Effects of a few fungicides on rice blast disease (Pyricularia oryzae Cav.) in rice paddies

Okhovot, M.

Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 20(1-2): 11-19


ISSN/ISBN: 1017-5652
Accession: 001816408

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El-291 were evaluated for control of P. oryzae on the susceptible rice variety Musa-Tarum at Amol, Iran in 1983. Fungicides were sprayed first at the panicle stage and then 15 d later at concn of 0.2%. At harvest, the percentage of infected panicle necks was recorded and seeds from 80 plants at the centre of each plot were weighed. Tricyclazole was the most effective at reducing neck blast, but the differences between the yields for the different treatments at the 14% grain humidity level were not statistically significant.