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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oyamada, M.; Ikeda, H., 1990: Effects of sodium application on chlorophyll concentration, dry weight and nitrogen metabolism of Rhodesgrass (Chloris gayana Kunth.), Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) and African millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.)

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820001

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820002

Joly, Rj, 1989: Effects of sodium chloride on the hydraulic conductivity of soybean root systems

Roussard Jacquemin, M., 1989: Effects of sodium deficiency on the cytology of the cyanobacteria Anabaena cylindrica

Ramrtez, C. E.; Ferrer, C. G., 1989: Effects of sodium fluoride on samples of cattle blood obtained for glucose and haematocrit determinations

Liu, J. X.; Okubo, M.; Asahida, Y., 1989: Effects of sodium hydroxide treatment and soyabean meal supplementation on digestion and utilization of rice straw by sheep

Dvorak, R.; Jagos, P.; Jizdny, J.; Prikrylova, J.; Hradilova, M., 1988: Effects of sodium hydroxide-treated straw on the metabolic profile of the rumen liquor, health and liveweight gain of fattening bulls

Elmore H.W.; Webb D.; Ripley B.; White A.R., 1989: Effects of sodium selenite on the growth of bracken fern root callus

Tyler, G., 1989: Effects of soil acidification and nitrogen deposition on forest biota

Smit, H. P.; Keltjens, W. G.; Breemen, N. van, 1987: Effects of soil acidity on Douglas fir seedlings. 2. The role of pH, aluminium concentration and nitrogen nutrition (pot experiment)

Rodenkirchen, H., 1982: Effects of soil amelioration measures on the ground vegetation of a Scots pine site where litter had previously been removed, in the Upper Palatinate

Sud, G.; Bhutani, V. P., 1988: Effects of soil and foliar applications of urea on productivity and the tree nitrogen status of apricot

Rimmer D.L.; Shiel R.S.; Syers J.K.; Wilkinson M., 1990: Effects of soil application of selenium on pasture composition

Struick, P. C.; Kramer, G.; Smith, N. P., 1989: Effects of soil applications of gibberellic acid on the yield and quality of tubers of Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Bintje

Omokaro D.N.; Ajakaiye C.O., 1989: Effects of soil applied herbicides on leaf nitrate reductase and crude protein in the leaf and seed of two cowpea cultivars

Sri Agung I.G.A.M.; Blair C.J., 1989: Effects of soil bulk density and water regime on carrot yield harvested at different growth stages

Stypa, M. L., 1987: Effects of soil bulk density on seedling physiology and growth of corn (Zea mays L.)

Allmaras, R. R.; Kraft, J. M.; Miller, D. E., 1988: Effects of soil compaction and incorporated crop residue on root health

Davis, A. J., 1989: Effects of soil compaction on damage to wheat seeds by three pest species of slugs

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820035

Inoue H., 1989: Effects of soil drought and temperature on flower bud differentiation of satsuma mandarin

Grzesiak, S.; Koscielniak, J.; Filek, W.; Augustyniak, G., 1989: Effects of soil drought in the generative phase of development of field bean (Vicia faba L. var. minor) on leaf water status, photosynthesis rate and biomass growth

Olson, K. R.; Nizeyimana, E., 1988: Effects of soil erosion on corn yields of seven Illinois soils

Ishizaki, N.; Okitsu, S., 1988: Effects of soil erosion on forest structure in valley heads of hilly land: a study in the Kasumi-Kita hills

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820041

Hillman G.C., 1988: Effects of soil flooding on growth and grain yield of populations of tetraploid and hexaploid species of wheat

Mikkelsen R.L.; Mikkelsen D.S.; Abshahi A., 1989: Effects of soil flooding on selenium transformations and accumulation by rice

Kanyagia, S. T., 1988: Effects of soil fumigants on root-knot nematode populations and carrot yields in Kenya

Cutore, L.; Licata, R.; Parrini, F.; Sardo, V., 1988: Effects of soil heating on 'Navelina' orange

Hipps, N. A.; Perring, M. A., 1989: Effects of soil management systems and nitrogen fertiliser on the firmness and mean fruit weight of Cox's Orange Pippin apples at harvest

Dills, K. L.; Braham, R. R., 1988: Effects of soil media on the growth and survival of micropropagated black cherry

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820049

Ackonor, J. B., 1988: Effects of soil moisture and temperature on hatchling weight and survival in Locusta migratoria migratorioides (Reiche and Fairmarie)

Edmundo Hetz, H.; Carlos Thompson, D., 1986: Effects of soil moisture content on the quality of cultivations

Tan, C. S., 1988: Effects of soil moisture stress on leaf and root growth of two processing tomatoes

Hudson, W. G.; Nguyen, K. B., 1989: Effects of soil moisture, exposure time, nematode age, and nematode density on laboratory infection of Scapteriscus vicinus and S. acletus (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae) by Neoaplectana sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae)

Brust, G. E.; House, G. J., 1990: Effects of soil moisture, texture, and rate of soil drying on egg and larval survival of the southern corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Ueno, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Sekizaki, Y.; Mitani, M.; Sawada, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Takahashi, T., 1986: Effects of soil nitrogen and nitrogen application on quality of sugarbeets in peat soils in Shari

Lee, H. S.; Lee, S. H., 1986: Effects of soil pH on growth, yield and its varietal differences in soyabean cultivars

Goldberg, DE., 1985: Effects of soil pH, competition, and seed predation on the distributions of two tree species

Kowalski, S., 1987: Effects of soil preparation on mycotrophy of trees in rehabilitated stands in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region

Somawanshi, R. B.; Kadu, P. P., 1988: Effects of soil properties on growth and chlorosis in sugarcane

Tran, Ts; Fardeau, Jc; Giroux, M., 1988: Effects of soil properties on plant-available phosphorus determined by the isotopic dilution phosphorus-32 method

Huenneke, L. F.; Hamburg, S. P.; Koide, R.; Mooney, H. A.; Vitousek, P. M., 1990: Effects of soil resources on plant invasion and community structure in Californian serpentine grassland

Arora, D. K.; Pandey, A. K., 1989: Effects of soil solarization of Fusarium wilt of chickpea

Chauhan, Y. S.; Nene, Y. L.; Johansen, C.; Haware, M. P.; Saxena, N. P.; Sarder Singh; Sharma, S. B.; Sahrawat, K. L.; Burford, J. R.; Rupela, O. P.; Kumar Rao, J. V. D. K.; Sithanantham, S., 1988: Effects of soil solarization on pigeonpea and chickpea

Hide, G. A.; Firmager, J. P., 1989: Effects of soil temperature and moisture on stem canker (Rhizoctonia solani) disease of potatoes

Barber, S. A.; Mackay, A. D.; Kuchenbuch, R. O.; Barraclough, P. B., 1988: Effects of soil temperature and water on maize root growth

Barber, S. A.; Mackay, A. D.; Kuchenbuch, R. O.; Barraclough, P. B., 1989: Effects of soil temperature and water on maize root growth

Kobayashi, M., 1989: Effects of soil temperature, rainfall and soil moisture content on severity of potato scab and its control by watering

Nakatani, M.; Oyanagi, A.; Watanabe, Y.; Komeichi, M., 1989: Effects of soil temperatures on the rooting of cut sprouts of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) II. Varietal differences in the optimum soil temperature for rooting and rooting ability under low soil temperature

Nakatani, M.; Oyanagi, A.; Watanabe, Y., 1986: Effects of soil temperatures on the rooting of cut-sprouts of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) I. Optimum soil temperature for rooting and effects of high soil temperatures in the physiological and anatomical characteristics of roots

Jo I.S.; Jo Y.K.; Min K.B.; Um K.T.; Cho S.J., 1989: Effects of soil texture and available depths on soil water balance

Eltz, F. L. F.; Peixoto, R. T. dos G.; Jaster, F., 1989: Effects of soil tillage systems on properties of a brown allic latosol

Dugas, W. A.; Meyer, W. S.; Barrs, H. D.; Fleetwood, R. J., 1990: Effects of soil type on soyabean crop water use in weighing lysimeters. II. Root growth, soil water extraction and water-table contributions

Benckiser, G.; Syring, K. M., 1987: Effects of soil variables on N2O release from an Alfisol and Inceptisol

Guo, Z. F.; Tu, S. X.; Zhang, N. C., 1989: Effects of soil volume-weight on nitrogen supplying ability of soils and N absorption and utilization by cotton

Ono S., 1987: Effects of soil water and feeder root activity on photosynthesis

Xiloyannis, C.; Pezzarossa, B.; Jorba, J.; Angelini, P., 1988: Effects of soil water content on gas exchange in olive trees

Stone, L. F.; Moreira, J. A. A.; Silva, S. C. da, 1988: Effects of soil water tension on the yield and growth of beans. I. Yield

Sengonul, K., 1986: Effects of soil wettability on water-stable aggregates and comparison of some erodibility indices in wettable and water-repellent soils

Scholte, K., 1989: Effects of soil-borne Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn on yield and quality of ten potato cultivars

Khodambashi, M.; Karimi, M.; Mousavi, S. F., 1988: Effects of soil-moisture stress on yield and yield components in soybean

Suriamihardja, S.; Rostiwati, T., 1985: Effects of soils from Hopea odorata, Khaya anthotheca and Terminalia arjuna stands on the growth and nodulation of Leucaena leucocephala

Klemas V., 1988: Effects of solar angle on reflectance from wetland vegetation

Tu, C. C.; Cheng, Y. H.; Hwang, S. C., 1987: Effects of solar energy and green manures on the control of southern blight of tomato

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820093

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820094

Piva, G.; Santi, E.; Morlacchini, M., 1988: Effects of some aromatic compounds on piglets' performance

Mitema, E. S.; Sangiah, S.; Martin, T., 1988: Effects of some calcium modulators on monensin toxicity

Hagger, C.; Hofer, A., 1989: Effects of some calving traits

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820099

Gaikwad, D. N.; Mali, A. R.; Ajri, D. S., 1987: Effects of some chitin biosynthesis inhibitors on Heliothis armigera (Hubner) larvae

Khlibsuwan, W.; Kuntyha, C.; Keerati Kasikorn, M.; Sutapakdee, Y., 1989: Effects of some control measures on population statistics of the bruchid Callosobruchus maculatus F

Cherix, P., 1990: Effects of some environmental factors on milk yield in goats

Khan, T. N., 1987: Effects of some environmental factors on the pupal development of Plocaederus obesus (Gahan) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820105

Kasera, P. K.; Sundaramoorthy, S.; Sen, D. N., 1988: Effects of some formulations of 2,4-D compound on some weeds of arid agro-ecosystem

Rao, D. N.; Agrawal, M.; Nandi, P. K.; Agrawal, S. B., 1988: Effects of some gaseous pollutants on the productivity of certain important crop plants

Vitagliano C.; Viti R., 1989: Effects of some growth substances on pollen germination and tube growth in different stone fruits

Amouzadeh, H. R.; Sangiah, S.; Qualls, C. W., 1989: Effects of some hepatic microsomal enzyme inducers and inhibitors on xylazine-ketamine anesthesia

Pawowski, F.; Wesoowski, M., 1989: Effects of some herbicides on yields and weediness of potatoes

Lokendra Singh; Rathi, S. K., 1989: Effects of some insecticides on the linear growth of common sugarcane fungi and on the seed germination of Mexican wheat 1553

Karunaratne A.M., 1988: Effects of some managerial factors on postpartum reproduction in buffaloes and goats

Mari, E. L.; Sakuno, T.; Iwashita, M., 1987: Effects of some manufacturing variables on the formaldehyde emission and the mechanical and physical properties of particleboard

Alcaniz, J.; Romera, J.; Comellas, L.; Munne, R.; Puigbo, A., 1989: Effects of some mineral matrices on flash pyrolysis-GC of soil humic substances

Smet, H.; Rans, M.; Loof, A. de, 1987: Effects of some new JH-analogs on the confused flour beetle Tribolium confusum Duv

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820119

Saxena, P. K.; Singh, V. P.; Kondal, J. K.; Soni, G. L., 1989: Effects of some pesticides on in vitro lipid and protein synthesis by the liver of the freshwater teleost, Channa punctatus (Bl.)

Roger, V.; Fonty, G.; Komisarczuk, S.; Gouet, P., 1988: Effects of some physico-chemical factors on the attachment to cellulose of two species of rumen cellulolytic bacteria

Pandey, N. D.; Mathur, K. K.; Pandey, S.; Tripathi, R. A., 1986: Effects of some plant extracts against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis Linnaeus

Andrieux C.; Gadelle D.; Leprince C.; Sacquet E., 1989: Effects of some poorly digestible carbohydrates on bile acid bacterial transformations in the rat

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820125

Raymer, Pl; Bernard, Rl, 1988: Effects of some qualitative genes on soybean performance in late-planted environments

Ezenwa, M. I. S., 1986: Effects of some soil physical properties on growth of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis in northern guinea savanna area of Nigeria

Ertan, O. O., 1988: Effects of some supplementary substrates on the yield of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex. Fr.) Kummer

Dorobantu, N.; Birnaure, V.; Gaina, R.; Geamanu, L., 1987: Effects of some technological cropping factors on physiological processes in potatoes

Pudjiharta, A., 1986: Effects of some tree species on water conservation at Ciwidey, South Bandung

Azmi A.R.; Alam S.M., 1989: Effects of some wild plant residues and wheat straw on germination and growth of wheat cultivars

Hanigan, M. D.; Calvert, C. C.; Reis, B. L.; DePeters, E. J.; Baldwin, R. L., 1989: Effects of sometribove on amino acid uptake by lactating cow mammary glands with varying levels of production

Knapp J.R.; Freetly H.C.; Reis B.L.; Calvert C.C.; Baldwin R.L., 1989: Effects of sometribove on patterns of liver metabolism in dairy cattle with varying levels of production

King R.O.; Forster C.F., 1990: Effects of sonication on activated sludge

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820136

Beauchemin, K. A., 1989: Effects of source and concentration of fibre on chewing, digestive function and productivity of lactating dairy cows fed silage-based diets

Cromwell G.L.; Stahly T.S.; Monegue H.J., 1989: Effects of source and level of copper on performance and liver copper stores in weanling pigs

Klusmeyer, T. H.; Lynch, G. L.; Clark, J. H.; Nelson, D. R., 1989: Effects of source of protein and calcium salts of long chain fatty acids (Ca-LCFA) on ruminal fermentation and flow of nutrients to the small intestine of lactating dairy cows

Mccarthy R.D.Jr; Klusmeyer T.H.; Vicini J.L.; Clark J.H.; Nelson D.R., 1989: Effects of source of protein and carbohydrate on ruminal fermentation and passage of nutrients to the small intestine of lactating cows

Fernandes, M. S., 1990: Effects of sources and rates of nitrogen on uptake and metabolism of N in rice

Suwannarat, C.; Wajananawat, W., 1987: Effects of sources of phosphorus fertilizer on crop yields in rice-soybean double cropping

Gomes, P. C.; Rostagno, H. S.; Pereira, J. A. A.; Torres, R. de A.; Lima, J. A. F., 1989: Effects of sources, availability and level of phosphorus in the diet of starter pigs (12 to 38 kg)

Curtis, S. E.; Hurst, R. J.; Widowski, T. M.; Shanks, R. D.; Jensen, A. H.; Gonyou, H. W.; Bane, D. P.; Muehling, A. J.; Kesler, R. P., 1989: Effects of sow-crate design on health and performance of sows and piglets

Parfet, K. A. R.; Gonyou, H. W.; Curtis, S. E.; Hurst, R. J.; Jensen, A. H.; Muehling, A. J., 1989: Effects of sow-crate design on sow and piglet behavior

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820147

Desiderio, E.; Cuocolo, L.; Mariani, G.; Monotti, M.; Montemurro, P.; Spanu, A., 1989: Effects of sowing date and plant density on yields of maize of different maturity groups

Salih, F. A., 1989: Effects of sowing date and plant population per hill on faba bean (Vicia faba) yield

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820151

Arthamwar D.N., 1987: Effects of sowing date on growth and yield of forage maize in rabi season

Benati, R.; Danuso, F.; Amaducci, M. T.; Venturi, G., 1988: Effects of sowing date on yield and yield components of soyabeans

Shelke V.B.; Shinde V.S.; Mundhe P.R.; Chavan D.A., 1989: Effects of sowing dates and varieties on growth and yield of premonsoon groundnut

Grevsen, K., 1989: Effects of sowing dates on different varieties of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.) under temperate coastal climate

Raikhelkar S.V., 1987: Effects of sowing dates on groundnut varieties in summer season

Halwankar, G. B.; Raut, V. M.; Patil, V. P., 1989: Effects of sowing dates on growth and yield of soybean

Dhoble, M. V.; Giri, D. G.; Patil, V. D.; Pawar, B. R., 1989: Effects of sowing dates on growth, yield and quality of cotton genotypes in rabi under irrigation

Lawande, K. E.; Khaire, V. A.; Bhore, D. P., 1988: Effects of sowing dates on yield of cabbage

Kim, Y. J.; Shin, H. R.; Song, D. S.; Jang, K. Y., 1988: Effects of sowing rates on the endosperm depletion and seedling growth of rice for machine transplanting

Chae, S. K.; Itoh, H.; Nikkuni, S., 1989: Effects of soy sauce koji and commercial proteolytic enzyme on the acceleration of fish sauce production

Kajimoto, G.; Yoshida, H.; Shibahara, A., 1987: Effects of soya lecithin with different degrees of hydrogenation on the colouring and decomposition of tocopherol in heated oils

Fitzsimons, J. T. R.; Orson, N. V.; El Aaser, A. A., 1989: Effects of soyabean and ascorbic acid on experimental carcinogenesis

Asahida Y., 1988: Effects of soybean meal supplementation on fiber digestion in the rumen and voluntary intake of rice straw by sheep

Gu R Q.; Shen H M., 1989: Effects of space flight on the growth and some cytological characteristics of wheat seedlings

Sibbald, A. R.; Griffiths, J. H., 1988: Effects of spaced conifers planted on upland from pastures on micro-climate and herbage production

Faleiros, R. R. de S.; Kanesiro, M. A. B.; Pitelli, R. A.; Cazetta, J. O.; Banzatto, D. A., 1988: Effects of spacing and cultural practices on groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) cv. Tatu-53. I. Evaluation of plant development and seed production

Gadakh, S. R.; Pol, K. M.; Patil, V. A., 1988: Effects of spacing and growth regulators on yield of Varlaxmi hybrid cotton

Mohapatra, A. K.; Kar, P. C.; Behura, B.; Maity, K., 1989: Effects of spacing, seedlings per hill and nitrogen levels on growth, yield attributes and yield of CR 1009 rice

Althen, F. W. von, 1988: Effects of spatial arrangement in mixed-species hardwood plantations

Ostrowski, J. E. B.; Urrutia, M. I., 1987: Effects of spaying on Aberdeen-Angus and Aberdeen-Angus X Hereford heifers

Kuroda, N.; Tsutsumi, J.; Watanabe, H., 1988: Effects of specific gravity and morphological factors on electrical conduction in hardwoods

Dallon, J, Jr, 1987: Effects of spent mushroom compost on the production of greenhouse-grown crops

Oberhauser K.S., 1989: Effects of spermatophores on male and female monarch butterfly reproductive success

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820181

Sato, Y.; Toma, H., 1990: Effects of spleen cells and serum on transfer of immunity to Strongyloides venezuelensis infection in hypothymic (nude) mice

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820183

Aso, P. J.; Hernandez, C.; Vinciguerra, H. F., 1987: Effects of split nitrogen application on growth and yield of young lemon trees

Grundl, E.; Dempfle, L., 1990: Effects of spontaneous and induced mutations on selection response

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820187

Weise, D. R.; Johansen, R. W.; Wade, D. D., 1987: Effects of spring defoliation on first-year growth of young loblolly and slash pines

Bidwell, T. G.; Engle, D. M.; Claypool, P. L., 1990: Effects of spring headfires and backfires on tallgrass prairie

Karczmarczyk, S.; Koszanski, Z.; Nowicka, S.; Konecka, K., 1988: Effects of sprinkling irrigation and fertilization on potato yield and some properties of sandy and sandy loam soils

Anonymous, 1989: Effects of stabilization and structural adjustment programmes on food security

Sharma A.K.; Wilcox C.J.; Martin F.G.; Thatcher W.W., 1990: Effects of stage of lactation and pregnancy and their interactions on milk yield and constituents

Craft D.W.; Brown J.; Lukert P.D., 1990: Effects of standard and variant strains of infectious bursal disease virus on infections of chickens

Seaborn, Cd; Stoecker, Bj, 1989: Effects of starch, sucrose, fructose and glucose on chromium absorption and tissue concentrations in obese and lean mice

Erdman, S. H., 1990: Effects of starvation and difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) on diamine oxidase activity in rat ileum

Turelli, M.; Hoffmann, A. A., 1988: Effects of starvation and experience on the response of Drosophila to alternative resources

Avery, L.; Horvitz, HR., 1990: Effects of starvation and neuroactive drugs on feeding in Caenorhabditis elegans

da Silva, RSM.; Migliorini, RH., 1990: Effects of starvation and refeeding on energy-linked metabolic processes in the turtle (Phrynops hilarii)

Grubinko, V. V.; Yakovenko, B. V.; Yavonenko, A. F., 1987: Effects of starvation on arginase activity and urea contents in the carp, Cyprinus carpio

Walsh G.A.; Donlon J., 1989: Effects of starvation on rat phenylalanine hydroxylase activities

Mala, J.; Sehnal, F.; Kumaran, AK.; Granger, NA., 1987: Effects of starvation, chilling, and injury on endocrine gland function in Galleria mellonella

Butler, Rn; Topping, Dl; Illman, Rj; Goland, Gj; Lawson, Mj; Roberts-Thomson, Ic, 1990: Effects of starvation-refeeding on volatile fatty acid distribution in the large bowel of the rat

Pine R.T.; Anderson L.W.J.; Hung S.S.O., 1989: Effects of static versus flowing water on aquatic plant preferences of triploid grass carp

Hori, K., 1988: Effects of stationary photoperiod on nymphal growth, feeding and digestive physiology of Palomena angulosa Motschulsky (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Mello Junior, C. do A.; Costa, L. R. de O.; Machado, P. F.; D' Arce, R. D.; Mattos, W. R. S. de, 1989: Effects of steam and pressure treatment of sugarcane bagasse on in vitro degradability and in vivo digestibility

Saito, K.; Sato, S. I.; Shimoi, H.; Tadenuma, M.; Yoshizawa, K., 1988: Effects of steeping and steaming conditions on urea contents in sake

Nak, S. S.; Eui, D. H.; Yeon, S. W., 1987: Effects of stem extracts from perilla and buckwheat on seed germination and seedling growth of barnyard grass and chinese cabbage

Amer, H. A.; Ahmed, A. S.; Gohar, H. M.; Mamid, M. A. A., 1989: Effects of steroid anaesthesia on some liver function tests in goats

Thompson M.J., 1987: Effects of steroid metabolism inhibitors and ecdysteroid analogs on honey bee sterol metabolism and development

Shear, H. L.; El Sadr, W.; Rubinstien, B. E.; Ferreira, M., 1989: Effects of steroid-induced Pneumocystis carinii on alveolar macrophages in the rat

Andriamiarina, R; Laraki, L; Pelletier, X; Debry, G., 1989: Effects of stigmasterol-supplemented diets on fecal neutral sterols and bile acid excretion in rats

Begonia, G. B.; Aldrich, R. J.; Nelson, C. J., 1988: Effects of stimulated weed shade on soybean photosynthesis, biomass partitioning and axillary bud development

Morris, B.; Southcott, R. V.; Gale, A. E., 1988: Effects of stings of Australian native bees

Fabbri, A.; Lambardi, M., 1988: Effects of stock plant CCC treatments on adventitious rooting in 140 Ruggeri cuttings

Fortenbery, T. R., 1989: Effects of stock portfolio diversification with agricultural futures contracts

Kluender, R. A.; Yeiser, J. L., 1987: Effects of stock type and planter experience on the time required to plant loblolly pine seedlings

Thomson A.J.; Mcminn R.G., 1989: Effects of stock type and site preparation on growth to crown closure of white spruce and lodgepole pine

Flores Nava, A.; Olvera Novoa, MA.; Garcia Cristiano, A., 1989: Effects of stocking density on the growth rates of Cichlasoma urophthalmus (Gunther) cultured in floating cages

Heitschmidt, R. K.; Dowhower, S. L.; Pinchak, W. E.; Canon, S. K., 1989: Effects of stocking rate on quantity and quality of available forage in a southern mixed grass prairie

Laflamme, L. F., 1989: Effects of storage conditions for large round bales on quality of grass-legume hay

Viana, A. M.; Felippe, G. M., 1990: Effects of storage on germination of Dioscorea composita (Dioscoreaceae) seeds

Botting H.G., 1988: Effects of storage on protein nutritional quality of grain legumes

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Baron, D.; Carre, J.; Iwema, A.; Chevrier, S.; Regnier, V.; Guiguen, C., 1989: Effects of storage on the physico-chemical, microbiological and parasitological characteristics of biological sludges

Allen, A. L.; Roche, C. D., 1989: Effects of strain and fermentation conditions on production of cellulase by Trichoderma reesei

Shao, B. B., 1989: Effects of stratification and temperature variation on the germination of seeds of ten different trees

Section 2, Chapter 1821, Accession 001820236

Monks, C. D.; Banks, P. A.; Langdale, G. W., 1988: Effects of straw ash and tillage on chlorimuron dissipation

Xu, X. Y.; Zhang, Y. M.; Xang, H.; Hu, J. S.; Zhou, X. M.; Yu, F. X.; Wang, F. P., 1988: Effects of straw mulch and reduced tillage on soil fertility and crop yields

Peters, G. T.; Colwell, F. S., 1989: Effects of stream order and season on mineralization of -phenol in streams

Bacon, P. E., 1990: Effects of stubble and N fertilization management on N availability and uptake under successive rice (Oryza sativa L.) crops

Maun, M. M., 1980: Effects of stump-planting and fertilization on growth and survival of narra (Pterocarpus vidalianus Rolfe)

Holkova, I.; Beckova, R., 1989: Effects of stunning technique and the interval between stunning and bleeding on the occurrence of meat quality defects in pigs

Warnet, J. M.; Bakar Wesseling, I.; Thevenin, M.; Serrano, J. J.; Jacqueson, A.; Boucard, M.; Claude, J. R., 1987: Effects of subchronic low-protein diet on some tissue glutathione-related enzyme activities in the rat

Bhaskaram, P.; Jyothi, S. A.; Rao, K. V.; Rao, B. S. N., 1989: Effects of subclinical vitamin A deficiency and administration of vitamin A as a single large dose of immune function in children

Asher, GW.; Barrell, GK.; Adam, JL.; Staples, LD., 1988: Effects of subcutaneous melatonin implants on reproductive seasonality of farmed fallow deer (Dama dama)

Singh, Y. N.; Shaheen, F., 1987: Effects of sublethal doses of DDVP on the metamorphosis of Pericallia ricini Fabr. larva

Nitcheman, S.; Challier, A.; Carle, P. R.; Clair, M., 1988: Effects of sublethal doses of deltamethrin on the pair Glossina morsitans morsitans - Trypanosoma (Nannomonas) congolense

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Chauhan, L. K. S.; Sundararaman, V., 1990: Effects of substituted ureas on plant cells II. Ultrastructural effects of isoproturon on the root meristem cell of Allium cepa

Aurousseau B., 1988: Effects of substitution of tricaproin for tallow and of protein concentration in milk substitutes on nitrogen and energy balance in the preruminant lamb

Aurousseau B.; Vermorel M.; Theriez M.; Vezinhet A., 1989: Effects of substitution of tricaprylin or coconut oil for tallow in milk replacers offered to preruminant lambs

Muller, L.; Tille, P., 1990: Effects of substrate and water regime on the crop yield of a heterogeneous alluvial soil in need of amelioration

Valle, J. M. del; Aguilera, J. M., 1989: Effects of substrate densification and CO2 conditions on supercritical extraction of mushroom oleoresins

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