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Influences of insulin on lactation performance and metabolism of rabbits (California breed) . II. Effect of short-term insulin injection on milk yield and composition

Chang, C.J.; Lu, C.S.; Young, S.H.

Journal of the Chinese Society of Animal Science 17(3-4): 11-19


Accession: 001864567

NPH-type (medium to long action) insulin was injected subcutaneously once per day for 2 days into 10 California breed rabbits during 3 different lactation stages. Milk lactose and protein content both increased (2.4 vs. 3.1 and 14.1 vs. 15.1% resp.) significantly when insulin was injected during the lactation-peak stage. The calculated efficiencies of milk yield/kg body wt were improved by insulin injection during the late pregnancy stage as well as the lactation-peak stage.

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