Intake, growth rate and digestibility in calves fed a restricted amount of concentrate and offered maize silage or grass silage ad libitum from the second week of life

Piotrowski, J.; Bidwell Porebska, K.; Baranowski, A.; Krzyzewski, J.

Animal Science Papers and Reports, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzebiec, Polish Academy of Sciences 4: 33-52


Accession: 001866666

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Maize silage, grass silage or hay with digestible organic matter in DM (DOMD) 64.0, 60.4 and 61.2, respectively, were given freely to 40 Friesian male calves from 14 to 91 days old. Milk, fed at 10% of current liveweight, was withdrawn on day 42. Concentrate was restricted to 200 g/day before and 1 kg/day after weaning. Digestibility of diets was determined on 8 calves of each group at 52-60 days old. Mean forage DM intake for days 43-91 was 25.4, 37.3 and 30.0 g/kg0.75 for maize silage, grass silage and hay diets, respectively, results for the grass silage being significantly higher. Respective daily gains were 529, 519 and 476 g; inter-group differences were not significant. DOMD for maize silage, grass silage and hay-based diets were 67.0, 67.9 and 67.5, respectively. Digestibility of crude fibre and acid detergent fibre for the maize silage-based diet was significantly lower than for the other two.