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Effects of the long-term application of domestic wastes on the heavy metal transfer from soil to plant. IV. Chemical extraction methods to forecast soil and plant dependent heavy metal uptake

Birke, C.

Verband Deutscher Landwirtschaftlicher Untersuchungs und Forschungsanstalten, Reihe Kongressberichte 30: 287-292


Accession: 001820540

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The relationship between soil test heavy metal values and the heavy metal uptake of plants were studied using soils from a long-term waste application experiment. Spring wheat, grass, spinach, lamb's lettuce and carrots were used as test plants to cover mono-and dicotyledons; vegetative and generative plant parts, and storage organs. Extractants compared included 0.1M CaCl2; 1M NH4NO3; 1M NH4-acetate; 0.025 M EDTA; DTPA; and 'aqua regis'. Results for CaCl2. DTPA and aqua regis are discussed.

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