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Equalizing lysine, tryptophan and methionine + cystine at different dietary protein levels in the nutrition of growing pigs. 1. Effects on growth, nitrogen economy and carcass characteristics

Oyeleke, M.O.; Balogun, O.O.; Fetuga, B.L.; Babatunde, G.M.

World Review of Animal Production 23(2): 15-20


Accession: 001825718

Diets containing 14, 16, 18 or 20% crude protein (CP) were each given to 4 castrated male and 4 female Large White X Landrace pigs (56 days old, mean liveweight 9.0 kg). Lysine, methionine + cystine and tryptophan contents of all diets were adjusted to 1.10, 0.66 and 0.21% of air dry feed, respectively, by addition of synthetic amino acids. Liveweight gain was affected by CP content and sex.

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