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Effectiveness of phosphoric and organic fertilizers in combination with fumigants when growing seedlings of Scots pine and Norway spruce

Egorov, A.B.

Agrokhimiya 6: 29-35


Accession: 001816009

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Investigations were made in three nurseries in the Leningrad region during 1981-86 in which the soil fumigants Carbathion or Di-Trapex (methyl isothiocyanate + 1,2 dichloropropane + 1,3 dichloropropene), P fertilizer, and non-composted limed bog peat (pH 3.0) and fen peat (pH 5.0) were used in the production of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies planting stock. Data are presented on the properties of the treated soils and on the biomass of the seedlings.

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