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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1818

Chapter 1818 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dyer, R.M.; Wilson, G.W.; Day, M.L., 1988:
Effects of chronic administration of estradiol on the interval from calving to first heat in beef cows

Eid, H.; de Champlain, J., 1988:
Effects of chronic dietary lithium on phosphatidylinositol pathway in heart and arteries of DOCA-salt hypertensive rats

Sasek, T.W.; Richardson, C.J., 1989:
Effects of chronic doses of ozone on loblolly pine: photosynthetic characteristics in the third growing season

McMartin, K.E.; Collins, T.D.; Eisenga, B.H.; Fortney, T.; Bates, W.R.; Bairnsfather, L., 1989:
Effects of chronic ethanol and diet treatment on urinary folate excretion and development of folate deficiency in the rat

Taberner P.V.; Stellakis M., 1989:
Effects of chronic ethanol consumption on insulin sensitivity in normal and diabetic mice

Jones, H.; Noggle, J.; Mcduffie, C.Jr, 1988:
Effects of chronic exposure to simulated power plant emissions and ozone in soybean production

Halperin, M.L.; Honrath, U.; Wilson, D.R.; Sonnenberg, H., 1989:
Effects of chronic hypokalaemia and adrenalectomy on potassium transport by the medullary collecting duct of the rat

Weems, C.W.; Weems, Y.S.; Hall, J.; DeGroot, B.; Lee, C.N.; Vincent, D.L., 1989:
Effects of chronic infusion of dibutyryl c-AMP or adenosine on luteal function in sheep

Curlewis, J.D.; Loudon, A.S.; Milne, J.A.; McNeilly, A.S., 1988:
Effects of chronic long-acting bromocriptine treatment on liveweight, voluntary food intake, coat growth and breeding season in non-pregnant red deer hinds

McCormack, J.G.; Dean, H.G.; Jennings, G.J.; Blundell, J.E., 1989:
Effects of chronic low doses of d-fenfluramine on weight gain and calorie intake, brown adipose tissue thermogenic parameters and brain neurotransmitter content in rats fed chow or palatable diets

Sultan T.R.; A.S.amma G.A.; A.S.aarbaff H.; Aziz A.A.; A.T.mimi D.J., 1988:
Effects of chronic renal failure and dialysis on serum lipid profile

Giorgio, R.M. di; Amato, C.; Cangemi, F.; Luca, G. de; Macaione, S., 1989:
Effects of chronic treatment with retinoic acid and/or tuarine on GAD activity in rat retina, cerebellum and cerebral cortex during growth

Kim, Y.S.; Lee, Y.B.; Garrett, W.N.; Dalrymple, R.H., 1989:
Effects of cimaterol on nitrogen retention and energy utilization in lambs

Williams, K.C.; Neill, A.R.; Peters, R.T.; Thornton, R.F., 1989:
Effects of cimaterol on pig growth and nutrient digestibility

Menendez Abraham, E.; Bernardo Alvarez, R.; Velasco Plaza, A.; Marin, B., 1988:
Effects of cimetidine and vagotomy on the intake of food and water by mice

DeBess, E.E.; Chowdhury, M.H., 1989:
Effects of claw weights and claw designs on intra-unit bacterial transfer

Dunger, W., 1987:
Effects of clear felling, lowering of the watertable and afforestation of rock dumps on the soil macrofauna, especially the earthworms

Seuna, P., 1988:
Effects of clear-cutting and forestry drainage on runoff in the Nurmes-study

Ahtiainen, M., 1988:
Effects of clear-cutting and forestry drainage on water quality in the Nurmes-study

Stevens, P.A.; Adamson, J.K.; Anderson, M.A.; Hornung, M., 1988:
Effects of clearfelling on surface water quality and site nutrient status

Clinquart, A.; Dufrasne, I.; Gabriel, A.; Batjoens, P.; Buts, B.; Eenaeme, C. van; Istasse, L.; Bienfait, J.M., 1989:
Effects of clenbuterol on fattening in a pair of Friesian monozygotic twins

Barcelos, A.F.; Garcia, J.A.; Cardoso, R.M.; Torres, C.A.A., 1989:
Effects of climate and diet on the physiological reactions of buffaloes, zebu cattle, Bos taurus and their crosses. 1. Rectal temperature and respiration rate

Peterson, D.F.; Keller, A.A., 1990:
Effects of climate change on U.S. irrigation

Field, T.R.O.; Forde, M.B., 1990:
Effects of climate warming on the distribution of C4 grasses in New Zealand

Brklacich, M.; Smit, B., 1988:
Effects of climatic change on agricultural land resource potential

Elad, Y.Y.nis, H.M.hrer, Y., 1988:
Effects of climatic conditions in polyethylene-covered structures on gray mold disease of winter cucumbers

Sasson, A., 1990:
Effects of climatic variation on production

Choi, B.H.; Park, K.Y.; Park, R.K., 1989:
Effects of clipping method on forage yield and quality in pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke)

Hu, Y.; Wright, M.D.; Dyer, R.M.; Nephew, K.P.; Bolze, R.P.; Day, M.L., 1990:
Effects of cloprostenol sodium and clenbuterol HCl on reproductive performance in postpartum anestrous cows

Rosenfeld, D.; Woodley, W.L., 1989:
Effects of cloud seeding in west Texas

Godfrey, L.D.; Yeargan, K.V., 1989:
Effects of clover root curculio, alfalfa weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), and soil-borne fungi on alfalfa stand density and longevity in Kentucky

Specht, T.E.; Miller, G.J.; Colahan, P.T., 1990:
Effects of clustered drill holes on the breaking strength of the equine third metacarpal bone

Torikata Y.; Yano T., 1988:
Effects of coagulation condition on consolidation of soybean protein coagulate

Hansen, P.J., 1990:
Effects of coat colour on physiological responses to solar radiation in Holsteins

Angerilli, N.P.D.; Fitzgibbon, F., 1990:
Effects of cobalt gamma radiation on San Jose scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) survival on apples in cold and controlled-atmosphere storage

Kreuz E., 1990:
Effects of cocksfoot sown in winter barley on yields of subsequent crops on calcic chernozem

Burchard, H.U.; Tischendorf, F.W., 1988:
Effects of cod liver oil on blood lipid values, lipoprotein pattern and bleeding time

Tang, F.; Wong, T.M.; Loh, T.T., 1988:
Effects of cold exposure or TRH on the serum TSH levels in the iron-deficient rat

Hata, H.; Koizumi, T.; Okamoto, M., 1988:
Effects of cold on digestibility and nitrogen metabolism in weaned piglets

Bartolini, G.; Fabbri, A., 1988:
Effects of cold storage and CEPA treatments on rooting of 140 Ruggeri cuttings

Briccoli Bati, C.; Lombardo, N., 1988:
Effects of cold storage on rooting olive cuttings

Wagner, D.G., 1988:
Effects of cold stress on cattle performance and management factors to reduce cold stress and improve performance

Hahn, M.; Walbot, V., 1989:
Effects of cold-treatment on protein synthesis and mRNA levels in rice leaves

D'Alesandro, M.M.; Gruber, D.F.; Reed, H.L.; O'Halloran, K.P.; Robertson, R., 1990:
Effects of collection methods and storage on the in vitro stability of canine plasma catecholamines

Harp, J.A.; Woodmansee, D.B.; Moon, H.W., 1989:
Effects of colostral antibody on susceptibility of calves to Cryptosporidium parvum infection

Ghosh, K.; Jana, S., 1988:
Effects of combinations of heavy metals on population growth of fish nematode Spinicauda spinicauda in aquatic environment

Lee, H.J.; Seo, J.H.; Lee, U.W., 1990 :
Effects of combine harvesting and drying methods on grain quality in rice cultivars

Chen K.; Huang J.; Lin H.; Shi M.; Zhang D., 1989:
Effects of combined application of potassium and sodium on rice growth and nutrient uptake in red acid soil

Huang, Z.S.; Shao, B.R.; Meng, F.; Zeng, L.H.; Ye, X.Y.; Huang, J.; Shi, X.H.; Guo, R.N.; Li, X.; Xing, Q.F., 1988:
Effects of combined dose of pyronaridine/sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine on falciparum malaria

Benedetto, A.H. di; Tognetti, J.A., 1985:
Effects of commercial storage on the germination of seeds of annual ornamental species

Thakur, J.N.; Rawat, U.S.; Pawar, A.D., 1989:
Effects of commonly used fungicides on the predator Chilocorus bijugus (Mulsant)

Unger, H.; Pittelkow, U.; Schulze, R., 1988:
Effects of compaction and deep placement of nitrogen on soil parameters, root growth and yield. Results of soil model experiment at Jena

Coulon, E.; Bruand, A., 1990:
Effects of compaction on the pore space geometry in sandy soils

Atkins, C.E.; Snyder, P.S.; Keene, B.W.; Rush, J.E., 1989:
Effects of compensated heart failure on digoxin pharmacokinetics in cats

Torres Lezama, A., 1990:
Effects of competition and environmental factors on life history parameters of Lupinus albifrons Benth

Marrapodi, J.L.; Bedmar, F., 1988:
Effects of competition from annual weeds in winter lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in the southeast of Buenos Aires

Zheng, C.R.; Chen, H.M., 1989:
Effects of complex pollutants on the growth of rice

Turner, S.J., 1988:
Effects of compost production on nematode survival

Roblin, G.; Fleurat-Lessard, P.; Bonmort, J., 1989:
Effects of Compounds Affecting Calcium Channels on Phytochrome- and Blue Pigment-Mediated Pulvinar Movements of Cassia fasciculata

Ebendorff, W.; Wallstabe, J.; Ziesack, J.; Hartmann, K.; Morchen, U., 1988:
Effects of compressed-air stimulation and automated stripping on milk yield and udder health of cows in first lactation

Beauchemin K.A.; Lachance B.; S.L.urent G., 1990:
Effects of concentrate diets on performance and carcass characteristics of veal calves

Harney, J.P.; Bazer, F.W., 1990:
Effects of conceptus and conceptus secretory products on uterine development in the pig

Nollen, P.M., 1989:
Effects of concurrent infections on growth, development, distribution, and infectivity of adult Philophthalmus megalurus and Philophthalmus gralli

Horigome, T.; Kumar, R.; Okamoto, K., 1988:
Effects of condensed tannins prepared from leaves of fodder plants on digestive enzymes in vitro and in the intestine of rats

Zalasky, H., 1986:
Effects of conditioning and storage on containerized conifer seedlings

Zhang, L.T., 1988:
Effects of conditions of underground drainage for improving saline soils in coastal areas

Hughes B.J.; Jarvis B.B.; Hsieh G.C.; Sharma R.P., 1989:
Effects of congeners of macrocyclic trichothecene mycotoxins on the murine immune system

Chestnut A.B.; Berger L.L.; Fahey G.C.Jr, 1988:
Effects of conservation methods and anhydrous ammonia or urea treatments on composition and digestion of tall fescue

Elliott, N.C.; Kieckhefer, R.W.; Walgenbach, D.D., 1988:
Effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on developmental rates and demographic statistics for the corn leaf aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Kieckhefer, RW.; Elliott, NC.; Walgenbach, DD., 1989:
Effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on developmental rates and demographic statistics of the English grain aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Elliott, NC.; Kieckhefer, RW., 1989:
Effects of constant and fluctuating temperatures on immature development and age-specific life tables of Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Igbinosa, IB., 1988:
Effects of constant temperatures on the development of the immature stages of the nettle caterpillar Latoia (=Parasa) viridissima Holland (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae)

Hosseiny, R.A., 1988:
Effects of contact and systemic sucker control agents on agronomic characteristics and chemical components of sun-cured tobacco

Perombelon, M.C.M.; Lopez, M.M.; Carbonell, J.; Hyman, L.J., 1988:
Effects of contamination by Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora and E. carotovora subsp. atroseptica of potato seed tubers and of cultivar resistance on blanking or non-emergence and blackleg development in Valencia, Spain

Hauswirth, S., 1990:
Effects of contamination of soil and ground water with perchloroethylene as viewed by the Public Health Service

Fang, Q., 1987:
Effects of continued planting of Chinese fir on the fertility of soil and the growth of stands

Kuwabara, T.; Ishii, Y.; Noma, Y., 1989:
Effects of continuous application of paraquat on the species composition and volume of weeds in the upland field

Yano, T.; Mori, K.; Kitazima, T.; Ishibashi, Y.; Dei, Y., 1989:
Effects of continuous cropping of onion plants on the post-harvest rotting of onion bulbs. 2. The amounts of inorganic substances and sugars in onion bulbs

Yano, T.; Tokuyasu, M.; Mori, K.; Dei, Y., 1988:
Effects of continuous cropping of onion plants on the post-harvest rotting of onion bulbs. I. Relations between the soil chemical properties and onion rotting

Toledo, J.M.; Giraldo, H.; Spain, J.M., 1987:
Effects of continuous grazing and sowing method on the persistence of the Andropogon gayanus/Stylosanthes capitata association

Nanda, S.K.; Das, P.K.; Behera, B., 1988:
Effects of continuous manuring on microbial population, ammonification and CO2 evolution in a rice soil

Thomas, K.A.; Berry, A.M., 1989:
Effects of continuous nitrogen application and nitrogen preconditioning on nodulation and growth of Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis

Hicks R.B.; Owens F.N.; Gill D.R.; Martin J.J.; Strasia C.A., 1990:
Effects of controlled feed intake on performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot steers and heifers

Kimpinski, J.; Kunelius, H.T., 1988:
Effects of conventional and minimum tillage on nematode populations in red clover and Timothy

Kasama, T.; Tanaka, H., 1988:
Effects of copper administration on fetal and neonatal mice

E.S.arkawy, A.M.; Khalf Allah, A.M.; Kamar, M.E.; Metwaly, S., 1987:
Effects of copper and manganese on the seed yield of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo, L.)

White, C.L.; Caldwalader, T.K.; Hoekstra, W.G.; Pope, A.L., 1989:
Effects of copper and molybdenum supplements on the copper and selenium status of pregnant ewes and lambs

Lynch, S.M.; Strain, J.J., 1989:
Effects of copper deficiency on hepatic and cardiac antioxidant enzyme activities in lactose- and sucrose-fed rats

Dutt, A.K.; Urmila Jamwal, 1987:
Effects of coppicing at different heights on wood production in leucaena

Fleck, A.T.; Lusby, K.S.; Owens, F.N.; McCollum, F.T., 1988:
Effects of corn gluten feed on forage intake, digestibility and ruminal parameters of cattle fed native grass hay

Erler, K., 1984:
Effects of corrosive solutions on Scots pine wood

Chentanez, T.; Patradilok, P.; Glinsukon, T.; Piyachaturawat, P., 1988:
Effects of cortisol treatment on the acute hepatotoxicity of aflatoxin B1

Buongiorno, J.L., H., 1989:
Effects of costs, demand, and labor productivity on the prices of forest products in the United States, 1958-1984

Yang, J.Z.; Xu, Y.S.; Tian, R.J.; Chang, J.L.; Hao, H.S., 1988 :
Effects of cotton and oil crops for improving fertility of saline-alkali soils and the necessary cultural techniques

Malik, M.N.; Shabab ud Din ; Chaudhry, F.I.; Makhdum, M.I., 1988:
Effects of cotton crop residues upon nutrient cycling and potential nutrient availability

Maples R.L.; Varvil J.J., 1990:
Effects of cover crops and irrigation on cotton

Yan, Y.H.; Duan, J.J., 1988:
Effects of cover crops in apple orchards on predator community on the trees

Idowu, A.A.; Fawole, B., 1990:
Effects of Cowpea and Maize Root Leachates on Meloidogyne incognita Egg Hatch

Feminella, J.W.; Resh, V.H., 1986:
Effects of crayfish grazing on mosquito habitat at Coyote Hills Marsh

Ogunwolu, E.O.; Reagan, T.E.; Damann, K.E.J.; Hensley, S.D., 1988:
Effects of crop damage caused by the sugar-cane borer, Diatraea saccharalis (F.), and the ratoon stunting disease bacterium on sugar-cane yield in Louisiana

Anonymous, 1988:
Effects of crop edges. Proceedings of the symposium: 'Crop edges - positive effects for agriculture?'

Inoue H.; Shi X.H., 1989:
Effects of crop load on the fruit setting and early fruit dropping of the following season in satsuma mandarin trees

Scholte, K., 1989:
Effects of crop rotation and granular nematicides on the incidence of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. and Colletotrichum coccodes (Wallr.) Hughes, in potato

Mazhar, M.H., 1989:
Effects of crop rotation on wheat and herbage yield, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency in Morocco

Nascimento V.M.D.; Melo W.J.D.; Neptune A.M.L., 1988:
Effects of crop rotations on organic matter fractions of a latosol under cerrado vegetation

Shieh, G.J.; Lu, H.S.; Liu, K.S.; Ho, C.L.; Lee, T.C., 1989:
Effects of crop seasons on growth and harvest time of forage maize

Peairs, F.B.; Carballo, M., 1987:
Effects of cropping system and insecticide protection on insects associated with maize (Zea mays L.) and cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Bell, M.; March, G.; Smith, G., 1987:
Effects of cropping system on peanut yields and soil physical properties of a krasnozem in southern Queensland

Kock, L.; Holaus, K.; Walch, A., 1987:
Effects of cross-country skiing on the productivity and quality of grassland

Reodecha, C.; Kijparkorn, S., 1988:
Effects of crossbreeding on rabbit production. I. Growth characteristics of rabbits from weaning to sexual maturity

Roedecha, C.; Kijparkorn, S., 1988:
Effects of crossbreeding on rabbit production. II. Doe reproduction and preweaning litter performance

Reodecha, C.; Kijpakorn, S., 1989:
Effects of crossbreeding on rabbit production. III. Postweaning growth characteristics of fattening rabbits

Schuler, L.; Renne, U.; Bunger, L., 1990:
Effects of crossing on fertility and growth after long-term selection for first litter performance in mice

Tomalak, M.; Welch, H.E.; Galloway, T.D., 1989:
Effects of crowding on Sulphuretylenchus spp. (Nematoda: Allantonematidae) in the haemocoel of their bark beetle hosts (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Cazzaniga, N.J.; Estebenet, A.L., 1988:
Effects of crowding on breeding Pomacea canaliculata (Gastropoda: Ampullariidae)

Frelich, L.; Martin, G., 1988:
Effects of crown expansion into gaps on evaluation of disturbance intensity in northern hardwood forests

Muttukrishna, S.; Knight, P.G., 1990:
Effects of crude and highly purified bovine inhibin (Mr 32 000 form) on gonadotrophin production by ovine pituitary cells in vitro: inhibin enhances gonadotrophin-releasing hormone-induced release of LH

Rwamputa, A.K.; Schabel, H.G., 1989:
Effects of crude aqueous neem extracts on defoliation of Khaya nyasica by Heteronygmia dissimilis (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in East Africa

Toyokawa, K.; Sato, Y.; Tsubomatsu, K., 1989:
Effects of crushed rice hulls on reticulo-rumen retention and feed intake in wethers

Seymour G.B.; N'diaye M.; Wainwright H.; Tucker G.A., 1990:
Effects of cultivar and harvest maturity on ripening of mangoes during storage

Boer, R.F. de; Kollmorgen, J.F., 1988:
Effects of cultivation and stubble retention on soil- and stubble-borne pathogens of wheat in Victoria - an overview

Nomura, N., 1986:
Effects of cultivation factors on root yield, sugar yield and juice quality in sugarbeet

Park, C.S.; Hahm, Y.I.; Sin, G.Y., 1987:
Effects of cultural methods on infection by Rhizoctonia disease (Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn) and yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Kang Y.S.; Yang E.S.; Nam M.H.; Jung Y.T., 1988:
Effects of cultural practices on reduction of flooding injury of rice

Kuon, K.C.; Park, S.K., 1988:
Effects of cultural practices on ripening characteristics of japonica and Tongil type in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ikeda, T.; Konno, Y.; Kataoka, J.; Matsumoto, T., 1988:
Effects of culture conditions on the formation of anti-plant-viral protein by highly producing cell strains of Mirabilis jalapa L

Tauk S.M., 1990:
Effects of cumulative doses of vinasse on soil microorganisms in cerrado

Hasegawa, N.; Yamagata, M.; Iketaki, T.; Ota, S.; Okamoto, M.; Yoshida, N., 1988:
Effects of cutting on pasture quality, and intake of nutrients and grazing behaviour in dairy heifers

Reis, R.A.; Garcia, R., 1989:
Effects of cutting regimes on seed production in Brachiaria decumbens Stapf

Inoue, H., 1985:
Effects of cutting speed and rake angle on knife-edge temperature during 90 degrees -0 degrees cutting of wood

Volkova, R.I.; Kritenko, S.P.; Titov, A.F., 1989:
Effects of cycloheximide and chloramphenicol on activity of endogenous auxins and growth inhibitors during heat hardening of plants

Li, Y.; Walton, D.C., 1990 :
Effects of cycloheximide on abscisic Acid biosynthesis and stomatal aperture in bean leaves

Chang, H.L.; Huang, Z.Y.; Wu, K.Y.; Lan, Q.X., 1987:
Effects of cycloleucine on the growth and metabolism of malaria parasites

Singh B.P.; Ramaswamy K.; Srivastava V.K.; Deorani V.P.S., 1989:
Effects of cyclophosphamide and splenectomy on hydatidosis in pigs and rabbits

Narita, M.; Kawamura, H.; Furuta, K.; Shirai, J.; Nakamura, K., 1990:
Effects of cyclophosphamide in newly hatched chickens after inoculation with avian nephritis virus

Wang, X.X.; Huang, F.S., 1987:
Effects of cyclophosphamide on the development of exo-erythrocytic forms of Plasmodium yoelii in rats

Caton, J.S.; Williams, J.E.; Beaver, E.E.; May, T.; Belyea, R.L., 1989:
Effects of dairy biomass protein on ruminal fermentation and site and extent of nutrient digestion by lambs

Morris C.A.; Day A.M., 1990:
Effects of dam and sire group on the propensity for twin calving in cattle

Bin, Y.H.; Choe, Z.R.; Yang, M.S.; Kim, S.H., 1988:
Effects of date and degrees of defoliation on seed yield and fatty acid composition of perilla (Perilla ocymoides L.)

Ahammed, A.; Siddique, M.A.; Rabbani, M.G., 1988:
Effects of date of planting and mulching on the growth and yield of mukhi kachu

Patel, J.C., 1990:
Effects of date of sowing on contrasting barley varieties

Makarechian M.; Kubisch H M.; Price M.A., 1988:
Effects of date of weaning on subsequent performance of beef cows and their female calves

Mazumdar, B.; Prasad, G., 1989:
Effects of dates of transplanting and rice varieties on yields and yield attributing characters of rice in coastal soil

Inoue H., 1989:
Effects of day length and temperature on the vegetative growth and flower bud differentiation of satsuma mandarin

Bittman, E.L.; Blaustein, J.D., 1990:
Effects of day length on sheep neuroendocrine estrogen and progestin receptors

Houston, D.B.; Joehlin, K.A., 1988:
Effects of daylength and fertilizer regimes on growth of different families of containerized northern red oak

Chung, H.D.; Woo, W.Y., 1988:
Effects of daylength and night interruption on flowering and chloroplast development of Perilla frutescens

Lee, Y.H.; Moon, Y.H.; Hwang, Y.H.; Hong, E.H., 1988:
Effects of daylength and temperature on the flowering of soyabeans

Krey, L.C.; Ronchi, E.; Bittman, E.L., 1989:
Effects of daylength on androgen metabolism and pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion in male golden hamsters

Yokoyama, M.; Umezaki, T.; Matsumoto, S., 1989:
Effects of daylength on the fruiting of autumn soyabeans

Kwon, O.G.; Kim, K.S.; Han, I.S.; Hong, Y.P., 1989:
Effects of daylength, temperature and GA3 treatments on the conversion from cleistogamy to chasmogamy in Viola mandshurica and Viola yedoensis

Gerloff, D.; Richardson, J.W.; Smith, E.G.; Knutson, R.D., 1989:
Effects of debt and freezing target prices after 1990 on economic viability of representative crop farms in Texas

Bennett, M.; Houpt, K.A.; Erb, H.N., 1988:
Effects of declawing on feline behavior

Weindlmaier, H., 1989:
Effects of decreasing agricultural prices on the cereal market

Munk, K.J., 1989:
Effects of decreasing common agricultural prices

Taucher, E., 1989:
Effects of decreasing fertility on infant mortality rates

Chang, K.S.; Ha, H.S.; Lee, C.H.; Jeon, B.H.; Lee, H.S., 1988:
Effects of deep ploughing and soil improvements on the change of chemical properties of paddy soil

Barbosa, L.R.; Diaz, O.; Barber, R.G., 1990:
Effects of deep tillage on soil properties, growth and yield of soya in a compacted Ustochrept in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Campa, H.I.I., 1990:
Effects of deer and elk browsing on aspen regeneration and nutritional qualities in Michigan

Olowookere, J.O.; Olorunsogo, O.O.; Malomo, S.O., 1990:
Effects of defective in vivo synthesis of mitochondrial proteins on cellular biochemistry and physiology of malnourished rats

Kirchgessner M.; Mueller H.L., 1989 :
Effects of deficient or excessive energy supply and subsequent realimentation on energy metabolism of lactating cows

Lee, J.I.; Bang, J.K.; Park, H.W., 1989:
Effects of defoliation methods on sink and source in Perilla. Effects of defoliation time and degree on leaf and grain yield

McLeod, J.G., 1990:
Effects of defoliation of winter rye at various times on grain production in southwestern Saskatchewan

Chapman, D.F.; Robson, M.J., 1988:
Effects of defoliation on carbon assimilation and partitioning in white clover stolons

Deryabin, V.I., 1986:
Effects of defoliation on natural enemies

Dennis, A., 1990:
Effects of defoliation on three native perennial grasses in the California annual grassland

Langstrom, B.; Hellqvist, C., 1989:
Effects of defoliation, decapitation, and partial girdling on root and shoot growth of pine and spruce seedlings

Baker, M.A., 1989:
Effects of dehydration and rehydration on thermoregulatory sweating in goats

Butignol, C.A., 1987:
Effects of delaying insect pollination on yield components and germination of sunflowers

Sacher, R.; Ahlquist, P., 1989:
Effects of deletions in the N-terminal basic arm of brome mosaic virus coat protein on RNA packaging and systemic infection

Rawlins, S.C.; Eliason, D.A.; Moore, C.G.; Campos, E.G., 1988:
Effects of dengue-1 infection in Aedes albopictus on its susceptibility to malathion

Haniffa, MA.; Raj, TP.; Thanislaus, TM., 1989:
Effects of density levels and space restrictions on phasic features and energy budget in a tropical moth Eupterote mollifera

Mote U.N.; Ghule B.D., 1989:
Effects of density of flea beetle on sorghum seedlings

Kawamoto, Y.; Masuda, Y.; Goto, I., 1987:
Effects of density on yield and competitive relations in mixed cultures of forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor Moench.) and soyabean (Glycine max Merr.)

Savich, I.M.; Tazhibaeva, T.L.; Alimgazinova, B.S., 1988:
Effects of detergents and urea on peroxidases of wheat, corn, and sugarbeet

Ortega, E.; Frias, J.; Ruiz, E., 1989:
Effects of dexamethasone and failure of naloxone to reverse adrenalectomy induced inhibition of post-castration gonadotropin release

Istasse, L.; Rommel, E.; Eenaeme, C. van; Buts, B.; Baldwin, P.; Gielen, M.; Demeyer, D.; Bienfait, J.M., 1988:
Effects of dexamethasone injections on performances in fattening cattle

Ohshima, K.; Shargill, N.S.; Chan, T.M.; Bray, G.A., 1989:
Effects of dexamethasone on glucose transport by skeletal muscles of obese (ob/ob) mice

Wesley, I.V.; Bryner, J.H.; Van der Maaten, M.J.; Kehrli, M., 1989:
Effects of dexamethasone on shedding of Listeria monocytogenes in dairy cattle

Sadighian, J.J.; Kearns, W.G.; Waddell, B.J.; Dimino, M.J., 1989:
Effects of diacylglycerol and inositol trisphosphate on steroidogenesis by ovarian granulosa from pigs

Li, S.R.; Graham, E.F., 1988:
Effects of dialysis, air:semen ratio, osmotic pressure, glycerol and glycerol removal on stored fowl spermatozoa

Khan, A.A.; Coppock, R.W.; Schuler, M.M.; Lillie, L.E., 1990:
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Effects of different fertilization practices on the quality of stored carrot

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Effects of different media and cultural conditions on the growth of shoot tips of lilies cultured in vitro

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Effects of different nitrogen forms on tomato grown in carbonized rice hull

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Effects of different rootstocks and of two different irrigation regimes on the vegetative activity and cropping of trees on Golden Delicious Clone B

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Effects of different silvicultural practices and the introduction of earthworms on soil structure in broadleaf plantations

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Effects of different soil moisture levels and rates of fertilizer application during cultivation on chilling sensitivity in eggplant fruits after harvest

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Effects of different tillage methods on soil compactness and growth of wheat root system

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Effects of different types of cutting machines on the production of hay from natural grasslands given different rates of nitrogen fertilizer

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Effects of differently treated slurries on oats and ryegrass in pot trials

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Effects of disturbance and burning during land preparation on the rates of growth of two fast-growing tree species

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Effects of dl-fenfluramine on dextrin and casein intakes influenced by textural preferences

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Effects of dolomite and kieserite on the growth and metabolite contents of six-month-old seedlings of Dumpy Dura X Pisifera oil palms

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Effects of domestic sewage sludge, conifer bark ash and wood fibre waste on soil characteristics and the growth of Salix aquatica

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Effects of dose of Luprostiol on the interval to, and sow productivity at, parturition

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Effects of drainage measures on regulation of water regime in heavy clay soil

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Effects of drainage on heavy soils with low permeability

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Effects of drainage on the territory of Voivodina

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Effects of drinking water tracer on Escherichia coli densities

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Effects of drought on streamflow characteristics

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Effects of drought on the growth and nonstructural carbohydrate accumulation in several tropical grasses

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Effects of drugs used for premedication and general anaesthesia on digestive tract motility in the dog

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Effects of feeding high fibre feeds to pigs

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Effects of feeding thiouracil on the performance of laying hens under heat stress

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Effects of feeding with different grain-forage ratios on mineral concentrations of rumen fluid in sheep

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Effects of fertilization on alpine grasslands

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Effects of fertilization on stability of yield and yield components of sweet potato clones

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Effects of fertilizer and lime treatment on the turnover and distribution of elements in two forest ecosystems in the Solling region

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Effects of fertilizer nitrogen and water supply on growth and yield of the potato crops

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Effects of fertilizer on rice quality

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Effects of fertilizer placement method on the yield of mulberry (Morus spp.)

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Effects of fertilizing with four commercial compounds on the African violet

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Effects of field beans, fallow, lupins, oats, oilseed rape, peas, ryegrass, sunflowers and wheat on nitrogen residues in soil and on the growth of a subsequent wheat crop

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Effects of film criticism on audience interest, attendance, and evaluation

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Effects of five insect growth regulators on laboratory populations of the North American house-dust mite, Dermatophagoides farinae

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Effects of flooding on population levels of root-knot nematodes (genus Meloidogyne) in tomato roots and soil

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Effects of flooding on population of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) in tomatoes

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