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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fuentes, J. L.; Pulenets, N.; Peron, N., 1987: Gestation length of Pelibuey ewes

Nadarajah, K.; Burnside, E. B.; Schaeffer, L. R., 1988: Gestation length studies with Ontario Holstein data

Warrington, B. G.; Byers, F. M.; Schelling, G. T.; Forrest, D. W.; Baker, J. F.; Greene, L. W., 1988: Gestation nutrition, tissue exchange and maintenance requirements of heifers

Tsitsyunskii, L. N.; Mikhno, V. V., 1990: Gestation period and productivity of Landrace and Large White sows

Varney, D. R.; Varney, L. A.; Hemken, R. W.; Zavos, P. M.; Siegel, M. R., 1989: Gestation, lactation and puberty in mice as affected by a diet containing endophyte-infected tall fescue seed

Vatnick, I.; Kelly, J. M.; Bell, A. W.; McBride, B. W., 1989: Gestational changes in hepatic oxygen consumption in vitro of the ovine fetus

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846009

Kiely, R., 1990: Get a grip on concrete

Verma, K. P.; Srivastava, A. N., 1989: Get higher returns from cropping sequences in toria

Gawali, S. R.; Patil, V. V., 1988: Get more milk by adding molasses to cattle feed

Ingber, R., 1990: Get them swinging with USTA tennis

Kono, Y., 1988: Getah virus disease

Rao J.M., 1989: Getting agricultural prices right

Patrikios, H., 1989: Getting information to health workers

Kamphorst, T. J.; Brosi, E., 1988: Getting into the open air: outdoor recreation in a biographical perspective

Buchholz, B., 1989: Getting lighter all the time

Hamilton, V. M., 1987: Getting marketing results from nutritional data

Dildey, D. D., 1988: Getting paid for milk quality: improving milk composition

Lieb, M. E., 1987: Getting persnickety about packaging

Prakash, D., 1989: Getting set for 2000 A.D. - the Indian cooperative scene

Anonymous, 1988: Getting the best out of potash mining machines

Banoub, S. N., 1989: Getting the best value for money in health care

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846025

Caudill, C. E., 1988: Getting the facts and figures for farming

Keck, B., 1989: Getting the jump on UHT bag-in-box

Burley, P., 1990: Getting the mix right

Cook, S. D.; Witt, S. F.; Martin, C. A., 1988: Getting the most out of forecasting

Horrox, N. E., 1990: Getting the most out of medication

Anonymous, 1989: Getting the word out at ERS

Scott, S., 1989: Getting your goat

Blackshaw, J. K.; Hagelso, A. M., 1990: Getting-up and lying-down behaviours of loose-housed sows and social contacts between sows and piglets during day 1 and day 8 after parturition

Novicki, M. A., 1988: Ghana. Going for a Green Revolution

Rudolph, K., 1988: Ghatta - the Himalayan water mill

Adrichem, P. van, 1988: Gherkin cultivars. Osiris remains the principal cultivar

Uffelen, J. van; Hogendonk, L.; Steenbergen, P., 1990: Gherkins. Choice of gherkin cultivars is not difficult. Osiris is the standard cultivar; Othello a good second

Sande, J. van de, 1990: Gherkins. No grounds for growing gherkins on substrate

Aalbersberg, W., 1989: Gherkins. Quality with parthenocarpic cultivars also pays

Kanters, F., 1990: Gherkins. Several new cultivars offer new promise for culture

Freed, R. S.; Freed, S. A., 1990: Ghost illness in a north Indian village

Chouhan, R. R. S., 1988: Giant bija (Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb.) tree of Balaghat

Joutsenlahti, U.; Blostedt, L.; Valkosalo, K., 1988: Giant blue fox - a new mutation

Wilkie, I. W.; Prescott, J. F.; Hazlett, M. J.; Maxie, M. G.; Dreumel, A. A. van, 1988: Giant cell hepatitis in four aborted foals: a possible leptospiral infection

Car, B. D.; Anderson, W. I., 1988: Giant cell hepatopathy in three aborted midterm equine fetuses

Berg J.; Gliatto J.M.; Wallace M.K., 1990: Giant cell tumor of the accessory carpal bone in a dog

Copland, JW.; Lucas, JS., 1988: Giant clams in Asia and the Pacific

Tisdell, C. A., 1989: Giant clams in the Pacific - the socio-economic potential of a developing technology for their mariculture

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846051

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846052

Ritter, R. L.; Kaufman, L. M., 1989: Giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) control in full-season no-till soybeans (Glycine max)

Kunstyr, I.; Schiel, R.; Kaup, F. J.; Uhr, G.; Kirchhoff, H., 1988: Giant gram-negative noncultivable endospore-forming bacteria in rodent intestines

Vakhidov, A. V.; Devyatov, A. V.; Agzamkhodzhaev, S. S.; Akilov, Kh A., 1988: Giant liver hydatid simulating cirrhosis with severe ascites

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846057

Rose, J. B.; Leon, R. de; Gerba, C. P., 1989: Giardia and virus monitoring of sewage effluent in the state of Arizona

Grimmond, T. R.; Radford, A. J.; Brownridge, T.; Farshid, A.; Harris, C.; Turton, P.; Wordsworth, K., 1988: Giardia carriage in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children attending urban day-care centres in South Australia

Jarroll, EL.; Manning, P.; Lindmark, DG.; Coggins, JR.; Erlandsen, SL., 1989: Giardia cyst wall-specific carbohydrate: evidence for the presence of galactosamine

Bowie, W. R.; Isaac Renton, J. L.; Prasad, N., 1988: Giardia duodenalis: enhanced growth in cell culture

Hartmannova, B.; Hojovcova, M.; Fiala, L., 1988: Giardia in monkeys and possible therapy

Balazs, M., 1989: Giardia infection

Flentje B., 1989: Giardia infections in man

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846066

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846067

De Jonckheere J.F.; Majewska A.C.; Kasprzak W., 1990: Giardia isolates from primates and rodents display the same molecular polymorphism as human isolates

Pickering, L. K.; Engelkirk, P. G., 1988: Giardia lamblia

Smith P.D., 1989: Giardia lamblia

Bloch, T.; Davis, T. E, Jr; Schwenk, G. R, Jr, 1988: Giardia lamblia in peritoneal fluid

Buesa Munoz, F. P.; Morales Menendez, M. C.; Castro Falcon, J. L., 1987: Giardia lamblia infection and jejunal bacterial flora

Hare, DF.; Jarroll, EL.; Lindmark, DG., 1989: Giardia lamblia: characterization of proteinase activity in trophozoites

Cedillo Rivera, R.; Enciso Moreno, J. A.; Martinez Palomo, A.; Ortega Pierres, G., 1989: Giardia lamblia: isoenzyme analysis of 19 axenic strains isolated from symptomatic and asymptomatic patients in Mexico

Montanez, C.; Cervantes, L.; Ovando, C.; Ortega Pierres, G., 1989: Giardia lamblia: isolation of RNA

Gonzalez Robles, A.; Arguello, C.; Chavez, B.; Cedillo Rivera, R.; Ortega Pierres, G.; Martinez Palomo, A., 1989: Giardia lamblia: surface charge of human isolates in culture

Gillin, FD.; Boucher, SE.; Rossi, SS.; Reiner, DS., 1989: Giardia lamblia: the roles of bile, lactic acid, and pH in the completion of the life cycle in vitro

Majewska, A. C., 1985: Giardia muris infection in rat as a model of giardiasis

Parkin W.E., 1988: Giardia transmission in a swimming pool

Carden, G. A.; MacLeod, C. L., 1987: Giardiasis

Connaughton, D., 1989: Giardiasis - zoonosis or not?

Gendrel, D.; Richard Lenoble, D.; Kombila, M.; Gendrel, C.; Baziomo, J. M., 1989: Giardiasis and breast-feeding in urban Africa

Fast M.V., 1988: Giardiasis associated with the use of a water slide

Ramsay, C. N.; Marsh, J., 1990: Giardiasis due to deliberate contamination of water supply

Kirkpatrick, C. E., 1989: Giardiasis in large animals

Sugano, H.; Fukase, T.; Chinone, S.; Itagaki, H., 1989: Giardiasis in puppies from a breeder's kennel

Korman, S. H.; Bar Oz, B.; Mandelberg, A.; Matoth, I., 1990: Giardiasis with protein-losing enteropathy: diagnosis by fecal alpha 1-antitrypsin determination

Reul, W.; Armbrecht, U.; Stolte, M.; Stockbrugger, R., 1989: Giardiasis: a cause of malabsorption and diarrhoea?

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846094

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846096

Schuch U.K.; Fuchigami L.H.; Nagao M.A., 1990: Gibberellic acid causes earlier flowering and synchronizes fruit ripening of coffee

Mathis, Jn; Bradburne, Ja; Dupree, Ma, 1989: Gibberellic acid effects on greening in pea seedlings

Bailey D.A., 1990: Gibberellic acid enhances chemical defoliation of hydrangeas

Johnson, J. R.; Rushing, J. W.; McGuinn, J. R., 1989: Gibberellic acid influences petiole characteristics and postharvest quality of fresh-market spinach

Keyes, G.; Sorrells, M. E.; Setter, T. L., 1990: Gibberellic acid regulates cell wall extensibility in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Taylor, A.; Cosgrove, D. J., 1989: Gibberellic acid stimulation of cucumber hypocotyl elongation

Bush, D. S.; Biswas, A. K.; Jones, R. L., 1989: Gibberellic-acid-stimulated Ca2+ accumulation in endoplasmic reticulum of barley aleurone: Ca2+ transport and steady-state levels

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846107

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846108

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846109

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846110

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846112

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846113

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846114

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846117

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846118

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846119

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846120

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846121

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846123

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846126

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846127

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846128

Linde Laursen, I.; Bothmer, R. von; Jacobsen, N., 1989: Giemsa C-banded karyotypes of Hordeum marinum and H. murinum

Linde Laursen, I.; Bothmer, R. von; Jacobsen, N., 1989: Giemsa C-banded karyotypes of South American Hordeum (Poaceae). I. 14 diploid taxa

Wang, X. H.; Luo, P.; Shu, J. J., 1989: Giemsa N-banding pattern in cabbage and Chinese kale

Kalima, T., 1989: Gigantochloa in Java

Vargas V, M.; Ramirez Perez, J., 1988: Gigantodax bierigi & G. willei (Diptera: Simuliidae), two new black fly species from Costa Rica

Anthony, W. S., 1990: Gin cleanability of selected cotton cultivars

Mangialardi, G. J, Jr; Bargeron, J. D, I I. I.; Rayburn, S. T, Jr, 1988: Gin-stand feed rate effects on cotton quality

Grech, N. M.; Frean, R. T., 1988: Ginger leaf spot: a cause for concern in the ginger industry

Burch, D.; Demmy, E. W.; Donselman, H., 1987: Gingers for Florida gardens

Konstantinidis, A. B.; Zamanis, D., 1987: Gingival myiasis

Rees, A. R., 1989: Ginseng: an Oriental medicine

Stewart, J. F.; Dwyer, D., 1989: Ginstar EC: a new defoliant for cotton

Singh, S. C.; Rhidaya Shrestha, 1988: Girardinia diversifolia (Urticaceae), a non-conventional fiber resource in Nepal

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846149

Hardy, D., 1990: Girls' and women's sports - it is our season

Petit, P., 1989: Girth measurement of cows for a clinical approach to feeding of the dairy cow

Rognon, F.; Boutin, D., 1988: Girth size in the PB-121: a practical way to measure growth

Pollard, D., 1988: Give and take: the losing partnership in aboriginal poverty

Mittendorf, H. J., 1988: Give farmers back their markets

Hel, W. van der; Henken, A. M., 1990: Give newly hatched chicks a safe flight

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846156

Morel, F., 1988: Giving butter a new image

Hoebink, P., 1988: Giving is taking. Dutch development aid to Tanzania and Sri Lanka

Berger, M., 1989: Giving women credit: the strengths and limitations of credit as a tool for alleviating poverty

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846161

Ito, Y.; Terao, H.; Noguchi, T.; Naito, H., 1988: Gizzerosine raises the intracellular cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate level in isolated chicken proventriculus

Haimayer, P., 1989: Glacer-skiing areas in Austria: a socio-political perspective

Shi, Y. F.; Ren, J. W., 1989: Glacier recession and lake shrinkage indicating the climate warming and drying trend in Central Asia

Barrett, N. T.; Lamble, G. M.; Roberts, K. J.; Sherwood, J. N.; Greaves, G. N.; Davey, R. J.; Oldman, R. J.; Jones, D., 1988: Glancing angle EXAFS investigation of the habit modification of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (ADP) by the incorporation of iron

Kearn, GC.; Gowing, R., 1989: Glands and sensilla associated with the haptor of the gill-parasitic monogenean Tetraonchus monenteron

Staurengo da Cunha, M. A.; Cruz Landim, C. da; Gomes, G. M., 1988: Glandular dimorphism in female castes of Frieseomelitta silvestri languida: wax glands and glands associated with the sting

Danielson, S. D.; Mumm, R. F.; Manglitz, G. R.; Sorensen, E. L., 1989: Glandular hair densities in three perennial Medicago species

Luppi A., 1988: Glandular histopathology of cattle subjected to treatment with hormonal and antihormonal substances, used to improve performance

Walters D.S.; Craig R.; Mumma R.O., 1989: Glandular trichome exudate is the critical factor in geranium resistance to foxglove aphid

Neal, J. J.; Steffens, J. C.; Tingey, W. M., 1989: Glandular trichomes of Solanum berthaultii and resistance to the Colorado potato beetle

Anonymous, 1990: Glasgow 1990: a cultural revolution

Conkling, B. L.; Blanchar, R. W., 1989: Glass microeletrode techniques for in situ pH measurements

Smart, N. L.; Miniats, O. P.; Rosendal, S.; Friendship, R. M., 1989: Glasser's disease and prevalence of subclinical infection with Haemophilus parasuis in swine in southern Ontario

Larsen, L. P., 1990: Glasser's on the increase

Bakker, J. C., 1988: Glasshouse climate control by a distributed computer system

Emmerik, P. van, 1990: Glasshouse climate. Temperature correction programme offers advantages

Edmondson R.N., 1989: Glasshouse design for repeatedly harvested crops

Sheppard, L. J.; Hooker, J. E.; Wheeler, C. T.; Smith, R. I., 1988: Glasshouse evaluation of the growth of Alnus rubra and Alnus glutinosa on peat and acid brown earth soils when inoculated with four sources of Frankia

Berninger, E., 1989: Glasshouse floriculture in the French Mediterranean region. Climatic and physiological factors

Tomelleri, G., 1989: Glasshouse types, shading materials, energy saving

Grey Wilson, C., 1989: Glaucium flavum

Thanos, C. A.; Georghiou, K.; Skarou, F., 1989: Glaucium flavum seed germination - an ecophysiological approach

McKeague, J. A.; Schuppli, P. A.; Kodama, H., 1986: Glauconite nodules in a Nampa pedon from Alberta

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Franczuszki, D.; Parkes, L. J., 1988: Glenoid excision as a treatment in chronic shoulder disabilities: surgical technique and clinical results

Paas A.Yu, 1989: Gley podzolic soils on sandy baltic transgressive sediments

Sinadinov, I.; Donev, P., 1986: Gleyed soils (Eutric Gleysols) of the Limpopo valley in southern Mozambique

Payne, P. I.; Holt, L. M.; Lister, P. G., 1988: Gli-A3 and Gli-B3, two newly designated loci coding for omega-type gliadins and D subunits of glutenin

Polo Martin, P.; Calabuig Sanchez, M.; Torregrosa Sanchez, R.; Farre, C.; Vilar, P.; Varea, V.; Alvarez Angel, V., 1989: Gliadin antibodies as indicators of activity of coeliac disease: study of two methods of estimating these antibodies in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with coeliac disease

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846198

Blumenthal, C. S.; Batey, I. L.; Bekes, F.; Wrigley, C. W.; Barlow, E. W. R., 1990: Gliadin genes contain heat-shock elements: possible relevance to heat-induced changes in grain quality

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Smith P.J.S., 1987: Glial repair in an insect

Hemptinne, J. L.; Naisse, J.; Os, S., 1988: Glimpse of the life history of Propylea quatuordecimpunctata (L.) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Koprowski, H., 1988: Glimpses into the future of rabies research

Alexander, E. S., 1987: Glimpses on performance of clones RRIM 600, PB 28/59 and GT 1 in Kanyakumari district

Hemon D., 1988: Gliomas and exposure to wood preservatives

Glover, N., 1986: Gliricidia - its names tell its story

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Anonymous, 1989: Global Programme on AIDS and Tuberculosis Programme: statement on AIDS and tuberculosis

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846215

Kmet T.; Straskraba M., 1989: Global behavior of a generalized aquatic ecosystem model

Rosenberg, N. J., 1988: Global climate change holds problems and uncertainties for agriculture

Gable, F. J.; Gentile, J. H.; Aubrey, D. G., 1990: Global climatic issues in the coastal wider Caribbean region

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Dixit, P. M.; Herlihy, M. T.; Magiera, S. L., 1989: Global implications of agricultural trade liberalization

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Anonymous, 1988: Global overview of the pesticide industry sub-sector

Parker, S., 1988: Global perspectives on the state of leisure research

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Chin, J.; Mann, J., 1989: Global surveillance and forecasting of AIDS

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Palumbo, J. C.; Watson, T. F.; Bergman, D. K., 1990: Globemallow, Sphaeralcea spp., as reproductive hosts for the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Arizona

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Quilici M., 1988: Glomerulonephritis in dogs with canine leishmaniasis

Zol' nikova, N. V., 1988: Glomus gerdemannii- an endomycorrhizal fungus from turf-podzol soil of the Leningrad district

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Odindo, MO., 1988: Glossina pallidipes virus: its potential for use in biological control of tsetse

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846253

Stoner, Ka, 1990: Glossy leaf wax and plant resistance to insects in Brassica oleracea under natural infestation

Sprague, G. F., 1988: Glossy linkages

Anonymous, 1990: Gloucester and Sharpness canal survey 1989

Austin, J.; Kimble, J., 1987: Glp-1 is required in the germ line for regulation of the decision between mitosis and meiosis in C. elegans

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846262

Verdejo, J.; Alvar, J.; Polo, R. M.; Gonzalez Lahoz, J. M., 1988: Glucantime-resistant visceral leishmaniasis in immunocompromised patients

Nyberg, L., 1988: Glucocorticoid binding proteins. Endocrinological and biochemical studies on the corticosteroid binding globulin and the glucocorticoid receptor

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846265

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846272

Frizzell, R. T.; Campbell, P. J.; Cherrington, A. D., 1988: Gluconeogenesis and hypoglycemia

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846283

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846296

Jones, I. R.; Owens, D. R.; Luzio, S.; Hayes, T. M., 1989: Glucose dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) infused intravenously is insulinotropic in the fasting state in type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes mellitus

Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846299

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846306

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846328

Youn J.H.; Ader M.; Bergman R.N., 1989: Glucose phosphorylation is not rate limiting for accumulation of glycogen from glucose in perfused livers from fasted rats

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Jackson, E. B., 1990: Glucose syrups, a blueprint for improved confectionery

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846342

Jeffs, SA.; Arme, C., 1988: Glucose transport in protoscoleces of Echinococcus granulosus (Cestoda)

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Section 2, Chapter 1847, Accession 001846349

Coppen, D. E.; Davies, N. T., 1988: Glucose uptake and iron absorption by an isolated, vascularly and luminally perfused perparation of rat small intestine

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