Feeding value and use for fattening pigs of corn-cob-mix silages especially from a lysine-rich maize mutant and of mixed silage from corn-cob-mix and lucerne leaves. 2. Fattening performance and carcass composition

Wecke, C.; Eisenhardt, G.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G.

Archives of Animal Nutrition 38(4): 279-287


ISSN/ISBN: 1745-039X
Accession: 001835700

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Castrated male pigs in 4 groups of 8 were fed from 39 to 110 kg liveweight on a complete feed (controls), or on a diet with a 1:1 ratio of protein concentrate to ground barley and maize-cob (MCM) silage from a conventional or a new, lysine-rich, maize cultivar, or silage from MCM 90 and lucerne leaves 10%. Daily gain on complete feed was 746, on conventional MCM silage 845, lysine-rich MCM silage 912 and with MCM silage and lucerne leaves 874 g. Days to reach 110 kg were 96, 84, 78 and 82. DM intake/kg gain was 3.23, 3.08, 3.02 and 3.07 kg and digestible crude protein intake/kg gain was 359, 417, 388 and 413 g. Carcass quality and composition were similar regardless of diet.