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Fatty acid composition of nonglutinous brown rice of japonica type and indica-japonica hybrid type cultivars in Korea

Taira, H.; Lee, B Y.

Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 35(1): 23-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-0394
DOI: 10.3136/nskkk1962.35.23
Accession: 001834969

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Lipid content and fatty acid composition of non-glutinous Korean brown rice were evaluted using (a) 15 japonica type cultivars and (b) 14 indica-japonica hybrid cultivars. Lipid content (percentage DW, tabulated) ranges were (a) 2.2-2.79 and (b) 2.10-2.77. Oleic:linoleic acid ratios (tabulated) ranges were (a) 1.07-1.40 and (b) 1.24-1.60. Linoleic acid was dominant in (a) at 34.98% and oleic acid was dominant in (b) at 43.79%.

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