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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mulheron, G.W.; Wise, T.H.; Stone, R.T.; Ford, J.J., 1990:
Follicle-stimulating hormone regulation of cytochrome P-450 side-chain cleavage messenger ribonucleic acid accumulation by porcine granulosa cells isolated from small and medium follicles

Kelly, J.D.; Etches, R.J.; Guémené, D., 1990:
Follicular control of oviposition in the hen

Greve, T.; Callesen, H.; Hyttel, P., 1989:
Follicular correlates with in-vitro fertilization in cattle

Kahn, W., 1989:
Follicular development in cattle; changes in number and size during the ovarian cycle

Mattioli, M.; Galeati, G.; Bacci, M.L.; Seren, E., 1988:
Follicular factors influence oocyte fertilizability by modulating the intercellular cooperation between cumulus cells and oocyte

Kulkarni, B.A., 1990:
Follicular fluid proteins of the India buffalo

Moser, M.T.; Garverick, H.A.; Smith, M.F.; Youngquist, R.S., 1989:
Follicular growth and endocrine patterns of prepuberal heifers administered bovine follicular fluid and (or) follicle stimulating hormone

Yenikoye, A.; Mariana, J.C.; Celeux, G., 1989:
Follicular growth during the oestrous cycle in Peul sheep

Bottcher, M.; Gernhard, K.; Lange, W.; Neumann, B., 1989:
Follicular metabolic changes in the ovaries of slaughtered cows

Li, Y.N.; Shi, J.Q.; Huang, W.M., 1988:
Folliculitis caused by Candida parapsilosis

Chauvin, M.F. de; Cosnes, A.; Benkhraba, F.; Touraine, R., 1988:
Folliculitis of scalp and beard due to Candida albicans: metastatic lesions of septicaemia in a non-drug addict patient

Touati, K.; Beckers, J.F.; Ectors, F.J.; Ectors, F., 1989:

Ginther, O.J., 1990:
Folliculogenesis during the transitional period and early ovulatory season in mares

Fox, L.; Hancock, D., 1990:
Follow the basics to control S. aureus

Pearce, N.; Prior, I.; Methven, D.; Culling, C.; Marshall, S.; Auld, J.; de Boer, G.; Bethwaite, P., 1990:
Follow up of New Zealand participants in British atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific

Smith, E.M.; Treaster, S.A., 1988:
Follow-up evaluation of cyanazine, terbacil and metolachlor slow-release herbicide tablets on woody landscape crops

Mayer, H.O.; Stunzner, D.; Grubbauer, H.M.; Faschinger, C.; Wocheslander, E.; Moser, M., 1986:
Follow-up examination of children born to mothers with Toxoplasma infections acquired in pregnancy

Bilitzer, N.; Tzamir, G.; Freiman, M., 1988:
Fomesafen, a solution for escaping broadleaved weeds in vetch, chickpea and pea

Robinson, D.S., 1987:
Food - biochemistry and nutritional value

Mathur, B.N., 1990:
Food Additives

Anonymous, 1989:
Food Expo in print

Anonymous, 1989:
Food Ingredients Europe, conference proceedings 1989

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, 1988:
Food Legume Improvement Program; Annual Report 1988

Anonymous, 1988:
Food Science

Anonymous, 1990:
Food Studies Group: ten year report 1979-1989

Anonymous, 1987:
Food acceptance and nutrition

Haahtela T.; Hannuksela M., 1990:
Food additives and hypersensitivity

O.Donaghue, K.J., 1987:
Food additives for the food technologist

Petrov, S.; Gyura, J., 1989:
Food additives manufactured from extracted sugarbeet cossettes

Aguilar, G. et al., 1988:
Food aid

Anonymous, 1989:
Food aid

Schumacher, H.H., 1989:
Food aid - drug for developing countries?

Fitzpatrick J.; Storey A., 1989:
Food aid and agricultural disincentives

Geier, G., 1988:
Food aid and food supply security programmes as instruments of development cooperation

Cathie, J., 1989:
Food aid and industrialisation: the development of the South Korean economy

Hopkins, R.F., 1988:
Food aid and policy-based lending to Africa: dilemmas for states and donors

Desenclos, J.C., 1989:
Food aid and scurvy in refugees in the Horn of Africa

Grigsby, S.E.; Simpson, J.R., 1987:
Food aid as a development tool: Colombia, 1950-80

Shepherd, J., 1989:
Food aid as an instrument of US foreign policy: the case of Ethiopia, 1982-84 (Volume I of II)

Bari, A.K.M., 1987:
Food aid in Bangladesh: its implications

Anonymous, 1990:
Food aid in the 1990s

Empson, J., 1989:
Food aid programmes in need of review

Acker, D., 1989:
Food aid programs, food consumption, and incentives for the agriculture of less developed countries and the United States

Anonymous, 1989:
Food aid to Poland aimed at nourishing reform

Ezekiel, H., 1987:
Food aid trends and projections

Anonymous, 1987:
Food aid works

Dzietror, A., 1988:
Food aid: a Trojan horse?

Anonymous, 1989:
Food aid: flows, directions, uses

Shapouri, S.; Missiaen, M., 1990:
Food aid: motivation and allocation criteria

Anonymous, 1988:
Food aid: policies and programmes

Singer, H.W., 1988:
Food aid: pros and cons

Ring, J., 1989:
Food allergies and other food-related intolerance reactions

Bock, S.Allan, 1988:
Food allergy

Lake, A., 1987:
Food allergy

Bousquet, J.; Michel, F.B., 1988:
Food allergy and asthma

Douwes, A.C., 1988:
Food allergy in children

Schlemmer, P.; Bauer, C.P., 1988:
Food allergy in infants involving immunoglobulin E

Dreborg, S., 1988:
Food allergy in pollen-sensitive patients

de Martino, M.; Donzelli, G.P.; Galli, L.; Scarano, E.; de Marco, A.; Rapisardi, G.; Vecchi, C.; Vierucci, A., 1989:
Food allergy in preterm infants fed human milk

Riedel, W., 1989:
Food allergy with particular reference to the gastrointestinal tract

Laurent, J.; Lagrue, G., 1988:
Food allergy: diagnostic value of a diet low in antigens

André, C.; André, F.; Cavagna, S., 1988:
Food allergy: myth or reality?

Sanders, D.W., 1988:
Food and Agriculture Organization activities in soil conservation

Anonymous, 1989:
Food and Environment Protection Act 1985. Training and testing in pesticide use in agriculture

Anonymous, 1988:
Food and H2 blockade

Oyejide, T.A.; Tran, L.H., 1989:
Food and agricultural imports of sub-Saharan Africa

Manuel de Jesus Amezquita, C., 1989:
Food and agricultural policies and programs in the Caribbean

Plumb, Lord, 1989:
Food and agricultural policy issues of the European Community

Norton Griffiths, M., 1989:
Food and agricultural production in the Sahel

Oshima, H.T., 1986:
Food and agriculture in Asia towards the year 2000

Mintz, S.W., 1989:
Food and culture: an anthropological view

Fleuret, A., 1988:
Food and development in rural Kenya

Mellor, J.W., 1988:
Food and development: the critical nexus between developing and developed countries

Anonymous, 1989:
Food and environmental hazards to health. Update - listeriosis and pasteurized milk

Anonymous, 1989:
Food and farm: current debates and policies

Harrison, P., 1990:
Food and farming: the big question marks

Govindan V.S., 1989:
Food and feed production from municipal wastewater treatment

Goddard, J.S., 1988:
Food and feeding

Khan, M.S., 1989:
Food and feeding biology of a Malaysian freshwater catfish, Mystus nemurus C. & V. with reference to physico-chemical parameters of its natural habitat, Chenderoh reservoir

Sen, A., 1989:
Food and freedom

Macdonald, J.S.; Birtwell, I.K.; Kruzynski, G.M., 1987:
Food and habitat utilization by juvenile salmonids in the Campbell River estuary

Jain, M.; Bhat, C.M., 1988:
Food and nutrient intake of female hostel residents

Madhyastha, M.S.; Acharya, D.; Chakladhar, B.K.; Aroor, A.R., 1988:
Food and nutrient intake of preschool children of coastal India

Samuelson, G.; Lenner, R.A.; Carlgren, G.; Hardell, L.I.; Johansson, B.; Jonsson, G.; Sandström, B., 1989:
Food and nutrient intakes in Swedish diabetic children

Butt, S.A.; Mahmood, T.; Ludlow, S.E., 1987:
Food and nutrition in Pakistan (a cross-regional case study)

Calfa B.A.; Rivera M.A.; Manquez V.M., 1988:
Food and nutrition knowledge of students of health and education subjects at Antofagasta University

Scott, P.J., 1987:
Food and nutrition policy for New Zealand - future directions

Anonymous, 1989:
Food and nutrition strategies. Summary report on a seminar held at Brussels, Belgium, 3-7 November 1986

Brun, T.R.ynaud, J.C.evassus-Agnes, S., 1989:
Food and nutritional impact of one home garden project in Senegal

Dellere, R.; Symoens, J.J., 1988:
Food and nutritional strategies. Concepts-objectives-practice. Seminar, Brussels, 3-7 November 1986

Cloutour, L., 1988:
Food and society

Traill, B., 1989:
Food and technology: results and conclusions of the EC's FAST programme on the European food system

Solms, J., 1988:
Food and the affluent society

Fornasieri, A.; Sinico, R.A.; Maldifassi, P.; Paterna, L.; Benuzzi, S.; Colasanti, G.; D'Amico, G., 1988 :
Food antigens, IgA-immune complexes and IgA mesangial nephropathy

Anonymous, 1989:
Food assistance

Jones G.P., 1986:
Food availability affects growth in a coral reef fish

Michaud, C.; Musse, N.; Kahn, J.P.; Grebert, M.; Burlet, C.; Mejean, L., 1989:
Food behaviour of adolescents 15 to 19 years old living in Nancy. Comparison with the recommended dietary allowances for the French population

Rasmussen, JB.; Rowan, DJ.; Lean, DRS.; Carey, JH., 1990:
Food chain structure in Ontario lakes determines PCB levels in lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) and other pelagic fish

Scheller, R.; Strahlmann, B.; Schwedt, G., 1988:
Food chemistry and technology aspects of a low-nickel diet in endogenous allergic contact dermatitis

Contento, I.R.; Michela, J.L.; Goldberg, C.J., 1988:
Food choice among adolescents: population segmentation by motivations

Tews J.K.; Repa J.J.; Lichy R.; Harper A.E., 1987:
Food choices and meal patterns of rats selecting from amino acid diets containing homoarginine

Patterson, B.H.; Block, G., 1988:
Food choices and the cancer guidelines

Cerda, X., 1988:
Food collection by Cataglyphis iberica (Em.) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Goldschmiedt, M.; Redfern, J.S.; Feldman, M., 1990 :
Food coloring and monosodium glutamate: effects on the cephalic phase of gastric acid secretion and gastrin release in humans

Sillano, M., 1989:
Food colourings

Ohta, A.; Aoki, T., 1989:
Food composition

Conning, Dm, 1989:
Food composition and human behaviour

Stockley L., 1988:
Food composition tables in the calculation of the nutrient content of mixed diets

Rimestad, A.H.; Ahola, M.; Bergstrom, L.; Moller, A.; Reykdal, O., 1988:
Food composition tables: use and compilation

Siren, M., 1988:
Food compositions containing inositol triphosphate and method for making same

Anonymous, 1988:
Food conservation. Seventh International Ethnological Food Research Conference, 10-14 June 1987, Sogndal, Norway

Putnam, J.J., 1989:
Food consumption

Banno, H.; Yamagami, A., 1989:
Food consumption and conversion efficiency of the larvae of Eupromus ruber (Dalman) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Laraki, K., 1989:
Food consumption and food subsidies in Morocco: justifications for policy reform

Mohiuddin, I., 1989:
Food consumption and nutritional deficiency diseases in some villages of central Uttar Pradesh

Kumar, S.K.; Alderman, H., 1988:
Food consumption and nutritional effects of consumer-oriented food subsidies

Thomas, A.W., 1989:
Food consumption and utilization by 6th-instar larvae of spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana: a comparison on three Picea (spruce) species

Aslam, M., 1988:
Food consumption and utilization of food by Heliothis armigera (Hub.) (Lepidoptera; Noctuidae)

Khan, M.A.A., 1989:
Food consumption as a measure of poverty in India

Andersen, B.B., 1990:
Food consumption as a selection trait?

Saringer, G., 1988:
Food consumption by Athalia glabricollis Thomson (Hym., Tenthredinidae) larvae in various photoperiods

Hajek, A.E., 1989:
Food consumption by Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) larvae infected with Entomophaga maimaiga (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales)

Parameshwar, H.; Jairao, K., 1987:
Food consumption by the larvae of rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton)

Powell, J.E., 1989:
Food consumption by tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae reduced after parasitization by Microplitis demolitor or M. croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Popkin, B.; Guilkey, D.; Haines, P., 1989:
Food consumption changes of adult women between 1977 and 1985

Carlberg, U., 1988:
Food consumption in Extatosoma tiaratum (MacLeay) (Insecta: Phasmida)

Monteverde, R.T., 1989:
Food consumption in Indonesia

Ericsson, G., 1987:
Food consumption in a long-stay geriatric ward

Sekua, W.; Niedziaek, Z.; Swistak, E., 1987:
Food consumption in socioeconomic groups of households in 1983 and 1984 examined by use of the rotation procedure for budget surveys

Licheri D.; Giusti L.; Mattana R., 1988:
Food consumption of a real and a presumed sample of healthy subjects

Avila, E.M., 1989:
Food consumption of seaperch, Lates calcarifer, in captivity

Malorgio, G.A., 1989:
Food consumption patterns and their effects on agriculture

Kromhout, D.; Keys, A.; Aravanis, C.; Buzina, R.; Fidanza, F.; Giampaoli, S.; Jansen, A.; Menotti, A.; Nedeljkovic, S.; Pekkarinen, M., 1989:
Food consumption patterns in the 1960s in seven countries

Saint Blanquat, G. de, 1988:
Food consumption studies. Report of the European Workshop on Total Diet Studies. (Zeist, Netherlands, 9-11 November 1987)

Popkin, B.M.; Haines, P.S.; Reidy, K.C., 1989:
Food consumption trends of US women: patterns and determinants between 1977 and 1985

Kero, K., 1988:
Food consumption under conditions of falling standards of living

Woodall, PF.; Currie, GJ., 1989:
Food consumption, assimilation and rate of food passage in the Cape rock elephant shrew, Elephantulus edwardii (Macroscelidea: Macroscelidinae)

Parikh, K.S.; Tims, W., 1989:
Food consumption, dietary status, and chronic hunger: an assessment of its extent and policy options

Rahmanifar, A.; Bond, J.T., 1990:
Food consumption, iron intake and dietary patterns of urban pregnant women from different socioeconomic populations in central Iran

Putnam, R.J., 1989:
Food consumption, prices, and expenditures, 1966-87

Putnam, J.J., 1990:
Food consumption, prices, and expenditures, 1967-88

Yakusevich, A.M.; Bud' ko, V.A.; Bekish, R.V., 1987:
Food conversion in purebred and crossbred Holstein-Friesian heifers

Teklu, T.; Jensen, H.H., 1989:
Food cost and nutrient availability in urban Indonesia: estimates for food policy analysis

Dunham, D., 1989:
Food cost review, 1988

Dunham, D., 1990:
Food cost review, 1989

Dunham, D., 1989:
Food costs from farm to retail in 1988

Dunham, D., 1990:
Food costs from farm to retail in 1989

Archer, D.L., 1989:
Food counseling for persons infected with HIV: strategy for defensive living

Bancroft, J.; Cook, A.; Williamson, L., 1988:
Food craving, mood and the menstrual cycle

Whitehead, A., 1990:
Food crisis and gender conflict in the African countryside

Bicaba, F., 1987:
Food crisis and the problem of socioeconomic development in Africa South of Sahara

Marangu, L., 1989:
Food crisis in Africa

Cannell M.G.R., 1989:
Food crop potential of tropical trees

Khan, M.I.S.; Fakhruddin, 1989:
Food crop production for the market: a case study of village Mirzapur, district Aligarh

Munir, A.; Siddiqui, F.A.; Fakhruddin, 1989:
Food crop system in U.P. with reference to post harvest technology

Rossi, M., 1988:
Food crops and pre-cooperative groups: an experience from Chad

Tudge, C., 1988:
Food crops for the future

Zesch, S.K., 1987:
Food crops versus cash crops: a spurious controversy?

Lofchie, M.F., 1990:
Food deficits in Africa: causes and remedies

Mellor, J.W., 1988:
Food demand in developing countries and the transition of world agriculture

Russo, F., 1988:
Food dependence and agricultural trade: the impact of the Lome Convention on the ACP countries of Africa

Ekpo, A.H., 1986:
Food dependency and the Nigerian economy

Dono, G.; Severini, S., 1988:
Food dependency in the Mediterranean Basin

German, G.A., 1989:
Food distribution in the United States and Japan

Villiers, P.A. de; Kok, O.B., 1988:
Food ecology aspects of elephants in Etosha National Park

Pellett, P.L., 1990:
Food energy requirements in humans

Anonymous, 1988:
Food engineering and technology

Sen, A.K., 1988:
Food entitlements and economic chains

Voragen, A.G.J., 1989:
Food enzymes: prospects and limitations

Hunt, L.; Robbins, L., 1989:
Food expenditure patterns of Canadian consumers, 1986

Blaylock, J.; Elitzak, H.; Manchester, A.C., 1989:
Food expenditures

Cazenove, J., 1989:
Food flavourings: in pursuit of nature

Wynne Tyson, J., 1988:
Food for a future. How world hunger could be ended by the twenty-first century

Beye, I., 1989:
Food for the future: correcting enduring agricultural errors for achieving future food security. Report of a workshop on sustainable agriculture organized by Environment Liaison Centre International

Deaton, B.J.; Bezuneh, M., 1987:
Food for work and income distribution in a semiarid region of rural Kenya: an empirical assessment

Torun, B., 1988:
Food fortification and enrichment: considerations on their use to meet nutritional goals

Bergeret, A., 1986:
Food gathering in the Sahel

Anonymous, 1987:
Food grain crop marketing policy, practice and problems in Botswana

Borrud, L.G.; Pillow, P.C.; Allen, P.K.; McPherson, R.S.; Nichaman, M.Z.; Newell, G.R., 1989:
Food group contributions to nutrient intake in whites, blacks, and Mexican Americans in Texas

Cervera P., 1989:
Food groups in nutrition education

Horwitz, A., 1988:
Food guidelines and nutritional goals for the elderly

Whitaker, J.O.Jr, 1988:
Food habits analysis of insectivorous bats

Laurent, D.; Tremblay, R.; Larivee, S.; Charlebois, P.; Gagnon, C., 1988:
Food habits and aggressive behaviour in French-Canadian schoolboys

Sukhumsuvun, S.R.surreccion, A., 1988:
Food habits and eating patterns of Thai nationals in the United States

Lockie G.M.; Wise A., 1989:
Food habits and nutritional labelling of foods

King, KA., 1989:
Food habits and organochlorine contaminants in the diet of olivaceous cormorants in Galveston Bay, Texas

Metailie, G., 1989:
Food habits in China: traditions - prospects for change?

Zapata C.S., 1987:
Food habits of Dichroplus elongatus Giglio-Tos (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Catantopinae)

Robertson, L.N., 1987:
Food habits of pasture wireworm, Conoderus exsul (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Jeanneret, O., 1989:
Food habits of today's adolescents: epidemiological and psychosocial aspects

Wein, E.; Sabry, J.; Evers, F., 1989:
Food health beliefs and preferences of northern native Canadians

Oteri, T.; Ekanem, E.E., 1989:
Food hygiene behaviour among hospital food handlers

Janetschke, P.; Mengert, U.; Pazout, V., 1989:
Food hygiene significance of clostridia. Review

Biro, G., 1989:
Food hygienic aspects of the consumption of milk and milk products

Ackerman, L., 1988:
Food hypersensitivity: a rare, but manageable disorder

Sevenhuysen, G.P.; Wadsworth, L.A., 1989:
Food image processing: a potential method for epidemiological surveys

Anonymous, 1990:
Food import demand from East Europe likely to remain depressed

Farzin, Y.H., 1988:
Food import dependence in Somalia: magnitude, causes and policy options

Belshaw, D.G.R.; Mishra, S., 1990:
Food in the Ethiopian economy: implications for macro-economic policy

Kormos, A.; Szenay, L., 1988:
Food industry activity in the light of factors affecting the quality of production and resources

Hemerova, J., 1990:
Food industry enterprises and the new economic conditions since 1989

Szabo, S.A., 1990:
Food industry in Turkey: part 2. Research in the food industry

Barnes, G., 1987:
Food industry standards - their trends and significance in stored product pest control

Sodano, V., 1988:
Food industry strategies and development prospects for the agricultural sector: the case of the deep-frozen vegetable industry in Italy

Hugon, P., 1988:
Food industry. Analysis in terms of sectors

Chiriotti, C., 1990:
Food ingredients at FIE '89 in Paris

Anonymous, 1989:
Food ingredients report

Bryceson, D.F., 1990:
Food insecurity and the social division of labour in Tanzania, 1919-85

Van Zeggeren, A.; Li, E.T., 1990:
Food intake and choice in lean and obese Zucker rats after intragastric carbohydrate preloads

Beswick, A.D.; Chiariello, L., 1990:
Food intake and diurnal testosterone variation in the Caerphilly Heart Disease Study

Wijeyaratne, M.J.S., 1989:
Food intake and food conversion efficiency of the snakehead Ociocephalus striatus Bloch in a peaty swamp in Sri Lanka

Nestel, Ps, 1989:
Food intake and growth in the Maasai

Matsudaira T.; Okuda T.; Miyoshi H.; O.Y.; Hirai K.; Hoshino E.; Koishi H., 1990:
Food intake and growth rate of school children living in a child welfare institution

Coombe J.B.; Mulholland J.G., 1988:
Food intake and levels of rumen metabolites in cattle grazing wheat or oat stubble

Atkinson, R.; Waggoner, C.; Kaiser, D., 1988:
Food intake and nutrient selection in obese humans on long term naltrexone therapy

Von Meyenfeldt M.F.; Visser G.; Buil Maassen R.; Soeters P.B.; Wesdorp R.I.C., 1988:
Food intake and nutritional status in patients with newly detected gastric or colorectal cancer

Coyle, B.L.; Sladen, G.E.; Reshef, R., 1988:
Food intake and nutritional status in stable Crohn's disease

Kjaernes, U.; Botten, G.; Lande, B.; Nilsson, D., 1988:
Food intake and patterns of feeding of Norwegian infants

Laplace, J.P.; Felix, M.B.; Rampin, O.; Marcilloux, J.C., 1988:
Food intake and the gastro intestinal tract in the pig. Overview of central controls, visceral afferent input, and methods in approaching the role of internal signals

Edmundson, W.C.; Edmundson, S.A., 1988:
Food intake and work allocation of male and female farmers in an impoverished Indian village

Godwin, I.R.; Munro, R.K., 1988:
Food intake following rumen fistulation

Tseng, R.Y.; Lee, N.Y.; Tsiang, J.M.; Curtis, S.; Walter, B., 1989:
Food intake in Taipei school children. 2. Relationship of selected sociodemographic, behavioral, and dietary variables

Tseng, R.Y.; Lee, N.Y.; Wang, V., 1989:
Food intake in Taipei school children: comparison of nutrient intake with the nutrient intake of California school children

Harris, M.B.; Koehler, K.M.; Davis, S.M., 1988:
Food intake in a multicultural southwestern population. 2. Ethnic, gender and age differences

Zarrindast M.R.; Hosseini Nia T.; Allah Maddadi S., 1989:
Food intake suppressant effect of baclofen in rats

Plata Salaman C.R.; Yamamoto T.; Oomura Y.; Shimizu N.; Sakata T., 1988:
Food intake suppression in rats by a substance isolated from human feces

Timmins, WA.; Bellward, K.S.amp, AJ.; Reynolds. S.E., 1988:
Food intake, conversion efficiency, and feeding behaviour of tobacco hornworm caterpillars given artificial diet of varying nutrient and water content

Hanrahan, J.P.; Allen, P.; Sommer, M., 1988:
Food intake, growth and carcass composition of lambs treated with cimaterol - effect of length of withdrawal period

Birmingham, A.T.; Macdonald, I.A.; Sainsbury, R., 1988:
Food intake, orthostatic tolerance and finger tremor in healthy elderly women

Chiodo Juve, L., 1990:
Food intervention planning: distribution in Brazil's favelas

Soothill, J., 1989:
Food intolerance

Bruhn, C.M.; Schutz, H.G.; Sommer, R., 1988:
Food irradiation and consumer values

Bloomfield, L.; Webb, T.; Lang, T., 1990:
Food irradiation: a public health issue?

Piccioni, R., 1988:
Food irradiation: contaminating our food

Rebus, S., 1990:
Food irradiation: is it safe and wholesome?

Rogan, A.; Glaros, G., 1988:
Food irradiation: the process and implications for dietitians

Drews, M., 1989:
Food labels and quality seals from the perspective of their regional scope, based on a case study of potatoes

Gray, P., 1990:
Food law and the internal market: taking stock

Fallows, S.J., 1988:
Food legislative system of the UK

Askarian, M., 1988:
Food legumes in Iran

Wallis, E.S.; Byth, D.E., 1988:
Food legumes: slow runners forever?

Manchester, A.C., 1988:
Food marketing industry responds to social forces

Anonymous, 1989:
Food marketing review, 1988

Babb, E.M., 1988:
Food marketing strategies for firms

Anonymous, 1988:
Food microbiology, volume 1. Microbiological aspects of food safety and quality

Kroger, M., 1989:
Food misinformation in major reference works: setting the record straight on yogurt

Anonymous, 1988:
Food multiples in the UK 1980-1990

Pitt, J.I., 1989:
Food mycology - an emerging discipline

Inouchi, J.; Shibuya, T.; Hatanaka, T., 1988:
Food odor responses of single antennal olfactory cells in the Japanese dung beetle, Geotrupes auratus (Coleoptera: Geotrupidae)

Guffey, T.B.; Talkington, S.R.; Abe, S.S.; Mijac, M.D., 1988:
Food or beverage compositions with altered flavour display

Anonymous, 1987:
Food outlook, statistical supplement

Fink, P., 1990:
Food packaging - protection and presentation of the goods

Anonymous, 1987:
Food packaging in C02 atmosphere

Palmer, WA., 1989:
Food plant specificity and biology of Itame varadaria (Walker) (Geometridae), a North American moth introduced into Australia to control the weed Baccharis halimifolia L

Ruszkowski, A.; Bilinski, M., 1986:
Food plants and economic importance of mason bees (Osmia, Hoplitis, Anthocopa)

Ruszkowski, A.; Bilinski, M.; Gosek, J., 1986:
Food plants and hosts of the parasitic megachilid bees Coelioxys, Stelis, Dioxys, Dioxoides and Paradioxys

Ruszkowski, A.; Bilinski, M., 1986:
Food plants of Anthidiini and of some other Megachilidae

Bottiger, M.; Romanus, V.; Andersson, Y., 1989:
Food poisoning caused by microorganisms. Epidemiological aspects

Olsen, M.; Akerstrand, K.; Moller, T., 1989:
Food poisoning caused by mycotoxins

Martinez Navarro, J.F., 1990:
Food poisoning related to consumption of illicit beta -agonist in liver

Goldring, O.L., 1989:
Food poisoning safety and hygiene

Paulson, J.A.; Pike, C.B., 1989:
Food policies in Africa. Papers presented at a conference sponsored by the University of Minnesota, November 6, 1987

Timmer, C.P., 1988:
Food policy and economic adjustment

Sharp, K.; Foord, W., 1989:
Food policy in the Sudan: an annotated bibliography

Dhamdhere, S.V.; Singh, U.C.; Deole, J.Y.; Misra, U.S., 1986:
Food preference of the cotton grey weevil, Myllocerus undecimpustulatus maculosus

Van Binsbergen, C.J.; Hulshof, K.F.; Wedel, M.; Odink, J.; Coelingh Bennink, H.J., 1988:
Food preferences and aversions and dietary pattern in anorexia nervosa patients

Kimura, MT.; Toda, MJ., 1989:
Food preferences and nematode parasitism in mycophagous Drosophila

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Food preferences of 500 inpatients in an Australian teaching hospital

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For 'green' to survive

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For a European air transport policy

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For an agricultural policy truly common to all European regions

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For low-cost housing, try wood wool cement boards

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For short holidays, staying in the park

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For the accelerated development of mechanization and energy supplies in agriculture

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For the arts to have meaning a model of adult education in performing arts organizations

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Forage production in India

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Forage production under irrigation

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Forage supplements in feeding systems for buffaloes

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Forage transportation with a new organized variant of transport and high capacity bulk trailers

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Forage tree legumes. III. Release of nitrogen from leaf, faeces and urine derived from Leucaena and Gliricidia leaf

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Forage turnip (Brassica rapa L.) seedling root responses to soil physical properties

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Forage unloading and metering devices

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Forage use and quality of yicib

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Forage variety performance test 1987-88

Huneycutt, H., 1990:
Forage variety performance test 1988-1989

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Forage wheat yields as affected by compaction and conventional vs. wideframe tractor traffic patterns

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Forage yield and quality of oat cultivars with increasing rates of nitrogen fertilization

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Forage yield of Trifolium alexandrinum as influenced by sowing dates and phosphorus under low land conditions

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Forage yield of berseem under tree canopies in relation to radiation availability

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Forage yield testing: what is an adequate regime?

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Forage, concentrates and milk fat yield

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Forages and land use planning

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Forages and the livestock farmer

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Forages for economic milk production from cattle and buffaloes

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Forages in the rearing of pigs

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Foraging activities and diet determination in Apis mellifera L

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Foraging activity of honeybees (Apis mellifera) and pollination effects on several crops

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Foraging activity of two species of leaf-cutting ants (Atta) in a primary forest of the central Amazon

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Foraging and spatial memory in pigeons (Columba livia)

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Foraging behaviour and nutrition of grazing steers as influenced by protein supplementation

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Foraging behaviour of a leafminer parasitoid in the field

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Foraging behaviour of pollinator bees on Chinese milk vetch, Astragalus sinicus, in relation to the diurnal nectar-secreting pattern of the flowers

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Foraging behaviour of sheep (Ovis aries L.) grazing on swards of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

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Foraging behaviour of terrestrial gastropods: integrating field and laboratory studies

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Foraging ecology and predatory importance of a guild of orb-weaving spiders in a grassland habitat

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Foraging ecology of pollinators in the early stages of secondary succession in the western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg.) zone of the Oregon coast range

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Foraging ecology of the bee Habropoda laboriosa (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae), an oligolege of blueberries (Ericaceae: Vaccinium) in the southeastern United States

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Foraging effort and life span of workers in a social insect

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Foraging range of Andrena ilerda and Andrena leaena (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae)

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Foraging range of alfalfa pollinating Megachile flavipes Spinola and Megachile nana Bingh (Megachilidae: Hymenoptera)

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Foraging ranges and movements of jackass penguins (Spheniscus demersus) established through radio telemetry

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Foraging strategies of ants

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Foraging success of solitary and aggregated spiders: insights into flock formation

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Foraging territoriality of the imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, in sugarcane as determined by neutron activation analysis

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Forbidden fruit (Citrus sp., Rutaceae) rediscovered on Saint Lucia

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Force TS

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Force acting on the seat during operation of tractor (part 1) - force acting on the backrest

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Force analysis and application of a three-point hitch dynamometer

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Force analysis for penetrometer cones in alluvial clay soils as a precondition for construction and use of amelioration implements

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Force-distance behaviour of tine implements

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Forced 'water-skimming' in timber floating

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Forced aeration composting of coniferous bark

UK.Health and Safety Executive, 1990:
Forced air filtration units for agricultural vehicles

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Forced celery production

Carson, J.M.; Kreider, B.G., 1988:
Forced heated air drying of hay

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Forced mass return and readjustment: the resettlement of Ghanaian returnees from Nigeria in 1983. A study of the perceptions of government officials, community elders and household heads and returnees

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Forced moult in caged laying hens

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Forced synthesis of trace amounts of juvenile hormone II from propionate by corpora allata of a juvenile hormone III-producing insect

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Forced water absorption by rice seeds, its effects on growth and seedling quality

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Forces facing the future of Kenyan agriculture

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Forces loading the tarsal joint in the hind limb of the horse, determined from in vivo strain measurements of the third metatarsal bone

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Forces of chisel plough tines - a field study

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Forces on a saw tooth in interrupted cutting

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Forces on chisel plough tines - a field study

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Forcing in the border soil under glass. New tulip cultivars assessed on their performance

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Forcing of Easter lilies to bloom in Israeli conditions

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Forcing of forage maize, corn cob mix and sweetcorn

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Forcipomyia (Euprojoannisia) phlebotomoides Bangerter 1933, new to Britain, with notes on other members of the subgenus (Dipt., Ceratopogonidae)

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Forcipomyia velox (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae), a parasite of amphibians in Poland

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Forebrain sites of action for drinking and salt appetite to angiotensin or captopril

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Forecast of Sucra jujuba Chu and its control threshold

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Forecast of selected US dairy products consumption: 1984-2000

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Forecast of the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere

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Forecast of the market for pigs. Evaluation of the pig census of 3 August 1989

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Forecast on the epidemic of neck blast (Pyricularia oryzae) in first cropping

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Forecasting Victorian fleece weights using a climatic pasture index

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Forecasting agricultural policy decisions in the European Community

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Forecasting agricultural prices using a Bayesian composite approach

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Forecasting and estimating effects of weather on yield

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Forecasting and optimizing low temperature shift catalyst performance

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Forecasting and verification of the effect of a lowered water table upon the productivity of meadowland in the Gerhauser Ried

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Forecasting animal production in Czechoslovakia on the basis of econometric models

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Forecasting attacks of barley loose smut (Ustilago nuda (Jens.) Rostr.) by applying the embryo test to seed batches

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Forecasting cereal yields and experiences with such forecasts in the Ascherleben district

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Forecasting codling moth phenology (Laspeyresia pomonella L.) based on degree day summation in apple orchards in the west of Esfahan

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Forecasting damage by larvae of the sunn pest

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Forecasting diurnal variations in meteorological parameters for predicting fire behaviour

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Forecasting eolian processes in a sandy desert

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Forecasting evaporability in the territory of Central Asia

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Forecasting fertiliser consumption

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Forecasting international tourism demand: the econometric approach

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Forecasting international tourism demand: univariate time series methods (noncausal quantitative techniques)

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Forecasting livestock prices: fixed and stochastic coefficients estimation comparisons

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Forecasting market share for non-traditional agricultural exports: the case of Azucitrus of Uruguay

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Forecasting methods and effective warning system - importance in supervised control of pests and diseases

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Forecasting monthly cotton price: structural and time series approaches

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Forecasting of cashew yield from plantations

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Forecasting of yield in coconut by using weather variables

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Forecasting of yield in mango (Mangifera indica L.)

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Forecasting outbreaks of the yellow rice borer (YRB) Scirpophaga incertulas Walker on kharif paddy based on climate

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Forecasting patterns of soil erosion in arid lands from Landsat MSS data

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Forecasting performance

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Forecasting phosphate leaching from soils on a regional scale

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Forecasting potash demand using population growth values; the problems

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Forecasting sawntimber consumption: the application of an end-use model

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Forecasting small-area agricultural incomes using a CGE model of the Australian economy

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Forecasting the appearance of adults of the rape blossom beetle, and treatment times

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Forecasting the bioenergetic indices of machines and equipment

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Forecasting the cattle market situation. Analysis of the cattle census of 2 December 1988

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Forecasting the cattle market situation. Analysis of the cattle census of 2 June 1989

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Forecasting the cattle market situation. Analysis of the cattle census of 3 December 1989

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Forecasting the density of populations of alate aphids on potato

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Forecasting the development of oak powdery mildew from data on the phenology of the host plant in Bulgaria

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Forecasting the development of pests

Anonymous, 1989:
Forecasting the development of regional food sectors

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Forecasting the favourableness of the Australian environment for the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Homoptera: Aphididae), and its potential impact on Australian wheat yields

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Forecasting the incidence of virus yellows in sugar beet in England

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Forecasting the life of linkages of forest machines

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Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig census at the start of August 1990

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Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig census of 2 December 1988

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Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig census of 3 April 1990

Bockenhoff, E.; Pflugfelder, R., 1990:
Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig census of 3 December 1989

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Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig count for 3 August 1988

Bockenhoff, E.; Pflugfelder, R., 1989:
Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig count of 3 April 1989

Bockenhoff, E.; Pflugfelder, R., 1989:
Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig count of 3 August 1989

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Forecasting the price of farmed Atlantic salmon: an integrated econometric and time series approach

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Forecasting the risk of tortricids in pear orchards with the aid of pheromone traps

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Forecasting the risks of damage by the pea tortricid

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Forecasting the suitability of pumped groundwater for irrigation in the Nile Valley

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Forecasting variables in bulk cocoa yield based on climatic components

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Forecasting weed infestations - the desirable and the possible

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Forecasting wheat yields using a water budgeting model

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Forecasting world nitrogen fertilizer demand: can we do better?

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Forecasting: an introduction

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Forecasts and actuals of Fiji sugarcane output: a bird's-eye view

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Forecasts for tourism development in the world, especially in Europe

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Forecasts of grass yield in Badkhyz pistachio

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Forecasts of the effects of innovations on the intensification of sugarbeet production

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Foreign agricultural trade in the United States, Calendar year 1988 supplement

Anonymous, 1989:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States

Anonymous, 1989:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, fiscal year 1988 supplement

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Foreign aid and rural development: some lessons from Nepal

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Foreign aid for education

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Foreign aid in practice

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Foreign aid to Bangladesh: the Norwegian experience

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Foreign aid's effect on US farm exports: benefits or penalties?

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Foreign assistance and domestic financial markets in developing countries

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Foreign assistance and local capacity-building in Tanzania

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Foreign assistance for China's environment

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Foreign black currant varieties in the VIR collection

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Foreign body detection in forage harvesters

Anonymous, 1989:
Foreign consumers view of honey

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Foreign demand and surplus disposal for European Community wheat

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Foreign diseases of livestock and poultry

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Foreign exchange management

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Foreign experience in introducing Kochia prostrata

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Foreign experience in phytoreclamation of arid lands

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Foreign exploration for predators: a proposed new methodology

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Foreign genes in plants: transfer, structure, expression, and applications

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Foreign investment in China's hotel sector

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Foreign investment in U.S. and North Dakota agricultural land

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Foreign investment in US cropland: some evidence on the role of exchange rates, interest rates, and returns on cropland

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Foreign investment in land and buildings: Malaga and Alicante provinces

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Foreign market outlook and trends in the production of slaughter animals, meat and meat products

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Foreign ownership of US agricultural land through December 31, 1988

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Foreign ownership of US agricultural land through December 31, 1989

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Foreign plantations, peasants and the state: the strugle for land

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Foreign rice cultivars in the Shikoku area with emphasis on high yield, number of grains/msuperscript 2 and ripening percentage

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Foreign tourism as an element in China's economic development strategy

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Foreign tourism flows to Italy: theroetical model and empirical verification

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Foreign trade in agroindustrial products

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Foreign trade of agricultural products and inputs in Senegal from 1975 to 1984

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Foreign travel by Spaniards in 1987

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Foreign-material-induced aspergillosis of the maxillary sinus

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Forensic entomology: insects against crime

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Forensic veterinary medical judgement of fetal changes caused by porcine parvovirus

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Forerunners and founders of pedology as a science

Anonymous, 1988:

Anonymous, 1990:
Forest Decimal Classification: trilingual short version

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Forest Service Timber Sale Program Information Reporting System (TSPIRS). Final report to Congress

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Forest Service equipment development projects

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Forest Service stumpage rate adjustments: a better way

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Forest Weeds Research Group

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Forest administration in the reorganization of Spain

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Forest and crop biotechnology: progress and prospects

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Forest and shrub associations of southern Germany in a European context

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Forest ant composition and foraging following aerial spraying of carbaryl to suppress western spruce budworm

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Forest area trends in Puerto Rico

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Forest associations of Little Lost Man Creek, Humboldt County, California: reference-level in the hierarchical structure of old-growth coastal redwood vegetation

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Forest avalanches on the Gugelberg

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Forest biomass - a source for food, feed and fuel

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Forest biomass and empirical yield for Kansas

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Forest biomass resources of Oklahoma

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Forest biotechnology opportunities in developing countries

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Forest canopy characterization and vegetation penetration assessment with space-borne radar

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Forest canopy transformation of atmospheric deposition

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Forest communities in Lake Laberge Ecoregion, Yukon Territory

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Forest communities of Sokolie hill in the Strazovske vrchy mountains and their importance from the viewpoint of nature protection

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Forest community structure of Mt. Bukhan area

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Forest composition of Maine: an analysis using number of trees

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Forest damage and air pollution - elucidated with reference to disorders in Norway spruce

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Forest damage and beech mast quality

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Forest damage and nutrient supply

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Forest damage inventory in the Neuwald Norway spruce/silver fir/beech virgin forest remnant

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Forest damages caused by moose and their economic value in Finland

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Forest decline and acidic deposition

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Forest decline and dieback - A global ecological problem

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Forest decline and reproduction: regional and global consequences

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Forest decline in Baden-Wurttemberg

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Forest decline in Norway: valuation of impacts on environmental goods

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Forest decline in the boreal montane ecosystems of the southern Appalachian Mountains

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Forest decline: endogenous dynamics, tree defenses, and the elimination of spurious correlation

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Forest degradation and the structure of biomass utilization in a Himalayan foothills village

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Forest degradation in Nepal: institutional context and policy alternatives

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Forest destruction and the plight of Sarawak's natives

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Forest development, regeneration and game browsing in the mountain forests of upper Bavaria, W. Germany

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Forest dieback and growth reactions, illustrated by typical damaged Norway spruce stands in selected Bavarian research areas

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Forest dieback and large-scale aerial photography. An experiment in Trento, Italy

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Forest dieback and wood quality

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Forest dieback between myth and the media: Austrian experience with newspaper reporting on the 'new forest damage'

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Forest dieback due to an oversupply or a deficiency of nitrogen? The role of trace elements in revitalizing damaged forest ecosystems

Anonymous, 1986:
Forest dieback in West Germany, 1986

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Forest dieback in the lower Aare valley: damage evaluation in the vicinity of nuclear installations

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Forest dieback in the mass media

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Forest dieback, increment reaction, remote sensing

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Forest dieback: an analysis of research findings

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Forest dieback: simple sampling or 'satellite' sampling?

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Forest diseases in the coastal plain of the southeastern United States of America

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Forest dynamics and geomorphic processes on the Niagara Escarpment, Collingwood, Ontario

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Forest dynamics. SILVI-STAR: a comprehensive monitoring system

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