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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Junnila, S., 1990:
Influence of spraying time on herbicide efficacy in spring cereals

Young S.Y., 1990:
Influence of sprinkler irrigation on dispersal of nuclear polyhedrosis virus from host cadavers on soybean

Roth, D.; Kachel, K.; Lohmann, U.; Schalitz, G., 1988:
Influence of sprinkler irrigation on sugarbeet yields and sugar production in long term plot trials

Empel W.; Kozanecki M.; Brzozowski P.; Kurek A.; Wojdan J., 1990:
Influence of stage of lactation and season on morbidity in cows in a large scale dairy farm

Kodrik, J., 1987:
Influence of stand establishment characteristics on the intensity of snow damage in beech stands

Bondarchuk, G.V., 1987:
Influence of stand structure on the recreational evaluation of the microclimate

Sullivan T.P.; Sullivan D.S., 1988:
Influence of stand thinning on snowshoe hare population dynamics and feeding damage in lodgepole pine forest

Tafazzal Hussain; Zafarullah Khan, 1988:
Influence of starch during processing cane juice to raw sugar

Mallett, A.K.; Bearne, C.A.; Young, P.J.; Rowland, I.R.; Berry, C., 1988:
Influence of starches of low digestibility on the rat caecal microflora

Singh, S.; Kanawjia, S.K., 1989:
Influence of starter cultures on sensory and biochemical characteristics of Cheddar cheese from buffalo milk

Reddy, V.D.; Bhaskar, M.; Govindappa, S., 1988:
Influence of starvation and refeeding on hepatic tissue glycogen metabolism of freshwater fish, Sarotherodon mossambicus (Trevawas)

Zinn, R.A., 1990:
Influence of steaming time on site of digestion of flaked corn in steers

Allorerung, D., 1989:
Influence of steel slag application to red/yellow podzolic soils on soil chemical characteristics, nutrient content and uptake, and yield of sugarcane plantations (Saccharum officinarum L.)

Abdenrahman, A.M., 1987:
Influence of steer and heifer blood serum on unfrozen bovine semen stored at 5 degrees C and 37 degrees C

Wolf, D.; Dao, T.; Scott, H.; Lavy, T., 1989:
Influence of sterilization methods on selected soil microbiological, physical, and chemical properties

Lindemann, M.D.; Kornegay, E.T.; Heugten, E. van, 1988:
Influence of stocking density on performance and immune response of swine

Hasanah, M., 1988:
Influence of storage conditions on sunflower seed quality

Afandi, M.H., 1982:
Influence of storage duration on sprout growth of Gliricidaea

Prasad, B.K.; Narayan, N., 1988:
Influence of storage fungi on the physico-characteristics and germination of coriander seed

Brasche M.R.; Russell J.R., 1988:
Influence of storage methods on the utilization of large round hay bales by beef cows, A.; Tatini, S.R., 1989:
Influence of storage of grade A raw milk on quality and yield of Cheddar cheese

Sampaio A.A.M.; Oliveira M.D.S.D.; Andrade P.D.; Rosa L.C.D.A., 1987:
Influence of storage on nutritive value and composition of rhodesgrass hay

Jelsik, A., 1988:
Influence of storage period on change in sensory characteristics of ice creams

Bhattacharjee, M.; Bhole, N.G.; Nath, S., 1989:
Influence of storage time on quality of mung beans stored in different packing systems

Smith, B.D.; Kendall, D.A., 1988:
Influence of straw incorporation and associated herbicide and molluscicide treatments on fauna in cereal crops

Safarov, M.B., 1989:
Influence of stress on lipid metabolism in Karakul sheep

Rubekin, E.A.; Malyarova, M.A., 1989:
Influence of stress on the haematological response of rabbits to cadmium chloride intake

Bode, H.C., 1988:
Influence of sublethal Sarcocystis miescheriana infections on the nitrogen and mineral metabolism of fattening pigs

Engels, C.; Marschner, H., 1988:
Influence of suboptimal root zone temperatures on the growth and nutrient uptake of maize

Ball J.P., 1990:
Influence of subsequent flooding depth on cattail control by burning and mowing

Selezneva, E.S.; Belousova, Z.P.; Purygin, P.P.; Mavrinskaya, L.F.; Sarbaeva, N.N.; Dzhandzhgava, M.M., 1989:
Influence of substances in the imidazole series on acid phosphatase activity in the supraoesophageal ganglion of Drosophila

Ross, W.N.; Aréchiga, H.; Nicholls, J.G., 1988:
Influence of substrate on the distribution of calcium channels in identified leech neurons in culture

Salam, A.; Saha, D.; Mukhopadhyay, A.K., 1990:
Influence of successive cropping on native N-transformation in a limed and the corresponding unlimed soil

Hall, C.E.; Tsong, Y., 1988:
Influence of sucrose and NaCl on blood pressure of SHB and WKY rats

Langford, P.J.; Wainwright, H., 1988:
Influence of sucrose concentration on the photosynthetic ability of in vitro grown rose shoots

Heinze, W.; Martens, E., 1988:
Influence of sulfaquinoxaline and metronidazole administered orally and subcutaneously on liveweight gain of chicks, young rats and Leghorn hens and on laying performance of Leghorn and quail hens

Andres, C.J.; Cline, T.R., 1989:
Influence of sulfate in drinking water on mouse reproduction during two parities

Meyer R.E.; Bovey R.W., 1990 :
Influence of sulfonylurea and other herbicides on selected woody and herbaceous species

Smilanick J.L.; Harvey J.M.; Hartsell P.L.; Henson D.J.; Harris C.M.; Fouse D.C.; Assemi M., 1990:
Influence of sulfur dioxide fumigant dose on residues and control of postharvest decay of grapes

Goodroad L.L.; Ohki K.; Wilson D.O., 1989:
Influence of sulfur on growth and nutrient composition of soft red winter wheat

Tsuruuchi, T., 1988:
Influence of summer flooding on the survival of some winter weeds, especially catchweed bedstraw (Galium spurium L. var. echinospermon (Wallr.) Hayek) seeds

Myers, S.C., 1989:
Influence of summer pruning on tree growth and fruit quality

Bernard J.K.; Amos H.E.; Froetschel M.A.; Evans J.J., 1988:
Influence of supplemental energy and protein on protein synthesis and crude protein reaching the abomasum

Marutani M.; Cruz F., 1989:
Influence of supplemental irrigation on development of potatoes in the tropics

Kirkpatrick, B.K.; Kennelly, J.J., 1989:
Influence of supplemental protein source and protein concentration on ruminal and intestinal digestion in heifers

Swecker, W.S.; Eversole, D.E.; Thatcher, C.D.; Blodgett, D.J.; Schurig, G.G.; Meldrum, J.B., 1989:
Influence of supplemental selenium on humoral immune responses in weaned beef calves

Swecker, W.S.J.; Eversole, D.E.; Thatcher, C.D.; Blodgett, D.J.; Schurig, G.G.; Meldrum, J.B., 1987:
Influence of supplemental selenium on the humoral immune response in weaned beef calves

Younis, R.A.; Wagner, D.G., 1988:
Influence of supplemental soybean meal, corn gluten feed or blends of soybean meal and corn gluten on intake and utilization of prairie hay by beef heifers

Guise, H.J.; Penny, R.H., 1990:
Influence of supplementary iron in late pregnancy on the performance of sows and litters

Harris K.B.; Thomas V.M.; Petersen M.K.; Mcinerney M.J.; Kott R.W.; Ayers E., 1989:
Influence of supplementation on forage intake and nutrient retention of gestating ewes grazing winter range

Vozenilkova, B., 1988:
Influence of surface modification of cabbage seeds and application of fungicides in case of cancer affliction (Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor.)

Unruh, L.G., 1989:
Influence of surface soil acidity in south central Kansas on common hard red winter wheat and grain sorghum cultivars

Shilling D.G.; Haller W.T.; Willard T.R.; Mossler M.A., 1990:
Influence of surfactants and additives on phytotoxicity of glyphosate to torpedograss

Schalk, J.M.; Creighton, C.S., 1989:
Influence of sweet potato cultivars in combination with a biological control agent (Nematoda: Heterorhabditis heliothidis) on larval development of the banded cucumber beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Atkins, S.; Atkins, G.; Rhodes, M.; Stout, JF., 1989:
Influence of syllable period on song encoding properties of an ascending auditory interneuron in the cricket Acheta domestica

Fabian, I.; Moga, I., 1988:
Influence of symbiotic and combined nitrogen on lucerne and red clover growth

Csikvary, L.; Gippert, T., 1988:
Influence of synthetic amino acid and copper sulphate supplements in the diet on the wool yield of Angora rabbits

Sankar, U.M.A.; Dhoble, R.L.; Agarwal, S.K.; Srivastava, S.K.; Nautiyal, L.P., 1989:
Influence of synthetic gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) on pregnancy rate in post-partum cows

David, P.M.M.; Kumaraswami, T., 1989:
Influence of synthetic pyrethroids on the population of red spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisduval in bhendi

Savage, Gp, 1989:
Influence of tannin-binding substances on the quality of yellow and brown sorghum

French, J.B.; Headley, J.C., 1989:
Influence of technology and weather on the variability in U.S. maize and wheat yields

Gomez Pinol, J.M.; Torre Boronat, M.C. de la, 1989:
Influence of technology on the nutritive value of foods. I. Proteins

Gomez Pinol, J.M.; Torre Boronat, M.C. de la, 1989:
Influence of technology on the nutritive value of foods. II. Lipids

Zimmerman, J.J.; Berry, W.J.; Beran, G.W.; Murphy, D.P., 1989:
Influence of temperature and age on the recovery of pseudorabies virus from houseflies (Musca domestica)

Slovak, M., 1987:
Influence of temperature and host's nutritional conditions on development of the immature stages of Exetastes cinctipes Retz. (Hym., Ichneumonidae)

Abiko K.; Ishii M., 1988:
Influence of temperature and humidity conditions on the outbreak of eggplant black rot

Utikar, P.G.; Shinde, P.A.; Sonawane, C.S., 1986:
Influence of temperature and incubation period on fruit for initiation and development by post-harvest fungi of guava

Zareh, N.; Morse, J.G., 1989:
Influence of temperature and life stage in monitoring for pesticide resistance in citrus thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) with residual bioassays

Chan, L.F.; Lai, K.L., 1987:
Influence of temperature and photoperiod in seedling stage on flowering of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Hurd, LE.; Marinari, PE.; Eisenberg, RM., 1989:
Influence of temperature and photoperiod on early developmental rate of Tenodera sinensis Saussure (Mantodea: Mantidae)

Hallgren, E., 1989:
Influence of temperature and relative humidity at application on the effect of weed control in spring and winter cereals with MCPA, MCPA + dichlorprop and Oxitril 4. Field trials

Hill, N.S.; Schmitt, D.P., 1989:
Influence of Temperature and Soybean Phenology on Dormancy Induction of Heterodera glycines

Figliolia, M.B., 1985:
Influence of temperature and substrate on the germination of seeds of some indigenous forest species

Wilson, L.; Madden, L.; Ellis, M., 1990:
Influence of temperature and wetness duration on infection of immature and mature strawberry fruit by Colletotrichum acutatum

Biggs, A.; Northover, J., 1988:
Influence of temperature and wetness duration on infection of peach and sweet cherry fruits by Monilinia fructicola

Cho, F.; Duitschaever, C.L.; Buteau, C., 1990:
Influence of temperature of incubation on the physico-chemical and sensory quality of yoghurt

Ando, K.; Tanaka, H.; Chinzei, Y., 1989:
Influence of temperature on development of eggs and larvae of Gnathostoma nipponicum Yamaguti, 1941

Skinner D.Z.; Stuteville D.L., 1989:
Influence of temperature on expression of resistance to rust in diploid alfalfa

Sharma, B.R.; Sharma, O.P.; Bansal, R.D., 1987:
Influence of temperature on incidence of yellow vein mosaic virus in okra

Bariana, H.S.; Sokhi, S.S., 1987:
Influence of temperature on incubation period of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici virulences 77 (45 R 31) and 104 (17 R 23) vis-a-vis different wheat cultivars

Peshkova, A.A., 1989:
Influence of temperature on nitrogen-assimilation system formation and seedling development in maize with different genotypes

Michels, G J.; Jr.; Behle, RW., 1989:
Influence of temperature on reproduction, development, and intrinsic rate of increase of Russian wheat aphid, greenbug, and bird cherry-oat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Silva, I.G. da; Silva, H.H.G. da, 1988:
Influence of temperature on the biology of triatomines. IV. Triatoma infestans (Klug, 1834) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Silva, I.G. da, 1989:
Influence of temperature on the biology of triatomines. VIII. Triatoma matogrossensis Leite & Barbosa, 1953 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Lok, M.L.C.; Heyer, W.; Cruz, B., 1987:
Influence of temperature on the development of the biological stages of Systena basalis

Donzele, J.L.; Alvarenga, J.C.; Lopes, D.C., 1988:
Influence of temperature on the energy requirement of growing and finishing pigs

Feng, C.C.; Yang, J.Y., 1987:
Influence of temperature on the growth and development of Schizaphis graminum

Tsuruuchi, T.; Furuya, T.; Murayama, S.; Simano, I.; Matsumoto, S., 1988:
Influence of temperature on the growth, flowering and fruiting of ivyleaf speedwell (Veronica hederifolia L.) in comparison with birdseye speedwell (V. persica Poir)

Kostova, T., 1989:
Influence of temperature on the viability and pathogenicity of rabbit coccidia

Johnson, D.L., 1990:
Influence of temperature on toxicity of two pyrethroids to grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Ghogre, S.B.; Kodmelwar, R.V., 1986:
Influence of temperature, humidity, pH and light on mycelial growth and sporulation of Colletotrichum curcumae (Syd.) Butler and Bisby

Saleem, M., 1988:
Influence of temperature, moisture, and nitrogen on tillering of sorghum and pearl millet

Zhang, L.H., 1988:
Influence of temperature, relative humidity and storing methods on rice seed viability

Pohlan, J.; Loszner, G.; Eiszner, H., 1988:
Influence of temperature, variety and weed competition on the oil content and fatty acid composition of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

Kackley, K.; Grybauskas, A.; Hill, R.; Dernoeden, P., 1990:
Influence of temperature-soil water status interactions on the development of summer patch in Poa spp

Andrieu, J.; Berekoutou, M., 1989:
Influence of temperatures on the earliness of heading and on the nutritive value of two grasses during the first growth cycle

Bhuiyan, M.S.R., 1987:
Influence of tenurial status of land on the adoption of improved production technology in an area of Bangladesh

Howard, J.G.; Barone, M.A.; Clingerman, K.J.; Bush, M.; Wildt, D.E., 1988:
Influence of teratospermia, culture media and a sperm swim-up techniquue on penetration of zona-free hamster ova by domestic cat spermatozoa

Hunter, T.; Locke, T.; Carter, G.A., 1988:
Influence of test medium and age of inoculum on the sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea to dichlofluanid in laboratory assays

Stenzel, W.R., 1989:
Influence of the beta -receptor blocker propranolol on adrenergic components of the autonomic nervous system of pigs, with quantitative determination in blood plasma

Sevilla, F.; Almansa, M.S.; Hellin, E.; Alcaraz, C.F., 1988:
Influence of the Citrus species and varieties on the isozyme profile of iron-superoxide dismutases

Mauperon, L.D., 1988:
Influence of the European Common Agriculture Policy on compound feed production, raw materials supply, grain and protein policy

Bougerol, B.; Pham, J.L., 1989:
Influence of the Oryza sativa genotype on the fertility and quantitative traits of F1 hybrids between the two cultivated rice species O. sativa L. and O. glaberrima Steud

Lilov, D.; Christov, C.; Andonova, T.; Zozikova, E., 1987:
Influence of the abscisic acid (ABA) on the productivity of the vines

Butwiowicz, A.; Wojtczak Lewandowska, E.; Tomaszewska, A.; Mossakowska Weber, K.; Chestowska, A., 1989:
Influence of the action of accelerated electrons on transfer of non-sugars from beet tissue to liquid phase

Muramatsu, T.; Hwang Bo, J.; Okumura, J.; Tasaki, I., 1989:
Influence of the administration of tri-iodothyronine on heat production in chicks

Bielinski, K.; Rosinski, A., 1989:
Influence of the age of White Italian geese on their reproductive performance

Zon, A.; Bielanski, P.; Niedzwiadek, S., 1989:
Influence of the age of weaning upon growth of raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Hahmann, C., 1988:
Influence of the alpha - and/or beta -adrenergic agonists noradrenaline, midodrine and clenbuterol on mating behaviour and ejaculation of healthy Beagle dogs

Queed, A.N.; A.D.rkazly, T.A.; Ali, A.S.A., 1988:
Influence of the bacterial insecticide (Bactospeine) on survival and development of three lepidopterous insects

Dewes, T.; Ahrens, E., 1989:
Influence of the basis of calculation on the interpretation of Corg and Nt data in decomposition processes of organic matter with particular regard to the use of additives

Rich, JR.; Rahi, GS.; Opperman, CH.; Davis, EL., 1989:
Influence of the castor bean (Ricinus communis) lectin (ricin) on motility of Meloidogyne incognita

Shterman, V.S.; Ivchenko, E.V.; Sapronov, A.R.; Zhigalov, M.S.; Belostotskii, L.G.; Zakharova, I.V., 1989:
Influence of the cleaning of root crops on juice quality

Berckmans, D.; Goedseels, V.; Stuyft, E. van der, 1989:
Influence of the climate controller on inside climate and on energy use in livestock buildings

Miura, Y., 1989:
Influence of the concentration of mineral elements in liquid medium and the change of the concentration during cultivation on carnation tip cultures in vitro

Tratnik, L.; Krsev, L., 1990:
Influence of the concentration parameters of demineralized whey and demineralized whey permeate on reverse osmosis efficiency

Glijer, L., 1989:
Influence of the condition of the flue gas on the heat consumption in flue-gas-heated particle driers

Duthion, C.; Amarger, N., 1989:
Influence of the conditions of nitrogen nutrition on dry matter and nitrogen accumulation in spring white lupin

Schopper, D.; Eyrich, H.; Zeeb, K.; Unshelm, J., 1989:
Influence of the cow trainer on oestrous symptoms in dairy cows. 2. Ovarian function and frequency of silent heat (evaluation of progesterone profiles)

Eyrich, H.; Zeeb, K.; Schopper, D.; Unshelm, J., 1989:
Influence of the cow trainer on oestrus symptoms in dairy cows. 1. Intensity of oestrus symptoms

Eyrich, H.; Zeeb, K., 1989:
Influence of the cow-trainer on heat in dairy cows

Julia, A.; Lebugle, A., 1990 :
Influence of the crystalline state on the solubility of magnesium in calcium orthophosphates

Kading, H., 1987:
Influence of the cutting date of the last regrowth on growth, stand density, plant height and yield of the first growth in the following year

Kalembasa, S.; Kania, R., 1988:
Influence of the date and rate of application of active sludge from the liquid fraction of pig slurry on maize yield

Ferrer, R.; Guzman, G.; Guerrero, J.; Cabreara, J., 1988:
Influence of the day of parturition in the production cycle of sows on morbidity from piglet diarrhoea

Roztropowicz, S.; Rykaczewska, K., 1987:
Influence of the degree of shading of potato plants in the canopy on the action of nitrogen

Vezina, L., 1989:
Influence of the density of green foxtail and barnyard grass on barley and spring wheat yields

Casanova Cabezas, E., 1989:
Influence of the different harvesting schemes on sugarcane quality

Yapo, A., 1988:
Influence of the direction of crossing on the fertility and vegetative behaviour of Arabusta hybrids

Ammann, P.; Rizzoli, R.; Fleisch, H., 1988:
Influence of the disaccharide lactitol on intestinal absorption and body retention of calcium in rats

Zimmermann, H.; Hering, L., 1989:
Influence of the drinking water supply on recovery of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the pharynx of mink

Juricek, J., 1990:
Influence of the dry matter content on the change of density and conductivity of pig manure

Veisz, O., 1989:
Influence of the duration and spectral composition of illumination on frost resistance in winter wheat

Akhvlediani, N.E.; Gigineishvili, D.G., 1987:
Influence of the duration of illumination on the content of the growth regulators in the grafted components

Minyaev, A.I.; Denisov, I.A.; Kutakova, N.B.; Lukin, Y.N.; Soroko, V.E.; Evstratov, A.A., 1988:
Influence of the electronic structure and chemical properties of the surface of vanadium catalysts on their catalytic activity in oxidation of SO2

Beers, S.; Mirando, M.A.; Pontzer, C.H.; Harney, J.P.; Torres, B.A.; Johnson, H.M.; Bazer, F.W., 1990:
Influence of the endometrium, protease inhibitors and freezing on antiviral activity of proteins secreted by pig conceptuses

Schloffel, H.J.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G., 1988:
Influence of the energy and protein supply of broiler hens on their laying performance, liveweight development, reproduction performance and growth of broiler chickens

Szteke B.; Jedrzejczak R.; Nieplocha J.; Tych W., 1989:
Influence of the environmental factors on cadmium content in strawberry fruit

Lu, X.X.; Wang, D.L.; Zhou, M., 1987:
Influence of the extractives of Chinese fir wood upon their natural resistance to fungus and termite damage

Almasi, R.; Srdic, Z.; Stojanovic, T., 1987:
Influence of the food regime on the fecundity and fertility of the Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella Hbn.) (Lepidoptera, Phycitidae)

Paprzycki, O.; Pecina, H., 1989:
Influence of the form of lignocellulose fibres on their wettability

Frisch, J.E.; Hunter, R.A., 1990:
Influence of the growth promotant Synovex-HReg. on growth, resistance to parasites and reproduction of cattle heifers of three breeds

Krause, D.; Seiffert, M.; Honermeier, B., 1988:
Influence of the growth regulators CCC and Camposan on standing ability and yield of triticale cv. Grado

Tendaj, M., 1988:
Influence of the harvest date on yield and sowing value of garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa L.) seeds

Crescimanno, F.G.; Pasquale, F. de; Germana, M.A.; Bazan, E.; Palazzolo, E., 1988:
Influence of the harvesting period on the yield of essential oil from the peel of four lemon cultivars

Malkomes, H.P., 1989:
Influence of the herbicide Gropper (metsulfuron-ester) on microbial activities in the soil under laboratory conditions

Pinzon Diaz, R.A.; Lamas Riadigos, R.L., 1989:
Influence of the internal design of spraying nozzles on droplet numbers as determined by 'no-image' optical methods

Parigi Bini, R.; Xiccato, G.; Cinetto, M., 1989:
Influence of the interval from parturition to mating on reproductive traits in female rabbits

Desroches, P., 1990:
Influence of the intracotyledonary larval density on the reproductive capacities of Acanthoscelides obtectus Say (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Obata, H.; Umebayashi, M., 1988 :
Influence of the irrigation method on the cadmium content of brown rice

Ogawa, M.; Oshibe, A.; Mashubuchi, T., 1989:
Influence of the level of feeding and hay addition on the apparent digestibility of whole crop sorghum silage based diets

Schober, B., 1988:
Influence of the loading on creep behaviour of wood and wood-based materials. Part 2: Alternating load studies

Blackman, M.A.; Marrack, P.; Kappler, J., 1989:
Influence of the major histocompatibility complex on positive thymic selection of V beta 17a+ T cells

Yehia, Z.R.; E.W.kil, H.R.; Mekhail, G.M.; Tewfik, M.S., 1987:
Influence of the method of application of herbicides on faba beans yield and associated weeds

Jawaharlal, M.; Sundararajan, S.; Veeraragavathatham, D., 1988:
Influence of the method of application of zinc and iron on the major nutrient content of onion (Allium cepa var. cepa)

Casamassima, D.; Manera, C.; Mugnozza, G.S., 1988:
Influence of the microclimate on rabbit productivity

Demeyer, K.; Dejaegere, R., 1988:
Influence of the mineral nutrition on the 'specific accumulation rate' of alkaloids in Datura stramonium L

Demeyer, K.; Dejaegere, R., 1988:
Influence of the mineral nutrition on yield and alkaloid content in Datura stramonium L. var. tatula

Robinson, P.H.; Lucas, G.; Kennelly, J.J., 1989:
Influence of the moisture level of barley on its storage characteristics in silage bags

Baumont, R.; Brun, J.P.; Dulphy, J.P., 1989:
Influence of the nature of hay on its ingestibility and the kinetics of intake during large meals in sheep and cows

Nozynski, W., 1986:
Influence of the number of glue joints on the bending of glulam

Schroder, A.; Weikard, R., 1988:
Influence of the nutritional state of rats on protein biosynthesis in the cell-free system

Premakumari, D.; Marattukalam, J.G.; Panikkar, A.O.N., 1988:
Influence of the orientation of laticifers and quantity of laticiferous tissue on yield in Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg

Hauck, O., 1987:
Influence of the origin of spruce cuttings on their root formation

Cuevas, H. de las; Herrera, M.; Sotolongo, I., 1988:
Influence of the output geometrical coefficient K = 10.8 and the internal deflector on the air flow of the axial fan of the orchard sprayer

Rund, L.A.; Leshin, L.S.; Thompson, F.N.; Rampacek, G.B.; Kiser, T.E., 1989:
Influence of the ovary and suckling on luteinizing hormone response to naloxone in postpartum beef cows

Verchenko, L.M.; Shevtsov, L.D.; Pedos, A.G.; Shaposhnikova, L.M.; Bobrovnik, L.D., 1990:
Influence of the oxygen of carbonatation gas on the quality of purified juices

Protais, J.; Bougon, M., 1988:
Influence of the passage of a coronavirus variant on the quality of eggs

Voeten A.C.; Van D.L.est L., 1989:
Influence of the pelleting temperature used for feed on salmonella infection in broilers

Leon, J.; Barrio, N., 1987:
Influence of the phases of the moon in the attraction of trap trees for scolytids of the genus Ips in pine forests of Baracoa

Ivanov P.; Dzhendova R., 1987:
Influence of the phosphate buffering capacity on the mobility and availability of phosphorus

Amirante, P.; Renzo, G.C. di, 1988:
Influence of the physical and mechanical characteristics of products on the design of vacuum cooling plants

Nørgaard, P., 1989:
Influence of the physical form of diet on chewing activity and reticulo-rumen motility in cows

Jarrige, J.F.; Jebbari, K.; Boucher, D., 1990:
Influence of the pineal gland on testicular function in offspring of pinealectomized rats

Stosser, R., 1989:
Influence of the pollinating cultivar on fruit set and yield in plums and prunes

Hartmann, C.; Aldag, R., 1989:
Influence of the preceding crop and environmental conditions on the nodulation and N2 fixation of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) 'Gambit' and its host specificity

Megahed, H.S.; Steurbaut, W.; Dejonckheere, W., 1987:
Influence of the presence of soybean oil-surfactant combinations on the rainfastness and the photodegradation of insecticide deposits

Moga, I.; Mincu, N., 1988:
Influence of the principal climatic elements on lucerne seed yields in intensive cropping technology

Simko, J.; Prostredny, P., 1989:
Influence of the proportions of individual components of the lucerne crop on the crude protein and fibre contents

Schwartz, S.; Farriol, M.; Rodriguez, R.; García, E.; Padró, J.B.; Vente, P.E., 1987:
Influence of the qualitative caloric composition of enteral diets on liver protein synthesis in normal and operated rats

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Influence of the quantity of red rice on the percentage of whole grains

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Influence of the refining systems on the deacidification and the colour of degummed palm oil

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Influence of the residual lignin on the physical and mechanical properties of chemical sulfate pulp of Jacaranda copaia

Steyaert, P.; Buldgen, A.; Compere, R., 1989:
Influence of the rice bran content in mash on growth performance of broiler chickens in Senegal

Dujesiefken, D.; Liese, W., 1990:
Influence of the season of injury on wound healing in beech (Fagus sylvatica)

Balog, J.M.; Millar, R.I., 1989:
Influence of the sense of taste on broiler chick feed consumption

Burghelle-Mayeur, C.; Demarne, Y.; Mérat, P., 1989:
Influence of the sex-linked dwarfing gene (dw) on the lipid composition of plasma, egg yolk and abdominal fat pad in White Leghorn laying hens: effect of dietary fat

Zivanov, N.; Ivanisevic, P., 1985 :
Influence of the spatial variability of alluvial soils on the development of poplar plantations established by the deep planting technique

Matias, P.G.; Correia, F.N.; Pereira, L.S., 1988:
Influence of the spatial variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity on the infiltration process

Zhang, M.Y.; Fan, X.H.; Zing, J.M., 1988:
Influence of the spore:crystal ratio of Bacillus thuringiensis on its toxicity to the larvae of Ostrinia furnacalis (Lep.: Pyralidae)

Sreenivasa M.N.; Rajashekhara E., 1989:
Influence of the stage of host development and genotypes on mycorrhizal colonization of field grown wheat

Luxova, M., 1985:
Influence of the stem root primordia on the cambial activity in poplar stem

Bonnel, L.; Camporota, P., 1989:
Influence of the strain of Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhn, 1858) on multiplication of the mycophagous nematode, Aphelenchus avenae (Bastian, 1865)

Hildebrand, E.E., 1986:
Influence of the structural deterioration of fine loams on the root development of two Norway spruce clones

Teiwes, K.; Ehlers, W., 1989:
Influence of the structure of soils under different tillage regimes on the hydraulic conductivity

Mallard, B.A.; Wilkie, B.N.; Croy, B.A.; Kennedy, B.W.; Friendship, R., 1988:
Influence of the swine major histocompatibility complex on reproductive traits in miniature swine

Serieys, F.; Lerondelle, C.; Poutrel, B., 1988:
Influence of the technique used for intramammary injection on the efficacy of mastitis treatment at drying-off and during lactation

Aguilera, G.; Romano, M.C., 1989:
Influence of the thymus on steroidogenesis by rat ovarian cells in vitro

Scherer, H.W., 1989:
Influence of the time of K fertilization on the dynamics of NH4-N fixed by clay minerals after slurry application

Fuentes, M.A.; Galina, C.S.; Navarro Fierro, R., 1988:
Influence of the time of the year and thawing procedures on fertility in zebu cattle

Cuellar, L.; Acuigrup ; Fontanillas, J.C., 1988:
Influence of the type of pond and the water quality on the morbidity and mortality due to Aeromonas in trout farming

Graf, E.; Manser, P.; Schmitter, M., 1989:
Influence of the vitality of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and silver fir (Abies alba) on the resistance of construction timber to larvae of the house longhorn (Hylotrupes bajulus)

Lenz, O.; Nogler, P.; Braker, O.U., 1988:
Influence of the weather on silver fir dieback in the Berne region

Lorenzo A.; Perez A.; Badia P.; Gomez T., 1989:
Influence of theophylline on phenylalanine transport across isolated duodenal mucosa of lizard

Abrol, D.P., 1987:
Influence of thermal and energetic constraints on the pollination activity of carpenter bee Xylocopa pubescens

Holscher, T., 1989:
Influence of thermal effects of the soil on greenhouse heat consumption

Karpun, E.; Pis'-Mennyi, V.; Semenova, I., 1989 :
Influence of thermal sterilization on sugar losses in molasses solutions

Eberlein, C.V.; Miller, T.L.; Wiersma, J.V., 1988:
Influence of thiameturon and DPX-L5300 on wild oats (Avena fatua) control with barban, diclofop, AC 222,293, and difenzoquat

Galzy R.; Haffner V.; Compan D., 1990:
Influence of three factors on the growth and nutrition of grapevine microcuttings

Dilday, R.H., 1987:
Influence of thresher cylinder speed and grain moisture at harvest on milling yield of rice

Dabney, S.M., 1988:
Influence of tillage and lime on nutrition of soybeans doublecropped with wheat

Utomo, M.; Suprapto, H.; Sunyoto, 1989:
Influence of tillage and nitrogen fertilization on soil nitrogen, decomposition of alang-alang (Imperata cylindrica) and corn production of alang-alang land

Khan, M.A., 1989:
Influence of tillage methods and mulches on soil moisture and yield of gram and wheat under rainfed condition

Glanville, S.F.; Connolly, R.D.; Foley, J.E., 1987:
Influence of tillage practices and cover on infiltration of simulated rainfall

Bhadoria P.B.S., 1988:
Influence of tillage practices in physical properties and wheat production

Duncan R.R.; Dominy R.E., 1989:
Influence of tillage systems and cover crops on anthracnose development in grain sorghum

Buhler, D.; Daniel, T., 1988:
Influence of tillage systems on giant foxtail, Setaria faberi, and velvetleaf, Abutilon theophrasti, density and control in corn, Zea mays

Sharpe, R.R.; Touchton, J.T.; Reeves, D.W., 1988:
Influence of tillage systems on wheat yields and the need for in-row subsoiling for doublecropped soybeans

Hairston, J.E.; Marshall, L.K.; Sanford, J.O.; McConnaughey, P.K., 1988:
Influence of tillage, fumigation, row location and fertilizer placement on soybean growth and yield

Nakayama, S.; Takabayashi, M., 1988:
Influence of time and duration of drainage after sprouting of direct-seeded paddy rice on the herbicidal action of pyrazolate

Khot, R.S.; Bhat, B.N.; Kambar, N.S.; Angadi, S.V., 1989:
Influence of time and number of irrigations on the yield of bidi tobacco in Nipani area

Nooman, S.A., 1989:
Influence of time and rate of watering on grain sorghum yields

Child, R.D.; Evans, D.E.; Hutcheon, J.A.; Jordan, V.W.; Stinchcombe, G.R., 1988:
Influence of time of application of growth retardants on canopy structure, disease and yield in oilseed rape

Ledgard, S.F.; Steele, K.W.; Feyter, C., 1988:
Influence of time of application on the fate of 15N-labelled urea applied to dairy pasture

Zinn R.A., 1990:
Influence of time of day on live weight measurements for feedlot steers

Spieker, R., 1989:
Influence of time of day on the renal excretion of some minerals in cattle

Frye, C.A.; Erskine, M.S., 1990:
Influence of time of mating and paced copulation on induction of pseudopregnancy in cyclic female rats

Roth, C.H.; Gath, S.; Konig, R.; Frede, H.G., 1988:
Influence of time-course variations of the water conductivity of sludges on surface runoff of a loess parabraunerde

Perniola, M.; Guarini, D.; Rosco, P., 1989:
Influence of timing and rate of nitrogen fertilizer application rate on rape productivity on the Ofanto plain

Frandsen, E.K.; Bacchus, R.A., 1988:
Influence of timing in the fructosamine assay

Castro, R.; Gomez, R., 1988:
Influence of timing of phosphate application; on the yield and nutritional phosphate status of rice (Oryza sativa)

Djordje, M.R., 1988:
Influence of tire inflation pressure on soil bulk density

Skarda, R.T.; Jean, G.S.; Muir, W.W., 1990:
Influence of tolazoline on caudal epidural administration of xylazine in cattle

Omoy, T.R., 1987:
Influence of tomato leaf extract on the oviposition of diamond back moth on Chinese cabbage

Imura, E.; Hayasaka, M., 1988:
Influence of top removal on root quality, studied in sugarbeet cultivated in a field used for long-term continuous cropping of sugarbeet

Leprieur, C.E.; Durand, J.M.; Peyron, J.L., 1988 :
Influence of topography on forest reflectance using Landsat Thematic Mapper and digital terrain data

Zahradnicek, J.; Ticha, B.; Duffek, M.; Smatlak, V.; Bohuslavska, M., 1989:
Influence of topping height at sugarbeet harvest on beet yield and technological quality. II. Beet storage life and technological indices at separate beet processing

Volodkovich, M.M., 1987:
Influence of trace elements and vitamins on metabolism and productivity in cows

Villadrich, E.; Buxaderas, S.; Marine Font, A., 1990:
Influence of trace metals on the stability of edible fats

Warrington, I.J.; Stanley, C.J.; Tustin, D.S.; Hirst, P.M.; Cashmore, W.M., 1989:
Influence of training system on 'Granny Smith' yield and fruit quality

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Influence of transition metals added during sporulation on heat resistance of Clostridium botulinum 113B spores

Allan, RA.; Mahrt, JL., 1989:
Influence of transmission period on primary and relapse patterns of infection of Leucocytozoon spp. and Haemoproteus mansoni

Gvozdev, E.V.; Agapova, A.I., 1987:
Influence of transplantation of fishes on the distribution of monogeneans

Kempkens, K., 1989:
Influence of transponder feeding in summer and winter on the behaviour of dairy cattle in cubicle housing

Emanovic D.; Timet D.; Gradinski Vrbanac B.; Herak M.; Klinar Z., 1988:
Influence of transport on some beef cattle blood plasma parameters

Rosca, I.; Brudea, V., 1987:
Influence of trap type on the number of males of the turnip moth (Agrotis segetum Den. et Schiff.) caught by a synthetic sex pheromone - Atraseg

Richter, W., 1988:
Influence of treating grain with ammonia on zearalenone intoxication in pigs

Parra Gilabert, M.; Pina Tuells, A.; Hernandez Rubio, J., 1988:
Influence of treatments with gibberellins on ABA in Verna lemon during growth and maturity

Ahmad Shah, A.; Rieley, J.O., 1989:
Influence of tree canopies on the quantity of water and amount of chemical elements reaching the peat surface of a basin mire in the Midlands of England

Puerto, A.; Rico, M., 1989:
Influence of tree canopy (Quercus rotundifolia Lam.) on surface soil water content in Mediterranean grasslands

Chandran, P.; Dutta, D.K.; Gupta, S.K.; Banerjee, S.K., 1989:
Influence of tree species on the physico-chemical properties and nutrient status of the high altitude soils of Darjeeling

Bazhamova, N.V.; Ananyan, A.M.; Arakelyan, N.A.; Akopyan, E.A., 1989:
Influence of treflan on catalytic activity of urease in soil

Mikhailova, N.A.; Granovich, A.I.; Sergievskii, S.O., 1988:
Influence of trematodes on the micro-biotopical distribution of the molluscs Littorina obtusata and L. saxatilis

Wrutniak, C.; Cabello, G., 1989:
Influence of tri-iodothyronine or lipid administration on the response of the pituitary-thyroid axis to exposure to cold in the newborn lamb

Kim M A.; Kiyoto K.; Tsukikawa M.; Matoba T.; Hasegawa K., 1988:
Influence of triacylglycerol composition on the emulsification capacity of oils

Kawecki, Z.; Wazbinska, J., 1989:
Influence of triazine herbicides upon changes of crude fat content and their acidity in stratified seeds of cherry-plum

Davis, T.D., 1986:
Influence of triazole growth retardants on adventitious root formation in bean hypocotyl cuttings

Rice, C.D.; Weeks, B.A., 1989:
Influence of tributyltin on in vitro activation of oyster toadfish macrophages

Anonymous, 1987:
Influence of trichome density on the oviposition of diamondback moth on Chinese cabbage leaves

Kang, Y.S.; Chung, G.S.; Son, Y.; Kim, J.C., 1988:
Influence of turbidity of submerged water on photosynthetic rate of rice plants

Frank, T.; Malkomes, H.P., 1990:
Influence of two herbicides on microbial activities in the soil (pot trials)

Judkins, M.B.; Stobart, R.H., 1988:
Influence of two levels of enzyme preparation on ruminal fermentation, particulate and fluid passage and cell wall digestion in wether lambs consuming either a 10% or 25% grain diet

Naranjo, S.E., 1990:
Influence of two mass-marking techniques on survival and flight behavior of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Czerko, Z.; Gasto, J.; Manikowski, Z., 1985:
Influence of two methods of harvesting on the storability of potatoes with particular reference to mechanical damage

Schott P.E.; Will H.; Schlueter A.; Meumann H.; Rademacher W.; Schelberger K., 1989:
Influence of two new auxin analogues on fruit set and quality of tomatoes

Mondragon, I.; Almeida, A.A. de, 1988:
Influence of two temperatures on the development of Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier, 1819) (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) on stored maize

Baker, J.G.; Tomlinson, J.E.; Johnson, D.D.; Boyd, M.E., 1989:
Influence of two whole oilseed sources supplemented with MEGALAC on the performance and milk composition of early lactation cows

Bohlmann, G., 1988:
Influence of type and duration of utilization on lucerne stand density and yield in the coastal area

Szlachta, J.; Wiercioch, M., 1985:
Influence of type and tension of the teatcup rubber and parameters of the pulsator on intensity of teat massage using the Duovac apparatus

Robinson P.H.; Kennelly J.J.; Mathison G.W., 1988:
Influence of type of silage bag on chemical composition of alfalfa silage

Schwanghart, H., 1987:
Influence of tyre tread on steering forces with non driven tyres on hard surface

Saralabai, V.C.; Thamizhchelvan, P.; Santhaguru, K., 1989:
Influence of ultraviolet-B radiation on fixation and assimilation of nitrogen in Crotalaria juncea Linn

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Influence of underlying material on the weathering of loess in Ohio

Newman, S.E.; Tenney, S.B.; Follett, M.W., 1989:
Influence of uniconizole (Sumagic) on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L

Petrov, S.; Cvetkovic, N., 1989:
Influence of unremoved leaves and tops on the properties of diffusion juice in sugar beet processing, and on the sugar yield

Merz, H.U.; Trosch, W., 1988:
Influence of untreated cattle slurry and slurry composted for biogas production on the germination behaviour of selected plant species

Kashiwazaki, H.; Dejima, Y.; Suzuki, T., 1990:
Influence of upper and lower thermoneutral room temperatures (20 degrees C and 25 degrees C) on fasting and post-prandial resting metabolism under different outdoor temperatures

Ghatak, P.L.; Bandyopadhyay, A.K.; Gupta, M.P., 1990:
Influence of urea and carbohydrate on heat stability of milk

Dutu, H.; Cristea, M.; Murariu, M., 1989:
Influence of useful temperatures and dynamics of grain water loss on maize grain yields

Hochberg, H.; Anders, V.; Botz, G., 1988:
Influence of utilization regime on yield, forage quality and persistence of grasses on mountain sites

Borzemska, W.; Niedzioka, J.; Niezgoda, J.; Szeleszczuk, P., 1990:
Influence of vaccination of chick embryos against Marek's disease on the process of hatching

Mendonca C.X.Jr; Jensen L.S., 1989:
Influence of valine level on performance of older broilers fed a low protein diet supplemented with amino acids

Bridges, C.H.; Moffitt, P.G., 1990 :
Influence of variable content of dietary zinc on copper metabolism of weanling foals

Vetter, A.; Schmidt, H., 1988:
Influence of variations in soil moisture on the yield, quality and storability of seed and culinary potatoes

Darshan Singh; Hari Singh; Brar, H.S., 1987:
Influence of varieties and dates of planting radish stecklings on infestation by mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach)

Stoner, KA.; Shelton, AM., 1988:
Influence of variety on abundance and within-plant distribution of onion thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on cabbage

Risse, L.A.; Chun, D., 1987:
Influence of various conditioning times and temperatures and intermittent warming on chilling injury and decay of nonwrapped and film wrapped peppers

Guzik, I.G., 1987:
Influence of various dietary regimens on the fecundity of molluscs, intermediate hosts of Opisthorchis

Payne, G.G.; Rechcigl, J.E., 1989:
Influence of various drying techniques on the extractability of plant nutrients from selected Florida soils

Lortal, S.; Boyaval, P.; Heijenoort, J. van, 1989:
Influence of various factors on autolysis of Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ 414

Zander, R.; Matthey, M.; Hennig, A.; Voigt, I., 1988:
Influence of various fibres on the faecal excretion of nitrogen and the content of volatile fatty acids in the faeces of broiler breeding hens

Graves, C.N.; Fazleabas, A.T., 1988:
Influence of various gases on uterine contractility in the bovine - possible use in embryo transfer

Kaempfe, K.; Muller, S.; Hanschmann, A., 1989:
Influence of various granule sizes of urea and nitrochalk on the amount of gaseous nitrogen loss and the yield of spring barley

Tancogne, J.; Nguyen Phu Lich; Schiltz, P.; Truhaut, R.; Claude, J.R.; Chouteau, J., 1988:
Influence of various growth-medium related factors on the absorption of cadmium by N. tabacum L. variety PB D6

Khatua, N.; Mitra, S.K.; Sen, S.K.; Bose, T.K., 1988:
Influence of various nitrogenous fertilizers on yield and quality of Kew pineapple

Schadlich, F.; Marzok, K.; Hoffmann, G., 1990:
Influence of various plant protection measures on winter rye yields in the Bernau district from 1976 to 1986

Keppel, H., 1987:
Influence of various quince rootstocks on fruit size, fruit weight and composition of two pear cultivars

Cereti, C.F.; Acutis, M.; Grignani, C.; Reyneri, A.; Vanzetti, D., 1988:
Influence of various soil moisture levels on the production and quality of some horticultural crops in a subirrigated greenhouse

Yadav, J.P.; Kirti Singh; Jaiswal, R.C., 1989:
Influence of various spacings and methods of training on growth and yield of pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.)

Claudio Perdomo, C.; Nicolaiewsky, S., 1988:
Influence of various swine building designs on the environment during the warm season in the south of Brazil

Dimitri, L.; Keudell, W. von, 1986:
Influence of various tending measures on the development and stability of young Norway spruce stands

Detje, H.; Geisler, G., 1989:
Influence of varying N fertilizer rates on alpha -amylase activity, primary dormancy and resistance to pre-harvest sprouting in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), rye (Secale cereale L.) and triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack)

Lohnert, H.J.; Flachowsky, G.; Richter, G.; Hennig, A., 1988:
Influence of varying amounts of milk substitute and the growth promoter bisergon on growth of calves

Bachmann, J.; Hartge, K.H., 1988:
Influence of varying degree of decomposition of organic matter on the aeration of horizontal soil columns

Sunder, G.S.; Sadagopan, V.R.; Maitra, D.N., 1988:
Influence of varying dietary protein and energy levels on the performance of purebred broiler chicks

Baghel, R.P.S.; Pradhan, K., 1988:
Influence of varying levels of energy and protein at constant level of limiting amino acids on carcass traits of broilers during cold season

A.Nawas, H.A., 1988:
Influence of varying levels of potassium fertilization on yield and yield components of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Sjollema, A., 1990:
Influence of vegetable fats on the quality of filled milk products

Kachapur, M.D., 1989:
Influence of vertical drainage system on growth and yield of sunflowers in vertisols under Tungabhadra Project Area

Potty, V.P.; Indira, P., 1990:
Influence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae on the photosynthesis and photorespiration of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)

Reddy, M.V.; Rao, J.N.; Krishna, K.R., 1989:
Influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on Fusarium wilt of pigeonpea

Fredeen, A.L., 1989:
Influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal-infection and phosphorus nutrition on growth, photosynthesis, and carbon-metabolism in Glycine max

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Influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on the growth and nutrient uptake of Eucalyptus seedlings

Srivastava, R.P.; Bhaskar, A.S., 1987:
Influence of viral diseases on chemical composition and quality parameters of chewing tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Fekete, S.; Maertens, L.; Tolgyesi, G., 1987:
Influence of virginiamycin on the diet digestibility of adult rabbits under normal physiological condition and simulated stress by ACTH injections

Noack, B., 1988:
Influence of virus status and rootstock on yield and fruit quality of apple orchards in Schleswig-Holstein

Hartwig, A.; Krol, A., 1989:
Influence of vitamin B1 on rearing queens

Kelly, F.M.; Bernard, J.K.; Miller, J.K.; Mueller, F.J.; Thomas, D.G., 1990:
Influence of vitamin E and magnesium supplementation on udder edema in primigravid Holstein heifers

Anand, M.; Pant, J.C., 1986:
Influence of vitamins of B-complex on the growth and survival of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) larvae

O.S.H.; Kim C.Y.; Kim C.H.; Kim S.Y.; Lee J.Y., 1987 :
Influence of viviparous germination on quality and yield potential of rice

Weitze, K.F.; Rath, D.; Leps, H., 1988:
Influence of volume/surface ratio of plastic packages upon freeze-thaw rate and fertility of boar semen

Au, K.; Gertjejansen, R., 1989:
Influence of wafer thickness and resin spread on the properties of paper birch waferboard

Chang, I.; Calero, B.J.; Acosta, M., 1987:
Influence of waste water from sugar manufacture on nitrification of red ferrallitic soil

Srivastava, J.P.; Chaturvedi, S.N., 1989:
Influence of water deficit on transpirational and water relation parameters in wheat

Soca, M.; Reyes, N.; Febles, J., 1988:
Influence of water erosion on the chemical properties of yellow quartzitic ferrallitic soil in pasture

Gupta, G.K.; Gupta, J.P., 1988:
Influence of water harvesting and soil moisture on downy mildew incidence in pearl millet

Dabney, S.; Hoff, B., 1989:
Influence of water management on growth and yield of no-till planted rice

Yousef, M.A.; Abd E.K.der, M.A.; E.S.eikh, A.R.; E.M.gawry, S.M., 1990:
Influence of water pollution on general health and milk production of Egyptian buffaloes

Johnson S.S.; Geadelmann J.L., 1989:
Influence of water stress on grain yield response to recurrent selection in maize

Fahad, A.A., 1988:
Influence of water table depth and soil texture on the accumulation of chloride-36 and sulfate-35

Kim, H.D.; Kwon, S.H.; Satake, T.; Kim, B.H.; Ree, D.W., 1989:
Influence of water temperature and depths on the occurrence of sterile-type cold damage and growth in rice plants (Oryza sativa L.)

Candido, J.F.; Cano, M.A.O.; Thiebaut, J.T.L.; Silvestre Filho, J., 1982:
Influence of watering regime on the hardening of guapuruvu (Schizolobium parahyba) seedlings

Marquez, L.; Pinzon, R.A.; Lamas, R., 1988:
Influence of wear of hydraulic pulverization nozzles on the resulting drops population; analysis by means of laser

Mathes, D.T., 1988:
Influence of weather and climate on coconut yield

Thakur, A.P.; Sharma, D.D., 1990:
Influence of weather factors and predators on the populations of Aceria litchii Keifer

Uthamasamy, S., 1989:
Influence of weather factors on light-trap catches of green leafhopper (Nephotettix virescens) and brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) on rice (Oryza sativa)

Ghule, B.D.; Jagtap, A.B.; Dhumal, V.S.; Deokar, A.B., 1989:
Influence of weather factors on the incidence of leaf miner (Aproaerema modicella Deventer) on groundnut

Murugesan, S.; Chelliah, S.; Subramaniam, A., 1987:
Influence of weather factors on the population dynamics of green leafhopper, Nephotettix virescens (Distant)

Hertzberg, H., 1988 :
Influence of weather on development and dissemination of third-stage larvae of Cooperia oncophora and Ostertagia ostertagi and their significance in the epizootiology of trichostrongylidosis in yearling cattle on pasture

Guillebeau, L.P.; All, J.N.; Javid, A.M., 1989:
Influence of weather on efficacy of pyrethroid insecticides for boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and bollworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in cotton

Rao, G.S.L.H.V.P.; Nair, R.R., 1989:
Influence of weather on nut development in coconut

Gatongi, P.M.; Gathuma, J.M.; Munyua, W.K., 1988:
Influence of weather on population dynamics of infective larvae of cattle nematodes in Nyeri, Kenya

Menzi, H.; Nosberger, J., 1988:
Influence of weather on the growth rate of different meadow swards

Menzi, H.; Nosberger, J., 1989:
Influence of weather on the growth rate of different meadows

Upadhyay, V.R.; Vyas, H.N.; Sherasiya, R.A., 1989:
Influence of weather parameters on larval populations of Heliothis armigera Hubner on groundnut

Giri, G.; Saran, G., 1989:
Influence of weed control practices and levels of phosphorus on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Gruczek, T.; Gojski, B.; Manikowski, Z., 1985:
Influence of weed infestation in potato fields on the occurrence of mechanical damage during harvest and on the effectiveness of the harvest machines

Schuster, E.G.; Niccolucci, M.J., 1988:
Influence of wilderness accounting transfers on recreation use patterns in the Forest Service's northern region

Spoelstra S.F.; Hindle V.A., 1989:
Influence of wilting on chemical and microbial parameters of grass relevant to ensiling

Pasek, J.E., 1988:
Influence of wind and windbreaks on local dispersal of insects

Barker, G.L.; Hatfield, J.L.; Wanjura, D.F., 1989:
Influence of wind on cotton growth and yield

Salom, SM.; McLean, JA., 1989:
Influence of wind on the spring flight of Trypodendron lineatum (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in a second-growth coniferous forest

Bouchery, Y., 1987:
Influence of wind speed on catches of aphids in a suction trap at 12 m

Siradze, T.V.; Chkhaidze, G.O., 1989:
Influence of wind speed on heat exchange through enclosures of structures for protected cultivation

Azizov, A.; Atabaev, B., 1987:
Influence of windborne sand on erosion resistance of soils treated with various preparations

Narkus, F., 1988:
Influence of wood moisture content and sapwood/heartwood ratio on preservative uptake in pressure treatment of Scots pine wood

Kopitovic, S.; Klasnja, B.A.; Koralija, Z., 1987:
Influence of wood properties of some poplar and willow clones on the characteristics of semi-chemical pulp produced according to the neutral-sulphite (NSSC) process

Kale, R.D.; Kubra Bano; Sreenivasa, M.N.; Bagyaraj, D.J., 1987:
Influence of worm cast (Vee. comp. E. UAS' 83) on the growth and mycorrhizal colonization of two ornamental plants

Kuang, J.; Turner, N.; Henson, I., 1990:
Influence of xylem water potential on leaf elongation and osmotic adjustment of wheat and lupin

Ulger, A.C.; Becker, H.C., 1989:
Influence of year and nitrogen treatment on the degree of heterosis in maize

Frometa, E.; Echazabal, J., 1988:
Influence of years and cultivar on the juice characteristics of early oranges

Hallgren, E., 1990:
Influence of yield level and amount of weeds in different crops on the yield increase after spraying

Kemmelmeier, F.S.; Kemmelmeier, C.; Bracht, A., 1989:
Influence of zearalenone on some metabolic pathways of the rat liver

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Influence of zinc deficiency on the whole-body retention of 65Zn in young and adult mice

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Influence of zinc on nodulation and ion uptake by chickpea under saline conditions

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Influence of zinc sources of the yield components, dry matter production and yield of rice (VAR. IR 60)

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Influence of zinc sulfate and protein solubility on protein and amino acid metabolism in steers

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Influence of zinc sulphate application on rice yields in the Sur del Jibaro Rice Enterprise

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Influence of zinc-methionine-complex (protected methionine) on performance parameters of high yielding dairy cows

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Influence on Elymus repens of Roundup (glyphosate) in different concentrations (different volume rates): a greenhouse experiment

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Influence on body weight and metabolism of a low-energy mixed diet with a high proportion of complex carbohydrates in patients during cardiac rehabilitation

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Influence on flow rate on Gambusia affinis growth rate and water quality

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Influence on flower color by propagation methods on Begonia elatior

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Influence on fruit quality of nutritional status in loquat

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Influence on growth, body measurements and nutrient utilization in crossbred calves fed different levels of dietary protein replacement with urea treated rice straw

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Influence on larval growth of the eastern black swallowtail butterfly Papilio polyxenes (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) of seasonal changes in nutritional parameters of Umbelliferae species

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Influence on the growth and yield of Pleurotus in wheat straw culture medium with C/N ratio variations

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Influence on the water vapour transmission rate of flexible packages during storage of khoa

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Influences of B, N and K nutritional level on B uptake, quality and yield of rape seed

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Influences of age and weaning on in vivo pancreatic protein synthesis in the lamb

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Influences of aging and dietary restriction on serum thymosin alpha 1 levels in mice

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Influences of biotin deficiency and dietary trans-fatty acids on tissue lipids in chickens

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Influences of canopy cover and ground vegetation on the growth of young beech and sessile oak

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Influences of cultivation practices on the critical time period of weed competition in sugarcane in Cuba

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Influences of diet and postnatal age on the lipid composition of red blood cell membrane in newborn infants

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Influences of diet and strain on the proliferative effect on the rat urinary bladder induced by sodium saccharin

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Influences of dietary protein level and fasting on the myofiber development in Taiwan country chicken and broiler

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Influences of exposure on dry matter yields and nutrient contents of grasses. 3. Comparative studies on south and north exposure on the botanical composition, dry matter yield and chemical composition in a mixed sward

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Influences of follicle-stimulating hormone, proteases, and antiproteases on permeability of the barrier generated by Sertoli cells in a two-chambered assembly

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Influences of forest roads on the landscape

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Influences of gestation environment on sow culling and farrowing results

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Influences of hot climate and spray cooling on daily body gain and thyroxine and cortisol levels of Friesian calves

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Influences of ingredients and melting temperatures on the physicochemical properties of process cheese

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Influences of insulin on lactation performance and metabolism of rabbits (California breed). II. Effect of short-term insulin injection on milk yield and composition

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Influences of insulin on lactation performance and metabolism of rabbits. I. Changes in milking efficiency and blood metabolites for various lactation stages

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Influences of maternal body weight, age, and parity on sex ratio in semidomesticated reindeer (Rangifer t. tarandus)

Oyamada M.; Ikeda H., 1990:
Influences of metabolic inhibitors on the uptake of sodium by some herbage species

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Influences of meteorological factors on dates of bud-break and plucking and yield of the first tea crop

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Influences of method on the estimation of precaecal digestibility

Kon H.; Takahashi Y.; Yoshitomi H.; Hanyu J.; Nakayama K., 1989:
Influences of net covering on the meteorological environments inside orchard

Peterson, R.M., 1989:
Influences of nitrogen uptake and partitioning on growth and composition of oat (Avena sativa L.) plants

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Influences of organic manures and urea on the nematode pests of Celosia argentea

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Influences of parity, body weight, milk yield and suckling stimulation on the interval from calving to first ovulation in beef cows

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Influences of pod size, pod treatments and storage containers on the production potential of stored groundnut seeds

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Influences of polar auxin transport on polarity of adventitious bud formation in hybrid Populus

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Influences of prenatal and postnatal fraternity size on ovarian development in the mouse

Groen, A.F., 1990:
Influences of production circumstances on the economic revenue of cattle breeding programmes

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Influences of pruning and light intensity on the structure of annual rings of todo-fir (Abies sachalinensis Fr. Sehm. var. mayriana Miyabe et Kudo)

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Influences of season and artificial photoperiod on reproduction in stallions

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Influences of sex and dam breed group on bone, fat and lean distribution in the carcass

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Influences of soil clay contents and fertilization levels on rice yields

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Influences of somatotropin on evaluation of genetic merit for milk production

Ashihara, W.; Inoue, K.; Osakabe, M., 1988:
Influences of some pesticides on the development and oviposition of Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot

Rawal, R.D., 1987:
Influences of some weather factors on the development of powdery mildew in papaya

Sato, K., 1988:
Influences of specimen size, crack length, loading rate, and notch acuity on medium density fiberboard

Woo, B.M.; Lee, J.W., 1987:
Influences of the factors related to cut-slope coverage along forest roads

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Influences of the paraventricular and suprachiasmatic nuclei and olfactory bulbs on melatonin responses in the golden hamster

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Influences of waterlogging period at different growth stages on agronomic characters in sesame

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Influences of weather, soil and fertilization on yield and on harvest index of different crops

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Influences of weight reduction on aerobic power and body composition of middle-aged women

McCluney, J., 1988:
Influences on consumer choice - the role of the media

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Influences on first exposure fertility of replacement beef heifers

Gunter, V.; Finlay, B., 1988:
Influences on group participation in environmental conflicts

Grant, B., 1990:
Influences on physical education and those who teach it

Hudska, G.; Klimova, I.; Kloutvorova, L., 1987:
Influencing apple replant disease soil toxicity by pH adjustment

Bathke, K., 1990:
Influencing factors and operating characteristics of a heat recovery system with finned pipes in a greenhouse

Dosi, C.M.; Stellin, G., 1989:
Influencing land use patterns to reduce nitrate pollution from fertilizers and animal manure: a case study

Hellmich, R.L.I.I.; Collins, A.M.; Danka, R.G.; Rinderer, T.E., 1988:
Influencing matings of European honey bee queens in areas with Africanized honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Hellmich, R.L., 1988:
Influencing matings of honey-bee queens with selected drones in Africanized areas

Scharf, S., 1988:
Influencing seasonal fluctuations in tourism demand in the GDR

Klakow, H.; Fuchs, F.; Ludecke, U.; Schutzel, E., 1988:
Influencing the economical use of production resources is a priority in our work

Henke, W., 1987:
Influene of tillage on earthworm activity

Alexander, D.J., 1988:
Influenza A isolations from exotic caged birds

Robinson, H.; Bryant, H., 1988:
Influenza B outbreak in a nursing home--Alberta

Anonymous, 1988:
Influenza in the world: 1 October 1987-30 September 1988

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Influenza of pigs : a disease of increasing importance

Kuiper, A., 1989:
Influenza of swine: historical and epidemiologial aspects and prevention of the disease by vaccination with Suvaxyn Flu

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Influenza: evidence against contagion: discussion paper

Shadbolt, N.M., 1988:
Info-systems for agri-business

Baker, A.M., 1989:
Informal education programme

Lado, C., 1990:
Informal urban agriculture in Nairobi: problem or resource in development and land use planning?

Germs, F.H., 1988:
Informatics promotion scheme for the agricultural market sector

Pirani, A.; Serbolisca, A., 1988:
Information and advisory systems for the farming industry

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Information and communication in Polish agriculture - the main problems and features

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Information and communication problems in agriculture

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Information and cooperation among national agricultural research systems (NARS), and between NARS and International Agricultural Research Centers: problems and prospects

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Information and economic recovery in Ghana

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Information and herd health management practices in Texas dairies

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Information and nutrition. From dietary case history to dietary counselling using a computer

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Information and small enterprise development in Borno State of Nigeria

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Information dissemination techniques and their importance to crop protection

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Information drought: next crisis for the American farmer?

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Information effects and biases in the travel cost method

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Information effects in contingent markets

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Information for agricultural adjustment

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Information for development: experiences of the International Development Research Centre

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Information for farmers: development and diffusion

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Information for mechanized production: collection, processing, use

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Information from New Zealand and Australian Merino wether trials

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Information from the Experimental Garden for the Cut-Flower Growers' Association. Chrysanthemums

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Information in a dynamic management model: an application to plant-tissue analysis and fertilisation scheduling

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Information management for the organization of mechanical grape harvesting

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Information management in agriculture

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Information meeting for dairy industry advisors 1988. 12-15 April 1988 in Weihenstephan

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Information model of technology on a livestock farm

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Information needs for crop protection in the EPPO region

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Information needs for crop protection in the Pacific region

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Information needs for rural development

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Information needs in choosing fertilizer rates

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Information needs in plant protection

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Information needs of South Australian potato growers

See, R., 1989:
Information needs of local government in recreation and tourism planning

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Information needs: a key concept for involvement of women in development

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Information on Cordia alliodora in the Brazilian Amazon

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Information on Flaveria bidentis (L.) O.K. and the possibilities for biological control

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Information on crop protection in French-speaking Africa

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Information on farm succession

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Information on isolation of Microsporum ferrugineum in Cuba. Report of 1 case

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Information on plant protectants and growth regulators in the plant protection information system

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Information on recommended wheat cultivars for the central southern region of Parana in 1988

Fujioka, S., 1989:
Information on research organization. Research on rural development and planning in a cold area

Billen, W., 1987:
Information on the banana shoot borer (Opogona sacchari Bojer, 1856) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae)

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Information on the characterization of the experimental animals used in veterinary and human medical research reported in Anglo-American and European periodicals during 1984 and 1985

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Information on the chemical composition of the forest soils in the nature reserve Weisseritzhange (Dresden District, GDR)

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Information on the ecology of freijo-cinza (Cordia goeldiana)

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Information on the nursery stage of some forest species in the Brazilian Amazon

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Information on the titanium content of feeds

Balatova Tulackova, E., 1987:
Information on the wet meadows of the Hostynske vrchy mountains

Anonymous, 1986:
Information on the work conducted for the Provincial Commision for the study and control of Ipomoea spp. (C.O.P.E.C.I.) 1985

Wagenfuhr, R., 1988:
Information on timber species

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Information on udder washing - effect on anaerobic sporeformers in farm milk

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Information prerequisites of farm management under the new economic conditions

Amponsah, D.K., 1988:
Information provision and use in maize marketing in Ashanti Region (Ghana)

Messeliere, C. de la, 1987:
Information relating to different systems of traps for Phorodon humuli, the hop aphid, in the north of France

Bezakova, L., 1989:
Information relating to the fulfilment of contractual relations for the supply of slaughter animals at the collective farm in Nitra

Bressani, R., 1987:
Information required for the establishment of a data system in chemical composition of foods

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Information search strategies by destination naive tourists

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Information system in Tuscany for agriculture and forestry from the initial programme to the first implementation

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Information system in forestry management

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Information system needs for decision making in the hotel industry: UK and Egypt

Anonymous, 1988:
Information system report

Anonymous, 1989:
Information systems & communication

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Information systems and farm management

Anonymous, 1988:
Information systems for forestry-related subjects: access, search techniques and user needs

Anonymous, 1988:
Information tables

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Information technologies in agriculture: the United States experience

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Information technologies. Myths, questions and alternatives

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Information technology /dash/ developments in Irish telecommunications

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Information technology and travel agency

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Information technology applications in agricultural information dissemination in the Netherlands

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Information technology applied to an ultrafiltration process

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Information technology as a tool for management and decision making in agriculture

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Information technology for the farmer

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Information technology in agriculture - A policy of introducing new information technologies into agricultural training (young people or adults)

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Information technology in dairy industry

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Information technology in the food industry

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Information training for Africa: the role of the German Foundation for International Development (DSE)

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Information value in weed management

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Information, education and communication programme in Zimbabwe

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Information, education and development

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Information, expectations, and foreign exchange market efficiency

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Informational efficiency of markets for stumpage

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Informations about some epilithic and terrestric moss communities in the valley of the Neisse-River between Hirschfelde and Ostritz (Oberlausitz)

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Informed opinion: Filling the soil erosion data gap

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Informing food security decisions in Africa: empirical analysis and policy dialogue

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Inframatic 8100 in the evaluation of breeding material

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Infrared heating conditions for pigs

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Infrared method for determining milk protein content

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Infrared reflectance of artificially prepared organo-mineral complexes

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Infrared spectrometry determination of polymorphic form C in mebendazole

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Infrared spectrophotometric studies of a mixed Streptococcus lactis and Rhodotorula colostri culture in stationary conditions of growth

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Infrared studies of some ice cream constituents in a model system

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Infrared study of ammonia-carbon monoxide reaction on silica-supported iron catalysts

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Infrared study of structural OH in kaolinite, dickite, nacrite, and poorly crystalline kaolinite at 5 to 600 K

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Infrared technology moves from the laboratory to the process floor in North American cheese plants

Nielsen, D.; Anderson, R., 1989:
Infrared thermometry to measure single leaf temperatures for quantification of water stress in sunflower

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Infrared vibrations of hematite formed from aqueous- and dry-thermal incubation of Si-containing ferrihydrite

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Infrared-spectroscopic study of the interaction of compound NP and NPK fertilizers with aliphatic macromolecular amines

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Infraspecific classification of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Eremin, G.V.; Garkovenko, V.M., 1989:
Infraspecific systematics of myrobalan plum

Pandey, H.N., 1988:
Infraspecific variability in achene germination of Parthenium hysterophorus

Dillon, E.A.; Anderson, L.J.; Jones, B.R., 1989:
Infraspinatus muscle contracture in a working dog

Anonymous, 1988:
Infrastructure and agricultural development policy issues/research priorities

Sloggett, G.; Doeksen, G., 1989:
Infrastructure development assistance for Oklahoma communities

Kataria, M.S., 1989:
Infrastructure for a stable White Revolution in India

Safonkin, AF., 1987:
Infrastructure of the population of the great brown tortricid Archips podana Sc. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in relation to coincidence with its various food-plants

Anonymous, 1985:
Infrastructure: facts and figures 1985; sanitation and drinking water projects

Anonymous, 1987:
Infrastructures. Facts and figures 1987. Hydraulic engineering and water resources management

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Infrequency of asymptomatic malaria in an endemic area in Amazonas, Brazil

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Infuence of nutrient deficiency on photosynthesis and productivity in early rice varieties

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Ingestion and diet destination in Culiseta inornata: responses to water, sucrose and cellobiose

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Ingestion of Lyme disease spirochetes by ticks feeding on infected hosts

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Ingestion of Pythium spp. by larvae of the fungus gnat Bradysia impatiens (Diptera: Sciaridae)

Traianedes, K.; Collier, G.R.; O.D.a, K., 1988:
Ingestion of a high fat meal in the evening has no effect on metabolic responses to a standard breakfast

Young, B.A.; Nicol, A.M.; Degen, A.A., 1989:
Ingestion of cold and frozen food by cattle

Robbins, R.C.; Martin, F.G.; Roe, J.M., 1988:
Ingestion of grapefruit lowers elevated hematocrits in human subjects

Ohyama, S.; Kitamori, S.; Kawano, H.; Yamada, T.; Inamasu, T.; Ishizawa, M.; Ishinishi, N., 1987:
Ingestion of parsley inhibits the mutagenicity of male human urine following consumption of fried salmon

McAllister, C.T., 1987:
Ingestion of spinose ear ticks, Otobius megnini (Acari: Argasidae) by a Texas spotted whiptail, Cnemidophorus gularis gularis (Sauria: Teiidae)

Yarade, P.K.; Tingare, S.B.; Ali, S.Z., 1989:
Ingestive behaviour of Berari buffaloes and crossbred cows

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Ingestive pattern of lactating buffaloes kept under loose housing system

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Ingestive responses to mu and delta opioid receptor agonists in the domestic fowl

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Ingredients and additives - their future role?

Dziezak, Jd, 1989:
Ingredients for sweet success

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Ingress and spread of the lupin aphid Macrosiphum albifrons Essig in Central Europe

Bourdot, G.W.; Hurrell, G.A., 1989:
Ingress of Stipa neesiana Trin. & Rupr. into swards of Lolium perenne L., Dactylis glomerata L. and Phalaris aquatica L., on a dry, low-fertility soil in Marlborough as affected by fertilizer and 2,2-DPA

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Inguinal hernia in dogs

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Inhalant allergens in patients with allergic rhinitis in Riyadh

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Inhalant allergies

Mathews, K.P., 1989:
Inhalant insect-derived allergens

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Inhaled pentamidine and hypoglycaemia

Gooding, R.H., 1988:
Inheritability of vectorial capacity in haematophagous insects

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Inheritance and association of some quantitative traits in a diallel set of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Emebiri, L.C., 1989:
Inheritance and breeding significance of two floral morphological traits in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)

Gyalvonauskis, B., 1988:
Inheritance and correlation of quantitative characters of the fruit and seeds in apple

Palmer, R.G., 1987:
Inheritance and derivation of T218H

Neale, D.B.; Sederoff, R.R., 1988:
Inheritance and evolution of conifer organelle genomes

Umbeck P.; Swain W.; Yang N S., 1989:
Inheritance and expression of genes for kanamycin and chloramphenicol resistance in transgenic cotton plants

Yancheva, A., 1989:
Inheritance and genetic control of resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus in interspecific hybrids of tobacco

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Inheritance and genetic control of the liguleless trait in a mutant form of barley found in the Pamirs

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Inheritance and isozyme diversity for GPI and PGM among grape cultivars

Narbuth E.V.; Kohel R.J., 1990:
Inheritance and linkage analysis of a new fiber mutant in cotton

Harry, D.E., 1986:
Inheritance and linkage of isozyme variants in incense-cedar

Honeycutt R.J.; Newhouse K.E.; Palmer R.G., 1990:
Inheritance and linkage studies of a variegated leaf mutant in soybean

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Inheritance and location of structural genes controlling the omega 2 and gamma 1 components of rye secalin

Cho, T.J.; Davies, C.S.; Nielsen, N.C., 1989:
Inheritance and Organization of Glycinin Genes in Soybean

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Inheritance and stability of a small pustule reaction of snap beans to Uromyces appendiculatus

Bugaenko, L.A.; Bugorskii, P.S.; Nazarenko, L.G., 1989:
Inheritance and variability of content of essential oil and extracts in F1 hybrids following intervarietal crosses of rose

Ye, Z.H.; Zhang, J.Y., 1987:
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