breeding schemes

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Effect of variable linear elastic parameters on finite element prediction of soil compaction

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Effect of variable temperatures on the germination of melon seeds

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Effect of variance of engine load on the fuel consumption

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Effect of variations in dietary protein, phosphorus, electrolytes, and vitamin D on calcium and zinc metabolism

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Effect of varied organic fertilization over many years on yields and on soil parameters

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Effect of varietal features and duration of culture on somaclonal variation in potato

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Effect of varietal mixture of sorghum on yield and quality of fodder

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Effect of varieties and planting dates on the fibre yield of jute

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Effect of varieties and sowing time on the yield and yield attributes of summer sorghum

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Effect of varieties, row spacings and plant densities on growth and yield of mustard under dryland conditions

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Effect of variety and irrigation levels on summer groundnut in South Gujarat

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Effect of variety of sorghum grain on digestion and availability of dry matter and starch in vitro

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Effect of variety, region and conditions on some qualitative characters of winter bread wheat

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Effect of variety/strains on biochemical composition and cooking quality of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) grown in Uttar Pradesh

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Effect of various alkali treatments on the nylon bag dry matter and cellulose disppearance of the straws

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Effect of various chemical agents on the quality of preserved cow colostrum

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Effect of various chemical substances on activities of nonspecific phosphomonoesterases in sheep nematode, Bunostomum trigonocephalum Rudolphi, 1908

Gupta, S.P.; Trivedi, K.K., 1986:
Effect of various chemical substances on the activities of glutamic-oxaloacetic (G.O.T.) and glutamic-pyruvic (G.P.T.) transaminases of some parasitic nematodes of veterinary importance

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Effect of various combinations of macro nutrients (NPK) on the growth and yield of mash bean (Vigna mungo)

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Effect of various cultivation methods on earthworm biomasses and communities on different soil types

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Effect of various dietary factors on the deposition of selenium in the hair and nails of rats

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Effect of various dilution rates on deep-freezing of bovine semen

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Effect of various doses of gamma radiation on the biological features of Gossypium barbadense

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Effect of various doses of tylosin, injected into the yolk sac, on embryonic mortality and hatchability of hens' eggs

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Effect of various factors of reproduction on the birth weight of lambs born to Deccani and its crosses

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Effect of various feed additives on the gut microflora of rabbits

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Effect of various fungicides on teliospore germination of Neovossia indica

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Effect of various herbicides on the nutrient uptake by weeds in winter maize

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Effect of various inputs on fertiliser nitrogen utilisation and yield of blackgram and greengram and their residual effect on succeeding fodder sorghum

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Effect of various irradiation treatments of plant protoplasts on the transformation rates after direct gene transfer

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Effect of various levels of N, P and K on the tuber yield of Coleus forskohlii

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Effect of various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Effect of various levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and cycocel on yield and yield contributing attributes of cluster bean green pod under rainfed conditions cv. Pusa Naubahar

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Effect of various levels of nitrogen, spacing and their interaction on seed crop of onion (Allium cepa L.) variety Pusa Red

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Effect of various levels of pyridoxine on erythrocyte aminotransferase activities in the rat

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Effect of various levels of yolk on viability of buffalo semen at 37 degrees , 5 degrees and -196 degrees C

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Effect of various looseners on the soil and crop

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Effect of various methods of ditch maintenance on the species composition of ditch and bank vegetation and the development of grassland vegetation under a specified management plan

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Effect of various methods of treatment on in vitro dry matter digestibility and crude protein contents of rice straw using urea or ammonia as chemical agents

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Effect of various nitrogen sources on growth and sclerotia formation of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Effect of various nutrient regimes and ectomycorrhizal inoculations on field survival and growth of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa var. scopulorum Engelm.) container seedlings in Arizona

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Effect of various pesticides on imagos of Cycloneda sanguinea (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in the laboratory

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Effect of various presowing treatments on the germination of some woody ornamental seeds

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Effect of various protein supplements added to ammonia (urea) treated rice straw diet on nutrient intake, digestibility and growth in crossbred heifers

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Effect of various soil management treatments on yield and quality of the cultivar Maigold

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Effect of various sources of vitamins on concentrations of vitamins A and E in blood and liver of young cattle during fattening on beet pulp

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Effect of various sugar sources on metabolism and rumen digestion in lactating cows

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Effect of various supplements on intake of forage and on production of grazing weaner sheep

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Effect of various temperatures on different stages of Trogoderma granarium

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Effect of various thawing temperatures on revival and vitality of frozen semen of buffalo and cow bulls

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Effect of various tillage systems on meadow black soil fertility

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Effect of various treatments on the nutritional value of rye or rye fractions

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Effect of various triglycerides on plasma cholecystokinin levels in rats

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Effect of various types of growth regulators on the mineral content and amino acid composition of wheat and maize

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Effect of various udder shapes on the occurrence of mastitis in cows

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Effect of varying amounts of histidine in the diet on lipid metabolism in bull calves

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Effect of varying calcium and phosphorus level on manganese utilization

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Effect of varying concentrate feeding levels on some traits in lactating goats

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Effect of varying concentrations and ratios of calcium and magnesium on solute leakage from barley roots

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Effect of varying dietary protein levels during starter and grower stages on subsequent production performance of egg type chicken

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Effect of varying dietary zinc intake of weanling mouse pups during recovery from early undernutrition on growth, body composition and composition of gain

Morgan, P.N.; Keen, C.L.; Lönnerdal, B., 1988 :
Effect of varying dietary zinc intake of weanling mouse pups during recovery from early undernutrition on tissue mineral concentrations, relative organ weights, hematological variables and muscle composition

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Effect of varying digestible lysine:calorie ratio on the performance of growing pigs

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Effect of varying ideal protein level on the performance of growing-finishing swine

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Effect of varying levels and sources of phosphate on oil and yield of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L)

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Effect of varying levels of N, P and K on grain yield and nutrient uptake of Ahu rice in a light textured soil under high annual rainfall

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Effect of varying levels of calcium in the diet of dry cows on their subsequent productivity

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Effect of varying levels of energy, protein and mineral nutrition on physiological values in replacement beef heifers

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Effect of varying levels of magnesium during gestation and lactation on humoral immune response and tissue minerals in rats

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Effect of varying levels of nitrogen and potash on petiole nutrient contents in Thompson Seedless grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

Shikhamany, S.D.; Chelvan, R.C.; Chadha, K.L., 1989:
Effect of varying levels of nitrogen and potash on vine growth, fruit yield and quality in Thompson Seedless grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Effect of varying levels of nitrogen on the yield of basmati rice

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Effect of varying levels of oyster shell on serum constituents and erythrocyte indices in growing chicken fed gossypol-containing Nigerian cottonseed cake

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Effect of varying levels of potassium supply on some biochemical constituents and hydrolytic enzymes in niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.)

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Effect of varying levels of zinc and manganese on drymatter yield and mineral composition of wheat plant at maturity

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Effect of varying levels of zinc and manganese on plant constituents and enzyme activities at different growth stages of wheat

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Effect of varying nitrogen doses and date of sowing on the incidence of root rot (Rhizoctonia bataticola) and leaf spot (Alternaria carthami) diseases of safflower

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Effect of varying planting times on relative performance of different crops under irrigated conditions in Konkan region of Maharashtra

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Effect of varying sodium and potassium intakes on sodium, potassium, and magnesium contents of the ruminoreticulum and apparent absorption of magnesium in non-lactating dairy cattle

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Effect of varying weight gain during the last trimester of gestation on productivity of beef heifers

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Effect of vegetable oils on pulse beetle, (Callosobruchus chinensis L.) in pigeonpea

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Effect of vernalization of the seeds on the phenotypic composition of varietal populations of cultivated flax

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Effect of vertical food-trough dividers on the feeding and agonistic behaviour of layer hens

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Effect of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus on photosynthesis and photorespiration in water stressed maize

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Effect of vesicular-arbuscular endomycorrhization on the growth and biological nitrogen fixation of Acacia cyanophylla

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Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and phosphate dissolving microorganisms on the yield and phosphate uptake of lentil (Lens esculenta Moench)

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Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on growth of in vitro propagated Pistacia integerrima

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Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Mn uptake by red clover

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Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and nutrition of chickpea

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Effect of vetroliv syrup on egg production of synthetic egg line pullets

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Effect of vibration in soil cutting

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Effect of vinasse on sugarcane yields and soil properties

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Effect of vineyard mulching on the grapevine and its environment

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Effect of vinyl-mulching culture on growth and yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Effect of virginiamycin on in vivo digestibility, rumen fermentation and nitrogen balance

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Effect of virus infection on the photosynthetic rate and primary productivity of cowpea

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Effect of virus infection on the structural organization of the leaf mesophyll cells of wild potato species

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Effect of virus infection on the yield performance of the garlic cultivar Thuringer

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Effect of viscosity on spray drying of milk

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Effect of viscous indigestible polysaccharides on pancreatic-biliary secretion and digestive organs in rats

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Effect of visual characteristics of sawn softwood timber over 100 mm thick on strength properties

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Effect of visual isolation during pregnancy and lactation on reproductive success in silver fox vixens

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Effect of vitamin A and C supplements on levels of these vitamins in piglets infected with Trichuris and kept under industrial conditions

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Effect of vitamin A and beta -carotene on reproduction in cows

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Effect of vitamin A and beta -carotene supplementation on beta -carotene and vitamin A status and on selected reproductive parameters of dairy cows in Borde

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Effect of vitamin A and carotene on reproductive efficiency of bucks

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Effect of vitamin A deficiency on circulating levels of amino acids and urea in children

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Effect of vitamin A deficiency on destruction of vitamin A in vitro by rat erythrocyte lysates

John, A.; Sivakumar, B., 1989:
Effect of vitamin A deficiency on nitrogen balance and hepatic urea cycle enzymes and intermediates in rats

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Effect of vitamin A deficiency on permeability of the small intestinal mucosa for macromolecules in adult rats

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Effect of vitamin A deficiency on pulmonary defense systems of guinea pig lung

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Effect of vitamin A dietary intake on in vivo damage induced by aflatoxin B1 in rat liver

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Effect of vitamin A injections during gestation and after calving on the reproductive performance of dairy cows

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Effect of vitamin A supplementation on haemoglobin and vitamin A levels during pregnancy

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Effect of vitamin A supplementation on mice embryo production and viability

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Effect of vitamin B12 on fertility in sows

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Effect of vitamin B6-refeeding on histamine metabolism in magnesium and vitamin B6-deficient rats

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Effect of vitamin C on serum ceruloplasmin levels in pigs with experimental Trichuris infection

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Effect of vitamin C on some factors of immune reactivity of broiler chicks infected with Marek's disease virus

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Effect of vitamin C on the incubation quality of eggs from meat-type hens

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Effect of vitamin D administration during pregnancy on neonatal growth in the rat

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Effect of vitamin D metabolites and metabolite combinations on bone demineralization in chicks

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Effect of vitamin D status on the activity of carbonic anhydrase in chicken epiphysis and kidney

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Effect of vitamin E deficiency on oxidative metabolism and antioxidant enzyme activity of macrophages

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Effect of vitamin E on bioavailability of iron used to fortify milk

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Effect of vitamin E on lifespan and reproduction in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Effect of vitamin E on linoleic acid-mediated induction of peroxisomal enzymes in cultured porcine endothelial cells

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Effect of vitamin E supplement intake on HDL and total cholesterol in the elderly

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Effect of vitamins A + D3 and E and of Cu, Mn and Zn on certain blood indices in gilts

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Effect of vitamins A and C on the activity of alkaline phosphatase of neutrophils during experimental trichuriosis

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Effect of vitamins A, D and E on productivity of sows

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Effect of vitamins on cuttings of Mentha arvensis var. piperescens Holmes with emphasis on biomass production

Davis, T.A., 1989:
Effect of volcanic eruptions on coconut palms. Results of fertilizer trial to correct foliar yellowing caused by volcanic deposits

Shahid, A.S.; Akhtar, M.S., 1989:
Effect of volume and position of stakes on feeding by subterranean termites (Isoptera)

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Effect of volume on the supercooling temperature for primary nucleation of potassium nitrate from aqueous solution

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Effect of washing on the fertility of frozen goat semen

Oron, G.; Willers, H., 1989:
Effect of wastes quality on treatment efficiency with duckweed

Larsen, R.; Anon, M., 1989:
Effect of water activity aw of milk on acid production by Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Lacroix, C.; Lachance, O., 1988:
Effect of water activity on the survival of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus and on the development of acidity in yoghurt during cold storage

Kirkova, Y.; Ivanov, A., 1987:
Effect of water and fertilizers on sorption sensors with a porous component made from a gypsum base

Huang, T.F., 1988:
Effect of water application by PE perforated pipe method on yield and quality of tea

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Effect of water conservation on the yield of upland crops in the humid tropics

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Effect of water content on the mobility of solute molecules and of protein side chains in caseinate preparations

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Effect of water deficit and nitrogen timing on growth and water relations of lowland rice

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Effect of water deficit on the quality of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.)

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Effect of water deficit or water excess during the different development stages on tobacco Burley

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Effect of Water Deficits on Seed Development in Soybean : II. Conservation of Seed Growth Rate

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Effect of water depth at fertilizer application on deepwater rice yield

Lopez Bermudez, F., 1989:
Effect of water erosion on desertification in a semiarid Mediterranean river basin: the Segura basin, Spain

Khan, F.A.; Chindo, P.S., 1990:
Effect of water extract of groundnut cake on larval mortality of certain plant-parasitic nematodes

Rani, PU.; Jamil, K., 1989:
Effect of water hyacinth leaf extract on mortality, growth and metamorphosis of certain pests of stored products

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Effect of water logging on sorghum shoot fly (Atherigona soccata) infestation

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Effect of water loss in chicory roots on forcing yield

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Effect of water loss on lipids and fatty acids in the chloroplasts of seedlings of the wheat varieties Saratovskaya 55 and Lutescens 1848

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Effect of water management practices on four rice varieties during summer season

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Effect of water management, arsenic, and zinc on selected agronomic traits and rice grain yield

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Effect of water on some wood adhesives

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Effect of water regimes and nitrogen on yield and uptake of nitrogen in transplanted rice

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Effect of water regimes on the irrigation needs and yield of short duration rice grown on the oxisols of Kerala, India during summer

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Effect of water salinity on rooting woody ornamental cuttings

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Effect of water salinity, IBA concentration, and season on rooting of Japanese boxwood cuttings

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Effect of water status, genetic background, gender and fertilizer on flowering jojoba

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Effect of water stress at various stages on yield and its components in grain sorghum

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Effect of water stress in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata) and Indian mustard (B. juncea subsp. juncea) on infestation by Lipaphis erysimi

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Effect of water stress on abundance of twospotted spider mite on soybeans under greenhouse conditions

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Effect of water stress on dry matter production, harvest index, seed yield and its components in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

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Effect of water stress on grain growth of glossy and non-glossy varieties of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

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Effect of water stress on lipids and fatty acids of chloroplasts in sprouts of wheat varieties Saratovskaya 55 and Lutescence 1848

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Effect of water stress on mycorrhizal seedlings of Picea smithiana

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Effect of water stress on potato growth, yield and water use in a hot and a cool tropical climate

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Effect of water stress on sesame

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Effect of water stress on the canopy architecture and spectral indices of irrigated alfalfa

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Effect of water stress on the growth and production processes of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Effect of water stress on yield and diurnal changes of biophysical parameter of groundnut

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Effect of water stress on yield attributes and yield of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)

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Effect of water supply and nitrogen application on some agrochemical properties of leached cinnamonic forest soil under a bearing apple orchard

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Effect of water table height and soil physical properties on nutrient leaching

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Effect of water table level on yield and root system of plantains

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Effect of water volume on metsulfuron applied to gorse

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Effect of water-soluble and insoluble phosphatic fertilizers on yield of groundnut and acid lateritic soils of Orissa, India

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Effect of waterlogging on yield and yield attributes in late high yielding rice varieties

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Effect of watertable depth and waterlogging on crop yield

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Effect of watertable on yield and root depth of winter wheat in the French west central Atlantic Marshlands

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Effect of wax content on flow properties of rice bran oil

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Effect of weaning on performance of Murrah buffalo female calves

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Effect of weaning on the performance of Murrah buffaloes

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Effect of weaning system on the performance of buffalo and cow calves up to four months of age

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Effect of weaning weight on growth of Pelibuey lambs

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Effect of weather conditions on nodulation and nitrogenase activity of soyabeans

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Effect of weather on development of leaf blight and fruit rot in kangaroo apple

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Effect of weather on the light-trap captures of some insect pests of cotton

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Effect of weather on yield formation in winter wheat

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Effect of weather variables on strawberry leather rot epidemics

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Effect of weather, Retacel Super and DAM 390 on tillering rate and grain yield in spring barley

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Effect of weed competition and metribuzin on transplanted tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum MILL.)

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Effect of weed competition on irrigated tomato in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria

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Effect of weed competition on the nutritional status of young Scots pine on K2 and M2 sites in East Germany

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Effect of weed control and fertilizer levels on weed growth and grain yield of rainfed maize

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Effect of weed control and nitrogen levels on quality characters in cotton

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Effect of weed control in groundnut and sunflower intercropping system with reference to nutrient uptake and oil yield

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Effect of weed control measures on response of wheat to nitrogen

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Effect of weed control on the development of crop plants and infection with rice blast in upland rice

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Effect of weed control on the diversity and abundance of insects in potatoes

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Effect of weed management on grain yield of mungbean

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Effect of weed removal at different times on the yield of rainfed American cotton

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Effect of weedicides and nitrogen levels on nitrogen uptake and yield of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

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Effect of weeding time on the yield of urdbean

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Effect of weeds on colonization of cowpea by Aphis craccivora Koch (Homoptera: Aphididae) and its major predators in Nigeria

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Effect of weeds on yield and water-use efficiency of wheat under semi-arid conditions of Morocco

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Effect of weeds, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on pod yield and growth of groundnuts at Rahad (Sudan)

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Effect of weight loss of light and semi-heavy hens during forced moulting on the second production cycle

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Effect of wetting and drying on the soil structure

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Effect of wheat residue and evaporative demands on intermittent evaporation

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Effect of wheat seed rate on Lolium rigidum competition

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Effect of wheat stem rust on yield

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Effect of wheat strain of Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler on different weed hosts

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Effect of wheat straw management on cation status of Tarai soils

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Effect of wheat straw upgraded by Pleurotus ostreatus on rumen fermentation and fattening performance of steers

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Effect of whey hydrolysate on the physicochemical properties of wheat bread during storage

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Effect of whey on quality of butter crackers

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Effect of whey pretreatment on composition and functional properties of whey protein concentrate

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Effect of whole palm nut on production parameters of dual purpose cows

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Effect of whole season CO2 enrichment on the cultivation of a medicinal plant, Digitalis lanata

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Effect of whole-body ionizing irradiation on the primary and secondary antibody responses of cows to injection of human gamma-globulin

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Effect of whole-tree harvesting on the sulfur dynamics of a forest soil

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Effect of wild plant residues on the germination and seedling growth of wheat cultivars

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Effect of wildlife management on the coastal environment and ecosystem

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Effect of wilting of herbage before ensiling on ingestion, chewing time and digestion in the rumen of cattle

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Effect of wind incidence angle on fan deflector performance

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Effect of windbreak nets on micrometeorological improvement in crop fields

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Effect of winged been seed inoculation upon nutrient uptake

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Effect of winter barley developmental stage at the time of infection with barley yellow dwarf virus on symptom expression

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Effect of winter burns on forbs and grasses of the Texas Coastal Prairie

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Effect of winter heat loss on treatment plant efficiency

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Effect of winter nutrition on antler development in red deer (Cervus elaphus): a field study

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Effect of withdrawal time on sulfamethazine residues in pork

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Effect of withholding feed on ventilation and the incidence of regurgitation during halothane anesthesia of adult cattle

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Effect of withholding irrigation at different times after flowering in rice

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Effect of wood chemical composition and density of Eucalyptus grandis clones on charcoal production

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Effect of wood chip storage on the properties of particleboard

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Effect of wood structure and tree age on the longitudinal modulus of elasticity (EL) in Norway spruce (Picea abies)

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Effect of wood-to-coal fuel percent and underfire air on sulfur emissions and percent fuel energy loss during cofiring of wood and coal

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Effect of work shift and club size on employees

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Effect of wounding and propagation media on the rooting of two varieties of Camellia japonica L

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Effect of xenobiotics on endomycorrhizal infection and isoflavonoid accumulation in soybean roots

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Effect of xenobiotics on microflora and chlorophyll content in sugarbeet plants

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Effect of xylazine treatment on equine proximal gastrointestinal tract myoelectrical activity

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Effect of year and month of birth on birth weight in local, Angora and their crossbred goats

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Effect of year on changes in the grain weight of winter wheat and spring barley

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Effect of yeast culture and sodium bicarbonate on milk yield and composition in dairy cows

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Effect of yeast culture on volatile fatty acid levels in ovine rumen fluid incubated with oats, barley and hay

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Effect of yeast extract on the degradation of organophosphorus insecticides by soil enrichment and bacterial cultures

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Effect of yellow sweetclover (Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam.)-weeping lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees) mixture on forage production and liveweight gain in grazing steers

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Effect of yield on must quality in three cultivars of Vitis vinifera L

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Effect of yoghurt culture activity on inhibition of coliform growth

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Effect of yogurt bacteria on enteric pathogens

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Effect of yogurt intake on plasma lipid and lipoprotein levels in normolipidemic males

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Effect of zearalenone on the body weight of treated rats

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Effect of zearalenone on the growth of mouse embryos from blastocysts to the egg cylinder stage in vitro

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Effect of zeolite added to feed on blood parameters of broiler chickens

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Effect of zeolite and bolus alba in diets for fattening pigs

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Effect of zeolite and vermiculite on the physico-chemical properties of soil and the growth of peanut and sesame

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Effect of zeolite on the utilization of synthetic amino acids by rats

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Effect of zeranol on suckling calves

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Effect of zero and conventional tillage on barley yield and nitrate nitrogen content, moisture and temperature of soil in north-central Alberta

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Effect of zero tillage on wheat (Triticum aestivum) with rice (Oryza sativa)-stubble mulching

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Effect of zinc and cadmium on the yield and nutrient composition of wheat in a Typic Torripsamment

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Effect of zinc and copper and Rhizobium inoculation on nodulation and yield of greengram (Vigna radiata)

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Effect of zinc and copper on yield and nutrient uptake in rainfed wheat

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Effect of zinc and iron on the quality of onion (Allium cepa var. cepa) bulbs

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Effect of zinc application on its availability and yield of rice

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Effect of zinc application on yield and cadmium content of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) grown in a cadmium-polluted soil

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Effect of zinc deficiency and food restriction in rats on erythrocyte membrane zinc, phospholipid and protein content

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Effect of zinc deficiency in wheat on the release of zinc and iron mobilizing root exudates

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Effect of zinc deficiency on alcohol dehydrogenase activity and nutrient uptake in rice

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Effect of zinc deficiency on blood pressure in rats fed normal and high levels of dietary calcium

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Effect of zinc deficiency on growth, phosphorus concentration, and phosphorus toxicity of wheat plants

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Effect of zinc deficiency on hepatic enzymes regulating vitamin A status

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Effect of zinc deficiency on protein synthesis in cultured tobacco plant cells

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Effect of zinc fertilization on plant zinc concentration of forages and cereals

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Effect of zinc fertilization on the yield and chemical composition of maize (cv. Changez) crop in Peshawar soil series

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Effect of zinc in maize (Zea mays L.) on Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797)

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Effect of zinc manganese on the photosynthetic rate and translocation of sugars in potato (Solanum tubersum L.)

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Effect of zinc methionine supplementation on performance and selected blood parameters of lactating dairy cows

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Effect of zinc nutrition on coconut yield in a zinc deficient soil

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Effect of zinc on lentil yield and yield components

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Effect of zinc on the nitrogen uptake in rice IR-6 from different sources

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Effect of zinc on the thyrotropic axis

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Effect of zinc on the yield and quality of winter rape

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Effect of zinc on the yield of transplanted paddy in Tripura

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Effect of zinc or copper deficiency on erythrocyte purine nucleoside phosphorylase and pyruvate kinase activity in the rat

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Effect of zinc supplementation on the development of cardiovascular disease in the elderly

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Effect of zincated DAP on grain yield and Zn content of rice

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Effect of scalding temperature and ripeness of skim milk cheese on fibrous structure development.

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Effect on blood pressure of two diets differing in total fat but not in saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in healthy volunteers

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Effect on blood, liver, and kidney variables of age and of dosing rats with lead acetate orally or via the drinking water

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Effect on bulls of Rometar, an analogue of xylazine

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Effect on cow performance and milk fat composition of including full fat soyabeans and rapeseeds in the concentrate mixture for lactating dairy cows

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Effect on growing rabbits of feeding different levels of crude protein

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Effect on hatchability of tilting instead of turning chicken eggs during incubation

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Effect on human metabolism of a lactate-comtaining beverage made from fermented cereals

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Effect on in vitro of polyamine synthesis inhibitors on Toxoplasma gondii

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Effect on indole acetic acid on growth and dry matter production of Dendrocalamus strictus Nees and Tectona grandis Linn. seedlings

Bychawska, S., 1985:
Effect on life expectancy of damaged trees and their colonization by secondary insect pests of the number of surviving healthy branches in the crown

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Effect on lipoprotein profile of a diet rich in eicosapentaenoic acid combined with exercise

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Effect on liver function of acetonaemia and the fat cow syndrome in cattle

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Effect on new Zealand adults consuming large amounts of cadmium in oysters

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Effect on pregnancy rate of nonestrus insemination in previously inseminated dairy cows

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Effect on recombination of laser treatment of the pollen of spring barley

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Effect on reproduction of insemination of a small number of cock spermatozoa, diluted with Blumberg diluent or homologous seminal plasma

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Effect on rice yield of N applied during reproductive phase

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Effect on rumen microbial populations of ammonia treatment of rice straw forage for steers

Xiloyannis, C.; Massai, R.; Pezzarossa, B., 1988:
Effect on temperature on water consumption of peach trees

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Effect on the cleaning of soybean and adzuki bean by helices width of spiral-type separator

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Effect on the leaf lipids of three species of mangrove of periodic submergence in tidal water

Mottar, J.F., 1989:
Effect on the quality of dairy products

Vidaud Candebat, Z.E.; Garcia Roche, M.O., 1989:
Effect, use, analysis and toxicity of synthetic sweeteners in use or of potential use in Cuba

Clarke, J.N., 1990:
Effecting genetic improvement in beef cattle and sheep

Smith, C.; Burnside, E.B., 1990:
Effecting genetic improvement in dairy cattle

Mamedov, D.Sh, 1987:
Effective against scales

Krishnamurthy, M.M.; Ramasubbaiah, K., 1987:
Effective and economic dose of certain promising insecticides as sprays against rice stemborer, Scirpophaga incertulas Walker

Tjalma, J., 1990:
Effective attack on the infringement of breeders' rights through unauthorized growing

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Effective attraction radius : A method for comparing species attractants and determining densities of flying insects

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Effective chemical structures, release methods, and trap heights for attracting Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)

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Effective chemotherapy of equine herpesvirus 1 by phosphonylmethoxyalkyl derivatives of adenine demonstrated in a novel murine model for the disease

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Effective control of Rhynchosporium leaf blotch on barley with fungicides

Cheng, E.Y.; Lu, W.T.; Lin, W.G.; Lin, D.F.; Tsai, T.C., 1988:
Effective control of beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner), on green onion by the ovicidal action of bifenthrin

Mantel, P.; Groen, N.P.A., 1988:
Effective control of dry rot has still not been discovered

Ahmed, Z.U., 1989:
Effective costs of rural loans in Bangladesh

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Effective crop management, input deficiencies and underlying social organisation

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Effective design for small flood-irrigated field plots

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Effective diffusion coefficient of sucrose in calcium alginate gel

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Effective dose of carbofuran for rice tungro management

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Effective dust control systems for peanut grading rooms

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Effective establishment of vegetation for erosion control

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Effective exposure of the foliage: Definition of the potential of the training system

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Effective food marketing. A tool for socioeconomic development in the Third World

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Effective fungicides identified for pecan disease control

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Effective hydraulic conductivity for gradually varying flow

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Effective hyposensitization in allergic rhinitis using a potent partially purified extract of house dust mite

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Effective inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus with chlorhexidine antiseptics containing detergents and alcohol

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Effective insecticidal schedule for major insect pests of rice (Oryza sativa)

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Effective irrigation uniformity as related to root zone depth

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Effective life of a pour-on formulation of ivermectin used against Dictyocaulus viviparus in cattle

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Effective management of agricultural knowledge systems (AKS): an analytical approach

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Effective mate choice in wild radish: evidence for selective seed abortion and its mechanism

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Effective method of selecting soyabean varieties resistant to Fusarium root rot

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Effective methods and machines for the application of plant protection chemicals

Mustafee, T.P., 1990:
Effective methods for chemical weeding in close cropping system

Nakamura, Y., 1988:
Effective methods of in vitro propagation of tea plant

Boiko, N.I., 1987:
Effective mixtures

Sandhu, T.S., 1988:
Effective organisation of field services for betterment of buffaloes: the Moga experience

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Effective parks & recreation boards & commissions

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Effective population size and rate of inbreeding in aquaculture of Indian major carps

Farid, A.; Makarechian, M.; Newman, J.A., 1990:
Effective population size in control populations of mice differing in original genetic heterogeneity

Vencovsky, R., 1987:
Effective population size in the collection and preservation of the germplasm of outbreeding species

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Effective pretreatment by cysteine proteinase inhibitor for improved analysis of protein components of trematodes on SDS-PAGE

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Effective production of monozygotic identical goat twins from 3 split embryos

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Effective root zone and root density in different soil regions of an apple orchard. V. Responses of root systems to soil environment

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Effective safeguarding of economic management functions by Cooperative Councils

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Effective science and technology information resources management and the role of Nigerian agricultural libraries in food production

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Effective sources of energy in diets for fattening young bulls

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Effective stress in structured soils

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Effective supplementary drying of hay in barn hay lofts

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Effective systems of fertilization of maize for silage

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Effective testing of caterpillar tracks

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Effective thermal conductivity of rice

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Effective tillage practices for conserving soil and water resources

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Effective treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis with argon laser

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Effective unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of layered sands

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Effective use of a preparation of magnesium perchlorate in fattening pigs

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Effective use of heaters in livestock production

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Effective use of microbial carotene for intensive fattening of young bulls

Lowe, J.A., 1989:
Effective use of new and novel concepts in pet food design

Behm, D.H.; Hensler, R.F., 1989:
Effective use of short-term wind data analysis for crop damage abatement

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Effective use of somatotropin in milk production

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Effective use of tractor from the viewpoint of power transmission and agricultural land preservation

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Effective use of varietal potential in breeding spring durum wheat

Qureshi, A.A., 1990:
Effective ventilation can reduce medication

Simerda, B., 1990:
Effective ways of propagating endangered cacti

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Effective weed control in transplanting cultivation of lowland rice

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Effective yield achievement through new phytosanitary measures with biological control methods as an example

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Effectively developing and utilizing creativity and initiative; The tasks of work studies and their contribution to improving socialist farm and business management

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Effectiveness and environmental impacts of irrigation projects: a review

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Effectiveness and further development of cultivation without ploughing

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Effectiveness and hazards of case finding for a high cholesterol concentration

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Effectiveness and selectivity of sex pheromone lures and traps for monitoring fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) adults in Connecticut sweet corn

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Effectiveness of Apistan (fluvalinate) in the control of Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans and its tolerance by Apis mellifera Linnaeus

Wongsiri, S.; Tangkanasing, P.; Vongsamanode, S., 1989:
Effectiveness of Asuntol (coumaphos), Perizin (coumaphos), Mitac (amitraz) and powder of sulphur with naphthalene for the control of bee mites (Varroa jacobsoni and Tropilaelaps clareae) in Thailand

Milic, V.; Saric, M.R., 1988:
Effectiveness of Azotobacter in relation to maize genotype and the nitrogen content of nutrient solution

Krishnaiah, K.; Buchaiah, S.L., 1987:
Effectiveness of BPMC for the control of brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal. and its residues in paddy

Zaz, G.M., 1989:
Effectiveness of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner against different instars of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)

Kovban, V.Z., 1986:
Effectiveness of Bactoculicide against larvae of mosquitoes and Simuliids in natural collections of water of the Poles'ye, Ukrainian SSR

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Effectiveness of Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculation under different soil conditions of the Tokachi district

Nazarov, N.; Abdurakhmanov, N.K., 1989:
Effectiveness of Brucella abortus strain 82 vaccine against bovine brucellosis

Reimer, N.J.; Beardsley, J.W.J., 1989:
Effectiveness of Liothrips urichi (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) introduced for biological control of Clidemia hirta in Hawaii

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Effectiveness of PGF2 alpha in inducing luteolysis in Massese ewes

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Effectiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for detoxification of tetramethylthiuram disulfide (TMTD) from contaminated soil

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Effectiveness of Rhizobium japonicum D 40 in soybeans cultivars grown in Sri Lanka

Pasqualini, E.; Malavolta, C.; Minelli, A., 1987:
Effectiveness of Stethorus punctillum Weise (Coleoptera Coccinellidae) as a predator of Panonychus ulmi Koch (Acarina Tetranychidae) on apple at different times of year

Umar, M., 1987:
Effectiveness of agricultural radio programmes in promoting development in the Northern Division of Fiji islands

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Effectiveness of aldicarb against insect pests of brinjal along with its uptake and residues

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Effectiveness of alternative larviciding and adulticiding methods to reduce Culex populations in Marion County, Indiana

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Effectiveness of ameliorating tuber selections in breeding and primary seed production

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Effectiveness of ammonia and sulphur dioxide fumigation in preventing brown rot of apples

Sweet, L.A.; Kornegay, E.T., 1987:
Effectiveness of ammonium propionate addition to diets for weanling pigs

Ngamvongchon, S.; Pawaputanon, O.; Leelapatra, W.; Johnson, W.E., 1988:
Effectiveness of an LHRH analogue for the induced spawning of carp and catfish in northeast Thailand

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Effectiveness of an ivermectin liquid formulation given by nasogastric tube against strongyles in horses

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Effectiveness of ancymidol growth retardant tablets in controlling chrysanthemum, Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev., height

Rehg, J.E.; Hancock, M.L., 1990:
Effectiveness of arprinocid in the reduction of cryptosporidial activity in immunosuppressed rats

Benabdeljelil, K.; Jensen, L.S., 1990:
Effectiveness of ascorbic acid and chromium in counteracting the negative effects of dietary vanadium on interior egg quality

Nyirenda, H.E., 1989:
Effectiveness of assessment of vigour and productivity in young vs old bushes and mature clones of tea (Camellia sinensis)

Korol' , I.T., 1986:
Effectiveness of bacterial preparations

Deitz, L.L.; Osegueda, L.M., 1989:
Effectiveness of bibliographic data bases for retrieving entomological literature: a lesson based on the Membracoidea (Homoptera)

Klyuchko, P.F.; Sokolov, V.M., 1988:
Effectiveness of bilateral cooperation

Kolyadko, N.N.; Prishchepa, L.I.; Kitaev, V.S., 1988:
Effectiveness of biological protection of cabbage

Krauze, A.; Benedycka, Z.; Bobrzecka, D., 1988:
Effectiveness of boron in a four-year rotation

Kurochkina, S.D.; Kartel' , N.A., 1988:
Effectiveness of callus production and plant regeneration in barley in relation to the source material

Suwanarak, K., 1988:
Effectiveness of certain herbicides in litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Mantecon, J., 1988:
Effectiveness of chemical treatments in the control of potato black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn)

Ibragimov, D.; Ilyushechkin, Y.P.; Razbitskii, V.M., 1989:
Effectiveness of coccidiostats for poultry in relation to the type of diet

Pavlova, N.A.; Batygin, N.F., 1988:
Effectiveness of combined use of experimental mutagenesis and hybridization in the breeding process

Rakov, A.Yu, 1986:
Effectiveness of contour location of forest strips when protecting soils from wind and water erosion

Gottsche, R.; Borck, H.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of copper-containing wood preservatives against Agrocybe aegerita

Chairani, F., 1987:
Effectiveness of cow urine on the growth of cuttings of Costus speciosus

McMillan, R.T.J.; Gonsalves, D., 1987:
Effectiveness of cross-protection by a mild mutant of papaya ringspot virus for control of ringspot disease of papaya in Florida

Vasilovskii, N.L., 1987:
Effectiveness of crossbreeding in dairy herds in Moldavia

Radzhabov, A., 1988:
Effectiveness of crossing Red Steppe with Angeln cattle

Jena, A.C., 1988:
Effectiveness of delivery systems for dairy development: a case study

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Effectiveness of diet counselling for hyperlipidaemia

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Effectiveness of different amino acid mixtures for treating a chronic liver lesion

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Effectiveness of different fertilizer systems for field crops

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Effectiveness of different insecticides applied at various growth stages to control aphids on winter wheat

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Effectiveness of different insecticides to control brown thrips on cotton

Loginov, I.Y.; Simakov, E.A., 1989:
Effectiveness of different methods of potato hybridization

Mazurkevich, A.I., 1987:
Effectiveness of different methods of tending in young stands

Degtyarev, V.P.; Erastov, G.M.; Ismailov, F.K., 1986:
Effectiveness of different milk substitutes and the methods of feeding them to young cattle

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Effectiveness of different preservative treatments against wood-destroying fungi and insects in field conditions

Nef, L.; Lambrecht, M.; Galoux, M., 1988:
Effectiveness of dipping in pyrethroids in preventing damage by Hylobius abietis

Thakur, R.P.; Rao, V.P., 1988:
Effectiveness of ethrel as a male gametocide in pearl millet and its influence on ergot

Kobylyanskaya, K.A., 1988:
Effectiveness of expeditions abroad by the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)

Voitenko, S.I.; Ivanova, V.I., 1987:
Effectiveness of fertilizer application on winter wheat depending on winter temperature conditions

Ward, R.; Dixon, B., 1989:
Effectiveness of fluid milk advertising since the Dairy and Tobacco Adjustment Act of 1983

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Effectiveness of fruiting sites in cotton: yield

Boneti, J.I. da S.; Katsurayama, Y., 1988:
Effectiveness of fungicide application at high concentrations in apple scab control

Vanova, M.; Benada, J., 1988:
Effectiveness of fungicides against glume blotch (Septoria nodorum (Berk.) Berk.) and leaf diseases of winter wheat

Jones, E.; Ward, R.W., 1989:
Effectiveness of generic and brand advertising on fresh and processed potato products

Slesarau, I.K.; Pishchalau, V.M.; Guryn, V.K., 1989:
Effectiveness of giving liquid carbohydrate-amide supplements to livestock

Darshan Singh; Hari Singh, 1987:
Effectiveness of granular and foliar application of systemic insecticides in controlling mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi

Arkhangel' skii, V.N., 1987:
Effectiveness of group selection for a combination of marker characters in the fodder beet Ekkendorfskaya Zheltaya

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Effectiveness of growth regulators in beetroot growing

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Effectiveness of growth retardants: paclobutrazol, uniconizole and daminozide

Bajwa, M.S.; Sharma, H.C., 1990:
Effectiveness of gypsum and sulphuric acid in reclaiming boron-rich soils

Has, S.; Stefanik, F.; Machackova, M., 1988:
Effectiveness of haylofts equipped with various types of solar collector

Kondap, S.M.; Rani, U.; Reedy, B.B.; Sway, K.R.; Rao, A.R.; Reddy, G.V., 1989:
Effectiveness of herbicides and cultural methods for the control of weeds in Spanish and Virginia habit groups of groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Gorina, E.D.; Sotnikova, E.I., 1988:
Effectiveness of heterosis in tetraploid forms of buckwheat

Kubisova, S.; Haslbachova, H.; Janderkova, J., 1987:
Effectiveness of honeybee pollination with regard to crossing self-incompatible lines of cabbage

Thangaraj, T.; Irulappan, I., 1988:
Effectiveness of hot water treatment, waxing and cool chamber storage in prolonging the shelf life of mango

Kremlev, E.P.; Glaz, A.V., 1988:
Effectiveness of humoral preparations for treating ovarian hypofunction in cows

Almlid, T.; Clarke, R.N.; Pursel, V.G.; Johnson, L.A., 1989:
Effectiveness of in vitro methods for predicting in vivo fertilizing capacity of boar spermatozoa cryopreserved with 2% or 4% glycerol

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Effectiveness of increasing doses of phosphorus fertilisers, depending on time of interaction with different types of soils under the same climatic conditions. Report 3: Residual effect of phosphorus fertilisers in 1984-85

Kasitskii, Y.I.; Khachatryan, S.M.; Trofimov, S.N.; Trofimova, N.P.; Skapisheva, A.F., 1988:
Effectiveness of increasing doses of phosphorus fertilizers and their dependence on time of interaction with various soil types under the same climatic conditions. Note 6. Indices of phosphate regime of dernopodzolic sandy loam soil

Godshalk, E.; Timothy, D.; Burns, J., 1988:
Effectiveness of index selection for switchgrass forage yield and quality

Gravena, S.; Leao Neto, R.R.; Moretti, F.C.; Tozatti, G., 1988:
Effectiveness of insecticides against Selenaspidus articulatus (Morgan) (Homoptera, Diaspididae) and effect on natural enemies in citrus orchard

Jena, M.; Pasalu, I.C.; Rajamani, S., 1986:
Effectiveness of insecticides as seed treatment on paddy against Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) and Mythimna venalba (Moore)

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Effectiveness of insecticides for the control of thrips and small borer on tomato, 1988

Koslinska, M.; Nowakowski, Z., 1988:
Effectiveness of insecticides in the control of codling moth, Cydia pomonella L. (Lep. Tortricidae) with special reference to acylureas

Ermolenko, V.P., 1988:
Effectiveness of intensive cultivation technology for winter wheat in Rostov province

Seymour, E.H.; Jones, G.M.; McGilliard, M.L., 1989:
Effectiveness of intramammary antibiotic therapy based on somatic cell count

Papastylianou, I., 1990:
Effectiveness of iron chelates and FeSO4 for correcting iron chlorosis of peanut on calcareous soils

Jankowiak, J.; Sikora, M.; Bienkowski, J., 1988:
Effectiveness of irrigating a fodder kale crop as related to plant density and nitrogen fertilization level

Kipp, D.E.; Schwarz, R.I., 1990:
Effectiveness of isoascorbate versus ascorbate as an inducer of collagen synthesis in primary avian tendon cells

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Effectiveness of ketoconazole in the treatment of systemic candidiasis with pulmonary manifestations

Decazy, B.; Ochoa, H., 1988:
Effectiveness of low-volume insecticide application on the coffee cherry borer Hypothenemus hampei Ferr

Simonyan, G.A.; Kolchin, P.D.; Kochetova, N.T.; Balkovoi, I.I.; Khoreva, N.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of measures for controlling bovine leukosis

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Effectiveness of membrane feeding method in relation to development of filarial infective larvae in Culex quinquefasciatus

Pittenger, D.R.; Stamen, T., 1990:
Effectiveness of methods used to reduce harmful effects of compacted soil around landscape trees

Kas' yan, A.Ya, 1987:
Effectiveness of microgranular Furadan

Benedycka, Z.; Krauze, A., 1988 :
Effectiveness of micronutrient application in crop rotation

Gruzdev, L.G., 1986:
Effectiveness of mixtures of growth regulators when winter wheat and spring barley plants are treated with them

Shapoval, S.N., 1989:
Effectiveness of modal selection and selection for a combination of characters in developing the elite of a new variety

E.S.yed, F.M.A.; Etman, A.A.M.; Abdel Razik, M., 1989:
Effectiveness of natural oils in protecting some stored products from two stored product pests

Nawrot, J.; Czaplicki, E.; Sobotka, W., 1987:
Effectiveness of new chitin synthesis inhibitors against some stored product pests

DeYoe, D.; Schaap, W., 1987:
Effectiveness of new formulations of deer repellants tested in Douglas-fir plantations in the Pacific Northwest

Szczepanska, K., 1987:
Effectiveness of new soil insecticides against the onion fly (Hylemyia antiqua Meig.)

Chaudhary, N.K.; Mishra, N.K.; Sah, S.C., 1988:
Effectiveness of nitrogen application in rainfed wheat at different weed control methods

Wasjutin, M.; Borodin, W.; Gratschewa, N.; Sasteshko, N.; Kasankowa, V., 1989:
Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilization of winter wheat on a leached chernozem

Stefanescu, M.; Timpeanu, I.; Pasca, I., 1987:
Effectiveness of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on wheat in long term trials

Hamel, D., 1987:
Effectiveness of organophosphorus insecticides against stored-product insects in wheat