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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Adolph, S.; Zober, A., 1990:
Evaluation of materials for existing chemicals

Roberts, R.G.; Reymond, S.T.; McLaughlin, R.J., 1989:
Evaluation of mature apple fruit from Washington State for the presence of Erwinia amylovora

Franke, E.D.; Riberu, W.; Wiady, I., 1990:
Evaluation of medium supplements for in vitro cultivation of Wuchereria bancrofti

Hunt, G.J.; McKinnon, C.N., 1990:
Evaluation of membranes for feeding Culicoides variipennis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) with an improved artificial blood-feeding apparatus

Anahosur, K.H.; Lakshman, M., 1989:
Evaluation of metalaxyl-Zm (280 FW) for the control of sorghum downy mildew

Sampaio, N.V.; Silveira, P.J.; Kolling, J.; Siewerdt, L., 1989:
Evaluation of methods and dates of post-emergence inoculation in subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) cv. Clare

Wu, W.S.; Mathur, S.B., 1987:
Evaluation of methods for detecting Fusarium moniliforme in sorghum seeds

Perdomo Morales, A.J.; Larrinaga Gonzalez, N.O.; Piovet Viamonte, A.P., 1989:
Evaluation of methods for determination of free reducing sugars in final molasses

Taylor, K.; Wheatcraft, S.W.; Hess, J.; Hayworth, J.; Molz, F., 1989:
Evaluation of methods for determining the vertical distribution of hydraulic conductivity

Eduard, W.; Lacey, J.; Karlsson, K.; Palmgren, U.; Ström, G.; Blomquist, G., 1990:
Evaluation of methods for enumerating microorganisms in filter samples from highly contaminated occupational environments

Coelho, C.M. de L.; Basso, L.M., 1988:
Evaluation of methods for estimating total volatile bases in fresh fish

Kostkanova, E.; Rogalewicz, V.; Dotlacil, L., 1989:
Evaluation of methods for the determination of technological quality in genetic resources of wheat

O.C.llaghan, M.; Noonan, M.J.; Broad, T.M.; Jackson, T.A., 1987:
Evaluation of methods of applying Serratia entomophila to pasture

Sirvidis, I.; Yasinskas, A.; Pashakarnis, A., 1988:
Evaluation of methods of applying preservatives to grass for silage

Zheng, H.N.; Luo, J.Y.; Geng, Y.C., 1988:
Evaluation of methods of calculating fire intensity

Ves Losada, J.C.; Bogino, R.L.; Pacheco Leon, R., 1988:
Evaluation of methods of control of insect larvae on sunflower

Henz, G.P.; Takatsu, A.; Reifschneider, F.J.B., 1988:
Evaluation of methods of inoculating Xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris for detecting sources of resistance in brassicas

Barros, M. de F.C.; Magalhaes, A.F., 1989:
Evaluation of methods to determine gypsum requirement for sodic-saline soils

Sousa, D.M.G. de; Miranda, L.N. de; Lobato, E.; Castro, L.H.R. de, 1989:
Evaluation of methods to predict lime requirement for cerrado soils

Abu-Rezeq, TS.; James, CM., 1989:
Evaluation of microbial SCP, microencapsulated diets and microalgae (Nannochloropsis) for producing the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis (L-type) for aquaculture

Litchfield, C.D.; Erkenbrecher, C.W.J.; Matson, C.E.; Fish, L.S.; Levine, A., 1988:
Evaluation of microbial detection methods and interlaboratory comparisons during a peroxide-nutrient enhanced in situ bioreclamation

Williamson, H.D., 1988:
Evaluation of middle and thermal infrared radiance in indices used to estimate GLAI

Swarup D.; Kumar P.N.; Singh R., 1989:
Evaluation of milk conductivity test in detecting subclinical udder infection

Gruter, O., 1989:
Evaluation of milk recording results in 1988/89

Zuaznabar, J.; Urquijo, R., 1987:
Evaluation of mineral fertilizer crusher AIR-20

Biakowski, Z., 1988:
Evaluation of mineral metabolism in calves on a state farm in South-West Poland

Anonymous, 1988:
Evaluation of minor irrigation scheme in Jhansi district - Uttar Pradesh - study report

Schwarz, H.J.; Schultka, W.; Engelhardt, W. von; Hofmann, R.R., 1988 :
Evaluation of mixed grazing systems on arid pastures in the tropics: potentials and limitations of an integrated approach

McLean, J.E.; Sims, R.C.; Doucette, W.J.; Caupp, C.R.; Grenney, W.J., 1988:
Evaluation of mobility of pesticides in soil using U.S. EPA methodology

Lindemann, M.D.; Kornegay, K.T.; Strader, C.P.; Bonnette, E.D., 1986:
Evaluation of mode of injection and type of adjuvant on antibody response in weanling swine

Kokoreva, K.M., 1989:
Evaluation of modern state of evaporimeter network

Sreekumaran, P.; Rathore, U.S.; Dhinsa, H.S.; Singh, R.P., 1987:
Evaluation of morantel citrate ('Banminth' Pfizer) against helminthic infection in equines

Rathore, G.S.; Sharma, R.C.; Agnihotri, J.P.; Gour, H.N.; Sharma, R.K., 1986:
Evaluation of moth bean germplasm for resistance to yellow mosaic

Lussier, G.; Guénette, D.; Shek, W.R.; Descôteaux, J.P., 1988:
Evaluation of mouse thymic virus antibody detection techniques

Hsieh, J.F.; Chen, L.H., 1989:
Evaluation of multiple loading station sweet potato transplanter

Abbaiah, K.; Rao, M.S.; Seenaiah, P.; Satyanarayana, A., 1988:
Evaluation of mungbean genotypes against bacterial leaf spot

Thakur M.P.; Khare M.N., 1989:
Evaluation of mungbean varieties for resistance to anthracnose

Silva, J.L.; Ammerman, G.R., 1989:
Evaluation of muscadine cultivars for jelly making

Miquel, M.C., 1987:
Evaluation of native breeds: objectives, design of trial and preliminary results

Belair, G. de; Amrane, K.; Touati, A., 1988:
Evaluation of natural grasslands and cattle production in humid and subhumid areas: East Algeria

Hellemans, P.; Lejeune, P.; Compere, R., 1989:
Evaluation of natural vegetation affected by human activity in the valley of the Bougouriba river (Burkina Faso). Utilization of satellite data

Thiebaut, L., 1987:
Evaluation of nature conservation measures in land consolidation programmes

Elia, M.; Parkinson, S.A.; Diaz, E., 1990:
Evaluation of near infra-red interactance as a method for predicting body composition

Beech, S.A.; McAlpine, B.; Elliott, R.; Batterham, E.S., 1989:
Evaluation of near infra-red spectrophotometry as a method for determining the nitrogen and energy content of pig carcasses

Surprenant, J.; Michaud, R., 1988:
Evaluation of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for predicting forage quality in timothy

Devakumar, C.; Saxena, V.S.; Mukerjee, S.K., 1986:
Evaluation of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) limonoids and azadirachtin against safflower aphid (Dactynotus carthami H.R.L.)

Akhtar, M.; Alam, M.M., 1989:
Evaluation of nematicidal potential in some medicinal plants

Siddiqui M.A.; Haseeb A.; Alam M.M., 1987:
Evaluation of nematicidal properties in some latex bearing plants

Haseeb, A.; Butool, F., 1990:
Evaluation of nematicidal properties in some members of the family Lamiaceae

Lucas, L.T.; Newnam, M.R., 1988:
Evaluation of nematicides for control of sting nematode in bermudagrass, 1987

Oates, R.B.; Fortnum, B.A.; Currin, R.E., 1988:
Evaluation of nematicides for control of the root-knot - black shank disease complex, 1987

Walker, G.E.; Wachtel, M.F., 1988:
Evaluation of nematicides for nematode control in cherries, 1986-87

Johnson, C.S., 1988:
Evaluation of nematicides for tobacco cyst nematode control in flue-cured tobacco, 1986

Johnson, A.W.; Wright, W.C., 1988:
Evaluation of nematicides on root-knot nematode control and yield of flue-cured tobacco, 1987

Johnson, A.W., 1989:
Evaluation of nematicides on root-knot nematode control and yield of flue-cured tobacco, 1988

Loubser, J.T., 1989:
Evaluation of nematode problems in grapevines

Jenkins, E.M.; Blackwell, I.; Abdi, I., 1987:
Evaluation of neutrophil activity to allergic reaction in dogs

Menegazzo, G.; Williams, W.T., 1988:
Evaluation of new apple varieties in the highlands of Guatemala

Hagan, A.K.; Gilliam, C.H.; Fare, D.C., 1988:
Evaluation of new fungicides for control of rose blackspot

Anonymous, 1987:
Evaluation of new germplasm

Anonymous, 1987:
Evaluation of new germplasm for heat tolerance

Nair, N.V., 1989:
Evaluation of new germplasm resources of sugarcane

Adamczewski, K.; Paradowski, A.; Pilecka, D., 1987:
Evaluation of new graminicides for the control of monocotyledonous weeds

Mullins, C.A.; Rhodes, G.N.J., 1988:
Evaluation of new herbicides in snap beans

Dabholkar, A.R.; Usha Sarode, 1988:
Evaluation of new male-sterile lines and restorers of sorghum for combining ability

Haribhakti, P.B., 1988:
Evaluation of new orally acting antifungal compound ketoconazole in dermal mycoses

Reddy A.P.K.; Satyanarayana K., 1988:
Evaluation of new organic fungicides for the control of blast disease of rice

Anonymous, 1987:
Evaluation of new tropical breeding lines for bacterial wilt resistance

Nowar, M.S.;, S.M.A.; Marie, I.F.; Zaki, A.A., 1989:
Evaluation of new varieties of fodder beet (Majoral and Poly Productiva) as new summer forages in Egypt

Dwyer, M.J., 1988:
Evaluation of new vehicle concepts in agriculture

Suarez, J. de D.; Suarez, J.J.; Pineiro, M., 1987:
Evaluation of nine tropical grasses under cutting without irrigation on a brown tropical soil

Shibano K.; Ohno Y., 1988:
Evaluation of nitrate leaching in cabbage fields in relation to climatic factors

Morris, S.T.; McRae, A.F., 1990:
Evaluation of nitrogen fertiliser in a beef production system

Njoku, B.O.; Odurukwe, S.O., 1987:
Evaluation of nitrogen fertilizer sources and rates for a cassava-maize intercrop

Okoronkwo, N.; Hove, C. van; Eskew, D.L., 1989:
Evaluation of nitrogen fixation by different strains of the Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis in the presence of a high level of ammonium

Mudannayake, C.; Pain, A., 1986:
Evaluation of nitrogen fixing ability of Sri Lankan Rhizobium species

Hussain, A.; Khalid, M., 1987:
Evaluation of nitrogen fixing trees at Faisalabad

Lamb, B.; Gold, A.J.; Loomis, G.; McKiel, C., 1987:
Evaluation of nitrogen removal systems for on-site sewage disposal

Karunakaran, A.; Palaniappan, S.P., 1989:
Evaluation of nitrogen-management techniques for rainfed sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Jungbluth, T., 1989:
Evaluation of non-quantifiable process parameters of moist grain conservation technologies by benefit analysis

Rocheford, T.R.; Bridges, W.C.J.; Johnson, B.E.; Gardner, C.O., 1989:
Evaluation of normal and dwarf subpopulations extracted from an exotic X adapted cross of maize

Smith, B.B.; Pearson, E.G.; Leon, J., 1989:
Evaluation of normal triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine concentrations in llamas (Lama glama)

Byron, D.; Orf, J., 1990:
Evaluation of northern USA soybean cultivars for maturity in Chile

Grichanov, I.Ya, 1986:
Evaluation of numbers of the cotton bollworm using pheromones

Appleton B.L., 1989:
Evaluation of nursery container designs for minimization or prevention of root circling

McKenzie, C.B.; Wolstenholme, B.N.; Allen, P., 1988:
Evaluation of nursery procedures to eliminate graft-take problems

Moriya, K.; Fukuhara, R.; Harada, H., 1989:
Evaluation of nursing and/or producing ability of dams using market weight per day of age of their calves

Sun Y.; Havlin J.L.; Paulsen G.M., 1989:
Evaluation of nutrient deficiencies in wheat seedlings by chlorophyll fluorescence

Egger, I.; Vogel, R., 1988:
Evaluation of nutrient losses during hay making and storage

Tukaki J.L.; Mahler R.L., 1990:
Evaluation of nutrient solution phosphorus concentration on potato plantlet tuber production under greenhouse conditions

Sales, F.S.M.; Viana, O.J.; Albuquerque, J.J.L. de, 1988:
Evaluation of nutrition potential in different cultivars of elephant grass

Bhandari, B.; Mandowara, S.L.; Sharda, A.K., 1989:
Evaluation of nutritional and immunization services in a tribal ICDS block of Rajasthan

Goyer, N., 1990:
Evaluation of occupational exposure to sulfur compounds in paper pulp kraft mills

Szpiz, R.R.; Jablonka, F.H.; Pereira, D.A., 1987:
Evaluation of oil of avocado cultivars from the Cerrado region

Singh, S.P.; Singh, V., 1988:
Evaluation of oilcakes and nematicides for the control of Meloidogyne incognita-infecting eggplants

Acosta, P.P.; Oliva, C., 1989:
Evaluation of oilseed flax cultivars at Pergamino

Vaskovsky, P.; Krausko, O., 1989:
Evaluation of oilseed rape crop by the methods of factor and cluster analyses

Sharma, N.K.; Dhankhar, B.S., 1989:
Evaluation of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) genotypes against shoot and fruit borer (Earias spp.) under field conditions

Fegeros, K.; Zervas, G.; Papadopoulos, G.; Kalaisakis, P., 1988:
Evaluation of olive meal in fattening pigs

Piluk, R.J.; Hao, O.J., 1989:
Evaluation of on-site waste disposal system for nitrogen reduction

Muniz, J.O. de L.; Silva, L.A. da; Gomes, C.C., 1989:
Evaluation of onion cultivars for the Baturite region of Ceara

Farstad, W.; Mondain Monval, M.; Hyttel, P.; Smith, A.J.; Markeng, D.G., 1988:
Evaluation of oocytes and ova from the blue fox vixen related to clinical parameters, endocrinological events and ovarian morphology

Nowak, C., 1987:
Evaluation of operating parameters of HP-100 pulsators used in private farms

Merritt, C.R., 1989:
Evaluation of operator exposure and spray displacement with hand-operated herbicide application systems

Upchurch, B.L.; Delwiche, M.J.; Peterson, D.L., 1988:
Evaluation of optical measurements for peach maturity sorting

Noh, E.R., 1988:
Evaluation of optimum growth and site conditions for major tree species of Korea using climatic factors

Gajbhiye, K.S.; Gaikawad, S.T.; Challa, O.; Hazare, T.N.; Deshmukh, S.N., 1990:
Evaluation of optimum range of soil moisture stress for establishment of wheat crop in Vertisols

Fare, D.C.; Gilliam, C.H.; Ponder, H.G.; Griffey, W.A., 1987:
Evaluation of ornamental pears as shade trees

Ghidiu, G.M.; Linduska, J.J., 1989:
Evaluation of oxamyl as a transplant drench application and multiple foliar sprays for control of Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on tomato in Maryland and New Jersey

D.M.ccio, A.; Camoni, I.; Dommarco, R.; Santilio, A.; Ausili, A.; Rizzica, M.; Gigli, B.; Calzolari, C., 1990:
Evaluation of p,p'-DDE, p,p'-DDT and polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) levels in samples of human milk from Rome, Florence and the surrounding areas

Reddy, P.P.; Iyer, C.P.A.; Subramanyam, M.D., 1988:
Evaluation of papaya cultivars and hybrids against Meloidogyne incognita

Barbier, D.; Duhamel, C.; Perrine, D.; Georges, P., 1989:
Evaluation of parasitological risks related to the agricultural use of sewage sludges

Jaing, Z.M.; Zhang, F.S.; Zhu, Y.; He, G.Z.; Fei, L.M.; Tseng, H.C.; Sugarbaker, S.; Wilmore, D.W., 1988:
Evaluation of parenteral nutrition in the postoperative patient

O.Y.H.; Hong K.H., 1989:
Evaluation of parthenocarpic fruit set in zucchini squash

Mackay A.D.; Wewala G.S., 1990:
Evaluation of partially acidulated phosphate fertilizers and reactive phosphate rock for hill pastures

Linhares W.I., 1988:
Evaluation of pathogenic populations of wheat powdery mildew

Prasad, J.; Kapur, M.P.; Sharma, A.; Sadana, J.R., 1987:
Evaluation of pathogenicity of Staphylococcus aureus of bovine mammary origin in rabbits

Montavon, S.; Gaillard, C.; Gerber, H., 1988:
Evaluation of performance test results and show-jumping performance in Swiss stallions

Park, Y.I.; Seo, K.S., 1990:
Evaluation of performances and their time trends in four breeds of boars performance tested in Korea

Ingles, R.; Rodriguez, J., 1989:
Evaluation of pesticides and methods to control the banana weevil borer (Cosmopolites sordidus Germar)

Buergo, J.A.; Gonzalez, E.; Ramos, M.; Perez, N.; Batista, O., 1986:
Evaluation of pesticides for chemical control against tetranic and tarsonemid mites in citrus

Maiuki, S.J.N., 1988:
Evaluation of pesticides in the control of bean flower thrips in the common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. at Thika, Kenya

Vondracek, J.; Fischer, M.; Bouma, J.; Kloutvor, J., 1987:
Evaluation of phenological traits and growth characteristics of some cultivars and compact clones of sweet cherry

Wissa, A.E.Z.; Fuleihan, N.F.; Ingra, T.S., 1986:
Evaluation of phosphatic clay disposal and reclamation methods. Volume 7: Engineering properties of flocculated phosphatic clays

Hernandez Cabria, M.; Abella Garcia, M.A., 1989:
Evaluation of physicochemical parameters of Gamonedo cheese

Bokhari, U.G.; Ghandorah, M.O.; Sayed, H.I.; Alyaeesh, F.; A.N.ori, M., 1989:
Evaluation of physiological indices for drought tolerance in wheat genotypes in Saudi Arabia

Nakagawa, J.; Crocomo, W.B.; Godoy, J.R. de; Wilcken, C.F., 1988:
Evaluation of physiological quality of rice, maize and wheat seeds treated with systemic insecticides

Moore, K.M.; Rich, J.R.; Buhr, K.L.; Knauft, D.A., 1988:
Evaluation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) accessions for resistance to Meloidogyne incognita race 3 and M. javanica

Thakar, N.A.; Yadav, B.S., 1987:
Evaluation of pigeonpea varieties/lines for resistance against the reniform nematode

Mulongoy, K., 1988:
Evaluation of plant and animal biomass

Khadi, G.; Sundi, T., 1988:
Evaluation of plant characteristics in breeding hybrids with low moisture content at harvest

Gianfagna, T.J.; Durner, E.F.; Salas, S.Q., 1989:
Evaluation of plant growth regulators as possible replacement compounds for Alar in apple production

Szwonek, E., 1988:
Evaluation of plant nutrition status by fresh index part or sap analysis

Thies, J.A., 1989:
Evaluation of plant resistance and procedures for control of root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus penetrans) on alfalfa

Klimashevskii, E.L., 1988:
Evaluation of plant resistance to acidity

Poll, J.T.K.; Kramer, C.F.G., 1987:
Evaluation of plastic covering on the earliness of white asparagus in the Netherlands

Yanchich, V.I.; Vilor, T.A.; Beletskii, Y.D., 1987:
Evaluation of plastom mutants of sunflower under in vitro conditions

Premachandra, G.S.; Ogata, S.; Saneoka, H., 1990:
Evaluation of polyethylene glycol test for measurement of cell membrane stability in maize

Premachandra G.S.; Shimada T., 1988:
Evaluation of polyethylene glycol test of measuring cell membrane stability as a drought tolerance test in wheat

E.R.hman, G.A.A.; Sherif, S.Y.; Sarhan, M.A.; Aboul Ela, S.S., 1989:
Evaluation of poor quality roughages treated with ammonia for feeding sheep

Hernandez G.D.P.; Velasquez Silva, J.M., .:
Evaluation of population density in soyabean cv. Cristalina

Abukar, M.M.; Burgio, G.; Tremblay, E., 1986:
Evaluation of post-harvest losses caused by insects to maize in three districts of southern Somalia

Chrosciewicz, Z., 1987:
Evaluation of postburn seeding of jack pine in central Saskatchewan

Wills R.B.H.; Sirivatanapa S., 1988:
Evaluation of postharvest infiltration of calcium to delay the ripening of avocados

Gutser, R., 1988:
Evaluation of potassium from plant residues in arable cropping systems

Kiryukhina, N.V., 1988:
Evaluation of potato crosses for a combination of characters in nurseries for seedlings and the first tuber generation

Kiryukhina, N.V., 1988:
Evaluation of potato crosses for virus resistance in the forest steppe zone of western Siberia

Ribeiro, L.G.; Smildt, E.R., 1989:
Evaluation of potato cultivars in Muniz Freire, Espirito Santo

Fernandez M.C., 1988:
Evaluation of potato germplasm (Solanum tuberosum) to infection by the golden nematode (Globodera rostochiensis) in Chile

Anderson, N.A.; Hoyos, G.P., 1988:
Evaluation of potato germplasm for Verticillium wilt resistance

Abdel Hak, T.M.; Stino, M.N.; E.D.oudi, Y.H.; Shafik, I.; Hussein, N.; E.R.yes, F., 1987:
Evaluation of potato losses caused by light blight

Tsao, S.J.; Chen, C.F.; Lee, S.P., 1987:
Evaluation of potato tuber families immune to potato virus Y

Vovk, E.A., 1988:
Evaluation of potato varieties following their sexual reproduction

Brune, S.; Reifschneider, F.J.B., 1989:
Evaluation of potatoes for resistance to early blight

Lindemann, M.D.; Blodgett, D.J.; Schurig, G.G.; Kornegay, E.T., 1987:
Evaluation of potential ameliorators of aflatoxicosis in weanling/growing swine

Podstavkova, S.; Vlcek, D.; Miadokova, E., 1988:
Evaluation of potential genetic risk of the insecticide Chlorizofos on three model systems

Rajan, A.; Lovett, J.V.; Andrews, A.C., 1988:
Evaluation of potential sources of allelochemicals in lalang (Imperata cylindrica)

Tukaki J.L.; Mahler R.L., 1989:
Evaluation of potting mix composition on potato plantlet tuber production under greenhouse conditions

Trung, L.T.; Palo, L.P.; Atega, T.A.; Matias, J.M.; Lapinid, R.R.; Barraquio, V.L.; Arambulo, B.R.S., 1988:
Evaluation of poultry manure as feed and residual effects of rice straw/poultry manure feeding

Farid, A.; Zamiri, M.J.; Pourreza, J., 1987:
Evaluation of poultry populations of southern Iran: 1. Problems and prospects of poultry production in rural areas

Czarnecki-Maulden, G.L.; Deming, J.G.; Izquierdo, J.V., 1989:
Evaluation of practical dry dog foods suitable for all life stages

Diaz, J.; Combellas, J., 1989:
Evaluation of practical norms for feeding sheep in the tropics

Giltrap, N.J.; Roebuck, J.F., 1989:
Evaluation of pre- and post-emergence herbicides for broad-leaved weed control in combining peas

Panwar, R.S.; Malik, R.K.; Bhan, V.M.; Malik, R.S., 1989:
Evaluation of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides in cotton

Lagoke, S.T.O.; Mansfield, R.A.; Chandra Singh, D.J., 1987:
Evaluation of pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in white yam in the Southern Guinea savanna of Nigeria

Vencill, W.K.; Wilson, H.P.; Hines, T.E.; Hatzios, K.K., 1988 :
Evaluation of pre-plant incorporated applications of clomazone

Yarborough, D.E., 1989:
Evaluation of preemergence herbicides for grass suppression in lowbush blueberry fields

Naeem, K.; Caywood, D.D.; Werdin, R.E.; Goyal, S.M., 1990:
Evaluation of pregnant rabbits as a laboratory model for bovid herpesvirus-4 infection

Vidovic, N., 1988:
Evaluation of preservatives against the house longhorn beetle

Rodriguez Carranza, A., 1988:
Evaluation of pressurized irrigation systems (trickle and sprinkler) in the Lagunera region

Klima, J., 1987:
Evaluation of production profitability levels

Torres, E.; Galerani, P.R.; Oliveira, M.C.N. de, 1988:
Evaluation of production systems for soyabean: management, rotation and cultivars

Zizlavsky, J.; Miksik, J., 1985:
Evaluation of production traits of dairy cows in different husbandry systems

Oltenacu, P.A.; Frick, A.; Lindhe, B., 1990:
Evaluation of production, fertility and health traits in progeny of Swedish Friesian, North American Holstein and Friesian X Holstein crossbred sires

Sung, Y.Y.; Chi, C.S.; Chang, H.L.; Wu, S.C., 1990:
Evaluation of progeny testing versus individual testing efficiency on selection index of swine performance registration in Taiwan

Wright, R., 1989 :
Evaluation of propagation mediums trough rooting response of Hedera helix 'Ivalace'

Gandarillas Castellanos, O.S.; Lugo Novoa, R.; Paez Esquiliano, D.; Fuentes Hernandez, V.O., 1989:
Evaluation of propranolol in the prevention of weight loss during the transportation of pigs to the abattoir

Tarish, J.H.; Atwell, R.B., 1989:
Evaluation of protein A gold labelling with Dirofilaria immitis antigen coated nitrocellulose for the detection of anti-heartworm antibody in dogs

Hartig, W.; Matkowitz, R.; Faust, H.; Ritter, R.; Junghans, P.; Hirschberg, K.; Jung, K., 1988:
Evaluation of protein metabolism in clinical practice

Barabas Z.; Barna J., 1989:
Evaluation of protein nutritive quality of wheat cultivars in feeding studies

Kalenyuk, V.F., 1987:
Evaluation of protein quality and balancing of amino acids in diets for pigs

Agarwala, O.N.; Krishna, G., 1988:
Evaluation of protein requirement of adult sheep for maintenance

Derouen S.M.; Nipper W.A.; Achacoso A.S.; Adkinson R.W.; Hafley J.L., 1988:
Evaluation of protein supplements for dairy heifers fed corn silage or hay supplemented with ryegrass grazing

Delgado Ramos, O.; Almirall, P.; Sanchez, R., 1986:
Evaluation of psychomotor functions in workers exposed habitually to pesticides

Tanner, M., 1989:
Evaluation of public health impact of schistosomiasis

Sharma, R.B., 1990:
Evaluation of puddling treatments using animal-drawn implements

Petit, G.; Runavot, J.P.; Gruand, J.; Legault, C., 1988:
Evaluation of purebreds and crossbreds from a hyperprolific Large White line in multiplier and commercial herds

Junna, J.; Rintala, J., 1990:
Evaluation of purification efficiency of activated sludge treatment plants for pulp and paper industry wastewaters in Finland

Arriaga, C.; Muniz, E.; Morilla, A.; Ortega Pierres, M.G., 1989:
Evaluation of purified surface stichosomal components of Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae for diagnosis of swine trichinellosis

Wallace, R.W.; Warholic, D.T.; Bellinder, R.R., 1988:
Evaluation of quackgrass control with selective postemergence herbicides in peas

Costa, N.P. da; Franca Neto, J. de B.; Krzyzanowski, F.C.; Paro, H.; Mendes, M.C., 1988:
Evaluation of quality of soyabean seeds produced in the state of Mato Grosso, MT

Valsikova, M., 1989:
Evaluation of quality parameters in capsicums and tomatoes

Adamkiewicz Depczyk, M., 1984:
Evaluation of quantitative faecal techniques used for fascioliasis and paramphistomiasis

Krishnamurthy R.; Anbazhagan M.; Bhagwat K.A., 1988:
Evaluation of quaternary ammonium compounds as index of salt tolerance using rice cultivars

Yoon, J.Y.; Opena, R.T.; Chang, L.C., 1988:
Evaluation of radish-derived cytoplasmic male sterility for use in tropical heading Chinese cabbage

Thomas, P.C.; Rao, G.V., 1988:
Evaluation of rare germplasm of chicken - Kadakanath

Bilanski, W.K.; Graham, W.D., 1989:
Evaluation of raspberry cultivars for machine harvesting

Palma, M.R.; Torres, O.O.; Herrera, J.S., 1988:
Evaluation of rate and frequency of application of liquid fertilizer to container soil, compared with granular application, for the production of coffee in nurseries, planted at 2 plants per hill

Ballinger D.J.; Salisbury P.A.; Kollmorgen J.F.; Potter T.D.; Coventry D.R., 1988:
Evaluation of rates of flutriafol for control of blackleg of rapeseed

Boyd, J.S.; Omran, S.N.; Ayliffe, T.R., 1990:
Evaluation of real time B-mode ultrasound scanning for detecting early pregnancy in cows

Bleiberg Daniel, F., 1989:
Evaluation of recent methods of estimating body composition

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Evaluation of recirculation air ducts for integrated fresh air inlets

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Evaluation of recovery of fatty acids by copper soap method

Holbrook C.C.; Burton J.W.; Carter T.E.Jr, 1989:
Evaluation of recurrent restricted index selection for increasing yield while holding seed protein constant in soybean

Siebald, S.E.; Goic, M.L.; Elizalde V.H.F.; Matzner K.M., 1989:
Evaluation of red clover-ryegrass silages according to cutting date and sodium formate treatment

Khan H.N.; Arain M.S.; Hardarson G., 1988:
Evaluation of reference crops in the study of nitrogen fixation by common beans

Cruz Cruz, T.; Delgado Rio, A.; Sierra Morales, J.L., 1988:
Evaluation of refined sugar boiling systems

Arce, P.; Jordan, M., 1988:
Evaluation of regenerative responses in explants of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis Link.) cultured in vitro using cuttings

Sattar, M.A., 1989:
Evaluation of rehabilitation programme

Patra, S.C.; Naik, B., 1989:
Evaluation of rehabilitation programme in Mahanadi Delta Irrigation Scheme in India

Segarra Carmona, A.E.; Pantoja, A., 1988:
Evaluation of relative sampling methods for population estimation of the pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii Cano (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Brown, S.A.; Baird, A.N., 1988:
Evaluation of renal gentamicin depletion kinetic properties in sheep, using serial percutaneous biopsies

Arent, E., 1988:
Evaluation of reproductive performance in sows and growth potential of piglets in the formation of terminal three-breed hybrids

Reimers, T.J.; Smith, R.D.; Newman, S.K., 1990:
Evaluation of reproductive performance using milk progesterone assay

Wachendorfer, G.; Keding, H., 1988:
Evaluation of residues in honey after the use of Varroa-treatment chemicals in view of the official food controls

Pascual, C.B.; Raymundo, A.D., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance and yield loss in sorghum due to Rhizoctonia sheath blight

Zhang, J.F.; Sun, J.Z., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance in cotton cultivars to Sylepta derogata Fabr

Wang, N.Y.; Liang, K.J.; Chen, G.W., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance in rice cultivars (combinations) to disease and pests and its utilization

Mohamed, I.A., 1989:
Evaluation of resistance of certain rice cultivars at early growth stages to tungro virus disease

Albrechtova L.; Karesova R.; Pluhar Z., 1989:
Evaluation of resistance of plum cultivars and hybrids to plum pox virus

Hanudin, 1987:
Evaluation of resistance of tomato cultivars to Pseudomonas solanacearum E.F. Smith infection

Liu, R.T.; Wen, Q.F.; Qiao, Y.X.; Gao, P.P., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance to smut and analysis of isoenzymes in millet cultivars

Fang, S.M.; Kang, Y.Z.; He, M.Y., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance to stem rot in sweet potato cultivars

Badina, G.V.; Lekhtikov, O.N.; Afanasenko, O.S.; Guseva, K.A., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance to the pathogen causing net blotch in barley varieties promising for breeding, and new sources of resistance

Goncharova, E.A., 1988:
Evaluation of resistance to various stresses in fruit and succulent vegetable crops

Korani, M.; Abdel Dayem, M.S.; Oosterbaan, R.J., 1990:
Evaluation of restricted subsurface drainage in rice fields

Buttelmann, A., 1988:
Evaluation of results from a large AI centre for horses

Zemburowa, K.; Roczniak, M., 1988:
Evaluation of results of serological tests for the routine diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in Poland

Golub, V.B.; Pilipenko, V.N.; Losen, G.A., 1986:
Evaluation of results on the combined influence of soil moisture and soil salinity on plant frequency and aerial biomass in the Volga delta

Bender, D.A.; Neal, J.L.; Morse, R.D., 1989:
Evaluation of rhizobial strains nodulating Lespedeza cuneata for improving N input into minesoil revegetation systems

Nicolaiewsky, S.; D.A.ostin, J.; Penz Junior, A.M.; Bertol, T.M., 1989:
Evaluation of rice bran as an alternative source of phosphorus in diets for growing and finishing pigs

Alam, M.S., 1988:
Evaluation of rice cultivars for resistance to Diopsis longicornis (Diptera: Diopsidae)

Raj, R.B.; Tayaba Wahab; Rao, G.V.; Rao, A.S.; Reddy, T.C.V., 1987:
Evaluation of rice cultures against bacterial leaf blight and sheath blight diseases

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Evaluation of rice genotypes for cold tolerance in Rio Grande do Sul - 1987-88

Myoung, K.S., 1989:
Evaluation of rice market interventions and its rationale in Korea

Zheng, G.X.; Li, H., 1988:
Evaluation of rice varieties for resistance to races of blast in China

Greene, D.W.; Autio, W.R., 1990:
Evaluation of ripening and fruit quality of 'Gala' and 'McIntosh' apples at harvest and following air storage

Ahmad, N.; Parshad, V.R., 1989:
Evaluation of rodenticidal baiting in small cane fields

Singhal, C.D., 1988:
Evaluation of role of primary credit and service societies (PACS) in Haryana - a case study

Foguet, J.L.; Gonzalez, J.L.; Vinciguerra, H.F.; Stein, B., 1987:
Evaluation of rootstocks for nucellar Genoa EEAT lemon in a replant soil

Revah, I.; Lomas, R.; Zaroo, L.; Galina, C., 1989:
Evaluation of routine PGF2 alpha treatment on day 30 or 40 post partum on ovarian activity and reproduction in Holstein cows

Aragao, L.A.P. de; Marques, P.C.; Dessaune Filho, N., 1987:
Evaluation of rubber clones for Espirito Santo. III. Bark thickness and trunk circumference at 1.3 m from the ground

Doreau, M.; Batisse, V.; Bauchart, D., 1989:
Evaluation of rumen hydrogenation of fatty acids in cows: preliminary methodological study

Zhu, Z.; Wang, M.; Song, J., 1989:
Evaluation of salt tolerance in pea

Siegrist, R.L.; Jenssen, P.D., 1990:
Evaluation of sampling method effects on volatile organic compound measurements in contaminated soils

Elliott, G.C., 1989:
Evaluation of sand-alumina-P media for studies of P nutrition

Fadeev, Y.N., 1988:
Evaluation of sanitary and ecological safety of pesticides

Virk, K.S.; Satyavir, 1989:
Evaluation of screening methods for red rot resistance

Rodrigues, G.; Smith, S., 1989:
Evaluation of screening procedures for breeding creeping-rooted alfalfa

Sidor, E., 1988:
Evaluation of seasonal finishing of pigs in heifer cowsheds

Tiwari, K.N.; Kumar, A.; Carter, M.R.; Gupta, U.C., 1989:
Evaluation of sedimentary iron pyrites as an ameliorant for a saline-sodic soil in Uttar Pradesh, India

Dekeyser, R.; Claes, B.; Marichal, M.; Van Montagu, M.; Caplan, A., 1989:
Evaluation of selectable markers for rice transformation

Narkiewicz, M., 1986:
Evaluation of selected diploid clones of potato for capacity to form unreduced male gametes

Kleczkowski, M., 1987:
Evaluation of selected metabolic indices for cattle in copper deficient regions

Henley, R.W.; Poole, R.T., 1989:
Evaluation of selected ornamental figs for interior use

Novak, J.; Strakova, V., 1989:
Evaluation of selected poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) varieties

Spunarova, M.; Zenisceva, L., 1990:
Evaluation of selected spring barley geneotypes for tolerance of aluminium ion toxicity using the haematoxylin method

Rychtarik, J.; Zofajova, A., 1988:
Evaluation of selected traits of a parental and F2 generation of spring barley

Bouchez, A.; Goffinet, B., 1990:
Evaluation of selection index: application to the choice of an indirect multitrait index for soybean breeding

Alves, R.M.; Bandel, G.; Vencovsky, R., 1987:
Evaluation of selection indices in rubber (Hevea spp.)

Polastre, R.; Pons, S.B.; Baccari, F.J., 1990:
Evaluation of selection programmes and environmental trends for some production and reproductive traits in a herd of crossbred Holstein-zebu cattle

Golden, D.A.; Beuchat, L.R.; Brackett, R.E., 1988:
Evaluation of selective direct plating media for their suitability to recover uninjured, heat-injured, and freeze-injured Listeria monocytogenes from foods

Holzmann, A.; Dickie, M., 1988:
Evaluation of semen quality as a prerequisite for successful reproduction

Asokan, P.K.; Sreedharan, C., 1987:
Evaluation of sequential and mixed row intercropping in cassava

Hoffmann, E.M.; Shapiro, S.J.; Nicoletti, P., 1990:
Evaluation of serologic and cellular immune responses of cattle to a nonlipopolysaccharide antigen from Brucella abortus

Granström, G.; Wretlind, B.; Salenstedt, C.R.; Granström, M., 1988:
Evaluation of serologic assays for diagnosis of whooping cough

Guimarães, M.C.; Celeste, B.J.; Franco, E.L.; Cucé, L.C.; Belda, W., 1989:
Evaluation of serological diagnostic indices for mucocutaneous leishmaniasis: immunofluorescence tests and enzyme-linked immunoassays for IgG, IgM and IgA antibodies

Kim, K.S.; Lillehoj, H.S.; Jenkins, M.C., 1989:
Evaluation of serum and secretory antibody responses to an immunodominant recombinant merozoite surface antigen, p150, using a sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Girio, R.J.S.; Mathias, L.A.; Yanaguita, R.M.; Mano Filho, A.C., 1988:
Evaluation of serum antibody titres in young buffaloes infected experimentally with Leptospira interrogans serotype pomona

Bakheit, B.R.; E.H.fny, M.Z.; Mahdy, E.E.; Gurguis, N.R.; E.S.imy, A., 1988:
Evaluation of sesame genotypes for relative tolerance to root rot disease

Johnson, C.S., 1989:
Evaluation of seven nematicides for control of tobacco cyst nematodes in flue-cured tobacco, 1987

Johnson, C.S., 1988:
Evaluation of seven nematicides for tobacco cyst nematode control in flue-cured tobacco, 1987

Merlo, E.; Fornasieri Filho, D.; Lam Sanchez, A., 1988:
Evaluation of seven popcorn (Zea mays, L.) cultivars at three sowing densities

Audemard, H.; Leblon, C.; Neumann, U.; Marboutie, G., 1989:
Evaluation of seven years of control experiments against the Oriental fruit moth Cydia molesta Busck (Lep., Tortricidae) by mating disruption

Castleberry, D.T., 1986:
Evaluation of several emergent mosquito sampling attractants with new microcosm environments for use in mosquito control research

Hopper, N.; Supak, J.; Kaufman, H., 1988:
Evaluation of several fungicides on seedling emergence and stand establishment of Texas high plains cotton

Gaafar, H.M., 1988:
Evaluation of several onion cultivars for dehydration purposes

Witherell, P.C.; Herbert, E.W.J., 1988:
Evaluation of several possible treatments to control varroa mite Varroa jacobsoni (Oud.) on honey bees in packages

Smaragdov, M.G.; Zakharova, Y.V.; Smirnov, A.F., 1988:
Evaluation of sexual dimorphism for repetitive blocks of nucleotides in the genome of cattle

Kondaiah, N.; Lakshmanan, V.; Joshi, H.B., 1988:
Evaluation of sheep and goat carcasses for conformation, bruises and contamination

Huh, C.J., 1988:
Evaluation of shelf-life of fluid milk products and application of statistical control charts to the dairy industry

Faminow, M.D.; Laubscher, K., 1990:
Evaluation of short-term market opportunities for agricultural commodities: the use of market windows

Nour, A.M.; E.D.n, A.E.T.; E.S.azly, K., 1987:
Evaluation of silage from some agro-industrial by-products in vitro

Everitt, J.H.; Escobar, D.E.; Villarreal, R., 1988:
Evaluation of single-band-video and video-band-based indices for grassland phytomass assessment

Hegelau, W.; Muhlhausser, G., 1988:
Evaluation of site mapping for forest inventory and management

Puttock, G.D.; Smith, C.R., 1987:
Evaluation of site preparation with Young's Teeth on sites with dense residual poplars

Bilbro, J.D., 1989:
Evaluation of sixteen fall-seeded cultivars for controlling wind erosion

Kobayashi, H.; Yano, K., 1988:
Evaluation of slope protection of a forest road with a psychometrical method from the view point of the landscape. (II) Experiments with animation-montage methods

Moletti, M.; Fiore, G.; Nipoti, E.; Villa, B., 1989:
Evaluation of slow-release nitrogen fertilizer granules and nitrification inhibitors in rice

Kolhe, S.S.; Mittra, B.N., 1989:
Evaluation of slow-release nitrogen fertilizers in rice-wheat cropping system

Maynard, D.N.; Howe, T.K.; Hochmuth, G.J., 1986:
Evaluation of snowpea cultivars, in-row spacing, and supplemental fertilization

Sumantri, I., 1987 :
Evaluation of social economic benefit of a timber estate project: the case of Pekalongan Timur

Shockey, W.; Heinrichs, A.; Weiss, W.; Weiss, W.; Conrad, H., 1990:
Evaluation of sodium diacetate-treated alfalfa silage for lactating dairy cows

Ibrahim, M.K.E.; Ragab, F.H.; Abeid, A.M., 1988:
Evaluation of soft cheese making by a processing unit. III. Cheese composition and yield

Froto Madariaga, M. de L., 1988:
Evaluation of soil amendments

Spes, J., 1989:
Evaluation of soil capability in the Presov district

Fernandez, N., 1989:
Evaluation of soil conservation measures in horticulture

Kilewe A.M.; Mbuvi J.P., 1987:
Evaluation of soil erodibility factors using natural runoff plots

Jung, P.K.; Koh, M.H.; Um, K.T., 1989:
Evaluation of soil erosion management practices on sloping farmland

Shepashenko, G.L.; Riverol, M., 1987:
Evaluation of soil losses, in erosional processes, by Soboliev's method

Jorajuria, D.; Balbueria, R.; Draghi, L., 1985:
Evaluation of soil mechanical properties

Johnson, A.W.; Wright, W.C., 1988:
Evaluation of soil nematicides for nematode control, growth and yield increase of field corn, 1987

Shiga, H.; Miyamori, Y.; Kimura, K., 1990:
Evaluation of soil nitrogen fertility in the paddy rice field with the continuous application of rice straw

Khoroshev, I.B.; Popov, A.E.; Naumov, V.D.; Kozyr, D.I., 1988:
Evaluation of soil properties in relation to apple rosetting disorder

Phogat V.K.; Aylmore L.A.G., 1989:
Evaluation of soil structure by using computer assisted tomography

Kard, B.M.; Mauldin, J.K.; Jones, S.C., 1989:
Evaluation of soil termiticides for control of subterranean termites (Isoptera)

Vodyanitskii, Y.N., 1986:
Evaluation of soil texture by entropy

Clark, J.R.; Maples, R., 1989:
Evaluation of soil-applied iron materials on highbush blueberry soil and foliar content

Raj Kummar, 1987:
Evaluation of soil-resource data for waste disposal

Sanchez, A.; Bascones, L.; Rosales, A., 1988:
Evaluation of soils for the cultivation of oranges. I. The principal edaphic characteristics which determine the suitability of soils for orange trees

Ohnoutkova, L.; Ohnoutka, Z., 1988:
Evaluation of somaclonal variation and induced mutagenesis in spring wheat

Khandal, R.K.; Khatter, S.K.; Khetan, S.K., 1987:
Evaluation of some Indian clays for their use in pesticide formulations

Nagarajan, S.; Nayar, S.K.; Bahadur, P.; Bhardwaj, S.C., 1987:
Evaluation of some Indian wheats for Yr, Lr and Sr genes by matching technique, and the genetic uniformity observed

Sher Singh; Satyavir, 1988:
Evaluation of some Indian wheats for the attributes of slow rusting

Bultman, J.D.; Beal, R.H.; Purushotham, A., 1988:
Evaluation of some Indian woods for natural resistance toward wood-destroying organisms

Singh H.; Singh N., 1988:
Evaluation of some chemicals for the control of bacterial blight of cotton

Routaray, B.N.; Sahoo, H.; Das, S.N., 1988:
Evaluation of some chilli cultivars against Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis

Viti R.; Cinelli F., 1989:
Evaluation of some clonal quince rootstocks in calcareous soil

E.H.fny, M.Z.; Mahdy, E.E.; Bakheit, B.R.; Guirguis, N.R.; E.S.imy, A., 1988:
Evaluation of some cultivars and promising strains of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Swai, S.L.; Singh, B.R., 1988:
Evaluation of some extractants for estimating sulphur availability in Tanzanian soils

Vivanco, H.W.; Donaire, J.C.; Cardenas, H., 1988:
Evaluation of some factors influencing post freezing-thawing sperm motility of Peruvian Paso horse frozen semen

Maleras, S.; Combellas, J., 1989:
Evaluation of some feeding norms for growing cattle

Nikolic, J.A., 1988:
Evaluation of some feedstuffs with special emphasis on the effect of nitrate and other non-protein nitrogen fractions on ruminal microbial metabolism

Tag E.D.n, A.; Ghandorah, M.O.; Bait A.M.l, M.; Mostafa, S., 1989:
Evaluation of some herbicides for weed control in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Mote, U.N.; Bapat, D.R., 1988:
Evaluation of some high yielding sorghum derivatives for resistance to shootfly

Pradhan, A.K.; Ray, S., 1987:
Evaluation of some homoeopathic chemicals against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infesting tomato

Ivanov P.; Dzhendova R., 1987:
Evaluation of some indices of the soil phosphate buffering capacity

Hasan, M.R.; Alam, M.G.M.; Islam, M.A., 1989:
Evaluation of some indigenous ingredients as dietary protein sources for catfish (Clarias batrachus, Linnaeus) fry

Mishra, B.; Dash, A.N.; Das, S.S., 1988:
Evaluation of some insecticides against larvae of Corcyra cephalonica Stainton

Pophaly, D.J.; Marwaha, K.K., 1987:
Evaluation of some insecticides as foliar treatment for the control of shoot fly, Atherigona spp. on spring sown maize

A.Kahtani, H.A., 1989:
Evaluation of some locally grown seeds (peanut, corn, sesame) and their extracted oils in Saudi Arabia

Shumilin, P.I.; Chernen' kaya, R.F.; Shumilina, L.F., 1989 :
Evaluation of some lupin species and varieties for protein content and amino acid composition

Mora de Gonzalez, N.; Ayunda, A. de; Gomez, M.; Gonzalez, R., 1986:
Evaluation of some materials as carriers of rhizobia in inoculants

Patil, V.N.; Zode, N.G., 1990:
Evaluation of some methods for overcoming seed dormancy in paddy

Kaur, D.J.; Thapa, C.D.; Nath, A.; Sharma, N.K., 1987:
Evaluation of some nematicides against Aphelenchoides sacchari

E.W.keil, F.A.; Allah, A.M.K., 1988:
Evaluation of some new tomato cultivars. 1. Some physical and chemical properties

E.W.keil, F.A.; Allah, A.M.K., 1988:
Evaluation of some new tomato cultivars. II. Suitability for juice production

Cerne, M., 1989:
Evaluation of some pepper cultivars in Slovenia

Della Loggia R.; Tubaro A.; Lunder T.L., 1990:
Evaluation of some pharmacological activities of a peppermint extract

Quaglia, G.B.; Lombardi, M.; Menesatti, P.; Bertone, A., 1988:
Evaluation of some physicochemical characteristics of a new freeze dried product based on apples and milk

Zafar, A.M.; Javed, R.A., 1986:
Evaluation of some production factors responsible for low wheat yield of farmers

Reddy V.R.K.; Bahl J.R., 1989:
Evaluation of some promising hexaploid triticales

Coscia, A.; Lavezzari, D.; Vigezzi, P.; Torchio, E., 1986:
Evaluation of some qualitative parameters during the ensiling process in chopped whole-crop maize with added lactic acid bacteria

Berbiers, P.; Maelfait, J-P.; Mertens, J., 1989:
Evaluation of some sampling methods used to study Collembola (Insecta, Apterygota) in a pasture

Kotikal, Y.K.; Devaiah, M.C., 1988:
Evaluation of some selected insecticides for their efficacy against black headed hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma obliqua Walker on mulberry

Serra, S.; Franceschini, A.; Foddai, A., 1988:
Evaluation of some selective substrates for the quantitative determination of Phytophthora cryptogea Peth. et Laff. in the soil

Mahinder Singh; Karwasra, S.P.S.; Khera, A.P., 1990:
Evaluation of some soil test methods for diagnosing sulphur deficiency in Mustard (Brassica juncea Coss)

Ashok Tiwari; Tiwari, K.N.; Pathak, A.N., 1988:
Evaluation of some soil test methods for potassium and assessment of critical limits for wheat under greenhouse conditions

Tran Mai Thien; Nguyen Cong Tuan; Phan Anh Tuan, 1987:
Evaluation of some strains of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Sharma J.P., 1988:
Evaluation of some synthetic pyrethroids and carbaryl for the control of bollworms and their effect on yield parameters of cotton

Bansal, R.K.; Asha Shivpuri, 1988:
Evaluation of some systemic and non-systemic fungicides in vitro against Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taub.) Butler

Mehta, V.S.; Vinay Singh; Singh, R.B., 1988:
Evaluation of some test methods for available sulphur in some alluvial soils

Melito, I.; Costa, A.J.; Moraes, J.R.E., 1987:
Evaluation of some toxicological parameters induced by the administration of closantel 20% and albendazole 5% to mice, rats, guineapigs and cattle

Bares, I.; Vlasak, M.; Krystof, Z.; Vlach, M.; Rychtarik, J.; Udacin, R.A.; Gradcaninova, O.D.; Nikiforova, N.F.; Komarov, V.I., 1989:
Evaluation of some traits of a winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) collection under ecological conditions of Czechoslovakia and the USSR

Dawood, R.A.; Kheiralla, K.A.; Mahdy, E.E., 1988:
Evaluation of some wheat cultivars for drought resistance under three levels of soil available water

Lad, S.K.; Mulik, B.B.; Gare, B.N., 1986:
Evaluation of sorghum entries for striga resistance

Ajmera P.T.; Waghmare P.S.; Gujar B.V., 1989:
Evaluation of sorghum stover by nylon bag technique using fistulated cows

Kuda, M.M., 1987:
Evaluation of source material for breeding barley for increased protein content in the grain

Peterson, G.A., 1989:
Evaluation of sow productivity index selection in Landrace and Duroc swine

Chinchilla R.G.; Carrillo S.P.; Agudelo D.O.; Rojas, H., 1988:
Evaluation of soyabean (Glycine max (L) Merr) cultivars with different growth habits according to irrigation level

Alizaga, G.; Alizaga, R.; Herrera, J., 1987 :
Evaluation of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) seed vigour and its relationship with emergence and yield

Yuyama, K., 1986:
Evaluation of soyabean cultivars in the Amazon region

Vargas Lopez, J.L.; Bogino, R.L.; Cayssials, H.O., 1988:
Evaluation of soyabean cultivars in the province of La Pampa

Shao, R.; Lu, J.; Wu, H.; Li, X.; Zhang, R.; Niu, Y., 1988:
Evaluation of soyabean germplasm resources in north-eastern China

Hosnell, V.; Cinglova, O., 1990:
Evaluation of soyabean seeds using the conductometric test of conductivity

Diaz Carrasco, M.; Velazquez, O.; Garcia, O.; Lopez, M.T.; Garcia, J.L., 1987:
Evaluation of soyabeans in the dry season in Cuba

Singh, T.P.; Khehra, A.S., 1988:
Evaluation of soybean genotypes for photo and thermo-sensitivity

Kpoghomou, B.; Sapra, V.T.; Singh, B.P.; Rangappa, M.; Kraemer, M.E.; Bhagsari, A.; Reddy, M.R.; Pacumbaba, R.P.; Floyd, M.; Tewari, S.C.; Igbokwe, P.W., 1986:
Evaluation of soybean germplasm for stress tolerance and biological efficiency

Kao, L.B.; Lockwood, J.L., 1989:
Evaluation of soybean introductions for resistance to stem rot caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, by a laboratory method

Mwandemele, O.D.; Doto, A., 1988:
Evaluation of soybean lines for drought tolerance and the influence of water availability on cookability

Titgemeyer, E.C.; Merchen, N.R.; Berger, L.L., 1989:
Evaluation of soybean meal, corn gluten meal, blood meal and fish meal as sources of nitrogen and amino acids disappearing from the small intestine of steers

Chen, C.M., 1989:
Evaluation of soybean rust tolerance at Hualien

Hallmark, W.; Beverly, R.; Parker, M.; Adams, J.; Boswell, F.; Ohki, K.S.uman, L.; Wilson, D., 1989:
Evaluation of soybean zinc and manganese requirements by the M-DRIS and sufficiency range methods

Ahuja L.R.; Cassel D.K.; Bruce R.R.; Barnes B.B., 1989:
Evaluation of spatial distribution of hydraulic conductivity using effective porosity data

Yadav, K.S., 1989:
Evaluation of special project on soybean in Indore district, Madhya Pradesh

Maynard, D.N.; Howe, T.K., 1986:
Evaluation of specialty vegetable crops for production in west central Florida

Singh, D.P., 1989:
Evaluation of specific dehydration tolerance traits for improvement of drought resistance

Bidinger, F.R.; Witcombe, J.R., 1989:
Evaluation of specific drought avoidance traits as selection criteria for improvement of drought resistance

Wattal, C.; Mohan, C.; Agarwal, S.C., 1988:
Evaluation of specific immunoglobulin E by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in hydatid disease

Preez, C.C. du; Laubscher, D.J.; Burger, R., 1989:
Evaluation of specific ion electrodes for the determination of extractable NH4+ and NO3- from soil

Bechyne, M.; Soucek, J.; Pazourek, J., 1989:
Evaluation of specific properties of yellow-seeded rape (Brassica napus L.)

Fogli da Silveira, W.; Kavamoto, E.T.; Rigolino, M.G.; Tabata, Y.A., 1987:
Evaluation of sperm concentration in rainbow trout (Salmo irideus) Gibbons by means of spectrophotometry

Leidl, W.; Riemke, P.; Braun, J.; Lotze, A.; Schroppel, I.; Schuh, H.; Stumpe, G., 1989:
Evaluation of sperm motility using a computer video micrographic technqiue

Lederhouse, RC.; Ayres, MP.; Scriber, JM., 1989:
Evaluation of spermatophore counts in studying mating systems of Lepidoptera

Lepekhin, N.S.; Tsyrin, A.A., 1989:
Evaluation of spray dispersal

Ayers, P.D.; Rogowski, S.M., 1989:
Evaluation of sprayer control system performance

Ingham, R.E.; Newcomb, G.B.; Morris, M.A., 1988:
Evaluation of spring nematicide applications for control of root-lesion and pin nematodes of peppermint, 1987

Ruzicka, M.; Kubat, T., 1990:
Evaluation of sprinkler irrigation - sprinkling intensity

Khade V.N.; Patil B.P.; Khanvilkar S.A.; Dongale J.H.; Thorat S.T., 1989:
Evaluation of sprinkler method of irrigation for green gram and groundnut

Parija, S.C.; Mehta, R.B.; Rao, R.S., 1988 :
Evaluation of stabilised and sensitised human O cells in the indirect haemagglutination test for filariasis

Uthaiah, B.C.; Lingaiah, H.B.; Rao, K.B., 1988:
Evaluation of standards for banana

Wray, W.K., 1988:
Evaluation of static equilibrium soil suction envelopes for predicting climate-induced soil suction changes occurring beneath covered surfaces

Smittle, D.A., 1988:
Evaluation of storage methods for 'Granex' onions

Andersen, H.; Thuesen, A., 1989:
Evaluation of strawberry cultivars 1987-88

Dulphy, J.; Thibault, O., 1987:
Evaluation of straws and hays treated with anhydrous ammonia

Grenet, N., 1987:
Evaluation of straws treated with ammonia in heifers and suckling cows

Lyon, D.E.; Bigbee, K.L.; McNamara, W.S., 1988:
Evaluation of strength properties of fire-retardant treated wood using the 1983 National Forest Products Association protocol

Bunger, L.; Dietl, G.; Schuler, L., 1987:
Evaluation of stress tolerance in laboratory mice - influence of selection and coat colour on motor endurance fitness

Eijk, J.P. van; Eikelboom, W., 1989:
Evaluation of studies on improving resistance to sour (Fusarium oxysporum) in tulip

Uffelen, J. van, 1988:
Evaluation of substrates: price, handling, length of use and yields are limiting factors for choice

Suryawanshi, S.N.; Sawant, M.M.; Pampattiwar, P.S., 1986:
Evaluation of subsurface drainage system in black soil

Mendoza Moreno, S.F.; Rodriguez Carranza, A., 1988:
Evaluation of subsurface irrigation in deep soils

Bonnel, E.; Peros, J.P.; Girard, J.C., 1988:
Evaluation of sugar cane somaclones for gumming disease resistance and agronomic performance

Gutsulyak, E.K.; Sary, V.G., 1988:
Evaluation of sugarbeet forms obtained by treating seeds with high doses of gamma radiation

Tsukada, M.; Takada, S., 1988:
Evaluation of sugarbeet quality

Parish, R.L.; Chaney, P.P.; Baker, F.E., 1987:
Evaluation of sugarcane planters and planting systems

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Evaluation of sugarcane somaclones derived from cultivar R 472 for resistance to gummosis and for agronomic performance

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Evaluation of sugarcane varieties against a new strain of red rot pathogen

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Evaluation of sulfonyl urea and imidazoline compounds for bunchberry control in lowbush blueberry fields

Buzetti, S.; Nakagawa, J.; Muraoka, T., 1989 :
Evaluation of sulphur and micronutrient requirements of soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) on soil under cerrado vegetation - II

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Evaluation of sulphur status of East Coast pastures of the North Island, New Zealand. 1. Soil and herbage survey

Baxendale, R.W.; Johnson, W.T., 1988:
Evaluation of summer oil spray on amenity plants

Zambrana, T.; Menchaca, M., 1987:
Evaluation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) cultivars for seed production

Amaranatha, B.S.; Krishnappa, K., 1989:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Losavio, N.; Mastrorilli, M., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Apulia

Paradisi, U., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Coastal Marche

Pirani, V.; Pieri, S., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Inland Marche

Bianchi, A.A.; Guiducci, M., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Lazio (Reatino plain)

Vannozzi, G.P.; Salera, E.; Baldini, M., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Tuscany

Monotti, M., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set A: evaluation of commercial cultivars in different environments under dryland cultivation. Umbria

Losavio, N.; Mastrorilli, M., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Apulia

Perniola, M.; Caro, A. de; Amaducci, M.T., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Basilicata

D.A.ato, A.; Giordano, I.; Philippis, G. de, 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Campania

Abbate, V.; Copani, V.; Patane, C., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Eastern Sicily

Gallina, D.; Anconelli, S., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Emilia-Romagna

Leto, C.; Carrubba, A., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Inland Sicily

Attene, G.; Porru, A., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower cultivars in different environments and at different moisture availabilities. Sub-set B: cultivars of different precocity compared in different environments under dryland cultivation and with limited irrigation. Sardinia

Liu, X.J.; Lu, B.N., 1988:
Evaluation of sunflower germplasm resources for resistance to Septoria helianthi

Cherzhentseva, M.I., 1988:
Evaluation of sunflower lines for combining ability for husk content of the seeds

Lukashev, A.A., 1990:
Evaluation of sunflower plants for response to mineral fertilizers

Monotti, M. (Coordinator), 1988:
Evaluation of sunflower varieties in different environments and with different water supplies

Ramos, R.; Pinochet, D.; Lizana, L.A., 1987:
Evaluation of surface irrigation systems for table grapes

Vega Sotelo, F., 1988:
Evaluation of surge flow irrigation

Steward, VB.; Kring, TJ.; Yearian, WC., 1989:
Evaluation of survey methods for estimating sorghum midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) densities in grain sorghum

Kitthawee, S.; Edman, J.D.; Sattabongkot, J., 1990:
Evaluation of survival potential and malaria susceptibility among different size classes of laboratory-reared Anopheles dirus

Cimanowski, J.; Dziecio, W.; Kowalik, B., 1988:
Evaluation of susceptibility of 22 apple varieties to apple scab (Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Aderh) and apple powdery mildew (Podosphaera leuchotricha (EU Et. Ev) Salm)

Sekhar, G.; Anahosur, K.H.; Hegde, R.K., 1987:
Evaluation of susceptibility of sorghum to charcoal rot infection

Solorzano, G.I.R. de, 1989:
Evaluation of suspended matter in irrigation furrows under the environmental conditions of San Juan de Lagunillas, Merida State

Fernandez M.C., 1988:
Evaluation of sweet and chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum) genotypes for resistance to Phytophthora capsici Leonian

Zanini, J.R., 1989:
Evaluation of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) seeds vigour at different maturity stages

Naas, L.A.; Bucklin, R.A.; Zazueta, F.S.; Freire, W.J., 1989:
Evaluation of swine housing under tropical climate

Singh, D.S.; Sircar, P., 1986:
Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for inhibitory effect on the hatching of eggs of Earias vittella Fab

Jones, G.F.; Ward, G.E., 1990:
Evaluation of systemic administration of gentamicin for treatment of coliform mastitis in cows

Torres, E.; Gazziero, D.L.P.; Galerani, P.R.; Neumaier, N.; Garcia, A.; Oliveira, M.C.N. de, 1988:
Evaluation of systems of soil preparation and sowing of soyabean

Linscombe, S.; Watson, C.J.; Trevathan, L., 1989:
Evaluation of tall fescue plant introductions for resistance to Cochliobolus sativus

Hakim L.; Azam M.A.; Miah A.J.; Mansur M.A.; Akanda H.R., 1989:
Evaluation of tall rice mutant

Naskar, S.K., 1989:
Evaluation of taro varieties under rainfed conditions in Orissa

Susin, J.; Clemente, M.; Hernandez Bermejo, J.E., 1988:
Evaluation of taxonomic characters derived from structures of epidermal origin for intraspecific differentiation in Gossypium hirsutum L

Gonzalez Gaona, O.J.; Lagunes Tejeda, A., 1986:
Evaluation of technical and non-technical methods to control Spodoptera frugiperda and Sitophilus zeamais in La Chontalpa, Tabasco, Mexico

Romero, J.; Raman, KV., 1988:
Evaluation of ten Solanum potato cultivars for major insect pests, natural enemies and pest resistance in the highlands of Peru

Ezumah, H.C.; Hahn, S.K.; Terry, E.R., 1987:
Evaluation of ten sweet potato cultivars at eight sites in southern Nigeria

Mittelstaedt, C.W.; Teeter, R.G., 1989:
Evaluation of ten wheat varieties for TMEn, crude protein and amino acid content

Hill, J.E., 1988:
Evaluation of tendon failure in broiler chickens

Ubosi, C.O.; Azubogu, C.N., 1989:
Evaluation of terramycin Q and fishmeal for combating heat stress in poultry production

Pinto, P.A.; Silva, P.R.; Albuquerque, L.G.; Bezerra, L.A.F., 1989:
Evaluation of testicular measurements and mating ability in Guzera and Nelore bulls

Scotti, M.R.; Sa, N.M.H.; Vargas, M.A.T.; Dobereiner, J., 1988:
Evaluation of tetracycline, kanamycin and chloramphenicol resistance of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and Bradyrhizobium (Stylosanthes) isolated from cerrado soils

Sharma, S.R., 1988:
Evaluation of tetrazolium chloride stain for detection of bunchy top and infectious chlorosis viruses in banana

Meister, D.; Tschudi, P.; Hermann, M.; Lutz, H., 1990:
Evaluation of the QBC-V haematology system at university animal clinics in Zurich and Bern

Brown, M.W.; Abdulla, F.M., 1989:
Evaluation of the 1988/89 potato demonstration programme in Dhamar governorate

Vissers, M., 1990:
Evaluation of the 1989 begonia trials

McAllister, J.S.; Stadtherr, M.P.; Fox, T.L., 1988:
Evaluation of the 3M PetrifilmReg. culture plate method for enumerating aerobic flora and coliforms in poultry processing facilities

Ottaviani, F., 1989:
Evaluation of the 3M petrifilm E. coli culture plate method for the rapid identification of Escherichia coli in food

Ravindranath, N.H., 1989:
Evaluation of the Astra stove programme

Colman, D.R.; Lee, N., 1988:
Evaluation of the Broads Grazing Marshes Conservation Scheme 1985-88. Final report

Jayanetti, S.R.; Perera, H.A.S.; Wijesundara, M. de S., 1988:
Evaluation of the CDC gravid mosquito trap for sampling peridomestic mosquito filarial vectors

Edwards, J.; Chapman, H.; Dunsmore, J., 1989:
Evaluation of the CRACK approach for the control of drench resistance in sheep worms

Vio, F.; Kain, J.; Vial, I., 1989:
Evaluation of the Chilean nutritional surveillance system

Smith, W.C.; Pearson, G.; Garrick, D.J., 1988:
Evaluation of the Duroc in comparison with the Landrace and Large White as a terminal sire of crossbred pigs slaughtered at 85 kg liveweight

Araki, K.; Nogami, S.; Nakamura, M., 1987:
Evaluation of the ELISA for the diagnosis of paragonimiasis

Miccolis, V.; Bianco, V.V.; Perrino, P.; Elia, A.; Volpe, N., 1989:
Evaluation of the European collection of globe artichokes raised in the Valle dell'Ofanto. (First note)

Dlamini, B.M., 1987:
Evaluation of the Faculty of Agriculture teacher education programme at the University of Swaziland

Anonymous, 1989:
Evaluation of the integrated projects in Tanzania and Zambia, March 12-19, 1988

Cormier, D.; Ryans, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the La Taupe scarifier

Hebert, B.A.; Tremblay, A., 1989:
Evaluation of the Mallinckrodt Serometer 370 biochemical analysis system for blood determination of urea nitrogen (BUN), total bilirubin, aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and glucose

Sandor, J., 1988 :
Evaluation of the Mecsek-Villany recreation area in respect of its accommodation capacity

Renner, M.; Field, C., 1988:
Evaluation of the Merifluor immunofluorescent procedure for the detection of Giardia lamblia in preserved fecal specimens

Coto, G.; Rodriguez, M.; Perez Infante, F.; Melgarez, P.; Perez, M., 1989:
Evaluation of the N fractions in the rumen of rams fed increasing levels of concentrates

Takasaki, M.; Harada, M.; Sato, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the NH4-N and DOC removal efficiency by submerged biofilm process in tap water supply pretreatment system

Clanton, C.J.; Slack, D.C.; Shaffer, M.J., 1987:
Evaluation of the NTRM model for land application of septage

Buchanan, D.S.; Darnell, D.K.; Frahm, R.R.; Vanderwert, W., 1988:
Evaluation of the North American Limousin

Sattar, M.A.; Nazimuddin, S.M.; Hossain, M.N.; Haq, K.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the North Bangladesh tubewell irrigation project-a case study

Geissler, H., 1986:
Evaluation of the Pinus contorta trial plots established in 1930 by Jentsch

Deppe, R.; Boroschek, D.; Henriquez, O., 1988:
Evaluation of the Quata III intensifying screen in radiological examination of the navicular bone of the Chilean horse

Lofstedt, R.M.; Patel, J.H., 1989:
Evaluation of the ability of altrenogest to control the equine estrous cycle

Bradburn, N.; Coker, R.D.; Jewers, K.; Tomlins, K.I., 1990:
Evaluation of the ability of different concentrations of aqueous acetone, aqueous methanol and aqueous acetone:methanol (1:1) to extract aflatoxin from naturally contaminated maize

Podlucka, M., 1986:
Evaluation of the acid-producing activity of milk determined by the yoghurt test

Prost, M.; Sopinska, A., 1989:
Evaluation of the activity of the cellular protective processes in carp with Saprolegnia infection and treatment with malachite green and an immunostimulant

Moreno Vivanco, I.; Otth Rademacher, L.; Frick, P., 1986:
Evaluation of the activity of tolciclate versus clotrimazole in the treatment of tinea of the skin

Parsons W.F.J.; Durall D.M.; Parkinson D., 1986:
Evaluation of the actual evapotranspiration model of decomposition at a subalpine surface coal mine

Martynov, S.P.; Krupnov, V.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the adequacy of coefficients of relatedness by means of chromosome markers

Damroze, I.; Liepa, I., 1987:
Evaluation of the adequacy of ecological modelling of the density of populations of alate aphids

Sherman, D.M.; Bray, B.; Gay, J.M.; Bates, F., 1989:
Evaluation of the agar gel immunodiffusion test for diagnosis of subclinical paratuberculosis in cattle

Hernandez O.L.F.; Munoz C.A.; Castellar P.N., 1987:
Evaluation of the agronomic potential of the winged bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) D.C. in the conditions of the Cauca Valley

Fournier, P.; Geroyannis, H.; Gilg, P., 1988:
Evaluation of the annual crop area and ground inventory in the Paris Basin by combining classical statistical surveys and SPOT data (PEPS 127)

Bedrnik, P.; Firmanova, A.; Jurkovic, P.; Kucera, J.; Vanek, Z.; Beran, M.; Misar, Z., 1989:
Evaluation of the anticoccidial activity of the Spofa monensin preparation

Onawunmi G.O., 1989:
Evaluation of the antifungal activity of lemon grass oil

Lutomski, J.; Kedzia, B.; Hoderna, E., 1988:
Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of the complex garlic preparation Wang 1000 Kombi-7-fach Kapseln

Oliveira, S.A. de, 1989:
Evaluation of the availability of nitrogen in soil

Boodoo, A.A.; Ramjee, R.; Hulman, B.; Dolberg, F.; Rowe, J.B., 1990:
Evaluation of the basal forage diet of village cows

Vissers, M., 1989:
Evaluation of the begonia trials of 1988

Hopwood, V.; Warnock, D.W.; Milne, J.D.; Crowley, T.; Horrocks, C.T.; Taylor, P.K., 1988:
Evaluation of the candidate super latex agglutination test for the diagnosis of vaginal candidosis

Ogaza, I.; Zarzycki, S., 1990:
Evaluation of the candle filter station, made by ZUP at Nysa, at Otmuchow sugar factory

Beck, T., 1990:
Evaluation of the capacity of harvester-thresher separation components by means of measured material properties

Ramos Martinez, F.; Rodriguez Errandonea, J., 1989:
Evaluation of the caprine brucellosis control programme in Navarra (1985-88)

Gallo, C.; Silva, J.; Bifani, V.; Echevarria, F.; Abello, L., 1988:
Evaluation of the carcasses of common game birds in southern Chile

Perfettini, J.V.; Langomazino, N.; Revertegat, E.; Petit, J. le, 1989:
Evaluation of the cement degradation induced by the metabolic products of two fungal strains

Sulovari, H., 1989:
Evaluation of the chemical and technological characteristics of some varieties of bread wheat

Lakhanov, A.P., 1988:
Evaluation of the cold resistance of field crops

Unguryan, A.B.; Mashtakov, A.A.; Panchev, Y.I., 1989:
Evaluation of the combining ability of initial forms of tomato

Khan, Ch, 1987:
Evaluation of the combining ability of lucerne for green matter yield

Matveeva, G.V., 1988:
Evaluation of the combining ability of popcorn lines

Ivanov, A.I.; Krivchik, O.V.; Sidorov, A.V., 1988:
Evaluation of the combining ability of varieties and heterosis effects in lucerne hybrids produced using cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)

Kovar, R.; Rauscher, J., 1989:
Evaluation of the complete characteristics of tractor engines

Shalimov, N.A.; Grin' ko, P.M.; Gorlov, A.I., 1989:
Evaluation of the conformation of Angeln cattle

Majchrzak, D.; Gronowska Senger, A.; Gawrys, K., 1987:
Evaluation of the contents of nitrates and nitrites in daily diets given to children

Lopez Chapelin, L.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the corrosive effects of sulphitated cane juice

Camino, R. de, 1986:
Evaluation of the costs and social benefits of forestry activities. Community development projects

Rutledge, L.C.; Gupta, R.K.; Elshenawy, K.B., 1989:
Evaluation of the cotton fabric model for screening topical mosquito repellents

Szprengier Juszkiewicz, T., 1988:
Evaluation of the daily dietary intake of mercury in Poland

Gonzalez Valenzuela, M.; Roche, R.; Simanca, M.E.; Plasencia, A., 1986:
Evaluation of the damage caused by Zabrotes subfasciatus in stored beans

Bartunek, J.; Kudrleova, L., 1987:
Evaluation of the damage caused by air pollutants to forest stands in the hilly region of Zd'arske vrchy, Czechoslovakia

Roederer, M.; Marcocchi, N.; Michaud, C.; Michel, F.; Schwertz, A.; Mejean, L., 1988:
Evaluation of the degree of meal recall in adolescent students

Farini A.; Gigliotti C.; Vandoni M.V., 1988:
Evaluation of the dehydrogenase activity of the soil

Härtel, H., 1990:
Evaluation of the dietary interaction of calcium and phosphorus in the high producing laying hen

Dzhura, P.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the different methods of determining tracked vehicle pressure on the soil

Bessonova, E.I.; Rustamova, M.R.; Mansurova, K.I., 1987:
Evaluation of the drought resistance of breeding material of wheat by grain weight/ear

Kozhushko, N.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the drought resistance of field crops

Kumakov, V.A.; Igoshin, A.P., 1988:
Evaluation of the drought resistance of wheat varieties by the coefficient of realization of potential yield per ear

Chuvaeva, A.D.; Mutovina, T.V., 1988:
Evaluation of the drought resistance of winter bread wheat breeding material by indirect methods

Grace, J.K.; Abdallay, A., 1989:
Evaluation of the dye marker Sudan Red 7B with Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Martynov, S.P., 1989:
Evaluation of the ecological adaptability of crop plants

Sotchenko, V.S.; Desyatov, P.S., 1989:
Evaluation of the ecological adaptability of maize hybrids produced in the Sever programme of collaboration between breeders

Schneider, T.W.; Poker, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the ecological consequences of forest dieback by means of a scenario - as exemplified for the Hamburg forests

Tribrat, T.P., 1989:
Evaluation of the ecological plasticity and stability of crossbred laying fowls based on the results of European tests

Nekrasov, V.G., 1989:
Evaluation of the economic effect of methane fermentation of manure

Pekarik, S.; Rozsnyo, L., 1988:
Evaluation of the economic efficiency of grape production at the Gbelce collective farm

Zivelova, I., 1990:
Evaluation of the economic relationship between the intensity and costs of milk production

Mikulka, J.; Zimcik, P., 1988:
Evaluation of the effect of Starane 250 EC on Galium aparine

Mikhnevich, O.C.; Klimpinya, A.E., 1988:
Evaluation of the effect of entomopathogenic fungi on the ladybug Cycloneda limbifer Casey

Tolosa, J.S.; Garcia, F.; Vazquez, M.; Chiavetta, A.; Sbaffo, A.; Degiovanni, C.; Bulman, G.M.; Ambrustolo, R.R., 1990:
Evaluation of the effect of ivermectin on weight gain, feed conversion and other parameters in pigs from weaning to slaughter

Kerbabaeva, Z.A.; Konoplya, A.S.; Konoplya, S.P., 1990:
Evaluation of the effect of marker genes on economic characters in isolines of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. and G. barbadense L.)

Nikul' nikov, I.M., 1988:
Evaluation of the effect of mixtures of post-emergence herbicides in seedings of sugarbeet under irrigation

Kuo Sell, H.L.; Eggers, G., 1987 :
Evaluation of the effect of parasitoids on the population dynamics of cereal aphids by comparing the rates of mummification and parasitism in winter wheat

Castleberry, D.T.; Cech, J.J.; Kristensen, A.B., 1989:
Evaluation of the effect of varying mosquito emergence on the efficiency of emergence traps over enclosed environments

Machoy, Z.; Suzewski, R.; Niewiarowska Pawlus, A.; Sukowski, Z.; Samujo, D.; Durda, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the effect on cows of fluorine compounds present in industrial emissions

Pang, X.F., 1988:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Trichogramma and other natural enemies

Johannes Toonders, T.; Carrillo Sanchez, J.L., 1987:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Trichogramma spp. (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) for the control of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Recommendations on its use

Concaro, G.; Monchiero, M.; Gullino, M.L., 1988:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of new fungicides against foliar diseases of wheat

Witkowski, W.; Ciesielski, F.; Mrowczynski, M.; Urban, M., 1987:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of new seed treatments against pests of winter rape in the years 1981-1986

Radin, Z., 1987:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of some insecticides in the control of the sugarbeet weevil (Bothynoderes punctiventris) in sugarbeet fields

Dirlbeckova, O.; Kybal, J.; Hrozinka, I., 1987:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the newly developed mycoinsecticide Boverol-Spofa against the Colorado potato beetle

Welch, R.D.; DeBowes, R.M.; Liepold, H.W., 1989:
Evaluation of the effects of intra-articular injection of dimethylsulfoxide on normal equine articular tissues

Conde, A. dos R.; Garcia, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the effects of rate and timing of nitrogen application on seed yield, quality and characteristics of Jaragua grass (Hyparrhenia rufa)

Donzele, J.L.; Lopes, D.C.; Alvarenga, J.C.; Neto, A.M.; Pereira, J.A.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the effects of the amounts of protein, calcium and phosphorus in the diet on the performance of entire male pigs

Reinemeyer, C.R.; DeNovo, R.C., 1990:
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of two formulations of pyrantel pamoate in cats

Hengy, C.; Gazin, P.; Eberle, F.; Jambou, R.; Louis, J.P., 1990:
Evaluation of the efficacy of 4-aminoquinolines in a zone of drug resistance. Proposal of new therapeutic schemes

Lataa, A.; Mazurkiewicz, M., 1987:
Evaluation of the efficacy of Banminth for the treatment of ascariosis and capillariosis in birds

Vazquez, A.D.; Corroy Navarro, M.; Coutino Ocampo, M. del C., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of albendazole in the treatment of strongyloidiasis in humans

Rinkanya, F.G.R.; Tatchell, R.J., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of different pour-on formulations against cattle ticks in Kenya

Heath, A.C.G.; Wilson, P.R.; Roberts, H.M., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of flumethrin 1% pour-on against the New Zealand cattle tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis, on farmed deer using laboratory-reared ticks

Romiti, N.; Almeida, J.R.P. de; Dinata, S.L.M. e, 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of four shampoo formulations used in cases of seborrhoeic dermatitis and pityriasis capitis

Fernandes, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of ivermectin against Demodex bovis in naturally infected cattle

Kempf, I.; Cacou, P.M.; Guittet, M.; Ollivier, C.; Morin, M.; L.H.spitalier, R.; Bennejean, G., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficacy of kitasamycin and of Bay VP 2674 in chickens experimentally infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Kubasa, P., 1987:
Evaluation of the efficacy of the latest coccidiostats, with particular reference to narasin

Reinus, L.G.; Hultgren, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of a new aeration system at Henriksdal sewage treatment plant

Juruena, L.F.; Meyer Cachapuz, L.M., 1987:
Evaluation of the efficiency of chlorophosphorate, phosphorate and carbamate insecticides in powder formulations in the control of ants of the genus Acromyrmex (Hym., Formicidae)

Crocomo, W.B.; Cottas, M.P.; Nalli, L.R., 1987:
Evaluation of the efficiency of esfenvalerate and alphamethrin in controlling the small tomato borer

Habib, M.E.M.; Andrade, C.F.S.; Rossi, W.L., 1989:
Evaluation of the efficiency of four chemical insecticides in ULV formulations for the control of the cotton leafworm, Alabama argillacea (Hubner, 1818) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Nohara K., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of native natural enemies in the citrus orchards

Jiang, F.Q.; Yang, R.Y.; Lin, H.M., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of shrubs in shelterbelt systems in 'three norths'

Dmitrenko, V.; Medvedev, N., 1990:
Evaluation of the efficiency of soil erosion control in the Ukrainian SSR

Cianciara, Z.; Hoownicki, R.; Rabcewicz, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of the Fructo-Sort 2.5 apple grading line for preparing apples for commercial handling

Martinez Arroyo, J.L., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of the detection of oestrus in dairy cows by means of determination of blood progesterone concentration at the time of insemination

Serra, S.; Franceschini, A.; Foddai, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the efficiency of the soil dilution plate (SDP) method for the quantitative determination of populations of Phytophthora cryptogea Peth. et Laff. in the soil

Poiani, K.A.; Johnson, W.C., 1988:
Evaluation of the emergence method in estimating seed composition of prairie wetlands

Antoniewicz, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the energy value of ruminant feeds using in vitro assays of organic matter digestibility

Pustavalova, V.Ya, 1990:
Evaluation of the epidemiological role of Opisthorchis-infected immigrants from northern Tyumen region settled in another part of an endemic territory

Su, S.J.; Huang, S.; Chung, C.Y.; Yang, H.M.; Chow, Y.O., 1990:
Evaluation of the equivocal test results of Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay

Gruszka, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the ether sampling method to detect low level infestations of Varroa jacobsoni

Ludwicki, J.K., 1987 :
Evaluation of the exposure to dietary mercury and transformations of that metal caused by the content of the digestive tract

Vendramim, J.D.; Silva, F.C. da; Camargo, A.P. de, 1989:
Evaluation of the extent of area damaged by the complex borer-rot on six sugarcane cultivars

Zebrowski, Z.; Szymanowska, B.; Szalucka, H., 1988:
Evaluation of the fattening value of (Polish Landrace X Polish Large White) X German Landrace pig crossbreds

Robinson, P.H.; Kennelly, J.J., 1989:
Evaluation of the feeding value of malt sprouts

Bustamante, G.; Garcia, D.; Sanchez, L.G., 1990:
Evaluation of the fertility of frozen-thawed ram semen, deposited into the uterus by means of laparoscopy. Preliminary results

Morel, C.; Fardeau, J.C., 1988:
Evaluation of the fertilizer value of calcium-aluminium phosphate by isotopic labelling: comparison with other forms

Belay, T.; McDonald, K.; Smith, M.O.; Teeter, R.G., 1989:
Evaluation of the five-day posthatching heat distress acclimation technique

Vaskovsky, P., 1989:
Evaluation of the flax production system by factor and cluster analyses

Aiban, S.A.; Znidarcic, D., 1989:
Evaluation of the flow pump and constant head techniques for permeability measurements

Lopez Lopez, R.; Rosiles Martinez, R., 1989:
Evaluation of the fluorine content of Mexican rock phosphate using the specific ion electrode

Autret, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the food situation in a developing country. Analysis of dietary survey. Presentation and interpretation of results

Ferrer, C.; Amella, A.; Ocana, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the forage resources of Aragon

Hercberg, S.; Galan, P.; Assami, M.; Assami, S., 1988:
Evaluation of the frequency of anaemia and iron-deficiency anaemia in a group of Algerian menstruating women by a mixed distribution analysis: contribution of folate deficiency and inflammatory processes in the determination of anaemia

Brzostowicz, A.; Mackowiak, W.; Szelag, J., 1988:
Evaluation of the frost resistance of triticale lines and varieties

Brauer, M.; Koutrakis, P.; Wolfson, J.M.; Spengler, J.D., 1989:
Evaluation of the gas collection of an annular denuder system under simulated atmospheric conditions

Tamm, Y.A., 1987:
Evaluation of the genetic and selection value of Estonian aspen forests

Mityut' ko, V.I., 1989:
Evaluation of the genetic change in dairy performance by the BLUP method

Vlcova, V., 1987:
Evaluation of the genetic effects of codlemone in a yeast system

Kralj, D., 1989:
Evaluation of the genetic potential of Yugoslavian wild hops (Humulus lupulus L.)

Kroon, G.H.; Jong, J. de; Raamsdonk, L.W.D. van, 1989:
Evaluation of the genus Kalanchoe for breeding of new cutflowers and potplants

Mahler, R.; Auld, D., 1989:
Evaluation of the green manure potential of Austrian winter peas in northern Idaho

Guevara, G.J.; Santillan, C.V., 1988:
Evaluation of the growth of the fungi Arthrobotrys irregularis, Beauveria sp. (two species), Paecilomyces lilacinus Thom and Trichoderma sp. on different substrates (ground wheat, rice, barley rice and coarse wheat) under laboratory conditions

Kulikova, E.G., 1987:
Evaluation of the harmfulness of coccids

Baraniak, E.; Stachowiak, P., 1985:
Evaluation of the health status of stands in the Great Polish National Park

Volkova, A.M., 1988:
Evaluation of the heat resistance of field crops

Chefranova, Y.A.; Surkenova, G.N., 1989:
Evaluation of the helminthological situation along the Irtysh- Karaganda canal. Communication 3. Sanitary- helminthological and malacological investigations

Chefranova, Y.A.; Churilov, V.K.; Gitsu, G.A.; Baitanaev, O.A., 1987:
Evaluation of the helminthological situation along the route of the Irtysh-Karaganda canal. Communication 2. Prevalence of Opisthorchis larvae in fish

Rojas, J.; Castillo, D.; Fuenzalida, L.; Islas, A., 1985:
Evaluation of the humoral immune response of horses producing antitetanic plasma by the in vitro determination of serum proteins and antitoxic titres

Guerrero, F.; Polo, A., 1989:
Evaluation of the hydrophysical properties of peats for agricultural use

Rogelj, I.; Godic, K., 1987:
Evaluation of the hygienic quality of milk

Prijic, L.; Jovanovic, M., 1989:
Evaluation of the hypocotyls of different genotypes of soyabean, Glycine max (L.) Merr

Zajac, J.; Zuffa, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the immunoenzyme reaction in the quantification of antibodies to IBR IPV virus

Vrzal, V.; Cupera, Z.; Chumela, J.; Zatloukal, L., 1990:
Evaluation of the immunogenic and protective properties of an inactivated tissue culture rabies vaccine

Buonavoglia, C.; Iovane, G.; Trani, L. di; Falcone, E.; Orefice, L., 1988:
Evaluation of the immunogenicity in pigs, guineapigs and chickens of an inactivated porcine parvovirus vaccine

Banguero Lozano, H., 1987:
Evaluation of the impact of a coffee boom on income distribution: an analysis of Colombia

Simmons, M.; Sayer, R., 1988:
Evaluation of the impact of acid deposition on eastern Canada's sport fishery

Adusei, E.O., 1988:
Evaluation of the importance and magnitude of agricultural maintenance research in the United States

Migheli, Q.; Aloi, C.; Gullino, M.L., 1988:
Evaluation of the in vitro activity of diethofencarb phenyl carbamate against some pathogens sensitive or resistant to benzimidazoles

Niedziolka J.; Malec H., 1988:
Evaluation of the incubator microclimate with respect to its ventilation intensity

Berte, K.; Epplin, F.M., 1989:
Evaluation of the influence of agricultural price policy on cotton production in Cote d'Ivoire

Gullino, M.L.; Aloi, C.; Garibaldi, A., 1989:
Evaluation of the influence of different temperatures, relative humidities and nutritional supports on the antagonistic activity of Trichoderma spp. against grey mould of grape

Subronto ; Taniputra, B.; Manurung, A., 1987:
Evaluation of the influence of nursery shade on the growth and yield of several crosses of oil palm

Peleg, B.A., 1989:
Evaluation of the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen (Tiger) as a control agent for the California red scale and the cottony-cushion scale

Bebyakin, V.M.; Korobova, N.I., 1990:
Evaluation of the integral combining ability of winter wheat varieties

Zientarski, J., 1987:
Evaluation of the introduction of Pinus cembra to Babia Gora

Moura, P.A.M. de; Andade, R. de, 1989:
Evaluation of the introduction of the Inca variety of irrigated rice

Ayerza H.R., 1990:
Evaluation of the jojoba

Omer, E.F.; el-Naeem, H.A.; Ali, M.H.; Catterall, R.D.; Erwa, H.H., 1988:
Evaluation of the laboratory diagnosis of vaginal trichomoniasis in Khartoum

Henninger, F.; Pedrazzetti, E., 1990:
Evaluation of the light stability of greenhouse cover films

Karsulovic C.J.T.; Leon G.L.A.; Chacon A.J., 1987:
Evaluation of the longitudinal modulus of elasticity of Pinus radiata sawn timber by the speed of propagation of stress waves

Wenk, C.; Steiner, G.; Kunz, P., 1989:
Evaluation of the losses of water and minerals: description of the method with the example of a 10 000 m race

Qian, M.; Sun, H.; Song, C.; Yang, X., 1989:
Evaluation of the main agronomic characters of winter wheat in north China

Wu, Y.; Yeh, M.Y.; Yang, Y.H., 1987:
Evaluation of the mercaptoethanol tube agglutination test for serological diagnosis of bovine brucellosis

Nader Filho, A.; Schocken Iturrino, R.P.; Rossi Junior, O.D., 1989:
Evaluation of the microbiological characteristics of type B milk investigated at different processing points

Gartenberg, P.K.; Rodriguez M.D.; McDowell, L.R.; Wilkinson, N.S.; Martin, F.G., 1989:
Evaluation of the mineral status of cattle in northeast Mexico. 1. Macroelements and crude protein

Santana, R.; Navarro, R., 1989:
Evaluation of the modified Fregat irrigation equipment

Grimshaw, W.T.; Weatherley, A.J.; Jones, R.M., 1989:
Evaluation of the morantel sustained release trilaminate in the control of parasitic gastroenteritis in first season grazing cattle

Lojda, L.; Kovarik, K., 1988:
Evaluation of the morphological changes and the results of culture in pulmonary mycoses of hybrid broiler chicks

Massanyi, L., 1989:
Evaluation of the motility of boar spermatozoa using computer technology

Hewlett, E.L.; Cowell, J.L., 1989:
Evaluation of the mouse model for study of encephalopathy in pertussis vaccine recipients

Ishii, A.; Matsuoka, H.; Aji, T.; Hayatsu, H.; Wataya, Y.; Arimoto, S.; Tokuda, H., 1989:
Evaluation of the mutagenicity and the tumor-promoting activity of parasite extracts: Schistosoma japonicum and Clonorchis sinensis

Takada, N.; Tada, T., 1987:
Evaluation of the natural resistance of Chinese hamsters to trichina infection II. Intestinal distribution and fecundity of adult worms associated with the course of expulsion

Loon, H. van; Vlietinck, R.F., 1989:
Evaluation of the nutritional state of a child and a community

Loon, H. van; Vlietinck, R.F.; Vuylsteke, J.P.; Emelen, J. van, 1989:
Evaluation of the nutritional state of an infant: application

Oliveira, S.A. de; Machado, J.W.B., 1982:
Evaluation of the nutritional state of indigenous cerrado species in the Distrito Federal area

Malavolta, E.; Vitti, G.C.; Oliveira, S.A. de, 1989:
Evaluation of the nutritional state of plants: principles and applications

Jimenez Acosta, S.M.; Diaaz Sanchez, M.E.; Izquierdo Perez, L.; Wong, I.; Castro, C. de, 1986:
Evaluation of the nutritional state of residents in old people's homes

Barros, A.A.; Barros, M.B.; Maude, G.H.; Ross, D.A.; Davies, P.S.; Preece, M.A., 1990 :
Evaluation of the nutritional status of 1st-year school children in Campinas, Brazil

Tagel Din A.E.; Nour A.A.; Nour A.M.; Akkada A.R.A., 1989:
Evaluation of the nutritive value of diets containing different levels of rice or berseem straws and concentrates fed to sheep

Duru, M.; Gibon, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the nutritive value of hay and aftermath cuts in the central Pyrenees. I. Main factors of variation in chemical composition

Tsyganash, V.I.; Palii, A.F.; Levitskii, A.P.; Tsyganash, D.A., 1989:
Evaluation of the nutritive value of the grain in o2su2 double mutants of maize

Dillon, M.S.; Lane, H.W., 1989:
Evaluation of the offer vs. serve option within self-serve, choice menu lunch program at the elementary school level

Jactel, H.; Vaissayre, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the optimum dose and of the remanence of pheromones in the trapping of Cryptophlebia leucotreta Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae) and Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Paquin, P.; Robin, O.; Richard, J.P., 1990:
Evaluation of the particle size of fat globules from model emulsion or homogenized milk by photon correlation spectroscopy

Imada, T.; Kawamura, H.; Nishimori, T.; Murata, H.; Narita, M.; Honda, Y.; Ishigaki, K., 1989:
Evaluation of the pathogenicity and immunogenicity of vaccinia virus to piglets

Rosa, J.A.; Bernardo, S.; Loureiro, B.T.; Deniculi, W., 1988:
Evaluation of the performance of a micro self-propelled irrigation system under different operating conditions

Hernani, L.C.; Salton, J.C.; Coelho, V. de O., 1989:
Evaluation of the performance of cover crop species in winter

Res Group Lumber (Jpn), 1986:
Evaluation of the performance of lumber decayed by Fomes pini

Crine, M.; Schlitz, M.; Vandevenne, L., 1990:
Evaluation of the performance of random plastic media in aerobic trickling filters

Neeteson J.J., 1989:
Evaluation of the performance of three advisory methods for nitrogen fertilization of sugar beet and potatoes

Val, L.; Gracia, C.; Potenciano, R., 1989:
Evaluation of the performances of four hand-held rotary sprayers

Pirparita Rudeanu, I.; Ceclan, R.; Baranescu, N.; Draghici, C.; Leau, F.; Paunescu, I., 1987:
Evaluation of the pharmacodynamic activity of fenbendazole as a 2.5% suspension and 4% powder

Mintegui, J.A., 1989:
Evaluation of the physical benefits derived from soil conservation and hydrology and forestry restoration in torrent basins

Asgar, A.; Hartuty, N.; Sinaga, R.M., 1988:
Evaluation of the physical quality of six hybrid cabbages (Brassica oleracea L.)

Cunningham, M.W., 1987:
Evaluation of the potential of clonal forestry for a population of American sycamore

Tiskova, V.; Rychtarik, A.J., 1988:
Evaluation of the production capacity and technological quality of a winter wheat collection

Frydrych, J., 1990:
Evaluation of the productive capacity of a parthenocarpic tomato cultivar in a hydroponic NFT system

Ostrowski, W.; Ostrowska, K., 1987:
Evaluation of the productive suitability of 10 new apple cultivars topworked on two interstock types in Western Pomerania

Ostrowski, W.; Ostrowska, K.; Chepinski, P., 1987:
Evaluation of the productive suitability of 10 sour cherry cultivars grafted on two rootstock types in Western Pomerania

van Bree, H., 1990:
Evaluation of the prognostic value of positive-contrast shoulder arthrography for bilateral osteochondrosis lesions in dogs

Hummel, C.; Muth, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the programme Nutrition Education for Children

Jibaja, C.L.; Bressani, R., 1988:
Evaluation of the protein quality of legume flours obtained by roasting in fluid sand beds

Figueroa N.G., 1990:
Evaluation of the pruning method B.F. in cycles of 3, 4 or 5 years compared with selective pruning

Irulegui, A.; Ramirez, L.R., 1986:
Evaluation of the pulping potential of Pinus caribaea and Pinus tropicalis from Vinales, Pinar del Rio

Paton, D.J.; Goodey, R.; Brockman, S.; Wood, L., 1989:
Evaluation of the quality and virological status of semen from bulls acutely infected with BVDV

Strohschein, R.; Schumacher, E., 1988:
Evaluation of the quality of broiler carcasses

Kopernicky, J.; Kepena, L.; Fl' ak, P., 1988:
Evaluation of the quality of drone honeybee semen

Nascimento, W.M.; Henz, G.P., 1988:
Evaluation of the quality of pea seeds produced in Brazil in 1987

Zalazar, C.A.; Meinardi, C.A.; Calabrese, L.A., 1990:
Evaluation of the quality of raw milk for cheesemaking

Hofmo, P.O., 1988:
Evaluation of the quality of silver fox semen at different stages during cryopreservation and the fertilizing capacity of frozen/thawed silver fox spermatozoa

Pharande, A.L.; Dhotre, V.A.; Lawande, K.M.; Adsule, R.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the quality of some promising wheat varieties

Prochazka, B.; Svoboda, J.; Angelovic, M., 1990:
Evaluation of the quality of work in seed maize harvesting

Lopez Sebastian, A.; Inskeep, E.K., 1988:
Evaluation of the ram effect, progesterone treatment and the interval from introduction of rams to prostaglandin treatment on the induction and synchronisation of oestrus in ewes

Valdebenito Sanhueza, R.M.; Balmer, E., 1988:
Evaluation of the reaction of sugarcane cultivars to inoculation with Pythium arrhenomanes

Iglesias, C.; Notario, A.; Baragano, J.R., 1989:
Evaluation of the rearing conditions and bionomic data of coleopterous insects from pine stumps

Kislova, T.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the recreation functions of forest

Fahey, G.L., 1989:
Evaluation of the recreational benefits of major dams in Queensland, Australia

Falaschini, A.F.; Trombetta, M.F.; Volpelli, L.A., 1990:
Evaluation of the relationship between stress susceptibility and meat quality in the progeny of different boars

Lezin, P.P.; Ul' man, I.E., 1989:
Evaluation of the reliability of repaired machinery

Quarta, R.; Lodoli, E.; Angeloni, A., 1986:
Evaluation of the reproductive apparatus functionality of some semidwarf and dwarf peach, nectarine, apricot and plum selections and varieties

Martinez, A.; Galina, C.S.; Basurto, H.; Lamothe, C.; Aluja, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the reproductive efficiency of dairy cows under different types of management in Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico

Dutt, G.; Yadav, M.C., 1988:
Evaluation of the reproductive performance of Murrah buffaloes

Bitran, E.A.; Campos, T.B.; Brisolla, A.D.; Chiba, S., 1986:
Evaluation of the residual persistence of insecticides on the protection of barley grains

Eremin, G.V.; Gasanova, T.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of fruit crops to winter thaws and returning frosts

Semenova, A.G., 1989:
Evaluation of the resistance of pea to Acyrthosiphon pisum by means of mass screening

Chapurin, V.F.; Afonin, A.N.; Moskaleva, G.I., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of red clover to physiological rot

Isaikina, L.D., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of red raspberry to aphids (aspects of methodology)

Stamenkovic, S., 1986:
Evaluation of the resistance of wheat and barley to the yellow cereal fly (Opomyza florum Fabr., Opomyzidae, Diptera)

Alekseeva, E.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of winter cereals to winter thaws

Alekseeva, E.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of winter crops to light frosts

Korneev, V.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance of winter crops to physiological rot

Lopes, M.E.B.M.; Kimati, H., 1988:
Evaluation of the resistance reaction of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) genotypes to Macrophomina phaseolina (Tass.) Goid. in the adult stage under field conditions

Meissner, J., 1986:
Evaluation of the resource base of sawdust available for substitution of wood raw materials in particleboard mills

Santi, S.M.D.; Camargo Neves, V.L.F.; Boulos, M.; Dutra, A.P.; Ramos, A.M.S.V.; Santos, M.; Barata, L.C.B., 1988:
Evaluation of the response of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine, quinine and mefloquine

Shablovskaya, M.I.; Tabliashvili, L.I., 1987:
Evaluation of the response of hybrid families of mulberry to colchicine treatment

Shereef, G.M.; Hassan, M.F.; E.D.weini, F.K., 1986:
Evaluation of the response of the oribatid mites to acaricides under laboratory conditions

Kopczewski, A.; Strzakowski, L.; Twardowski, H.; Chylinski, G., 1989:
Evaluation of the results of bacteriological and histopathological investigations in the diagnosis of listeriosis in sheep

Levin, M.L., 1988:
Evaluation of the results of single counts of nymphs of Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch. in fixed plots

Lis, H., 1989:
Evaluation of the results of veterinary inspection of slaughter animals and meat in Poland

Littmann Nienstedt, S.; Beutler, H.O., 1988:
Evaluation of the ring test of the working group Egg-Analysis for estimating L-lactic acid, 3-hydroxybutyric acid and succinic acid in egg products

Csillag, J., 1986:
Evaluation of the role of barium ion-pairs in the Mehlich determination of the cation exchange capacity of the soil

Xu, G.W.; Gross, D.C., 1988:
Evaluation of the Role of Syringomycin in Plant Pathogenesis by Using Tn5 Mutants of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae Defective in Syringomycin Production

Saltanovich, T.I., 1987:
Evaluation of the salt resistance of tomato varieties during embryogenesis

Mikhailova, T.A.; Voronin, V.I., 1988:
Evaluation of the seasonal damage to conifers by pollutants

Kireeva, L.K.; Mukhortova, T.G.; Kupsik, E.G.; Afonina, I.A., 1988:
Evaluation of the seed quality of grape by means of X-ray microscopy

Dremova, V.P.; Frolova, A.I.; Mal' tseva, M.M.; Smirnova, S.N.; Tsetlin, V.M., 1987:
Evaluation of the selective activity of the insecticidal constituents in aerosols

Gullino, M.L.; Mirandola, R.; Garibaldi, A., 1986:
Evaluation of the sensitivity of Penicillium populations, causing citrus rots, to fungicides used in post-harvest treatments

Shchipakin, V.N.; Semashko, I.V.; Karavanov, A.S.; Bychkova, M.V.; Bannova, G.G., 1989:
Evaluation of the sensitivity of enzyme immunoassay in detecting infectious and non-infectious antigens of the tick-borne encephalitis virus

Guillaud, M.; Fabre, S.M.; Imadine, M.; Buron, S., 1989:
Evaluation of the serological protection against rinderpest in the cattle population of Chad

Primak, A.P.; Shmanaeva, T.N., 1988:
Evaluation of the shade tolerance of vegetable crops under protected cultivation

Yanishevskii, F.V.; Khatsieva, N.V., 1989:
Evaluation of the soils supply of mobile phosphorus following the use of ground phosphorite and superphosphate

Joshi, Y.G., 1985:
Evaluation of the spatial relevance of Tribal Development Blocks for agricultural development and a quest for some hypotheses: a study of Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

Rimler, R.B.; Angus, R.D.; Phillips, M., 1989:
Evaluation of the specificity of Pasteurella multocida somatic antigen-typing antisera prepared in chickens, using ribosome-lipopolysaccharide complexes as inocula

Mazur, M., 1988:
Evaluation of the stability of maize and wheat yields by the vector form of stability coefficient

Prost, M.; Sopinska, A., 1988:
Evaluation of the state of health of carp on the basis of haematological examinations during parasitization by leeches and after trichlorfon treatment and use of an immunostimulant

Rumke, H.C., 1989:
Evaluation of the state vaccination programme

Neyroud, J.A.; Christinet, G., 1989:
Evaluation of the structural stability of soils

Rogasik, H., 1989:
Evaluation of the structure of sandy soils on the basis of their compressibility

Felenczak, A.; Gil, Z.; Szarek, J., 1989:
Evaluation of the suitability of cattle housing on private farms, and directions for its modernization

Martymiak Przybyszewska, B., 1989:
Evaluation of the suitability of hybrid ridge cucumber cultivars for growing in the Olsztyn region

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