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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shelby, G.; Whittaker, D.; Danley, M., 1989: Idealism versus pragmatism in user evaluations of allocation systems

Raven, H., 1989: Ideas for proper use of heat buffers

Heineke, H. J.; Oelkers, K. H.; Vinken, R., 1987: Ideas for the development of a soil information system

Anonymous, 1989: Ideas of proposal writing and financial/technical assistance

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855005

Li, J., 1989: Ideas on the design and outstanding features in the compilation of the National Soil Map of China on a scale of 1:1,000,000

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855008

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855009

Osbourn, A. E.; Clarke, B. R.; Daniels, M. J., 1990: Identification and DNA sequence of a pathogenicity gene of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Lehrer S.B., 1988: Identification and analysis of basidiospore allergens from puffballs

Handler, A. M.; Shirk, P. D., 1988: Identification and analysis of the major yolk poplypeptide from the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Loew)

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855013

Pettigrew, R. A., 1988: Identification and assessment of the malnourished patient

Connick W.J.Jr; Bradow J.M.; Legendre M.G., 1989: Identification and bioactivity of volatile allelochemicals from amaranth residues

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855016

Darcy, F.; Charif, H.; Caron, H.; Deslee, D.; Pierce, RJ.; Cesbron-Delauw, MF.; Decoster, A.; Capron, A., 1990: Identification and biochemical characterization of antigens of tachyzoites and bradyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii with cross-reactive epitopes

Kiss, G. B.; Vincze, E.; Vegh, Z.; Toth, G.; Soos, J., 1990: Identification and cDNA cloning of a new nodule-specific gene, Nms-25 (nodulin-25) of Medicago sativa

MacFarlane, J.; Blaxter, M. L.; Bishop, R. P.; Miles, M. A.; Kelly, J. M., 1990: Identification and characterisation of Leishmania donovani antigen belonging to the 70-kDa heat-shock protein family

Coffey, A. G.; Fitzgerald, G. F.; Daly, C., 1989: Identification and characterisation of a plasmid encoding abortive infection from Lactococcus lactis spp. lactis UC811

Samanta, G.; Adityachaudhury, N.; Banerjee, G. C., 1987: Identification and characterisation of toxic factors in karanja (Pongamia glabra Vent) seed

Grange, J. M.; Collins, J. D.; O' Reilly, L. M.; Costello, E.; Yates, M. D., 1990: Identification and characteristics of Mycobacterium bovis isolated from cattle, badgers and deer in the Republic of Ireland

Rott, P.; Notteghem, J. L.; Frossard, P., 1989: Identification and characterization of Pseudomonas fuscovaginae, the causal agent of bacterial sheath brown rot of rice, from Madagascar and other countries

Lankhorst, Rmk; Katinakis, P; Kammen, A. Van; Bos, Rc-Van-Den, 1988: Identification and characterization of a bacteroid-specific dehydrogenase complex in Rhizobium leguminosarum PRE

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855025

Torian, B. E.; Connelly, R. J.; Barnes, R. C.; Kenny, G. E., 1986: Identification and characterization of a major surface antigen of Trichomonas vaginalis

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855029

Batt R.M.; Horadagoda N.U.; Mclean L.; Morton D.B.; Simpson K.W., 1989: Identification and characterization of a pancreatic intrinsic factor in the dog

Ko, C.; Smith, C K.; II.; McDonell, M., 1990: Identification and characterization of a target antigen of a monoclonal antibody directed against Eimeria tenella merozoites

Dubois, P.; Lelieur, J. P.; Lepoutre, G., 1988: Identification and characterization of ammonium polysulfides in solution in liquid ammonia

Boice M.L.; Geisert R.D.; Blair R.M.; Verhave H.G., 1990: Identification and characterization of bovine oviductal glycoproteins synthesized at estrus

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855038

Brooker, B. E., 1990: Identification and characterization of cocoa solids and milk proteins in chocolate using X-ray microanalysis

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855041

Messick, J.; Carothers, M.; Wellman, M., 1990: Identification and characterization of megakaryoblasts in acute megakaryoblastic leukemia in a dog

Zeiher, C. A.; Randall, D. D., 1990: Identification and characterization of mitochondrial acetyl-coenzyme A hydrolase from Pisum sativum L. seedlings

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855045

Eaglesham, A. R. J.; Sinclair, M. J., 1988: Identification and characterization of rhizobia using the ELISA technique

Szeto, W. W.; Nixon, B. T.; Ronson, C. W.; Ausubel, F. M., 1987: Identification and characterization of the Rhizobium meliloti ntrC gene: R. meliloti has separate regulatory pathways for activation of nitrogen fixation genes in free-living and symbiotic cells

Kawchuk L.M.; Martin R.R.; Rochon D.M.; Mcpherson J., 1989: Identification and characterization of the potato leafroll virus putative coat protein gene

Jones F.S.; Crossin K.L.; Cunningham B.A.; Edelman G.M., 1990: Identification and characterization of the promoter for the cytotactin gene

Krochko, J. E.; Bewley, J. D., 1990: Identification and characterization of the seed storage proteins from alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Ohlinger V.F.; Haas B.; Meyers G.; Weiland F.; Thiel H J., 1990: Identification and characterization of the virus causing rabbit hemorrhagic disease

Liu, H. W., 1988: Identification and characterization of two sperm maturation-related glycoproteins from mouse epididymis

Norqvist, A.; Norrman, B.; Wolf Watz, H., 1990: Identification and characterization of zinc metalloprotease associated with invasion by the fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum

Couturier, M.; Bex, F.; Bergquist, P. L.; Maas, W. K., 1988: Identification and classification of bacterial plasmids

Oloo, S.; Schreiner, H. D.; Burland, J. B., 1988: Identification and classification of expansive soils

Shukla, D. D.; Ward, C. W., 1989: Identification and classification of potyviruses on the basis of coat protein sequence data and serology. Brief review

Beynen A.C.; Baumans V.; Bertens A.P.M.G.; Haas J.W.M.; Van Herck H.; Stafleu F.R.; Van Tintelen G., 1989: Identification and clinical examination of jaundiced rats

Liaw C.W.; Cannon C.; Power M.D.; Kiboneka P.K.; Rubin L.L., 1990: Identification and cloning of two species of cadherins in bovine endothelial cells

Lee B.C.; Bryan L.E., 1989: Identification and comparative analysis of the lactoferrin and transferrin receptors among clinical isolates of gonococci

Huang, C. H.; Chao, Y. J.; Chang, C. A.; Hseu, S. H.; Hsiao, C. H., 1987: Identification and comparison of different viruses on symptom expression in loofah

Verhoyen, M.; Meunier, S., 1988: Identification and consequences of new viruses in ornamental species newly introduced into Belgium

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855067

Hashimoto Y.; Morimoto T.; Fukuyama T.; Watake H.; Yamaguchi S.; Kikuchi H., 1989: Identification and control of hydroponic system using ion sensors

Gezon, H. M.; Bither, H. D.; Gibbs, H. C.; Acker, E. J.; Hanson, L. A.; Thompson, J. K.; Jorgenson, R. D., 1988: Identification and control of paratuberculosis in a large goat herd

Al Ani, R. A.; Samir, S. H.; Jarjees, M. M., 1987: Identification and control of tobacco leaf curl virus

Louhelainen K., 1988: Identification and counting of fungal spores by scanning electron microscope

Heikkila, P.; Salmi, T.; Kotimaa, M., 1988: Identification and counting of fungal spores by scanning electron microscopy

Horie, M.; Saito, K.; Hoshino, Y.; Nose, W.; Hamada, N.; Nakazawa, H., 1990: Identification and determination of sulphamethazine and N4-acetylsulphamethazine in meat by high-performance liquid chromatography with photodiode-array detection

Nwaga, D.; Normand, M. le; Citharel, J., 1990: Identification and differentiation of Phytophthora by electrophoresis of mycelial proteins and isoenzymes

Klink, C. A.; Joly, C. A., 1989: Identification and distribution of C3 and C4 grasses in open and shaded habitats in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Munoz Fernandez, M. A.; Comino Almenara, L.; Rodriguez Rodriguez, M.; Aranda Vizcaino, J. L.; Buen Sanchez, C. de, 1988: Identification and distribution of airborne fungi inside and outside dwellings in Madrid

DeGrandi Hoffman, G.; Morales, F., 1989: Identification and distribution of pollinating honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) on sterile male cotton

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855083

Datta, A. R.; Wentz, B. A.; Hill, W. E., 1988: Identification and enumeration of beta -haemolytic Listeria monocytogenes in naturally contaminated dairy products

Pakdel, F.; Guellec, C. le; Vaillant, C.; Roux, M. G. le; Valotaire, Y., 1989: Identification and estrogen induction of two estrogen receptors (ER) messenger ribonucleic acids in the rainbow trout liver: sequence homology with other ERs

Hondelmann, W.; Dambroth, M., 1990: Identification and evaluation of oilseed-bearing wild species of forbs as potential crops for the extraction of industrial raw materials

Tanaka F.; Ono S I.; Hayasaka T., 1990: Identification and evaluation of toxicity of rice root elongation inhibitors in flooded soils with added wheat straw

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855089

Harker, Cl; Ellis, Thn; Coen, Es, 1990: Identification and genetic regulation of the chalcone synthase multigene family in pea

Yu, Y. H.; Ohh, S. H.; Cho, Y. S., 1988: Identification and host range of Phytophthora species isolated from Panax ginseng

Mueller Harvey, I., 1989: Identification and importance of polyphenolic compounds in crop residues

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855098

Osborne, C. A.; Davis, L. S.; Sanna, J.; Unger, L. K.; O' Brien, T. D.; Clinton, C. W.; Davenport, M. P., 1990: Identification and interpretation of crystalluria in domestic animals: a light and scanning electron microscopic study

Ashari S.; Aspinall D.; Sedgley M., 1989: Identification and investigation of relationships of mandarin types using isozyme analysis

Velge, P.; Ouaissi, MA.; Cornette, J.; Afchain, D.; Capron, A., 1988: Identification and isolation of Trypanosoma cruzi trypomastigote collagen-binding proteins: possible role in cell-parasite interaction

Ertl K.E., 1986: Identification and isolation of epididymal luminal proteins of the mouse

Koster, B.; Dargatz, H.; Schroder, J.; Hirzmann, J.; Haarmann, C.; Symmons, P.; Kunz, W., 1988: Identification and localisation of the products of a putative eggshell precursor gene in the vitellarium of Schistosoma mansoni

Langer, H.; Schmeinck, G.; Anton Erxleben, F., 1986: Identification and localization of visual pigments in the retina of the moth, Antheraea polyphemus (Insecta, Saturniidae)

Hudson, G. C.; Whalley, J. M.; Robertson, G. R.; Scott, N. A.; Sabine, M. M.; Love, D. N., 1988: Identification and location of a gene in equid herpesvirus-1 analogous to the major glycoprotein gB of herpes simplex virus

Baldwin, N. A.; Bennett, J. R., 1989: Identification and management of dollar spot assisted by a test kit based on an immunoassay technique

Richard, J., 1989: Identification and management of risks in fermented dairy products including cheese

Prasad, Tk; Hallberg, Rl, 1989: Identification and metabolic characterization of the Zea mays mitochondrial homolog of the Escherichia coli groEL protein

Souliotis, VL.; Dimitriadis, GJ., 1989: Identification and molecular analysis of the cuticle protein genes of Dacus oleae

Bhave, Mr; Lawrence, S; Barton, C; Hannah, Lc, 1990: Identification and molecular characterization of shrunken-2 cDNA clones of maize

Serafin W.E.; Reynolds D.S.; Rogelj S.; Lane W.S.; Conder G.A.; Johnson S.S.; Austen K.F.; Stevens R.L., 1990: Identification and molecular cloning of a novel mouse mucosal mast cell serine protease

Spibey N.; Mcclory R.S.; Cavanagh H.M.A., 1989: Identification and nucleotide sequence of the early region 1 from canine adenovirus types 1 and 2

Riggio, Mp; Cullinane, Aa; Onions, De, 1989: Identification and nucleotide sequence of the glycoprotein gB gene of equine herpesvirus 4

Kile, G. A.; Watling, R., 1988: Identification and occurrence of Australian Armillaria species, including A. pallidula sp.nov. and comparative studies between them and non-Australian tropical and Indian Armillaria

Vandergon, TL.; Pittman Noblet, G.; Colacino, JM., 1988: Identification and origin of hemoglobin in a gymnophallid metacercaria (Trematoda: Digenea), a symbiote in the marine polychaete Amphitrite ornata (Annelida: Terebellidae)

Smith, Ka; Ardelt, Bk; Huner, Npa; Krol, M; Myscich, E; Low, Ps, 1989: Identification and partial characterization of the denaturation transition of the light harvesting complex II of spinach chloroplast membranes

Smith, Ka; Low, Ps, 1989: Identification and partial characterization of the denaturation transition of the photosystem II reaction center of spinach chloroplast membranes

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855133

Anderson, C. L.; Russell, P. H., 1989: Identification and partial purification of the fusion protein of avian paramyxovirus type 3

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855135

Wang, K. R.; Lu, J. Y., 1987: Identification and pathogenicity determination of isolates of Verticillium nigrescens Pethybr

Araya, C. M.; Rivera, G.; Campos, D., 1988: Identification and pathogenicity of fungi associated with tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) from the field and market in Costa Rica

Shaw, C. G, I I. I.; Loopstra, E. M., 1988: Identification and pathogenicity of some Alaskan isolates of Armillaria

Kakhniashvili, Kh A.; Durmishidze, S. V.; Tkemaladze, G. Sh; Garuchava, M. V., 1988: Identification and physicochemical characterization of products of 2,4-D metabolism in fodder plants

Cox, GN.; Shamansky, LM.; Boisvenue, RJ., 1989: Identification and preliminary characterization of cuticular surface proteins of Haemonchus contortus

Janssen, O.; Bock, D., 1990: Identification and prevalence of two plagiorchiid trematodes from Hirundinidae in their intermediate and definitive hosts in the surroundings of Ulm, FRG

Adams, G., 1988: Identification and propagation of various liriopes and ophiopogons

Valicente, F. H.; Peixoto, M. J. V. V. D.; Paiva, E.; Kitajima, E. W., 1989: Identification and purification of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the caterpillar Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Bowers, CW.; Phillips, HS.; Lee, P.; Jan, YN.; Jan, LY., 1987: Identification and purification of an irreversible presynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of the spider Hololena curta

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855149

Ma, W. X., 1988: Identification and quantitative determination of a dibasic resin acid in oleoresin of Pinus merkusii from China

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855153

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855154

Sidorova, V. V.; Timofeeva, G. I.; Konarev, V. G., 1987: Identification and registration of varieties, lines and hybrids of maize by means of zein electrophoresis

Komjanc, M.; Fonzo, N. di; Agrimonti, C.; Perrotta, C.; Marmiroli, N., 1988: Identification and regulation of HS genes in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Saenz, M. V.; Valverde, E., 1986: Identification and seasonal variability of factors responsible for rejection of Costa Rican chayote (Sechium edule) fruits for export

Whitford, M; Stewart, S; Kuzio, J; Faulkner, P., 1989: Identification and sequence analysis of a gene encoding gp67, an abundant envelope glycoprotein of the baculovirus Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Feller U., 1988: Identification and stability of aminopeptidases in extracts from bean seeds

Inoue H.; Fukui K.; Miyake Y., 1989: Identification and structure of the rat true tissue kallikrein gene expressed in the kidney

Kanno, H., 1988: Identification and susceptibility of clinically isolated yeasts, and background of the patients

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855165

Leal, W. S.; Kuwahara, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Nakano, Y.; Nakao, H., 1989: Identification and synthesis of 2,3-epoxyneral, a novel monoterpene from the acarid mite Tyrophagus perniciosus (Acarina, Acaridae)

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855167

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855168

Francke, W., 1988: Identification and synthesis of new pheromones

Hauptmann, H.; Muhlbauer, G.; Sass, H., 1986: Identification and synthesis of periplanone A

Rocourt, J., 1989: Identification and typing of Listeria

Ali, F. I., 1987: Identification and variability among different isolates of the bacteria causing potato scab disease

Julkunen, M.; Koistinen, R.; Suikkari, A. M.; Seppala, M.; Janne, O. A., 1990: Identification by hybridization histochemistry of human endometrial cells expressing mRNAs encoding a uterine beta -lactoglobulin homologue and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1

Ambroise Thomas, P.; Thelu, J., 1988: Identification by immuno-transfer of probable immunogenic fractions extracted from Plasmodium falciparum exoantigens

Hakalehto, E.; Finne, J., 1990: Identification by immunoblot analysis of major antigenic determinants of the anaerobic beer spoilage bacterium genus Pectinatus

Okubo, M.; Sato, N.; Wada, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Torimoto, K.; Takahashi, N.; Sato, T.; Okazaki, M.; Asaishi, K.; Kikuchi, K., 1989: Identification by monoclonal antibody of the tumor antigen of a human autologous breast caner cell that is involved in cytotoxicity by a cytotoxic T-cell clone

Firrao, G.; Locci, R., 1989: Identification by probabilistic methods of plant pathogenic corynebacteria

Maloney, A. P.; Traynor, P. L.; Levings, C. S, I I. I.; Walbot, V., 1989: Identification in maize mitochondrial 26S rRNA of a short 5'-end sequence possibly involved in transcription initiation and processing

Yashishtha, B. B.; Pareek, O. P., 1989: Identification key for the cultivars of Indian jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.)

Vollger, E.; Jeremies, M., 1985: Identification key to the central European horseflies (Dipt., Tabanidae)

Kristensen, T. K., 1988: Identification key to the schistosome intermediate host snails of Cameroon and Gabon

Mamit, J. D.; Yang, M. C., 1988: Identification keys for logs belonging to fifty-seven commercial timbers of Sarawak

Subias, LS.; Balogh, P., 1989: Identification keys to the genera of Oppiidae Grandjean, 1951 (Acari: Oribatei)

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855187

Springett, M. B.; Adams, J. B., 1989: Identification of 1-cyano-2,3-epithiopropane in volatiles of a model system from Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea L. var. Bullata subvar. Gemmifera DC)

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855190

Gebhardt, C.; Blomendahl, C.; Schachtschabel, U.; Debener, T.; Salamini, F.; Ritter, E., 1989: Identification of 2n breeding lines and 4n varieties of potato (Solanum tuberosum, spp. tuberosum) with RFLP-fingerprints

Michel Nguyen, A.; Nourrit, J.; Penaud, A.; Nicoli, R. M., 1986: Identification of 4200 yeast specimens isolated over a period of four years at the Marseille-Nord C.H.U

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855198

Smith, R. K., 1988: Identification of Africanization in honey bees based on extracted hydrocarbons assay

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855201

Zeng, K. R.; Wu, J.; Wang, Z. F., 1987: Identification of Azospirillum spp. on rhizoplane of rice

Flach, E. J.; Woodford, J. D.; Morzaria, S. P.; Dolan, T. T.; Shambwana, I., 1990: Identification of Babesia bovis and Cowdria ruminantium on the island of Unguja, Zanzibar

Hellwig, Dh; Arp, Lh, 1990: Identification of Bordetella avium antigens recognized after experimental inoculation in turkeys

Schwan, T. G.; Simpson, W. J.; Schrumpf, M. E.; Karstens, R. H., 1989: Identification of Borrelia burgdorferi and B. hermsii using DNA hybridization probes

Kryuchechnikov, V. N.; Korenberg, E. I.; Shcherbakov, S. V.; Kovalevskii, Yu V.; Levin, M. L., 1988: Identification of Borrelia isolated in the USSR from Ixodes persulcatus ticks

France I, A.; Sepulveda R, P.; Tay U, J., 1988: Identification of Botrytis cinerea Pers. on lentil (Lens culinaris Med.)

Deshmane, N; Stacey, G., 1989: Identification of Bradyrhizobium nod genes involved in host-specific nodulation

Phadke, K. G.; Prasad, S. K., 1987: Identification of Brassica genotypes least susceptible to mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.)

Foster, R. A.; Ladds, P. W.; Hoffmann, D.; Gleeson, L. J., 1988: Identification of Brucella ovis in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded genital tissues of naturally infected rams by the indirect peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique

Guther, MLS.; Travassos, LR.; Schenkman, S., 1988: Identification of C3 acceptors responsible for complement activation in Crithidia fasciculata

Matvienko, M. A.; Filatov, A. A.; Zalenskii, A. O., 1986: Identification of DNA sequences homologous to the soyabean leghaemoglobin gene in the pea genome

Kucera, J., 1990: Identification of Eimeria species in Czechoslovakia

Falkenstein, H; Bellemann, P; Walter, S; Zeller, W; Geider, K., 1988: Identification of Erwinia amylovora, the fireblight pathogen, by colony hybridization with DNA from plasmid pEA29

Huang, Y. J.; Zheng, B. Y.; You, H. M., 1989: Identification of Erynia pieris and its epidemiology

Lombard, M.; Detraz, N.; Dauvergne, M.; Preaud, J. M.; Mougeot, H., 1987: Identification of European and Asian FMDV strains by subtyping and by electrofocussing applied to viral proteins

Simonet, P; Thi-Le, N; Teissier-Du-Cros, E; Bardin, R., 1988: Identification of Frankia strains by direct DNA hybridization of crushed nodules

Mansour, J. M.; Mansour, T. E., 1989: Identification of GTP-binding proteins in Fasciola hepatica and Schistosoma mansoni by immunoblotting

Pearse, B. H. G.; Peucker, S. K. J.; Cottam, R. C., 1989: Identification of Gasterophilus haemorrhoidalis in Queensland

Drew, P. A.; Krauss, J. S., 1989: Identification of Giardia lamblia in peritoneal fluid of trauma patients

Karabatsos, N.; Lewis, A. L.; Calisher, C. H.; Hunt, A. R.; Roehrig, J. T., 1988: Identification of Highlands J virus from a Florida horse

Srivastava, A.; Rose, HS., 1989: Identification of Indian species of the genus Anomis Hubner (Ophiderinae: Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Arai, S.; Asao, H.; Kobatake, H.; Hirai, M., 1989: Identification of Japanese yam cultivars by a storage protein analysis with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)

Neilsen, G. H.; Hoyt, P. B.; Hogue, E. J., 1989: Identification of K deficiency in British Columbia apple orchards

Wallis, AE.; McMaster, WR., 1987: Identification of Leishmania genes encoding proteins containing tandemly repeating peptides

Wang, D.; Zhang, L. C.; Liu, Z. X.; Yao, J. L.; Huang, Z. C.; Wu, F. D., 1988: Identification of Mycoplasma agalactiae using an indirect surface immunofluorescent antibody test

May, J. D.; Branton, S. L.; Cuchens, M. A., 1988: Identification of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae by flow cytometry

Du, H. M.; Pu, K. Q.; Mao, J. P.; Fang, J. N.; Wei, S. J.; Wang, X. R., 1988: Identification of Myrothecium roridum Tode ex Fr. in mulberry and its characteristics

Kamenk, J.; Simakova, A.; Rucki, A.; Ingr, I., 1990: Identification of PSE meat by electrical conductivity

Torrasevich, I. V.; Zemskaya, A. A.; Khubodin, V. V., 1988: Identification of Pediculus species

Garcia, R. P.; Tuite, J. F., 1988: Identification of Penicillium isolates from shelled corn

Goodwin, Ph; Kirkpatrick, Bc; Duniway, Jm, 1990: Identification of Phytophthora citrophthora with cloned DNA probes

Cnar, A.; Guncu, M.; Bicici, M., 1990: Identification of Phytophthora species on fruit crops in Turkey by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Santos, M. S. N. de A.; Abrantes, I. M. de O.; Fernandes, M. F. M., 1987: Identification of Portuguese populations of Meloidogyne spp. (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae) by differential host plant tests-III

Carney, Bf; Krockel, L; Leary, Jv; Focht, Dd, 1989: Identification of Pseudomonas alcaligenes chromosomal DNA in the plasmid DNA of the chlorobenzene-degrading recombinant Pseudomonas putida strain CB1-9

Schaad, N. W.; Azad, H.; Peet, R. C.; Panopoulos, N. J., 1989: Identification of Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola by a DNA hybridization probe

Manju Gupta; Park, F. D.; Hoo, B.; Frome, M.; Zaitlin, D.; Chyi, Y. S.; Banks, W. D.; Filner, P., 1989: Identification of RFLP markers for the Ht1 gene by comparison of inbreds and their Ht1-conversions

Chyi, Y. S.; Manju Gupta; Frome, M. J.; Park, F. D.; Hoo, B.; Zaitlin, D.; Banks, W. D.; Perkins, J.; Filner, P., 1989: Identification of RFLP markers for the rhm gene

Gruenewald, R; Dixon, Dp; Brun, M; Yappow, S; Henderson, R; Douglas, Je; Backer, Mh, 1990: Identification of Salmonella somatic and flagellar antigens by modified serological methods

Oshaibah, A. A.; Badr, M. A.; Hussein, H. R.; Al Gamal, M. M., 1986: Identification of Sathrobrota rileyi (Wals.) (Lep. - Cosmopterigidae as a new record in Egypt)

Bayssade Dufour, C.; Cabaret, J.; Ngendahayo, L. D.; Albaret, J. L.; Carrat, C.; Chabaud, A. G., 1989: Identification of Schistosoma haematobium, S. bovis and S. curassoni by multivariate analysis of cercarial papillae indices

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855266

Moreno, P; Guerri, J; Munoz, N., 1990: Identification of Spanish strains of citrus tristeza virus by analysis of double-stranded RNA

Chai, J-Y.; Sohn, W-M., 1988: Identification of Stellantchasmus falcatus metacercariae encysted in mullets in Korea

Banzhaf, K.; Walser, K., 1988: Identification of Streptococcus agalactiae with the latex agglutination test and the CAMP test

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855270

Scott, P.; Pearce, E.; Heath, S.; Sher, A., 1987: Identification of T-cell-reactive antigens that protect BALB/c mice against Leishmania major

Burgess, D. E.; Knoblock, K. F., 1989: Identification of Tritrichomonas foetus in sections of bovine placental tissue with monoclonal antibodies

Inserra, R. N.; Esser, R. P.; O' Bannon, J. H., 1988: Identification of Tylenchulus species from Florida

Yi, C. K.; Kim, K. H., 1987: Identification of Uredinopsis komagatakensis Hiratsuka on Abies holophylla S. et Z. and Athyrium yokoscense H. Christ

Fernandez M, C.; Tobar C, G., 1989: Identification of Verticillium dahliae Kleb on artichoke Cynara scolymus

Rehnstam, A. S.; Norqvist, A.; Wolf Watz, H.; Hagstrom, A., 1989: Identification of Vibrio anguillarum in fish by using partial 16S RNA sequences and a specific 16S rRNA oligonucleotide probe

Sidhu, N. S., 1990: Identification of Y-bearing spermatozoa by various methods in buffalo bulls

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855284

Kaper, J. M.; Gallitelli, D.; Tousignant, M. E., 1990: Identification of a 334-ribonucleotide viral satellite as principal aetiological agent in a tomato necrosis epidemic

Boutin, J. M.; Edery, M.; Shirota, M.; Jolicoeur, C.; Lesueur, L.; Ali, S.; Gould, D.; Djiane, J.; Kelly, P. A., 1989: Identification of a cDNA encoding a long form of prolactin receptor in human hepatoma and breast cancer cells

Kodelja, V.; Lucas, K.; Barnert, S.; Kleist, S. von; Thompson, J. A.; Zimmermann, W., 1989: Identification of a carcinoembryonic antigen gene family in the rat. Analysis of the N-terminal domains reveals immunoglobulin-like, hypervariable regions

Thirukumaran, P.; Pain, A., 1986: Identification of a carrier for soybean inoculant production in Sri Lanka

Ali, MF.; Morgan, ED.; Detrain, C.; Attygalle, AB., 1988: Identification of a component of the trail pheromone of the ant Pheidole pallidula (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855299

Gizlice, Z.; Carter, T. E, Jr; Burton, J. W., 1988: Identification of a desirable blend combination in southern soybeans

Pamer, E. G.; So, M.; Davis, C. E., 1989: Identification of a developmentally regulated cysteine protease of Trypanosoma brucei

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855318

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855320

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855326

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855328

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855342

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855379

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855386

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855420

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855434

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855440

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855458

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855480

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855482

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855503

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Misevic D., 1989: Identification of inbred lines as a source of new alleles for improvement of elite maize single crosses

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855542

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855547

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Rohani, I., 1987: Identification of larvae of common fruit fly pest species in West Malaysia

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Auger, J.; LeComte, C.; Paris, J.; Thibout, E., 1989: Identification of leek-moth and diamondback-moth frass volatiles that stimulate parasitoid, Diadromus pulchellus

Kalima, T., 1988: Identification of lesser known species in the swamp forest of Mendahara Hulu, Batang Hari, Jambi Province

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Rao A.V., 1988: Identification of locations for early varieties of rice

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Rzeznik, C., 1990: Identification of machine element wear in the process of major repair

Hani, A.; Gunthart, H.; Brunetti, R., 1989: Identification of maize rough dwarf virus in Ticino

Svensson P., 1988: Identification of major contamination sources during processing of emulsion sausage

Mian, I. H.; Tsuno, K., 1988: Identification of major species of Meloidogyne and location of their females in root galls using scanning electron microscope

Beier, MS.; Schwartz, IK.; Beier, JC.; Perkins, PV.; Onyango, F.; Koros, JK.; Campbell, GH.; Andrysiak, PM.; Brandling-Bennett, AD., 1988: Identification of malaria species by ELISA in sporozoite and oocyst infected Anopheles from western Kenya

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855567

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Weber, D. F.; Schneerman, M. C., 1989: Identification of monosomic-5 plants

Agrawal, R. L.; Sharma, B. L., 1989: Identification of mung bean varieties on the basis of seedling growth response to GA3 and DDT treatment

Erdiller, G.; Ertunc, F., 1988: Identification of muskmelon viruses in Ankara Province

Besl, H.; Bresinsky, A.; Golla, I., 1989: Identification of mycelia of mycorrhiza-forming species of Boletales (Basidiomycetes)

Lara y Lara, J. R.; Tamayo Davila, M. J., 1988: Identification of mycobacteria isolated from the lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes of cattle slaughtered in Merida city

Jairajpuri, M. S., 1989: Identification of nematodes in India

Doucet, M. E., 1989: Identification of nematodes in areas where nematology is little developed

Choy V.J., 1988: Identification of neurohypophysial peptides in the ovaries of several mammalian and nonmammalian species

Verhoyen, M.; Bossche, M. van den; Steyvoort, L. van, 1987: Identification of new beet viruses in Belgium

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855592

Omwega, Co; Thomason, Ij; Roberts, Pa; Waines, Jg, 1989: Identification of new sources of resistance to root-knot nematodes in Phaseolus

Chung, H. L.; Blume, D. E., 1989: Identification of nicotine biosynthetic intermediates in tobacco roots by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855596

Abdullahi, M. Z.; Gilmour, N. J. L.; Poxton, I. R., 1989: Identification of non-haemolytic pasteurellae cultured from the lungs of cattle

Addison, W. R.; Kurtz, D. T., 1989: Identification of nuclear proteins that bind to the glucocorticoid regulatory region of a rat alpha 2u-globin gene

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855600

Tressl, R.; Hommel, E.; Helak, B., 1989: Identification of ochratoxin A in barley, malt and beer by high pressure liquid chromatography/fluorescence detection

Baird, R. L.; Tatum, J. D.; Butler, J. G.; Fitch, G. Q.; Gilmore, B., 1988: Identification of optimal slaughter weights for small, medium and large framed wethers

Tilley, M.; Upton, S. J.; Blagburn, B. L.; Anderson, B. C., 1990: Identification of outer oocyst wall proteins of three Cryptosporidium (Apicomplexa: Cryptosporidiidae) species by 125I surface labeling

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855606

Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855608

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Section 2, Chapter 1856, Accession 001855610

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