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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kasmudjo, 1982:
Extractive content, cellulose and lignin of various fast growing species

Fearnside, P.M., 1989:
Extractive reserves in Brazilian Amazonia

Schwartzman, S., 1989:
Extractive reserves: the rubber tappers' strategy for sustainable use of the Amazon rainforest

Ngouela, S.; Tsamo, E.; Sondengam, B.L., 1988:
Extractives from bignoniaceae: constituents of the stem bark of Spathodea campanulata

Ozawa, S.; Sasaya, T., 1988:
Extractives of todomatsu Abies sachalinensis Masters V. A novel dibenzylbutyrolactol lignan from the wood of Abies sachalinensis

Ozawa, S.; Sasaya, T.; Tabei, Y., 1988:
Extractives of todomatsu Abies sachalinensis Masters VI. Dihydrobenzofurans and tetrahydrofurans from the wood of Abies sachalinensis

Anonymous, 1990:
Extracts from the 1989 general report

Anonymous, 1990:
Extracts from the 1989 herdbook report

Evans, D.A.; Raj, R.K., 1988:
Extracts of Indian plants as mosquito larvicides

Yeboah Gyan, K.; Agyemang, O., 1989:
Extracts of ahomafufuo (a species of Adenia, Passifloraceae) as anaesthetic for tropical African honeybees (Apis mellifera)

Vanstone, VA.; Paton, DC., 1988:
Extrafloral nectaries and pollination of Acacia pycnantha Benth. by birds

Becerra, JXI., 1989:
Extrafloral nectaries: a defense against ant-Homoptera mutualisms?

Sajjad, M.S.; Awan, M.A., 1989:
Extragenic basis of salt tolerance in rice Oryza sativa L

Jenkins, C.C.; Lewis, D.D.; Brock, K.A.; Hager, D.A.; Meyer, D.J., 1988:
Extrahepatic biliary obstruction associated with Platynosomum concinnum in a cat

Reed, S.L.; Braude, A.I., 1988:
Extraintestinal disease: clinical syndromes, diagnostic profile and therapy

Sato, H.; Kamiya, M., 1990:
Extraintestinal strobilar development of immature Echinococcus multilocularis in laboratory rodents following intratracheal inoculation of the protoscoleces

Adamowicz, W.L., 1989:
Extramarket benefit evaluation and revealed preference

Durall D.M.; Rygiewicz P.T., 1990:
Extramatrical hyphae as sinks for carbon in ectomycorrhizal pine seedlings

Carothers, M.A.; Johnson, G.C.; DiBartola, S.P.; Liepnicks, J.; Benson, M.D., 1989:
Extramedullary plasmacytoma and immunoglobulin-associated amyloidosis in a cat

Valdes Barron, E.; Burgos Gil, W.; Salermo Escalona, R.; Rivero Prado, J., 1989:
Extraneous materials and the content of proteins and polysaccharides in cane juices

Ecke, W.; Pannenbecker, G.; Wasmund, O.; Michaelis, G., 1989:
Extranuclear inheritance: mitochondrial genetics

Sutor, J.; Majercak, J., 1988:
Extrapolation of hydrophysical soil characteristics for a given soil type

Anonymous, 1989:
Extrapulmonary Pneumocystis infection

Gilks, C.F.; Brindle, R.J.; Otieno, L.S.; Bhatt, S.M.; Newnham, R.S.; Simani, P.M.; Lule, G.N.; Okelo, G.B.; Watkins, W.M.; Waiyaki, P.G., 1990:
Extrapulmonary and disseminated tuberculosis in HIV-1-seropositive patients presenting to the acute medical services in Nairobi

Northfelt, D.W., 1989:
Extrapulmonary pneumocystosis in patients taking aerosolized pentamidine

Schena, C.J.; Stickle, R.L.; Dunstan, R.W.; Trapp, A.L.; Reimann, K.A.; White, J.V.; Killingsworth, C.R.; Hauptman, J.G., 1989:
Extraskeletal osteosarcoma in two dogs

Kock, N.D.; Ndikuwera, J., 1989:
Extrathoracic thymus tissue in lambs in Zimbabwe ('goitre')

Teras, J., 1986:
Extraurogenital infections of man by Trichomonadidae

Whitelaw, D.D.; Gardiner, P.R.; Murray, M., 1988 :
Extravascular foci of Trypanosoma vivax in goats: the central nervous system and aqueous humor of the eye as potential sources of relapse infections after chemotherapy

Arneth, J.D.; Hoefs, J., 1989:
Extreme 34S-accumulation in dissolved sulfate of groundwaters in the vicinity of a waste disposal site

Reidarson, T.H.; Weis, D.J.; Hardy, R.M., 1990:
Extreme hypernatremia in a dog with central diabetes insipidus: a case report

Caccone, A.; Powell, J.R., 1990:
Extreme rates and heterogeneity in insect DNA evolution

Hassan, S.T.omas, P., 1988:
Extreme resistance to tomato yellow top virus and potato leaf roll virus in Lycopersicon peruvianum and some of its tomato hybrids

Hinds, S.W.; Rowe, J.M., 1988:
Extreme rhabdomyolysis in a patient with acute leukemia. Association with Candida krusei fungemia

Pline, M.; Diez, J.A.; Dusenbery, D.B., 1988:
Extremely Sensitive Thermotaxis of the Nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Cox, A.; Folgering, H.T.; van Griensven, L.J., 1988:
Extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by spores of the oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus

Cox, A.; Folgering, H.T.M.; Griensven, L.J.L.D. van, 1989:
Extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by the inhalation of spores of the Shii-Take mushroom (Lentinus edodes)

Reese, G.; Trompelt, J.; Becker, W.M.; Schlaak, M., 1989:
Extrinsic allergic alveolitis: IgG-subclass reactivities and monoclonal antibodies to Micropolyspora faeni and Aspergillus fumigatus

Wilde, J. de, 1985:
Extrinsic control of caste differentiation in the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) and in other Apidae

Nilsberg, A.; Wenk, P., 1988:
Extrinsic development and infectivity of metacyclic larvae of Litomosoides carinii in Sigmodon hispidus

Myer, R.O.; Froseth, J.A., 1989:
Extruded bean mixtures serve as protein in swine, chick diets

Amerio, M.; Costa, M., 1988:
Extruded feeds in rainbow trout intensive rearing

Shkunkova, Yu; Tkachuk, V.; Kukharenko, E., 1990:
Extruded grains in diets for young pigs

Skrede, A.; Eldegard, A., 1989:
Extruded maize as a feed for fur animals

Myer, R.O.; Froseth, J.A., 1989:
Extruded mixtures of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) and soybeans as protein sources in swine and chick diets

Butcher, I.; Hillman, K.P., 1988:
Extruded products and method and apparatus

Scelia, R.P.; Hegedus, E.; Giacone, J.; Bruins, H.B.; Benjamin, E.J., 1987:
Extruded quick-cooking rice-like product

Angelova, L.; Ilieva, I.; V' ' lchev, G.; Veleva, M.; Iotov, I.; Danova, L., 1988:
Extruded wheat grain mixed feeds for fattening pigs

Focant, M.; Vanbelle, M., 1990:
Extrusion cooking in animal feeding. A particular heat treatment

Anonymous, 1989:
Extrusion cooking: 60% of extruded products are unknown today

Spaeth, Sc, 1989:
Extrusion of protoplasm and protein bodies through pores in cell walls of pea, bean, and faba bean cotyledons during imbibition

Bhattacharya M.; Hanna M.A., 1988:
Extrusion processing to improve nutritional and functional properties of corn gluten

Berg, S.M., 1989:
Extrusion trials using raw materials of milk origin: effects of screw configuration

Hickman, M.V.; Messersmith, C.G., 1986:
Exudation of picloram by leafy spruge (Euphorbia esula L.) roots

Prokopowicz, D., 1987:
Eye changes in patients with trichinellosis

Howard, F.W.; Center, B.J.; Mead, F.W., 1990:
Eye color changes due to pigment migration in some species of Heteroptera and Homoptera

Schmidt, V., 1988:
Eye diseases of domestic animals

Spiess, B., 1988:
Eye diseases of young dogs

Kellner, S.J., 1988 :
Eye lesions in cats due to Chlamydia psittaci

Kellner, S.J.; Litschi, B., 1989:
Eye lesions in feline infectious peritonitis

Buyukmihci, N.C.; Murphy, C.J.; Paul-Murphy, J.; Hacker, D.V.; Laratta, L.J.; Brooks, D.E., 1990:
Eyelid malformation in four cockatiels

Anonymous, 1990:
Eyes down for a full house

Roos, H., 1989:
Eyespot control 1987/88 - experiences of a season with an unusual weather pattern

Sorensen, P.W.; Hara, T.J.; Stacey, N.E.; Goetz, F.W., 1988:
F prostaglandins function as potent olfactory stimulants that comprise the postovulatory female sex pheromone in goldfish

Oliveira, D.B., 1989:
F protein and immune suppression genes

Barman, N.N.; Sharma, K.; Boro, B.R., 1989:
F strain vaccination in Newcastle disease virus outbreak

Tomoda, H.; Kumagai, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Iwai, Y.; Omura, S., 1988:
F-244 (1233A), a specific inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A synthase: taxonomy of producing strain, fermentation, isolation and biological properties

Havelaar, A.H.; Pot Hogeboom, W.M.; Furuse, K.; Pot, R.; Hormann, M.P., 1990:
F-specific RNA bacteriophages and sensitive host strains in faeces and wastewater of human and animal origin

Breivik, G., 1989 :
F. Nansen and the Norwegian outdoor life tradition

Anonymous, 1990:
F.O. Lichts international coffee yearbook, 1990

Matschke, H., 1988:
F.W. Raiffeisen - founder of the agricultural cooperative system

MacDicken, K., 1987:
F/FRED support of leucaena psyllid research

Zhang, X.G., 1990:
F1 fertility in indica/japonica crosses

Forster, H.; Kinscherf, T.G.; Leong, S., 1990:
F1-ATPase alpha subunit in the mitochondrial genome of the Pythiaceae

Uyakul, D.; Isobe, M.; Goto, T., 1989:
FAB tandem mass spectra of aflatoxins, sterigmatocystin and their analogs

Karpati, J.F., 1987:
FAO TCP project on nationwide mango seed weevil ecological survey

Kobishchanov, M., 1988:
FAO and the food problem in developing countries

Zaroug, M.G., 1990:
FAO position paper on a regional range management and fodder production programme for the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries

Anonymous, 1988:
FAO production yearbook vol 41, 1987

Anonymous, 1989:
FAO production yearbook vol. 42, 1988

Anonymous, 1989:
FAO programmes for the preservation of animal genetic resources. Expert consultation

Anonymous, 1985:
FAO regional seminar on the role of dairying in rural development

Anonymous, 1989:
FAO report

Braun, H., 1988:
FAO sulphur network

Anonymous, 1990:
FAO trade yearbook, vol 41, 1988

Anonymous, 1987:
FAO trade yearbook. Vol. 40:1986

Marui, H., 1988:
FAO watershed management field manual: landslide prevention measures

Sigurbjornsson, B., 1989:
FAO's activities in biotechnology applications in food and feed production

Schulten, G.G.M., 1988:
FAO's experiences with crop loss assessment

Huddleston, B., 1990:
FAO's overall approach and methodology for formulating national food security programmes in developing countries

Anonymous, 1989:
FAO-WHO-OIE Animal health yearbook 1988

Segal, I., 1989:
FAO/CNRE working group on solar energy for heating of greenhouses

Umali, D.L.; Sunderlal Bahuguna; Ramos, V.O.; Arnold, J.E.M., 1988:
FAO/Finland workshop on people's participation in upland conservation, Bangkok, 22-29 November 1988

Anonymous, 1990:
FAPRI 1990 U.S. agricultural outlook

Anonymous, 1990:
FAPRI 1990 world agricultural outlook

Anonymous, 1989:
FAPRI U.S. and world agricultural outlook

Anonymous, 1988:
FAPRI ten-year international agricultural outlook

Anonymous, 1989:
FDA approves marketing for new antimalarial drug

McNamara, S.H., 1989:
FDA regulation of food substances produced by new techniques of biotechnology

Lodge, G.M.; Frecker, T.C., 1990:
FEEDBAL: an integrated expert system for calculating whole-farm forage budgets

Juman, M., 1986:
FELCRA's experience in rehabilitation of idle land

Faull, T.R., 1988:
FEPA: the safe storage and disposal of pesticides

Chen, C.; Biegalke, B.J.; Eisenman, R.N.; Linial, M.L., 1989:
FH3, a v-myc avian retrovirus with limited transforming ability

Scanziani, G., 1989:
FIAVET and consumer protection

Marler, J.W.; McNally, H., 1988:
FIDAM - a new method of wool measurement by image analysis

Payandeh, B.; Field, J.E., 1985:
FIDME: Forestry Investment Decisions Made Easy

Power, J.M., 1986:
FIDSINFOBASE: The Forest Insect and Disease Survey Information System

Anonymous, 1989:
FIE en France

Anonymous, 1989:
FIE in Paris

Kline, D.E.; Bender, D.A.; McCarl, B.A., 1989:
FINDS: Farm-level intelligent decision support system

Keane, R.E.; Arno, S.F.; Brown, J.K., 1989:
FIRESUM - an ecological process model for fire succession in western conifer forests

Newnham, R.M., 1987:
FIRFOR - a simple forest management model

Palmquist, D.L.; Hopper, D.M., 1986:
FMC-570260 - 1985 EUP/TT results

Lubroth, J., 1990:
FMD in Tunisia

Jenkins, AC.; Brown, MR.; Crim, JW., 1989:
FMRF-amide immunoreactivity and the midgut of the corn earworm (Heliothis zea)

Jenkins, AC.; Brown, MR.; Crim, JW., 1989:
FMRF-amide immunoreactivity in a moth larva (Heliothis zea): the cerebral nervous system

Walther, C., 1988:
FMRFamide-like immunoreactivity in the metathoracic ganglion of the locust (Schistocerca gregaria)

Stringer, W.C.; Posler, G.L.; Hill, N.S.; Boyer, C.F., 1987:
FORBEEF: a computer model for forage-beef cattle systems

Anonymous, 1987:
FORPLAN: An evaluation of a forest planning tool. Proceedings of a symposium, November 4-6, 1986, Denver, Colorado

Fraser, M.J., 1987:
FP mutation of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses: a novel system for the study of transposon-mediated mutagenesis

Reibel, C., 1990:
FRG, an agriculture under close ecological surveillance

Picton, H.M.; Tsonis, C.G.; McNeilly, A.S., 1990:
FSH causes a time-dependent stimulation of preovulatory follicle growth in the absence of pulsatile LH secretion in ewes chronically treated with gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist

Seck, M.; Reviers, M.T.H. de; Bodin, L.; Elsen, J.M.; Boomarov, O., 1988:
FSH plasma levels during the first three months of life in male lambs carrying or not the F Booroola prolificacy gene

Elsen, J.M.; Cornu, C.; Bodin, L.; Thimonier, J.; Boomarov, O., 1988:
FSH plasma levels during the post natal period and natural ovulation rate in Booroola X Romanov females

Evans, J.W., 1990:
FSH secretion patterns in cycling mares: ultradian rhythms

Sowers, F.W.; Ousseini, K., 1987:
FSR and the dangling /E: extension, information flow, and the farming systems approach in Niger

McIntosh, J.L., 1986:
FSR problems and constraints: discussion paper

Hildebrand, P.E.; Martinez, E.; Ortiz, R., 1986:
FSR/E in community context; FSR/E regions and field teams

Spring, A., 1987:
FSR/E, development indicators, and food self-sufficiency at the household level in Malawi

Lev, L., 1988:
FSR: friend or foe of commodity research?

Corlin, C.; Kartzow, A. de; Nilsson, G.; Olsson, H., 1989:
FTP in Vietnam. Base-line and diagnosis study. Socioeconomic part. Technical part

Liang, X.Y., 1986:
Faba bean diseases in China

Kamel, A.H.; Halila, H.; Ben Salah, H.; Harrabi, M.; Deghaies, M., 1989:
Faba bean diseases in Tunisia

Hassan, S.M.M., 1987:
Faba bean growth, yield characteristics and accompanied weeds as influenced by population and pre-emergence herbicides application

Zhensu, L., 1987:
Faba bean in Yunnan, China

Ramsbottom, J.E., 1987:
Faba bean in the United Kingdom

Hussein, H.A.S.; Youssef, S.S.; Hussein, E.H.A.; Hussein, B.A., 1988:
Faba bean induced mutants for resistance to broomrape (Orobanche crenata L.)

Jansman, A.J.M.; Huisman, J.; Poel, A.F.B. van der, 1989:
Faba beans with different tannin contents: ileal and faecal digestibility in piglets and growth in chicks

Pandey, R.N.; Chaudhari, S.M.; Patel, K.S.; Bharodia, P.S., 1989:
Fababean, a new host of Erysiphe pisi DC. in India

Ng, T.J., 1988:
Fabric plant covers as an aid in muskmelon breeding

Crawford, S.H.; Collins, R.K., 1989:
Facet: a flexible, effective new rice herbicide

Wettstein Knowles, P. von, 1989:
Facets of the barley genome

Bonnefoi, M.; Sauvagnac, P., 1988:
Facial eczema in ruminants and sporidesmins

Rukavishnikova, V.M.; Mordovtsev, V.N., 1990:
Facial trichophytosis

Tsushima, K.; Osumi, T.; Matsuo, N.; Itaya, N., 1989:
Facile synthesis of fungicidal N- indanylbenzamide derivatives: rearrangement of tetrahydroquinolines to aminoindanes

Mitchell, R.; Johnson, M.; Ogier, S.A.; Fink, G., 1988:
Facilitated calcium mobilization and inositol phosphate production in the priming effect of LH-releasing hormone in the rat

Ryan, R.O.; Senthilathipan, K.R.; Wells, M.A.; Law, J.H., 1988:
Facilitated diacylglycerol exchange between insect hemolymph lipophorins. Properties of Manduca sexta lipid transfer particle

Hider, R.C.; Ejim, L.; Taylor, P.D.; Gale, R.; Huehns, E.; Porter, J.B., 1990:
Facilitated uptake of zinc into human erythrocytes. Relevance to the treatment of sickle-cell anaemia

Goldman, I.; Mellors, R.; Pudsey, D., 1989:
Facilitating sustainable rural development - an experience from Zimbabwe

Debold J.F.; Malsbury C.W., 1989:
Facilitation of sexual receptivity by hypothalamic and midbrain implants of progesterone in female hamsters

Damman, H., 1989:
Facilitative interactions between two lepidopteran herbivores of Asimina

Johnson, G.R., 1988:
Facilities design for dairy operations. Flexibility and future growth are important aspects of good planning

Lawrence, P.R., 1989:
Facilities for measuring gaseous exchange of large ruminants when working and resting

Petrovic, Z., 1987:
Facilities for rest and recreation in the light of the policy of tourism development in the Serbian Republic (without its socialist autonomous republics)

Damerow, G., 1988:
Facilities of the Niedermormter cheese factory

Boehm N.B.; Aron C., 1988:
Facilitory effects of olfactory cues emitted by estrous females on mounting behavior in the female rat

Elliott, R., 1989:
Facility keeps products supercold

Castro, A.H., 1989:
Facing Kirinyaga: a socioeconomic history of resource use and forestry intervention in southern Mount Kenya

Garasevich, G.I.; Lubskii, N.I., 1988:
Facing panels made of comminuted wood

Watt, S.L., 1988:
Facing the 1990's dairy market challenge

Lieb, M.E., 1988:
Facing the fats of life

Colla, T., 1989:
Facing up to product contamination

Anonymous, 1989:
Fact file: US legislation addresses unfair foreign trade practices

Reimann, K.A.; Knowlen, G.G.; Tvedten, H.W., 1989:
Factitious hyperkalemia in dogs with thrombocytosis

Brooks, M.B.; Dodds, W.J., 1989:
Factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B) in two male domestic short-hair cats

Qiao, C.G. et al., 1989:
Factor analysis and its application to correlation studies of crop characters

Rauret, G.; Galceran, M.T.; Rubio, R.; Rius, F.X.; Larrechi, M.S., 1990:
Factor analysis for assigning sources of groundwater pollution

Abdel Gawad, A.A.; Saleh, S.A.; Ashoub, M.A.; E.G.zzar, M.M., 1987:
Factor analysis in yield of certain sunflower cultivars (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ranganatha Sastry, K.N.; Ramanna, R., 1987:
Factor analysis revisited: a study of structural change in a growth perspective

Madan, S.C., 1989:
Factor demand in Indian agriculture: an econometric study

Bernardo, D.J.; Whittlesey, N.K., 1989:
Factor demand in irrigated agriculture under conditions of restricted water supplies

Singh, R.P.; Thomas, S.; Chandra, N., 1989:
Factor demand, output supply and constraints to dryland rice production in Ranchi district of Bihar

McLean Meyinsse, P.E.; Okunade, A.A., 1988:
Factor demands of Louisiana rice producers: an econometric investigation

Baffes, J.; McLean Meyinsse, P.E.; Okunade, A.A., 1989:
Factor demands of Louisiana rice producers: an econometric investigation: comment; reply

Osidze, D.F.; Bogdanov, M.E.; Zaitseva, L.N.; Zershchikova, T.A.; Stolbovskaya, O.V.; Sovetkin, S.V.; Khoperskaya, O.A., 1988:
Factor in bovine amniotic fluid which stimulates mesodermal cell differentiation

Alston, J.M.; Johnson, P.R., 1988:
Factor price equalisation among international farmland markets

Wolf, J.; Soukupova, Z.; Holy, M.; Jakubec, V., 1989:
Factorial mating in poultry

Melo Hermosilla, R., 1987:
Factorial study of industrial high temperature drying of radiata pine

Truelove, C.J., 1990:
Factories in the fields of plenty: gender, agrarian transformation, and industrial restructuring in the southwestern regional economy of Colombia

Poluektov, R.A.; Dolinskii, S.G.; Landa, F.M.; Fintushal, S.M., 1988:
Factorisation of agro-meteorological conditions within the framework of a production process model

Visser, A.; Shannon, P.; Wickham, B.W., 1988:
Factors affecting AB conception rates in cattle

Quirk, R.J., 1989:
Factors affecting Australian wool prices, past present and the future

Yang, Y.D.; Ting, K.C.; Giacomelli, G.A., 1989 :
Factors affecting a robot workcell for flexibly automated seedling transplanting

Pak, C.Y.C.; Avioli, L.V., 1988:
Factors affecting absorbability of calcium from calcium salts and food

Lee, D.Y.; Johnson, P.E., 1988:
Factors affecting absorption and excretion of 54Mn in rats

Aggarwal, A.; Arora, D.R., 1989:
Factors affecting adoption of gobar gas plants in Ludhiana

Zinjarde, R.M.; Lohakare, S.V.; Deshmukh, S.N., 1987:
Factors affecting age at first calving and lactation yield in Jersey X Sahiwal crossbred cows

Bezile, G.; Sumsion, D., 1989:
Factors affecting agricultural loader stability and safety

Guildan, S.J., 1987:
Factors affecting amino acid nutrition in developing soybean seeds

Pander, B.L.; Kanaujia, A.S., 1988:
Factors affecting and heritability of components of reproductive efficiency in Beetal goats

Jarvis, W.R.; Shaw, L.A.; Traquair, J.A., 1989:
Factors affecting antagonism of cucumber powdery mildew by Stephanoascus flocculosus and S. rugulosus

Elhag, H.; Whipkey, A.; Janick, J., 1988:
Factors affecting asexual embryogenesis via callus in Theobroma cacao L

Hansen, H.; Gauthier, R., 1989:
Factors affecting attendance at professional sport events

Murata T., 1988:
Factors affecting beef carcass price in relation to the beef carcass grading system

Chowdhury, A.K.M.S.H.; Salam, M.U., 1988:
Factors affecting beet crop establishment

Felsot, A.S.; Lew, A., 1989:
Factors affecting bioactivity of soil insecticides: relationships among uptake, desorption, and toxicity of carbofuran and terbufos

Bumpus, J.A.; Fernando, T.; Jurek, M.A.; Aust, S.D., 1989:
Factors affecting biodegradation of xenobiotics by the white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Murdia, C.K., 1990:
Factors affecting birth weight in medium-sized buffaloes

Mishra, R.R.; Lal, K.; Prasad, S., 1989:
Factors affecting birth weight of Landrace piglets

Berek, G.; Borontai, I.; Fulop, J.; Sandor, I.; Varga, Z., 1989:
Factors affecting boar performance

Mishra, R.R.; Prasad, S.; Lal, K., 1989:
Factors affecting body weight at weaning of Large White Yorkshire piglets

Saha, D.N.; Parekh, H.K.B., 1988:
Factors affecting body weights in half and three fourth crossbred cattle

Rugge, B.A.; Jacobs, G.; Theron, K.I., 1990:
Factors affecting bud sprouting in multinodal stem segments of Leucospermum cv. Red Sunset in vitro

Howard, B.H.; Vasek, J., 1988:
Factors affecting bud-take in fruit and ornamental trees

Ayala Paneque, A., 1987:
Factors affecting bulb development in onion

Aungtrakul, Q., 1989:
Factors affecting business mortality: a case study of the restaurant industry on Oahu, Hawaii

Johnson D.D.; Lunt D.K.; Savell J.W.; Smith G.C., 1988:
Factors affecting carcass characteristics and palatability of young bulls

Rogalska, U., 1989:
Factors affecting choice of work placement and grade as well as the stability of the farming profession

Schleger, W.; Schellander, K.; Mayr, B.; Pichler, W., 1990:
Factors affecting cleavage in bovine oocytes fertilized in vitro

Munro, R.K., 1990:
Factors affecting concentrations of progesterone in peripheral plasma of ovariectomised cows during intravaginal treatment with progesterone

Singh, B.; Singh, D., 1989:
Factors affecting conception in cows through artificial insemination under field conditions

Pan, S.; Kale, M.M., 1989:
Factors affecting conception rate in different grades of Friesian cross: a note

Arya, S.; Ram, K., 1988:
Factors affecting consumption pattern of milk and milk products in rural and urban areas

Kudo, G.; Barnett, H.J.; Nelson, R.W., 1987:
Factors affecting cooked texture quality of Pacific whiting, Merluccius productus, fillets with particular emphasis on the effects of infection by the myxosporeans, Kudoa paniformis and K. thyrsitis

Semaika, M.; Hady Rady, A., 1988:
Factors affecting crop coefficient when calculating crop evapotranspiration

Shrivastava, G.K.; Khan, F.H., 1987:
Factors affecting cumulative part lactation records during first lactation of Sahiwal animals

Sidhu, R.S.; Grewal, S.S., 1990:
Factors affecting demand for human labour in Punjab agriculture: an econometric analysis

Basha, A.N.; Krishna Rao, K.V.; Subba Rao, J.V., 1990:
Factors affecting deposits, advance and profits of DCCBs (a case study of Vijayawada Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., A.P.)

Gilliam, M.; Taber, S.; III.; Lorenz, BJ.; Prest, DB., 1988:
Factors affecting development of chalkbrood disease in colonies of honey bees, Apis mellifera, fed pollen contaminated with Ascosphaera apis

Soto, D.; Gaete, M.C.; Espinoza, O.; Charles, M.; Blanco, A.; Escobar, M.E.; Cariaga, L., 1989:
Factors affecting diet of the elderly

Cerf, M., 1988:
Factors affecting differences in the digestive flora and therapeutic implications

Schmidt, K., 1990:
Factors affecting drift from field sprayers, particularly at reduced water application rates

Murray, M., 1989 :
Factors affecting duration and intensity of trypanosome infection of domestic animals

Scifres, C.J.; Hamilton, W.T., 1989:
Factors affecting economic performance of herbicides

Keller, D.S., 1989:
Factors affecting economic values for yields of milk components

Siddappa, M.K.; Anilkumar, T.B., 1985:
Factors affecting efficacy of fungicides against Fusarium solani f.sp. piperis in soil

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Factors affecting efficient growth rate in the feeding pig

Wilson, K.; Hill, L., 1989:
Factors affecting egg maturation in the bean weevil Callosobruchus maculatus

Harms, R.H., 1989:
Factors affecting egg shell quality

Thorn, E., 1989:
Factors affecting embryo and plant production in anther culture of barley

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Factors affecting equine embryo transfer pregnancy rates

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Factors affecting extracellular release of transaminases from buffalo spermatozoa

Beck, R.J.; Frymire, E.H., 1989:
Factors affecting farmers' attachments to production agriculture

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Factors affecting farmers' hedging decisions

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Factors affecting fat percentage in crossbred dairy cattle

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Factors affecting feeder root rot of citrus caused by Fusarium solani

Bardin, A.V.; Vysotskii, V.G.; Patserina, E.E., 1987:
Factors affecting feeding rate of nestling pied flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca)

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Factors affecting female fecundity in the cowpea seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Wilson, H.R.; Mather, F.B.; Ingram, D.R., 1989:
Factors affecting fertility and hatchability in broiler breeders

Laurie, D.A., 1989:
Factors affecting fertilization frequency in crosses of Triticum aestivum cv. 'Highbury' X Zea mays cv. 'Seneca 60'

Das, G.C.; Das, D.; Aziz, A., 1988:
Factors affecting first lactation milk yield of Jersey cows in Assam

Kakran, P.K.; Joshi, B.K., 1990:
Factors affecting first lactation production and reproduction traits of Karan Swiss cattle

Sasso, Y.B., 1989:
Factors affecting flavor development in plain and muscadine yoghurt sweetened with aspartame

Almekinders, C.; Wiersema, S., 1988:
Factors affecting flowering and production of botanical seed in potato

Baker, E.A.; Hunt, G.M., 1988:
Factors affecting foliar penetration and translocation of pesticides

Arora A.; Verma S., 1989:
Factors affecting food habits of elderly people

Suski, N.S.; Nielsen, C.C., 1989:
Factors affecting food intake of women with Alzheimer's type dementia in long-term care

Sasson, A., 1990:
Factors affecting food production patterns

D.Nang Vinkh (D.Nang Vinh), 1989:
Factors affecting formation and differentiation of embryogenic callus following in vitro culture of immature embryos in maize

Vries, D.P. de; Dubois, L.A.M., 1988:
Factors affecting fruit and seed set in the hybrid tea-rose 'Sonia'

Kalappanavar, I.K.; Hiremath, R.V., 1989:
Factors affecting fungistasis in black soil

Nadarajah, K.; Burnside, E.B.; Schaeffer, L.R., 1989:
Factors affecting gestation length in Ontario Holsteins

Jain, R.; Singh, M., 1989:
Factors affecting goatweed (Scoparia dulcis) seed germination

Cervantes E.; Perez P.; Martinez Carrasco R., 1989:
Factors affecting grain growth in wheat ears cultured in sucrose solution

Dhumal, M.V.; Sakhare, P.G.; Deshpande, K.S., 1988:
Factors affecting growth rate of local and Jersey X local calves

Gent M.P.N., 1990:
Factors affecting harvest date of tomato grown under floating row cover

Dalal D.S.; Arora K.C.; Rathi S.S., 1990:
Factors affecting herdlife production and first lactation traits in crossbred dairy cattle

Koslanund, R.; Delouche, J.C., 1987:
Factors affecting imbibitional injury in soybean seeds

Lu, K.H.; Gordon, I.; McGovern, H., 1988:
Factors affecting in vivo development of in vitro fertilized (IVF) cattle eggs in relation to follicle size in donor ovary and time of transfer to sheep oviduct

Harman, B.R.; Brinkman, M.H.; Hoffman, M.P.; Self, H.L., 1989:
Factors affecting in-transit shrink and liver abscesses in fed steers

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Factors affecting incisional complication rates associated with colic surgery in horses: 78 cases (1983-1985)

Bailey, M., 1988:
Factors affecting infant and child mortality in rural Sierra Leone

Manzer, F.E.; Gudmestad, N.C.; Nelson, G.A., 1987:
Factors affecting infection, disease development and symptom expression of bacterial ring rot

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Factors affecting infectivity and development of larval stages of the liver fluke Fasciola gigantica in the snails Lymnaea auricularia complex

McFarlane, J.A., 1989:
Factors affecting insect pest management on wheat grain stored in tropical uplands

McCarthy, D.B., 1989:
Factors affecting intake and digestion of forages by cattle

Duering E.E., 1988:
Factors affecting intervals between date of calving and incidence of health disorders in diseased dairy cows

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Factors affecting iron plaque on the roots of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel

Dhumal, M.V.; Sakhare, P.G.; Deshpande, K.S., 1989:
Factors affecting lactation milk yield and lactation length in Red Kandhari and crossbred cows

Pitcairn, M.J.; Washino, R.K.; Palchick, S., 1987:
Factors affecting larval mosquito abundance in northern California rice fields

Mackay D.C.; Entz T.; Carefoot J.M., 1989:
Factors affecting leaf nutrient concentrations of potatoes on irrigated brown and dark brown chernozemic soils

Napolitano de Farias, I.T.; Guarrochena, R.; Bombelli, G., 1987:
Factors affecting length of calving interval in different milk production systems

Moore G.H.; Littlejohn R.P.; Cowie G.M., 1988:
Factors affecting liveweight gain in red deer calves from birth to weaning

Anderson, A.W., 1988:
Factors affecting machinery costs in grain production

Stubbings, R.B., 1989:
Factors affecting maturation and development of bovine oocytes

Pingel, H.; Schneider, K.H.; Birla, M., 1990:
Factors affecting meat quality in broilers

Piva, G.; Masoero, F.; Prandini, A., 1989:
Factors affecting milk fat composition

Mandakmale, S.D.; Kale, K.M., 1990:
Factors affecting milk production performance of Gir halfbreds and their second generation crosses with exotic dairy breeds

Mudgal K.C.; Taylor C.M.; Singh A., 1990:
Factors affecting milk yield in crossbred cattle

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Factors affecting milk yield in goats. 2. Effect of age and type of parturition on milk yield

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Factors affecting milk yield per day of age at second calving in Friesian X Sahiwal crossbreds

Vuorisalo, T.; Walls, M.; Niemela, P.; Kuitunen, H., 1989:
Factors affecting mosaic distribution of galls of an eriophyid mite, Eriophyes laevis, in alder, Alnus glutinosa, A.S.; Humphreys, J.G., 1988:
Factors affecting oviposition and egg production in laboratory-reared Anopheles pharoensis Theobald

Eller, F.J.; Heath, R.R.; Ferkovich, S.M., 1990:
Factors affecting oviposition by the parasitoid Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in an artificial substrate

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Factors affecting oviposition site preference by Toxorhynchites splendens in the laboratory

Lee, A.; Watkinson, J.H.; Lauren, D.R., 1988:
Factors affecting oxidation rates of elemental sulphur in a soil under a ryegrass dominant sward

Broschat, T.K.; Donselman, H., 1987:
Factors affecting palm transplant success

Tuan, SJ.; Tang, LC.; Hou, RF., 1989:
Factors affecting pathogenicity of NPV preparations to the corn earworm, Heliothis armigera

Lajtha K.; Bloomer S.H., 1988:
Factors affecting phosphate sorption and phosphate retention in a desert ecosystem

Meyer, J.H.; Wood, R.A., 1989:
Factors affecting phosphorus nutrition and fertilizer use by sugarcane in South Africa

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Factors affecting phytochrome transcripts and apoprotein synthesis in germinating embryos of Avena sativa L

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Factors affecting pickling cucumber quality. I. Histological studies of the fruit

Morrison, J.E.Jr, 1989:
Factors affecting plant establishment with a no-tillage planter opener

Abrol, D.P.; Kapil, R.P., 1986:
Factors affecting pollination activity of Megachile lanata Lepel

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Factors affecting pollinator effectiveness in Feijoa sellowiana

Jenkins, K.J., 1988:
Factors affecting poor performance and scours in preruminant calves fed corn oil

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Factors affecting postpartum anoestrus in cows. A review

Chotkowski, J.; Stachurski, W., 1989:
Factors affecting potato production levels

Smith, H.J., 1987:
Factors affecting preconditioning of Trichinella spiralis nativa larvae in musculature to low temperatures

Anderson, R.L., 1988:
Factors affecting preemergence bioactivity of diclofop: rainfall, straw retention, and plant growth stage

Plasse, D.; Fossi, H.; Verde, O., 1989:
Factors affecting pregnancy in first-calf beef heifers

Kim, W.S.; Kim, S.B.; Kim, J.H., 1989:
Factors affecting preharvest drop in Yumeyong peaches (Prunus persica Sieb. et Zucc.)

Renault, C., 1988:
Factors affecting present trends in pig slaughtering and processing industries

Kang, S.W.; Yamanaka, S.; Ehara, Y., 1988:
Factors affecting prevalence of KI and KJ group races of Pyricularia oryzae Cavara in Gyeongnam area of Korea

N.J.S.; Choi H.S.; Baik D.H., 1989:
Factors affecting preweaning growth in swine

Cook, A., 1989:
Factors affecting prey choice and feeding technique in the carnivorous snail Euglandina rosea Ferussac

Fuller, S.; Bello, H.; Shafer, C., 1990:
Factors affecting price of subtropical fresh peach production: an analysis of weekly wholesale price in the spring season

Sridhar, N.; Dutta, S.M., 1989:
Factors affecting production of beta -galactosidase of Streptococcus cremoris (H) grown in whey

Renukarya, C.K.; Raj, U.B.N., 1988:
Factors affecting production of cotton handloom weavers' societies: an analysis

Idris, I.B., 1988:
Factors affecting production traits in dairy X beef cattle

Moser, K.J.; Rogers, M.N., 1988:
Factors affecting propagation of Begonia X hiemalis Fotsch

Ghodeker, D.R., 1989:
Factors affecting quality of paneer - a review

Hintz, H.F.; Schryver, H.F.; Mallette, J.; Houpt, K., 1989:
Factors affecting rate of grain intake by horses

Busso, C.A., 1989:
Factors affecting recovery from defoliation during drought in two aridland tussock grasses

Murdia, C.K.; Tripathi, V.N., 1990:
Factors affecting reproductive performance of Jersey cattle in India

Saha, D.N.; Parekh, H.K.B., 1988:
Factors affecting reproductive traits in half and three-fourth crossbred cattle

Saxena R.C.; Khan Z.R., 1989:
Factors affecting resistance of rice varieties to planthopper and leafhopper pests

Martin, C.; Thurston, H.D., 1989:
Factors affecting resistance to Alternaria solani and progress in early blight research at CIP

Sullivan, J.L.; Huber, J.T.; DeNise, S.K.; Torabi, M.; Hoffman, R.G.; Franson, S.E.; Madsen, K.S., 1989:
Factors affecting response of cows to Sometribove (recombinant methionyl bovine somatotropin)

Kuff, E.L., 1988:
Factors affecting retrotransposition of intracisternal A-particle proviral elements

Gouws L.; Jacobs G.; Strydom D.K., 1990:
Factors affecting rooting and auxin absorption in stem cuttings of protea

Scalabrelli, G.; Couvillon, G.A., 1988:
Factors affecting rooting and survival of peach hardwood cuttings treated with IBA

French, C.J.; Alsbury, J., 1989:
Factors affecting rooting of Rhododendron 'Britannia' stem cuttings

Singh, R.P.; Sinha, N.C., 1988:
Factors affecting seed production in forage crops

Pickett, A.A., 1987:
Factors affecting seed production of F1 hybrid wheat - a review

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Factors affecting seedling vigor in potatoes: II. Genotype, after-ripening and seed priming

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Factors affecting selection of epitope specificity of monoclonal antibodies to tulip breaking potyvirus

Mikkelsen R.L.; Page A.L.; Bingham F.T., 1989:
Factors affecting selenium accumulation by agricultural crops

Bootwalla, S.M., 1988:
Factors affecting semen quality and their effects on the fertilizing ability of broiler breeder spermatozoa using a fluorimetric assay

Barton Gade, P.A.; Cross, H.R.; Jones, J.M.; Winger, R.J., 1988:
Factors affecting sensory properties of meat

Bilanski, W.K., 1989:
Factors affecting separating birdsfoot trefoil petioles from stems

Deshpande, K.S.; Ingole, G.K.; Sakhare, P.G., 1988:
Factors affecting service period and calving interval in Friesian X Sahiwal crossbreds

Moens R., 1989:
Factors affecting slug damage and control measure decisions

Wareing D.R.; Bailey S.E.R., 1989:
Factors affecting slug damage and its control in potato crops

Sarap, K., 1990:
Factors affecting small farmers' access to institutional credit in rural Orissa, India

Lio, G.M. di S.; Perrotta, G.; Cacciola, S.O.; Tuttobene, R., 1988:
Factors affecting soil populations of Phytophthora in citrus orchards

Yadav, S.B.S.; Yadav, A.S.; Yadav, B.L., 1989:
Factors affecting solids-not-fat percentage in milk in milk of crossbred dairy cows

Sackschewsky, M.R., 1988:
Factors affecting species distribution and coexistence in the Colorado shortgrass steppe

Sugha, S.K.; Singh, B.M., 1987:
Factors affecting spore germination and germ tube elongation of glume blight pathogen of rice

Thomas, C., 1988:
Factors affecting substitution rates in dairy cows on silage-based rations

Heijbroek, W., 1988:
Factors affecting sugar-beet losses caused by beet mild yellowing virus and beet yellows virus

Lizana, L.A.; Garrido G.S., 1986:
Factors affecting surface browning in pear (Pyrus communis L.) cv. Summer Bartlett

Penman, D.J.; Beeching, A.J.; Penn, S.; MacLean, N., 1990:
Factors affecting survival and integration following microinjection of novel DNA into rainbow trout eggs

Bustinza, A.V.; Burfening, P.J.; Blackwell, R.L., 1988:
Factors affecting survival in young alpacas (Lama pacos)

Chuang, T.Y.; Su, H.J., 1987:
Factors affecting survival of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense race 4 in soil

White, N.D.G.; Loschiavo, S.R., 1989:
Factors affecting survival of the merchant grain beetle (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) and the confused flour beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) exposed to silica aerogel

Morisse, J.P., 1987:
Factors affecting susceptibility of rabbit litters to enteritis

Moss, M.; Main, C., 1989:
Factors affecting systemic infection of tobacco by Peronospora tabacina

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Factors affecting tea quality: field variables - a review

Wollert, J.; Tilsch, K.; Tuchscherer, A., 1988:
Factors affecting the accuracy of breeding value estimation in performance tested beef bulls

TerHune, T.N.; Upson, D.W., 1989:
Factors affecting the accuracy of the live animal swab test for detecting urine oxytetracycline and predicting oxytetracycline residues in calves

Goodall, J.A.; Blackshaw, A.W.; Capra, M.F., 1988:
Factors affecting the activation and duration of motility of Sillago ciliata (summer whiting) spermatozoa

Goodall, JA.; Blackshaw, AW.; Capra, MF., 1989:
Factors affecting the activation and duration of motility of the spermatozoa of the summer whiting (Sillago ciliata)

Raintree, J.B., 1987:
Factors affecting the adoption of agroforestry innovations by traditional farmers

White, PR., 1989:
Factors affecting the antennal and behavioural responses of the saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis to food odour and aggregation pheromone

Chopra, R.; Gandhi, D.N., 1989:
Factors affecting the antibacterial activity of fermented beverage prepared from sweet cream buttermilk

Cherian G.; Sauer W.C.; Thacker P.A., 1989:
Factors affecting the apparent digestibility of protein for swine when determined by the mobile nylon bag technique

Finot, P.A.; Furniss, D.E., 1987:
Factors affecting the bioavailability of zinc in foods

Gupta, B.R.; Reddy, K.K., 1988:
Factors affecting the birth weight in Nellore and Dorset X Nellore synthetic lambs

Davies, K.G.; Whitbread, R., 1989:
Factors affecting the colonisation of a root system by fluorescent pseudomonads: the effects of water, temperature and soil microflora

Brotherton, I., 1989:
Factors affecting the conclusion of management agreements in National Parks

Sansome, G., 1989:
Factors affecting the control of Galium aparine (cleavers) in winter wheat in early and late spring

Kelly, V.A., 1989:
Factors affecting the demand for fertilizer in Senegal's peanut basin

Dilbag Singh; Dang, J.K.; Sushil Sharma, 1987:
Factors affecting the development of leaf spot of ber caused by Phoma eupyrena

Schroeder, A.C.; Downs, S.M.; Eppig, J.J., 1988:
Factors affecting the developmental capacity of mouse oocytes undergoing maturation in vitro

Pickens, L.G., 1989:
Factors affecting the distance of scatter of house flies (Diptera: Muscidae) from electrocuting traps

Dinwoodie, G.D.; Juma, N.G., 1988:
Factors affecting the distribution and dynamics of 14C in two soils cropped to barley

Moseley, G.; Manendez, A.A., 1989:
Factors affecting the eating rate of forage feeds

Penrose, L.J.; Koffmann, W.; Ridings, H.I., 1989:
Factors affecting the efficacy of post-harvest fungicide applications for the control of blue mould (Penicillium expansum) in stored apples

Adams M.R.; Hartley A.D.; Cox L.J., 1989:
Factors affecting the efficacy of washing procedures used in the production of prepared salads

Karan Singh; Majumder, S.K., 1989:
Factors affecting the efficiency of sex pheromone sticky traps to capture Angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella Olivier)

Krajcovic, V., 1988:
Factors affecting the efficient utilization of grasslands

Shaw, J.L.; Moss, R., 1989:
Factors affecting the establishment of the caecal threadworm Trichostrongylus tenuis in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus)

Possompes, B.B.rger,, B.C.q, J., 1989:
Factors affecting the evaluation of the nutritional value of severely alkali-treated casein

Flynn, A.V., 1988:
Factors affecting the feeding value of silage

Dowell, RV., 1989:
Factors affecting the field effectiveness of Encarsia opulenta (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), a parasitoid of the citrus blackfly, Aleurocanthus woglumi (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Nuorteva, P. et al., 1988:
Factors affecting the forest decline

Williams, A.G., 1988:
Factors affecting the formation of polysaccharide-degrading enzymes by rumen micro-organisms

Gibb, K.S.; Fisher, J.M., 1989:
Factors affecting the fourth moult of Contortylenchus grandicolli (Nematoda: Allantonematidae) to the free-living sexual forms

Narayanasamy, N.; Ramachandran, S., 1988:
Factors affecting the growth and development of cooperative sugar factory - a case study

Karaboz, I.; Oner, M., 1988:
Factors affecting the growth of Morchella conica var. costata Vent. in submerged culture for single cell protein production

Bocs, F.; Tamasi, M., 1988:
Factors affecting the homogeneity of aromatized Cottage cheese

Chanabe C.; Burrus M.; Alibert G., 1989:
Factors affecting the improvement of colony formation from sunflower protoplasts

Peters, J.P.; Leedle, J.A.; Paulissen, J.B., 1989:
Factors affecting the in vitro production of volatile fatty acids by mixed bacterial populations from the bovine rumen

Tanaka, F.; Tsuchiya, S., 1987:
Factors affecting the incidence of pink colouring of rice grains, caused by Epicoccum purpurascens. I. Conidial dispersion and infection to the glume and kernels

Hogan, J.P.; Kenney, P.A.; Weston, R.H., 1987:
Factors affecting the intake of feed by grazing animals

Lee, S.M.; Loh, C.S., 1988:
Factors affecting the isolation and culture of Brassica alboglabra (gai lan) hypocotyl protoplasts

Wells, J.M.; Brown, D.H., 1987:
Factors affecting the kinetics of intra- and extracellular cadmium uptake by the moss Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus

Hazarika, P.; Anand, U., 1988:
Factors affecting the knowledge of the dairy farmers in ICDP area - Assam

Singh, C.B.; Prasad, R.B.; Gupta, U.D.; Verma, S.K., 1988:
Factors affecting the lifetime production in Sahiwal and its crosses with Jersey

Sowa, G., 1988:
Factors affecting the loss of water by potatoes during storage

Campbell, R.G.; Smith, D.R.; O.S.ea, J.M.; Dirnbauer, J.; Luxford, B.G., 1989:
Factors affecting the manufacturing properties of pig meat

Latif, M.G.; Abdel Salam, M.M.; Haider, A., 1989:
Factors affecting the milk yield and composition of Rahmany and Barki sheep and their crosses

Smith, B.L., 1988:
Factors affecting the nitrate content of pineapple fruits for canning purposes

Togashi, K., 1989:
Factors affecting the number of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) carried by newly emerged adults of Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Lindo, J.; Thorburn, C.; Williams, P.; Bonner, M., 1990:
Factors affecting the nutritional status of formerly institutionalised handicapped people living in the community

Thomas, C.; Thomas, P.C., 1988:
Factors affecting the nutritive value of grass silages

Reed, J.D.; Yilma Kebede; Fussell, L.K., 1988:
Factors affecting the nutritive value of sorghum and millet crop residues

Vanova, M.; Markova, J., 1989:
Factors affecting the occurrence of eyespot disease

Niffenegger, D.; Isely, D.; Everson, L.E., 1989:
Factors affecting the outcome and usefulness of seed heterogeneity tests

Nelson M.L., 1988:
Factors affecting the particle size distribution of grazed forage due to ingestive mastication by steers and wethers

Lillard, Hs, 1989:
Factors affecting the persistence of Salmonella during the processing of poultry

Coupland, D., 1988:
Factors affecting the phloem translocation of foliage-applied herbicides

Paige, D.K., 1989:
Factors affecting the population structure and dynamics of Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) in the Cedar River Watershed, Washington

Egan, A.F.; Shay, B.J.; Rogers, P.J., 1989:
Factors affecting the production of hydrogen sulphide by Lactobacillus sake L13 growing on vacuum-packaged beef

Li, S.C.; Liang, M.F.; Zhu, X.M., 1987:
Factors affecting the productivity of insect pathogenic nematodes

Piagnani, C.; Eccher, T., 1988:
Factors affecting the proliferation and rooting of chestnut in vitro

Dickinson E.; Narhan S.K.; Stainsby G., 1989:
Factors affecting the properties of cohesive creams formed from cream liqueurs

Lee H.; Friend B.A.; Shahani K.M., 1988:
Factors affecting the protein quality of yogurt and acidophilus milk

Babol, J.; Maleszewski, J., 1989:
Factors affecting the proteolytic activity of aerobic spore-forming microorganisms occurring in food

Figueiredo, M. do C.V. de, 1989:
Factors affecting the quality of Pennisetum clandestinum (kikuyu grass) silage

Kravtsov, S.A., 1988:
Factors affecting the quality of apples and their storage quality

Adams, K.B., 1987:
Factors affecting the quality of cooked and canned spaghetti and the interactions of glutenins and gliadins with 7S and 11s soy proteins

Clark P.K.; Snyder H.E., 1989:
Factors affecting the rapid equilibrium method for analysis of total oil in soybean cultivars

Nealis, VG., 1990:
Factors affecting the rate of attack by Cotesia rubecula (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Yang, Z.Y.; Sugawara, K.; Ito, I.; Maruyama, J.; Fukunaga, K., 1988:
Factors affecting the regeneration of pasture vegetation by natural reseeding

Grufferty M.B.; Fox P.F., 1988:
Factors affecting the release of plasmin activity from casein micelles

Varley, M.A., 1989:
Factors affecting the reproductive performance of sows

Pieterse, P.J.; Cairns, A.L.P., 1988:
Factors affecting the reproductive success of Acacia longifolia (Andr.) Willd. in the Banhoek Valley, south-western Cape, Republic of South Africa

Sharpe, R.M.; Swanston, I.A.; Cooper, I.; Tsonis, C.G.; McNeilly, A.S., 1988:
Factors affecting the secretion of immunoactive inhibin into testicular interstitial fluid in rats

Camazine, S., 1988 :
Factors affecting the severity of Varroa jacobsoni infestations on European and Africanized honey bees

Wohlgenant, M.K., 1989:
Factors affecting the size of the North Carolina grape industry

Chen, H.M., 1988:
Factors affecting the sorption of cadmium by soils

Weaver, A. van B., 1988:
Factors affecting the spatial variation in soil erosion in Ciskei: an initial assessment at the macroscale

Soon, T.C.; Shaw, D.B.; Stemp, P.K., 1988:
Factors affecting the stability of oil during the physical refining of palm oil

Abeyratne, F.; Taylor, D.B., 1987:
Factors affecting the stability of shifting cultivation

Ipsen, R., 1989:
Factors affecting the storage stability of whole milk powder

Okkonen, E.; River, B., 1989:
Factors affecting the strength of block-shear specimens

Yau, T.L., 1988:
Factors affecting the stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of zirconium in 90% nitric acid

Tantuvanit, N.; Pleumkamol, V.; Kingpaiboon, S., 1988:
Factors affecting the success or failure of utilization and maintenance of small-scale water resources in Northeast Thailand

Bryan, RP.; Kerr, JD., 1989:
Factors affecting the survival and migration of the free-living stages of gastrointestinal nematode parasites of cattle in central Queensland

Schilling, O.; Kuhnhausen, S.; Knispel, A., 1989:
Factors affecting the thermal control of animal housing

Schulz, H., 1988:
Factors affecting the tractive efficiency of tractors

Lin, S.F.; Liu, C.; Liu, D.J., 1990:
Factors affecting the translocation of carbohydrates from cob to grains in maize. I. Filling characters of apical and basal grains on the ear

Lin, S.F.; Liu, D.J., 1990:
Factors affecting the translocation of carbohydrates from cob to grains in maize. II. Status of carbohydrate concentration in leaf sheath, stem internode and cob during grain-filling

Glatz, T., 1988:
Factors affecting the travel decision

Long, F.N.J., 1989:
Factors affecting the utilisation of nitrogen from cattle slurry applied to grassland

Smith, L.C.; Wilmut, I., 1990:
Factors affecting the viability of nuclear transplanted embyros

Carter, R.R.; Grovum, W.L., 1990:
Factors affecting the voluntary intake of food by sheep. 5. The inhibitory effect of hypertonicity in the rumen

Gill, M.; Rook, A.J.; Thiago, L.R.S., 1988:
Factors affecting the voluntary intake of roughages by the dairy cow

Lopez G.C.; Ulloa A.R.; Rochinn, S., 1990 :
Factors affecting the weight of lamb per ewe at birth in Corriedale sheep

Ghanem, S.A.H., 1987:
Factors affecting the zinc nutrition of rice and its behavior in flooded soils

Solie, J.B.; Mulder, S.J.; Summers, J.D., 1989:
Factors affecting treader soil reaction forces

Kender, W.J., 1987:
Factors affecting trends in citrus production in Florida

Matzke, P.; Richter, O.; Holzer, A.; Deneke, J.; Kleinschroth, E.; Wittmann, W.; Lindner, F., 1989:
Factors affecting udder disease

Kissel, D.E.; Cabrera, M.L., 1988:
Factors affecting urea hydrolysis

Jarvelainen, V.P., 1988:
Factors affecting use of the allowable cut in western and eastern parts of Finland

Gray, D., 1988:
Factors affecting vegetable seed quality during growing and harvesting

Goetz, L.D.F., 1989:
Factors affecting visitor selection of campsites on Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Wimalawansa, S.J.; Wikramanayake, T.W., 1987:
Factors affecting weight gain during pregnancy and the growth of the infant

Belardo, M.D., 1987:
Factors affecting women's participation in people's organizations

Gerasimenko, V.F.; Isarov, L.S., 1987:
Factors affecting yield correlations in genotypes of winter wheat in terms of ecology

Townsend, H.G.; Meek, A.H.; Lesnick, T.G.; Janzen, E.D., 1989:
Factors associated with average daily gain, fever and lameness in beef bulls at the Saskatchewan Central Feed Test Station

Anderson, P.L.; Morrison, R.B.; Molitor, T.W.; Thawley, D.G., 1990:
Factors associated with circulation of pseudorabies virus within swine herds

Lassauzet M L.; Johnson W.O.; Thurmond M.C.; Picanso J.P., 1990:
Factors associated with decay of colostral antibodies to bovine leukemia virus

Kutiel, H., 1989:
Factors associated with distribution of rainfall in the Galilee, Israel

Oltenacu, P.A.; Smith, T.R.; Kaiser, H.M., 1989:
Factors associated with seasonality of milk production in New York State

Wright, J.M.; Kiracofe, G.H.; Beeman, K.B., 1988:
Factors associated with shortened estrous cycles after abortion in beef heifers

Dill, S.G.; Correa, M.T.; Erb, H.N.; deLahunta, A.; Kallfelz, F.A.; Waldron, C., 1990:
Factors associated with the development of equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy

Gibson, G.L., 1988:
Factors associated with the supervised occupational experience programs of Kentucky vocational agriculture seniors

Paretas, J.J.; Garcia Vila, R., 1988:
Factors causing pasture deterioration

Popova, L.G., 1986:
Factors checking the spread of the moth

Rembisz, W.; Kowalczyk, S., 1989:
Factors conditioning agricultural development (I)

Hadas, E., 1988:
Factors conditioning biosynthesis of prostaglandins in pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains of Acanthamoeba castellanii

Sakson, N., 1988:
Factors constraining and stimulating the activities of advisory services

Shang, H.S.; Wang, S.Q.; Jing, J.X., 1987:
Factors contributing to Fusarium head blight epidemics of wheat in the irrigated area of central Shaanxi Province

Thomas, G.; Prijs, H.J.; Trapman, J.J., 1987:
Factors contributing to differential risk between heifers in contracting summer mastitis

Jin, J.Y.; Dowdle, S.F., 1989:
Factors contributing to increased yields of major grain crops in China

Li, J.; Abe, M.; Suzuki, T., 1989:
Factors contributing to inter-individual variation of zinc and selenium concentrations in human milk

Duggan, M.B., 1989:
Factors contributing to negative energy balance during common infections in African infants

Johnson, C.W.; Blackburn, W.H., 1989:
Factors contributing to sagebrush rangeland soil loss

Seth, R.J.; Robinson, R.K., 1988:
Factors contributing to the flavour characteristics of mould-ripened cheese

Paya, M.J.; Pedromingo, A.; Cutuli, M.T.; Mateos, A.; Suarez, G., 1988:
Factors contributing to variability in samples of aerobic mycotic flora

Lippmann, G.; Witter, B.; Kegler, G., 1990:
Factors controlling VAM colonization percentage in arable soils

Okubo H.; Shiraishi S I.; Uemoto S., 1986:
Factors controlling elongation of the last internode in tulip flower stalk

Graham, M.E.; Finley, E.; Vernon, R.G., 1990:
Factors controlling insulin resistance in white adipose tissue of lactating rats

Turner, K.E., 1990:
Factors controlling intake and utilization of tall fescue and big bluestem by grazing cattle

Montagnini, F.; Haines, B.; Swank, W., 1989:
Factors controlling nitrification in soils of early successional and oak/hickory forests in the southern Appalachians

Chippendale, GM.; Connor, KL., 1989:
Factors controlling populations and dispersal of the southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella Dyar, in the United States

Raibaud, P., 1988:
Factors controlling the bacterial colonization of the neonatal intestine

Schaefer D.A.; Reiners W.A.; Olson R.K., 1988:
Factors controlling the chemical alteration of throughfall in a subalpine balsam fir canopy

Garlick, P.J.; McNurlan, M.A.; McHardy, K.C., 1988:
Factors controlling the disposition of primary nutrients

Grieken, C.A. van, 1989:
Factors controlling the nitriding of stainless steels in ammonia synthesis loops

Baker, E.A.; Hayes, A.L.; Hunt, G.M., 1989:
Factors controlling the uptake and transport of foliar applied xenobiotics: an overview

Beg, M.Z.; Khan, A.H., 1989:
Factors creating isolating barrier between species of Solanum nigrum complex

Sexton, R.J.; Iskow, J., 1988:
Factors critical to the success or failure of emerging agricultural cooperatives

Wielgosz, S.; Tadajewska, M., 1988:
Factors determining diet composition and food availability for bream, Abramis brama (L.), and white bream, Blicca bjoerkna (L.), in Wocawek dam reservoir

Joshi, P.K.; Parshad, R., 1989:
Factors determining external land augmentation - a case of alkali soils

Vergara, P.; Ferrando, C.; Jiménez, M.; Fernández, E.; Goñalons, E., 1989:
Factors determining gastrointestinal transit time of several markers in the domestic fowl

Berzsenyi, Z.; Varga, K., 1987:
Factors determining optimum plant density and N fertilizer rate for maize hybrid in a long-term experiment

Dudziuk, W., 1989:
Factors determining progress in animal production

Sergeev, N.I., 1988:
Factors determining survival rate of frozen-thawed embryos

Belousov, L.A., 1987:
Factors determining the carabid complexes in agrocoenoses and ways of enriching them

Morton J.G.; Hall R., 1989:
Factors determining the efficacy of chemical control of white mold in white bean

McLean, J.G.; Monger, E.A., 1989:
Factors determining the essential fatty acid requirements of the cat

Sokolova T.A.; Kuybysheva I.P., 1989:
Factors determining the forms and total concentration of potassium in gray forest soils

Trudeau, D.; Gordon, D.M., 1989:
Factors determining the functional response of the parasitoid Venturia canescens

Antropova, V.V., 1986:
Factors determining the labour efficiency of operators of milking machines for cows

Saxena, H.K.; Upadhyay, G.D., 1988:
Factors determining the performance of Gangatiri breed cow in Ballia district

Mirchev, P.; Penev, D.; Ovcharov, D., 1987:
Factors determining the population number of Lymantria dispar

Kovalevskii, Y.V.; Korenberg, E.I., 1987:
Factors determining the possibility of infection by tick-borne encephalitis. Communication 1. Contact of people with ixodid ticks in central-Asian forests of the Khabarovsk Territory

Kovalevskii, Y.V.; Korenberg, E.I.; Lev, M.I.; Kashina, N.V.; Pchelkina, A.A., 1988:
Factors determining the possibility of infection with tickborne encephalitis. Communication 2. Viral infection of the vector in the central taiga forests of the Khabarovsk Territory

Gonzalez Reyna, A.; Murphy, B.D.; Ortega Rivas, E., 1990:
Factors determining the reproductive potential of Pelibuey sheep: effects of season and parturition on reproductive performance

Lisov, V.A., 1989:
Factors differentiating the material welfare of the rural population

Wampach, J.P.; Derigaud, P., 1989:
Factors directly affecting net real farm income in Quebec, 1971-87: growth accounts analysis

Wankel, L.M.; Sefton, J.M.M., 1989:
Factors distinguishing high- and low-fun experiences in ice hockey

Tawaiyole, P.S.; Weeks, S.G., 1987:
Factors facilitating and blocking the involvement of Grade 10 leavers in their villages

Sierota, Z., 1987:
Factors favouring the occurrence of Heterobasidion annosum in Scots pine stands on former agricultural land

Zhang, M.H.; Wei, P.W.; Guo, J.Q.; Hao, S.H., 1988:
Factors for the epidemics of soyabean mosaic virus and integrated measures for its control

Smith D.P.; Mccarty P.L., 1990:
Factors governing methane fluctuations following shock loading of digesters

Rosenfeld, D.; Gagin, A., 1989 :
Factors governing the total rainfall yield from continental convective clouds

Marushige Y.; Mangino M.E., 1989:
Factors important to the acceptability of gelled whey protein concentrates

Petev, Zh, 1990:
Factors improving the quality of sun-cured tobacco

Cicco, V. de; Intrigliolo, F.; Ippolito, A.; Vanadia, S.; Guiffrida, A., 1988:
Factors in Navelina orange splitting

Sherman, R.J.; Warren, R.K., 1988:
Factors in Pinus ponderosa and Calocedrus decurrens mortality in Yosemite Valley, USA

Santiago-Delpín, E.A.; Mora, E.; González, Z.A.; Morales-Otero, L.A.; Bermudez, R., 1988:
Factors in an outbreak of Pneumocystis carinii in a transplant unit

Hayasaka, T.; Kanbayashi, Y.; Yuki, K., 1988:
Factors in deterioration of quality of hulled rice due to incomplete grain filling in the Mogami area

Sheard, R.W., 1989:
Factors in maximizing production of alfalfa

Dempfle, L.; Senou, M., 1989:
Factors in short- and long-term selection response

Hamann, J., 1989:
Factors in the genesis of bovine subclinical mastitis

Gorlushkina, V.P., 1987:
Factors in the resistance of a Scots pine plantation to pests of buds and shoots

Lukina, L.I.; Shutova, A.P.; Fomina, Z.N.; Mordvinova, I.B.; Baranova, G.V.; Budagovskaya, S.N.; Malyutina, V.G.; Chernyavskaya, N.A.; Yurchenko, T.A.; Terushkin, V.A., 1985:
Factors increasing disease risk in neonatal infants of mastitic mothers

Korotyaev, L.V., 1988:
Factors increasing the efficiency of skidding

Schaub, J.D., 1988:
Factors influencing US cottonseed oil exports

Sunny, P.J.; Jain, D.C.; Sorrian, T.P.; Ghosh, T.K., 1986:
Factors influencing acceptance and non-acceptance of DEC in a bancroftian endemic area

Tabib, Z.; Hamilton, P.B., 1988:
Factors influencing antifungal activity of gentian violet in poultry feed and ingredients

Wall, G.V.; Myers, K., 1989:
Factors influencing attendance: Toronto Blue Jays game

Turfitt, L.B.; Boyette, C.D., 1986:
Factors influencing biocontrol of jimsonweed with Alternaria crassa

Jeeson, U.C.; Richard, J., 1989:
Factors influencing breastfeeding behaviour

Naazie, A.; Makarechian, M.M.; Berg, R.T., 1989:
Factors influencing calving difficulty in beef heifers

Morand Fehr, P.; Bas, P.; Schmidely, P.; Hervieu, J., 1986:
Factors influencing carcass quality and especially fattening of young goats

Xu, X.W.; Li, K.F.; Wang, X.M., 1988:
Factors influencing checking value of winding intensity of hard fibreboards

Maisom Abdullah, 1989:
Factors influencing choice of techniques and labour absorption in Malaysian agrobased industries

Srivastava, S.N.; Agnihotri, V.P.; Kishan Singh, 1987:
Factors influencing competitive saprophytic ability of Sclerotium rolfsii in soil

Stadelman, W.J.; Pratt, D.E., 1989:
Factors influencing composition of the hen's egg

Paula Neto, F. de; Pereira, A.R.; Brandi, R.M.; Paiva, H.N. de, 1982:
Factors influencing coppice development in stands of eucalypts

Skog, K.E., 1987:
Factors influencing county level household fuelwood use

Jarvie, E.M.; Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1989:
Factors influencing crop insurance participation in maize farming

Finnern, H.; Brummer, G., 1987:
Factors influencing decalcification of Schleswig-Holstein marsh soils

Shiwaku, K.; Chigusa, Y.; Kadosaka, T.; Kaneko, K., 1988:
Factors influencing development of free-living generations of Strongyloides stercoralis

Nolan, C.J., 1988:
Factors influencing development of reproductive function in Brahman bulls

Trapero Casas, A.; Kaiser, W., 1987:
Factors influencing development of the teleomorph of Ascochyta rabiei

Bennett, RS., 1989:
Factors influencing discrimination between insecticide-treated and untreated foods by northern bobwhite

van Doorn, A., 1989:
Factors influencing dominance behaviour in queenless bumblebee workers (Bombus terrestris)

Schoeneberger M.M.; Volk R.J.; Davey C.B., 1989:
Factors influencing early performance of leguminous plants in forest soils

Krishnaiah, N.V.; Kalode, M.B., 1986:
Factors influencing effectiveness of insecticides against brown planthopper and green leafhopper in rice

Nelson, K.; Hedgecock, D.; Borgeson, W., 1988:
Factors influencing egg extrusion in the American lobster (Homarus americanus)

Kuchinskas, V., 1989:
Factors influencing energy consumption when drying grain by forced ventilation

Kitsopanides, G., 1988:
Factors influencing ewe and goat milk production and sheep and goat husbandry in Greece

Portela, F.J., 1990:
Factors influencing feed intake in laying hens

Waslien, C.I., 1988:
Factors influencing food selection in the American diet

Kosaric, N.; Blaszczyk, R.; Orphan, L., 1990:
Factors influencing formation and maintenance of granules in Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors (UASBR)

Wacker, P., 1990:
Factors influencing grain damage in axial and tangential threshing units

Soysa, P.E.; Fernando, D.N., 1986:
Factors influencing infant feeding patterns in Sri Lanka

Wilcox B.P.; Wood M.K.; Tromble J.M., 1988:
Factors influencing infiltrability of semiarid mountain slopes

Rashed, S.S.; Mulla, M.S., 1989:
Factors influencing ingestion of particulate materials by mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae)

Kreutzwiser, R.D.; Wright, C.S., 1990:
Factors influencing integrated forest management on private industrial forest land

Wilcox, B.P.; Wood, M.K., 1989:
Factors influencing interrill erosion from semiarid slopes in New Mexico

Killedar, N.S.; Maheshkumar ; Naikare, B.D.; Jagtap, D.Z., 1987:
Factors influencing lamb growth rate in Deccani and its halfbreds with Merino and Dorset

Kleemann, D.O.; Walker, S.K.; Walkley, J.R.; Smith, D.H.; Ponzoni, R.W.; Seamark, R.F., 1990:
Factors influencing lamb survival in a high fecundity Booroola Merino x South Australian Merino flock

Gobster, P.H.; Dickhut, K.E., 1988:
Factors influencing landowner acceptance of open space preservation methods

Paterson L.J.; Raab G.M.; Hunter R.; Laxen D.P.H.; Fulton M.; Fell G.S.; Halls D.J.; Sutcliffe P., 1988:
Factors influencing lead concentrations in shed deciduous teeth

Fontenot, J.P.; Allen, V.G.; Bunce, G.E.; Goff, J.P., 1989:
Factors influencing magnesium absorption and metabolism in ruminants

Sheraby, M.A.; Suleiman, I.O., 1987:
Factors influencing meat production traits and their association with body dimensions

Schwark, H.J.; Beckert, H.G.; Grams, H., 1989:
Factors influencing meat quality traits in female and male crossbred cattle

Parmenter, RR.; Parmenter, CA.; Cheney, CD., 1989:
Factors influencing microhabitat partitioning among coexisting species of arid-land darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae): behavioral responses to vegetation architecture

Parmenter, RR.; Parmenter, CA.; Cheney, CD., 1989:
Factors influencing microhabitat partitioning in arid-land darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae): temperature and water conservation

Parker, FD., 1986:
Factors influencing mortality and nesting in managed populations of the sunflower leafcutter bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Guigue, L.; Pibarot, A.; Blanc, J.F., 1989:
Factors influencing mothers' choice to breast feed. Results of a survey carried out in three public maternity hospitals

Klowden, M.J., 1988:
Factors influencing multiple host contacts by mosquitoes during a single gonotrophic cycle

Staunton, W.P., 1989:
Factors influencing mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) yield and quality in plastic bag and tunnel growing

Molitor, H.D.; Harpering, P.; Zengerle, K.H., 1989:
Factors influencing nitrate content of butterhead lettuce in NFT culture

Wienhold, B.J., 1990:
Factors influencing nitrogen fixation by the actinorhizal shrub: Cercocarpus betuloides

Cirik, N., 1989:
Factors influencing olive flower bud formation

Baisier, M.; Gregoire, J.C., 1988:
Factors influencing oviposition in Rhizophagus grandis (Coleoptera: Rhizophagidae), specific predator of the bark beetle Dendroctonus micans (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Heagle, A.S.; Kress, L.W.; Temple, P.J.; Kohut, R.J.; Miller, J.E.; Heggestad, H.E., 1988:
Factors influencing ozone dose-yield response relationships in open-top chamber studies

Choudhury, A.K.S.; Duit, N., 1986:
Factors influencing parasitic efficiency of Trichogramma perkinsi Girault and Trichogramma australicum Girault

Cassady J.A.; Woody H.D.; Young A.W., 1989:
Factors influencing performance and sale price of beef bulls

Aso, T.; Ohtsuki, K.; Goto, K.; Kaneshima, M.; Doniwa, N.; Kamitani, N.; Kotsuji, F.; Yokoyama, T.; Tominaga, T., 1988:
Factors influencing peripheral levels of prolactin

Phillips, D.R.; Gersbach, N.B., 1989:
Factors influencing petiole spotting (gomasho) in Chinese cabbage

Essmann, H.; Niesslein, E., 1986:
Factors influencing political decisions relating to forest dieback

Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, B., 1989:
Factors influencing pollen longevity, germination, and tube growth in vitro of kiwifruit, Actinidia deliciosa, cv. Matua

Maier, E., 1988:
Factors influencing postpartum progesterone production in a dairy herd on the research farm at Oberschleissheim

Datta, K.K.; Sharma, R.K.; Datta, A.K., 1988:
Factors influencing potato acreage in Himachal Pradesh - a study in Lahaul-Spiti District

Buddenberg, B.J.; Brown, C.J.; Peterson, H.P.; Brown, A.H., 1989:
Factors influencing pregnancy rate and calving date in four breeds of beef cows on an Ozark mountain range

Alagappan, V.; Rengasamy, V., 1989:
Factors influencing profitability in a State Cooperative Bank - an analysis

Leo, P.; Schouest, J.R.; Miller, T.A., 1988:
Factors influencing pyrethroid toxicity in pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae): implications for resistance management

Gronvold, JS.; Hogh-Schmidt, K., 1989:
Factors influencing rain splash dispersal of infective larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi (Trichostrongylidae) from cow pats to the surroundings

Xia, C.S.; Zhou, P., 1988:
Factors influencing russeting of Golden Delicious apples

Colenbrander, B.; Kemp, B., 1990:
Factors influencing semen quality in pigs

Crighton, J.S.; Lishman, A.W., 1989:
Factors influencing sexual behaviour of young Bos indicus bulls under pen and pasture mating conditions

Muck R.E., 1988:
Factors influencing silage quality and their implications for management

Ballard, JWO.; Barnes, A., 1988:
Factors influencing silhouette trap captures of the blackfly Austrosimulium bancrofti in Queensland, Australia

Ballard, JWO., 1989:
Factors influencing silhouette-trap captures of the blackfly Austrosimulium bancrofti (Taylor) (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Australian Capital Territory

Eccles, M.P.; Cole, T.J.; Whitehead, R.G., 1989:
Factors influencing sleeping metabolic rate in infants

Mossmer, E.M., 1985:
Factors influencing sliding-snow erosion on grazed and abandoned alpine meadows in the calcareous alpine region of Miesbach and Rosenheim

Perfect E.; Kay B.D.; Van Loon W.K.P.; Sheard R.W.; Pojasok T., 1990:
Factors influencing soil structural stability within a growing season

Songstad, D.; Conger, B., 1988:
Factors influencing somatic embryo induction from orchardgrass anther cultures

Klaver, J.; Hartog, L.A. den, 1989:
Factors influencing some fertility characteristics of sows

Bruckner P.L.; Raymer P.L., 1990:
Factors influencing species and cultivar choice of small grains for winter forage

Parmenter, RR.; MacMahon, JA., 1988:
Factors influencing species composition and population sizes in a ground beetle community (Carabidae): predation by rodents

Lancaster, R.T.; Brown, C.R.; Jones, R., 1988:
Factors influencing sperm-egg recognition and binding in the pig

Huang Y.W.; Dennis E.S., 1989:
Factors influencing stable transformation of maize protoplasts by electroporation

Sarwar M.; Flegmann A.W., 1988:
Factors influencing strawberry mesophyll cell division in culture

Herr, C.M., 1987:
Factors influencing survival of preimplantation stage mouse embryos maintained in developmental arrest in vitro

Guillemette, Mk, 1989:
Factors influencing teliospore germination in Tilletia fusca

Semjen, G.; Galfi, P., 1990:
Factors influencing the adherence of strains of Streptococcus bovis and Escherichia coli isolated from ruminal epithelium

Carley, D.H.; Fletcher, S.M.; Wu, T.K., 1988:
Factors influencing the adoption of marketing alternatives for farmers' stock peanuts

Porter, N.G., 1988:
Factors influencing the aroma volatiles, sugars, and acids of boysenberry fruit

Kratz, E.; Veid, C.; Endress, H.U., 1989:
Factors influencing the behaviour of apple pectin as gelling agent, thickening agent or stabilizer in dairy products

Johnson, D.S.; Dover, C.J., 1990:
Factors influencing the bruise susceptibility of Bramley's seedling apples

Wakayama T.; Lee C.Y., 1987:
Factors influencing the clarification of apple juice with honey

Jones S.D.M.; Tong A.K.W., 1989:
Factors influencing the commercial incidence of dark cutting beef

Hide, G.A.; Cayley, G.R., 1989:
Factors influencing the control of potato gangrene by fungicide treatment

Glatz, T., 1989:
Factors influencing the decision to travel

Connor, M.A.; Salazar, C.M., 1988:
Factors influencing the decomposition processes in wood particles during low temperature pyrolysis

Amorena B.; Baselga R.; Aguilar B., 1990:
Factors influencing the degree of in vitro bacterial adhesion to ovine mammary gland epithelial cells

Nelemans, M.N.E., 1987:
Factors influencing the development of flight muscles in the carabid beetle, Nebria brevicollis (F.)

Dobbs, T.L.; Leddy, M.G.; Smolik, J.D., 1988:
Factors influencing the economic potential for alternative farming systems: case analyses in South Dakota

Kanarek, R.B.; Marks Kaufman, R., 1988:
Factors influencing the effects of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners on energy intake and body weight in rats

Gamble, H.R.; Rapic, D.; Marinculic, A.; Murrell, K.D., 1989:
Factors influencing the efficacy of excretory-secretory antigens in the serodiagnosis of swine trichinellosis

Alder M.R.; Gregory L., 1989:
Factors influencing the efficacy of grass retardants when sprayed using the controlled droplet application technique

Rak, B., 1989:
Factors influencing the fertility of sows

Beck, S.D., 1989:
Factors influencing the intensity of larval diapause in Ostrinia nubilalis

Mohsen, Z.H.; A.C.alabi, B.M.; Kassir, J.T., 1989:
Factors influencing the larvicidal activity of limonene against Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Dipt., Culicidae)

Gilfedder, L., 1988:
Factors influencing the maintenance of an inverted Eucalyptus coccifera tree-line on the Mt Wellington Plateau, Tasmania

Proctor, G.B.; Asking, B.; Garrett, J.R., 1990:
Factors influencing the movement of parotid amylase into the serum of rats on feeding

Nedelova, S., 1988:
Factors influencing the need for qualified workers in agriculture

Christmas, O.L., 1988:
Factors influencing the occurrence of and the level of participation in adult agricultural programs

Steekelenburg, N.A.M. van, 1988 :
Factors influencing the occurrence of stem lesions on tomato caused by Didymella lycopersici and chemical control of the disease

Wharton, R.J., 1988:
Factors influencing the persistence of potato cyst nematodes in the fields of northern England

Benoit D.L.; Kenkel N.C.; Cavers P.B., 1989:
Factors influencing the precision of soil seed bank estimates

Bleyaert, P.; Dejonckheere, W., 1988:
Factors influencing the presence of bromide in lettuce and tomato after disinfection of the soil with methyl bromide. I. Bromide residues in the soil

Dejonckheere, W.; Bleyaert, P., 1988:
Factors influencing the presence of residues of bromide in lettuce and tomato, after disinfestation of the soil with methyl bromide 2. Bromide residues in the harvested product

Yoselewitz I.; Balnave D.; Dixon R.J., 1988:
Factors influencing the production of defective egg shells by laying hens receiving sodium chloride in the drinking water

Bailey, K.W., 1989:
Factors influencing the recent expansion in US wheat exports

Suflita, J.M., 1989:
Factors influencing the reductive dehalogenation of halo-organic pollutants

Davies, A.; Dutta, M.J., 1988:
Factors influencing the relationship between branching in white clover and tillering in grass in the field

Wilkins, R.M.; Falconer, C., 1988:
Factors influencing the release of metalaxyl from polymer granules for soil treatment

Summers, J.D.; Spratt, D.; Bedford, M., 1990:
Factors influencing the response of broiler chickens to calcium supplementation of canola meal

Agarwal, S.B.; Patel, R.K.; Singh, C.B., 1989:
Factors influencing the sale price of culled cows

Gleaves, S.; Rummer, R.B.; Smith, L.A., 1989:
Factors influencing the selection and use of chainsaw user leg protection

Gross, W.B.; Domermuth, C.H., 1988:
Factors influencing the severity of Escherichia coli and avian group II infections in chickens

Tran Dang Kien; Mehandjiev, A.; Chu B.P.uc, 1989:
Factors influencing the somatic embryogenesis in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.)

Garkovich, L., 1990:
Factors influencing the status of academic women in rural sociology

Poggie, J.J.J.; Pollnac, R.B.; Fierro, M., 1988:
Factors influencing the success of fishermen's cooperatives in Ecuador

Farstad, W.; Berg, K.A., 1989:
Factors influencing the success rate of artificial insemination with frozen semen in the dog

Scott, P.J.B., 1988:
Factors influencing the susceptibility of submarine calcareous substrates to attack by bioeroders

Smith, C.E., 1987:
Factors influencing the transmission of western equine encephalomyelitis virus between its vertebrate maintenance hosts and from them to humans

Tomes, L.J.; TeKrony, D.M.; Egli, D.B., 1988:
Factors influencing the tray accelerated aging test for soybean seed

Pease, P.S., 1989:
Factors influencing the use of video conferencing for organizational communications

Walker, A., 1989:
Factors influencing the variability in pesticide persistence in soils

Lipnitskii, S.S.; Sheshko, P.M., 1989:
Factors influencing the viability and embryonic development of Fasciola hepatica eggs and the degree of infestation of Lymnaea truncatula with liver fluke larvae

Sultan, Z.A.; Khalil, M.H.; E.S.bhy, H.E.; Abdel Rahman, M., 1987:
Factors influencing the weight of calf and placenta at calving in Friesian cows

Brandon, T.L.; Mitchell, J.K., 1989:
Factors influencing thermal resistivity of sands

Sanford, S., 1988:
Factors influencing total fibre consumption, and domestic mill demand for cotton and wool

Williams, S.C.; Longworth, J.W., 1989:
Factors influencing tuna prices in Japan and implications for the development of the Coral Sea tuna fishery

Hanlon, P.; Byass, P.; Yamuah, M.; Hayes, R.; Bennett, S.; M'Boge, B.H., 1988:
Factors influencing vaccination compliance in peri-urban Gambian children

Cortazar S.R., 1989:
Factors influencing wheat performance at La Platina Experimental Station in 1965 to 1986

Zykunov, N.P.; Kononov, V.P.; Chernykh, V.Y., 1987:
Factors inhibiting oestrus in sows in commercial complexes

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Factors involved in potential sulfur accumulation in litter and soil from a coastal pine forest

Sriskandarajah S.; Skirvin R.M.; Abu Qaoud H.; Korban S.S., 1990:
Factors involved in shoot elongation and growth of adventitious and axillary shoots of three apple scion cultivars in vitro

Thomsen, M.K.; Kristensen, F., 1989:
Factors involved in the immunopathogenesis and immunoregulation of allergic contact dermatitis

Webster C.A.; Howard B.H.; Harrison Murray R.S., 1990:
Factors involved in the rooting response of apple winter cuttings to high basal temperatures

Hernandez, B. de; Focht, D.D., 1986:
Factors limiting nitrogen fixation in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) in acid soils

Downs, C.G.; Reihana, M., 1988:
Factors limiting postharvest display life of Leucospermum cv. Firefly

Guardiola, J.L., 1988:
Factors limiting productivity in citrus. A physiological approach

Foote, R.H.; Carney, E.W., 1988:
Factors limiting reproductive efficiency in selected laboratory animals

Marquez C.F.; Quintero S.H., 1989:
Factors limiting rice production in the humid tropics of Mexico

Wilcut, J.; Dute, R.; Truelove, B.D.vis, D., 1988:
Factors limiting the distribution of cogongrass, Imperata cylindrica, and torpedograss, Panicum repens

Houba, J.; Chmelik, K.; Jevic, P.; Souhrada, J., 1988:
Factors limiting the effectiveness of biogas use for heating forage driers

Weston, R.H., 1988:
Factors limiting the intake of feed by sheep. 10. The effects of concentrate supplements on the voluntary consumption and digestion of a medium quality roughage

Weston, R.H., 1988:
Factors limiting the intake of feed by sheep. 11. The effect of pregnancy and early lactation on the digestion of a medium-quality roughage

Weston, R.H., 1988:
Factors limiting the intake of feed by sheep. 12. Digesta load and chewing activities in relation to lactation and its attendant increase in voluntary roughage consumption

Weston, R.H., 1988:
Factors limiting the intake of feed by sheep. 13. Voluntary roughage consumption in late pregnancy and early lactation in relation to protein nutrition

Gbedolo, Y.M., 1987:
Factors limiting yam production in Benin

Musia, W., 1988:
Factors motivating increases in private farm size as illustrated by the Cracow region

Shklyar, M.F., 1989:
Factors of efficient utilization of production potential in poultry farming

Zborovskii, L.V.; Kozlova, L.V.; Ashkhotov, V.L.; Kholaev, M.Z., 1987 :
Factors of growth and meat and milk yield in Zebu x Schwyz hybrids

Demes, P.; Gombosova, A.; Valent, M.; Janoska, A., 1986:
Factors of nonspecific immunity in human trichomoniasis

Marchenkova, L.A.; Kasiteridi, N.I., 1987:
Factors of powdery mildew development on winter wheat varieties in the central regions of the Nonchernozem zone

Pluvinage, P.; Ducruet, T.; Josse, J.; Monicat, F., 1988:
Factors of risk of milk cows mastitis. Results of the survey

Hudcova O., 1990:
Factors of soil potassium regime in intensive fertilization

Paez, M.L.; Rodriguez, O.S., 1989:
Factors of the Universal Soil Loss Equation in Venezuela

Horino, O.;, F.; Yousef, M.; Niki, H., 1990:
Factors of the rice blast outbreak in Nile Delta, Egypt

Worthington Roberts B.; Little R.E.; Lambert M.D., 1989:
Factors predicting dietary quality of postpartum women

Huber J.A.; Oyarzun O.C., 1984:
Factors regulating interception in a mature Pinus radiata stand

Katz, D.F.; Drobnis, E.Z.; Overstreet, J.W., 1989:
Factors regulating mammalian sperm migration through the female reproductive tract and oocyte vestments

Clarke, R.N.; Ottinger, M.A., 1989:
Factors related to decreased testosterone concentrations in the peripheral circulation of the maturing male chicken (Gallus domesticus) fed aflatoxin

Oo, T.H.; Hitzhusen, F.; Hushak, L., 1988:
Factors related to errors in ex-ante evaluation of agricultural projects in developing countries

Shahidullah, M.; Islam, M.M., 1989:
Factors related to poultry production behaviour of the farmers of Boilor Union in Mymensingh district

Vaamonde, R.J.; Adkinson, R.W., 1989:
Factors related to the amount of milk discarded due to mastitis and subsequent economic losses in single and multiple trait selected lines of Holstein cattle

Huston, G.E.; Patton, S., 1990:
Factors related to the formation of cytoplasmic crescents on milk fat globules

Matsumura, T.; Shiyomi, M., 1987:
Factors relative to the hovering time of Tabanus rufidens

Drogun, A.G.; Nikolaenko, G.V.; Eroshov, A.I.; Korol' kov, V.I.; Orekhova, M.M.; Seregin, V.V.; Ivanov, V.E.; Dvorkin, G.L.; Letebskii, V.A.; Timashkov, P.G.; Shchemeleva, E.N., 1988:
Factors responsible disorders of physiological status and for causing disease in cattle

Dear, B.S.; Cregan, P.D.; Hochman, Z., 1987:
Factors restricting the growth of subterranean clover in New South Wales and their implications for further research

Reinbold, R.S., 1990:
Factors that affect cheese yield

Joseph, M.S.P., 1987:
Factors that affect the binding of heptane to whey protein concentrates

Gary, N.E.; Page, R.E.J., 1988:
Factors that affect the infestation of worker honey bees by tracheal mites (Acarapis woodi)

Buschiazzo, D.; Quiroga, A., 1989:
Factors that define soil fertility in the semiarid Central Pampas region (Argentina)

Kotze, W.A.G.; Bothma, K., 1989:
Factors that have an effect on the incidence of pitburn in Kakamas peach

Stefler J.; Makray S.; Sarvari B.; Wolf G., 1988:
Factors that have systemic effects on the fertility of cattle

Hellmich, R.L.; Collins, A.M., 1988:
Factors that influence drone flight times in Africanized and European colonies

Probart, C.K.; Davis, L.G.; Hibbard, J.H.; Kime, R.E., 1989:
Factors that influence the elderly to use traditional or nontraditional nutrition information sources

Tubbs, R.C., 1990:
Factors that influence the weaning-to-estrus interval in sows

Collins, J.N.; Resh, V.H., 1986:
Factors that limit the role of immature damselflies as natural mosquito control agents at Coyote Hills Marsh

Prescott, J.H.D., 1988:
Factors that will influence efficient systems of animal production from grassland in the future

Wood, C.M.; Christian, L.L.; Rothschild, M.F., 1990:
Factors to adjust litter weight of pigs to a standard 21 days of age

Szende, P., 1989:
Factors to balance demand in tourism

Gilliland, S.E.; Walker, D.K., 1990:
Factors to consider when selecting a culture of Lactobacillus acidophilus as a dietary adjunct to produce a hypocholesterolemic effect in humans

Haden, K.; Johnson, L., 1989:
Factors which contribute to the financial performance of selected Tennessee dairies

Karavaiko, G.I.; Dzhansugurova, R.S.; Pivovarova, T.A., 1989:
Factors which increase the resistance of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to molybdenum

Wacker, P., 1990:
Factors which influence the operating quality of axial and tangential threshing gears

Munoz Carratala, M.; Moya Benavent, M.; Cruz Amoros, V. de la; Herrero Galiana, A.; Juste Ruiz, M., 1988:
Factors which modify the efficiency of treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia with ferrous sulphate

Hoilo, S., 1989:
Factory operations in Vestfold together under one roof

Buchanan, E., 1989:
Factory tour

Thomas, B.D., 1989:
Factory-applied preservative and paint for joinery

Sunde, M.L.; Dafwang, I.; Cook, M.E.; Bird, H.R., 1990:
Facts about antibiotics in poultry feed still missing

Dorgai, L., 1989:
Facts and comments on land utilization in Hungary

Boersma, J.R., 1989:
Facts and figures on the Eemshaven sugar terminal

Anonymous, 1989:
Facts and problems of leisure administration in Aichi Prefecture

Miller, M.; Swanson, M.; Coli, T.; Clark, K.; Maggiore, P., 1987:
Facts on fat: a community nutrition education campaign

Lehr, J.H., 1989:
Factual, fictional, and ethical impacts on ground-water contamination in the United States

O'Meara, GF.; Mook, DH., 1990:
Facultative blood-feeding in the crabhole mosquito, Deinocerites cancer

Carroll, G.C., 1988:
Facultative fungal egg-parasites as agents of gypsy moth mortality

Daane, J.R.V.; Fanou, J.A., 1989:
Faculty-building in a small francophone African state: the case of Benin

Sandal, K.; Kovac, J.; Gaher, S., 1988:
Fademorf EK 20 - evaluation of results of investigations of the fungicidal activity and of the dynamics of fungicide residues in Czechoslovakia

Kreuzer, M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1990:
Faecal and urinary excretion of iron, copper, zinc and manganese in faunated and defaunated wethers fed semi-purified diets of different carbohydrate composition

Barnard, P., 1989:
Faecal bacteria in unhatched eggs of box-nesting kestrels (Falco sparverius)

Henker, J.; Hackbarth, S.; Sprossig, C., 1988:
Faecal chymotrypsin concentration in children: normal values, specificity, sensitivity

Donnison, A.M.; Cooper, R.N., 1989:
Faecal coliform decline on pasture irrigated with primary treated meat-processing effluent

Chrisp, J.S.; Sykes, A.R.; Grace, N.D., 1989:
Faecal endogenous loss of calcium in young sheep

Spencer, E.; Araya, M.; Sandino, A.M.; Pacheco, I.; Brunser, O., 1988:
Faecal excretion of rotavirus and other enteropathogens in newborns of the high and low socio-economic stratum in Santiago, Chile

Conlon, C.P.; Banda, H.M.; Luo, N.P.; Namaambo, M.K.; Perera, C.U.; Sikweze, J., 1989:
Faecal mycobacteria and their relationship to HIV-related enteritis in Lusaka, Zambia

Hasslinger, M.A.; Weber Werringhen, R., 1988:
Faecal tests of sheep on pasture and the prevalence of Cysticercus tenuicollis in slaughtered sheep

Berbigier, P.; Gruner, L.; Mambrini, M.; Sophie, SA., 1990:
Faecal water content and egg survival of goat gastro-intestinal strongyles under dry tropical conditions in Guadeloupe

Muthukrishnan, J.; Pandian, TJ., 1988:
Faecal weight as an index of development rate and energy content of imago of lepidopterous insects

Mincigrucci, G.; Romano, B.; Frenguelli, G.; Bricchi, E., 1986 :
Fagaceae pollen in the atmosphere in Perugia and Ascoli Piceno

Anonymous, 1979:
Fagara macrophylla . Faurea saligna

Hansen, R., 1989:
Fage in Greece is Europe's biggest yoghurt factory

Duty, J., 1985:
Fagus species in Europe and their geographical-sociological correlation with the distribution of associations of Fagion s.l

Liu, M.Z.; Haghighi, K.; Stroshine, R.L., 1988:
Failure analysis of soybeans

Sitaraman, V.; Santoso, E.; Sathe, S., 1988:
Failure and repair of a primary waste heat boiler

Lindner, E., 1988:
Failure mechanism of copper antifouling coatings

Bödeker, D.; Mahler, M.; Höller, H., 1990:
Failure of 1,25-(OH)2-vitamin D3 to affect calcium flux across sheep rumen wall mucosa in vitro

Thomson, G.R.; Doube, B.M.; Braak, L.E.; Gainaru, M.D.; Bengis, R.G., 1988:
Failure of Haematobia thirouxi potans (Bezzi) to transmit foot-and-mouth disease virus mechanically between viraemic and susceptible cattle

Moraal, L.G., 1988:
Failure of Prunus avium seed crop caused by Furcipus rectirostris

Hall, P.; Barr, K.; Lacey, R.W., 1990:
Failure of Salkil to eliminate Salmonella from chicken feed

Blodgett, D.J.; Schurig, G.G.; Kornegay, E.T.; Meldrum, J.B.; Bonnette, E.D., 1988:
Failure of an enhanced dietary selenium concentration to stimulate humoral immunity in gestating swine

Wentink, G.H.; Rutten, V.P.; van Exsel, A.C.; de Jong, W.A.; Vleugel, H.; Hensen, E.J., 1990:
Failure of an in vitro lymphoproliferative assay specific for bovine herpes virus type 1 to detect immunised or latently infected animals

Kirkwood R.N.; Thacker P.A., 1990:
Failure of an induced ovulation during lactation to improve sow or litter performance

Ringwald, P.; Bartczak, S.;, J.; Bricaire, F.; Matheron, S.; Bauchet, J.; Coulaud, J.P., 1990:
Failure of anti-malarial prophylaxis with mefloquine in Africa

Hoskinson R.M.; Djura P.; Welch R.J.; Harrison B.E.; Brown G.H.; Donnelly J.B.; Jones M.R., 1988:
Failure of antisomatostatin antibodies to stimulate the growth of crossbred lambs

Goring, R.L.; Beale, B.S., 1990:
Failure of arthroscopic dislodgment of cartilage flaps for treatment of osteochondritis dissecans in the shoulder joints of two racing greyhounds

Gentry, P.A.; Tremblay, R.R.; Ross, M.L., 1989:
Failure of aspirin to impair bovine platelet function

Jones P.J.H.; Ridgen J.E., 1989:
Failure of caloric restriction to influence cholesterol synthesis in hamsters fed identical amounts of dietary cholesterol

Nair, K.S.; Halliday, D.; Ford, G.C.; Heels, S.; Garrow, J.S., 1987:
Failure of carbohydrate to spare leucine oxidation in obese subjects

Durieux, I.; Boibieux, A.; Biron, F.; Ringwald, P.; Piens, M.A.; Peyramond, D., 1990:
Failure of chemoprophylaxis by mefloquine in West Africa

Couzigou, P.Y.; Raymond, J.M., 1989:
Failure of chloroquine prophylaxis against malaria in Niger

Moran, J.S.; Bernard, K.W.; Greenberg, A.E.; Patchen, L.; Waterman, S.; Bennet, H.S., 1987:
Failure of chloroquine treatment to prevent malaria in Americans in West Africa

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