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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bjorkman O.; Eriksson L.S.; Nyberg B.; Wahren J., 1990:
Gut exchange of glucose and lactate in basal state and after oral glucose ingestion in postoperative patients

MacRae, J.C., 1987:
Gut function and its influence on metabolic regulation

Muramatsu, T., 1990:
Gut microflora and tissue protein turnover in vivo in animals

Moss R., 1989:
Gut size and the digestion of fibrous diets by tetraonid birds

Low, A.G., 1988:
Gut transit and carbohydrate uptake

Liebler, E.M.; Pohlenz, J.F.; Woode, G.N., 1988:
Gut-associated lymphoid tissue in the large intestine of calves. I. Distribution and histology

Liebler, E.M.; Pohlenz, J.F.; Cheville, N.F., 1988:
Gut-associated lymphoid tissue in the large intestine of calves. II. Electron microscopy

Freyer, H.; Metelerkamp, H.R.R.; Weyl, U., 1987:
Gutai crop development concept: an intergral part of the CARD programme

Hoy, M.A.; Cave, F.E., 1988:
Guthion-resistant strain of walnut aphid parasite

Hoy, M.A.; Cave, F.E.; Beede, R.H.; Grant, J.; Krueger, W.H.; Olson, W.H.; Spollen, K.M.; Barnett, W.W.; Hendricks, L.C., 1989:
Guthion-resistant walnut aphid parasite. Release, dispersal, and recovery in orchards

Glenn D.M.; Takeda F., 1989:
Guttation as a technique to evaluate the water status of strawberry

Sattaur, O., 1990:
Guyana's test at high tide

Zhang, B.C.; Minter, D.W., 1989:
Gymnohydnotrya: a new hypogeous ascomycete genus from Australia

Mijuskovic, M.; Vujanovic, V., 1989:
Gymnosporangium gaemanni Zogg, a rare species new for Yugoslavia

Gargan, T.P.; Kamau, C.W.; Thande, P.C.; Wagateh, J.N., 1989:
Gynandromorph of Aedes mcintoshi from central Kenya

Davies, D.M., 1988:
Gynandromorphs in Canadian Simuliidae (Diptera)

Fisher M.; Fornari V., 1990:
Gynecomastia as a precipitant of eating disorders in adolescent males

Amoroso, V.B.; Amoroso, C.B., 1988:
Gynophore and pod development in Arachis hypogea L

Feltwell, J., 1989:
Gypsies attack forest - or is it acid rain?

Anderson, N.R., 1988:
Gypsum aggregate - a viable commercial venture

Bell D.K.; Csinos A.S.; Walker M.E., 1988:
Gypsum and lime effects on the germination quality and fungal infection of peanut seed

Rivers, J.B., 1989:
Gypsum dissolution system

Alva A.K.; Gascho G.J.; Guang Y., 1989:
Gypsum material effects on peanut and soil calcium

Steinwand A.L.; Richardson J.L., 1989:
Gypsum occurrence in soils on the margin of semipermanent prairie pothole wetlands

Chhibba I.M.; Goswami N.N.; Paliwal K.V., 1987:
Gypsum solubility as affected by irrigation water quality

Stuis, M., 1989:
Gypsum-bonded particleboards in exterior use in the 'China model house'. Investigating the wall structure in a double-climate chamber

Blackwell, J.; Jayawardane, N.S.; Butler, R.; Casegrain, J.C.; Smart, R.E., 1989:
Gypsum/lime slotting technique and machinery for ameliorating acid and sodic subsoils

Dreistadt, S.H.; Dalhstein, D.L., 1989:
Gypsy moth eradication in Pacific Coast states: history and eradication

Schaefer, P.W.; Ikebe, K.; Higashiura, Y., 1986:
Gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (L.) and its natural enemies in the Far East (especially Japan). Annotated bibliography and guide to the literature through 1986 and host plant list for Japan

Noyes, JS., 1988:
Gyranusoidea tebygi sp. n. (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), a parasitoid of Rastrococcus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on mango in India

Euzet, L.; Birgi, E., 1988:
Gyreteroncus n.g. (Gyrodactylidae) parasite of Mormyridae (Teleostei) in West-Africa

Solomatova, V.P.; Luzin, A.V., 1987:
Gyrodactylosis of carps in fish tanks located on discharged waters of the Kostromsk electric power plant and some problems of the biology of Gyrodactylus katharineri

Kulachkova, V.G.; Timofeeva, T.A., 1987:
Gyrodactylus pterygialis Bychowsky et Poljansky, 1953 from the Kildin Cod of Lake Mogil'noe, D.; L.G.udice, P.; Orecchia, P.; Paggi, L., 1986:
Gyrodactylus sp. in Liza ramada in Lake Sabaudia

Katakura, K.; Chang, K.P., 1989:
H DNA amplification in Leishmania resistant to both arsenite and methotrexate

Ryzhik, M.V.; Bochkanov, S.S.; Yakovleva, E.Y., 1988:
H family of reiterated DNA sequences in the genome of barley Hordeum vulgare

Thibaud, J.B.; Davidian, J.C.; Sentenac, H.; Soler, A.; Grignon, C., 1988:
H Cotransports in Corn Roots as Related to the Surface pH Shift Induced by Active H Excretion

Xia, J.H.; Saglio, P., 1990:
H Efflux and Hexose Transport under Imposed Energy Status in Maize Root Tips

Raven, J.A.; Franco, A.A.; Jesus, E.L. de; Jacob Neto, J., 1990:
H+ extrusion and organic-acid synthesis in N2-fixing symbioses involving vascular plants

Anderson, J.W.; Jennings, D.B., 1988:
H+ homeostasis, osmolality, and body temperature during controlled NaCl and H2O intake

Wilkinson, R.E.; Duncan, R.R., 1989:
H+, Ca++ and Mn++ influence on sorghum seedling shoot growth

Tereshchenko, A.F., 1988:
H+-excretion from hypocotyl segments and its activation by indolyl-3-acetic acid

Frangoulis, B.; Mouton, D.; Sant' Anna, O.A.; Vidard, L.; Pla, M., 1990:
H-2 typing of mice genetically selected for high or low antibody production

Defendini, M.L.; E.A.eb, M.; Regnier Vigouroux, A.; Granier, C.; Pierres, M., 1988:
H-2A-linked control of T-cell and antibody responses to apamin

Wiberg, U.H., 1989:
H-Y antigen: dogmas and enigmas

Parfitt, A.M.; Chu, H.I., 1986:
H.I. CHU: pioneer clinical investigator of vitamin D deficiency and osteomalacia in China. A scientific and personal tribute

Tomlinson, T.R.; Finn, A.J., 1990:
H2 recovery processes compared

Parajo, J.; Vazquez, G.; Antorrena, G.; Francisco, J.L., 1989:
H2O2-based pretreatments for enzymatic hydrolysis of pine bark

Gorham, J.R., 1989:
HACCP and filth in food. The detection and elimination of pest infestation

Wooden, R., 1988:
HACCP approach to product safety

DeLoia, J.A., 1988:
HBV gene expression in transgenic mice

Hulot, F.; Mariana, J.C.; Cattiau, G., 1988:
HCG-induced ovulation in two rabbit breeds: effects of dose, season and sexual behaviour

Bruins Jzn, B.; Schrijver, R.S.; Ruiter, A., 1990:
HCH pollution of soil in the Twente area of the Netherlands and its public health implications

Weiner, A.J.; Truett, M.A.; Rosenblatt, J. et al., 1990:
HCV testing in low-risk population

Clift, E., 1990:
HEALTHCOM: a communication methodology for health in the Third World

Garvert, U.; Wagner, J.; Kochs, H.J.; Heyland, K.U.; Steets, R., 1990:
HERBEXPERT - a computer-aided system for individual herbicide recommendation in cereals

Fischer, J.; Pohlmann, J.M., 1990:
HERBIDEX, an expert system for early identification of weeds

Cussans, G.W.; Rolph, J., 1990:
HERBMAST - a herbicides selection system for winter wheat

Wytwer, T., 1986:
HF emission from treated wood

Ohyama, H.; Wada, T.; Ishikawa, H.; Chiba, K., 1988:
HF-6305, a new triazole fungicide

Lyon, L.J., 1987:
HIDE2: evaluation of elk hiding cover using a personal computer

Capdevielle, P.; Gueziec, J.; Menager, C. et al., 1989:
HIV and AIDS in New Caledonia

MacKenzie, D., 1990:
HIV and African parasite may be linked

Jelliffe, D.B.; Jelliffe, E.F., 1988:
HIV and breastmilk: non-proven alarmism

Leaver, R.J.; Haile, Z.; Watters, D.A.K., 1990:
HIV and cerebral malaria

Kestelyn, P.; Stevens, A.M.; Ndayambaje, A.; Hanssens, M.; Van de Perre, P., 1990:
HIV and conjunctival malignancies

Carvalho, M.I.; Castello-Branco, L.R.; Habib, J.G.; Galvão-Castro, B.; Pereira, M.S., 1987:
HIV antibodies in beggar blood donors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cates, W.; Handsfield, H.H., 1988:
HIV counseling and testing: does it work?

Kapembwa, M.S.; Batman, P.A.; Fleming, S.C.; Griffin, G.E., 1989:
HIV enteropathy

Simonsen, J.N.; Plummer, F.A.; Ngugi, E.N.; Black, C.; Kreiss, J.K.; Gakinya, M.N.; Waiyaki, P.; D'Costa, L.J.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Piot, P., 1990:
HIV infection among lower socioeconomic strata prostitutes in Nairobi

Dolmans, W.M.V.; Van den Akker, R.; Van Loon, A.M. et al., 1989:
HIV infection and AIDS in Mwanza region, Tanzania: a preliminary study

Mets, T.; Ngendahayo, P.; Van de Perre, P.; Mutwewingabo, A., 1989:
HIV infection and tuberculosis in Central Africa

Gordon, A.M.; Paya, R., 1989:
HIV infection in Brazil

Alandry, G.; Leguellec, A.; Flye Sainte Marie, F., 1989:
HIV infection in French Polynesia

Crovari, P.; Cuneo Crovari, P.; Icardi, G.C. et al., 1988:
HIV infection in Ligurian intravenous drug users: evolution of clinical and laboratory parameters in a cohort followed for three years: prognostic evaluation of HIV Ag

Senturia, Y.D.; Peckham, C.S., 1987:
HIV infection in children: sizing up the paediatric problem

Pradinaud, R.; Sainte Marie, D.; Plat, J.M. et al, 1989:
HIV infection in mother and child in French Guiana: epidemiological case work on 44 mothers giving birth to 55 children

Dietz, A.; Montanari, M.; Torre, D.; Sampietro, C.; Martegani, R.; Fiori, G.P., 1988:
HIV infection in the Varese District, Italy

Elsing, C.; Erckenbrecht, J.F.; Strohmeyer, G.; Borchard, F., 1989:
HIV infections and kala-azar

Hamadou, O., 1990:
HIV infections in Niamey, Niger

Rees, M., 1989:
HIV infectiousness and the AIDS epidemic

Conlon, C.P., 1989:
HIV presenting as Guillain-Barre syndrome in Lusaka, Zambia

Lewis, D.K.; Watters, J.K., 1988:
HIV seropositivity and IVDUs: ethnic/gender comparisons

Kelly, P.; Burnham, G.; Radford, C., 1990:
HIV seropositivity and tuberculosis in a rural Malawi hospital

Lecatsas, G.; Joubert, J.J.; Schutte, C.H.; Taylor, M.B.; Swanevelder, C., 1988:
HIV seropositivity in east Caprivi, SWA/Namibia

D.L.lla, F.; Rizzardini, G.; Rinaldi, E.; Santoro, D.; Zeli, P.L.; Verga, G., 1990:
HIV, HBV, delta-agent and Treponema pallidum infections in two rural African areas

Williams, E.E.; Mohammed, I.; Chikwem, J.O.; Akinsete, R.; Udofia, O.; Schulze, G.; Fleming, A.F.; Hunsmann, G., 1990:
HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies in Nigerian populations with high- and low-risk behaviour patterns

Veronesi, R.; Ferreira, M.O.; Mazza, C.C.; Focaccia, R.; Feldman, C., 1989:
HIV-1 and HIV-2 in Brazil: epidemiological aspects

McCarthy, M.C.; Hyams, K.C.; el-Tigani el-Hag, A.; el-Dabi, M.A.; el-Sadig el-Tayeb, M.; Khalid, I.O.; George, J.F.; Constantine, N.T.; Woody, J.N., 1989:
HIV-1 and hepatitis B transmission in Sudan

Muller, O.; Moser, R., 1990:
HIV-1 disease in a Kampala hospital 1985-89

Trebucq, A.; Munan, L.; Louis, J.P., 1989:
HIV-1 infection in males and females in Central Africa

Desrosiers, R.C.; Daniel, M.D.; Li, Y., 1989:
HIV-related lentiviruses of nonhuman primates

Agrewala, J.N.; Ghei, S.K.; Sudhakar, K.S.; Girdhar, B.K.; Sengupta, U., 1989:
HLA antigens and erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL)

Jazwinska, E.C.; Bhatia, K.; Jenkins, C.; Serjeantson, S.W., 1990:
HLA class II RFLP-typing in tinea imbricata patients from Papua New Guinea

Taurog, J.D.; Lowen, L.; Forman, J.; Hammer, R.E., 1988:
HLA-B27 in inbred and non-inbred transgenic mice. Cell surface expression and recognition as an alloantigen in the absence of human beta 2-microglobulin

Watt, G.; Sy, N., 1988:
HLA-typing in Schistosoma japonicum infection

Kind, E.; Reuter, H., 1990:
HMF formation during UHT-treatment of milk

Jacobsen, K.; Laursen, N.B.; Jensen, E.O.; Marcker, A.; Poulsen, C.; Marcker, K.A., 1990:
HMG I-like proteins from leaf and nodule nuclei interact with different AT motifs in soybean nodulin promoters

Buerstell, H.W.; Hacker, E.; Schmierer, R., 1988:
HOE 074784 and analogues: a new synthetic group of highly active plant growth retardants in cereals (esp. rice) and rape

Crusio, W.E., 1990:
HOMAL: a computer program for selecting adequate data transformations

Tieleman, A.E.; Warthesen, J.J., 1990:
HPLC analysis during Cheddar cheese ripening

Acamovic, T.D.-Mello, J., 1990:
HPLC analysis of canavanine and canaline in Canavalia ensiformis, and in excreta and serum of chicks

Nieto, K.F.; Frankenberger, W.T.J., 1987:
HPLC analysis of cytokinins produced by soil bacteria

Gu, J.; Taniguchi, Y.; Matsuda, T.; Nakamura, R., 1989:
HPLC analysis of fluorescence-labeled oligosaccharides administered into rat stomach

Sporns, P.; Kwan, S.; Roth, L.A., 1986:
HPLC analysis of oxytetracycline residues in honey

Claire, A.; Verrier, E.; Ntonga Mimbe, J., 1988:
HPLC analysis of the principal soluble sugars in the twining shoots of Ipomoea purpurea. Determination of glucose, fructose, sucrose and starch contents

Avramova, J., 1988:
HPLC determination of benzoylmetronidazole and metronidazole in biological materials

Cessna, A.J., 1990:
HPLC determination of linuron residues in asparagus following pre- and early postemergence applications

Schneider, G., 1988:
HPLC in plant hormone analysis - gibberellin conjugates

Atherton, N.D., 1989:
HPLC measurement of phenylalanine by direct injection of plasma onto an internal-surface reversed-phase silica support

Ziegler, S.J.; Sticher, O., 1989:
HPLC of S-Alk(en)yl-L-cysteine Derivatives in Garlic including Quantitative Determination of (+)-S-Allyl-L-cysteine Sulfoxide (Alliin)

Kai, M.; Tamura, K.; Watanabe, H.; Ohkura, Y., 1989:
HPLC of reducing sugars with post-column fluorescence derivatization using methoxybenzamidine

Forni, E.; Ghezzi, M.; Polesello, A., 1988:
HPLC separation and fluorimetric estimation of chlorophylls and pheophytins in fresh and frozen peas

Schaffler, K.J., 1990:
HPLC, a possible alternative to pol analysis for factory and molasses?

Anonymous, 1987:
HPTLC determination of cyclopiazonic acid in foods

Bachmann, K., 1990:
HR directions: labour shortages to continue despite slowdown

Anonymous, 1990:
HRS reduces sulphuric acid production costs

Anonymous, 1989:
HSE provisional approvals: amendments

Anonymous, 1989:
HSE provisional approvals: antifouling products

Anonymous, 1989:
HSE provisional approvals: surface biocides

Anonymous, 1989:
HSE provisional approvals: wood preservatives

Frova, C.; Binelli, G., 1988:
HSPs: more data on genetic variability

Betz, M.A., 1990:
HSTs for turf-maintenance vehicles

Murphy, E.L.; Calisher, C.H.; Figueroa, J.P.; Gibbs, W.N.; Blattner, W.A., 1989:
HTLV-I infection and arthropod vectors

Lee, H.; Anderson, E.; Allain, J.P.; Gonzaga, A., 1989:
HTLV-I infection in Brazil

Delaporte, E.; Peeters, M.; Simoni, M.; Piot, P., 1989:
HTLV-I infection in western Equatorial Africa

Hino, S., 1989:
HTLV-I infection: milk-borne infection as the major transmission pathway for peculiar endemia

Cartier Rovirosa, L.; Mora, C.; Araya, F. et al., 1989:
HTLV-I positive spastic paraparesis in a temperate zone

Lecatsas, G.; Joubert, J.J.; Schutte, C.H.; Taylor, M.B.; Swanevelder, C., 1988:
HTLV-I seropositivity in east Caprivi, SWA/Namibia

Taelman, H.; Van Gompel, F.; Wynants, H. et al., 1989 :
HTLV-I-associated tropical spastic paraparesis in an African patient residing in Belgium

Crompton, R., 1989:
HVI and the strength

Tykkylainen, P.; Leporanta, K.; Petri, M., 1990:
HYLA milk products - the widest choice of lactose hydrolysed products in the world

Espino, E.; Rey, X., 1988:
Habana 7.5.1: a new blue mould (Peronospora tabacina)-resistant black tobacco variety for growing under cheese-cloth

Dietl, W., 1988:
Habitat and distribution of herbs in Swiss permanent meadows

Nordlund, D.A.; Lewis, W.J.; Tumlinson, J.H., 1989:
Habitat and host location behaviour of Microplitis croceipes

Denis, B., 1989:
Habitat and pathology of ruminants. Outlook for change

Williams, EH., 1988:
Habitat and range of Euphydryas gillettii (Nymphalidae)

Naugraiya, M.N.; Pathak, P.S., 1987:
Habitat and seed maturity date affecting reproductive strategy in Atylosia scarabaeoides Benth

Loft, E.R., 1989:
Habitat and spatial relationships between mule deer and cattle in a Sierra Nevada forest zone

Davis, ALV.; Doube, BM.; McLennan, PD., 1988:
Habitat associations and seasonal abundance of coprophilous Coleoptera (Staphylinidae, Hydrophilidae and Histeridae) in the Hluhluwe region of South Africa

Berseth, W.C.; Zubac, P., 1987:
Habitat associations of fleas, Siphonaptera, parasitizing the short-tailed shrew, Blarina brevicauda

Desender, K.; Kerckvoorde, M. van; Mertens, J., 1987:
Habitat characteristics and the composition of the carabid beetle fauna on motorway verges across a hill on sandy soil

Robertson, J.S., 1988:
Habitat characterization in Scotland

Davis B.N.K., 1989:
Habitat creation for butterflies on a landfill site

Warren M.S.; Stephens D.E.A., 1989:
Habitat design and management for butterflies

Howard, C.; Mortimer, A.M.; Putwain, P.D.; Cousens, R., 1989:
Habitat design for rare plants in arable agriculture: a case study

Thompson F.R.IIi; Fritzell E.K., 1989:
Habitat differences between perennial and transient drumming sites of ruffed grouse

Epstein, ME.; Kulman, HM., 1990:
Habitat distribution and seasonal occurrence of carabid beetles in east-central Minnesota

Ginsberg, HS.; Ewing, CP., 1989:
Habitat distribution of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) and Lyme disease spirochetes on Fire Island, New York

Lenoir, A.; Nowbahari, E.; Querard, L.; Pondicq, N.; Delalande, C., 1990 :
Habitat exploitation and intercolonial relationships in the ant Cataglyphis cursor (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Ludwin W.G.; Chamberlain P.A., 1989:
Habitat management decisions with goal programming

Niemala, J., 1988:
Habitat occupancy of carabid beetles on small islands and the adjacent Aland mainland, SW Finland

Clouatre, A.; Coderre, D.; Gagnon, D., 1989:
Habitat of a new Mymarommatidae found in southern Quebec, Canada (Hymenoptera: Terebrantes)

Tanaka, N., 1986:
Habitat of the Fagus crenata-Abies mariesii forests

Pappas, C.D.; Pappas, L.G., 1990:
Habitat pH characteristics of tree hole Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Kline, D.L.; Wood, J.R., 1988:
Habitat preference of coastal Culicoides spp. at Yankeetown, Florida

Mangan, RL.; Thomas, DB., 1989:
Habitat preferences and dispersal patterns in native female screwworm flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Brotherson, J.D.; Winkel, V., 1986:
Habitat relationships of saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) in central Utah

Rea, A.M., 1988:
Habitat restoration and avian recolonization from wastewater on the middle Gila River, Arizona

Kufeld, RD.; Bowden, DC.; Schrupp, DL., 1988:
Habitat selection and activity patterns of female mule deer in the Front Range, Colorado

Viljoen, PJ., 1989:
Habitat selection and preferred food plants of a desert-dwelling elephant population in the northern Namib Desert, South West Africa/Namibia

Miguel, J.M. de; Rodriguez, M.A.; Gomez Sal, A., 1989:
Habitat selection and territorial distribution of a herd of cows in a dehesa environment

Sukhdeo, M.V.K., 1990:
Habitat selection by helminths: a hypothesis

Smith, D.G., 1988:
Habitat selection in Cicindela repanda

Manske, L.L.; Barker, W.T., 1987:
Habitat usage by prairie grouse on the Sheyenne National Grasslands

Arthur S.M.; Krohn W.B.; Gilbert J.R., 1989:
Habitat use and diet of fishers

Grand, J.B.; Mirarchi, R.E., 1988:
Habitat use by recently fledged mourning doves in eastcentral Alabama

Mollohan, C.; Brady, W.W.; LeCount, A.L., 1989:
Habitat use of an Arizona ponderosa pine-mixed conifer forest by female black bears

Bruyn, L. de, 1987:
Habitat utilisation of three West-European Lipara speces (Diptera, Chloropidae); a pest of the common reed Phragmites australis

Holloway, GJ.; McCaffery, AR., 1990:
Habitat utilization and dispersion in Eristalis pertinax (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Pandey, R.K., 1988:
Habitat utilization and diurnal activity pattern of Indian wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalus Linn.) in Indravati Wildlife National Park, India: a study of habitat/animal interaction

Parker, W.H.; Knowles, P.; Bennett, F.; Gray, A.; Krickl, T., 1983:
Habitat-dependent morphological and chemical variation in Picea mariana from northwestern Ontario

Hagan, C.E.; Kettle, D.S., 1990:
Habitats of Culicoides spp. in an artificial zone of southeast Queensland, Australia

Bull, A.R., 1988:
Habits of health in the Royal Navy

Ferro-Luzzi, A.; Mobarhan, S.; Maiani, G.; Scaccini, C.; Sette, S.; Nicastro, A.; Ranaldi, L.; Polito, A.; Azzini, E.; Torre, S.D., 1988:
Habitual alcohol consumption and nutritional status of the elderly

Bader, M., 1989:
Habituation in Yellowstone's grizzly bears: a special problem in wildlife management

Christou, P., 1988:
Habituation in in vitro soybean cultures

Grace, J.K., 1989:
Habituation in termite orientation response to fungal semiochemicals

Hemsworth, P.H.; Winfield, C.G.; Tilbrook, A.J.; Hansen, C.; Barnett, J.L., 1988:
Habituation to boar stimuli: possible mechanism responsible for the reduced detection rate of oestrous gilts housed adjacent to boars

Meins, F., 1989:
Habituation: heritable variation in the requirement of cultured plant cells for hormones

Krecek, RC., 1989:
Habronema malani sp. n. and Habronema tomasi sp. n. (Nematoda: Habronematidae) from the Burchell's zebras and Hartmann's mountain zebras in southern Africa

Vignau, J.; Gariglio, J.C., 1988:
Hache Uno 2000, a new selective grass-killing herbicide to control johnsongrass, Bermuda grass and annual grasses

Kim, C.S.; Madhusudhan, K.T., 1988:
Haemagglutinating and trypsin inhibitor activities of lupin seed (Lupinus angustifolius)

Trybaa, E., 1989:
Haemagglutinating properties of Aujeszky viruses and herpes simplex viruses. Preliminary report

Marwah, G.S.; Arora, S.; Prabhakar, H., 1989:
Haemagglutination antibody titres & immunoglobulin levels in cases of Plasmodium infection

Hossain, M.I.; Gupta, R.K.P.; Bhatia, K.C.; Mishra, U.K., 1987:
Haemagglutination inhibition titres to Newcastle disease virus in T-2 mycotoxin administered chicks

Noda, M.; Miura, K.; Yamanaka, K.; Inaba, Y., 1989:
Haemagglutination with Fukuoka virus (Rhabdoviridae)

Roth, F.; Labarre, B.; Schmidt Pannenbecker, E., 1989:
Haemagglutination-inhibition test for control of quality and efficacy of a highly purified Clostridium chauvoei vaccine

Raina, A.K.; Singh, R.P.; Rajora, V.S.; Sharma, R.D.; Banerjee, D.P., 1986:
Haemato-biochemical changes in induced trypanosomiasis in buffalo calves

Singh, L.D.; Sharma, L.D.; Bahga, H.S., 1989:
Haemato-biochemical pattern in cockerels given fenthion at different dietary levels

Sharma, L.D.; Sabir, M.; Bhattacharyya, N.K., 1989:
Haematobiochemical changes due to amodiaquine, diethylcarbamazine and imidocarb in healthy bovine calves

Mukit, A.; Mohanty, G.C.; Pradhan, H.K.; Prasad, M.C., 1988:
Haematobiochemical studies in experimental duck plague infection

Bini, P.P.; Floris, B.; Vacca, G.M.; Nuvole, P., 1989:
Haematochemical values in calves before, during and after weaning on pasture

Hill, F.W.G.; McKenzie, R.L.; Honhold, N., 1988:
Haematological and biochemical findings in bovine ephemeral fever

Braun, U.; Hermann, M.; Pabst, B., 1989:
Haematological and biochemical findings in cattle with dilatation and torsion of the caecum

Kamyszek, F.; Bogdanowicz Cichy, I.; Gogolewski, L.; Jadzyn, B.; Michalska, K.; Wilczynska, K., 1984:
Haematological and biochemical indices in young cattle with pediculosis

Canfield, PJ.; O'Neill, ME.; Smith, EF., 1989:
Haematological and biochemical investigations of diseased koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Pandey, N.N.; Misra, S.K., 1987:
Haematological and biochemical response to haemolytic anaemia of clinical babesiosis in cattle and therapy

Mohiuddin, S.M.; Reddy, M.V., 1989:
Haematological and biochemical studies on fluoride toxicity in sheep

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Haematological and biochemical studies on the blood of young water buffaloes experimentally infected with Leptospira interrogans serovar pomona

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Hamster zonae pellucidae cannot induce physiological acrosome reactions in chemically capacitated hamster spermatozoa in the absence of albumin

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Hand rearing of puppies

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Hand scoop for food, such as ice cream

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Hand thinning in the apple cultivars 'Gala', 'Golden Delicious' and 'Fuji' in the State of Santa Catarina, South Brazil

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Handling agricultural materials - air and pneumatic conveyors

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Handling agricultural materials - screw and bucket conveyors

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Handling agricultural materials. Electrical controls and instrumentation

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Handling agricultural materials. Liquid conveyors

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Handling agricultural materials. Size reduction and mixing

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Handling and storage of big bales

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Handling and storage processes for ammonium nitrate-urea solution liquid fertilizer

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Handling new potatoes

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Handling of animal manure

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Handling of perishable and high-risk foods at home and in the catering trade: recommendations and required standards

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Handling of raw cotton

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Handling of the dairy industry's waste water

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Handling performance of agricultural tractor-trailer combinations

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Handling stress

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Handling, preservation, storage and transportation of biological materials

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Handling, preservation, storage and transportation of malaria parasites

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Handy methods for determining the isoelectric point of soils

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Hangers and sheds for farm machinery and implements

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Hansenula anomala infection

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Hanson's single parameter approach vs. two-parameter approaches in studying GE interaction in vegetable crops

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Haploid callus formation in the culture of unfertilized ovules of clary sage

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Haploid embryogeny and plant regeneration in unpollinated ovary culture of Allium tuberosum

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Haploid expression of the rooster protamine mRNA in the postmeiotic stages of spermatogenesis

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Haploid gynogenesis in Cucumis sativus induced by irradiated pollen

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Haploid pearl millet pollen from near-tetraploid interspecific Pennisetum hybrids

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Haploid plant induction from unpollinated ovaries in onion

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Haploid protoplast fusion

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Haploids in crop improvement I

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Haploids obtained in ten European potato cultivars by interspecific crosses

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Haploidy as a method of producing source material in breeding barley

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Haplotype-specific interactions of non-H-2-linked genetic factors controlling the mouse C4 and Slp protein levels

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Haptor glands in the gill-parasitic, ancyrocephaline monogenean Cichlidogyrus halli typicus and the report of a possible prokaryotic symbiont

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Hard alloy tipping of circular saws with few teeth

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Hard cheese manufacturing line

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Hard cheeses: the interaction between lactic acid bacteria and technological factors

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Hard materials for soil cutting edges. Part III: Assessment of different grades of tungsten carbide under field conditions, 1987

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Hard rennet cheeses. Specifications

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Hard seed studies in alfalfa

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Hard seeds in legumes

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Hard setting soils

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Hard ticks and their control in the Mongolian People's Republic

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Hard times in paradise. Coos Bay, Oregon, 1850-1986

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Hard type of Mokrin cheese

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Hard-seededness in Vicia faba L

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Hard-setting behaviour of some structurally weak tropical soils

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Hardboard from Leucaena leucocephala (su-babul)

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Hardboards from Eucalyptus hybrid

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Hardboards from mixed pulps of pine needles and Lantana

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Hardening and building-up of metal surfaces by concentrated heat sources

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Hardening of urea-formaldehyde oligomers with ammonium fluosilicate

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Hardening vat for Mozzarella and similar fresh Pasta-filata cheese

Tomatis, S., 1989:
Hardening vat for Mozzarella and similar fresh pasta-filata cheese

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Hardiness and type of plant development in blue couch grass

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Hardness of diet pellets and its influence on growth of pre-weaned and weaned mice

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Hardseed dormancy in horsegram genotypes

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Hardware for goats

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Hardwood control from streamline basal application of triclopyr and fluroxypyr herbicides

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Hardwood management problems in northeastern British Columbia: an information review

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Hardwood regrowth and yields on bottomland clay soil following clearcutting

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Hardwood specialty products: a billion dollar product line for home center retailers

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Hardwood thinning opportunities in the Lake States. Proceedings of a symposium, Escanaba, Michigan: April 20, 1984

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Hares and transmission of dictyocaulus

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Haricot bean - insecticides - fungicides. Report on the 1987 tests

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Haricot bean diseases and their importance in Ethiopia

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Harijan subculture and self-esteem management in a south Indian community

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Harlequin colour in the Great Dane dog

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Harlequin frogs along a tropical montane stream: aggregation and the risk of predation by frog-eating flies

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Harmattan- a predisposing factor in the spread of viral diseases in domestic animals

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Harmful beetles (Coleoptera) - inhabitants of livestock premises

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Harmful coccids (Homoptera: Coccinea) and their quarantine importance

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Harmful entomofauna of the genera Lygus and Orthops (Heteroptera, Miridae) occurring on some seed vegetable crops in Polkand and profitableness of its control

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Harmful organic substances in soils and plants after intensive sewage sludge applications

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Harmful substances (2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, PCP and Cd) in the soil solution and their microbial toxicity

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Harmful substances in raw materials and feed mixtures

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Harmful substances in the diet, past and present

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Harmfulness and control of frit flies (Oscinella frit L.) on sweet maize

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Harmfulness of leaf mining insects to forest trees and shrubs

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Harmfulness of the European corn borer

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Harmfulness of the clover seed weevil, Apion virens (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) on red clover

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Harmfulness of viral buckwheat blight and initial material for breeding for resistance to it

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Harmfulness of weeds

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Harmonia octomaculata (F.) as a predator of the leucaena psyllid

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Harmonization of cattle farms

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Harmonization of dairy products within the EEC

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Harmonization of farm policy for freer interprovincial trade; Discussion

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Harmonization of foodstuffs legislation in European Communities

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Harmonization of the Internal Market and implications for intra- and extra-EC agricultural trade

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Harmonizing food safety and other health-related regulations for agricultural trade

Kramer, C.S., 1989 :
Harmonizing health and safety standards in the GATT

Bredahl, M.E.; Forsythe, K.W.J., 1989:
Harmonizing phyto-sanitary and sanitary regulations

Tomory, L., 1988:
Harmonizing village and landscape planning in the German Federal Republic

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Harmony and dynamics: use of leisure within clubs: an exploration using the silver band organization as an illustrative example

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Harnessing and implements for animal traction: an animal traction resource book for Africa

Starkey, P., 1989:
Harnessing for cattle and buffaloes: options and research

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Harnessing heterosis in rice under saline environment

Cannell, M.G.R., 1988:
Harnessing solar energy

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Harnessing the under-utilized animal power for pumping irrigation water in Bangladesh

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Harosoy Rps isolines

Anonymous, 1985:
Harrap's French and English Science Dictionary

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Harrows and cereal cultivations come back in favour

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Harvade 25 F - a plant maturing agent

Anonymous, 1988:
Harvade combinations defoliation test

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Harvest advancement of blackberries shows promise

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Harvest and post-harvest damage to grain maize

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Harvest and postharvest apple quality influenced by boron application

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Harvest and storage of sweet sorghum

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Harvest date, tillage, and other agronomic management effects on yield and seed quality of solid-seeded soybean

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Harvest frequency effects on forage yield and quality of rapes and rape hybrids

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Harvest gains after deep soil cultivation of sand and marsh soils

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Harvest in the planting year

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Harvest index

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Harvest index and evolution of major food crop cultivars in the tropics

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Harvest index as a criterion for selection in wheat

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Harvest index in a progeny test of Scots pine with reference to the model of selection

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Harvest index in young Scots pine progeny tests, variation and correlation with growth and quality traits

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Harvest index of food yams and its implications for the improvement of tuber yield

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Harvest index, yield and physiological characteristics of soybean as related to seed size

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Harvest management effects on alfalfa yield and root carbohydrates in three Georgia environments

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Harvest maturity effects on mango fruit ripening

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Harvest method and sulfur dioxide influence the postharvest quality of 'Noble' and 'Stover' wine grapes

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Harvest of confusion: immigration reform and California agriculture

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Harvest of confusion: migrant workers in US agriculture

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Harvest of wilted forage by high pressure balers

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Harvest ripeness of potato tubers, a process controlled endogenously

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Harvest sequence, storage life, and marketing periods for red pear cultivars in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States

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Harvest time and postharvest immersion affect water uptake and postharvest decline of leatherleaf fern

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Harvest time predictions in leys. 2. Economic consequences of harvest time at two contrasting feeding strategies

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Harvest time predictions in leys. 3. Economic consequences of energy content variations of the forage

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Harvest time residues of HCH in safflower

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Harvester for mechanized harvesting of oriental tobacco leaves

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Harvester transmission of leaf scald and ratoon stunting disease

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Harvesting and bedding practices in relation to grey mould of strawberries

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Harvesting and cleaning machine for olives dropped on the ground

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Harvesting and mechanised in-field collection of ffb

Mansoor, M.; Hitam, Y., 1988:
Harvesting and mechanised infield collection of FFB

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Harvesting and postharvest management

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Harvesting and renewal costs of stripcutting relative to those of clearcutting on shallow-soil upland black spruce sites in north central Ontario

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Harvesting beech mast and raising beech plants in Weilburg Forest District

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Harvesting behavior of perennial cash crops: a decision theoretic study

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Harvesting date for different apple cultivars. Harvest study 1985 to 1987

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Harvesting gantry saves on cutting and carting costs

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Harvesting grain maize

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Harvesting in short-rotation plantations. (1).(2).(3)

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Harvesting machinery. Sales in France in 1988

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Harvesting machines in thinning

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Harvesting models and pest management in cotton

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Harvesting of cotton : field trials of a machine to ease manual harvesting in Ivory Coast

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Harvesting of high-yielding grain crops in conditions of the Latvian SSR

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Harvesting of timber from tending fellings of young Scots pine stands

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Harvesting oleaginous plants

Anonymous, 1989:
Harvesting olives from the ground

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Harvesting pollen from combs

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Harvesting potatoes - harvesting damages and labour utilization on farms

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Harvesting potatoes: harvesting damage and labour utilisation on farms

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Harvesting profitability as affected by classification of costs and assignment of the components of scheduled time

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Harvesting rice

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Harvesting strategies for high yielding biomass crops

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Harvesting systems for macerated mat dried alfalfa

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Harvesting systems for the production of grass silage for dairy cows

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Harvesting techniques for burley tobacco

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Harvesting times and their effect on the incidence of 'fruit rot' in mango cv. Harumanis

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Harvesting using farmer-owned machines or contractors? Impact on production costs

Anonymous, 1985:
Harvesting without causing damage to the forest

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Harvesting, marketing and distribution costs for Australian wool: sheep's back to overseas mill, 1988

Gabrys, M., 1989:
Harvesting, marketing and distribution costs for Australian wool: sheep's back to overseas mill, 1989

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Harvesting, storage and handling of grass for combustion

Anonymous, 1989:
Harvesting, transport and grading machinery for potatoes, root vegetables and vegetables

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Harvests under fire

Andre, L.J., 1987:
Has AIDS occurred before?

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Has China got lift-off in the food sector?

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Has Turkey fallen into a tourism trap?: the story of the Trojan Horse is universal

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Has bovine somatotropin (BST) an effect upon drug disposition? Comparative studies in goats and cattle with sulphadimidine and antipyrine after parenteral administration of BST, zeranol and proligestone

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Has bubble therapy for obesity been deflated?

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Has lack of vitamin C any role in the aetiology of tropical pyomyositis?

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Has leisure a future?

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Has the Green Revolution destabilized food production? Some evidence from Bangladesh

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Has the World Bank abandoned its focus on poverty alleviation? World Bank symposium, Oslo, March 1987

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Has the prevalence of asthma increased in children? Evidence from the national study of health and growth 1973-86

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Has there been an improvement in the performance of commercial crossbreds

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Hastelloy alloy G-30: a specialty corrosion-resistant alloy for applications in the fertilizer industry

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Hastened transport of equine embryos through the oviduct of the mare

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Hastening bud-burst and ripening in Pusa Seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) with Dormex

Bieler, R., 1990:
Haszprunar's 'clado-evolutionary' classification of the Gastropoda: a critique

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Hatchability as affected by egg turning in high density plastic egg flats during the last half of incubation

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Hatchability of chicken eggs stored small end up, up to four weeks

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Hatchability of egg and survivability of Khaki Campbell under farmer's condition

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Hatchability, type and distribution of embryo abnormalities and karyotype as affected by length of preincubation storage

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Hatchery management techniques for Gambusia affinis

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Hatching mechanism of the metacercaria of Plagiorchis species 1 (Trematoda: Plagiorchiidae)

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Hatching of Schistosoma mansoni eggs is a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent process

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Hatching of golden shiner eggs in hatchery tanks and subsequent fry survival in rearing ponds

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Hatching of oothecae from female Blattella germanica exposed to hydramethylnon and boric acid baits

Aubert, V., 1986:
Hatching of the carrot cyst nematode

Renvoize, S.A., 1988:
Hatschbach's Parana grasses

Bouman, A., 1989:
Haulm reduction by pulling and burning

Kuijk, J.G.M. van, 1990:
Haulm removal from seed potatoes

Haitlinger, R., 1987:
Hauptmannia pseudolongicollis n. sp. (Acari, Prostigmata, Erythraeidae) from Poland

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Hausa compounds: products of cultural, economic, social and political systems

Liao, K.; Cavalieri, R.P.; Pitts, M.J., 1990:
Hausdorff dimensional analysis and digital imaging based quality inspection

Jacobs T., 1989:
Haustorium formation and cell wall appositions in susceptible and partially resistant wheat and barley seedlings infected with wheat leaf rust

Thomsen, D.; Olsen, P.M.; Jensen, G.K., 1989:
Havarti cheese made form high pasteurized milk concentrated approx. 5 times by ultrafiltration

Thomsen, D.; Olsen, P.M.; Jensen, G.K., 1989:
Havarti cheese made from high pasteurized milk concentrated ca. 5 fold using ultrafiltration

Otis, G.W.; Bath, J.B.; Ramirez B.W., 1988:
Have Africanized bees brought honey-bee tracheal mites to Costa Rica?

Hofmeier, G., 1990:
Have the requirements on responder feeding been fulfilled?

Stone, C.P., 1989:
Hawai'i's wetlands, streams, fishponds, and pools

Anonymous, 1989:
Hawaii nursery research

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Hawaii tourism to the year 2000. A Delphi forecast

Stark, J., 1990:
Hawaii: tourism action network

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Hawaiian forest fungi. IX. Botryosphaeria pipturi sp. nov. and miscellaneous records

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Hawaiian forest fungi. VIII. New species in Gnomoniella and Stigmochora

Hart, D.M.; Rogerson, C.M., 1989:
Hawkers in South Africa's small urban centres: planning and policy

Anonymous, 1990:
Hay and concentrates at a constant level

Baumgartner, J., 1990:
Hay and maize drying with an air dehumidifier-heat pump

Paquay, R.; Vernaillen, F.; Courtois, A., 1989:
Hay as a basis for sheep diets. 2. Intake, nutritive value and inclusion in diets for sheep

Weingartmann, H., 1989:
Hay drying with solar-heated air

Manor, G.; Katz, J., 1989:
Hay harvesting on paper to reduce leaf losses

Schurig, M., 1990:
Hay in one day - still wishful thinking

Jai Singh, 1988:
Hay making and densification

Pelhate, J., 1987:
Hay microbiology

S.L.uis, D.G.; McCormick, M.E., 1988:
Hay preservation and storage with propionic:acetic acid and plastic covering

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Hay windrow inversion

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Haya worldview and ethos: an ethnography of alcohol production and consumption in Bukoba, Tanzania

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Hayek's liberalism and agriculture

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Haymaking: losses during harvesting and conservation

Demarquilly, C., 1987:
Haymaking: the field development of the plant between cutting and harvesting. Water loss, metabolism, changes in morphological and chemical composition

Anonymous, 1987:
Hazardous chemicals information annual. No. 2

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Hazardous trace elements in perspective

Blakey, N.C., 1987:
Hazardous waste co-disposal with domestic wastes in landfills - acceptable or unacceptable?

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Hazardous waste minimization: Part VIII. Waste minimization in the pesticide formulation industry

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Hazardous wastes from large scale metal extraction: A case study

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Hazardous wastes: the growing environmental threat in developing and developed countries

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Hazards for man and the environment from pesticides

Abraham, S.; Mira, M., 1988:
Hazards of attempted weight loss

Jukes, T.H., 1988:
Hazards of biotechnology: facts and fancy

Tammemagi, M., 1989:
Hazards of dogs licking humans' faces

Garg, S.K., 1989:
Hazards of enterococci in milk products

Baluch, A.A.; Soomro, B.A., 1988:
Hazards of increasing use of chemical pesticides in Pakistan

Soeters, R.; Aus, C., 1989:
Hazards of injectable therapy

Schlerka, G.; Baumgartner, W.; Galle, U., 1989:
Hazards of intravenous injection into the tail of cattle

Shah, M.C.; Schwarz, K.B., 1989:
Hazards of small amounts of heparin in a patient with subclinical vitamin K deficiency

Reed, J.D.; Kasali, O.B., 1989:
Hazards to livestock of consuming aflatoxin-contaminated groundnut meal in Africa

Sanchis V.; Quilez M.L.; Viladrich R.; Vinas I.; Canela R., 1988:
Hazelnuts as possible substrate for aflatoxin production

Mozzone, G.; Pellegrino, S.; Bassi, R., 1989:
Hazelnuts: severity and extent of diseases

Roden, S.; Homasson, J.P., 1988:
He who eats stones loses his iron

Liu, R.G.; Lu, L.R.; Ding, Y.G.; Zhang, Z.B.; Hu, A.Q., 1988:
He/Ne laser treatment for control of bovine ovarian dysfunction

Mutharika, B.W., 1988:
Head above the water. (Institution building for African development)

Csengeri, P., 1988:
Head infection of different sunflower varieties by ascospores of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum under controlled humidity conditions

King, F.; Lewis, S.; Roberts, C., 1988:
Head lice: questions and answers

Yitayew, M., 1989:
Head loss in manifolds or trickle lateral: simplified approach

Dennis, N., 1989:
Head number and its relationship to head size in Lithops

Kagiwata, T., 1989:
Head rot of cabbage caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn

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Head smut of prairie grass and mountain brome: a review

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Head swelling of traumatic aetiology in broiler breeding fowl

Anonymous, 1989:
Headache, mental status changes, and death in a 36-year-old woman with lupus

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Headcase, headstrong, and head-of-the-class: resocialization and labelling in Dominican baseball

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Heading dates in spring and winter wheat varieties of different geographical origin in a short photoperiod

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Health & fitness

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Health care for the poor

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Health hints for the tropics

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Health implications of irrigated development

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Health preserving components of tea - latest research results

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Health priorities in West Africa

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Health promotion and tourism

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Health promotion in the Australian workplace

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Health properties of yogurt

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Health protection of animals for healthy food. Industrial farming technology and parasitoses

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Health protection of women and children in rural areas

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Health protection problems in relation to the growth of tourism

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Health recording in lambs and ewes in 1988

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Health registration in lambs and sheep in 1987

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Health requirements and problems

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Health risk assessment and the practice of industrial hygiene

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Health risk assessment for arsenic contaminated soil

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Health risk assessment of residents living on harbour sludge

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Health risk from high contents of copper in drinking water

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Health risk to man from fish consumption, with particular reference to parasites

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Health risks related to the development of new technologies in dairy industries

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Health sector disparities in Peru

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Health sector financial analysis: a survey

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Health services and decentralized government: the case of primary health services in Norway

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Health services for the aged in sub-Saharan Africa

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Health services in Papua New Guinea

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Health services inequalities in Nigeria

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Health status of Norwegian fur farms in 1988

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Health status of anthracite surface coal miners

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Health status of children born out of wedlock during their first year of life

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Health status of forests under State Forest Administration on 30 September 1985

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Health status of infants in industrial cities

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Health status of pregnant women and infants in the Lithuanian SSR

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Health surveillance and management procedures for food-handling personnel. Report of a WHO consultation

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Health survey of New Caledonian apiaries

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Health tourism and health tourists: the constraints

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Health tourism in France, the economics of the tourist trade and tourist flows, generated by European tour operators

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Health tourism in Israel: a developing industry

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Health tourism in the Netherlands

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Health treatments for orange

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Health, ecology and demography in the Priangan highlands, West Java: sickness and death of Sundanese and Javanese villagers: environmental and social factors

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