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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kuroli, G.; Nemeth, I., 1987: Examination of swarming and changing of the population of aphid species on winter wheat, maize, broad bean, potato and sugar beet in west Hungary

Sieber, J., 1988: Examination of the Chrysanthemum coccineum assortment

Moller, R.; Holtz, W., 1989: Examination of the Hygia rapid milk progesterone test

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831004

Patetta, A.; Manino, A., 1988: Examination of the action on honeybees of chemicals used in the control of Varroa jacobsoni Oud

Nakamura, T.; Yoshino, S.; Iida, E.; Ichikawa, S., 1988: Examination of the airways with a fibreoptic bronchoscope. Experiments in normal dogs

Sieber, J., 1987: Examination of the assortment of Doronicum

Tosic, M.; Bozic, S., 1989: Examination of the effect of mechanical harvesting on differences in the quality and quantity of sugarbeet

Jarnicka Stanios, H.; Chybowski, J., 1986: Examination of the effect of selected pesticides on the development and infectivity of Ascaris suum

Steele, J. L.; Polzin, K. M.; McKay, L. L., 1989: Examination of the genetic element coding for lactose metabolism in Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis KP3

Nogueira, E. A., 1988: Examination of the left ventricular cavity in patients with chronic Chagas' disease using cineventriculography. I. Size, shape and general performance

Komaniwa, H.; Ishizaki, R., 1989: Examination of the major antigenic substances of swine fever virus

Apte S.C.; Gardner M.J.; Ravenscroft J.E.; Turrell J.A., 1990: Examination of the range of copper complexing ligands in natural waters using a combination of cathodic stripping voltammetry and computer simulation

Bucek, B.; Murani, E.; Petransky, I., 1989: Examination of the technical state of nonregulating hydrostatic coverters

Parris, N.; Purcell, J. M., 1990: Examination of thermal denaturation of whey proteins in milk by RP-HPLC and FT-IR

Green, L. K.; Cowan, D. F.; Moore, D. G., 1988: Examination of tissue for parasites by fluorescent microscopy

Redai, I., 1988: Examination upon the efficiency of the irrigation of greenpea

Kemenes, F.; Kulcsar, P.; Perenyi, T.; Almasi, L., 1988: Examinations of Leptospira hardjo vaccine for efficiency in practice

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831023

Biro, G.; Nagy, G., 1989: Examinations on Salmonella and Campylobacter contaminations of slaughtered poultry

Thiel, W.; Hellebrand, J., 1988: Examinations on the optical recognition of single plants by way of example of topped sugarbeet

Bohm, M., 1987: Examinations on the possibility of immunization against mycotoxins demonstrated by the examples of T-2 toxin and diacetoxyscirpenol

Hatz, E., 1988: Examinations on the possibility of immunization against trichothecenes by diacetoxyscirpenol

Smith, F. O., 1989: Examining male dogs and cats for breeding soundness

Mieszkalski, L., 1988: Examining of break-up of dry stem material while conveying with suction-pressure blower and suction-pressure blower with an injector feeder

Vozzo, J. A., 1990: Examining seed coat characteristics with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

Lee, C.; Wills, D.; Schluter, G., 1988: Examining the Leontief paradox in US agricultural trade

Miyamoto, M.; Yamanaka, N., 1986: Example of revamping phosphoric acid plants to Nissan C-process

Vyslouzil, J., 1988: Example of the method for evaluation the recreational function of productive forest by means of mathematical models

Batygin, N. F.; Pavlova, N. A., 1988: Example of the use of artificial climate chambers in studying intravarietal variation in adaptive traits in winter durum wheat

Nicks, B.; Dechamps, P.; Canart, B.; Buzitu, S.; Dewaele, A., 1989: Example of unexpected results from monitoring of the ammonia concentration in a piggery

Tikhonov, N. A.; Kozyritskaya, M. E.; Shevchenko, B. P., 1988: Example of use of a mathematical model to compute moisture content dynamics in upper soil layers

Maier W., 1990: Examples for the upgrading of existing activated sludge plants for nutrient removal

Len' , V. S.; Pogoril' ko, N. A.; Shcherbina, N. V.; Zaritskii, N. M., 1989: Examples of calculation of the economic effectiveness of new and improved methods of diagnosing potato viruses

Meyer, W.; Kessler, H., 1990: Examples of integrated pest management in leek

Haase, R.; Gunnemann, H., 1988: Examples of natural pastures in tropical Bolivia

Mugnier, J., 1988: Examples of studies of root parasites in cultures of roots transformed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Dingebauer, W.; Breuch Moritz, M. et al., 1989: Examples of support in crop production (3 papers)

Weiss, E.; Schiefer, G., 1989: Examples of support in farm management (4 papers)

Ueda, K.; Kusuhara, K.; Hirose, M. et al., 1989: Exanthem subitum and antibody to human herpesvirus-6

Richard, K. H., 1987: Excavation of fuel sod peat with slitting machines

Jansen, I. J.; Hooks, C. L., 1988: Excellent agricultural soils after surface mining

Brown, S. P., 1989: Exceptional flowering perennials for central Florida

Hodel, D. R., 1988: Exceptional trees of Los Angeles

Anonymous, 1989: Excerpt from the report of the Herdbook Department for 1988

Anonymous, 1989: Excerpta Veterinaria Lublin. Vol. 27. 1988

Boor, K., 1989: Excerpts from the history of planning in the food industry and food sector

Southern L.L., 1988: Excess crude protein for nongravid gilts

Strain J.J.; Lynch S.M., 1990: Excess dietary methionine decreases indices of copper status in the rat

Daldrup, N.; Schonert, H., 1988: Excess enthalpy and excess volume in ternary aqueous solutions with sucrose-glucose, sucrose-glycerol and glucose-glycerol at 298.1 K

Sugimoto, H.; Satou, T.; Nishihara, S.; Narimatsu, K., 1989: Excess moisture injury of soyabeans cultivated in an upland field converted from paddy. III. Foliar application of urea as countermeasure against excess moisture injury

Bowling, A. T.; Clark, R. S., 1988: Excess of heterozygotes at albumin locus in American Standardbred horses

Hayes, H. M.; Tarone, R. E.; Casey, H. W.; Huxsoll, D. L., 1990: Excess of seminomas observed in Vietnam service U.S. military working dogs

Martin, Br; Morre, Dm, 1988: Excess vitamin A decreases the specific activity of galactosyltransferase in Golgi apparatus of rat liver

Spain, J. C.; Milligan, J. D.; Downey, D. C.; Slaughter, J. K., 1989: Excessive bacterial decomposition of H2O2 during enhanced biodegradation

Minx L., 1990: Excessive density of sugar beet stands

Poulsen, H. D.; Danielsen, V.; Nielsen, T. K.; Wolstrup, C., 1989: Excessive dietary selenium to primiparous sows and their offspring. 1. Influence on reproduction and growth

Ros, E.; Zambon, D.; Cuso, E., 1989: Excessive intake of fats and cholesterol in hypercholesterolaemic persons. Effects of diet treatment on plasma lipids and lipoprotein cholesterol

Kovacevic, L.; Vukadinovic, V.; Bertic, B., 1988: Excessive iron and aluminium uptake and nutritional stress in corn (Zea mays L.) plants

Prade, K.; Ottow, J. C. G.; Jacq, V., 1986: Excessive iron uptake (iron toxicity) by wetland rice (Oryza sativa L.) on an acid sulphate soil in the Casamance/Senegal

Boyer, J. N.; South, D. B., 1987: Excessive seedling height, high shoot-to-root ratio, and benomyl root dip reduce survival of stored loblolly pine seedlings

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831069

Anderson M.A.; Bertsch P.M.; Miller W.P., 1989: Exchange and apparent fixation of lithium in selected soils and clay minerals

Rhue, Rd; Reve, Wh, 1990: Exchange capacity and adsorbed-cation charge as affected by chloride and perchlorate

Grantzau, E., 1988: Exchange capacity of a substrate

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831074

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831075

Korsgaard, S., 1990: Exchange of data and analysis programmes for permanent plots in tropical high forest. Based on experience from Malaysia and Brazil

Nikiel, S., 1990: Exchange of experiences from the 1989-90 campaign

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831078

Carter, Ca; Gray, Rs; Furtan, Wh, 1990: Exchange rate effects on inputs and outputs in Canadian agriculture

Diakosavvas, D.; Kirkpatrick, C., 1989: Exchange rate policy and agricultural exports performance in sub-Saharan Africa

Pick, D. H., 1990: Exchange rate risk and U.S. agricultural trade flows

Anderson, M; Garcia, P., 1989: Exchange rate uncertainty and the demand for U.S. soybeans

Anderson, M. H., 1988: Exchange rate variability and foreign demand for US soybeans

Hartmann, M.; Schmitz, P. M., 1990: Exchange rates and EC agriculture - international and European monetary challenges

Shane, M. D., 1990: Exchange rates and US agricultural trade

Schuh, G. E., 1989: Exchange rates and pricing: impacts on national economies, food consumption, and agriculture

Buongiorno, J.; Chavas, J. P.; Uusivuori, J., 1988: Exchange rates, Canadian lumber imports, and United States prices: a time-series analysis

O' Mara, L. P., 1990: Exchange rates, interest rates, and agriculture: a macroeconomic view from down under

Anonymous, 1988: Exchange transfusion and/or plasmapheresis in severe malaria tropica?

Malin A.S.; Cass P.L.; Hudson C.N., 1990: Exchange transfusion for severe falciparum malaria in pregnancy

Tin Shwe; Pe Than Myint; Warhurst, D. C. , 1990: Exchange transfusion in falciparum malaria

Kindervater, R.; Kunnecke, W.; Schmid, R. D., 1990: Exchangeable immobilized enzyme reactor for enzyme inhibition tests in flow-injection analysis using a magnetic device. Determination of pesticides in drinking water

Frankham, R., 1988: Exchanges in the rRNA multigene family as a source of genetic variation

Marchal, J.; Teisson, C.; Escalant, J. V.; Navarro Mastache, L. C., 1988: Exchanges of mineral elements and carbon compounds in in vitro culture: the case of banana

Maccoy D.M., 1989: Excision arthroplasty for management of coxofemoral luxation in pet birds

Brusca, Js; Hale, Ma; Carrasco, Cd; Golden, Jw, 1989: Excision of an 11-kilobase-pair DNA element from within the nifD gene in Anabaena variabilis heterocysts

Peyton L.C., 1988: Excision of cutaneous tumors in the horse using histologic guidance

Hartman, Ps; Hevelone, J; Dwarakanath, V; Mitchell, Dl, 1989: Excision repair of UV radiation-induced DNA damage in Caenorhabditis elegans

Mcleay L.M.; Wong M.H., 1989: Excitatory and inhibitory effects of gastrin peptides on gastric motility in sheep

Goodger, J. M.; Goodger, B. C., 1989: Excitement and representation: towards a sociological explanation of the significance of sport in modern society

Jorgensen, E., 1990: Exciting Danish innovative thinking with international perspective

Hicks, L., 1990: Excluded women: how can this happen in the hotel world?

Ashton, W. L. G.; Cooper, J. E., 1989: Exclusion, elimination and control of avian pathogens

Ghosh, DK.; Ghosh, AK.; Ghosh, KN.; Bhattcharya, A.; Das, P.; Ghosh, TN., 1988: Excreted factors and membrane-associated carbohydrates of Indian leishmaniae

Lafont, R.; Girault, J. P.; Kerb, U., 1988: Excretion and metabolism of injected ecdysone in white mouse

Kapil S.; Trent A.M.; Goyal S.M., 1990: Excretion and persistence of bovine coronavirus in neonatal calves

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831119

Ikeda, G. J.; Sapienza, P. P.; Sager, A. O.; Kornhauser, A., 1990: Excretion and tissue distribution of 14C-labelled 8-methoxypsoralen in Beagle dogs and miniature pigs

Hazelton, SR.; Parker, SW.; Spring, JH., 1988: Excretion in the house cricket (Acheta domesticus): fine structure of the Malpighian tubules

Spring, JH.; Parker, SW.; Hazelton, SR., 1988: Excretion in the house cricket (Acheta domesticus): ultrastructure of the ampulla and ureter

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831123

Barnard, BJH.; Bengis, RG.; Griessel, MD. de Vos, V., 1989: Excretion of alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 by captive and free-living wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus)

Venant A.; Belli P.; Borrel S.; Mallet J., 1990: Excretion of deltamethrin in lactating dairy cows

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831126

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831127

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831129

Vries, E. G. E. de; Zee, A. G. J. van der; Uges, D. R. A.; Sleijfer, D. T., 1989: Excretion of platinum into breast milk

Gradil C.; Molitor T.; Harding M.; Crabo B., 1990: Excretion of porcine parvovirus through the genital tract of boars

Chen, X. B.; Hovell, F. D. De B.; Orskov, E. R.; Brown, D. S., 1990: Excretion of purine derivatives by ruminants: effect of exogenous nucleic acid supply on purine derivative excretion by sheep

Chen, X. B.; Orskov, E. R.; Hovell, F. D. De B., 1990: Excretion of purine derivatives by ruminants: endogenous excretion, differences between cattle and sheep

Chen, X. B.; Hovell, F. D. De B.; Orskov, E. R., 1990: Excretion of purine derivatives by ruminants: recycling of allantoin into the rumen via saliva and its fate in the gut

Chen, X. B., 1989: Excretion of purine derivatives by sheep and cattle and its use for the estimation of absorbed microbial protein

Lindberg J.E.; Bristav H.; Manyenga A.R., 1989: Excretion of purines in the urine of sheep in relation to duodenal flow of microbial protein

Romney B.; Nickoloff E.L.; Esser P.D., 1989: Excretion of radioiodine in breast milk

Cortesi, M. L.; Sarli, T. A.; Santoro, A. M.; Rubortone, L., 1990: Excretion of salmonellae by dairy cows in the peripartum period

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831143

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831144

Huang, J; Sukordhaman, M; Schell, Ma, 1989: Excretion of the egl gene product of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Hartmann, D.; Lunell, N. O.; Friedrich, G.; Rane, A., 1988: Excretion of tiapamil in breast milk

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831147

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831148

Decruse, SW.; Kaleysaraj, R., 1988: Excretory secretory material from different sites of female reproductive tissue of filarial parasite Setaria digitata

Wong, M. M.; Fuller, S. A., 1986: Excretory secretory products (ESP) as antigens in ELISA for serodiagnosis of canine dirofilariasis

Kaushal, N. A.; Ottesen, E. A., 1987: Excretory-secretory and somatic antigens of Brugia malayi

Shepherd, J.; McManus, D., 1987: Excretory-secretory antigens of Echinococcus granulosus: a species-specific antigen and a cross-reactive molecule identified

Kubler, H., 1988: Excursion 1: milk production and pig fattening

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion A

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion B

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion C

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion D

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion E

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion F

Bleich, K. E.; Papenfuss, K. H.; Ploeg, R. R. van der; Schlichting, E., 1987: Excursion guides for the annual meeting 1987 in Stuttgart - Hohenheim. Excursion G

Macotela, M. P.; Gordillo, M. N. M.; Chacon, R. A., 1989: Excystation and culture of Giardia spp. from a human source

Fried, B.; Emili, S., 1988: Excystation in vitro of Echinostoma liei and E. revolutum (Trematoda) metacercariae

Asanji M.F.; Fried B., 1990: Excystation of five digenean metacercariae in vitro and in the peritoneal cavity of the mouse

Salman, A. F.; Ahmed, M. A. S.; Penninkhof, J.; Tijs, G. J. M., 1990: Execution of drainage works in Egypt

Anonymous, 1987: Executive summaries of evaluations and special studies conducted for AID in Asia and Near East in fiscal year 1986

Antonaru, L., 1987: Exemplary execution of the provisions of the special programme. A substantial increase in production on a natural pasture

Szafranek, R. C.; Lewczuk, A.; Szypszak, A., 1989: Exemplary farms managed by young farmers

Field J.B., 1989: Exercise and deficient carbohydrate storage and intake as causes of hypoglycemia

Ross, B., 1990: Exercise and exersense: the role of formal exercise in physical education

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831173

Bayley H.S., 1988: Exercise and postexercise energy expenditure in growing pigs

Pavlou K.N.; Krey S.; Steffee W.P., 1989: Exercise as an adjunct to weight loss and maintenance in moderately obese subjects

Scholtyssek, S.; Grashorn, M., 1989: Exercise floors for broiler fattening

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831179

Young J.C.; Enslin J.; Kuca B., 1989: Exercise intensity and glucose tolerance in trained and nontrained subjects

Ballor, Dl; Mccarthy, Jp; Wilterdink, Ej, 1990: Exercise intensity does not affect the composition of diet- and exercise-induced body mass loss

Sheridan, A. D., 1990: Exercise intolerance in a foal with pharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia

Highet, R. M., 1988: Exercise nutrition for women: a review article

Faetkenheuer, G.; Satzberger, B.; Allolio, B.; Pothoff, G.; Schrappe Baecher, M., 1989: Exercise oximetry for early diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Mark D.A., 1988: Exercise regulation of triiodothyronine metabolism

Hargreaves M.; Morgan T.O.; Snow R.; Guerin M., 1989: Exercise tolerance in the heat on low and normal salt intakes

Campbell, Ww; Polansky, Mm; Bryden, Na; Soares, Jh Jr; Anderson, Ra, 1989: Exercise training and dietary chromium effects on glycogen, glycogen synthase, phosphorylase and total protein in rats

Laughlin M.H.; Overholser K.A.; Bhatte M.J., 1989: Exercise training increases coronary transport reserve in miniature swine

Horton, Edward-S; Terjung, Ronald, L., 1988: Exercise, nutrition, and energy metabolism

Bhalla, S., 1988: Exercises in the analysis of the structure of technological change in Uttar Pradesh agriculture

Popovic, R., 1990: Exergy changes in the purification station of Osijek sugar factory under varying conditions for maintaining the required heat regime during this phase of processing sugar juice

Christie, C. B.; Brascamp, W., 1988: Exflasking high health Daphne plantlets

Al Rawi, K.; Salem, M. S.; Ibrahim, I., 1988: Exfoliative cytology in Iraqi school children infested with Schistosoma haematobium

Verma, A. K.; Pandit, R. K.; Chauham, R. A. S., 1990: Exfoliative vaginal cytology by Papanicolaou's technique during follicular and luteal phase in goats

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831201

Hampshire, T. J.; Taraba, J. L.; Payne, F. A.; Parker, B. F., 1988: Exhaust gas recirculation in a fixed-bed gasifier

Fernandes, P. de S.; Osorio, R. G. S.; Brito, J. O.; Stape, J. L., 1988: Exhaustion effect of chemical stimulants on intensive resin tapping of Pinus elliottii var. elliottii

Miles, R. S., 1988: Exhibit evaluation in the British Museum (Natural History)

Lobreau Callen, D., 1985: Exine structure of pollen collected by the Anthophora of Senegal

Brown, K. J.; Lin, S. S.; Tertikas, A., 1989: Existence and nonexistence of steady-state solutions for a selection-migration model in population genetics

Gadenne, C.; Trabelsi, M.; Lavenseau, L., 1989: Existence and possible role of a substance immunologically related to insulin in the midgut of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hbn.)

Bchir, A.; Jaiem, A.; Jemmali, M.; Rousset, J. J.; Gaudebout, C.; Larouze, B., 1987: Existence of an urban cycle of Echinococcus granulosus in central Tunisia

Coggins, J. S.; Graham Tomasi, T.; Roe, T. L., 1988: Existence of equilibria in lobbying economies

Mineta, T.; Seki, K.; Matsunaga, M.; Kimoto, M., 1990: Existence of mixed isotype A beta E alpha class II molecules in Ed alpha gene-introduced C57BL/6 transgenic mice

Euzeby, J., 1988: Existing and new concepts in therapy

Purchase, J. F. H., 1989: Existing chemicals: international activities

Scheibert, C. D., 1988: Existing cold hardy camellias at Massee Lane

Birewar, B. R., 1990: Existing on-farm grain storage facilities in Nigeria and suggested improvements

Risse, S., 1990: Existing possibilities for evaluating sperm quality and fertility

Bentley, S. E.; Saupe, W. E., 1990: Exits from farming in southwestern Wisconsin, 1982-86

Carrasco de Mendoza, M. S., 1988: Exo and endocellular caseinolytic activity of lactic, mesophillic and enterococcal streptococci

Strake, D. te; Park, J. Y.; Yangco, B. G., 1989: Exoantigen comparisons of selected isolates of Basidiobolus species

Amir, A.; Ashkenazi, S.; Shaked, A.; Kahn, M., 1988: Exocortis viroid (CEV) dwarfed trees in Yizreel Valley, Israel

Skjaerlund, Jm, 1989: Exocrine pancreatic degeneration during vitamin E and selenium deficiency in rats

Zabielski, R.; Podgurniak, P.; Pierzynowski, S. G.; Barej, W., 1990: Exocrine pancreatic function during cold blockade of the vagus in chronic experiments on calves

Lenarcik, M.; Lechowski, R., 1990: Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in a dog

Noort, R. van, 1990: Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs

Martin Iniesta, S.; Jimenez Mazzucheli, F.; Rodriguez Sanchez, M.; Rodriguez Franco, F.; Toni Delgado, P., 1988: Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in the dog: diagnosis and treatment

Zebrowska, T.; Dugoecka, Z., 1988: Exocrine pancreatic secretion in growing pigs given diets based on rye, wheat, barley and triticale grains

Oliver, J. E.; Lusby, W. R.; Neal, J. W, Jr, 1990: Exocrine secretions of the andromeda lace bug Stephanitis takeyai (Hemiptera: Tingidae)

Leriche, MA.; Dubremetz, JF., 1990: Exocytosis of Toxoplasma gondii dense granules into the parasitophorous vacuole after host cell invasion

Jantzen, B.; Entzeroth, R., 1987: Exocytosis of dense granules of cyst merozoites (cystozoites) of Sarcocystis cuniculi (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) in cell cultures

Allen, J., 1990: Exodus

Meis, J. F. G. M.; Verhave, J. P., 1988: Exoerythrocytic development of malarial parasites

Zborishchuk, Yu N., 1989: Exogenesis and pedogenesis

Teyker, R. H.; Jackson, W. A.; Volk, R. J.; Moll, R. H., 1988: Exogenous 15NO3- influx and endogenous 14NO3- efflux by two maize (Zea mays L.) inbreds during nitrogen deprivation

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831241

Fruhmann, G., 1988: Exogenous allergic alveolitis of occupational origin

Oertli, J. J., 1987: Exogenous application of vitamins as regulators for growth and development of plants - a review

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831244

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831245

Hough, R.; Kent, H. D.; DiRienzo, D.; McCarthy, F. D., 1987: Exogenous induction of corticosterone surge and its effect on immunoglobulin absorption in the neonatal mouse pup

Hamann J.; Reichmuth J., 1990: Exogenous influences on quarter milk cell counts with special emphasis on udder health status

Stokes C.A.; Braden T.D.; Nett T.M., 1989: Exogenous melatonin treatment of rams for out of season breeding

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831250

Pennazio S.; Roggero P., 1990: Exogenous polyamines stimulate ethylene synthesis by soybean leaf tissues

Crenshaw T.D.; Grieshop C.M.; Mcmurtry J.P.; Schricker B.R., 1989: Exogenous porcine prolactin and somatotropin injections did not alter sow lactation performance

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831254

Reichmuth, J.; Hamann, J., 1989: Exogenous stress and somatic cell count of milk

Robberson, B. L.; Cote, G. J.; Berget, S. M., 1990: Exon definition may facilitate splice site selection in RNAs with multiple exons

Shalaby, F.; Shafritz, D. A., 1990: Exon skipping during splicing of albumin mRNA precursors in Nagase analbuminemic rats

Haase, G.; Skopnik, H.; Kusenbach, G., 1990: Exophiala dermatitidis infection in cystic fibrosis

Pedersen, O. A.; Langvad, F., 1989: Exophiala psychrophila sp. nov., a pathogenic species of the black yeasts isolated from farmed Atlantic salmon

Forattini, O. P., 1987: Exophilic behaviour of Anopheles darlingi Root in a southern region of Brazil

Hill F.W.G.; Moulton J.E.; Schiff P.H., 1989: Exophthalmos in a horse resulting from an adenocarcinoma of the frontal sinus

McCalla, T. L.; Moore, C. P., 1989: Exophthalmos in dogs and cats-part II

Appanna, V. D., 1989: Exopolysaccharide synthesis in Rhizobium trifolii in the presence of manganese and aluminium

Kim, Ch; Tully, Re; Keister, Dl, 1989: Exopolysaccharide-deficient mutants of Rhizobium fredii HH303 which are symbiotically effective

Demarais, S.; Osborn, D. A.; Jackley, J. J., 1990: Exotic big game: a controversial resource

Sujarit, V. K.; Singhajan, S.; Sirivejapundu, S.; Satayapunt, C.; Vangtal, U.; Sukpatarapirom, V., 1988: Exotic breed dairy cattle born in Thailand by embryo transfer

Anonymous, 1988: Exotic diseases issue

Carey, J. R.; Dowell, R. V., 1989: Exotic fruit pests and California agriculture

Heij, G., 1989: Exotic glasshouse vegetable crops: Dutch experiences

Dowell, RV.; Gill, R., 1989: Exotic invertebrates and their effects on California

Edland, T., 1990: Exotic pests (2). Apple fly Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh) - a particularly dangerous pest of apple and other kinds of fruit

Edland, T., 1990: Exotic pests (3). San Jose scale Quadraspidiotus perniciosus (Comstock) - a dangerous pest of many plants

Edland, T., 1990: Exotic pests (4). Woolly aphis Eriosoma lanigerum Hausmann - a usual, but hazardous pest of most regions

Edland, T., 1990: Exotic pests (5). Cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis cerasi (L.) - and other fruit-fly pests of cherries

Chu Huu Tin, 1986: Exotic soybean yield performance trial in the Mekong Delta in SR Vietnam

Blondal, S., 1986: Exotic tree species in the forest of Hallormstad, Iceland

Chen, Q. P.; Xu, G. C., 1987: Expand stores of rice Yanjing No. 2 through increased yield

Jewell W.J.; Cummings R.J., 1990: Expanded bed treatment of complete recycle aquaculture systems

Fischer, P.; Meinken, E., 1988: Expanded clay-a new substrate for roof gardens

Shafer, C.; Fuller, S.; Schmitz, J.; Goodwin, H. L., 1990: Expanded marketing opportunities for dry onion production in Texas: an interregional analysis of the spring and summer seasons

Rezvantsev, V. I.; Manokhin, V. Ya; Marysheva, O. G.; Bondar' , E. N.; Bondar' , Yu A., 1988: Expanding binding agent

Morton, A. D.; Lewis, M.; Brant, D. L., 1988: Expanding commercial scale of yogurt manufacture

Morris, D. E.; Ruttyn, P.; Stogdon, R. J., 1988: Expanding market for cotton products offers openings for yarn and fabric suppliers

Honer, C., 1990: Expanding membrane technology

Dzhabarov, F. Kh; Azimov, A. M.; Dmitrieva, N. N., 1986: Expanding production of soft cheeses

Ogg, C. W.; Hostetler, J. E.; Lee, D. J., 1988: Expanding the conservation reserve to achieve multiple environmental goals

Ackerman, W. L., 1989: Expanding the cultural range of camellias

Fox, R.; Finan, T. J.; Pearson, S.; Monke, E., 1990: Expanding the policy dimension of farming systems research

Collier, D., 1989: Expansion and development of CRS

Watanabe, T.; Sato, T., 1988: Expansion characteristics of montmorillonite and saponite under various relative humidity conditions

Matsuda, T., 1989: Expansion characteristics of rectorite

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831493

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831582

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831637

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831728

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831734

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831742

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831762

Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831763

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831769

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831778

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831798

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Section 2, Chapter 1832, Accession 001831844

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