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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Salata, R. A.; Ravdin, J. I., 1988: Immunoprophylaxis

Umlauft, K. D.; Blohm, H.; Claus, D., 1989: Immunoprophylaxis of calf pneumonia (brief communication)

Jungmann, R.; Mielke, D., 1989: Immunoprophylaxis of coccidiosis in poultry with an irradiated Eimeria tenella vaccine

Bennewitz, D., 1988: Immunoprophylaxis of paramyxovirus-3 infection in parakeets and passeriform birds

Timmers, K.; Voyles, N. R.; Wilkins, S.; Michaelis, O. E, I. V.; Bhathena, S. J.; Recant, L., 1989: Immunoreactive beta-endorphin and met- and leu-enkephalin contents in pancreas and pituitary of corpulent (cp/cp) rats

Simons R.G.; Grinwich D.L., 1989: Immunoreactive detection of four mammalian steroids in plants

Juang, H. H.; Musah, A. I.; Schwabe, C.; Anderson, L. L., 1990: Immunoreactive relaxin in boar seminal plasma and its correlation with sperm motility

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857013

Murphy, J. W., 1989: Immunoregulation in cryptococcosis

Calderon R.A.; Mackenzie D.W.R., 1989: Immunoregulation of dermatophytosis

Kamel S.; Wood G.W., 1990: Immunoregulatory activity of cells from lymph nodes draining the uterus of allopregnant mice

Colley, D. G.; McDonald, K. A.; Sidner, R. A.; Aune, T. M.; Montesano, A.; Parra, J. C.; Gazzinelli, G., 1987: Immunoregulatory cells and molecules in schistosomiasis

Miles, M. A.; Clarke, J. L., 1989: Immunoselection techniques for cloning DNA-encoding parasite-specific antigens

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857022

Boroskova, Z.; Benkova, M.; Cech, K.; Pekarek, J., 1988: Immunostimulant action of the non-specific transfer factor on T- and B-dependent lymphocytes of guineapigs in the protective effect against ascariasis

Bundschuh, G.; Nattermann, H., 1990: Immunostimulant effect of culture filtrates of Yersinia enterocolitica in mice

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857025

Medvedev, Yu A.; Alekhin, E. K.; Leshchenko, V. M., 1987: Immunostimulants in therapy of zooanthroponotic trichophytosis

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857027

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857028

Koenen, F.; Clercq, K. de; Strobbe, R.; Cay, A.; Smet, A. de; Debecq, J., 1990: Immunostimulatory effect of simultaneous foot-and-mouth disease vaccination, or saponin and aluminium hydroxide injection, on vaccination against swine fever

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857030

Lackie, AM.; Holt, RHF., 1989: Immunosuppression by larvae of Moniliformis moniliformis (Acanthocephala) in their cockroach host (Periplaneta americana)

Dimov, V.; Slavcheva, E.; Toshkov, A.; Trifonova, S.; Khadzhiivanova, N.; Tsvetkov, P., 1990: Immunosuppression during experimental infection with infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Ghosh, R. C.; Chauhan, H. V. S.; Roy, S., 1990: Immunosuppression in broilers under experimental aflatoxicosis

Remesar, M. C.; Blejer, J. L.; Saguier, M. C.; Negroni, R.; Nefamkis, M. R., 1988: Immunosuppression in experimental coccidioidomycosis

Nascimento, E.; Santos Lima, M.; Rivetti, T. V.; Mendes, H. M. B. M.; Dabes, T. M. P., 1986: Immunosuppression induced by Cysticercus fasciolaris in rats

Anene B.M.; Chukwu C.C.; Anika S.M., 1989: Immunosuppression of humoral immune response in canine trypanosomiasis

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857042

Stanek R.; Dostal J.; Veselsky L.; Cechova D., 1989: Immunosuppressive effect of boar epididymal fluid

Mangat, A. P. S.; Gill, B. S.; Maiti, N. K., 1989: Immunosuppressive effect of low-level aflatoxin against Ranikhet disease in chicken

Gunther R.; Kishore P.N.; Abbas H.K.; Mirocha C.J., 1989: Immunosuppressive effects of dietary wortmannin on rats and mice

Mekhancha Dahel C.; Lafarge Frayssinet C.; Frayssinet C., 1990: Immunosuppressive effects of four trichothecene mycotoxins

Pandian, A. M. C.; Lambert, R. D.; Roy, R., 1988: Immunosuppressive effects of rabbit blastocoelic fluid and embryo culture medium

Rosales A.G.; Villegas P.; Lukert P.D.; Fletcher O.J.; Brown J., 1989: Immunosuppressive potential and pathogenicity of a recent isolate of infectious bursal disease virus in commercial broiler chickens

Watson E.D.; Zanecosky H.G., 1990: Immunosuppressive properties of follicular fluid from preovulatory horse follicles

Grundboeck Jusko, J.; Stec, J.; Bicka, L.; Bozik, K., 1987: Immunosuppressive serum proteins from cattle affected with leukosis

Murdock, D. K.; Lookingbill, D. P., 1990: Immunosuppressive therapy of pemphigus vulgaris complicated by Nocardia pneumonia. Gold as an alternate therapy

Habluetzel, A.; Esposito, F.; Lombardi, S., 1989: Immunotechniques for epidemiology of malaria: appropriate tools for integration of primary health care with malaria research and control

Bossart, W.; Nouls, J.; Dainow, I., 1986: Immunotherapeutic effect of lactobacillus vaccine, SolcoTrichovac

Giffon, E.; Vervloet, D.; Charpin, J., 1988: Immunotherapy in house dust allergy

Fuchs, E., 1988: Immunotherapy of allergies?

Zraly, Z.; Kummer, V.; Canderle, J., 1990: Immunotherapy of puerperal endometritis in dairy cows

Matthews, R., 1988: Immunotherapy of systemic candidiasis

Exon, J. H.; Stevens, M. G.; Koller, L. D.; Mather, G. G., 1989: Immunotoxicity assessment of gentamycin and liquamycin

Siedel, J.; Schiefer, S.; Rosseneu, M.; Bergeaud, R.; Keersgieter, W. de; Pautz, B.; Vinaimont, N.; Ziegenhorn, J., 1988: Immunoturbidimetric method for routine determinations of apolipoproteins A-I, A-II, and B in normo- and hyperlipemic sera compared with immunonephelometry

Bauer, Je; Brooks, Tp, 1990: Immunoturbidimetric quantification of serum immunoglobulin G concentration in foals

Takahashi, T.; Takashima, I.; Hashimoto, N., 1988: Immunotyping of Chlamydia psittaci by indirect immunoflurescence antibody test with monoclonal antibodies

Hare, J. D.; Moore, R. E. B., 1988: Impact and management of late-season populations of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on potato in Connecticut

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857070

Briassoulis, H., 1989: Impact assessment of acid deposition control bills: an evaluation of selected models

Karkkainen, M.; Pietila, J.; Vihola, R., 1985: Impact bending strength of Finnish tree species in green condition

Blahovec, J., 1990: Impact damage in potato tubers

Ruiz, M., 1990: Impact damage on selected varieties of apples, pears and other fruits

Kampp, J.; Nissen, G., 1990: Impact damage susceptibility of Danish apples

Evans, M. D.; Holmes, R. G.; McDonald, M. B., 1990: Impact damage to soybean seed as affected by surface hardness and seed orientation

Moss, A. J., 1989: Impact droplets and the protection of soil by plant covers

Ward, W. A.; English, R.; Robertson, V.; Deren, B. J., 1988: Impact evaluation report: Pakistan - income generating project for refugee areas

Meredith, F. I.; Leffler, R. G.; Lyon, C. E., 1990: Impact force response for nondestructive determination of peach firmness

Rassi, F., 1988: Impact models of tourist events

Anonymous, 1988: Impact of 1987 consumer trade shows

Robert, V.; Hervy, J. P.; Baudon, D.; Roux, J.; Legros, F.; Carnevale, P., 1989: Impact of 2 malaria control strategies based on chloroquine (prophylaxis and therapy of febrile cases) on malaria transmission

Rajagopalan, P. K.; Panicker, K. N.; Pani, S. P., 1989: Impact of 50 years of vector control on the prevalence of Brugia malayi in Shertallai area of Kerala state

Palacio Santos, C., 1986: Impact of Africanization on Colombian beekeeping and evaluation of one of the alternative solutions

Burges, H. D., 1986: Impact of Bacillus thuringiensis on pest control with emphasis on genetic manipulation

Pierani, P.; Frohberg, K., 1989: Impact of CAP trade liberalization on agricultural supply

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857091

Osuna Llaneza, J. L.; Macias Dorissa, M., 1988: Impact of EC membership on Andalusia's fishing industry

Rutherford, B., 1989: Impact of EEC legislation and removal of trade barriers on the UK animal feed industry

Kohli, R. K.; Parveen Chaudhry; Anita Kumari, 1988: Impact of Eucalyptus on Parthenium - a weed

Venugopal, S., 1988: Impact of Eucalyptus plantations on the industrial climate, Malur Taluk

Sedlacek, J. D.; Townsend, L. H., 1988: Impact of Euschistus servus and E. variolarius (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) feeding on early growth stages of corn

Rahman, A., 1987: Impact of Grameen Bank intervention on the rural power structure

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857099

Anonymous, 1989: Impact of Kentucky's 1988 travel advertising

Anonymous, 1990: Impact of Kentucky's 1989 travel advertising

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857106

Sandhu, T. S.; Brar, J. S.; Kuldip Singh, 1988: Impact of Lab-to-Land Programme on adoption of location-specific technology

Sajap, A. S.; Lewis, L. C., 1989: Impact of Nosema pyrausta (Microsporida: Nosematidae) on a predator, Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Cossentine, JE.; Lewis, LC., 1988: Impact of Nosema pyrausta, Nosema sp., and a nuclear polyhedrosis virus on Lydella thompsoni within infected Ostrinia nubilalis hosts

Raghunath, P. N.; Rao, A. N.; Prasad, D. S., 1987: Impact of PACSs finance on marginal and small farmers' economy of a dry farming district (Anantapur) of Andhra Pradesh

Krishnaiah, G.; Maraty, P., 1989: Impact of Primary Milk Producers' Cooperative Societies on beneficiaries in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh

Jain, P. K.; Chauhan, S. V. S., 1989: Impact of SO2 fumigation on pollen grains of some plants

Rudan, M. A.; Barbano, D. M., 1989: Impact of UF membrane surface hydrophobicity on absorption fouling by whole milk

Schmutz, S. M.; Moker, J., 1989: Impact of a 1;29 Robertsonian translocation on a herd of purebred beef cattle

Mustafa M.A.; Al Darby A.M.; Al Omran A.M.; Mursi M., 1989: Impact of a gel conditioner and water quality upon soil infiltration

Pompa, P. G., 1990: Impact of a long period of drought on a large irrigation area. Irrigation lands of the Guadiana River in Badajoz during the years 1980 to 1983

Bembridge, T. J., 1988: Impact of a maize extension programme in Transkei

Reynaud, J.; Brun, T.; Marek, T., 1989: Impact of a women's garden project on nutrition and income in Senegal

Jagels R.; Carlisle J.; Cunningham R.; Serreze S.; Tsai P., 1989: Impact of acid fog and ozone on coastal red spruce

Walia, B. N. S.; Singhi, S.; Gambhir, S. K.; Sroa, S. R., 1989: Impact of acute diarrhoea and oral rehydration solution on nutritional status of preschool children

Khan, M. U.; Alam, A. N.; Rahman, N.; Shahidullah, M.; Begum, T., 1990: Impact of acute diarrhoea on parasite loads

Peterson, T. C.; Ward, R. C., 1987: Impact of adverse hydrological events on bacterial translocation in coarse soils near on-site wastewater treatment systems

Dixon, B. L.; Ward, R. W., 1987: Impact of advertising on milk consumption

Asaduzzaman, M., 1988: Impact of agricultural mechanisation in Bangladesh

Suarez D.L., 1989: Impact of agricultural practices on groundwater salinity

Machet, J. M.; Mary, B., 1989: Impact of agricultural practices on the residual nitrogen in soil and nitrate losses

Horton, D. E.; Courtbaoui, R.; Hattab, H.; Monares, A., 1990: Impact of agricultural research - a seed potato project in Tunisia

Zahid, S. N.; Mujahid Mukhtar, E., 1989: Impact of agricultural research and extension on crop productivity in Pakistan: a comment

Krishnamurthy, K.; Chandrashekar, G. S., 1989: Impact of agricultural research on crop production and through that accrual of economic benefits in Karnataka

Pathania, K. S.; Verma, Y. S., 1989: Impact of agricultural technology on cooperative credit utilization

Hansen, B. R.; Krause, M. A., 1989: Impact of agronomic and economic factors on farm profitability

Krause, G. H. M., 1988: Impact of air pollutants on above-ground plant parts of forest trees

Nelson W.F.; Satter L.D., 1989: Impact of alfalfa maturity and preservation method on milk production of cows in early lactation

Singh, S. K.; Khan, M. W., 1988: Impact of ambient air pollution and root-knot nematodes on root-nodule bacterium, Rhizobium

Bres, P., 1988: Impact of arboviruses on human and animal health

Berge P.; Stagno S.; Federer W.; Cloud G.; Foster J.; Utermohlen V.; Armstrong D., 1990: Impact of asymptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus infection on size at birth and gestational duration

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857145

Hammond G.W.; Raddatz R.L.; Gelskey D.E., 1989: Impact of atmospheric dispersion and transport of viral aerosols on the epidemiology of influenza

Teraoka H., 1989: Impact of atmospheric trace metals on rice roots

Naidu, L. K.; Raju, S. J., 1988: Impact of bank finance on income and employment: a case study of rural artisans in Chittoor District

Miquelle, D. G.; van Ballenberghe, V., 1989: Impact of bark stripping by moose on aspen-spruce communities

Nirupama Mallick; Singh, A. K.; Rai, L. C., 1990: Impact of bimetallic combinations of Cu, Ni and Fe on growth rate, uptake of nitrate and ammonium, 14CO2 fixation, nitrate reductase and urease activity of Chlorella vulgaris

Lucquin, D., 1989: Impact of biotechnology on INRA's industrial relations

Dodds, J. H.; Horton, D., 1990: Impact of biotechnology on potato production in developing countries

Davis, S. R.; Thom, E. R.; L' Huillier, P. J.; Bryant, A. M., 1988: Impact of biotechnology on production and feed requirements of dairy cows at pasture

Harlander, S. K., 1989: Impact of biotechnology on the production and composition of yogurt

Murrell, K. D., 1988: Impact of biotechnology on trichinellosis control

Conner, J. R.; Schuster, J. L.; Bailey, E. M, Jr, 1988: Impact of bitterweed on the economics of sheep production in the Texas Edwards Plateau

Segal K.R.; Lacayanga I.; Dunaif A.; Gutin B.; Pi Sunyer F.X., 1989: Impact of body fat mass and percent fat on metabolic rate and thermogenesis in men

Kaiser, Hm; Tauer, Lw, 1989: Impact of bovine somatotropin on U.S. dairy markets under alternative policy options

Stoppler, H.; Kolsch, E.; Vogtmann, H., 1989: Impact of breeding winter wheat under an agricultural system with low external input

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857161

Anonymous, 1989: Impact of centrally sponsored scheme of Assistance to Small and Marginal Farmers for Increasing Agricultural Production in Himachal Pradesh

Jairth, M. S.; Swarup, R., 1988: Impact of centrally sponsored scheme of assistance to small and marginal farmers for increasing agricultural production in Himachal Pradesh (mimeo)

Nicourt, C.; Souron, O., 1989: Impact of certain innovations upon the working conditions of farmers

Powell, R. L.; Norman, H. D., 1990: Impact of changes in genetic improvement programs and annual cycles on Holstein service sire merit

Sellers, RF.; Maarouf, AR., 1988: Impact of climate on western equine encephalitis in Manitoba, Minnesota and North Dakota, 1980-1983

Barrett, J. R.; Williams, R. S.; Field, W. E., 1989: Impact of cob fueled biomass furnace exhaust on air quality

Snane, M. H.; Ennabli, N.; Mechergui, M.; Chaabi, A., 1989: Impact of conservation banks on the fertility and erosion of soils at the upper barrage of the Oued Siliana, Tunisia (semiarid zone)

Dandekar, K., 1988: Impact of contraception on the birth rate of Maharashtra

Moorti, T. V.; Vashist, G. D., 1988: Impact of cooperatives on farm investment, expenses on inputs and incomes of farmers: a study in hill agriculture

Sheppard S.C.; Sheppard M.I., 1989: Impact of correlations on stochastic estimates of soil contamination and plant uptake

Good, J. A.; Giller, P. S., 1988: Impact of crop management on staphylinid diet variability: a preliminary evaluation of electrophoretic prey detection

Linde, G.; Bowen, L., 1988: Impact of crop moisture on forage harvesting efficiency

Scott, Hd; Wood, Ls, 1989: Impact of crop production on the physical status of a Typic Albaqualf

Sturny, W. G.; Weisskopf, P.; Keller, E. R.; Schwendimann, F., 1989: Impact of crop rotation, fertilizer treatments and herbicidal applications on the long term maintenance of soil fertility. V. Comparative studies regarding chemical and physical factors of the yield potential of a soil over a ten year experimental period

Weisskopf, P.; Sturny, W. G.; Keller, E. R.; Schwendimann, F., 1989: Impact of crop rotation, fertilizer treatments, and herbicidal applications on the long term maintenance of soil fertility. VI. Examination of progressive differences regarding chemical and physical factors of the yield potential of a soil conducted over the period 1973 through to 1983

Naidu, P. D., 1989: Impact of cropping pattern on agricultural production at the disaggregated district level in Andhra Pradesh

Singh, L.; Chattaraji, J., 1989: Impact of dairy co-operatives on production, consumption and marketed surplus of milk

Bhagwan, D.; Kuber, R., 1989: Impact of dairy cooperatives on marketed surplus of milk on farms in the milkshed area of Lalkuan milk plant, Nainital

Adis, J.; Albuquerque, M. O., 1989: Impact of deforestation on soil invertebrates from central Amazonian inundation forests and their survival strategies to long-term flooding

Baldwin, E. D.; Thraen, C. S.; Larson, D. W., 1987: Impact of delayed price contracts on corn basis: a conceptual model and case study for an Ohio local market

Motte, D.; Pauders Paudrups, A.; Fabry, R.; Ferrero, G. L.; Naveau, H.; Nyns, E. J., 1987: Impact of demonstration programmes on the implementation of large scale biogas plants

Tripathi, M. P.; Gurung, T. B., 1988: Impact of developmental activities in the rural hilly area of Nepal: a case-study of Chaurjhahari Tarn in Rukum district

Perez Fontan, M.; Moncalian, J.; Oliver, J.; Rivera, C. F.; Daza, J. F.; Valdes, F., 1989: Impact of dialysis-acquired iron overload on the rate of infection after renal transplantation

Beamish, F.W.H.; Howlett, J. C.; Medland, T. E., 1989: Impact of diet on metabolism and swimming performance in juvenile lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush

Tremblay, A; Plourde, G; Despres, Jp; Bouchard, C., 1989: Impact of dietary fat content and fat oxidation on energy intake in humans

Ogunkunle, A. O.; Izuakor, F. O., 1988: Impact of differences in profile description and laboratory data on soil classification

Gambhir, S. P.; Khairnar, D. N., 1989: Impact of different liquid media on amylase production by seed moulds of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke)

Srivastava, R. B.; Paroda, R. S.; Sharma, S. C.; Yunus, M., 1989: Impact of different mating approaches in generating variability in wheat (T. aestivum L. em Thell)

Olszak, R., 1982: Impact of different pesticides on ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae Col.)

Jain, N. K.; Jain, S. C., 1987: Impact of different weed free media on the growth and yield parameters of black gram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) in semi arid tropical conditions

Krapac, I. G.; Roy, W. R.; Griffin, R. A.; Beissel, T., 1988: Impact of dolomite and shale spoil materials on Illinois water quality: laboratory studies

Juwarkar, A.; Dutta, S. A.; Pandey, R. A., 1988: Impact of domestic wastewater on soil microbial populations

Dvorak, P., 1990: Impact of drainage on the quality of surface waters

Singh, D. V.; Sikka, B. K., 1989: Impact of drought on agricultural production in Himachal Pradesh

Reddy, Y. V. R., 1989: Impact of drought on production of fodder and milk in semi-arid region

Singh, P.; Carew, G. C., 1989: Impact of eastern dwarf mistletoe in black spruce forests of Newfoundland

Li, Z. S., 1989: Impact of economic policy on the development of genetics in China

Alekseev, V. A.; Andreeva, E. N.; Gorshkov, V. V.; Druzina, V. D.; Men' shikova, G. P.; Chertov, O. G.; Yarmishko, V. T., 1986: Impact of emissions from a coal-fired electrical power station upon waterlogged northern taiga Scots pine forests

Shyam, R., 1988: Impact of employment intensive programmes on rural labour force (Sultanpur District, Uttar Pradesh)

Bhatia, R. C.; Dutta, V. K., 1989: Impact of energy use on employment in agriculture

Chandra, S.; Kushwaha, K. S., 1986: Impact of environmental resistance on aphid complex of cruciferous crops under the agroclimatic conditions of Udaipur I. Abiotic components

Chandra, S.; Kushwaha, K. S., 1987: Impact of environmental resistance on aphid complex of cruciferous crops under the agroclimatic conditions of Udaipur II. Biotic components

Daghir, N. J., 1988: Impact of environmental temperature on nutritional requirements of poultry

Jamjanya, T.; Quisenberry, S. S., 1988: Impact of fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) feeding on the quality and yield of coastal bermudagrass

Krayl, E.; Leibfried, R.; Werner, R., 1990: Impact of farmers' risk attitudes on farm income and environmental pollution by nitrogen fertilization

Giovannini, I.; Chiarla, C.; Boldrini, G.; Castagneto, M., 1989: Impact of fat and glucose administration on metabolic and respiratory interactions in sepsis

Meyer, H., 1988: Impact of feeding on the meat quality of pigs

Solomon K.R., 1987: Impact of fenvalerate on enclosed freshwater planktonic communities and on in situ rates of filtration of zooplankton

Leon, V. E.; Schultz, J. J., 1988: Impact of fertilizer formulation and ambient conditions on the capacity of direct-fired rotary dryers

Chand, M., 1989: Impact of financial inputs on sheep farming in arid areas of western Rajasthan

Al Doaan, M. I., 1989: Impact of floods on wadi occupants: an exploratory study of Wadi Khulays-Marrwani in Saudi Arabia

Khan, M. A., 1988: Impact of foreign aid on rural artisans in India

Reville, BJ.; Tranter, JD.; Yorkston, HD., 1990: Impact of forest clearing on the endangered seabird Sula abbotti

Salami, K. A., 1988: Impact of formal agricultural credit on small farm development in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

Richardson, J. W.; Knutson, R. D.; Smith, E. G.; Gerloff, D. C.; MacDiarmid, T., 1989: Impact of frozen and reduced target prices on representative Texas farms: the CBO baseline

Johnstone, G. R.; Barbetti, M. J., 1987: Impact of fungal and virus diseases on pasture

Sojka, S. A.; Irvine, R. L.; Kulpa, C. F, Jr, 1989: Impact of genetic engineering in pollution control: enhanced biological destruction of environmental xenobiotics

Siebert, J., 1988: Impact of global market changes on US agricultural producers

Parry, M., 1989: Impact of global warming on agriculture

Larson, L. L.; McInnis, M. L., 1989: Impact of grass seedlings on establishment and density of diffuse knapweed and yellow starthistle

Brown, J. H, Jr; Cruickshank, V. B.; Gould, W. P.; Husband, T. P., 1988: Impact of gypsy moth defoliation in stands containing white pine

Edwards C.A., 1989: Impact of herbicides on soil ecosystems

Nunn, P.; Kibuga, D.; Elliott, A.; Gathua, S., 1990: Impact of human immunodeficiency virus on transmission and severity of tuberculosis

Dickman, M., 1987: Impact of industrial shock loading on the aquatic plant community of a class one wetland in regional Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Lamb J.A.; Rehm G.W.; Severson R.K.; Cymbaluk T.E., 1990: Impact of inoculation and use of fertilizer nitrogen on soybean production where growing seasons are short

Andersen, AN., 1989: Impact of insect predation on ovule survivorship in Eucalyptus baxteri

Csizinszky, A. A.; Schuster, A. A., 1988: Impact of insecticide schedule, N and K rates and transplant container size on cauliflower yield

Shea, P. J.; Harverty, M. I.; Daterman, D. E., 1986: Impact of insects and methodology for monitoring insects in western pine seed orchards

Solomon, J. D., 1985: Impact of insects on growth and development of young cottonwood plantations

Nwagbo, E. C., 1989: Impact of institutional credit on agriculture in Funtua local government area of Katsina State, Nigeria

Kumar, N. G.; Sadath Ali Khan, H. S.; Kiresur, V. R., 1989: Impact of institutional credit on income and employment - an economic evaluation of two Farmers' Service Societies in Dakshina Kannada District (Karnataka)

Prasad, Y. E.; Ramanna, R.; Achoth, L., 1988: Impact of integrated rural development programme in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh-a multiple discriminant function approach

Anonymous, 1987: Impact of intensive forestry practices on net stand values in British Columbia

Varner, M. A.; Manspeaker, J. E.; Russek Cohen, E.; Cassel, E. K.; Majeskie, J. L.; Erdman, R. A., 1989: Impact of intensive integrated reproductive management education programs upon dairy producers in Maryland

Craig, T. M., 1988: Impact of internal parasites on beef cattle

Simwat, GS.; Braich, JS., 1986: Impact of interspecific competition between Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) and C. chinensis (Linn.) on their population build-up and the resultant loss to stored green gram

Seshadri, S.; Gopaldas, T., 1989: Impact of iron supplementation on cognitive functions in preschool and school-aged children: the Indian experience

Pionke H.B.; Sharma M.L.; Hirschberg K.J., 1990: Impact of irrigated horticulture on nitrate concentrations in groundwater

Parvathappa, H. C.; Gowda, S. K. K.; Rao, T. S., 1990: Impact of irrigation water quality on soil properties in semi-arid tropics

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857259

Oschepkov, V. I.; Soboleva, Z. Ya; Khamitov, R. L.; Churakov, A. N., 1989: Impact of labour process on the female reproduction system

Mostaghimi, S.; Deizman, M. M.; Dillaha, T. A.; Heatwole, C. D., 1989: Impact of land application of sewage sludge on runoff water quality

Nancharaiah, G., 1988: Impact of land legislation on land distribution: a case study of a village in Andhra Pradesh

Todd, D. A.; Bedient, P. B.; Haasbeek, J. F.; Noell, J., 1989: Impact of land use and NPS loads on lake quality

Bisht, G. S., 1988: Impact of land use on nutrition and health: a study of Kosi Basin, U.P

Hamilton W.E.; Dindal D.L., 1989: Impact of landspread sewage sludge and earthworm introduction on established earthworms and soil structure

Campbell, C. L.; Duthie, J. A., 1990: Impact of leaf spot diseases on yield and quality of alfalfa in North Carolina

Abdel Aal, R. R.; Shahin, R. R.; Abdel Hamid, M. A.; Abdel Tawab, M. M., 1988: Impact of liquid wastes of industrial complex at Helwan on water quality of both Nile and canal streams

Hicks, R. B.; Gill, D. R.; Owens, F. N.; Strasia, C. A.; Perino, L. J.; Smith, M. T.; Dolezal, H. G., 1989: Impact of liver flukes on the performance of feedlot steers

Warkentin, IG.; West, NH., 1990: Impact of long-term captivity on basal metabolism in birds

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857272

Murosky, D. L.; Hassan, A. E., 1988: Impact of machine traffic on a wetland hardwood site

Abo Abda A.; Hussain G., 1990: Impact of machinery compaction and tillage systems on infiltration rate of sandy soils

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857276

Kumar, A.; Abidi, AZ.; Tripathi, CPM., 1987: Impact of males on the area of discovery of Diaeretiella rapae (M'Intosh) (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae), a parasitoid of Lipaphis erysimi Kalt. (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Abidi, A. Z.; Kumar, A.; Tripathi, C. P. M., 1989: Impact of males on the numerical response of Diaeretiella rapae (M'Intosh) (Hym., Aphidiidae), a parasitoid of Lipaphis erysimi Kalt. (Hem., Aphididae)

Lazarus, W. F.; Streeter, D.; Jofre Giraudo, E., 1989: Impact of management information systems on dairy farm profitability

Sah, R. N.; Puri, Y. P.; Willits, N. H., 1990: Impact of management practices on grain yield and grain protein relationships in durum wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857283

Persson, B.; Hanson, U., 1988: Impact of maternal blood glucose control on neonatal morbidity in diabetic pregnancies

O'-Connor, Dl; Picciano, Mf; Sherman, Ar, 1988: Impact of maternal iron deficiency on quality and quantity of milk ingested by neonatal rats

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Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857810

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Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857915

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857916

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Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857919

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Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857922

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Lyhne, M.; Hegnelt, J.; Andersen, A. S., 1988: Improved germination of seeds of Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (Palmae)

Lazanyi, J., 1987: Improved growing-rack method for small-seeded cereals to determine the effects of mutagenic seed treatments

Diederichs, C., 1990: Improved growth of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. in an unsterile tropical soil by three mycorrhizal fungi

Washizu, M.; Kawamura, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Hayashi, T.; Misaka, K.; Aoki, S.; Fujita, M.; Orima, H.; Motoyoshi, S.; Tomoda, I., 1989: Improved heavy exercise tolerance after correction of mild pulmonic stenosis

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Iwata, H.; Matsuda, T.; Tonomura, H., 1988: Improved high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of thiamine and its phosphate esters in animal tissues

Okazaki, M.; Kinoshita, M.; Hara, I., 1988: Improved high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of apolipoproteins in serum high-density lipoproteins

Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857936

Tavares C.A.P., 1987: Improved immunodiagnosis of human cysticercosis with scolex protein antigens

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Pande, H. K.; Reddy, M. D., 1988: Improved management technology for augmenting production potential of rainfed marginal lands under rice based cropping system in eastern India

Finck, A., 1987: Improved manganese supply by fertilization in high-yielding crops in the northern regions of the Federal Republic of Germany

Stochleba, J.; Budzak, S., 1989: Improved mechanization in animal production in Kosice

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Section 2, Chapter 1858, Accession 001857958

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Shimanuki, H.; Knox, D. A., 1988: Improved method for the detection of Bacillus larvae spores in honey

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Duan, Y. P., 1988: Improved method of purifying rice tungro spherical virus RTSV

Smirnova, L. A.; Alekseeva, T. P., 1988: Improved method of raising cereal crop seedlings for immunity studies

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Lawrence, P.; Atkinson, E., 1989: Improved methods for designing sediment control structures

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Rudik, I. A., 1989: Improved methods of evaluating bulls used in crossbreeding

Heron, L. M., 1988: Improved methods of selection for male reproductive performance

Simmonds, J. A.; Nelson, S. D., 1989: Improved micropropagation of Begonia X hiemalis by maintaining donor plants in long-day conditions

Schanier, Rj; Garza, C., 1988: Improved mineral balance in very low birth weight infants fed fortified human milk

Manalabe, R. F.; Manebog, E. S., 1989: Improved mobile corn sheller

Vernon, R. S.; Hall, J. W.; Judd, G. J. R.; Bartel, D. L., 1989: Improved monitoring program for Delia antiqua (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Kaplan D.T.; Davis E.L., 1990: Improved nematode extraction from carrot disk culture

Anonymous, 1989: Improved outlook for bulk materials handling equipment suppliers

Clifft, R. C.; Garrett, M. T., 1988: Improved oxygen dissolution control for oxygen activated sludge

Matthews, L. J., 1989: Improved package for Striga control for the small scale farmer

Pivnick, KA.; Barton, DL.; Millar, JG.; Underhill, EW., 1988: Improved pheromone trap exclusion of the Bruce spanworm Operophtera bruceata (Hulst) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) when monitoring winter moth Operophtera brumata (L.) populations

Ziauddin, A.; Simion, E.; Kasha, K. J., 1990: Improved plant regeneration from shed microspore culture in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cv. Igri

Astadzhov, N., 1988: Improved populations of the Kazanlyk rose

Singh, Y. P.; Mittal, S. P.; Bhatt, V. K., 1989: Improved practices for increasing toria yield in Shiwalik foothill region

Addeo, F.; Moio, L.; Chianese, L.; Stingo, C.; Luccia, A. di, 1990: Improved procedure for detecting bovine and ovine milk mixtures in cheese by isoelectric focusing of para- kappa -casein

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