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Heavy metals in agroecosystems: heavy metals in the soil-plant system after years of sewage sludge amendment on characteristic soils of the Weser-Ems area (FRG)

Grun, R.; Pusch, F.

Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft 59(2): 711-716


Accession: 001850275

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The effects of sewage sludge on heavy metal accumulation in soil and plants were studied on an alluvial soil under ryegrass and a podzol-pseudogley under wheat. The legal threshold values for heavy metals had not been reached at either site after years of sewage sludge application. Both soils showed the highest contents of heavy metals in the topsoil. There was no significant difference between the heavy metal contents of treated and untreated alluvial soils.

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