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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Quesada Allue, L.A., 1987:
Integument: structure and function

O'Connor, M.J.; Ralston, C.W.; Ament, M.E., 1988:
Intellectual and perceptual-motor performance of children receiving prolonged home total parenteral nutrition

Silvestre Neto, D., 1989:
Intellectual leisure and cultural development

Hexmitte, M.A., 1989:
Intellectual property and plant creation

Morrow, J.D., 1988:
Intellectual property protection for new plant varieties

Irvine, S., 1990:
Intellectual property protection for plant innovations in Australia

Juma, C., 1989:
Intellectual property rights for biological innovations

Smith, I.; Beasley, M., 1989:
Intelligence and behaviour in children with early treated phenylketonuria. A report from the MRC/DHSS phenylketonuria register

Hott, D.D.; Nusbaum, E.F., 1989:
Intelligent computer aided instruction: forecasting for the lodging industry

Blom, A., 1990:
Intelligent control system does the work of humans

Marchant, J.A., 1990:
Intelligent machinery for agriculture

Ogunkolade, B.W.; Lasneret, J.; Monjour, L.; Colomb Valet, I.; Rhodes Feuillette, A.; Abita, J.P.; Roseto, A.; Vouldoukis, I.; Bittoun, P.; Frommel, D., 1989:
Intense production of amastigotes by a human monoblastic cell line

Billaux, M.S., 1989:
Intense sweeteners and food intake

Freedman, B.; Zobens, V.; Hutchinson, T.C.; Gizyn, W.I., 1990:
Intense, natural pollution affects arctic tundra vegetation at the Smoking Hills, Canada

Fedoseev, I.A., 1988:
Intensification and effectiveness of forestry

Krilek, J., 1989:
Intensification and restructuring of the economic mechanism of management of the agricultural and food production complexes (AFPC) of Czechoslovakia

Payne, W.J.A., 1986:
Intensification in developing countries

Anonymous, 1986:
Intensification in forestry

Ioffe, G.V.; Nefedova, T.G.; Runova, T.G., 1989:
Intensification of agriculture in the European USSR: regional aspects

Davydov, S.E.; Logunova, N.A.; Trishnevskaya, V.F., 1987:
Intensification of breeding work on spring durum wheat

Cosevski, B.; Demirovski, A.; Iljovski, I.; Ristevski, P., 1987:
Intensification of crop production per unit area with systems of irrigation and double cropping in SR Macedonia

Antonyuk, V.S.; Borisovets, K.F.; Golubitskii, A.P., 1987:
Intensification of dairy cattle breeding

Milia, M.; Murtas, A.; Rivoira, G., 1989:
Intensification of durum wheat production under irrigation: results from mediterranean conditions

Verner, V.D., 1988:
Intensification of fodder production on arable land by means of catch crops

Hartmann, W., 1986:
Intensification of forestry by safeguarding and improving the functions of the forest

Chernova, E.G., 1987:
Intensification of fractionation of milk fat

Monstrukov, B.N.; Generalov, A.F.; Yashin, V.K., 1986:
Intensification of heat exchange in jacketed pasteurizers

Demidov, S.F.; Semenyuk, V.N.; Kutsakova, V.E., 1989:
Intensification of heating of skim milk in a tubular heat exchanger

Abdu, K.M.; Haridi, A.M.; E.G.ddal, A.A.; Jobin, W.R., 1987:
Intensification of irrigated agriculture in the Sudan and transmission of malaria and bilharzia

Khachaturov, T., 1989:
Intensification of land utilization

Gomes, M.J.S., 1987:
Intensification of malignant cytological signs in the primitive tumour and pulmonary metastases of a hepatocellular carcinoma in a dog

Kulish, N., 1990:
Intensification of management under new conditions

Ernst, L.K., 1987:
Intensification of milk production

Strekozov, N.I.; Boinovich, M.M.; Gadzhiev, A.M.; Sabirov, R.M.; Nosova, E.P.; Lasha, N.A.; Lin' kov, N.I., 1988:
Intensification of milk production at a highly automated farm

Kochetkov, V.N.; Gal' tsov, A.V.; Tulina, E.V.; Il' ina, E.V., 1988:
Intensification of nitroammophosphate technology

Turek, F.; Kuncl, L., 1989:
Intensification of perennial fodder crop production in submountainous and mountainous areas

Grasenack, H., 1986:
Intensification of poultry fattening

Anonymous, 1988:
Intensification of roundwood production with special reference to broadleaf management

Logachev, S.A., 1990:
Intensification of the cultivation of sunflowers

Degterov, G.P.; Makarova, O.D., 1988:
Intensification of the drying of thin coverings in the manufacture of glue strips

Sorokin, M.Y.; Shiler, G.G.; Bednykh, B.S.; Sorokina, N.P., 1987:
Intensification of the lactic acid fermentation process in the production of cheeses using cheddaring and melting of the cheese curd

El' bert, A.A.; Roshmakov, B.V.; Vasil' ev, V.V.; Komarova, E.E.; Tochilov, A.V.; Yakimov, A.P.; Kazakevich, N.V., 1988:
Intensification of the process of pressing particleboards

Becka, K., 1988:
Intensification of the production of industrial potatoes in the specialized enterprise of collective farm Stoky in the Havlickuv Brod region

Hanefeld, M.; Schulze, J.; Fischer, S.; Rossger, G.; Lindner, J.; Groh, G.; Nehring, A.; Capek, R., 1988:
Intensified basic treatment reduces the need for drugs and improves glucose control: an important result of the Diabetes Intervention Study

Minaev, V.N., 1990:
Intensified post-harvest treatment of grain and potatoes

Haavisto, V.F.; Wearn, V.H., 1987:
Intensifying forestry use of peatlands with drainage in Ontario

Strakshas, A., 1988:
Intensifying the processes of threshing and separation of the seeds of lupin forage

Solov' ev, F.A.; Goncharov, E.M.; Vorob' ev, V.A.; Samarin, V.A.; Glukhov, A.A., 1987:
Intensifying the technological processes controlling the microclimate in houses containing the young of farm animals

Carletti, E.; Potecchi, S.; Vecchi, I., 1989:
Intensimetry for the characterization of agricultural tractor noise

Carletti, E.; Vecchi, I.; Potecchi, S., 1988:
Intensimetry for the characterization of tractor noise

Konstantinov, S.A.; Veselkin, A.G., 1989:
Intensity and efficacy of attack by horse flies on cattle in relation to their number and position within a herd

Varma, S.K.; Joshi, N.K., 1985:
Intensity of bee diseases in Indian hive bee (Apis cerana indica Fab.) in Uttar Pradesh

Macko, V.; Acimovic, M.; Kisgeci, J., 1989:
Intensity of downy mildew, Pseudoperonospora humuli, infection on some aromatic varieties of hops in Vojvodina

Khakimullin, A.A., 1989:
Intensity of gas exchange of hatchery Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baeri, under muscular load

Chung, D.Il.; Choi, D.Wik., 1988:
Intensity of infection and development of adult Clonorchis sinensis in hamsters

Velayutham, B., 1988:
Intensity of infestation of the cyst nematode, Heterodera cajani on pigeon pea in three districts of Tamil Nadu, India

Verma, S.K.; Henry, A., 1988:
Intensity of insect pests on mung bean cultivars in arid Rajasthan

Kharmdamov, K.K.; Tsoi, V.K.; Babakhodzhaev, I.I., 1986:
Intensity of irrigation erosion according to terrain of field

Masar, M., 1988:
Intensity of milk ejection when milking sheep in an Alfa-Laval rotary milking parlour

Kots' , S.Ya, 1989:
Intensity of photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation in lucerne under different levels of mineral nitrogen supply

Romanova, E.Yu, 1988:
Intensity of photosynthetic light reactions in relation to conditions of plant mineral nutrition

Skuyane, M.; Rituma, I.; Putnaerglis, E., 1987:
Intensity of reproduction of virus biomass in caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly and the winter moth

Lomborinchen, R.; Dembereldorzh, G.; Tserev, K., 1988:
Intensity of sand wind flow in the southern borderlands of Mongolia

Kuznetsov, S.G., 1987:
Intensity of sulphation of glucosaminoglycans in young pigs deficient in manganese

Sagyndykov, A.S., 1989:
Intensity of the increase in milk yield and longevity of cows

Korevaar, H.; Boer, D.J. den; Vellinga, T.V., 1988:
Intensive and extensive grassland systems: implications of restrictions

Klochko, P.V., 1990:
Intensive apple orchards in the south of the Ukraine

Portugal, A. vas, 1989:
Intensive beef production

Goic M.L.; Siebald S.E.; Matzner K.M., 1989:
Intensive beef production system based on ryegrass/white clover pastures

Wachter, R.M.; Luce, J.M., 1989:
Intensive care for patients with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and respiratory failure. Are we prepared for our new success?

Mohamed M.A.; Steiner J.J.; Wright S.D.; Bhangoo M.S.; Millhouse D.E., 1990:
Intensive crop management practices on wheat yield and quality

Zhao, Q.G.; Li, Q.K., 1988:
Intensive cultivation of major soils in China

Guessous, F.; Eddebbarh, A., 1989:
Intensive dairy cattle production systems in North Africa: constraints and limits

Grewal, S.S.; Bhajan Singh, 1989:
Intensive farming in India

Grebenyuk, A.Z.; Kvitko, Y.D., 1986:
Intensive fattening of sheep using industrially prepared feeds

Babueva, R.V.; Yurlova, N.I.; Malyshev, Y.F., 1989:
Intensive fish farming management in Lake Chany in relation to a focus of infection with trematodes of the genus Diplostomum

Lupashku, M.F.; Lala, M.F.; Bolokan, N.I., 1989:
Intensive fodder crop rotations with elements of yield programming

Snapyan, G.G.; Kalashyan, M.S.; Abovyan, S.S.; Airumyan, A.A.; Popel' , O.S., 1988:
Intensive fruit and grape drying

Jordan, E.R., 1990:
Intensive grazing can lead to improved dairy profits

George M.R.; Knight R.S.; Sands P.B.; Demment M.W., 1989:
Intensive grazing increases beef production

Wilson, P.N., 1988:
Intensive grazing management in arid and semiarid regions: an economic assessment

Leaver, J.D., 1988:
Intensive grazing of dairy cows - what future?

Nandeesha, M.C.; Murthy, C.K.; Devaraj, K.V.; Seenappa, D., 1988:
Intensive infection of anchor worm on giant murrel

Terzano, G.M.; Bartocci, S.; Borghese, A., 1987:
Intensive kid production. 3. Carcass characters in Saanens at 38 and 48 days of age

Terzano, G.M.; Bartocci, S.; Borghese, A., 1988:
Intensive kid production. 4. Live and slaughter data on Saanen and Camosciata delle Alpi kids at 35 and 50 days of age

Jahn B.E.; Vidal V.A.; Bonilla E.W.; Pulido F.R., 1989:
Intensive milk production system for south central Chile

Morales M.H.; Maiz G.A.; Zuniga D.A.; Quintana V.C., 1989:
Intensive nutritional care in ulcerative colitis. Effect on postoperative morbidity and mortality

Kim, S.K.; Kim, J.W.; Jeong, Y.H.; Oh, J.S.; Lee, W.Y.; Park, S.K.; Kim, I.H.; Oh, M.Y., 1987:
Intensive plantation culture (II). Stand structure, volume, and biomass production of Alnus hirsuta var. sibirica grown in minirotation

Jona, R.; Gribaudo, I., 1988:
Intensive propagation procedure of Ficus lyrata by in vitro culture

Pallara, A.; Sancillo, C., 1988:
Intensive rabbit breeding for meat production

Radchenko, V.V.; Borodinova, L.P.; Sidora, A.S., 1989:
Intensive rearing of beef bulls and steers

Bodnar, M.; Petrushevskii, Z.; Polishchuk, A., 1988:
Intensive rearing of piglets

Kazakov, V.S.; Babuadze, S.S., 1989:
Intensive reclamation of compacted heavy soils by application of liquid manure

Umberger, S.H.; McClure, W.H.; Notter, D.R.; White, H.E., 1988:
Intensive rotational grazing of orchardgrass pastures with sheep: second year results

Gernet, M.G.; Kulakova, V.V.; Popova, M.F., 1988:
Intensive seasoning schedules for export lumber

Rahim, W.A.; Heinrich, L.V.; Hussein, A., 1986:
Intensive small scale dairy farming

Krasova, N.G.; Sedov, E.N., 1989:
Intensive technology for growing pear in the central zone of Russia

Shvidenko, A.I., 1987:
Intensive technology for growing trees

Suleimenov, M.K., 1989:
Intensive technology of cereal cultivation and the crop rotation system

Tran Hong Uy; D.H.u Quoc, 1988:
Intensive technology package for winter maize crop in dry and wet soil in Vietnam

Yandrinskii, Y.D., 1988:
Intensive use of a sow herd

Cavailhes, J.; Desbrosses, B.; Gogue, A.M., 1989:
Intensive vs. extensive: the debate on livestock farming models in the Charolais system. Bibliographic analysis

Kaffka, S.R., 1987:
Intensive wheat management in northern New York

Abo Shetaia, A.M.A., 1990:
Inter and intra competition when intercropping faba bean and barley

Bardet, S.; Pasqual, C.; Maugendre, D.; Remy, J.P.; Charbonnel, B.; Sai, P., 1989:
Inter and intra individual variability of acute insulin response during intravenous glucose tolerance tests

Gardeur, J.N.; Vignon, B., 1987:
Inter individual variability and repeatability in the prediction of the voluntary food intake of dairy cows

Abusaleha ; Dutta, O.P., 1988:
Inter relationship of yield components in cucumber

Avramenko, R.S., 1987:
Inter- and intra-clonal differentiation of some hybrid black poplars (a serological investigation)

Jiang, C.; Cockerham, C.; Moll, R., 1990:
Inter- and intracultivar effects of selection on heterosis

Komlenovic, N.; Krstinic, A., 1987:
Inter- and intrapopulation variability of some black alder (Alnus glutinosa) provenances in biomass production and nutrient accumulation

Czechowski, W.; Pisarski, B., 1988:
Inter- and intraspecific competitive relations in Camponotus ligniperdus (Latr.) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Mcgranahan, G.; Hansen,, D., 1988:
Inter- and intraspecific variation in California black walnuts

Floyd, M.E., 1986:
Inter- and intraspecific variation in pinon pine plantations

Leterme, P.; Beckers, Y.; Thewis, A., 1989:
Inter- and intravarietal variability of the trypsin inhibitors content of peas and its influence on apparent digestibility of crude proteins by growing pigs

Pulkrabek, J.; Pavlik, J., 1988:
Inter-breed differences in growth patterns of pigs in the period of their fattening

Tsuji, K., 1988:
Inter-colonial incompatibility and aggressive interactions in Pristomyrmex pungens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Paltik, J., 1989:
Inter-crop cultivation of sugarbeet and maize (Part 2)

Pérusse, L.; Leblanc, C.; Bouchard, C., 1988:
Inter-generation transmission of physical fitness in the Canadian population

McNeill, G.; Bruce, A.C.; Ralph, A.; James, W.P., 1988:
Inter-individual differences in fasting nutrient oxidation and the influence of diet composition

Smith, T.R., 1989:
Inter-industry impacts of feed grain transportation and export policy changes upon the Cornbelt

Koljonen, K., 1983:
Inter-industry linkages of forestry and forest industry sectors in the Tanzanian economy

Jutzi, S.C.; Tedla, A.; Abebe, M.; Beyene, D., 1988:
Inter-institutional modes of operation in research and development of improved Vertisol technologies for the Ethiopian highlands

Krishnaiah, J.; Krishnamoorthy, S., 1988:
Inter-regional allocation of major foodgrains in Andhra Pradesh: an application of spatial equilibrium model

Singh, V.S., 1988:
Inter-regional disparities in agriculture production and productivity: a case study of Uttar Pradesh

Maskey, M., 1989:
Inter-relationship between bees and flowers in Kathmandu Valley

Patel, Z.N.; Patel, J.C., 1988:
Inter-relationships among different physico-chemical characteristics of salt-affected soils of the Bhal-Nal area (Gujarat)

Agami, M.; Reddy, K.R., 1989:
Inter-relationships between Salvinia rotundifolia and Spirodela polyrhiza at various interaction stages

Speight, D., 1987:
Inter-relationships between ionophore coccidiostats and nutrients in poultry feeds

Irla, E., 1988:
Inter-row cultivators and band sprayers

Santra, B.; Sarker, S.C., 1989:
Inter-state disparities in fertilizer consumption in India

Chhotan Singh; Chand, P., 1989:
Inter-state disparities in the growth of new technology and agricultural production in India

Sundaram, K.V., 1989:
Inter-state variations in work force participation rates of women in India: an analysis

Ionauskene, I.D.; Kanopkaite, S.I., 1988:
Inter-vitamin interaction of cobalamins and S-methylmethionine (vitamin U) in chickens

Berdanier, C.D., 1988:
Interacting effects of carbohydrate and lipid on metabolism

Rickerl, D.H., 1987:
Interacting effects of tillage and mulches on cotton growth and soil ecology

Wallace, A., 1990:
Interacting effects when a warm-season grass mixture was subjected to factorial combinations of N and P fertilizers in a five year field test

Romano, G.; Moncecchi, A.G., 1988:
Interaction and additive effects of varroasis and European foul brood

Bashan, Y.; Levanony, H., 1988:
Interaction between Azospirillum brasilense Cd and wheat root cells during early stages of root colonization

Bushuev, N.N.; Pogodilova, E.G., 1988:
Interaction between CaSO4 and LnPO4 (Ln = La, Ce, or Nd)

Manandhar, J.B.; Singh, T.; Kunwar, I.K.; Sinclair, J.B., 1987:
Interaction between Colletotrichum spp. with Phomopsis sojae and Septoria glycines alone or in combination on disease severity and soybean seed quality

Garcia Garrido, J.M.; Ocampo, J.A., 1988:
Interaction between G. mosseae and P. syringae in tomato plant rhizosphere

Gopalakrishna, M.N.; Bagyaraj, D.J.; Vasanthakrishna, M., 1990:
Interaction between Glomus fasciculatum and two phosphate solubilizing fungi in finger millet

Mahima Negi; Tilak, K.V.B.R., 1990:
Interaction between Glomus versiforme and Azospirillum brasilense in barley

Voznyakovskaya, Y.M.; Trufanova, A.K., 1988:
Interaction between Helminthosporium sativum, pathogen of root rot of crops, and saprophytic soil bacteria

Rajasekar, R.; Sharma, V.S., 1989:
Interaction between IBA, certain micro-nutrients and phenolic acids in relation to rooting of tea cuttings

Romero, N.; Apella, M.C.; Gonzalez, S.N.; Ruiz Holgado, A.A.P.sce de; Oliver, G., 1987:
Interaction between Lactobacillus acidophilus and contaminating psychrotrophic flora in non-pasteurized milk

Perez Chaia, A.; Pesce de Ruiz Holgado, A.A.; Oliver, G., 1987:
Interaction between Lactobacillus helveticus and Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii

Tiyagi, S.A.; Zaidi, S.B.I.; Alam, M.M., 1988:
Interaction between Meloidogyne javanica and Macrophomina phaseolina on lentil

Zuzicka, Z.; Vostrel, J.; Zeleny, J., 1988:
Interaction between Phorodon humuli and indigenous predators in a pesticide untreated hop garden

Pramila Sharma; Niranjan, R.; Banwarilal ; Rao, V.M., 1990:
Interaction between Rhizobium (cowpea miscellany) and mycorrhizal fungi and their stimulatory effects of Acacia nilotica (L.) Del

Vaishya, U.K.; Dube, J.N., 1988:
Interaction between Rhizobium strains and chickpea varieties

Gupta, R.P.; Punj, V., 1990:
Interaction between Rhizobium, mycorrhiza, nitrogen and phosphorus and their effect on growth and symbiotic behaviour of Leucaena leucocephala

Effmert, M., 1990:
Interaction between Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.) Perc. and Colletotrichum coccodes (Wallr.) Hughes in wart resistance testing

Vanyi, A.; Salyi, G.; Majoros, G.; Glavits, R.; Sandor, G.; Bago, G., 1989:
Interaction between T-2 fusariotoxin and monensin in broiler chickens infected with coccidia

Thomas-Orillard, M., 1988:
Interaction between a picornavirus and a wild population of Drosophila melanogaster

Wymore, L.A.; Watson, A.K., 1989:
Interaction between a velvetleaf isolate of Colletotrichum coccodes and thidiazuron for velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) control in the field

Joshi, S.; Upadhyaya, A.; Davis, T.D.; Sankhla, A.K.; Sankhla, D.; Sankhla, N., 1988:
Interaction between abscisic acid and GA3 in in vitro regeneration from moth bean callus

Mansfield, T.A.; Wright, T.A.; Lucas, P.W.; Cottam, D.A., 1988:
Interaction between air pollutants and water stress

Tan, K.Z.; Keltjens, W.G., 1990:
Interaction between aluminium and phosphorus in sorghum plants. 1. Studies with aluminium sensitive sorghum genotype TAM428

Tapio E.; Pohto Lahdenpera A., 1989:
Interaction between antagonists and pathogenic fungi

Buchko, A.M.; Smolyaninov, B.V.; Rozgoni, I.I.; Kobylei, D.E.; Kovaliv, L.N., 1988:
Interaction between blood progesterone content and superovulation

Liu W.; P.M.; W.L., 1987:
Interaction between boron and potassium in cotton nutrition

Choi, C.D.; Kim, S.C.; Lee, S.K., 1990:
Interaction between brassinolide and auxins on bioassays

Rossowska, M.J.; Dinh, C.; Gottschalk, S.B.; Yazdani, M.; Sutton, F.S.; Nakamoto, T., 1990:
Interaction between caffeine intake and heart zinc concentrations in the rat

Nakamoto, T.; Hartman, A.D.; Joseph, F., 1989:
Interaction between caffeine intake and nutritional status on growing brains in newborn rats

Catchpole, J.; Harris, T.J., 1989:
Interaction between coccidia and Nematodirus battus in lambs on pasture

Yang, Z.F.; Li, J.X., 1986:
Interaction between cotton fruits and pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Sauders)

Mancinelli A.L., 1989:
Interaction between cryptochrome and phytochrome in higher plant photomorphogenesis

Buttery, P.J., 1990:
Interaction between diet and the response of ruminants to metabolism modifiers

Antunes, V.; Silveira, A.P.; Cardoso, E.J., 1988:
Interaction between different soil types and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas in the production of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) transplants

Hoppe, B.R., 1988:
Interaction between dolomitic lime and different levels of nitrogen on flue-cured tobacco

Chkanikov, D.I.; Mikityuk, O.D.; Artemenko, E.N.; Nazarova, T.A., 1989:
Interaction between ethylene and auxin during herbicide influence of 2,4-D

Merodio, C.; Plaza, J.L. de la, 1989:
Interaction between ethylene and carbon dioxide on controlled atmosphere storage of Blanca de Aranjuez pears

Grys, S., 1987:
Interaction between feeding and infectious and parasitic diseases of poultry

Coker, R.J.; Tomlinson, D.R.; Parkin, J.; Harris, J.R.; Pinching, A.J., 1990:
Interaction between fluconazole and rifampicin

Ahmed, S.R.; Goyal, J.P., 1987:
Interaction between gram varieties and Rhizobium isolates in relation to nodulation, plant growth and grain yield

Christensen, S.; Streibig, J.C.; Haas, H., 1990:
Interaction between herbicide activity and weed suppression by spring barley varieties

Trivedi, P.C., 1988:
Interaction between herbicides and nematode diseases - a review

Weitze, K.F.; Lotz, J.H.; Everwand, A.; Willmen, T.; Waberski, D., 1990:
Interaction between inseminate, uterine and ovarial function in the sow. 2. Investigations into the influencing of ovulation by the use of sperm free media

Schaack, M.M.; Marth, E.H., 1988:
Interaction between lactic acid bacteria and some foodborne pathogens: a review

Konstantinova, T.N.; Aksenova, N.P.; Sergeeva, L.I.; Chailakhyan, M.K., 1987:
Interaction between light and hormones in regulation of morphogenetic processes in culture in vitro

Orr, N.; Eisikowitch, D., 1988:
Interaction between melon (Cucumis melo) flowers and honeybees under extreme desert conditions in Israel

Bilgrami, A.L.; Ahmad, I.; Jairajpuri, M.S., 1987:
Interaction between mononchs in non-sterile agar plates

Veit, B.; Hake, S., 1989:
Interaction between mutations that influence inflorescence development

Yadav, V.K.; Prakash, S.; Kapoor, H.C., 1987:
Interaction between nitrate and nitrogen fixation and possible role of indole acetic acid in its regulation in Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum) root nodules

Talamás-Rohana, P.; Meza, I., 1988:
Interaction between pathogenic amebas and fibronectin: substrate degradation and changes in cytoskeleton organization

Khurana, S.M.; Raychaudhuri, S.P., 1988:
Interaction between plant pathogens with special reference to the viruses

Campen, C.A.; Vale, W., 1988:
Interaction between purified ovine inhibin and steroids on the release of gonadotropins from cultured rat pituitary cells

Brochier, B.M.; Blancou, J.; Aubert, M.F.; Kieny, M.P.; Desmettre, P.; Pastoret, P.P., 1989:
Interaction between rabies infection and oral administration of vaccinia-rabies recombinant virus to foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

Pawar, C.S.; Srivastava, C.P., 1988:
Interaction between sex pheromones of Spodoptera litura Fab. and Heliothis armigera (Hub)

Bassey, M.W., 1986:
Interaction between temperatures, airflow and chimney design in indirect free convective solar dryers

Carri, C.B., 1989:
Interaction between the community, the economy and the state in the problem of rural development

Iliev, I.V., 1988:
Interaction between the pathogen of powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis tritici) and wheat in different stages of the infection process. Formation of initial secondary hyphae

Iliev, I.V., 1989:
Interaction between the powdery mildew pathogen Erysiphe graminis tritici and wheat in the formation of functional secondary hyphae

Teischinger, A., 1989:
Interaction between the sorption activity of wood and relative humidity in interior rooms

Shumaev, K.B.; Amirov, R.M.; Ignatov, V.V.; Ostrovskii, D.N.; Shishkov, A.V., 1988:
Interaction between tritium-labelled pesticides and Azospirillum brasiliense cells

Mahal, M.S.; Rajwant Singh; Balraj Singh , 1990:
Interaction between two aphid species on raya, Brassica juncea Coss

Takada, S.; Denpo, H.; Hayashida, M., 1988:
Interaction between varietal characteristics and environmental factors (4)

Tsukuda, M.; Takada, S.; Yasumura, M., 1987:
Interaction between varietal characteristics and environmental factors (III)

Vyas, S.C.; Shroff, V.N., 1990:
Interaction between vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and fungicides

Jain, R.K.; Sethi, C.L., 1988:
Interaction between vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza, Meloidogyne incognita and Heterodera cajani on cowpea as influenced by time of inoculation

Cuadrado, M.C.; Romero, C.; Lacadena, J.R., 1988:
Interaction between wheat chromosome arms controlling homoeologous pairing and rye B-chromosomes

Lukman, 1988:
Interaction effect between clones and exploitation systems on yield and secondary characteristics of small-scale recommended clones

Bansal, R.L.; Chahal, D.S., 1990:
Interaction effect of Fe and Mn on growth and nutrient content of moong (Phaseolus aureus L.)

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Interaction effects of VA mycorrhiza and Azospirillum on growth and uptake of nutrients in maize

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Interaction effects of combining ability with years for some economic traits in sinica type hybrid rice

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Interaction effects of potato genotype and irrigation regime on yields and quality

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Interaction effects of the Rht dwarfing alleles and polygenes on culm length and grain yield of spring wheat

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Interaction in the TiCl4-MgCl2-H3PO4-H2O system

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Interaction of 1,4-benzoquinone and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid with microsomal glutathione transferase from rat liver

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Interaction of A, E, Sb, and Ss gene alleles in formation of sur coloration in sheep

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Interaction of Aspergillus with two rice pathogens

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Interaction of Bracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in suppressing stored-product moth populations in small inshell peanut storages

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Interaction of Ca(H2PO4)2 applied to an Oxisol and previous sludge amendment: soil and crop response

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Interaction of Ca2+ and calmodulin antagonist, CPZ on mitochondrial Ca2+ ATPase activity of cowpea leaf discs during senescence

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Interaction of Candida albicans with gastrointestinal mucosa. In vitro adhesion to gastrointestinal tract of antibiotic-treated and untreated mice

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Interaction of Entamoeba histolytica with nonimmune and immune intestinal defences

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Interaction of FeSO4 with polyacrylamide and urea formaldehyde in aggregating light-textured soils

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Interaction of Fusarium avenaceum and Pseudomonas viridiflava in root rot of red clover

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Interaction of Hoplolaimus aegypti with soil pathogenic fungi Cephalosporium maydis and Fusarium moniliforme in the root rot complex of maize

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Interaction of Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizoctonia bataticola in white jute (Corchorus capsularis)

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Interaction of Phytophthora megasperma f.sp. medicaginis and Verticillium albo-atrum in resistant and susceptible alfalfa

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Interaction of Pseudomonas solanacearum on parasitism of tomato by Meloidogyne incognita in the Antilles

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Interaction of R-genes in breeding for resistance of potatoes against Phytophthora infestans

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Interaction of Rhizobium and Meloidogyne incognita on symbiotic nitrogen fixation in mungbean under different concentrations of iron

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Interaction of Trypanosoma hastatus with mouse macrophages and the attempted infection of mice with different stages of T. hastatus

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Interaction of VA mycorrhizal fungus and Tylenchulus semipenetrans on citrus

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Interaction of VA-mycorrhizae with beneficial soil microorganisms

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Interaction of a liver-specific factor with an enhancer 4.8 kilobases upstream of a phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene

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Interaction of a tractor and plough during ploughing - II

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Interaction of a weakly pathogenic strain of tobacco mosaic virus with potato virus X on tomato plants

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Interaction of age, strain and date of melatonin administration in the control of winter coat growth in mink

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Interaction of agricultural price policy and wage policy; the case of rice and maize

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Interaction of amebas with cells

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Interaction of an alkaloid, serpentine, with the tonoplast of isolated vacuoles of Catharanthus roseus G. Don

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Interaction of an antinucleating chemical and an ice nucleation active bacterium: a case study with an n-octylbenzyldimethylammonium salt and Erwinia ananas

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Interaction of anthelmintic residues in cow milk with bacteria and Penicillium roqueforti

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Interaction of antibodies with amphotericin channel

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Interaction of auxin and cytokinin in growth regulation of soyabean cotyledonary callus

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Interaction of bass tapeworm, Proteocephalus ambloplitis, and Neoechinorhynchus sp. (Acanthocephala) in largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides

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Interaction of bentazon, metribuzin and sethoxydim with other pesticides on potatoes

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Interaction of bluetongue virus with bovine lymphocytes

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Interaction of calcium and sulphur in canola and soybean meal diets fed to broiler chicks

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Interaction of calcium with casein submicelles

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Interaction of carbon metabolism in the Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis

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Interaction of carbon with calcium orthophosphate and silicon dioxide

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Interaction of chlorocholine chloride with montmorillonite

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Interaction of cholestyramine with chloroquine

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Interaction of climate, vegetation, and soil hydrology at Hot Weather Creek, Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories

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Interaction of coloboma and aphakia mutant genes in mice

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Interaction of concentration and temperature of acetic acid solution on reduction of various species of microorganisms on beef surfaces

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Interaction of condensed grape tannins with pepsin and trypsin in simulated human digestive system

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Interaction of cucurbitacin genes

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Interaction of diclofop and diclofop-methyl with Al3+-, Fe3+-, and Cu2+-saturated montmorillonite

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Interaction of dietary protein, cholesterol and age on lipid metabolism of the rat

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Interaction of different factors with the biosynthesis of trichothecenes by Fusarium strains

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Interaction of dual inoculation of VA mycorrhiza and Rhizobium with pesticides treated chickpea plants

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Interaction of earthworm species in sewage sludge-amended soil microcosms: Lumbricus terrestris and Eisenia fetida

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Interaction of endocytobionts in ticks (Ixodoidea: Argasidae). New aspects in ultrastructural and physiological relations of endocytobionts to their hosts

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Interaction of factors influencing the concentration of chemical compounds in drainage waters

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Interaction of fertilizer application and irrigation in winter wheat

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Interaction of fire and community development in chaparral of southern California

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Interaction of flow properties, silo geometry and silo statics

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Interaction of fluconazole and cyclosporine

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Interaction of gel with soybean seeds

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Interaction of genes controlling plant habit in watermelon

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Interaction of genetic systems determining development rate in bread wheats

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Interaction of genotypes and environment for grain yield in upland rice

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Interaction of griseofulvin and oral contraceptives

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Interaction of halogenated 1,4-benzoquinones with system II of photosynthesis

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Interaction of heat and salt shock in cultured tobacco cells

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Interaction of humic acid and montmorillonite: adsorption and/or coaggregation

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Interaction of inherited sterility and diapause in the corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Interaction of iron deficiency and lead and the hematologic findings in children with severe lead poisoning

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Interaction of lactoperoxidase with enzymes and immunoglobulins in bovine milk

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Interaction of lanthanide phosphates with sodium salts

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Interaction of lime and nitrogen fertilizer on sorghum yield under drought conditions in rotation with soyabeans

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Interaction of magnesium-containing phosphate ores with nitrate-phosphate solutions

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Interaction of maize roots and rhizosphere microorganisms

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Interaction of management practice and diseases in a Portuguese eelfarm

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Interaction of manganese ions with thylakoid membranes

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Interaction of mesophilic lactic streptococci

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Interaction of mouse sperm with purified sperm receptors covalently linked to silica beads

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Interaction of niacin and zinc metabolism in patients with alcoholic pellagra

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Interaction of nitrofen with soil microbial activities

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Interaction of nitrogen supply and soil water stress on photosynthesis and transpiration in rice

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Interaction of non-allelic genes and ways of using them in practical breeding of fodder lupin

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Interaction of nuclear factors with upstream sequences of a lipid body membrane protein gene from carrot

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Interaction of nutrition and infection: macrophage activity in vitamin B12-deficient rats infected with Trypanosoma lewisi

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Interaction of nutritional factors with memory processing

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Interaction of partial plant resistance and biological control

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Interaction of petal portions, hormones and protein biosynthesis in the responses of carnation petals to water stress

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Interaction of physical and chemical mutagens for induction of chlorophyll mutations in barley

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Interaction of polysaccharides from broad bean nodule bacteria with lectins from the dominant host plant

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Interaction of polysaccharides produced by pea nodule bacteria with lectin of the dominant host plant

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Interaction of powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea) and root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) on cucumber

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Interaction of propranolol and somatostatin with the octopamine response of lipaemia in the honeybee in vivo

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Interaction of pyrethroids with other insecticides

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Interaction of rhizosphere bacteria, fertilizer, and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with sea oats

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Interaction of shoot fly egg laying damage with resistant and susceptible sorghum varieties

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Interaction of sources of formaldehyde emission from different wood products

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Interaction of the components of phosphate ores with dilute sulfuric acid solutions

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Interaction of the immunomodulator levamisole chloride with rabbit erythrocytes and blood proteins and with sheep haemoglobin

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Interaction of the main vine rootstocks with regionally distributed cultivars in the Anapsk region

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Interaction of the manganese ions with thylakoid membranes

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Interaction of the nucleus and plastome in sunflower. III. Suppression of the expression of a plastid mutation by a foreign nucleus

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Interaction of the pollen and pollen tubes with the pistil in several crosses of barley with rye (Hordeum vulgare L. X Secale cereale L.)

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Interaction of the polysaccharides of pea nodule bacteria with lectin of the dominant host plant

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Interaction of three monoclonal antibodies with the nonactivated and activated forms of the estrogen receptor

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Interaction of tobacco etch or tobacco vein mottling virus and ozone on biomass changes in burley tobacco

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Interaction of turkey complement with Escherichia coli isolated from turkeys

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Interaction of two environmental factors: photoperiod and feeding, on annual cycles of growth, reproduction and metabolism in mammals

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Interaction of vanillin with amino acids

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Interaction of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (Glomus etunicatum) and Rhizobium in cowpea

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Interaction of weeds and apple pests

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Interaction of wood and its components with boric acid in the process of thermal treatment. 2. Thermodestruction of cellulose

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Interaction response of Glomus albidus and Cicer Rhizobium strains on iron uptake and symbiotic N2 fixation in calcareous soil

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Interaction studies on fluconazole - a new triazole antifungal agent

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Interaction study of Glomus mosseae amd Rhizoctonia solani

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Interaction with other organisms

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Interactions among mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), sago pondweed (Potamogeton pectinatus), and the survivorship of Anopheles mosquito larvae

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Interactions among salt (NaCl), kinetin, and gibberellic acid in the germination of lettuce seeds

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Interactions among three trophic levels: gall size and parasitoid attack

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Interactions at three trophic levels: Edovum puttleri Grissell (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), the Colorado potato beetle, and insect-resistant potatoes

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Interactions between 20 different Triticum and Aegilpos cytoplasms and the genotype of the Mexican triticale 'Beagle'

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Interactions between Aulonium ruficorne (Coleoptera: Colydiidae) and other natural enemies of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Interactions between Azospirillum species and wheat (Triticum aestivum) varieties

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Interactions between Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner and Apanteles fumiferanae Vier. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasitoid of the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Interactions between Chironomus plumosus (L.) and the microbial community in surficial sediments of a shallow, eutrophic lake

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Interactions between Fasciola hepatica L. and Muellerius capillaris Muller in the snail Lymnaea truncatula Muller

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Interactions between Laccaria laccata, Agrobacterium radiobacter and beech roots: influence on P, K, Mg, and Fe mobilization from minerals and plant growth

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Interactions between Maillard browning products and thiamin in rats

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Interactions between Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceris on chickpea variety Chaffa

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Interactions between Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and a nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Heliothis zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Interactions between N2-fixing enteric bacteria and grasses

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Interactions between Prostephanus truncatus (Horn.) (Col., Bostrichidae) and four species of stored-products beetles damaging maize

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Interactions between Subdue and slow-release fertilizers at high temperatures

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Interactions between agricultural and environmental policies: a conceptual framework

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Interactions between agriculture and industry during the ninteenth century

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Interactions between air pollutants and cold stress

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Interactions between alcohol and iron proteins

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Interactions between and among grain sorghum, sorghum downy mildew, and the seed herbicide antidotes Concep II, Concep, and Screen

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Interactions between antral peptides and prostaglandin biosynthesis in gastric acid regulation in man

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Interactions between bacteria and copper ions

Skeate, S.T., 1987:
Interactions between birds and fruits in a northern Florida hammock community

Monroe, J.D., 1989:
Interactions between carbon and oxygen metabolism in nitrogen fixing pea root nodules

Björkman, A., 1988:
Interactions between chemotherapy and immunity to malaria

Maynard, C.A., 1988:
Interactions between cloning success and forest tree improvement

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Interactions between copper, iron, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, and lead in the liver of sheep after experimental poisoning with copper oxide

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Interactions between cropping structure and farm labour capacity in vegetable production under glass and plastic

Fried, P.M., 1988:
Interactions between cultural practices and crop protection in cereal production

Caballero, B., 1988:
Interactions between diet constituents

Azcon, R.; Rubio, R., 1990:
Interactions between different VA mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium strains on growth and nutrition of Medicago sativa

Tzukorov, A., 1988:
Interactions between drive wheels and soil

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Interactions between energy and protein metabolism in the whole body and hind limb of sheep in response to intake

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Interactions between fats and supplementary CaCO3 or CaHPO4.2H2O in growing pigs given high-lipid diets

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Interactions between fires, fungi, mountain pine beetles, and lodgepole pine in south-central Oregon

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Interactions between four viruses and Phytophthora capsici L. on Capsicum

Lundborg A., 1988:
Interactions between fungi affect their ability to degrade crystalline cellulose

Baard S.W., 1988:
Interactions between fungi from blackhulled groundnut pods

Neuvonen, S., 1988:
Interactions between geometrid and microtine cycles in northern Fennoscandia

Rapparini, G.; Pizzi, M., 1990:
Interactions between herbicides and insecticides in maize seedlings

Hermann, R., 1986:
Interactions between humic compounds and xenobiotic substances in view of the reserve capacity of a soil with a defined content of organic matter

Grieser, K.; Ziechmann, W., 1988:
Interactions between humic material and peroxidase

Sampangi Ramaiah, K.; Perrin, R., 1990:
Interactions between isolates of ectomycorrhizal Laccaria spp. and root rot fungi of conifers

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Interactions between man and technology at the workplace - aims, methods and results of ergonomics and medical research

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Interactions between nematodes and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae

Kohl, E., 1988:
Interactions between nutritional regimens and diseases in calves

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Interactions between pathogen, host and biocontrol agent: multiplication of Trichoderma hamatum and Talaromyces flavus on roots of diseased and healthy hosts

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Interactions between pelleting material, insecticides and fungicides

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Interactions between pesticide genes: model and experiment

Wallace A.; Wallace G.A., 1990:
Interactions between polymer soil conditioners and organic amendments in the improvement of physical properties of soil

Harris, PD., 1989:
Interactions between population growth and sexual reproduction in the viviparous monogenean Gyrodactylus turnbulli Harris, 1986 from the guppy, Poecilia reticulata Peters

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Interactions between potassium, sulphur and phosphorus on volcanic soils of Gisborne/East Coast hill country

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Interactions between prolactin and its receptor

Haque, Z.U., 1990:
Interactions between protein and peptides of milk and their effects on functionality

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Interactions between races of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi and cultivars of carnation

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Interactions between soil C/N ratio and saprophytic microorganisms in alluvial and calcareous soils

Tebrugge, F., 1989:
Interactions between soil management and the soil ecosystem

Zeeuw, E. de; Hopman, R., 1987:
Interactions between solid soil and groundwater: experiences from the monitoring of groundwater clean up operations and in situ treatment of contaminated soil

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Interactions between somatic and germinal cells during early development

Monks, D.W.; Oliver, L.R., 1988:
Interactions between soybean (Glycine max) cultivars and selected weeds

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Interactions between station and field testing of AI boars in purebreeding and crossbreeding

Bates, R.M.; Kennedy, C.R., 1990:
Interactions between the acanthocephalans Pomphorhynchus laevis and Acanthocephalus anguillae in rainbow trout: testing an exclusion hypothesis

Schadlich, F.; Marzok, K.; Hoffmann, G., 1990:
Interactions between the influence of preceding crop and plant protection measures in winter rye production in the Bernau district during 1976 to 1986

Sprecher, H., 1989:
Interactions between the metabolism of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids

Young, OP., 1989:
Interactions between the predators Phidippus audax (Araneae: Salticidae) and Hippodamia convergens (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in cotton and in the laboratory

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Interactions between the seminiferous tubules and Leydig cells of the testis

O.S.llivan, M.; Stephens, P.M.; O.G.ra, F., 1990:
Interactions between the soil-borne bacteriophage Fo-1 and Pseudomonas spp. on sugarbeet roots

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Interactions between the two spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) and leaf miner (Liriomyza trifolii Burgess) on chrysanthemum leaves

Chung, Y.; Hoitink, H., 1990:
Interactions between thermophilic fungi and Trichoderma hamatum in suppression of Rhizoctonia damping-off in a bark compost-amended container medium

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Interactions between tobacco mosaic virus, pokeweed antiviral proteins, and tobacco cell wall

Sohlenius, B., 1988:
Interactions between two species of Panagrolaimus in agar cultures

Reiser, S., 1988:
Interactions between utilizable dietary carbohydrates and minerals

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Interactions between vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and nitrogen-fixing microorganisms and their influence on plant growth and nutrition

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Interactions between viruses and clay minerals

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Interactions between vitamin A deficiency and Plasmodium berghei infection in the rat

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Interactions between white clover and pasture grasses

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Interactions between wild tuber-bearing Solanum species and Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary in a natural habitat and implications of the results for potato breeding

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Interactions between xerophthalmia and morbidity among underfive rural children

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Interactions between zinc, iron and folic acid in the pregnant rat

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Interactions during cheese ripening - the listeria problem

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Interactions encountered with addition of lime, P, K and Mg in field experiments with alfalfa in the southeastern USA

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Interactions for pollination among coflowering shrubs

Sekhon, G.S., 1989:
Interactions in maximum yield research systems

Nakashima, H.; Tanaka, T., 1988:
Interactions in soil-lug system (Part 2). Effect of lug angle on soil reaction

Nakashima, H.; Tanaka, T., 1989:
Interactions in soil-lug system (Part 3) - soil behavior under lug and sinkage variation of lugged wheel

Nakashima, H.; Tanaka, T., 1990:
Interactions in soil-lug system (Part 4) - numerical simulation of interactions

Schaffer, B., 1989:
Interactions in stabilizers and emulsifiers and their functional effects

Dance, D.A.; Wuthiekanun, V.; Chaowagul, W.; White, N.J., 1989:
Interactions in vitro between agents used to treat melioidosis

Lounibos, L.P., 1985:
Interactions influencing production of treehole mosquitoes in south Florida

Roussilhon, C.; Agrapart, M.; Behr, C.; Dubois, P.; Ballet, J.J., 1989:
Interactions of CD4+ and CD8+ human T lymphocytes from malaria-unprimed donors with Plasmodium falciparum schizont stage

Naciri, M.; Mazzella, O.; Coudert, F., 1989:
Interactions of Cryptosporidium and wild or vaccinal Marek's disease virus in chickens

Ivashkin, S.A., 1987:
Interactions of Dursban with soil microorganisms

Morrow, R.H.; Colebunders, R.L.; Chin, J., 1989:
Interactions of HIV infection with endemic tropical diseases

Sarkar, H.K.; Basu, T.K.; Pal, A.K., 1988:
Interactions of Rhizobium and insecticides on the yield attributes of blackgram Vigna mungo

Tesche, M.; Feiler, S.; Michael, G., 1989:
Interactions of SO2 and drought stress on Picea abies

Kraszpulski, P.; Davis, R., 1988:
Interactions of a parasite, Bracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), and a predator, Xylocoris flavipes (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae), with populations of Tribolium castaneum and Plodia interpunctella

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Interactions of acid, ethylene and gravity stimulation on growth and cell wall properties in dicot stems

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Interactions of aldolase synthesized in vitro with the glycosomal membrane

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Interactions of carbaryl and dimethoate with sethoxydim

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Interactions of clays with soil organic constituents

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Interactions of dietary cation-anion balance and phosphorus: effects on blood, bone and faecal phosphorus concentration in dairy calves

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Interactions of dopaminergic and peptidergic factors in the control of prolactin release

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Interactions of food additives and nutrients

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Interactions of fungicides with nitrogen and plant growth regulators for cost-effective control of wheat diseases

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Interactions of hydrazine with clays and soils

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Interactions of iron nutrition and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in peanuts

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Interactions of labeled epididymal secretory proteins with spermatozoa after injection of 35S-methionine in the mouse

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Interactions of lactose with calcium, magnesium and zinc in rats

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Interactions of lipids and proteins in meat. 3. Changes in contents of tryptophan and of available forms of lysine, methionine and cysteine

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Interactions of malnutrition and diarrhea: a review of research

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Interactions of milk proteins with selected hydrocolloids

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Interactions of mycorrhizal fungi with root pathogens of cocoa

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Interactions of organisms at root/soil and litter/soil interfaces in terrestrial ecosystems

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Interactions of population, resources and environment: implications on rural development in the Naguilian river basin, northern Philippines

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Interactions of proteins, carbohydrates in rumen explored

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Interactions of snowshoe hare and feltleaf willow in Alaska

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Interactions of soil site, intensification and NO3- content in infiltrated water under grass stand

Lownads, N.K., 1987 :
Interactions of surfactants with plant leaves: induction of phytotoxicty and ethylene production in relation to surfactant chemistry

Tebrugge, F., 1989:
Interactions of technical efficiency parameters, soil structure, biological activity, plant disease and crop yield in a 10 year trial of soil cultivation systems

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Interactions of the bean rust and cowpea rust fungi with species of the Phaseolus-Vigna plant complex. II. Histological responses to infection in heat-treated and untreated leaves

Vencill W.K.; Hatzios K.K.; Wilson H.P., 1990:
Interactions of the bleaching herbicide clomazone with reduced glutathione and other thiols

Quinn, T.C., 1989:
Interactions of the human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis and the implications for BCG vaccination

Senesi N.; Chen Y., 1989:
Interactions of toxic organic chemicals with humic substances

Wallace, A., 1990:
Interactions of two parameters in crop production and in general biology; sequential additivity, synergism, antagonism

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Interactions of vitamins A, D3, E, and K in the diet of broiler chicks

Wallace A., 1990:
Interactions of water stress and aluminum stress in barley and sunflower cultivars

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Interactions of weed, nematode and arthropod management strategies with the Louisiana sugarcane agroecosystem: A holistic perspective

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Interactive computer-assisted chromosome analysis. A basic software package

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Interactive effect of H2S production from cysteine and methanethiol production from methionine in milk-fat-coated microcapsules containing Brevibacterium linens

Ahmad, S., 1989:
Interactive effect of root-knot, reniform and stunt nematodes on tomato

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Interactive effect of soil fertility and saline water irrigation on production of some vegetable crops

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Interactive effects of K and B on rape seed yield and the nutrient status in rape plants

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Interactive effects of NPK nutrients, water potential and irradiance on contents of potassium and phosphate in cotton seedlings

Einhellig, F.A., 1989:
Interactive effects of allelochemicals and environmental stress

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Interactive effects of anemia and muscle oxidative capacity on exercise endurance

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Interactive effects of antifungal and antineoplastic agents on yeasts commonly prevalent in cancer patients

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Interactive effects of applied N on grain and biomass yield and accumulation and partitioning of N and P in a leafy and non-leafy corn cultivar

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Interactive effects of cyanide and abscisic acid on seed germination of canary grass

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Interactive effects of exogenous growth substances and simulated acid rain on growth of coniferous seedlings

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Interactive effects of nitrogen and water stresses on biomass accumulation, N uptake, and seed yield of maize

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Interactive effects of oat bran and fish oil on plasma lipids and hepatic cholesterol metabolism in the rat

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Interactive effects of salinity and phytohormones on growth and plant water relationship parameters in maize and safflower plants

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Interactive effects of salinity and the herbicide methazole on onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Interactive effects of sodium zeolite A (EthacalReg.) and monensin in uninfected and Eimeria acervulina-infected chicks

Shaddad M.A.; E.T.yeb M.A., 1990:
Interactive effects of soil moisture content and hormonal treatment on dry matter and pigment contents of some crop plants

Karunaratne A.; Bullerman L.B., 1990:
Interactive effects of spore load and temperature on aflatoxin production

E.S.arkawi, H.M.; Farghali, K.A., 1989:
Interactive effects of water stress, temperature and NO3- concentration on allocation of soluble nitrogen in germinating Bauhinia seeds

Scheffel, H., 1989:
Interactive influence of regeneration and moulting in larvae of the chilopod Lithobius forficatus (L.)

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Interactive pest-control advisory models: increasing profit and reducing prophylaxis

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Interactive water and nitrogen effects on senescence of maize. II. Photosynthetic decline and longevity of individual leaves

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Interactons of pseudorabies virus with swine macrophages I: virus replication

Es, J.C. van; Sofranko, A.J., 1988:
Interagency cooperation for soil conservation in Illinois

Kozak, I.I., 1989:
Interbiogeocenotic links and specifics of their appearance in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Sidheswaran, P.; Bhat, A.N.; Ganguli, P., 1990:
Intercalation of salts of fatty acids into kaolinite

Ugalde T.D.; Chalmers D.J.; Jerie P.H., 1988:
Intercellular invertase in developing peach mesocarp

Anonymous, 1988:
Intercepted plant pests 1985-86

Varshney, J.L.; Ram Nath, 1988:
Interception of Ascochyta pinodes in exotic pea germplasm

Usha Dev; Majumdar, A.; Agarwal, P.C.; Ram Nath, 1989:
Interception of Fusarium nivale in exotic wheat (Triticum species) germplasm

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Interception of fungi on seeds imported through Madras Port (1984-87)

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Interception of rain by natural secondary forest in the Vicosa region, Minas Gerais

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Interception of rainfall in forest canopy

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Interceptive plants: present status and future aspects

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Interchange of carbohydrates and lipids between blood and digestive system in sheep fed on carboxylin and given testosterone propionate

Goncharov, V.D.; Filippov, V.D., 1987:
Interchangeable use of animal and vegetable fats

Takada, H., 1988:
Interclonal variability in the photoperiodic response for sexual morph production of Japanese Aphis gossypii Glover (Hom., Aphididae)

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Interconversion of aflatoxin B1 and aflatoxicol by several fungi

Sandmann, G.; Boger, P., 1987:
Interconversion of phenyl pyrophosphate and subsequent reactions in the presence of FMC 57020

Schlote, F.W.; Knabe, W., 1986:
Intercostal chloroses of the iron deficiency type

Pradhan, A.C.; Dhar, V., 1989:
Intercrop arhar with groundnut in Singhbhum

Prasad, A.; Sam, M.J.; Srivastava, A.K., 1989:
Intercrop cotton with mung for higher profits

Abdel Khabir, A.M.; Etman, K.E.I.; Gabra, M.A.; E.H.sseiny, H.M., 1989:
Intercropping Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum) and torpedo grass (Panicum repens) to obtain green forage around the year

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Intercropping Phaseolus vulgaris and maize. XI. Nitrogen and phosphate

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Intercropping and soil fertility implications: the Guam experience

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Intercropping autumn-sown field beans and wheat: effects on weeds under organic farming conditions

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Intercropping beans and maize

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Intercropping faba bean with wheat. I. Effect of intercropping faba bean with wheat on growth, yield and yield components of wheat

Abd E.G.wad, A.A.; Edris, A.S.; Abo Shetaia, A.M., 1988:
Intercropping faba bean with wheat. II. Effect of intercropping faba bean with wheat on growth, yield and yield components of faba bean

Adkins, R. van C., 1988:
Intercropping firewood trees with essential oil plants

Anonymous, 1987:
Intercropping for diamondback moth control

Hoof, W.C.H. van, 1988:
Intercropping in peasant farming production systems

Melo, J.N. de; Lima, G.R. de A.; Mafra, R.C., 1988:
Intercropping in the northeast region

Ramalho, M.A.P., 1988:
Intercropping in the southeast and central western regions

Flesch, R.D., 1988:
Intercropping in the southern region

Ntare, B.R., 1990:
Intercropping morphologically different cowpeas with pearl millet in a short season environment in the Sahel

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Intercropping of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) with Eucalyptus grandis in southeastern Brazil

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Intercropping of beans and maize. IX. Effects of earlier and delayed sowing of maize

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Intercropping of beans and maize. X. Effects of cultivar and plant density of maize

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Intercropping of fodder legumes in sorghum in the transitional belt of North Karnataka

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Intercropping of fodder legumes with sorghum

Gupta, M.L.; Sharma, O.L., 1989:
Intercropping of forage legumes with sorghum under rainfed conditions

Ambapurkar K.M.; Raikhelkar S.V., 1988:
Intercropping of important oilseeds and pulses with maize under protective irrigation in kharif season

Aggarwal, P.K.; Garrity, D.P., 1989:
Intercropping of legumes to contribute nitrogen in low-input upland rice-based cropping systems

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Intercropping of maize (Zea mays) in Pinus taeda stands in southern Parana

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Intercropping of maize with forages

Singh J.P.; Singh B.P., 1988:
Intercropping of mungbean and guar in castor under dryland condition

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Intercropping of mustard in oilseeds and pulses in Tamil Nadu

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Intercropping of mustard with chickpea under rainfed cultivation

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Intercropping of peach palm in cocoa in the Brazilian Amazonia: partial results

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Intercropping of sunflower in millets under rainfed conditions

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Intercropping of wheat and mustard genotypes at different row proportions

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Intercropping of wheat in potatoes

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Intercropping potential for grain legumes and coconut

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Intercropping pulse and oilseeds with Kodo millet under dryland conditions

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Intercropping studies in maize (Zea mays)

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Intercropping studies with soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) and maize (Zea mays L.) or ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Mazaheri, D., 1988:
Intercropping with maize and kale

Lee, S.Y.; Hong, C.K.; Lee, H.B.; Kim, D.Y.; Ha, S.K.; Han, S.K.; Huh, B.L.; Kim, S.B., 1987:
Intercropping with soyabeans and cowpeas for increasing feed value of maize stover

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Intercropping. Part II. Modifications to the cultural environment

Sarder, N.A.; Rashid, A.S.; Moniruzzaman, A.F.M., 1988:
Intercroppng of blackgram with three varieties of cotton

Ohlsson, E., 1988:
Intercrops from a plant protection point of view

Chaves, J.C.D.; Guerreiro, E., 1989:
Intercrops in coffee plantations

Thongprayoon, B., 1989:
Intercultural communication competence and acculturation: an exploratory study among American sojourners in Thailand

Jarosz, L.A., 1990:
Intercultural communication in assessing dietary habits: Liberia as an example

Kumar, S.; Good, M.F.; Dontfraid, F.; Vinetz, J.M.; Miller, L.H., 1989:
Interdependence of CD4+ T cells and malarial spleen in immunity to Plasmodium vinckei vinckei

Korshunova, V.S., 1987:
Interdependence of macroelement composition of plants and soils of the dried-up part of the Amu-Dar'ya Delta

Konieczny, G., 1986:
Interdependences between some traits in early hybrid generations (F2-F4) of soybean

Bortolotti, M.; Barbara, L., 1988:
Interdigestive gastroduodenal motor activity in subjects with increased gastric acid secretion

Elkins, A.D.; Berkenblit, M., 1990:
Interdigital cyst in the dog caused by an adult Dirofilaria immitis

Biasoli, M.; Ramos, L.; Alvarez, D.; Riccomi, R., 1987:
Interdigital lesions caused by Fusarium solani

Kristensen, F., 1989:
Interdigital pyoderma

Corrier, D.E.; DeLoach, J.R., 1990:
Interdigital skin test for evaluation of delayed hypersensitivity and cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity in young chickens

Yoo, K.H., 1989:
Interdisciplinary approach to improving on-farm irrigation systems

Chassany, J.P., 1988:
Interdisciplinary studies of marginal areas

Gabel, B.; Stockel, J., 1988:
Interest and limitations of trapping techniques for adults of Lobesia botrana Schiff for understanding biochemical mechanisms intervening in inter- and intra-specific relationships

Hadj Arab, H., 1988:
Interest in reproductive biology for plant improvement - example of pollen self-incompatibility of a crucifer of the genus Brassica

Hingand, L.; Aguelon, M.; Coz, S. le; Kerlan, C.; Jouan, B.; Dunez, J., 1988:
Interest in serological techniques for the detection and identification of Phoma exigua, the agent of potato gangrene

Gary, C., 1989:
Interest of a carbon balance model for on-line growth control: the example of a daylight dependent night temperature control

Malikouti, H.; Javelaud, B.; Lallement, B.; Boudene, C., 1989:
Interest of a measurement method of urinary arsenic without prior mineralization of the sample. 1. Urinary arsenic in the general population and gold-miners exposed to mispickel

Javelaud, B.; Lagoutte, A.; Malikouti, H.; Boudene, C., 1989:
Interest of a measurement method of urinary arsenic without prior mineralization of the sample. 2. Urinary arsenic levels in smelter workers exposed to arsenical dust

Dornbusch, H.L., 1989:
Interest payments on extra tax demands and tax refunds

Ellinger, P.N.; Barry, P.J., 1989:
Interest rate risk exposure of agricultural banks: a gap analysis

Kitchen, J.R.usser, G., 1989:
Interest rates and commodity prices

Adams, D.W.; Gonzalez Vega, C., 1987:
Interest rates and factor-use proportions in agriculture

Petrich, K., 1988:
Interesting Microlepidoptera species from the surroundings of Lake Velence, Hungary

Bailes, C.; Barry, T.; Burdis, A., 1988:
Interesting asides on vegetative propagation of orchids

Lempke, B.J., 1989:
Interesting captures and observations of Macrolepidoptera in the Netherlands in 1985-1987

Anonymous, 1990:
Interesting development projects at APV Pasilac: low-fat butter and improved UHT milk

Douguet, S.; Ponel, P., 1989:
Interesting or new French locations of chrysomelid beetles

Palmqvist, G., 1988:
Interesting records of Macrolepidoptera in Sweden 1987

Palmqvist, G., 1989:
Interesting records of Macrolepidoptera in Sweden 1988

Perez Lopez, F.J., 1989:
Interesting reports of species of Heterocera in Granada Province (Lepidoptera: Heterocera)

Kuipers, H.; Koolen, A.J., 1989:
Interface between implements, tillage and soil structure

Ahmad, R.H.; Mariimuthu, T.; Ismail, N., 1987:
Interface of education with employment and leisure in the context of alternative futures: Malaysia

Malicki, M.A.; Hanks, R.J., 1989:
Interfacial contribution on two-electrode soil moisture sensor readings

Paquin, P.; Martel, R.; Laliberte, M.F., 1989:
Interfacial properties of mixed films - Casein micelles or fractions and monoglycerides

Bohoua, G.L.; Haque, Z.U., 1990:
Interfacial properties of partially hydrolysed whey protein concentrate

Larson, R.G.; Leonard, J.J., 1988:
Interfacing a microprocessor to sensors for grain loss measurement

Harrison, S.K., 1990:
Interference and seed production by common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) in soybeans (Glycine max)

Debellé, F.; Maillet, F.; Vasse, J.; Rosenberg, C.; de Billy, F.; Truchet, G.; Dénarié, J.; Ausubel, F.M., 1988:
Interference between Rhizobium meliloti and Rhizobium trifolii nodulation genes: genetic basis of R. meliloti dominance

Logofet, D.O.; Alexandrov, G.A., 1988:
Interference between mosses and trees in the framework of a dynamic model of carbon and nitrogen cycling in a mesotrophic bog ecosystem

Henry, W.T.; Bauman, T.T., 1989:
Interference between soybeans (Glycine max) and common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) under Indiana field conditions

Prather, T.S.; Callihan, R.H., 1988:
Interference between yellow starthistle and pubescent wheatgrass

Moreland, D.E.; Novitzky, W.P., 1987:
Interference by herbicides with the transmembrane potential of thylakoids

Smith, A.M.; Hylton, C.M.; Rawsthorne, S., 1989:
Interference by phosphatases in the spectrophotometric assay for phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

Hedstrom, I., 1984:
Interference competition between two species of Ptiloglossa bees (Hymenoptera, Colletidae) in the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Smith, B.S.; Pawlak, J.A.; Murray, D.S.; Verhalen, L.M.; Green, J.D., 1990 :
Interference from established stands of silverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium) on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) lint yield

Potdar, M.V., 1988:
Interference in monocultures and mixtures of orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) and timothy (Phleum pratense L.)

Piva, G.; Pietri, A.; Curto, O.; Masoero, F., 1988:
Interference of bentonite on the analytical estimation of carbadox, amprolium, ethopabate, ronidazole and nicarbazin in feeds

Beckett, T.H.; Stoller, E.W.; Wax, L.M., 1988:
Interference of four annual weeds in corn (Zea mays)

Rauch, P.; Fukal, L.; Brezina, P.; Kás, J., 1988:
Interferences in radioimmunoassay of aflatoxins in food and fodder samples of plant origin

Baker, D.J.; Nieder, G.L., 1990:
Interferon activity is not detected in blastocyst secretions and does not induce decidualization in mice

Paez, E.; Garcia, F.; Gil Fernandez, G., 1990:
Interferon cures cells lytically and persistently infected with African swine fever in vitro

Lodmell, D.L.; Wiedbrauk, D.L.; Ewalt, L.C., 1989:
Interferon induced within the central nervous system during infection is inconsequential as a mechanism responsible for murine resistance to street rabies virus

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Interferon production by bovine leukocytes

Roberts, R.M.; Cross, J.C.; Farin, C.E.; Hansen, T.R.; Klemann, S.W.; Imakawa, K., 1990:
Interferons at the placental interface

Goodale, T.L., 1990:
Intergenerational inequities: the abuse and neglect of those to follow

Hoornbeek, F.K.; Klein Macphee, G., 1987:
Intergeneric flounder hybridization

Inomata, N., 1988:
Intergeneric hybridization between Brassica napus and Sinapis arvensis and their crossability