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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Darsaniya, T.V., 1989:
Growth and root system development in pecan transplants

Curtis, P.S.; Drake, B.G.; Leadley, P.W.; Arp, W.J.; Whigham, D.F., 1989:
Growth and senescence in plant communities exposed to elevated CO2 concentrations on an estuarine marsh

Bagley, C.P.; Morrison, D.G.; Feazel, J.I.; Saxton, A.M., 1989:
Growth and sexual characteristics of suckling beef calves as influenced by age at castration and growth implants

Kahl, H.; Richter, J.; Sommer, K., 1988:
Growth and sexual maturation of children and adolescents in the German Democratic Republic

Lillo, C.; Olsen, J.E., 1989:
Growth and shoot formation in protoplast-derived calli of Brassica oleracea ssp. acephala and ssp. capitata

Pingel, H.; Trettner, K., 1987:
Growth and slaughter performance of Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) and their crosses with Pekin females (Anas platyrhynchos)

Berbigier, P., 1988:
Growth and slaughter performance of different types of young bulls exposed or not to heat

Cardoso, M.J.; Fontes, L.A.N.; Lopes N.F.; Galvao, J.D., 1987:
Growth and solar energy conversion in two systems of maize-bean association

Navari Izzo, F.; Izzo, R.; Quartacci, M.F.; Lorenzini, G., 1989:
Growth and solute leakage in Hordeum vulgare exposed to long-term fumigation with low concentrations of SO2

Sakharova, Z.V.; Rabotnova, I.L.; Khovrychev, M.P., 1989:
Growth and spore-formation in Bacillus thuringiensis at high substrate concentrations

Palarpawar, M.Y., 1987:
Growth and sporulation of Colletotrichum capsici and Colletotrichum curcumae on different culture media

Trione E.J.; Hess W.M.; Stockwell V.O., 1989:
Growth and sporulation of the dikaryons of the dwarf bunt fungus in wheat plants and in culture

Combe, L.; Quetin, P.; Decoux, G., 1988:
Growth and storage root formation in radish (Raphanus sativus) in dependence on daylength

Lele, U.; Meyers, L.R., 1989:
Growth and structural change in East Africa: domestic policies, agricultural performance, and World Bank assistance, 1963-86. Parts I and II

Starck Z.; Wazynska Z.; Kucewicz O.; Witek Czuprynska B., 1988:
Growth and structure of peduncles with pedicels in relation to fruit growth modulated by light conditions and growth regulators in tomato plants

Amoroso, M.J.; Manca de Nadra, M.C.; Oliver, G., 1989:
Growth and sugar utilization by Lactobacillus delbrueckii var. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius var. thermophilus isolated from market yoghurt

Patnaik, R.K.; Nayak, S., 1988:
Growth and survivability patterns in Black Bengal, Ganjam and Jamunapari breeds of goats under farm conditions in Orissa

Hao, D.; Brackett, R., 1989:
Growth and survival of Flavobacterium aurantiacum in peanut milk

Ahmed, A.A.H.; Ahmed, S.H.; Moustafa, M.K.; Saad, N.M., 1989:
Growth and survival of Listeria monocytogenes during manufacture and storage of Damietta cheese

Slavchev, G., 1989:
Growth and survival of Yersinia enterocolitica in butter

Hafeez F.Y.; Idris M.; Malik K.A., 1989:
Growth and survival of cowpea bradyrhizobia in various carrier materials

LoBuglio, K.F.; Wilcox, H.E., 1988:
Growth and survival of ectomycorrhizal and ectendomycorrhizal seedlings of Pinus resinosa on iron tailings

Gustafsson, K., 1989:
Growth and survival of four strains of Francisella tularensis in a rich medium preconditioned with Acanthamoeba palestinensis

Kanazawa, A.; Koshio, S.; Teshima, S-I., 1989:
Growth and survival of larval red sea bream Pagrus major and Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus fed microbound diets

Haack, R.A., 1988:
Growth and survival of slash pine seedlings in a Florida nursery

Schreiner, IH.; Nafus, DM.; Dumaliang, N., 1990:
Growth and survival of the Asian corn borer Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee (Lep: Pyralidae) on alternative hosts in Guam

Sissons, J.W.; Churchman, D.; Heppell, L.M.J.; Hardy, B.; Banks, S.M.; Miller, B.G., 1989:
Growth and systemic immune responses in early weaned piglets fed soyabean meal varying in lectin, trypsin inhibitor and undenatured globulins

Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1986:
Growth and tissue content of foliage plants grown in various media with different micronutrient levels

Domenech Garcia, V.; Pena Blanco, F.; Aparicio Ruiz, F.; Tovar Andrada, J.; Mendez Medina, D., 1989:
Growth and tissue development in carcasses from Segurena lambs

Pitt, D.G.; Reynolds, P.E.; Roden, M.J., 1988:
Growth and tolerance of white spruce after site preparation with liquid hexazinone

Baker, D.A.; Genigeorgis, C.; Glover, J.; Razavilar, V., 1990:
Growth and toxigenesis of C. botulinum type E in fishes packaged under modified atmospheres

Sakr, A.A.; Rizk, S.A.; Mahmoud, S.A., 1990:
Growth and uptake responses of plants to zinc as influenced by phosphorus fertilization

Newton, M.; Preest, D.S., 1988:
Growth and water relations of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedlings under different weed control regimes

Kirkham M.B., 1989:
Growth and water relations of two wheat cultivars grown separately and together

Passos, L.P., 1989:
Growth and water status responses of mung bean (Vigna mungo L.) and other dicot species to osmotic stress

Drozdz, A.; Jasiorowski, H.; Empel, W., 1988:
Growth and wear of hoof horn in inter-strain crosses of Friesian cattle

Liu, S.C.; Wu, W.Y., 1986:
Growth and wood properties of planted Taiwan incense-cedar (Calocedrus formosana Florin.) in Lian-hwa-chih region

Fujiwara, S.; Iwagami, S., 1988:
Growth and wood quality of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) grown in Shikoku. V Heartwood color

Cregg B.M.; Dougherty P.M.; Hennessey T.C., 1988:
Growth and wood quality of young loblolly pine trees in relation to stand density and climatic factors

Omule, S.A.Y., 1988:
Growth and yield 32 years after commercially thinning 56-year-old western hemlock

Omule, S.A.Y., 1988:
Growth and yield 35 years after commercially thinning 50-year-old Douglas-fir

Knight, S.L.; Mitchell, C.A., 1988:
Growth and yield characteristics of 'Waldmann's Green' leaf lettuce under different photon fluxes from metal halide or incandescent + fluorescent radiation

Bounous, G.; Agnisetta, N.; Savino, P., 1988:
Growth and yield characteristics of four apple cultivars grown at different altitudes

Manjunath S.; Panchal Y.C., 1989:
Growth and yield components of cotton as influenced by herbicides

Haque, M.Z.; Hossain, M.M., 1988:
Growth and yield components of deepwater rice varieties and advanced lines

Patzold, G.; Schimanski, H.H.; Kegler, H., 1988:
Growth and yield dynamics of virus-free and virus-infected apple trees

Tahir, I.; Farooq, S., 1989:
Growth and yield in four buckwheats (Fagopyrum spp.) grown in Kashmir

Kotar, M., 1989:
Growth and yield indicators of growth and development in beech forests in Slovenia

Goda, S.E., 1987:
Growth and yield of Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Del. in the Blue Nile

Obiaga, P.C.; Ekurebelam, S.A., 1986:
Growth and yield of Caribbean and ocote pines as affected by espacements in the high forest zone of Nigeria

Gutierrez, A., 1985:
Growth and yield of Leucaena leucocephala in Loma Larga, Panama

Latif, E.A.A., 1989:
Growth and yield of barley plants in relation to gibberellic acid under calcareous soils conditions

Gerold, D.; Nicke, A., 1988:
Growth and yield of beech in the upper Erzgebirge

Tsay J.S.; Fukai S.; Wilson G.L., 1989:
Growth and yield of cassava as influenced by intercropped soybean and by nitrogen application

Balyan, D.S.; Dhankar, B.S.; Ruhal, D.S.; Singh, K.P., 1988:
Growth and yield of cauliflower variety Snowball-16 as influenced by nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc

Singh, S.B.; Singh, T.; Singh, B.N.; Singh, S.S., 1989:
Growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum frutescens L.) in relation to zinc levels and number of seedlings/hill

Sanchez C.A.; Allen R.J.; Schaffer B., 1989:
Growth and yield of crisphead lettuce under various shade conditions

Sinclair, T.; N'-Diaye, O.B.ggs, R., 1990:
Growth and yield of field-grown soybean in response to enhanced exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation

Smolarz, K.; Mercik, S., 1989:
Growth and yield of highbush blueberry cv. Bluecrop (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in relation to the level of nitrogen fertilization

Kim, M.S.; Jensen, E.H.; Kim, Y.M., 1989:
Growth and yield of introduced alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars in Korea

Shankhayan, S.D.; Bhardwaj, S.K., 1989:
Growth and yield of kinnow plants as influenced by level, time and depth of potassium application in mid-hill sub-humid zone of Himachal Pradesh

Maitre, H.F., 1986:
Growth and yield of natural stands in the tropical rain-forests of Africa

Nair, M.A.; Sreedharan, C., 1989:
Growth and yield of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in relation to leaf nutrient concentration

Kappel F.; Quamme H.A., 1988:
Growth and yield of pear cultivars on several rootstocks

Singh, R.P.; Gaur, G.S., 1989:
Growth and yield of phalsa (Grewia subinaequalis D.C.) as affected by N, P, K

Das, M.K.; Maity, T.K.; Som, M.G., 1987:
Growth and yield of pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.) as influenced by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization

Manrique, L.A., 1990:
Growth and yield of potato grown in the greenhouse during summer and winter in Hawaii

Read, P.J.; Hide, G.A.; Firmager, J.P.; Hall, S.M., 1989:
Growth and yield of potatoes as affected by severity of stem canker (Rhizoctonia solani)

Patten K.D.; Neuendorff E.W.; Nimr G.H.; Peters S.C.; Cawthon D.L., 1989:
Growth and yield of rabbiteye blueberry as affected by orchard floor management practices and irrigation geometry

Singh, D.; Brar, D.S., 1988:
Growth and yield of rainfed wheat as affected by seed treatment with aldrin and fertilizer use

Ahmed, I.U.; Shafiqur Rahman; Hossain, A.K.M.A.; Bhuiyan, N.I., 1986:
Growth and yield of rice (BR4 and BR3) as affected by nitrogen and sulfur fertilization

Bhuiya, M.S.U.; Kabir, S.G.; Hossain, S.M.A., 1988:
Growth and yield of rice as affected by organic and inorganic fertilizers

Nagamoto, Y.; Ishikawa, T.; Katsumoto, H.; Kira, T., 1988:
Growth and yield of rice cultivar Nishihomare in the Usa Plain

Fischer, P.; Teicher, K.; Gutser, R., 1988:
Growth and yield of spray carnations in bark substrates with different N dynamics

Reckruhm, I.; Dluhosch, H., 1988:
Growth and yield of strawberries in relation to nutrient supply in the ground and the plant

Bhagwan Singh; Kalra, G.S., 1989:
Growth and yield of succeeding wheat crop as influenced by different dates of sowing, plant spacings and phosphorus doses of preceding arhar crop

Toma, S.I.; Veliksar, S.G.; Kovacheva, T.I.; Kudrev, T.G., 1990:
Growth and yield of sunflowers with application of boron and molybdenum against the background of nitrogen fertilizer

Pol, A.; Medrano, H., 1985:
Growth and yield of three cultivars of Lolium multiflorum grown in hydroponic culture and controlled atmosphere

Mahmood A.; Iqbal M.A.M.; Saleem M.I., 1988:
Growth and yield of three guar cultivars as influenced by different row spacings

Murphy, P.A.; Farrar, R.M.J., 1985:
Growth and yield of uneven-aged shortleaf pine stands in the Interior Highlands

Hoyer, G.E.; Swanzy, J.D., 1986:
Growth and yield of western hemlock in the Pacific Northwest following thinning near the time of initial crown closure

Seidel, K.W., 1987:
Growth and yield of western larch in response to several density levels and two thinning methods: 15-year results

Islam M.A.; Ali M.I.; Baten M.A., 1987:
Growth and yield of wheat as affected by different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus

Cox W.J.; Otis D.J., 1989:
Growth and yield of winter wheat as influenced by chlormequat chloride and ethephon

Manrique, L.A.; Bartholomew, D.P.; Ewing, E.E., 1989:
Growth and yield performance of several potato clones grown at three elevations in Hawaii. I. Plant morphology

Gonzales, L.L., 1985:
Growth and yield prediction model for teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) plantations in the Magat Experimental Forest. Part 1. Tree volume equations and tables

Mohandass, S.; Radhakrishnan, R.; Panchanathan, R.M.; Kandaswamy, P., 1988:
Growth and yield response of rice to moisture regimes and Cycocel

George, T., 1989:
Growth and yield responses of Glycine max and Phaseolus vulgaris to mode of nitrogen nutrition and temperature changes with elevation

Holkar, S.; Ruwali, K.N.; Matai, B.H., 1989:
Growth and yield responses of some improved and land race wheat varieties under rainfed conditions

Thalooth, A.T.; Nour, T.A.; E.S.essy, M.A., 1989:
Growth and yield responses of three soybean varieties to foliar application of some nutrient compounds

Nakamura, H.; Abe, J., 1989:
Growth and yields of winged bean grown in different seasons in Okinawa

Mercado, B.L.; D.D.tta, S.K.; Migo, T.R.; Baltazar, A.M., 1990:
Growth behaviour and leaf morphology of Philippine strains of Sphenoclea zeylanica showing differential response to 2,4-D

Sharma, B.M.; Afolayan, A.J., 1987:
Growth behaviour of Sporobolus pyramidalis P. Beauv. in south-west Nigeria

Wekwete, K.H., 1989:
Growth centre policy in Zimbabwe

Benincasa F.; Francini F.; Maracchi G., 1988:
Growth chamber controlled by a personal computer

Privin, M.R.; Feigel' , A.M., 1989:
Growth chamber with light transparent enclosure of the working area

Rakityanskaya, N.N.; Agafonov, N.V., 1989:
Growth characteristics and fruiting of apple cultivar Common Antonovka in relation to the application of growth regulators

Leclercq B.; Guy G.; Rudeaux F., 1989:
Growth characteristics and lipid distribution in two lines of chicken selected for low or high abdominal fat

Yazawa, S.; Ueyama, H.; Namiki, T., 1988:
Growth characteristics and seed survival of seed coat types in Brassica campestris

Borman, M.M., 1990:
Growth characteristics and site potentials of perennial grass species

Barr, S.C.; Dennis, V.A.; Klei, T.R., 1990:
Growth characteristics in axenic and cell cultures, protein profiles, and zymodeme typing of three Trypanosoma cruzi isolates from Louisiana mammals

Cheng, R.; Sandine, W.E., 1989:
Growth characteristics of Bifidobacterium species in a whey-based medium

Nigam, N.; Kushwaha, R.K.S., 1988:
Growth characteristics of Chrysosporium species

Howard B.H.; Jones O.P.; Vasek J., 1989:
Growth characteristics of apparently rejuvenated plum shoots

Simons, R.K., 1989:
Growth characteristics of apple dwarfing rootstocks as related to lenticels, roots and the regenerative tissues within the union of stock and scion

Ye, X.Z.; Weng, X.Z., 1987:
Growth characteristics of barley organs during grain filling

Chung, C.M.; Nam, K.Y.; Kim, Y.T., 1989:
Growth characteristics of early peduncle developing plant in Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer)

Giani, D.; Krumbein, W.E., 1986:
Growth characteristics of non-heterocystous cyanobacterium Plectonema boryanum with N2 as nitrogen source

Han, Y.C.; Lee, K.Y., 1988:
Growth characteristics of open-pollinated progenies from Virginia pine plantations in Korea

Garanovich, I.M.; Shpital' naya, T.V., 1988:
Growth characteristics of sea buckthorn

Sandusky, C.L.; Heath, J.L., 1988:
Growth characteristics of selected broiler muscles as affected by age and experimental pen design

Leon, J.B.; Smith, B.B.; Timm, K.I., 1989:
Growth characteristics of the llama (Lama glama) from birth to 12 months old

Phillips, M.W.; Gordon, G.L., 1989:
Growth characteristics on cellobiose of three different anaerobic fungi isolated from the ovine rumen

Han, Y.C.; Ryu, K.O.; Lee, R.K.; Chang, S.O., 1988:
Growth comparison of 19-year-old provenance test of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) by volume per hectare and volume per tree

Carpenter, P.L.; Dana, M.N., 1988:
Growth comparison of crabapples: own roots vs. apple rootstock

Harrelson, A.L.; Goodman, C.S., 1988:
Growth cone guidance in insects: fasciclin II is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily

Rice S.A.; Bazzaz F.A., 1989:
Growth consequences of plasticity of plant traits in response to light conditions

Tukey, L.D., 1989:
Growth control chemicals on fruit crops: research report for 1988

Goldsworthy, A., 1988:
Growth control in plant tissue cultures

George, A.P.; Nissen, R.J., .:
Growth control of low-chill stonefruit using growth retardants and other management techniques

Nemoto, K.; Yamazaki, K., 1989:
Growth correlations among root number, root diameter and stem diameter in some rice cultivars

Gaborcik, N.; Javorkova, A., 1989:
Growth course of above- and below-ground parts of grass stands given nitrogen fertilizer

Shah, P., 1989:
Growth curve analysis of soybean cultivars

Xavier, D.F.; Carvalho, M.M.; Botrel, M.A., 1990:
Growth curve and crude protein accumulation of the legume Cratylia floribunda

Salah, M.S.; Basmaeil, S.M.; Mogawer, H.H., 1988:
Growth curve in Aardi goat

Godoy F.M.; Morales M.M.A., 1987:
Growth curves in Holstein Friesian steers on artificial pastures of clover (Trifolium repens latum) and English ryegrass (Lolium perenne) in the VII region of Chile

Celeste, B.J.; Guimarães, M.C., 1988:
Growth curves of Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis promastigotes and surface antigen expression before and after adaptation to Schneider's Drosophila medium as assessed by anti-Leishmania human sera

Bruhlmann, M.; Menzi, H.; Aubert, S.; Thomet, P., 1989:
Growth curves of an intensively managed pasture in the lowlands of Switzerland

Alfaro, L.G.J.; Paula Neto, F. de; Rezende, J.L.P.; Bandeira, A. de L., 1986:
Growth curves of eucalypts in Minas Gerais

Borges, D.M., 1986:
Growth curves of four slow-growing Rhizobium strains

Galatik, A.; Hradilova, D.; Rafay, J.; Parkanyi, V., 1988:
Growth cycle of ferret fur (M. putorius furo)

Prohászka, L.; Hajdú, E.; Dworschák, E.; Rozsnyai, T., 1987:
Growth depression in broiler chicks caused by incompatibility of feed ingredients

Dittmar, O., 1987:
Growth development and yield of Pinus strobus in comparison to lowland Scots pine in the maritime site zone

Wiseman, B.R., 1989:
Growth development, and survival of fall armyworm fed panicles of isogenic sorghum lines in an artificial diet

Imaoka, A.; Yamamoto, K.; Azukizawa, H.; Takahashi, K.; Kuranaka, M., 1987:
Growth diagnosis of GA-treated seedless Delaware grapevines in Shimane prefecture. 1. The influence of type of culture on vegetative characteristics, and fruit yield and quality

Watanabe, I.; Murayama, H., 1988:
Growth diagnosis of rice cultivar Koshihikari grown in the highlands of Kumamoto Prefecture

Ichimaru, Y.; Kanayama, H., 1989:
Growth diagnosis of the early-season rice cultivar Koshihikari in the Uwaba district of Saga Prefecture. 1. Characteristics of the growth phase and related subjects

Ichimaru, Y.; Kanayama, H., 1989:
Growth diagnosis of the early-season rice cultivar Koshihikari in the Uwaba district of Saga Prefecture. 2. The relationship between its characteristics and lodging

Ichimaru, Y.; Kanayama, H., 1989:
Growth diagnosis of the early-season rice cultivar Koshihikari in the Uwaba district of Saga Prefecture. 3. Growth diagnosis using leaf colour and length of the leaf blade

Kato, T.; Shiota, Y.; Seki, M.; Hasegawa, T., 1988:
Growth diagnosis technique of rice plant. II. The optimum nitrogen content in rice cv. Koshihikari at each growth stage

Hammitt, W.E., 1989:
Growth differences among patented grafts, seed orchard seedlings, and nursery-run seedlings of black walnut

Jalil, F.; Karlberg, J.; Hanson, L.A.; Lindblad, B.S., 1989:
Growth disturbance in an urban area of Lahore, Pakistan related to feeding patterns, infections and age, sex, socio-economic factors and seasons

Ferm, A.; Hytonen, J.; Kolari, K.K.; Veijalainen, H., 1988 :
Growth disturbances of forest trees close to fur farms

Duru, M.; Langlet, A., 1989:
Growth dynamics and establishment of leaf area in cocksfoot and lucerne regrowth without water stress

Norby, R.J.; O.N.ill, E.G., 1989:
Growth dynamics and water use of seedlings of Quercus alba L. in CO2-enriched atmospheres

Redchenko, V.P.; Mukymov, K.M.; Abdurakhmanova, G.K., 1989:
Growth dynamics in woody plants of the Guaursk nursery

Barton Willis, P.A.; Roberts, P.D.; Guo, A.; Leach, J.E., 1989:
Growth dynamics of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae in leaves of rice differential cultivars

Zuge, J., 1986:
Growth dynamics of a beech wood on limestone, with particular reference to interspecific competition

Salmon R.K.; Bailey D.R.C.; Weingardt R.; Berg R.T., 1990:
Growth efficiency in mice selected for increased body weight

Marschner, H.; Oberle, H.; Cakmak, I.; Romheld, V., 1990:
Growth enhancement by silicon in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) plants depends on imbalance in phosphorus and zinc supply

Mathews, L.S.; Hammer, R.E.; Behringer, R.R.; D'Ercole, A.J.; Bell, G.I.; Brinster, R.L.; Palmiter, R.D., 1988:
Growth enhancement of transgenic mice expressing human insulin-like growth factor I

Roeder, K.R.; Gardner, W.E., 1984:
Growth estimation of mixed southern hardwood stands

Jones, R.C.; Walsh, A.L.; Setchell, B.P.; Clulow, J., 1989:
Growth factor activity in luminal fluids from the male reproductive tract of the ram, rat, tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) and Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Bellvé, A.R.; Zheng, W., 1989:
Growth factors as autocrine and paracrine modulators of male gonadal functions

Ebrahim G.J.; Jelliffe D.B., 1990:
Growth factors in human milk

Dembinski, T.C.; Shiu, R.P.C., 1987:
Growth factors in mammary gland development and function

Forsyth, I.A., 1989:
Growth factors in mammary gland function

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Growth factors in ovarian function

Anonymous, 1989:
Growth factors in reproduction. Symposium report No. 24. Proceedings of a symposium of the Society for the Study of Fertility, Edinburgh, July 1988

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Growth factors, feeding regulation and the nervous system

Pretzsch, H., 1985:
Growth features of Scots pine stands in southern Germany in the last 25 years

Pretzsch, H., 1985:
Growth features of Upper Palatinate Pinus sylvestris stands in the last 30 years - vitality, structure, increment

Dutton, J., 1989:
Growth for UK cheese market

Kastner, A.; Mahn, E.G.; Krumbiegel, A., 1988:
Growth form and anatomical differentiation - the ecomorphological responses of weeds to varying environmental conditions

Hu, T.X., 1988:
Growth functions for lodgepole pine in Sweden

Kwack, S.N.; Fujieda, K., 1988:
Growth habit in populations of an interspecific cross Cucurbita pepo X C. moschata

Aota, S.; Watanabe, Y., 1987:
Growth habit of forage crops by conversion from paddy field of ill-drained clay soil into upland field. IV. Differences between maize varieties in the growth phase and nutrient uptake during the early years after conversion

Winkelman, D.C.; Hodgetts, R.B., 1990:
Growth hormone RFLP's: potential genetic markers for body weight in mice

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Growth hormone and carbohydrate intolerance in cirrhosis

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Growth hormone and prolactin response to naloxone varies with season in Holstein calves

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Growth hormone and prolactin secretion in cultured somatomammotroph cells

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Growth hormone and thyroxine affect lipoprotein metabolism in hypothyroid and hypophysectomized rats

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Growth hormone deficiency in an adult dog (hyposomatotropism)

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Growth hormone gene regulation: a paradigm for cell-type-specific gene activation

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Growth hormone in Sparus aurata: preliminary results

Mayer, H., 1989:
Growth hormone in milk production

Spethmann, W.; Hamzah, A., 1988:
Growth hormone induced root system types in cuttings of some broad leaved tree species

Chomczynksi, P.; Brar, A.; Frohman, L.A., 1988:
Growth hormone production by a somatomammotroph cell line from normal rat anterior pituitary

Postel-Vinay, M.C., 1989:
Growth hormone receptors

Martin, R.J.; Drewry, M.; Jewell, D.; Harris, R.B.; Young, R.; Patton, J.S., 1989:
Growth hormone treatment reduces total body fat accumulation in Zucker obese rats

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Growth hormone: cellular and molecular aspects and its use in animal production - a review

Bennett, D.D.; Schmid, J.M.; Mata, S.A.; Edminster, C.B., 1987:
Growth impact of the North Kaibab pandora moth outbreak

Chaturvedi, A.N., 1986:
Growth in Eucalyptus hybrid plantations and stocking

Fuentes Garcia, F.; Gonzalo Abascal, C.; Herrera Garcia, M.; Escobar Sanchez, S.; Quiles Sotillo, A., 1988:
Growth in Murcian/Granada kids

Paerregaard, A.; Vilien, M.; Krasilnikoff, P.A.; Gudmand Hoyer, E., 1989:
Growth in children with partially treated coeliac disease

Vigneron, P.; Prud' hon, M.; Touraille, C.; Valin, C.; Bouix, J.; Bibe, B., 1987:
Growth in lambs. Muscle fibre types and meat quality. Indicator muscles

Sakai, A.K.; Burris, T.A., 1985:
Growth in male and female aspen clones: a twenty-five-year longitudinal study

Hakansson, S., 1988:
Growth in plant stands of different density

Ahrends, K. et al., 1989:
Growth in quality - a decisive factor for raising productivity in agricultural production; et seq

Singh, I.P.; Singh, G.N.; Singh, D.S., 1989:
Growth in sugarcane production in Uttar Pradesh - a critical analysis

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Growth in the Asian elephant

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Growth indices for silkworm Bombyx mori on some mulberry varieties

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Growth inhibition by high light intensities in algae from lakes undergoing acidification

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Growth inhibition by trichothecene mycotoxins of herpes simplex virus type 2 and its application to bioassay of the toxins

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Growth inhibition in marigold following drench and foliar-applied paclobutrazol

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Growth inhibition induced by vanadate in onion roots

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Growth inhibition of Rhizopus stolonifer causing soft rot of banana by chemical application

Sterrett, J.P., 1989:
Growth inhibition of shade trees by root collar drenches of uniconazole

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Growth inhibitors of Claviceps fusiformis with culture filtrate of Fusarium chlamydosporum

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Growth injuries in cyclamen not caused by parasitic fungi

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Growth intensity and meat production of Salers calves finished to 15 months of age

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Growth intensity of breeding bulls of different performance types

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Growth kinetics of Kluyveromyces fragilis on whey

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Growth kinetics of potassium alum crystal in a well-agitated vessel

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Growth loss in sapling ponderosa pine associated with injury caused by gouty pitch midge

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Growth management and recreational land development in Florida

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Growth modelling - a (re)view

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Growth models of Norway spruce plantations of differing density

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Growth monitoring in Indonesia: an assessment of coverage and regularity of attendance, Gedangan village, Central Java, June 1978 - November 1981

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Growth of 'Verna' lemons under different irrigation regimes

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Growth of 1-year-old Pinus densiflora, Cryptomeria japonica and Chamaecyparis obtusa seedlings under artificial shading

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Growth of 25-year-old lodgepole pine after juvenile spacing in western Alberta

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Growth of 6 Eucalyptus species in Medani Arboretum

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Growth of Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas fragi on mince and surimis made from Atlantic pollock and stored under air or modified atmosphere

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Growth of Aeromonas hydrophila on fresh vegetables stored under a controlled atmosphere

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Growth of Arizona rose and attack and establishment of gall wasps Diplolepis fusiformans and D. spinosa (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

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Growth of Babesia bovis parasites in stationary and suspension cultures and their use in experimental vaccination of cattle

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Growth of Belgian Blue AI bulls

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Growth of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon) seedlings planted under alnus (Alnus japonica Nutt.) stand

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Growth of California red fir advance regeneration after overstory removal and thinning

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Growth of Cedrela odorata managed within a secondary shrub vegetation or in initial association with agricultural crops. San Jose de Guaviare, Colombia

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Growth of Cedrelinga catenaeformis in plantations

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Growth of Coniothyrium minitans, Gliocladium roseum, Trichoderma harzianum and T. viride from alginate pellets and interaction with water availability

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Growth of Corynebacterium bovis in mammary secretions during physiological transitions of the bovine mammary gland

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Growth of Diacrisia obliqua (Lep.: Arctiidae) with low doses of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki

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Growth of Eucalyptus delegatensis following partial harvesting of multi-aged stands

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Growth of Galium aparine L. (cleavers) and competition with Triticum aestivum L. (wheat) for N

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Growth of Gmelina arborea at four spacings

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Growth of gram-negative bacteria in dry cow secretion

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Growth of Japanese alder (Alnus japonica Nutt) under two methods of inoculation

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Growth of Lacaune sheep in Brazil

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Growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus in mixed starter cultures

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Growth of Leucaena leucocephala cv. K28 in relation to soil pH and plant density

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes at 10 degrees C in milk preincubated with selected pseudomonads

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes at different pH values in uncultured whey or in whey cultured with Penicillium camemberti

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in the presence of Pseudomonas fluorescens at 7 or 13 degrees C in skim milk

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes inoculated in waste fluids collected from a slaughterhouse

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes on fresh vegetables stored under controlled atmosphere

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Growth of Magnaporthe poae and Gaeumannomyces incrustans as affected by temperature-osmotic potential interactions

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Growth of Manduca sexta on wounded tomato plants: role of induced proteinase inhibitors

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Growth of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum on H2-CO2:High CH4 productivities in continuous culture

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Growth of Norwegian Red bulls

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Growth of Phaseolus vulgaris on various nitrogen sources: the importance of urease

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Growth of Rhizoctonia bataticola through sterile soil

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Growth of Rhizophora mangle seedlings in a peaty mangrove soil heavily polluted with crude oil

Fellows, P.J.; Worgan, J.T., 1988:
Growth of Saccharomycopsis fibuliger and Candida utilis in mixed culture on apple processing wastes

Fellows, P.J.; Worgan, J.T., 1988:
Growth of Saccharomycopsis fibuliger and Candida utilis in mixed culture on pectic materials

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Growth of Scots pine plantations established on newly felled sites with different types of planting stock

Morozov, V.A.; Shimanskii, P.S.; Shtukin, S.S., 1987:
Growth of Scots pine: the effect of thinning and of perennial lupin

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Growth of Shorea pinnanga and Shorea stenoptera seedlings on latosolic soil medium fertilized by NPK

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Growth of South African Indian schoolchildren in different social classes

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Growth of Staphylococcus aureus in milks and creams with various amounts of milk fat

Hill, M.J., 1989:
Growth of Trifolium repens L. and Trifolium semipilosum Fres. var. glabrescens Gillet at different temperatures in controlled environments and in the field

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Growth of Williams' Bon Chretien pear fruit under regulated deficit irrigation (RDI)

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Growth of Yersinia enterocolitica at 2 degrees C in a simulated milk medium

Pavlov, A., 1989:
Growth of Yersinia species in cow's milk

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Growth of a 31-year-old baldcypress plantation

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Growth of a Japanese isolate of Taenia crassiceps in intermediate and definitive hosts

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Growth of adolescents in Mali (West Africa)

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Growth of algae on exterior painted masonry surfaces

Maqueda, M.; Valdivia, E.; Martínez-Bueno, M.; Mascaró, M.L.; Mascaró, C., 1988 :
Growth of an Acanthamoeba isolate on a gram-negative bacterium, probably Pasteurella haemolytica

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Growth of and fumitremorgin production by Neosartorya fischeri as affected by temperature, light, and water activity

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Growth of annual dicotyledonous weeds. Analyses using relative growth rate (RGR) and unit production ratio (UPR)

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Growth of area, production and productivity of important crops in Haryana

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Growth of artificially reared lambs using three types of milk substitute

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Growth of avian adeno-associated virus in chicken cells transfected with fowl adenovirus serotype 1 DNA

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Growth of bacteria in milk during retail storage

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Growth of bacteria in the rhizoplane and the rhizosphere of rape seedlings

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Growth of bare-rooted and container-grown 'Hamlin' orange trees in the field

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Growth of bean in high CO2: effects on shoot mineral composition

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Growth of bifidobacteria and their enzyme profiles

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Growth of biotrophic plant parasites and symbionts in tissue culture

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Growth of body weight and length of bovine fetuses

Vardanyan V.A.; Kyutsikyants M.A., 1988:
Growth of chicks irradiated during embryonic development

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Growth of chrysanthemum using an irrigation system controlled by soil moisture tension

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Growth of coniferous shelterbelts on the Hancock Agricultural Research Station 1928-1987

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Growth of coronary artery branches: morphometric study of corrosion preparations of the anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery in the mature pig and piglet

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Growth of cotton under chronic ozone stress at two levels of soil moisture

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Growth of crop output in Kerala

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Growth of crossbred calves fed low priced rations

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Growth of dairy heifers in relation to first lactation production

Rajan, S.R.G., 1990:
Growth of dairy industry in Andhra Pradesh

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Growth of epithelium from a preneoplastic mammary outgrowth in response to mammary adipose tissue

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Growth of fallow deer

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Growth of fattening chickens given extruded meal of Canavalia ensiformis seeds in the diet

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Growth of four tropical foliage species treated with paclobutrazol or uniconazole

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Growth of four-year old alnus (Alnus maritima Nutt.) on cut-and-fill mountain roadbanks

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Growth of freijo (Cordia goeldiana) in experimental plantations

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Growth of fruit plants as influenced by nitrogen fixing bacteria

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Growth of genetically engineered Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas putida in soil and rhizosphere

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Growth of inland and coastal provenances of balsam fir

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Growth of irrigated acreage under principal crops in India

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Growth of isolated maize root tips at various levels of N supply

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Growth of lambs grazing on sweet potato leaves (Ipomoea batatas)

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Growth of legumes at different levels of liming

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Growth of lentil radicles under water and temperature stress

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Growth of leucaena at different salinity levels

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Growth of live oak from seed hydrothermally treated to control acorn weevil larvae

Deinum, B., 1989:
Growth of lucerne on acid sandy soils and lucerne utilization as silage

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Growth of maize (Zea mays L.) in competition with Abutilon theophrasti Medicus

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Growth of maize in Belgium and temperature: simulation study of weather variables

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Growth of male dairy calves and crosses of beef bulls with German Black Pied Dairy cows. 1. Weight gain as influenced by various factors

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Growth of methanogenic and acidogenic bacteria with pentachlorophenol as co-substrate

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Growth of mouse oocytes in ovaries cultured in vitro

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Growth of mushrooms on wheat straw and coffee pulp: strain selection

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Growth of nine geographical sources of Pinus caribaea in the Escambray region, Cuba

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Growth of okra and fruiting pattern as affected by growth regulators

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Growth of pathogenic bacteria on imitation crab

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Growth of pathogens in drinking water installations

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Growth of plant tops, stolons and roots in first year swards of Centrosema pubescens and Desmodium intortum cv. Greenleaf

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Growth of ponderosa pine thinned to different stocking levels in northern Arizona

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Growth of poplars on alluvial sites in the northern half of France

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Growth of prophyll and proline accumulation due to the effect of NaCl stress and temperature in two barley cultivars

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Growth of radiata pine shelterbelts in the Central North Island: a preliminary analysis

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Growth of rearing calves in relation to lysine contents of milk replacer and calf starter and feeding frequency of milk replacer

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Growth of regeneration defoliated by spruce budworm in Idaho

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Growth of replacement heifers and subsequent production

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Growth of rice seedlings after direct sowing of seeds coated with calcium peroxide under flooded conditions - effect of sowing depth on the germination of seeds and the emergence and growth of seedlings

Saarela, I., 1989:
Growth of rye grass, barley and oats in soils amended with ashes of wood, bark, peat and coal

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Growth of salmonellas in intact shell eggs: influence of storage temperatures

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Growth of seedling from immature grain harvested on different days after flowering in rye, triticale, wheat and oat cultivars

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Growth of seedlings of pasture grasses and legumes deprived of single mineral nutrients

Kumazawa, H.; Fairweather, I., 1989:
Growth of single proglottides during early adult development of Hymenolepis nana

Anonymous, 1980:
Growth of single trees and development of stands

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Growth of six ornamental plants and soluble salts of the growing media

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Growth of some two-needled pines and their hybrids on the urevac sands

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Growth of sweet potatoes under continuous light

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Growth of teak, mahogany, and Spanish cedar on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Meenakumari, B.; Nair, N.B., 1988:
Growth of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite communis (Darwin) in Cochin backwaters

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Growth of the beef calf with selenium supplementation

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Growth of the forest products industry in Malaysia: 1961-1985

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Growth of the Maize Primary Root at Low Water Potentials : II. Role of Growth and Deposition of Hexose and Potassium in Osmotic Adjustment

Loh P.C.; L.Y.; Brock J.A., 1990:
Growth of the penaeid shrimp virus infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus in a fish cell line

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Growth of third world forest industry: possible impact on Finland

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Growth of transplants and in vitro-cultured clones of asparagus in response to CO2 enrichment and supplemental lighting

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Growth of tree species on ploughed mounds near a saline seep

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Growth of turkeys of different breeds during finishing. 3. Growth of muscles, fat tissue, bones and skin

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Growth of twin calves obtained using embryo transfer

Fukuda, H., 1989:
Growth of two apple cultivars Fuji and Tsugaru grafted on M.9

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Growth of weanling Quarter Horses fed varying energy and protein levels

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Growth of wheat as affected by soil compaction and soil layers

Jacobs T.; Buurlage M.B., 1990:
Growth of wheat leaf rust colonies in susceptible and partially resistant spring wheats

Bose, G.K., 1989:
Growth of wheat production in Bangladesh

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Growth of white fir after Douglas fir tussock moth outbreaks: long-term records in the Sierra Nevada

Sheedy, G., 1984:
Growth of white spruce produced in a greenhouse five years after planting

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Growth of whiteleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos viscida Parry)

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Growth of yearling horses grazing klein grass or bermuda grass pastures

Webb, G.W.; Conrad, B.E.; Hussey, M.A.; Potter, G.D., 1989:
Growth of yearling horses managed in continuous or rotational grazing systems at three levels of forage-on-offer

Champagne C.P.; Girard F.; Gardner N., 1989:
Growth of yeast contaminants in an immobilized lactic acid bacteria system

Yoshimoto, T.; Saburi, Y., 1988:
Growth of yeasts in extracts from coniferous barks. Studies on strains tolerant of tannins and solvents to extract fermentative sugars effectively

Eden, D. van, 1988:
Growth of yogurt consumption by the American consumer

Marler, T.E.; Ferguson, J.J.; Davies, F.S., 1987:
Growth of young 'Hamlin' orange trees using standard and controlled-release fertilizers

Parviainen, J., 1985:
Growth of young Scots pine, Norway spruce, Siberian larch and silver birch plantations

Wiechert, K.; Rohrig, E., 1987:
Growth of young birch stands on drained raised bog sites

Ferguson, J.J.; Crane, J.H.; Olszack, R., 1988:
Growth of young carambola trees using standard and controlled-release fertilizers

Chattopadhyay, P.K.; Hasan, M.A., 1986:
Growth of young coconut Cocos nucifera palm variety Local Tall at different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Terabayashi, S.; Muramatsu, I.; Inada, T.; Namiki, T., 1989:
Growth of, and nutrient uptake by, tomato plants cultured in a nutrient solution lacking phosphate during the day or night

Nwokolo, E.N.; Kitts, D.D., 1988:
Growth parameters and plasma-tissue acid profiles of rats fed rubber seed oil

Mariana, J.C.; Hulot, F.; Poujardieu, B., 1989:
Growth parameters of ovarian follicles in 20-week-old adult rabbits of two breeds

Cervato, A.; Piva, C.; Marudelli, M., 1989:
Growth pattern and dry matter and nitrogen partitioning in two-row barley sown in autumn or spring

Abdel Razik, M., 1990:
Growth pattern and nutrient cycling in a Trifolium alexandrinum (clover) agroecosystem under rotational grazing in the Mediterranean desert of Egypt

Sazzad, M.H.; Mamotazul, S.M.H.; Asaduzzaman, M.H., 1988:
Growth pattern of Desi and Khaki Campbell ducks under rural condition

Jain, D.K.; Sharma, K.N.S.; Patel, R.K., 1990:
Growth pattern of buffalo population in India

Muller, H., 1989:
Growth pattern of diploid and tetraploid spotted knapweed, Centaurea maculosa Lam. (Compositae), and effects of the root-mining moth Agapeta zoegana (L.) (Lep.: Cochylidae)

Groeneveld, E.; Henning, M.; Kallweit, E., 1989:
Growth patterns and carcass evaluation in pigs by MR measurements

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Growth patterns appearing in annual ring width at different heights in Picea abies Karst. and effects of defoliation by Cephalcia isshikii Takeuchi

Silk, W.K.; Lord, E.M.; Eckard, K.J., 1989:
Growth Patterns Inferred from Anatomical Records : Empirical Tests Using Longisections of Roots of Zea mays L

Krishnamurthy, K.; Devendra, R.; Ramachandra Prasad, T.V.; Mohan, S.L., 1989:
Growth patterns of Echinochloa species in relation to rice and bio-efficacy of 2,4-D and dicamba combinations

Havstad, K.M.; McInerney, M.J.; Church, S.B., 1989:
Growth patterns of range beef calves over discrete preweaning intervals

Xue, J.H., 1987:
Growth patterns of young Pinus massoniana Lamb. trees

Han, Y.C.; Ryu, K.O.; Hwang, S.I., 1988:
Growth performance among provenances of 17-year-old Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora S. et Z.) introduced from Japan

Kathaperumal, V.; Kadirvel, R., 1988:
Growth performance and carcass quality of Large White Yorkshire pigs fed on rations containing graded levels of samai (Panicum miliare)

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Growth performance and external signs of damage in beech after the effect of ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide

Li, S.; Zhou, B.; Ye, Q., 1989:
Growth performance and genetic analysis of different populations of bighead

Islam, R.; Romijn, H.A., 1988:
Growth performance and potential of rural small-scale industries in a liberalised economic regime: the case of Sri Lanka

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Growth performance and prediction of body weight from body measurements in Beetal and Black Bengal kids and their crosses maintained under feed lot conditions

Van Manen D.G.; Verstegen M.W.A.; Meijer G.W.; Beynen A.C., 1989:
Growth performance by rabbits after isoenergetic substitution of dietary fat for carbohydrates

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Growth performance of 15-year-old jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) in Korea

Sharma, B.M.; Afolayan, A.F., 1989:
Growth performance of Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn in south-west Nigeria

Khutal, B.B.; Jagtap, D.Z., 1988:
Growth performance of Gir and its exotic crosses in terms of daily gain

Neric, S.P.; Aquino, D.L.; Cruz, P.C.D.; Garillo, M.B.; Ranjhan, S.K., 1987:
Growth performance of caraheifers grazing on Themeda triandra pasture supplemented with dried Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala) and concentrates

Li, S.F.; Lu, W.M.; Peng, C.D.; Zhao, P.R., 1987:
Growth performance of different populations of silver carp and big head

Ayorinde, K.L.; Oluyemi, J.A.; Ayeni, J.S.O., 1988:
Growth performance of four indigenous helmeted guinea fowl varieties (Numida meleagris galeata Pallas) in Nigeria

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Growth performance of inter-se mated Jersey X Kankrej halfbred calves

Bhakt, R.; Narayan, P.; Prasad, T.; Singh, R.N., 1987:
Growth performance of meat producing indigenous goat of Bihar fed on different dietary protein levels

Nelson, R.; Mantell, S.H., 1989:
Growth performance of micropropagated plantlets of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) established in a nutrient film technique system

Aiken, G.E.; Potter, G.D.; Conrad, B.E.; Evans, J.W., 1989:
Growth performance of yearling horses grazing bermudagrass pastures at different grazing pressures

Fernandes, A.P.; Thorat, B.P.; Deshmukh, A.P., 1988:
Growth performance, carcass traits and meat characteristics of Deccani (native) and their crossbred lambs fed varying levels of digestible crude proteins (DCP)

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Growth rates and assimilation positioning in the elongation zone of tall fescue leaf blades at high and low irradiance

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Growth rates and nutrient concentrations in Maryland tobacco

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Growth rates and variability in dairying activities in Saurashtra region

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Growth reactions of individual trees in Douglas fir, Norway spruce and Scots pine stands in regions of forest decline in North Germany

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Growth reactions of trees with poor vigour in the Bavarian Alps

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Growth reduction in nonbearing apple trees by woolly apple aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) on roots

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Growth regulating activity of 2-N,N-dialkylamino-2,5-dihydro-1,2-oxaphosphole 2-oxides

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Growth regulation and flowering in Hebe X franciscana 'Variegata'

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Growth regulator application in autumn for higher winter barley yields

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Growth regulator sprays during propagation increase African violet crowns and leaves

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Growth regulator-binding proteins in plants and the problem of growth regulator reception

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Growth regulators and herbicides for delaying apple fruit abscission

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Growth regulators and shading reduced flowering of Leucospermum cv. Red Sunset

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Growth regulators combined with grafting increase flower number and seed production in sweet potato

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Growth regulators for African violets. Use increases number of plantlets and weight of propagated plants

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Growth regulators for beans

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Growth regulators from some mangrove plants of Andaman

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Growth regulators in Lolium perenne grown for seed

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Growth regulators in potato production

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Growth regulators in vegetative propagation

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Growth regulators serve as a research tool to study the mechanism of plant response to air pollution stimuli

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Growth reserves for food production and how to improve the structure of food supply

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Growth response of cultivars to conservation tillage in a continuous wheat cropping system

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Growth response of potted seedlings of Gmelina arborea Roxb. to an omission trial of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime

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Growth response of tropical forage legumes to VA mycorrhizal inoculation and phosphorus application

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Growth simulation of a yeast colony by personal computer

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Growth standards achieved with proper nutrition, intake

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Growth standards for Indian children

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Growth, efficiency and carcass composition of three frame sizes of hogs slaughtered at fat constant or weight constant endpoints

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Growth, morphology and division of flagellates of the genus Trypanoplasma (Protozoa, Kinetoplastida) in vitro

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Growth, moulting and reproduction

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Growth, yield and quality component in coriander genotypes

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Growth-oriented model for the Indian rural cooperatives

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Growth-reproduction interaction in salmonids

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Guarantee of antifiltration efficiency and reliability of irrigation canal linings

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Guaranteed prices for maize in Mexico

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Guaranteed shelf life and quality of foods in different types of packaging

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Guard-cell carboxylases

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Guarding hazards by operational controls as a safety strategy

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Guava growers, be prudent with phosphate manuring

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Guava trees (Psidium guajava) in pastures. II. Fruit consumption and seed dispersal

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Guava trees (Psidium guajava) in pastures. III. Fuelwood production

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Guava. Leaf and soil analysis service

Nel, A.; Welgemoed, C., 1988:
Guavas. Pruning trial at Levubu

Schloman, W.W.J.; Carlson, D.W.; Hilton, A.S., 1989:
Guayule extractables: influence of extraction conditions on yield and composition

Dempster, J.H., 1988:
Guernsey horticulture to the year 2000

Bieber, T.P., 1989:
Guest-history systems: maximising the benefits

Honer, C., 1987:
Guida's silver lining

Blum, B.; Simpson, L., 1990:
Guide RNAs in kinetoplastid mitochondria have a nonencoded 3' oligo(U) tail involved in recognition of the preedited region

Yaneyama, K., 1989:
Guide book of nashi production in Japan

Maykuss, F., 1990:
Guide crop protection with irrigation

Anonymous, 1989:
Guide for bovine tuberculosis projects

Eladi, A.; Craita, M., 1988:
Guide for veterinarians in meat processing units and meat factories

Anonymous, 1989:
Guide to excursions, annual conference 1989, Munster, FRG

Krutilla, K., 1988:
Guide to investment and trade in the forest products sectors of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

Anonymous, 1987:
Guide to molecular cloning techniques

Anonymous, 1989:
Guide to planning health promotion for AIDS prevention and control

Molloy, D.P., 1988:
Guide to recent literature on black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae): part 1

Garrett, P.D., 1988:
Guide to ruminant anatomy based on the dissection of the goat

Butt, G.; Sia, P.C., 1982:
Guide to site-species matching in Sarawak. 1: Selected exotic and native plantation species

Anonymous, 1988:
Guide to subsurface land drainage

Hardaker, J.B.; Verspay, H.M.H., 1988:
Guide to the databases of the South Pacific Smallholder Project, Solomon Islands

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Guide to the dissection of domestic ruminants

Gregory, B.M.J.; Barfield, C.S., 1989:
Guide to the identification of some Lepidoptera eggs found on Florida soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr

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Guide to the principal pests, diseases and deficiencies of fruit trees in Gabon

Crane B.G., 1989:
Guide to tree inspection

Elmore, C.-L.U.iversity-Of-California, 1988:
Guide to turfgrass pest control

Kilgore, B.M.; Curtis, G.A., 1987:
Guide to understory burning in ponderosa pine-larch-fir forests in the Intermountain West

Tubbs, C.H.; DeGraaf, R.M.; Yamasaki, M.; Healy, W.M., 1987:
Guide to wildlife tree management in New England northern hardwoods

Apud, E.; Bostrand, L.; Mobbs, I.D.; Strehlke, B., 1989:
Guide-lines on ergonomic study in forestry

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 1. Cercospora beticola

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 120. Foliage diseases of Allium crops

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 121. Leafspots of vegetables

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 122. Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica on citrus (trunk gummosis)

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 123. Preventive whole-tree treatments to control Nectria galligena

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 124. Rusts of vegetables

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 125. Seed treatments against seedling diseases

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 4. Uncinula necator

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of fungicides. No. 65. Downy mildews of lettuce and other vegetables

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of herbicides. Aquatic weeds

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of herbicides. Weeds in Ribes and Rubus

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of herbicides. Weeds in forests

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of herbicides. Weeds in non-agricultural land

Anonymous, 1988:
Guideline for the biological evaluation of herbicides. Weeds in outdoor fruit vegetables

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 147. Phytophthora fragariae

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 148. Soil treatment against Pythium spp

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 5. Venturia inaequalis and V. pirina (revised in 1989)

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 57. Powdery mildews on cucurbits and other vegetables (revised and extended in 1989)

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline on design and analysis of efficacy evaluation trials. No. 152

Raay, H.G.T. van, 1989:
Guidelines and checklists for commonly neglected areas

Seyler, J., 1982:
Guidelines and criteria for establishing seedling supply services and tree planting programs in Somalia

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for bee breeding

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for controlling bovine mastitis as a herd problem

Walker, W.R., 1989:
Guidelines for designing and evaluating surface irrigation systems

Gregersen, H.M.; Brooks, K.N.; Dixon, J.A.; Hamilton, L.S., 1988:
Guidelines for economic appraisal of watershed management projects

Dumanski, J.; Bentley, C.F.; Brklacich, M., 1990:
Guidelines for evaluating sustainability of land development projects

Hamlisch, R., 1990:
Guidelines for fisheries development planning

Bunnell, P., 1988:
Guidelines for forestry extension

Millis, N.F., 1989:
Guidelines for genetically modified organisms

Szappanos, A., 1984:
Guidelines for growing selected crop trees of Quercus petraea

Fabris, V.E., 1988:
Guidelines for health control of small rodents in an animal facility

Grut, M., 1986:
Guidelines for identifying and preparing forestry projects

Cullivan, D., 1988:
Guidelines for institutional assessment: water and wastewater institutions

Nickle, W.R.; Drea, J.J.; Coulson, J.R., 1988:
Guidelines for Introducing Beneficial Insect-parasitic Nematodes into the United States

Dent, D.L., 1988:
Guidelines for land use planning in Developing Countries

Wolff, P., 1988:
Guidelines for livestock drinking water quality in dry areas

Noling, J.W.; Ducan, L.W., 1988:
Guidelines for managing citrus nematodes

Albasel N.; Pratt P.F., 1989:
Guidelines for molybdenum in irrigation waters

Hart, G.E.; Gale, M.D., 1988:
Guidelines for nomenclature of biochemical/molecular loci in wheat and related species

Anonymous, 1988 :
Guidelines for nursing management of people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for nutrition support in AIDS

Who, 1989:
Guidelines for predicting dietary intake of pesticide residues

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for predicting the dietary intake of pesticide residues

Gehring, G.A.; George, C.W., 1986:
Guidelines for preventing fire retardant corrosion

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for rehabilitation of drainlines crossed by pipelines

Reed, G.H.Jr, 1989:
Guidelines for satisfactory food protection and sanitation practices

Albasel N.; Pratt P.F.; Westcot D.W., 1989:
Guidelines for selenium in irrigation waters

Andersson, O., 1990:
Guidelines for spreading manure

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for studies on the passage of drugs into breast milk

Korsgaard, S., 1985:
Guidelines for sustained yield management of mixed dipterocarp forests of South East Asia

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for testing chemical disinfectants

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for testing the effects of pesticides on beneficials: short description of test methods

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for the biological evaluation of pesticides

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for the biological evaluation of pesticides. Index to guidelines 1-135

Richerson, H.B., 1989:
Guidelines for the clinical evaluation of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Report of the Subcommittee on hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Berger, H.K., 1987:
Guidelines for the control of the rape stem weevil

Assaf, G.B., 1987:
Guidelines for the development of the agricultural machinery and implements industry in Latin America. Volume I

Assaf, G.B., 1987:
Guidelines for the development of the agricultural machinery and implements industry in Latin America: country case studies. Volume II

Ring, J.; Przybilla, B.; Forck, G.; Frosch, P.; Gailhofer, B.; Jarisch, R.; Klein, G.; Kiehn, M.; Maucher, O.; Rzany, G.; Rakoski, J.; Urbanek, R.; Wielandner, J.; Zelger, A.; Wuthrich, B., 1989:
Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hypersensitive reactions to bee and wasp stings. Insect Venom Allergy Study Group of the Dermatological Research Working Group

Vaccaro, L.; Vaccaro, R., 1989:
Guidelines for the genetic evaluation of dairy and dual purpose cattle in the Latin American tropics

Southgate, D.A.T.; Greenfield, H., 1988:
Guidelines for the production, management and use of food composition data: an Infoods project

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines for the transfer of new technologies in the field of tourism

Ryser, J.P.; Candinas, T.; Gysi, C., 1988:
Guidelines for the use and quality requirements for composts of garden and kitchen waste

Rundqvist, B., 1988:
Guidelines for the use of pesticides in agriculture and horticulture

Dunn, J.K., 1989:
Guidelines for using published assessment procedures

Golden, D.B.K.; Schwartz, H.J., 1986:
Guidelines for venom immunotherapy

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines of Bundesgesundheitsamt (BGA; German Federal Health Office) and Deutsche Vereinigung zur Bekampfung der Viruskrankheiten e.V. (DVV; German Association for the Control of Virus Diseases) for testing the effectiveness of chemical disinfectants against viruses

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines on socio-economic indicators for monitoring and evaluating agrarian reform and rural development

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines on sterilization and high-level disinfection methods effective against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Anonymous, 1988 :
Guidelines on surveillance, prevention and control of trichinellosis

Anonymous, 1987:
Guidelines on the evidence necessary for the assignment of gene symbols

Cooke, A.S., 1986:
Guidelines on the use of pesticides on nature reserves

Anonymous, 1988:
Guidelines: land evaluation for rainfed agriculture

Franz, W.; Kirmse, K.; Engert, K., 1990:
Guides and ascertainment of water consumption in design and operation of stables and plants for pig production

Krawielitzki K.; Schadereit R.; Wuensche J., 1989:
Guiding principles for estimation of whole body synthesis rates by tracer experiments

Anonymous, 1990:
Guiding rural funds to increase agricultural inputs

Hawkins, C.P.; MacMahon, J.A., 1989:
Guilds: the multiple meanings of a concept

Anonymous, 1989:
Guinea grass (Panicum maximum)

Kryukov, N.N.; Vecherkin, A.S.; Zudilina, Z.F.; Zaerko, V.I.; Kamenskii, N.I.; Stefanidi, G.N., 1987:
Guinea-pig test of the antigenicity of parainfluenza-3 virus in a vaccine also containing infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Kato, A.; Ichimaru, M.; Hashimoto, Y.; Mitsudera, H., 1989:
Guinesine-A, -B and -C: new sulfur containing insecticidal alkaloids from Cassipourea guianensis

Joshi, G.N., 1987:
Gujarat government's budgetary operations and resource transfer to agriculture

Scifres, CJ.; Oldham, TW.; Teel, PD.; Drawe, DL., 1988:
Gulf coast tick (Amblyomma maculatum) populations and responses to burning of coastal prairie habitats

Emonts, K., 1989:
Gulf region

Gray, H.J.; Crothers, R.B., 1989:
Gully control structures for grazing lands in southern Queensland

Dardis, G.F.; Beckedahl, H.R., 1988:
Gully formation in Archaean rocks at Saddleback Pass, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa

Crouch, R.J.; Blong, R.J., 1989:
Gully sidewall classification: methods and applications

Muthana, K.D., 1988:
Gum arabic - the backbone of the Kordofan region, Sudan

Seif E.Din, A.G., 1987:
Gum hashab and land tenure in western Sudan

Lister, S.A., 1989:
Gumboro disease (infectious bursal disease)

Anonymous, 1988:
Gumboro disease (infectious bursal disease) among broilers in the Netherlands

Braunius, W.W.; Wit, J.J. de, 1990:
Gumboro disease is still a problem: report of an outbreak

Ponti, I.; Laffi, F., 1988:
Gummosis canker of Cucurbitaceae

D.M.nk W.J.; Saniewski M., 1989:
Gummosis in tulips under the influence of ethephon

Ribeiro, I.J.A.; Ito, M.F.; Paradela Filho, O.; Castro, J.L. de, 1988:
Gummosis of Acacia decurrens Willd. caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata Ell. & Halst

Phillips, G.-O.W.dlock, D.-J.W.lliams, P., A., 1988:
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 4

Bergenstahl, B., 1988:
Gums as stabilisers for emulsifier covered emulsion droplets

Beckett, K.A., 1988:
Gunnera in cultivation

Mela, D.J., 1989:
Gustatory function and dietary habits in users and nonusers of smokeless tobacco

Schiff, N.M.; Waldbauer, G.P.; Friedman, S., 1990:
Gustatory insensitivity of two insect species to L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanyl methyl ester (aspartame)

Lewis, D.E.Jr, 1988:
Gustatory subversion and the evolution of nutritional dependency in Kiribati

Gupta, M.; Rana, R.S., 1988 :
Gut bacterial flora of Holotrichia serrata (F.) (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae)

Walker, E.D.; Olds, E.J.; Merritt, R.W., 1988:
Gut content analysis of mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) using DAPI stain and epifluorescence microscopy

Sissons, J.W.; Pedersen, H.E.; Duvaux, C.; Heppell, L.M.J.; Turvey, A., 1989:
Gut dysfunction and diarrhoea in calves fed antigenic soyabean protein

Krasnopeyor, E.V., 1989:
Gut evacuation rate in the bream, Abramis brama

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