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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1817

Chapter 1817 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mornex, F., 1989: Effectiveness of ornithine oxoglurate for treating anorexia, tiredness and weight loss during radiotherapy for lung cancer

Bonnette, E. D.; Risley, C. R.; Barnett, K. L.; Swinkels, J. W. G. M.; Lindemann, M. D.; Kornegay, E. T., 1988: Effectiveness of ovalbumin, lysozyme, and sheep red blood cells as antigens injected with or without added Maldrox in weanling pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816003

Keller, H. W.; Muller, J. M.; Brenner, U.; Walter, M.; Kosswig, W., 1989: Effectiveness of parenteral nutrition

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816006

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816007

Lillie, T. H.; Schreck, C. E.; Rahe, A. J., 1988: Effectiveness of personal protection against mosquitoes in Alaska

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816009

Vantour, A.; Martinez, V.; Perez, I. V., 1987: Effectiveness of phosphoric fertilization in a red ferrallitic soil

Klimes, F., 1990: Effectiveness of phosphorus in the nutrition of grasslands

Mineev, V. G.; Pankova, N. K., 1986: Effectiveness of potash fertilizers in long-term field trials on soddy podzolic soils

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816014

Korobeinikov, N. I.; Kozlovskaya, V. F., 1987: Effectiveness of predicting the breeding value of spring wheat hybrids from data on early generations

Berestetskii, O. A.; Dorosinskii, L. M.; Kozhemyakov, A. P., 1987: Effectiveness of preparations of nodular bacteria in a geographic network of experiments

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816017

Beaver, B. V.; Terry, M. L.; LaSagna, C. L., 1989: Effectiveness of products in eliminating cat urine odors from carpets

Cernescu, H.; Ardelean, V.; Bonca, G.; Simon, I.; Bedrosian, E.; Raduescu, V., 1987: Effectiveness of progesterone followed by intra-uterine administration of gonadotropin haemolysate in the treatment of prolonged anoestrus in cows

Gaines, J. D.; Eicker, S.; Larson, P., 1989: Effectiveness of prostaglandin treatment of anestrus in dairy cows

Singha S., 1990: Effectiveness of readily available adhesive tapes as grafting wraps

Tsil' ke, R. A.; Kovtun, V. I.; Timofeev, A. A., 1987: Effectiveness of recombination breeding for grain yield in spring bread wheat

Rousset, M.; Kervella, J.; Pichon, M.; Branlard, G.; Doussinault, G.; Picard, E., 1988: Effectiveness of recurrent selection for breadmaking quality breeding in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell.)

Coll J.J.; Schomberg H.H.; Weaver R.W., 1989: Effectiveness of rhizobial strains on arrowleaf clover grown in acidic soil containing manganese

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Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816027

Bebyakin, V. M.; Lutsishina, E. G., 1987: Effectiveness of selecting wheat caryopses for gluten quality by the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) test following cyclical crosses and backcrosses

Rajendran, P. G.; Lakshmi, K. R.; Nayar, G. G., 1988: Effectiveness of selection at seedling and single-row stages in cassava (Manihot esculenta)

Kirsanova, E. V.; Fedotova, T. Yu; Gryazneva, M. M., 1989: Effectiveness of selection following interspecific hybridization in potato

Gulyan, A. A.; Grigoryan, A. A.; Safaryan, G. E.; Khlgatyan, A. Kh, 1989: Effectiveness of selection for ear weight in wheat

Bonitz, W.; Muller, J., 1987: Effectiveness of selection for egg number after test periods of different durations

Tukhsinov, M., 1987: Effectiveness of selection for fibre length in hybrid populations following genetically distant crosses in cotton

Mikhailov, V. G.; Dubovenko, E. K.; Chechel' nitskaya, L. N., 1988: Effectiveness of selection for increased nitrogen-fixing capacity in soyabean

Kenesov, K. T., 1989: Effectiveness of selection in sweet clover on solonetz soils in the semidesert

Lucchin, M.; Molari, P.; Parrini, P., 1988: Effectiveness of selection on soyabean (Glycine max L. Merr.) populations with different degrees of homozygosity

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816037

Zaman, M., 1988: Effectiveness of side-dressed application of granular systemic insecticides against mustard aphid on rape

Chan A.Y.W.; Swaminathan R.; Cockram C.S., 1989: Effectiveness of sodium fluoride as a preservative of glucose in blood

Tsuchiya, T.; Nagai, K.; Yoshida, T.; Kiho, T.; Ukai, S., 1989: Effectiveness of sodium sugar sulphates on acute toxicity of paraquat in mice

Dzhingov A., 1988: Effectiveness of soil conservation provided by some perennial grasses grown on strongly eroded soils

Shukla, R. M.; Singh, V. K.; Saini, M. L., 1988: Effectiveness of some edible oils for protecting cowpea against the attack of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabr.)

Singh, O. P.; Singh, K. J., 1988: Effectiveness of some insecticides against the larval populations of grey semilooper, Rivula sp. a new pest of soybean in Madhya Pradesh

Popov, C.; Enica, D.; Banita, E.; Tanase, V., 1987: Effectiveness of some insecticides in the control of cereal bugs (Eurygaster integriceps Put.)

Injac, M.; Krnjajic, S.; Sutlovic, N., 1986: Effectiveness of some insecticides in the control of the lucerne flower bud midge (Contarinia medicaginis Kieff.)

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816048

Zayats, A., 1990: Effectiveness of starter feed mixtures (in pig feeding)

Villavaso, E. J.; Roberson, J. L.; Seward, R. W., 1989: Effectiveness of sterile boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) against a low-density population in commercially grown cotton in northcentral Mississippi

Mutze G.J., 1989: Effectiveness of strychnine bait trails for poisoning mice in cereal crops

Korchagin, V. A.; Novikov, V. G.; Frolova, N. M., 1986: Effectiveness of subsurface cultivation of ordinary chernozems in the middle of the region west of the Volga from Gorodets, as a function of weather conditions

Moedjojono, A.; Sukarso, G., 1987: Effectiveness of sugarcane seedling selection at Pasuruan

Afanas' ev, I. N.; Antane, V. V., 1988: Effectiveness of superovulation and embryo recovery in relation to the concentrations of oestradio-17 beta and progesterone in the blood serum of donor cows

Donskaya, V. I.; Kunizhev, M. M.; Malakhova, L. S.; Tishin, V. I., 1988: Effectiveness of superovulation in sheep using different FSH preparations

Kalikinsky, A. A.; Vilydflush, I. R.; Kurulenko, V. M., 1987: Effectiveness of superphos in crop rotations on light loamy dernopodzolic soil of north-east Belorussia

Troino, O. N., 1988: Effectiveness of surface and subsurface irrigation of cabbage on sod-podzolic soil

Cao, J. Q.; Chen, B. Y.; Yao, H. Q., 1988: Effectiveness of symbiotic nitrogen fixation by streptomycin tolerant mutant strains of Rhizobium trifolii

Khurana, A. D.; Verma, A. N., 1987: Effectiveness of synthetic pyrethroids against the red-hairy caterpillar, Amsacta moorei Butler on cotton

Bobeva, M.; Panaiotov, I.; Dragneva, R., 1989: Effectiveness of technologies and machine combinations for efficient apple picking

Panmunin, W., 1989: Effectiveness of the Thai government policy on rural community development: a critical appraisal

Cherkasov, V. A., 1986: Effectiveness of the biological method in the greenhouse

Pelagatti, O.; Caroppo, S., 1987: Effectiveness of the commercial product R 350, constituted by Arthrobotrys irregularis against Meloidogyne incognita. II contribution

Kotova, T. A., 1986: Effectiveness of the method of vaccination against tomato enation mosaic

Novoselova, A. S.; Malashenko, V. S.; Mel' nikova, T. E., 1988: Effectiveness of the polyploidy method in breeding clover

Havelka, F.; Sonka, J., 1990: Effectiveness of the retention function of meadow swards

Lebedev, V. I.; Petryakov, Yu N.; Mal' tseva, I. Z., 1988: Effectiveness of the transfer of frozen embryos to heifers with synchronized oestrus

Igonin, V. P., 1987: Effectiveness of the use of Azov Tsigai rams in the Volga region

Zhbanov, V. P.; Monoenkov, M. I., 1990: Effectiveness of the use of Russian Brown bulls in Kostroma herds

Barlough, J. E.; Scott, F. W., 1990: Effectiveness of three antiviral agents against FIP virus in vitro

Falcinelli, M.; Briganti, G. M.; Veronesi, F., 1988: Effectiveness of three methods of phenotypic selection for improving grain yield in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Vassileva, T., 1986: Effectiveness of tobacco stem mulching of newly grassed sloping and eroded lands for soil quality improvement and erosion control

Krol, A.; Bakke, A., 1986: Effectiveness of traditional trap trees and pheromone traps in attracting Ips typographus

Sal' nikova, I. M., 1988: Effectiveness of transfer of fresh and frozen embryos

Litvinova, M. K.; Fedorova, M. I., 1989: Effectiveness of treating seeds with gamma rays and laser beams in obtaining heritable changes in carrot and beetroot

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816077

Rumachik, I.; Soloneko, I.; Sakhonchik, P. E., 1988: Effectiveness of tuberculin testing pigs at various sites on the body

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816079

Smith P.C.; Blankenship T.; Hoover T.R.; Powe T.; Wright J.C., 1990: Effectiveness of two commercial infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis vaccines

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816081

Lee, E. A.; Lee, M.; Lamkey, K. R.; Woodman, W. L., 1990: Effectiveness of two restriction enzymes for detecting RFLPs in the Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic (BSSS) maize population

Aliev, D. A.; Kazibekova, E. G.; Safarov, S. A.; Akhmedov, G. A.; Dzhangirov, A. A., 1987: Effectiveness of use of nitrogen fertilizer with programmed release of nutrients from an encapsulated granule

Shcheglov, V. V.; Fitsev, A. I.; Alimbekov, S. S., 1986: Effectiveness of use of protein in rations by young cattle as a function of its solubility and break-down in the rumen

Severnev, M. M.; Dashkov, V. N.; Kapustin, N. F., 1989: Effectiveness of use of solar collector for hay drying

Demircheglyan, B. L.; Arutyunyan, A. V.; Malashko, V. V.; Bobrik, V. M.; Murtazaev, M. M.; Sapondzhyan, L. G.; Gul' chak, M. F., 1987 : Effectiveness of using Kormogrizein-10, obtained from sorption flows, in diets for farm animals

Lyfenko, S. F., 1988: Effectiveness of using artificial climate chambers in breeding winter wheat

Sandukhadze, B. I.; Lomakina, I. B.; Poma, N. G., 1989: Effectiveness of using backcrosses in breeding winter wheat of the intensive type for the Non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Padalka, L. A.; Zubov, A. E.; Mirnaya, V. A., 1988: Effectiveness of using chemical mutagenesis in breeding fodder wheat

Alvarez, M.; Betancourt, M.; Vidal, J., 1986: Effectiveness of using herbicides in nurseries working with polythene bags

Rituma, I., 1987: Effectiveness of using microbiological methods of plant protection against the cabbage white butterfly and the winter moth

Fomina, I. K., 1989: Effectiveness of using morphological characters for the early selection of hybrid seedlings in apple

Yushin, A. A.; Evtenko, V. G.; Blagodatnyi, Yu N., 1988: Effectiveness of using tracked vehicles with reduced effect on the soil

Boev, V. A.; Karbo, N., 1988: Effectiveness of utilization of a mineral supplement by sheep during intensive feed production

Spanik, F.; Repa, S., 1989: Effectiveness of utilization of photosynthetically active radiation by a spring barley stand in relation to meteorological factors

Arkhipov, A. V.; Dolgov, V. S.; Kubrakova, S. I.; Stollyar, A. T.; Alekseev, V. L., 1988: Effectiveness of utilizing preparation KhKM in hog fattening

McMillan, R. T, Jr; Spalding, D. H.; Reeder, W. F., 1987: Effectiveness of various postharvest treatments for mango decay control

Sinyavsky, V., 1988: Effectiveness of various systems of fertilization in a cereal-fallow rotation on grey forest soils of Omsk region

Lidell, M. C.; Schuster, M. F., 1990: Effectiveness of wheat genes for Hessian fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) resistance in Texas

Fernandez, M.; Rodriquez, M. E., 1988: Effectivity of five products in the chemical control of Unaspis citri (Homoptera: Diaspididae)

Hamatova, E.; Nguyen thi Thanh Phung, 1988: Effectivity of groundnut inoculation on the grey soils of south Vietnam

Namesny, C.; Decoud, A. P., 1988: Effectivity of imazalil, prochloraz and TBZ, applied in commercial citrus waxes

Fernandez, E.; Perez, J.; Garcia, O.; Gonzalez, Y. G., 1987: Effectivity of various chemicals against Meloidogyne spp. in soils for guava (Psidium guajava) nurseries

Rasocha, V.; Trnkova, J., 1988: Effectivness of selected insecticide sprays in the control of vectors of potato viruses

Kretschmer R.R.; Lopez Osuna M., 1990: Effector mechanisms and immunity to amebas

Magnussen, S., 1989: Effects and adjustments of competition bias in progeny trials with single-tree plots

Mcsorley R.; Dickson D.W., 1989: Effects and dynamics of a nematode community on maize

Mcsorley R.; Dickson D.W., 1989: Effects and dynamics of a nematode community on soybean

Tibbles B.J.; Baecker A.A.W., 1989: Effects and fate of phenol in simulated landfill sites

Bull, D. L.; King, E. G.; Powell, J. E., 1989: Effects and fate of selected insecticides after application to Microplitis croceipes

Sivam S.P., 1988: Effects and mechanism of action of lithium chloride on gastric acid secretion in rats

Georgiev, D., 1989: Effects and residual effects of fertilization with molybdenum, boron and zinc in a lucerne crop rotation on a calcareous chernozem soil

Monvoisin, J. L.; Merat, P.; Coquerelle, G., 1989: Effects associated with the mutation for white egg shell in Japanese quail

Bolt, Dj; Bond, J., 1989: Effects in pregnant beef heifers grazing fungus-infected tall fescue on birth weight, milk yield and calf growth

Uthus, E. O.; Nielsen, F. H., 1988: Effects in rats of iron on lead deprivation

Srinivas, P. N.; Reddy, G. R.; Babu, G. R. V.; Chetty, C. S., 1989: Effects in vitro of benthiocarb on the uptake of 45Ca by neonatal rat (Wistar strain) brain synaptosomes

Srinivas, P. N.; Ramesh Reddy, G.; Chetty, C. S., 1989: Effects in vivo and in vitro of benthiocarb on developing rat (Wistar strain) brain Mg2+ and Ca2+ -ATPases

Dindo, M. L., 1987: Effects induced by Pseudogonia rufifrons Wied. (Dipt. Tachinidae) on cannibalism and mortality of Galleria mellonella L. (Lep. Galleriidae) placed in conditions of partial starvation

Dindo, M. L., 1988: Effects induced by parasitic Hymenoptera in their hosts

McLean, D. M.; Schaar, J., 1989: Effects of beta -lactoglobulin and kappa -casein genetic variants and concentrations on syneresis of gels from renneted heated milk

Stiles, J. K.; Molyneux, D. H.; Wallbanks, K. R.; Vloedt, A. M. V. van der, 1989: Effects of gamma irradiation on the midgut ultrastructure of Glossina palpalis subspecies

Mansur, L. M.; Qualset, C. O.; Kasarda, D. D.; Morris, R., 1990: Effects of 'Cheyenne' chromosomes on milling and baking quality in 'Chinese Spring' wheat in relation to glutenin and gliadin storage proteins

Silva, U. D. da; Loureiro, B. T.; Bernardo, S.; Ferreira, P. A., 1988: Effects of 'Trorion' and 'Gotas' water emitters on the productivity of Italian squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Silvestri G, R.; Seijas, J. R., 1986: Effects of 'tickicidal' treatments with dorsal (pour-on) flumethrin and sprayed flumethrin on the production of milk

York, A. C.; Jordan, D. L.; Wilcut, J. W., 1990: Effects of (NH4)2SO4 and BCH 81508 S on efficacy of sethoxydim

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816135

Favus, M. J.; Tembe, V.; Ambrosic, K. A.; Nellans, H. N., 1989: Effects of 1,25(OH)2D3 on enterocyte basolateral membrane Ca transport in rats

Wagner, M.; Pacheco, H.; Avila, I.; Medina, G.; Perez Silva, R., 1987: Effects of 2 irrigation durations and 3 fertilizer rates on Phaseolus vulgaris crop behaviour in the Taiguaiguay valleys. I. Preliminary results

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816143

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816144

Perez Frances, J. F.; Valdes, F.; Martin, R.; Rodriguez, B. R., 1988: Effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on the growth, differentiation and morphogenesis of a one-year-old callus culture of Erysimum scoparium

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816146

Maci, R.; Colleoni, M.; Fumagalli, P.; Santagostino, A., 1988: Effects of 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid on the catalase liver activity of chicken embryos

Coleman, D. A.; Bartol, F. F.; Riddell, M. G., 1990: Effects of 21-day treatment with melengestrol acetate (MGA) with or without subsequent prostaglandin F2 alpha on synchronization of estrus and fertility in beef cattle

Belanger, G.; Richards, J. E.; Walton, R. B., 1989: Effects of 25 years of N, P and K fertilization on yield, persistence and nutritive value of a timothy sward

Fonseca, M., 1988: Effects of 3 types of sugarcane harvester (KTP-1, KTP-2, TOFT-6000) and transportation equipment (tractor and trailer) on soil compaction in 3 types of crop (burnt, fresh and rattooned)

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816151

Mounie, J.; Goudonnet, H.; Serrar, M.; Escousse, A.; Truchot, R. C., 1988: Effects of 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine on drug-metabolizing enzymes in rats given a diet high in cholesterol

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816154

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816156

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816160

Veenstra, J. A., 1988: Effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine on the Malpighian tubules of Aedes aegypti

Sugawara, H.; Segawa, J.; Shimoyama, S., 1989: Effects of 5-hydroxytryptophan and melatonin on plasma prolactin concentration in intact and cervical ganglionectomized goats

Chernyad' ev, I. I.; Kozlovskikh, A. L., 1990: Effects of 6-benzylaminopurine, thidiazuron and Cartolin on the activity of photosynthetic enzymes and ATP content in perennial grasses

Kim, K. W.; Byun, M. S.; Kang, M. S., 1988: Effects of ABA and agar in preventing vitrification of carnation plantlets cultured in vitro

Samanc, H.; urdevic, ; Stamatovic, S.; Stojic, V.; Damnjanovic, Z., 1988: Effects of ACTH on the concentrations of cortisol, glucose and amino acid nitrogen in the blood serum of cows with clinical signs of ketosis

Ochoa, R. F.; Taylor, J. F.; Tomaszewski, M. A., 1989: Effects of AI sire semen fertility and daughter stayability on profitability of sire selection

Lee, M. Y.; Lee, J. S.; Shen, H. J., 1988: Effects of Aralia elata extract on experimentally alloxan induced diabetes in rabbits

Broshot, N.; Larsen, L.; Tinnin, R., 1986: Effects of Arceuthobium americanum on twig growth of Pinus contorta

Veer, D. M.; Patil, P. L., 1987: Effects of Azolla manuring on yield of gram

Lay, W. L.; Huang, S. N.; Wang, C. T., 1989: Effects of Azolla on growth and yield of rice

Doi, M.; Takeda, Y.; Asahira, T., 1989: Effects of BA treatment on growth and flowering of some vegetative lines of Gypsophila paniculata L. 'Bristol Fairy'

Yao, C. Q.; Ning, C. X.; Shi, Y., 1989: Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis H-14 on the life table characteristics of F1 generation of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus

Woods, SA.; Elkinton, JS.; Shapiro, M., 1988: Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis treatments on the occurrence of nuclear polyhedrosis virus in gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) populations

Mullen, M. D.; Israel, D. W.; Wollum, A. G, I I., 1988: Effects of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) phosphorus nutrition on nodulation and dinitrogen fixation

Calegar, G. M.; Schuh, G. E., 1988: Effects of Brazilian wheat subsidies on income distribution and trade

Huang, J. L.; He, G. M., 1988: Effects of Brugia malayi infection on the fecundity and survival rate of Anopheles sinensis

Anonymous, 1987: Effects of Burst on yield of Deltapine 20 cotton

Anonymous, 1987: Effects of Burst on yield of Deltapine 41 cotton

Hedin, P. A.; McCarty, J. C.; Jenkins, J. N., 1988: Effects of CCC and PIX related bioregulators on gossypol, protein, yields and seed properties of cotton

Brake, J.; Ort, J. F.; Wages, D. P.; Campbell, W. R., 1989: Effects of CGA-72662 (LarvadexReg.) in turkeys during rearing and reproduction

Ikeda, H.; Osawa, T., 1988: Effects of CO2 concentration in the air, and shading, on the utilization of NO3 and NH4 by vegetable crops

Campbell, W. J.; Allan, L. H, Jr; Bowes, G., 1988: Effects of CO2 concentration on rubisco activity, amount, and photosynthesis in soyabean leaves

Oberbauer, S. F.; Sionit, N.; Hastings, S. J.; Oechel, W. C., 1986: Effects of CO2 enrichment and nutrition on growth, photosynthesis, and nutrient concentration of Alaskan tundra plant species

Kozai, T.; Iwanami, Y., 1988: Effects of CO2 enrichment and sucrose concentration under high photon fluxes on plantlet growth of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) in tissue culture during the preparation stage

Tolley, L. C.; Strain, B. R., 1984: Effects of CO2 enrichment and water stress on growth of Liquidambar styraciflua and Pinus taeda seedlings

Khavari Nejad, R. A., 1987: Effects of CO2 enrichment preconditioning on chlorophyll content and photosynthetic CO2 exchange in tomato leaves

Sanders, S., 1987: Effects of CO2 fumigation on pH

Olesen, T.; Jensen, P. K.; Kudsk, P., 1988: Effects of CO2-enriched water on the performance of herbicides and growth regulators

Tolkacheva, L. E.; Savinkova, E. I.; Glazyrina, L. N.; Gashkova, V. I.; Desyatnik, V. N.; Mezentseva, N. A., 1987: Effects of Ca(OH)2 on the recrystallization of alpha -calcium sulfate hemihydrate to the dihydrate in solutions containing aluminium fluoride complexes

Yun, E. S.; Choe, Z. R.; Jung, Y. T.; Kim, J. K.; Son, I. S., 1990: Effects of Ca, P and K application on the growth of alfalfa in the reclaimed hilly land

Kim, J. S.; Cho, E. K.; Lee, M. W., 1988: Effects of Ca, P2O5 and pH on mycelial growth and sporangium formation of P. capsici in vitro

Simard, R. R.; Bates, T. E.; Evans, L. J., 1988: Effects of CaCO3 and P additions on corn (Zea mays L.) growth and nutrient availability of a Podzolic soil

Singh, S. P.; Rakipov, N. G., 1988: Effects of Cd, Cu and Ni on barley and their removal from the soil

Cogley, TP., 1987: Effects of Cephenemyia spp. (Diptera: Oestridae) on the nasopharynx of black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

Okuyama, T.; Fujita, K.; Shibata, S.; Hoson, M.; Kawada, T.; Masaki, M.; Yamate, N., 1989: Effects of Chinese drugs 'Xiebai' and 'Dasuan' on human platelet aggregation (Allium bakeri, A. sativum)

Umechuruba, C. I.; Singleton, L. L., 1988: Effects of Cochliobolus sativus and Gibberella avenacea on transplanted and non-transplanted wheat seedlings grown under soil-moisture stress conditions

Franca Neto, J. B.; West, S. H., 1989: Effects of Colletotrichum truncatum and Cercospora kikuchii on viability and quality of soybean seed

Subramaniyan, S.; Vadivelu, S., 1990: Effects of Crotalaria spectabilis extracts on Meloidogyne incognita

Okwakol, MJN., 1987: Effects of Cubitermes testaceus (Williams) on some physical and chemical properties of soil in a grassland area of Uganda

Mavrodiev, S.; Kolev, K.; Manolov, P., 1987: Effects of Cultar on growth and fruiting of peach

Kalafatic, M.; Znidaric, D., 1987: Effects of Dimiline upon the second generation of Hydra vulgaris

Nelson, E. E.; Silen, R. R.; Mandel, N. L., 1988: Effects of Douglas-fir parentage on Swiss needlecast expression

Smith, M. A.; Watson, C. E, Jr; Watson, V. H.; Trevathan, L. E., 1986: Effects of Drechslera sorokiniana infection on the yield and quality of tall fescue forage

Miert, A. S. J. P. A. M. van; Duin, C. T. M. van; Koot, M., 1990: Effects of E. coli endotoxin, some interferon-inducers, recombinant interferon alpha 2a and Trypanosoma brucei infection on feed intake in dwarf goats

Geldern, W. von, 1988: Effects of EC agricultural policy on rural areas. Reducing agricultural production by setting aside agricultural land

Smit, J. P., 1988: Effects of EC and national policies on Thai production and exports of cassava

Fried, B.; Schafer, S.; Kim, S., 1989: Effects of Echinostoma caproni infection on the lipid composition of Biomphalaria glabrata

Abdel-Ghaffar, F.; Marzouk, M.; Ashour, MB.; Mosaad, MN., 1990: Effects of Eimeria labbeana and E. stiedai infection on the activity of some enzymes in the serum and liver of their hosts

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816230

Zheng, Y. H.; Ni, Y. Y.; Chen, X. L., 1988: Effects of Fecundin treatment on the lambing rate and economic returns of Huyang ewes

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816233

Cornejo, M. J.; Platt Aloia, K. A.; Thomson, W. W.; Jones, R. L., 1988: Effects of GA3 and Ca2+ on barley aleurone protoplasts: a freeze-fracture study

Sechley, K. A.; Srivastava, L. M., 1989: Effects of GA4 on gene expression in isolated nuclei

Orvos, A. R.; Lyons, R. E.; Grayson, R. L., 1989: Effects of GA4+7 on flower initiation and development and vegetative growth of Streptocarpus X hybridus Voss. 'Hybrid Delta'

Liscia, A.; Angioy, AM.; Crnjar, R.; Tomassini Barbarossa, I.; Pietra, P., 1989: Effects of GTP, cGMP and cAMP on the salt response of taste labellar chemosensilla in the blowfly Protophormia terraenovae

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816240

Gonzai, D. G.; Raros, R. S., 1988: Effects of Gliricidia sepium mulch on upland rice yield and soil fertility

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816242

Falkenberg, H., 1989: Effects of Gonadoplex R Leo. Vet. on fertility and plasma progesterone in mink

Song, W.; Xu, R. J.; Wu, T. Y.; You, C. B., 1988: Effects of H2 on N2-fixing activity in Azolla

Mallant, R. K. A. M.; Slanina, J.; Masuch, G.; Kettrup, A., 1988: Effects of H2O2-containing acid fog on young trees

Masuch, G.; Kettrup, A.; Mallant, R. K. A. M.; Slanina, J., 1986: Effects of H2O2-containing acidic fog on young trees

Wolf, S. J.; Earle, E. D., 1988: Effects of HC toxin on growth and regeneration of susceptible and resistant callus

Kahn, W.; Leidl, W., 1988: Effects of HCG stimulation in cattle with a cystic or compact corpus luteum: progesterone profile, ovulation induction and information of a second corpus luteum

Bian, Y. M.; Chen, S. Y.; Liu, S. K.; Xie, M. Y., 1988: Effects of HF on proline of some plants

Wellso, S. G.; Hoxie, R. P.; Olien, C. R., 1989: Effects of Hessian fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) larvae and plant age on growth and soluble carbohydrates of Winoka winter wheat

Matevsky, S.; Mutafova, T., 1987: Effects of Ivomec on some helminths and ectoparasites of hedgehogs, snakes and tortoises

Million, J. B.; Sartain, J. B.; Forbes, R. B.; Usherwood, N. R., 1989: Effects of K scheduling on soybean multicropped with sweet corn and cabbage: crop yields and tissue and soil K

Gober, J. W.; Kashket, E. R., 1986: Effects of K+ on the proton motive force of Bradyrhizobium sp. strain 32H1

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816261

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816262

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Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816998

Section 2, Chapter 1817, Accession 001816999

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