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Germination of seed of Stylosanthes guianensis. I. Imbibition and germination related to the adherent pericarp of seeds

Delachiave, M.E.A.; Rodrigues, J.D.; Moraes, J.A.P.V. de; Pedras, J.F.; Rodrigues, S.D.; Boaro, C.S.F.

Revista de Agricultura (Piracicaba) 63(2): 179-188


ISSN/ISBN: 0034-7655
Accession: 001845923

Imbibition and germination were studied in seeds of S. guianensis with the pericarp intact, without the pericarp, with the pericarp removed manually or with mechanical scarification. After imbibition for 14 h, weighing showed that imbibition was greatest in scarified seeds and least in those with the pericarp removed manually. Germination at 25 degrees C for 10 d in light or darkness was markedly higher in seeds without a pericarp (53%) than in those with the pericarp removed manually (30%) and was lower still in those with a pericarp (22%).

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