Effects of aluminium on growth of Populus koreana X P. nigra var. italica through cell and callus culture in vitro

Choi, W.Y.; Lee, S.K.; Lee, B.S.

Research Report of the Institute of Forest Genetics, Korea Re ic 23: 132-136


Accession: 001816622

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Callus cultures grown on MS medium with 1.0 p.p.m. 2,4-D and 0.01 p.p.m. BAP and cells cultured on half-strength MS medium with 0.5 p.p.m. NAA and 0.01 p.p.m. BAP were treated with 6 concn. AlCl3.6H2O (0-1200 p.p.m.) at pH 4.5 or 5.8. Growth of callus cultures was reduced with increase in Al concn. Effects were greater and more consistent at pH 4.5. Cells were more sensitive to Al concn. Tolerance indices are given, based on fresh wt. in callus cultures and dry wt. in cell cultures.