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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1870

Chapter 1870 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bielik, J.; Hlista, M.; Pastekova, K., 1988: Intrahepatic rupture of a hydatid cyst

Lupetin, A. R.; Dash, N., 1988: Intrahepatic rupture of hydatid cyst - MR findings

Behrman, J. R., 1988: Intrahousehold allocation of nutrients and gender effects: a survey of structural and reduced-form estimates

Webb, P., 1989: Intrahousehold decisionmaking and resource control: the effects of rice commercialization in West Africa

Gittelsohn, J., 1989: Intrahousehold food allocation in rural Nepal

Etgen A.M., 1990: Intrahypothalamic implants of noradrenergic antagonists disrupt lordosis behavior in female rats

Ervin, R. B.; Smiciklas Wright, H. A.; Fosmire, G. J., 1989: Intraindividual variation in zinc intake among elderly women: the effect of diet and supplements

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869008

Gotoh, T., 1987: Intraleaf distribution of Panonychus ulmi (Koch) (Acarina: Tetranychidae) on dwarf bamboo

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869010

Chu A.C., 1988: Intralesional therapy of cutaneous leishmaniasis with sodium stibogluconate antimony

Rabinovitch M., 1988: Intralipid effect on normal and hypoxic remodeled rat pulmonary vasculature

Aviram M.; Deckelbaum R.J., 1989: Intralipid infusion into humans reduces in vitro platelet aggregation and alters platelet lipid composition

Brushmiller, J. G.; Ames, R. W.; Jacobs, F. A.; Nelson, L. S., 1989: Intraluminal chemistry of zinc in milks

Hueston W.D.; Boner G.J.; Baertsche S.L., 1989: Intramammary antibiotic treatment at the end of lactation for prophylaxis and treatment of intramammary infections in ewes

Todhunter, D.; Smith, K. L.; Hogan, J. S., 1990: Intramammary challenge of the bovine mammary gland with coliform bacteria during early involution

Schukken Y.H.; Van De Geer D.; Grommers F.J.; Smit J.A.H.; Brand A., 1989: Intramammary infections and risk factors for clinical mastitis in herds with low somatic cell counts in bulk milk

Dobson, D. P., 1988: Intramammary mastitis therapy - some new developments

Venkataramana N.K.; Jain V.K.; Das B.S.; Rao T.V., 1989: Intramedullary cysticercosis

Waters, D. J.; Hayden, D. W., 1990: Intramedullary spinal cord metastasis in the dog

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869024

Tin Shwe ; Cho Cho Myint ; Thein Thein Myint, 1990: Intramuscular quinine kinetics in Myanmar children with falciparum malaria

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869026

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869027

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869028

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869029

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869030

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869031

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869033

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869035

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869036

Withrow S.J.; Gillette E.L.; Hoopes P.J.; Mcchesney S.L., 1989: Intraoperative irradiation of 16 spontaneously occurring canine neoplasms

Sorisky, A.; Devlin, J. T., 1988: Intraoperative ketoacidosis and malnutrition

Grill H.J., 1988: Intraoral intake and taste reactivity responses elicited by sucrose and sodium chloride in chronic decerebrate rats

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869041

Otto, C. M.; Kaufman, G. M.; Crowe, D. T, Jr, 1989: Intraosseous infusion of fluids and therapeutics

Ginther O.J.; Kastelic J.P.; Knopf L., 1989: Intraovarian relationships among dominant and subordinate follicles and the corpus luteum in heifers

Prociv, P., 1989: Intraovular development and moulting of Toxocara pteropodis

Rao, P. L. N. G.; Satyanarayana, G.; Venkatesh, A., 1988: Intraperitoneal ascariasis

Hosgood G.; Salisbury S.K.; Cantwell H.D.; Denicola D.C., 1989: Intraperitoneal circulation and drainage in the dog

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869047

Campbell, E. A.; Johnson, D. L., 1989: Intraperitoneal injection and hyperosmotic infiltration for administering antibiotic to largemouth bass

Sarda, A. K.; Bal, S.; Sharma, A. K.; Kapur, M. M., 1989: Intraperitoneal rupture of amoebic liver abscess

Braman, S. K.; Yeargan, K. V., 1989: Intraplant distribution of three Nabis species (Hemiptera: Nabidae), and impact of N. roseipennis on green cloverworm populations in soybean

Korenberg, E. I.; Bannova, G. G.; Kovalevskii, Yu V.; Karavanov, A. S., 1988: Intrapopulation differences in the rate of infection of adult Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch. with tick-borne encephalitis virus and assessment of the total virus content of ticks

McKone, M. J.; Tonkyn, D. W., 1986: Intrapopulation gender variation in common ragweed (Asteraceae: Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.), a monoecious annual herb

Ibragimova, K. A.; Musaev, A. M., 1988: Intrapopulational differences in seed germination in species of vetch and sweet clover

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869056

Sakhatskii, I. M., 1989: Intrapulmonary administration of antibiotics in calves with bronchopneumonia

Anonymous, 1988: Intraregional labour mobility and agricultural development in the Near East

Burfisher, M. E.; Missiaen, M. B., 1989: Intraregional trade in West Africa

Brutto, O. H. del; Guevara, J.; Sotelo, J., 1988: Intrasellar cysticercosis

Dudar, L. N., 1990: Intraspecies hybrids of pig cells and their ability to produce interferon

Crosland, MWJ., 1989: Intraspecific aggression in the primitive ant genus Myrmecia

Pearce, MJ.; Cowie, RH.; Pack, AS.; Reavey, D., 1990: Intraspecific aggression, colony identity and foraging distances in Sudanese Microtermes spp. (Isoptera: Termitidae: Macrotermitinae)

Bozsa, R. C.; Oliver, L. R.; Driver, T. L., 1989: Intraspecific and interspecific sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) interference

Bolvansky, M., 1989: Intraspecific and seasonal variability in the proportion of filled fruits of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in selected localities in Slovakia

Bolvansky, M., 1988: Intraspecific and seasonal variation in fruit weight of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) at selected sites in Slovakia

Pollock, GB.; Rissing, SW., 1989: Intraspecific brood raiding, territoriality, and slavery in ants

Klahn, J., 1988: Intraspecific comb usurpation in the social wasp Polistes fuscatus

Lawrence, P. O., 1988: Intraspecific competition among first instars of the parasitic wasp Biosteres longicaudatus

Smart, R. M., 1987: Intraspecific competition and growth form differentiation of the salt marsh plant, Spartina alterniflora Loisel

Bhatnagar, N.; Promila Kapoor, 1987: Intraspecific competition in Leucaena leucocephala: spatial arrangement of floral buds and pods

Santos, MA., 1989: Intraspecific competition in developing Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Acari: Acaridae)

Davydenko, O. G.; Chervyakova, T. O., 1988: Intraspecific cytoplasmic variation in bread wheat

Radchenko, E. E., 1987: Intraspecific differentiation of Sitobion avenae in relation to breeding for resistance to the pest

Radice, A. D., 1989: Intraspecific diversity of Heterodera glycines (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) detected by restriction fragment analysis of mitochondrial DNA and isozyme phenotypes

Al Shawi R.; Ghazal P.; Clark A.J.; Bishop J.O., 1989: Intraspecific evolution of a gene family coding for urinary proteins

Roehrdanz, RL., 1989: Intraspecific genetic variability in mitochondrial DNA of the screwworm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax)

Naevdal, G.; Dalpadado, P., 1987: Intraspecific hybridization - cold water species

Johnson, RA., 1986: Intraspecific resource partitioning in the bumble bees Bombus ternarius and B. pennsylvanicus

Beckenbach, AT.; Thomas, WK.; Sohrabi, H., 1990: Intraspecific sequence variation in the mitochondrial genome of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Ruberson, JR.; Tauber, MJ.; Tauber, CA., 1989: Intraspecific variability in hymenopteran parasitoids: comparative studies of two biotypes of the egg parasitoid Edovum puttleri (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Thompson, R. C. A., 1988: Intraspecific variation and epidemiology

Caradus J.R.; Mackay A.C.; Van Den Bosch J.; Greer D.H.; Wewala G.S., 1989: Intraspecific variation for frost hardiness in white clover

Popovici, I., 1988: Intraspecific variation in Criconemoides annulatus Taylor, 1936 (Nematoda: Criconematidae) from Romania

Postnikov, B. A., 1989: Intraspecific variation in Rhaponticum and some aspects of breeding

Oliva, M.; Zegers, L. J., 1988: Intraspecific variation in adult Proctoeces lintoni Siddiqi et Cable, 1960 (Trematoda: Fellodistomidae) in vertebrate and invertebrate hosts

Shalaeva, O. V., 1987: Intraspecific variation in aspects of the gametophyte in Bromus inermis in the Komi ASSR

Coley, P. D., 1983: Intraspecific variation in herbivory on two tropical tree species

Marshall, LD., 1990: Intraspecific variation in reproductive effort by female Parapediasia teterrella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and its relation to body size

Willson M.F.; Michaels H.J.; Bertin R.I.; Benner B.; Rice S.; Lee T.D.; Hartgerink A.P., 1990: Intraspecific variation in seed packaging

Phillips, A.; Milligan, PJM.; Maroli, M.; Lane, RP.; Kamhawi, S.; Broomfield, G.; Molyneux, DH., 1990: Intraspecific variation in the cuticular hydrocarbons of the sandfly Phlebotomus perfiliewi from Italy

Valterova, I.; Krecek, J.; Vrkoc, J., 1989: Intraspecific variation in the defence secretions of Nasutitermes ephratae soldiers and the biological activity of some of their components

Messina, FJ.; Mitchell, R., 1989: Intraspecific variation in the egg-spacing behavior of the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus

Agafonov, A. V.; Agafonova, O. V., 1990: Intraspecific variation in the prolamins of Elymus sibiricus established by means of one-dimensional electrophoresis

Suleman, M., 1990: Intraspecific variation in the reproductive capacity of Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae)

Borg, S. J. ter; Nijs, L. J. de; Oene H. van, 1988: Intraspecific variation of Cyperus esculentus L. in the Netherlands; a preliminary report

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869112

Yonekura, M., 1988: Intraspecific variations of Cyperus serotinus Rottb. and effect on weed control

Tomlinson, J.; Higgins, R. J.; LeCouteur, R. A.; Knapp, D., 1988: Intraspinal epidermoid cyst in a dog

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869117

Unger, T. F.; Acey, R.; Devi, S. J. N.; Ramzi, A., 1987: Intrathecal synthesis of Cysticercus-specific IgG

Awadalla F.E Z.M., 1988: Intrathoracic manifestations in patients suffering from parasitic infection

Land, Cj; Sostaric, B; Fuchs, R; Lundstrom, H; Hult, K., 1989: Intratracheal exposure of rats to Aspergillus fumigatus spores isolated from sawmills in Sweden

Molinari, E.; Jorquera, B., 1988: Intrauterine developmental stages of gastric compartments in the goat

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869123

Helmer, S. D.; Hansen, P. J.; Thatcher, W. W.; Johnson, J. W.; Bazer, F. W., 1989: Intrauterine infusion of highly enriched bovine trophoblast protein-1 complex exerts an antiluteolytic effect to extend corpus luteum lifespan in cyclic cattle

Hofmo, P. O.; Fougner, J. A., 1988: Intrauterine insemination in foxes using frozen silver fox semen, including a preliminary trial with reduced sperm number and insemination volume

Asher, GW.; Kraemer, DC.; Magyar, SJ.; Brunner, M.; Moerbe, R.; Giaquinto, M., 1990: Intrauterine insemination of farmed fallow deer (Dama dama) with frozen-thawed semen via laparoscopy

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869129

Coombs, G. H.; Bremner, A. F.; Markham, D. J.; Latter, V. S.; Walter, M. A.; North, M. J., 1986: Intravaginal growth of Trichomonas vaginalis in mice

Scudamore, C. L., 1988: Intravaginal sponge insertion technique

Pereladova, T. P.; Iordanskii, A. B., 1989: Intravarietal and intervarietal chromosome polymorphism in eight barley varieties

Shadmanov, R.; Igamberdyeva, D.; Saranskaya, L., 1989: Intravarietal polymorphism

Deeva, N. L., 1987: Intravarietal polymorphism of the gliadin and phenotypic diversity in winter bread wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869136

Petritsch W.; Holzer Petsche U.; Hinterleitner T.; Krejs G.J., 1989: Intravenous atrial natriuretic peptide does not affect water and ion transport in the human small intestine

Zhou, C.; Brown, L. A., 1988: Intravenous cannulation of chickens for blood sampling

Garcia, C. R.; Johnston, B. L.; Corvi, G.; Walker, L. J.; George, W. L., 1987: Intravenous catheter-associated Malassezia furfur fungemia

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869143

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869144

Weissman, C.; Chiolero, R.; Askanazi, J.; Gil, K. M.; Elwyn, D.; Kinney, J. M., 1988: Intravenous infusion of a medium-chain triglyceride-enriched lipid emulsion

Ogata E.S., 1988: Intravenous lipid and amino acids briskly increase plasma glucose concentrations in small premature infants

Lizke, L. F.; Watzke, M., 1989: Intravenous local anaesthesia for the lower limbs of horses

Fingeroth, J. M.; Smeak, D. D., 1988: Intravenous methylene blue infusion for intraoperative identification of parathyroid gland tumors in dogs. Part III: clinical trials and results in three dogs

Steiner, A.; Ossent, P.; Mathis, G. A., 1990: Intravenous regional anaesthesia and antibiotic therapy applied to the limbs of cattle: indications, techniques and complications

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869153

Groutides, C. P.; Michell, A. R., 1990: Intravenous solutions for fluid therapy in calf diarrhoea

Carlisle, CH.; Brown, AS.; Filippich, LJ.; Reynolds, K.; Reynolds, WT., 1989: Intravenous urography in the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Adibi, S. A., 1989: Intravenous use of glutamine in peptide form: clinical applications of old and new observations

Duplessis, E.; Dorwling Carter, D.; Vidaillett, M.; Piette, J. C.; Philippon, J., 1988: Intraventricular neurocysticercosis. Three case reports

Zadrazil, K., 1989: Intravital factors and the content of proteins in milk

Kruip T.A.M.; Dieleman S.J., 1989: Intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing steroid production in vitro by bovine follicles

Davidsson, L.; Cederblad, A.; Hagebo, E.; Lonnerdal, B.; Sandstrom, B., 1988: Intrinsic and extrinsic labeling for studies of manganese absorption in humans

Serfass, Re; Ziegler, Ee; Edwards, Bb; Houk, Rs, 1989: Intrinsic and extrinsic stable isotopic zinc absorption by infants from formulas

Young, C. C.; Chao, C. C., 1989: Intrinsic antibiotic resistance and competition in fast- and slow- growing soybean rhizobia on a hybrid of Asian and US cultivars

Mather, TN.; Mather, ME., 1990: Intrinsic competence of three ixodid ticks (Acari) as vectors of the Lyme disease spirochete

Rosenberg, R.; Wirtz, R. A., 1990: Intrinsic individual differences in circumsporozoite antibody response at a hyperendemic malaria focus

Strand, MR.; Johnson, JA.; Culin, JD., 1990: Intrinsic interspecific competition between the polyembryonic parasitoid Copidosoma floridanum and solitary endoparasitoid Microplitis demolitor in Pseudoplusia includens

Hickling, G. J.; Pekelharing, C. J., 1989: Intrinsic rate of increase for a brushtail possum population in rata/kamahi forest, Westland

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869174

Stoddart, C. A.; Scott, F. W., 1989: Intrinsic resistance of feline peritoneal macrophages to coronavirus infection correlated with in vivo virulence

Isla, M.; Costa, G.; Garcia Pascual, A.; Triguero, D.; Garcia Sacristan, A., 1989: Intrinsic spontaneous activity and beta -adrenoceptor-mediated tubal dilation affect ovum transport in the oviduct of the cow

Duhra, M. S.; Hameed, S. F., 1985: Intrinsic toxicity of fresh deposits of some insecticides to the aphid of cauliflower

Lenzi, H. L.; Araripe, J. R.; Kerr, I. B., 1988: Intrinsic vascularization of granuloma in experimental paracoccidioidomycosis

Singsit, C.; Veilleux, R. E., 1988: Intro- and interspecific transmission of androgenesis of 2n pollen producing selections of diploid potato species in anther culture

Muratov, A.; Kashkarova, Z.; Urmanov, Sh, 1988: Introduce yourselves, new varieties

Neumann, F. G., 1987: Introduced bark beetles on exotic trees in Australia with special reference to infestations of Ips grandicollis in pine plantations

Neykov, S.; Dobrev, D., 1988: Introduced cucumber cultivars relatively resistant to Pseudoperonospora cubensis in Bulgaria

Miller, J. T.; Knowles, F. B., 1988: Introduced forest trees in New Zealand: recognition, role, and seed source. 3. The larches. Larix decidua Miller - European larch; Larix kaempferi (Lambert) Carr. - Japanese larch; Larix X eurolepis A. Henry - hybrid larch

Ledgard, N. J.; Ecroyd, C. E., 1988: Introduced forest trees in New Zealand: recognition, role, and seed source. 4. Pinus mugo Turra - dwarf mountan pine; Pinus uncinata Mirbel - mountain pine

Miller, J. T.; Knowles, F. B., 1988: Introduced forest trees in New Zealand: recognition, role, and seed source. 5. Pinus attenuata Lemmon - knobcone pine

Miller, J. T.; Knowles, F. B., 1989: Introduced forest trees in New Zealand: recognition, role, and seed source. 6. The spruces. Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carriere - Sitka spruce; Picea abies (L.) Karsten - Norway spruce; ornamental spruces

Arthington, A. H.; Lloyd, L. N., 1989: Introduced poeciliids in Australia and New Zealand

Gambino, P.; Medeiros, A. C.; Loope, L. L., 1987: Introduced vespids Paravespula pensylvanica prey on Maui's endemic arthropod fauna

Anonymous, 1988: Introducing Auditor and CoAudinator. ICI reports increased efficiency and higher output from IES control system

Anonymous, 1989: Introducing Basammon extra 25

Stepchuk, I. D.; Mikhailenko, O. P., 1990: Introducing a system for controlling the protection of labour

Schmidt, E., 1987: Introducing anthropology into regional and national programs: the case of Peru

Hazard, W. H. L., 1988: Introducing crop, pasture and ornamental species into Australia - the risk of introducing new weeds

Kurdov, Z.; Kirilova, M., 1989: Introducing electronics and computer technology to farm machinery design

Roy, R. K.; Choudhary, R. C., 1989: Introducing high-yielding rice into a jute cropping system with limited nutrient supply

Ansari, R.; Khazada, A. N.; Azmi, A. R., 1988: Introducing multipurpose Australian tree species to salt affected lands of Pakistan

Pradeepmani Dixit, 1988: Introducing multipurpose trees on small farms in Nepal

Macdonald, B., 1988: Introducing new and recommended plants - the British Columbia way

Delfinado Baker, M., 1989: Introducing other tracheal mites: Locustacarus buchneri, L. trachealis and L. masoni (Podapolipidae: Acari)

Rogalska, U., 1988: Introducing practical training and its effect on the graduates of agricultural colleges in terms of their practical qualifications

Kubica, P.; Lewczuk, A.; Szafranek, R. C., 1990: Introducing progress in rural households

Ahmad, M. S.; Hashim, M. Y.; Abdullah, S., 1988: Introducing research results into practice: the MARDI experience

Fernandes, A. J., 1990: Introducing social evaluation for improved project performance

Osipovich, Yu P., 1990: Introducing world Standards

Darkoh, M. B. K., 1989: Introduction

Schaefer, P. W.; Fuester, R. W.; Chianese, R. J.; Rhoads, L. D.; Tichenor, B, Jr, 1989: Introduction and North American establishment of Coccygomimus disparis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), a polyphagous pupal parasite of Lepidoptera, including gypsy moth

Mezhenskii, V. N., 1989: Introduction and breeding of Chaenomeles Lindl. in the Donbass

Pawar, A. D.; Asre, R.; Shukla, B. I., 1988: Introduction and colonisation of Epiricania melanoleuca (Fletcher) for the biocontrol of sugarcane pyrilla in Saurasthra region of Gujarat state

Souza, F. R. S. de; Poltronieri, L. S., 1986: Introduction and competition of sugar cane cultivars in the Transamazonica region in Para

Ma, X. Y., 1989: Introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants

Rawat, U. S.; Thakur, J. N.; Pawar, A. D., 1988: Introduction and establishment of Chilocorus bijugus Mulsant and Pharaoscymnus flexibilis Mulsant, predatory beetles of San Jose scale at Thanedhar areas in Himachal Pradesh

Muniappan, R.; Marutani, M.; Denton, G. R. W., 1988: Introduction and establishment of Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata Rego Barros (Arctiidae) against Chromolaena odorata in the Western Caroline Islands

Messing, RH.; Aliniazee, MT., 1989: Introduction and establishment of Trioxys pallidus (Hym.: Aphidiidae) in Oregon, U.S.A. for control of filbert aphid Myzocallis coryli (Hom.: Aphididae)

Tjia, B. O., 1989: Introduction and evaluation of Zantedeschia 'Childsiana' for year-round pot plant production

Martins, C. de S., 1988: Introduction and evaluation of irrigated wheat cultivars in the Cerrados region of Mato Grosso do Sul

Martins, C. de S., 1988: Introduction and evaluation of rainfed wheat cultivars in the Cerrados region of Mato Grosso do Sul

Topp, B. L.; Heaton, J. B.; Russell, D. M., 1989: Introduction and evaluation of stonefruit varieties for the granite belt of Queensland

Jaya, B.; Permadi, A. H.; Purwati, E., 1986: Introduction and evaluation of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) from AVRDC

Andreason, G. L.; Evans, G. A., 1988: Introduction and expression of DNA molecules in eukaryotic cells by electroporation

Aronson, J. A.; Pasternak, D.; Danon, A., 1988: Introduction and first evaluation of 120 halophytes under seawater irrigation

Efrat, C.; Rosental, C.; Yakobson, B. A., 1989: Introduction and improvement of bees in Israel

McIlwain, M. E.; Dugan, P. R., 1990: Introduction and overview of the third workshop on bioprocessing of coals

Poshkurlat, A. P., 1987: Introduction and prospects for the breeding of Adonis species

Ghosh, M. L., 1989: Introduction and scientific growing of some essential oil yielding plants in the gangetic plains of Hooghly District, West Bengal

Taylor, D. N.; Bodhidatta, L.; Brown, J. E. et al., 1989: Introduction and spread of multi-resistant Shigella dysenteriae 1 in Thailand

Lin, L. F.; Cheng, X. Z., 1988: Introduction and utilization of AVRDC mungbeans in China

Li, L. Y.; Liu, W. H.; Chu, D. F.; Han, S. C.; Shiu, X.; Zhou, L. C., 1988: Introduction and utilization of Trichogramma nubilale Ertle and Davis in China

Bin, F.; Colazza, S., 1988: Introduction in Italy, laboratory culture and field release of Edovum puttleri Griss. (Hym.: Eulophidae) egg predator and parasitoid of the Colorado potato beetle

Gutierrez, J.; Forno, IW., 1989: Introduction into New Caledonia of two hispine phytophages of lantana: Octotoma scabripennis and Uroplata girardi (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Foroughbakhch P, R.; Penaloza Wagenknecht, R., 1988: Introduction of 10 tree species to the matorral of northeastern Mexico. Results after two growing seasons in the Linares region, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

He, M. C.; Xu, H. D.; Zhu, N. J., 1987: Introduction of Chinese industrial bamboo weave

Beal, R. H., 1987: Introduction of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki to the continental United States

Mulligan, R. M.; Leon, P.; Calvin, N.; Walbot, V., 1989: Introduction of DNA into maize and rice mitochondria by electroporation

Klechkovskaya, M. S., 1988: Introduction of Elymus caninus and prospects for breeding it

Voronina, E. G.; Gindina, G. M.; Grebenshchikova, N. I.; Novikova, I. I., 1987: Introduction of Entomophthora thaxteriana Petch. for the creation of foci of entomophthorosis in populations of the pea aphid

Nilov, V. N., 1987: Introduction of Hippophae rhamnoides in the north of European Russia and breeding material in the dendrological garden of the Arkhangel'sk Institute of Forestry and Wood Chemistry

Laurs, Jj, 1989: Introduction of IMAG-research work in the field of greenhouse energy engineering and production control

Cambel, S., 1989: Introduction of Lenin's cooperative plan in Czechoslovakia's agriculture

Amarger, N., 1988: Introduction of Rhizobium into soils

Klechkovskaya, M. S.; Mukhin, N. G., 1990: Introduction of Silphium perfoliatum in the Voronezh region

Hernandez, D.; Ferrer, F.; Linares, B., 1989: Introduction of Telenomus remus Nixon (Hym.: Scelionidae) for the control of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lep.: Noctuidae) in Yaritagua - Venezuela

Kuznetsova, G. V.; Plennik, R. Ya, 1988: Introduction of Trifolium pannonicum into the forest steppe of western Siberia

Semenova, L. V., 1988: Introduction of Triticum boeoticum Boiss. from Greece and the Crimea

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869259

Fatkhullin, A. B., 1988: Introduction of a new machine for trimming plywood in batches

Collier, M., 1989: Introduction of a new menu into an oncology unit

Neururer, H., 1990: Introduction of a new weed during construction of an international gas pipeline as exemplified by Cyperus esculentus, and possibilities for rapid eradication

Dalton, D. L., 1988: Introduction of a novel, non-metallic fungicide for the coatings industry

Hammer, H.; Gronke, G.; Redel, H., 1988: Introduction of a sow index as an effective aid to selection in breeding herds

Doucha, T.; Hrabankova, M., 1990: Introduction of computerized workplaces to crop farms

Vanecek, D., 1988: Introduction of containerized traffic into agriculture

Mirovsky, P.; Rubik, I.; Jira, J., 1988: Introduction of continuous cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum in Czechoslovakia

Vsevolodova Perel' , T. S.; Sizemskaya, M. L., 1990: Introduction of earthworms to the soil under forest plantations in the Caspian Sea region

Fayolle, L.; Cluzeau, D.; Trehen, P.; Pussard, M., 1987: Introduction of epigeous earthworms (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) into a commercial compost. Consequences for protozoa and microflora

Tsukada M.; Kusano T.; Kitagawa Y., 1989: Introduction of foreign genes into tomato protoplasts by electroporation

Widiarti, A.; Alrasjid, H., 1987: Introduction of fuelwood tree species on degraded lands in Paseh and Kadipaten areas

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869276

Butijn, C. A. A., 1988: Introduction of handpumps

Thompson, J. D., 1986: Introduction of innovations through community development: the Sierra Leone strategy

Carlson, R. B.; Mundal, D., 1990: Introduction of insects for the biological control of leafy spurge in North Dakota

Vernier, P.; Arnaud, M., 1989: Introduction of intermediate motorization in the SE Benou region in northern Cameroon: study of certain effects on farms

Chaudhry, A. B., 1988: Introduction of irrigation into existing dryland cropping systems in Botswana savanna

Ogawa, Y.; Mitamura, T.; Spain, J. M.; Perdomo, C.; Avila, P., 1990: Introduction of legumes in Brachiaria humidicola pasture using macro-pellet

Shkabydova, R. A., 1986: Introduction of light glass bottles into enterprises

Grigor' ev, A. G.; Moroz, S. A.; Klyuchnikova, E. A.; Eganova, E. V., 1988: Introduction of lilac species in Northern Crimea

Dahiya, B. S.; Naidu, M. R.; Waldia, R. S.; Ram Kumar; Mehla, B. S., 1988: Introduction of major phenological changes in chickpea to improve biological and seed yield

Ayobangira, F. X., 1988: Introduction of medicinal plants of Rwanda to in vitro culture: repeated subcultures on culture medium and the capacity for micropropagation of Ocimum urticifolium Roth. (Lamiaceae)

Watanabe, J.; Nishimune, A.; Ogawa, K.; Ishida, H., 1987: Introduction of mimimum tillage systems to heavy clayey soil

Koster, J., 1989: Introduction of new bulbous crops in the Netherlands

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Ruijs, M. N. A.; Os, E. A. van, 1990: Investigation of a closed nursery system for chrysanthemums. Root water supply by ebb-and-flow is economically the best

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869585

Simons, S. P.; Somerville, S. C., 1988: Investigation of a genetic instability in barley

Frerichs, L., 1988: Investigation of a mounted plough with centrally adjustable working width and fixed hitch point

Clark, R. J.; Karchesy, J. J.; Krahmer, R. L., 1988: Investigation of a new resin as an exterior adhesive to bond high moisture content veneers and glulam

Patchett R.A.; Kelly A.F.; Kroll R.G., 1989: Investigation of a simple amperometric electrode system to rapidly quantify and detect bacteria in foods

Stankovic, L.; Cahun, K.; Zakarijev, Z., 1988: Investigation of a sprinkler system for small agricultural areas

Guerra, R.; Castillo, J., 1986: Investigation of a technique for the mechanical harvesting of taro

Quintela, O.; Kunze, J.; Paul, D., 1989: Investigation of alkali cellulose obtained from bagasse pulp by means of sodium 23 NMR

Stumborg, M. A., 1989: Investigation of alternate fuel control parameters for a diesel engine

Li, L. M.; Pan, Y. H.; Wu, Q. T.; Zhou, X. R.; Li, Z. G., 1988: Investigation of amorphous ferric oxide acting as an electron acceptor in the oxidation of NH4+ under anaerobic conditions

Andersen, SO., 1989: Investigation of an ortho-quinone isomerase from larval cuticle of the American silkmoth, Hyalophora cecropia

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869597

He, Z. Y. et al., 1989: Investigation of an outbreak of allergic pulmonary alveolitis

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869599

Lauzier, P., 1988: Investigation of an outbreak of hydatid disease of local origin

Bruckner, U., 1989: Investigation of azalea nutrition. Relationship between analysis and crop condition

Moore, G. W.; Strain, J. J.; Nevin, G. B.; Livingstone, M. B. E.; Hannigan, B. M.; McKenna, P. G., 1989: Investigation of basal metabolic rates, iron status, erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme profiles and lipid peroxidation in vivo

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Zhang, Y. J.; Chen, C. J.; Li, Y.; Yang, G. Y.; Hsieh, L. L.; DeLeo, V.; Santella, R. M., 1990: Investigation of benzo(a)pyrene and aflatoxin B1-DNA adducts by indirect immunofluorescence

Clausen, T. N., 1988: Investigation of blood progesterone concentration in pregnant and non-pregnant mink

Parsons, K. R.; Howard, C. J.; Jones, B. V.; Sopp, P., 1989: Investigation of bovine gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) using monoclonal antibodies against bovine lymphocytes

Kelling C.L.; Stine L.C.; Rump K.K.; Parker R.E.; Kennedy J.E.; Stone R.T.; Ross G.S., 1990: Investigation of bovine viral diarrhea virus infections in a range beef cattle herd

Gill, J., 1989: Investigation of calf losses on an extensive beef cattle property

Chow, H. W.; Hsu, P. C.; Liu, C. I.; Liu, M. B.; Hong, W. S., 1989: Investigation of carcass characters and sensory properties of bulls versus steers

Koo, J. O.; Kang, C. H.; Kong, Y. T.; Cho, S. T., 1987: Investigation of cattle feedstuff from forest trees

Gottschalk, C., 1987: Investigation of coccidia infections of grey cranes (Grus grus)

Spokas, L.; Boss, W., 1990: Investigation of compression and threshing of cereal plants

Khangarot, B. S.; Ray, P. K., 1989: Investigation of correlation between physicochemical properties of metals and their toxicity to the water flea Daphnia magna Straus

Lu, G.; Ying, X.; Zhiu, H. Z.; Chen, M. F.; Li, L., 1988: Investigation of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in wheat from Anhui Province

Kharin, N. G.; Orlovskii, N. S.; Esenov, P. E., 1989: Investigation of desertification of semiarid territories of Mali

Zombori, J., 1988: Investigation of development of agricultural tyres from the point of view of preserving the soil

Anonymous, 1988: Investigation of disease outbreaks and impaired productivity

Mercer, JG.; Barker, GC.; Howells, RE.; Rees, HH., 1990: Investigation of ecdysteroid excretion by adult Dirofilaria immitis and Brugia pahangi

Yang, B. X. et al., 1987: Investigation of ectoparasitic mites of rodents in Sandu District, Fujian Province

Haverkamp, L., 1988: Investigation of endogenous renal and faecal N loss of the horse

Ghafoor, A.; Burney, M. I.; Zaidi, S.; Sami, Z., 1988: Investigation of epidemic acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis in 1986

Petrik, V., 1989: Investigation of ergonomical parameters and the standards formation activity involved in the Government Testing Laboratory

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869626

Lafci, A.; Guruz, K.; Yucel, H., 1988: Investigation of factors afecting caking tendency of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer and coating experiments

Biswalo, M. F., 1987: Investigation of factors leading to low performance in practical projects of folk development colleges in relation to theoretical skills acquired in the classroom

Harvey, R. G., 1990: Investigation of feline alopecia

Todorovic, R., 1989: Investigation of filbert (Corylus L.) isozymes

Torikata, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Suganuma, H., 1988: Investigation of flowering and bearing of pecan trees in Aichi Prefecture

Chiviksin, L. E.; Derbin, V. M., 1987: Investigation of flows of tree-length logs and their queueing patterns

Xiang, S. Q.; Hao, J. W.; Zhai, B. G., 1987: Investigation of forest humus forms below broadleaved stands in Huabei district

Kumar, A.; Kaushik, R. K., 1988: Investigation of fowl typhoid in Haryana State

Mietsch F.; Feher J.; Halasz A., 1989: Investigation of functional properties of partially hydrolyzed proteins

Votruba, R.; Kodytek, K., 1988: Investigation of genetic stability in Chrysanthemum morifolium 'Blanche Poitevine Supreme' after meristem culture

Tang, L. Q.; Jin, Z. Q.; Lu, J. J.; Tan, K. Y., 1988: Investigation of helminths in carnivorous animals in Lanzhou Wuquan Zoo

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869639

Wikse, S. E., 1988: Investigation of impaired fertility in beef cattle herds

Liu, F. C.; Guo, Y. C.; Wang, Y. R.; Li, G. H., 1989: Investigation of intensifying nutrition in Pleurotus

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869642

Omanov, B. O.; Shilin, B. V., 1987: Investigation of irrigated-field temperature pattern for development of method for remote sensing of irrigation conditions

Marx, D. A.; Rodens, A.; Buchholz, M., 1989: Investigation of lying down and standing up of untied pigs and wild boars, under special consideration of piglets, on different floor types

Kasemsuth, R.; Asavanich, A.; Sucharit, S.; Vutikes, S.; Vutikes, M., 1988: Investigation of malaria sporozoites by immunoradiometric assay

Leinemann, M.; Karl, H., 1988: Investigation of methods for differentiating living and dead Anisakis sp. (Nematoda) larvae in herring and herring products

Paul, V. H.; Birkenstaedt, E., 1989: Investigation of methods for testing the susceptibility of forage grasses to Xanthomonas campestris pv. graminis

Totev, T. V.; V"lkov, V., 1988: Investigation of mixtures of herbage species for the Troyan foothill region with application of optimum fertilizer rates

Jeppsson, K. H., 1990: Investigation of moisture behaviour in rural timber constructions. Conditions for biological attacks

Anonymous, 1987: Investigation of monogeneans in the USSR

Yuan, Z. Q.; Old, K. M.; Midgley, S. J., 1990: Investigation of mycoflora and pathology of fungi present on stored seeds of Australian trees

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869653

Kovacs, M., 1980: Investigation of nutrient transport in the soil of turkey oak-sessile oak woodland

Jonischkies, T., 1985: Investigation of old stem wounds on Acer pseudoplatanus and ash for secondary damage

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869656

Belton, D., 1989: Investigation of outbreaks of foetal abnormalities triggers bluetongue alert

Hilker, M.; Klein, B., 1989: Investigation of oviposition deterrent in larval frass of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Wang, A.; Kang, Y. M.; Peng, W. C.; Cui, Z. Y.; Li, S. C.; Li, Z. Y., 1989: Investigation of parasites in reindeers

Wang, W. X., 1987: Investigation of parasites of Buzura suppressaria Guenee

Battelli, G.; Poglayen, G.; Martini, M., 1989: Investigation of parasitoses of imported calves

Tkachuk, N. N.; Yanchuk, D. V., 1990: Investigation of perforated ceramic drain pipes

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869664

Szabo, J.; Szentesi, G.; Toszegi, L., 1989: Investigation of pig meat for nitrite and nitrate

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869667

Makhnev, A. K.; Pokhilo, N. D.; Makhan' kov, V. V.; Uvarova, N. I., 1988: Investigation of population structure of the European white birch in the high mountains of the Altai by means of triterpenoid markers

Earp, D. J.; Ward, E. S.; Ellar, D. J., 1987: Investigation of possible homologies between crystal proteins of three mosquitocidal strains of Bacillus thuringiensis

Graham, N.; Smith, C.; Gibson, J. P., 1990: Investigation of preferential treatment for milk yield in Canadian Holsteins

Chen, H. H.; Fuh, Y. M.; Liang, I., 1986: Investigation of quality of late-lactation milk

McCoy T. F.; Kelkar B. G., 1990: Investigation of radial dispersion-capacitance system in porous media

Zegarska, Z., 1988: Investigation of relationships between chemical composition and physical properties of milk fat

Kuroptev, P. F.; Chertovskoi, S. V.; Parygina, O. F., 1988: Investigation of roundwood reception conditions

Okuno T., 1987: Investigation of sampling method to estimate grape sugar content

Karczewski T., 1986: Investigation of soil deformations caused by a repeated passage of tractors

Parmar B.S., 1988: Investigation of some factors influencing isomalathion formation in malathion products

Thamm, F., 1990: Investigation of some factors influencing the determination of nitrate in plant samples

Romanski, L., 1987: Investigation of some mechanical properties of Polish teatcup liners

armati, D.; Boskovic, L.; armati, S., 1985: Investigation of some microelements in honey from the Sumadija region

Grandi, A.; Cagiotti, M. R., 1987: Investigation of some pastures in the Sibillini mountains

Szilagyi, E., 1987: Investigation of specific runoff from the Zala River catchment

Too, H. L., 1986: Investigation of stillbirths and abortions in pigs

Simon, A.; Tamasi, G.; Stipkovits, L., 1989: Investigation of survival time of some poultry mycoplasmas

Murdiati, T.; Stoltz, D. R., 1987: Investigation of suspected plant poisoning of North Sumatran cattle

Kraev, V. G.; Kushnirenko, O. A.; Baranova, G. V.; Dashevskaya, R. M.; Mashkovskii, N. N., 1988: Investigation of the RNA-replicative complex from Datura plants infected by potato virus X

Ikeda, H.; Yokoyama, M., 1987: Investigation of the actual conditions of the livestock households utilizing knotgrass (Paspalum distichum L.) in southern districts of Miyazaki Prefecture

Wahl, R.; Meineke, D.; Maasch, HJ.; Schultze-Werninghaus, G., 1989: Investigation of the allergenic activity of isolated fractions of a standardized partly purified whole mite body (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) extract

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869692

Wahl, R., 1989: Investigation of the antigen/allergen composition of house dust extracts using (radio) rocket immunoelectrophoresis

Daraga, A. V.; Galimova, L. M.; Terekhova, V. A.; D' yakov, Yu T., 1988: Investigation of the biochemical polymorphism of natural isolates of Pyricularia oryzae Cav

Nagy, E.; Papay, V.; Litkei, G.; Dinya, Z., 1985: Investigation of the chemical constituents, particularly the flavonoid components, of propolis and populi gemma by the GC/MS method

Pani R., 1987: Investigation of the completeness of digestion procedures prior to voltammetric trace metal analysis of olive leaves

Charina, M. V.; Isaeva, O. F.; Kornilova, N. Yu; Kokovkina, T. F., 1988: Investigation of the composition of the recycling water from white groundwood pulp production

Schoppe Hausmann, B., 1988: Investigation of the composting ability of vinasse from industrial yeast production

Trzebitzky, C.; Bogenschutz, H.; Huber, J.; Lohmann, K., 1988: Investigation of the control of Lymantria dispar L. (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) by treatment of the egg masses with nuclear polyhedrosis virus and verification of the results by restriction analysis of the viral DNA

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869702

Skusnov, A. L.; Biryukov, S. D., 1989: Investigation of the dynamics of a system for controlling technological processes on the basis of microprocessor unit KTS LIUS-2

Wang, Q. L.; Wang, S. H., 1987: Investigation of the ecological habits of wheat aphids and Coccinella septempunctata (Coleop.: Coccinellidae)

Liu, Z. Q.; Chao, C. S.; Wu, H. W., 1989: Investigation of the effect of diet with wheat bran on the metabolic balances of Zn, Cu, Ca and Mg in diabetics

Buglova, T. T., 1988: Investigation of the effect of different carbon sources on galacto-oxidase by Fusarium graminearum IMB F-1060

Curic, R., 1988: Investigation of the effect of late application of nitrogen on wheat yield and nitrogen accumulation in grain

Pushinskii, V.; Kokin, L.; Martsin' sh, Ya, 1988: Investigation of the effect of the moisture content of peeled veneer on the speed of propagation of ultrasonic waves

Davies, O., 1987: Investigation of the effects of broadleaf herbicides on herbage seed crops

Bogdan, I.; Basea, I.; Nechifor, A.; Hruban, E., 1989: Investigation of the effects of hellebore (Helleborus purpurascens) implants in cattle, horses, sheep and pigs

Van De Woestigne K.P., 1988: Investigation of the effects of histamine inhalation on the tracheobronchial tree of calves by the forced oscillation technique

Leonova, I. N.; Nedel' kina, S. V.; Salganik, R. I., 1986: Investigation of the enzyme systems of detoxication of insecticides in the Colorado beetle

Dolinar, M., 1989: Investigation of the epidemiology of the hop peronospore (Pseudoperonospora humuli Miy. et Takah.) and details of the model for predicting infection in Savinjske Valley

Dienelt, M. M.; Lawson, R. H., 1988: Investigation of the etiology and cytology of chrysanthemum slow decline

Zatykov, L. L., 1987: Investigation of the extent of atmospheric pollution in forest stands by the chemical composition of the snow cover

Eschenburg, G.; Heine, W.; Peters, E., 1990: Investigation of the faecal excretion of sIgA and lysozyme from human milk and infant formulae

Grandi, A.; Cagiotti, M. R.; Blasi, F., 1989: Investigation of the flora, productivity and nutritive value of meadow pasture in Ragnolo, Macerata

Bukutaru, N. N.; Mashurov, A. M.; Zubareva, L. A., 1989: Investigation of the gene pool of Jersey cattle in Moldavia

Starcevic, S.; Radenovic, B., 1988: Investigation of the genetic potential for yielding ability of some domestic and introduced cultivars of lucerne regarding yield of dry matter and nutritive value

Schwab, C. V.; Ross, I. J.; White, G. M.; Colliver, D. G., 1989: Investigation of the grain pressure phenomenon in a full-scale bin, part I: grain loads and flow characteristics

Schwab, C. V.; Ross, I. J.; Bridges, T. C., 1989: Investigation of the grain pressure phenomenon in a full-scale bin, part II: prediction model development

Speekenbrink A.B.J.; Alcock S.R.; Parrott D.M.V., 1989: Investigation of the immune status of mice during and following selective decontamination of the digestive tract

Suzuki, K.; Nishida, S.; Ujiie, S.; Asano, Y., 1989: Investigation of the improvement in body fat percentage by live body density

Han, Y. W., 1988: Investigation of the incidences of BVD-MD and IBR in imported dairy cows

Paul, V. H., 1987: Investigation of the infection of winter oilseed rape by Phoma lingam

Du, Z. C.; Yang, Z. G., 1988: Investigation of the internal cause of photosynthetic reduction at midday in Aneurolepidium chinense and Stipa grandis in drought conditions

Lyutova, M. I.; Kamentseva, I. E.; Semenova, L. V.; Sharkova, V. E., 1989: Investigation of the intraspecific temperature adaptation of some cellular functions and enzymes in Triticum aestivum (Poaceae)

Serov, V. P., 1989: Investigation of the karyotypes of representatives of the genera Clematis and Atragene (Ranunculaceae)

Bibelriether, J., 1988: Investigation of the life-cycle of Apatemon cobitidis (Trematoda) with special reference to the second intermediate host, Cottus gobio

Muggli, N. E.; Stear, M. J.; Stone, R. T., 1988: Investigation of the major histocompatibility complex in cattle and its association with economically important traits

Shekhovtsov, D. I., 1988: Investigation of the manoeuvrability of forest machines

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869734

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869736

Beslin, R.; Hristov, S.; Anojcic, B., 1988: Investigation of the milk and udder skin microflora and the disinfection effect of the cow udders by using the auxiliary methods in prevention of mastitis

Betzler, J.; Breuer, B., 1987: Investigation of the on-road driving behaviour of fast unsprung wheel vehicles

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869739

Muller, V.; Nitzschker, A.; Lengerken, J. von; Kreienbring, F., 1988: Investigation of the photometric determination of lysine by means of furural in feedstuffs

Otlev, I. A.; Dyskin, I. M.; Merkelova, E. L., 1987: Investigation of the physical properties of synthetic resins

Znots, U. A.; Balod, V. V.; Ermush, N. A.; Dzene, Z. K.; Svars, D. E., 1988: Investigation of the possibilities of using non-toxic compounds to protect wood from biological destruction

Koroleva, A. G.; Ageev, S. V., 1988: Investigation of the possibility of using segregation analysis to discriminate between major locus and multifactorial inheritance of traits. Robustness of models and power of the analysis

Andersen, P. H.; Jarlov, N., 1990: Investigation of the possible role of endotoxin, TXA2, PG12 and PGE2 in experimentally induced rumen acidosis in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869745

okovic, P. L., 1987: Investigation of the process of exploitation of small-sized wood in poplar and willow plantations

Lin, T. C.; Shao, Y. Y.; Chiang, W., 1988: Investigation of the processing and the quality of rice milk

Fujii, Y., 1988: Investigation of the production of baker's garlic in the Sanrihama sand dune of Fukui Prefecture

Zubchenko, A. V.; Magomedov, G. O.; Brekhov, A. F., 1988: Investigation of the properties of powdery semifinished products for caramel manufacture by extrusion

Pokrovskaya, E. N.; Nikiforova, T. P.; Gefter, E. L.; Semenova, A. I., 1988: Investigation of the protection of wood against fire by some phosphoric acid derivatives

Konecny, M., 1987: Investigation of the quality of precipitation waters in the Beskids Mts

Kozulin' sh, V.; Siltans A., 1988: Investigation of the quality of sawmilling at the Vulkan woodworking combine

Pitukhin, A. V.; Malinen, P. A.; Shilovskii, V. N.; Anas' ev, V. A., 1988: Investigation of the reliability of the balance beams of forestry machines

Siebers, J.; Wilkening, A.; Nolting, H. G., 1987: Investigation of the residue behaviour of azocyclotin in climbing beans (under glass) after treatment against spider mites - indication of weakness

Siebers, J.; Parnemann, H.; Nolting, H. G., 1988: Investigation of the residue behaviour of dichlofluanid in onions after treatment against grey mould. 6th communication about minor uses

Siebers, J.; Parnemann, H., 1989: Investigation of the residue behaviour of procymidone in raspberries after treatment against Botrytis cinerea. 8th communication about minor uses

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869757

Combs, S. T.; Bowie, L. Y.; Tello, J. C., 1988: Investigation of the response of a large watershed to changes in vegetation: development of the WTRYLD simulation model

Naim, HY.; Koblet, H., 1988: Investigation of the role of glycans for the biological activity of Semliki Forest virus grown in Aedes albopictus cells using inhibitors of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides trimming

Pfaff, T.; Stosser, R., 1989: Investigation of the root system of strawberries in relation to their susceptibility to red core root disease

Aleksandrov, A., 1988: Investigation of the rooting process in ripe mulberry cuttings taken from various parts of overwintered shoots

Beregovoi, I. N., 1988: Investigation of the secondary bending stresses as a function of the twist parameters in the skylines of cableways

Gondola, I., 1989: Investigation of the specific N, P and K requirements of Virginia tobaccos

Chytil, K., 1986: Investigation of the spread of weeds through refuse compost and sewage sludge

Podkol' zin, Yu V., 1990: Investigation of the stressed state of fodder during compaction

Kovrizhnykh, L. P.; Shtembakh, A. P.; Kozlovskii, I. F.; El' bert, A. A., 1987: Investigation of the substitution of urea resins by industrial lignosulfonates in particleboards

Castro Perez, S.; Rodriguez, J.; Santiesteban, R.; Tamayo, D., 1986: Investigation of the sugarcane clones with regard to the infection by blight (Puccinia melanocephala S.)

Martev, K.; Daskalov, P., 1989: Investigation of the temperature and humidity processes in a pig house

Onal G., 1989: Investigation of the translocation of oxamyl insecticide to barley plant by using isotope tracer techniques

Montilla, M. S. D., 1989: Investigation of the use of certified seed of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Portuguesa State

Yi, B. R. et al., 1989: Investigation of the vegetable pests and suggestion for integrated control in Changchun City

Gromov, V. G.; Lutsyk, R. V.; Lomazov, V. L., 1987: Investigation of the water-retaining properties and pore structure of spruce bark from various forest combines

Volynskii, V. N., 1987: Investigation of threshold loads and deformations in the bending of wood

Mortimer, D. N.; Howell, M. V.; Shepherd, M. J., 1988: Investigation of toxic Alternaria metabolites potentially present in UK-produced foods

Favretto L.G., 1990: Investigation of trace element content of cheese

Mulchi, C. L.; Mastradone, P. J.; Armbruster, J. A., 1990: Investigation of trace metal concentrations in crops and soils near a fossil-fuel power plant in Maryland

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869778

Endo, S.; Shibano, Y.; Kondo, N., 1988: Investigation of trafficability of agricultural machinery on reclamation field

Gulyamova, L. Kh, 1988: Investigation of transformation of settlement in the oases of the arid zone

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869781

Kakamoukas, K.; Papakostaki, D.; Paschaleri Papadopoulou, E.; Anastasiadis, G., 1989: Investigation of viral infections in respiratory diseases of fattening calves

Yancheva, D., 1990: Investigation of water-yield relationship of oriental tobacco

Nagatomi, S., 1988: Investigation of wild sugarcane germplasm indigenous to Japan and its use in breeding

Anonymous, 1985: Investigation of woody plant metabolism

Prozorova, M. I., 1988: Investigation of young ecotone ecosystems of irrigation regions of Central Asia

Corlu, M., 1988: Investigation on biochemical, colicinogenic and mannose-resistant haemagglutination characteristics of E. coli strains isolated from healthy and diarrhoeic lambs

Li, C. D.; Zhu, X. Q.; Han, Z. M.; Zhang, J. N.; Shen, B. K.; Zhang, Z. H.; Zheng, W. P.; Zou, K. M.; Shi, F. Y., 1986: Investigation on brown-spot needle blight of pines in China

Huang, Z. X.; Chen, Q. Q., 1987: Investigation on controlled differentiation method of rice ear blast disease

Poetsch, T.; Tippkotter, R., 1989: Investigation on double bands using light- and scanning electron-microscopy

Zou, J. L.; Qian, Z. J.; Zhou, Y. M., 1989: Investigation on driver-seat construction of small tractors

Liu, Q. Z.; Hu, K. M.; Yao, Y. F.; Jiang, W. L., 1987: Investigation on environmental effects of green areas in Harbin heat power plant

Janecharut, T.; Kitikoon, V.; Usawattanakul, W.; Sornmani, S., 1988: Investigation on immunity induced by Schistosoma spindale against S. mekongi in experimental mice

Qin, T. C.; Xu, M. L.; Deng, D. X., 1989: Investigation on male-sterility in maize. V. Identification of restorer genes in C group and Y type sterile lines

Xue, Z. P., 1989: Investigation on model of the growth process of rice population and its applicability

Liu, T. S., 1988: Investigation on morphology and damage of greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood and chemical control

Mordenti, A.; Marchetti, S.; Marchetti, M.; Laffi, R., 1988: Investigation on olaquindox in supplements and mixed feeds for animals

Zhao, P., 1987: Investigation on orchard weeds and studies on their utilization value

Feng, C. Y.; Zhang, G. W., 1987: Investigation on oviposition habits of cotton plant bugs

Guercio, V.; Vesco, G.; Caracappa, S., 1987: Investigation on presence of Francisella tularensis antibodies in wild rabbits in Sicily

Guo, P. L.; Wen, Y. Z., 1988: Investigation on scarab species in nursery and their distribution

Zhao, X. X.; Terata, B., 1990: Investigation on soil fauna in the Xilinquole Natural Grassland Reserve

Doan Trieu Nhan; Le Din Son, 1988: Investigation on soil, leaf analysis and fertilizer use for coffee in the north of Vietnam and Central Highlands

Gupta R., 1988: Investigation on some agronomic inputs influencing yield of henbane

Shaw, A. A., 1989: Investigation on some infections in the exotic, pure and cross bred cattle of Kashmir valley

Kumaresan, K. R.; Ramanathan, K. M., 1988: Investigation on structural indices of Alfisol and Entisol soils

Chatarvedi, S. K.; Bhadouriya, V. K. S.; Saxena, V. K., 1987: Investigation on the antifungal activity of oil of Elsholtzia polystracha leaves

Banik, R. L., 1988: Investigation on the culm production and clump expansion behaviour of five bamboo species of Bangladesh

Trzcinski, T., 1987: Investigation on the degree of contamination of white- and yellow-grained oats using the fluorescence test

Vailati, G.; Sommaruga, A.; Festo, N., 1986: Investigation on the development of the ovaries of queen honeybees reared in northern Italy

Li, F. Y.; Tao, A. H., 1989: Investigation on the direction design of main forest belt for windbreak in rice crop field of Pearl River delta

Stevanovic, M., 1989: Investigation on the effect of tillage depth and fertilizers on the yield of wheat on chernozem

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869818

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869819

Chen, Y. G.; Li, Y. P.; Dai, X. J.; Tang, X. G., 1986: Investigation on the formulation of insect semiochemical III. Influence of isomers proportion and release rate of gossyplure on orientational behaviour of pink bollworm in China

Zheng, Y. H., 1988: Investigation on the growth of Phyllostachys glauca stand by means of regression estimates

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869822

Jin, D. D.; Lin, R. F.; Xu, J. B., 1988: Investigation on the occurrence of tomato virus diseases in some areas of Zhejiang Province

Patel, T. D.; Patel, Z. G.; Patel, H. C.; Patel, B. S., 1988: Investigation on the optimum spacing for different varieties of sesamum grown in summer season under South Gujarat conditions

Videlov, Kh; Rosnev, B.; Mikhailov, B., 1987: Investigation on the process of decay of beech (Fagus sylvatica) wood caused by Coniophora puteana

Furuno, T., 1986: Investigation on the productivity of Japanese fir (Abies firma Sieb. et Zucc.) and hemlock (Tsuga sieboldii Carr.) stands in Kyoto University Forest in Wakayama (VIII) Litterfall and its fluctuations in the mixed fir and hemlock stand over thirteen years

Muller Wening, D.; Repp, H., 1989: Investigation on the protective value of breathing masks in farmer's lung using an inhalation provocation test

Kiss, I.; Jager, F., 1987: Investigation on the role of the soil-mesofauna with litter-bag method under arable land conditions

Rober, K. C., 1989: Investigation on the synthesis of polyphenols and phytoalexins in rot infected potato tubers

Li, Z. A., 1987: Investigation on the trajectories of wheels in a vehicle-trailer combination in the turning process

Chen, D. G.; Li, J. G.; Peng, Q.; Qi, X. Y.; Fu, T. Q., 1988: Investigation on wheat blossom midge

Verberkt, H., 1990: Investigation with variegated plants. Diversity of effect of assimilation lighting and bench warming

Choi, K. M.; Kim, B. K.; Kim, J. H.; Jung, D. C., 1988: Investigational studies on the culling cause of Holstein cows in the Kyung-Nam Province and Pusan

Pistorius, E. K.; Kertsch, R.; Faby, S., 1989: Investigations about various functions of the L-amino acid oxidase in the cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans

Yang, K. M.; Xia, R. M.; Qi, W. M., 1989: Investigations and analysis of cultivars of sweet osmanthus and their flowering characteristics in Shanghai

Cragnaz, A., 1988: Investigations and progress in lucerne management. I. The effect of grazing and resting periods on productivity

Romero, N., 1988: Investigations and progress in lucerne management. II. Autumn management

Romero, N., 1988: Investigations and progress in lucerne management. III. Production and persistency

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Fuente, P. M. E. de la; Diaz Franco, A., 1988: Investigations concerning the smutty rotting of kidney beans and assessment of fungicides applied to the seed in overwintering

Rohle, H., 1987: Investigations in Pinus halepensis stands in Israel to obtain basic information for compiling a yield table

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869849

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Spoor, G.; Miller, S. M., 1989: Investigations into improved soil management and traffic control practices in the sugar beet crop

Regge, H.; Minaev, V. N., 1989: Investigations into optimization of the performance of profiled lower sieves in the grain cleaning process

Bruno, D. W.; McVicar, A. H., 1988: Investigations into pseudobranch lesions of haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus L., caught in Scottish waters

Wendl, G., 1989: Investigations into repair costs of tractors

Blochwitz, R.; Jakob, P., 1989: Investigations into separation by density of impurities from potatoes in fluidized beds

Hofmann, J., 1988: Investigations into techniques for measuring milk characteristics during the milking process

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869861

Zschuttig, M., 1989: Investigations into the breaking of bud dormancy in sour cherry plants from in vitro propagation

Patetta, A.; Manino, A.; Lombard, A.; Buffa, M., 1988: Investigations into the carbohydrate composition of Chaitophorus tremulae Koch honeydew

Kumar, R.; Gargi Singh, 1987: Investigations into the causes of sterility III. Tabebuia pentaphylla

Hagedoorn, J.; Zucchi, H., 1989: Investigations into the colonization of climbing plants by insects (Insecta) and spiders (Araneae) on house facades

Bunn, F. E.; Jeffery, P. J.; Graham, J. C., 1986: Investigations into the control of volunteer potatoes in cereals in the UK with applications of fluroxypyr alone or in tank mix with clopyralid

Yong, T. A., 1988: Investigations into the culture of Agrocybe aegerita in Singapore

Huther, J., 1988: Investigations into the distribution accuracy of selected slurry application systems on pump spreaders

Flugge, F., 1987: Investigations into the drainage behaviour of geotextiles

Bohn, P. J., 1990: Investigations into the effect of phenolic acids on forage digestibility

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Dieckmann Schuppert, A.; Frank, W., 1988: Investigations into the in vitro cultivation of Echinococcus multilocularis germinal cells

Baume, O.; Stephan, R., 1988: Investigations into the influence of selected soil characters and weather conditions on the growth and yields of some apple cultivar-rootstock combinations and their significance in the design of new fruit orchards in the Havelland fruit production region

Gross, F., 1988: Investigations into the influence of storage period of maize silages differing in dry matter content on changes in chemical composition and on losses

Weidemann, G.; Koehler, H., 1987: Investigations into the initial development of the mesofauna in landfill soils

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Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869882

Leckie, C. M.; Poyser, N. L., 1990: Investigations into the mechanism by which sodium fluoride stimulates prostaglandin production in guinea-pig uterus

Scheuer, R., 1988: Investigations into the occurrence of ochratoxin A

Bartmann, R., 1989: Investigations into the optimum design of herringbone milking parlours from a technical and technological point of view

Steinbach, P.; Daebeler, F.; Seidel, D., 1989: Investigations into the pathogenesis of root collar rot and black leg in winter rape due to Phoma lingam

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Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869888

Daniel, U.; Muschner, O., 1989: Investigations into the scraper chain drive of the L433 forage box

Duncan, I. J. H.; Kite, V. G., 1988: Investigations into the stressfulness of harvesting broilers

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869891

Jurgensen, C.; Geiss, B., 1989: Investigations into the training and professional activities of university graduates in horticulture and landscape management

Rapley, W. A.; Hirst, M.; Ossenkopp, K. P.; Percy, D. H., 1988: Investigations into the underlying mechanisms involved in vomitoxin induced food rejection in the rat

Bernard, C., 1988: Investigations into the universal use of standard wheel track widths

Aufhammer, W.; Peter, M., 1988: Investigations into the use of the generative storage potential of indeterminate field bean genotypes (Vicia faba L.)

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Parish, S., 1989: Investigations into thermal techniques for weed control

Chrysostomou, V. A., 1989: Investigations into tunnel-type sediment excluders

Armbruster, K., 1989: Investigations into tyre types causing low levels of soil and plant damage on grassland

Matthews, S.; Abdalla, A. M. M.; Powell, A. A.; Walker, K. C.; Zulu, P., 1988: Investigations into ways of improving the establishment of oilseed rape and combining peas

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Mulqueen, J.; Otten, A.; Daly, D.; Killeen, T., 1989: Investigations of a drainage problem in glacial drift in relation to design of a drainage system

Wylie, S. L.; Pass, D. A., 1989: Investigations of an enteric infection of cockatoos caused by an enterovirus-like agent

Gard G.P.; Melville L.F.; Shorthose J.E., 1989: Investigations of bluetongue and other arboviruses in the blood and semen of naturally infected bulls

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Moltmann, E., 1988: Investigations of host location by juveniles of Heterodera avenae

Grahek, B.; Milovac, M., 1989: Investigations of influence of some persistent pesticides and their residues on weight of dry matter of soybean leaf stalk and soybean leaf

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Buettner V., 1989: Investigations of nematode ecology in a beech forest on limestone

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Uhlen, G.; Haugen, L. E., 1987: Investigations of radioactive caesium in some mountain pastures in Oppland

Lumley, D. J.; Balmer, P.; Adamsson, J., 1988: Investigations of secondary settling at a large treatment plant

Muller, J., 1989: Investigations of selection for feed conversion in laying hens

Maeda, H.; Mori, C.; Yamada, H.; Uraki, M.; Yuasa, A.; Mori, K., 1988: Investigations of slaughter systems for qualitative improvement of pork

Ehrt, D.; Jager, C., 1988: Investigations of solid state reactions of binary polyphosphate-fluoride systems by means of thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction and NMR spectroscopy II. Systems Sr(PO3)2 + SrF2 and Ca(PO3)2 + CaF2

Matkowitz, R.; Hartig, W.; Ritter, R.; Betzler, H., 1989: Investigations of solutions with differing contents of branched-chain amino acids on protein metabolism in the postoperative period. 1. 15N tracer kinetic metabolic animal model to evaluate the influence of parenteral amino acid supply on nitrogen metabolism

Toth, S.; Buczolics, E.; El Din, S. S., 1988: Investigations of sperm production of ganders during successive production periods

Kaminski, M., 1989: Investigations of sugar friction angles in silos

Beck, W., 1988: Investigations of the antigen variability in Trypanosoma evansi in rabbits

Lundehn, J. R.; Parnemann, H.; Wilkening, A.; Hohgardt, K., 1988: Investigations of the behaviour of pesticide residues during the official registration procedure - an example for cooperation between official testing and scientific research

Gonzalez Marinello, S.; Graupera Boschmonar, M.; Conde Requejo, C.; Cabrera, A.; Ilnitsky, A. P.; Solionova, L., 1988: Investigations of the degradation of benzo(a)pyrene in soils of Havanna with respect to climatic factors

Forstner, M. J.; Ehrle, F., 1988: Investigations of the development of trichostrongylid infections of grazing cattle on grassland farms of the bavarian Allgau

Ogbonna, J. U.; Longe, O. G.; Legel, S., 1988: Investigations of the digestibility of proximate composition in commercial palm kernel meal in broiler chick rations

Mounzih, K.; Griffond, B.; Roubos, EW., 1988: Investigations of the diurnal activity of the endocrine dorsal bodies in Helix aspersa

Pilenkova, I. I.; Yurkova, R. G.; Fat' yanova, A. D.; Bazunova, G. G., 1988: Investigations of the dynamics of 'acetal' and 'acetatrine' decomposition in soil and in green plants of maize

Jahnke, D.; Jahn, W.; Maier, P., 1987: Investigations of the dynamics of the four main indices for evaluating performance for the purpose of grouping crop production farms

Diaconu, S.; Mazanet, M.; Oproiu, V.; Dan, S.; Stefan, A., 1987: Investigations of the efficacy of Rintal in experimental Trichinella infections of pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869946

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Lusky, K.; Stoyke, M.; Gobel, R.; Doberschutz, K. D.; Macholz, R., 1989: Investigations of the influence of microbial protein, obtained on hydrocarbon base (fermosin), with a defined fatty-acid composition on fat metabolism and fat composition in slaughter animals. 2. The influence of fermosin on the composition of the back fat of pigs

Zimmermann, P.; Burghardt, W., 1989: Investigations of the influence of relief features of mine spoils on soil forming processes and development of the soil fauna

Dobroumov, B. M.; Federova, Z. N.; Shukhobodskii, A. B., 1988: Investigations of the intensity and duration of water release during snowmelt in the drainage basin of a small river

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869951

Volkmann, A.; Peters, W., 1989: Investigations of the midgut caeca of mosquito larvae - II. Functional aspects

Pannwitz, S.; Wittmann, W.; Starick, E., 1988: Investigations of the natural occurrence of bovine leukosis virus infections in sheep

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Stancheva, Y., 1989: Investigations of the phytotoxic activity of culture filtrates of different isolates of Alternaria solani

Ebert, W., 1987: Investigations of the prevalence and implications of Schistosoma infection in the People's Republic of Mozambique

Brandl, F.; Hoffmann, G. M., 1990: Investigations of the progess of net blotch disease on winter barley pathogen: (Drechslera teres Shoem.; perfect stage: Pyrenophora teres) Drechs. and thresholds for fungicide treatments

Unger, H. J., 1989: Investigations of the recreational value of scenery, illustrated by selected vineyard areas

Kohl, A.; Werner, W., 1987: Investigations of the seasonal change of the EUF-N fractions and characterization of the easily mineralizable soil nitrogen by means of electroultrafiltration

Smart, D., 1988: Investigations of the synthesis and metabolism of 5-hydroxytryptamine in Ascaridia galli (Nematoda)

Jahns, G.; Moller, R.; Pardylla, F., 1989: Investigations of the thermo-physiological comfort of protective clothing in plant protection

Caric, M.; Gavaric, D. D.; Milanovic, S.; Kulic, L.; Radulovic, M., 1987: Investigations of the usage of glyceride coatings for cheese surface protection

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869964

Akbulut, N.; Ucucu, N.; Gurarda, O., 1987: Investigations of the wine quality of some grape cultivars of the Aegean region and improvement of wine quality

Mikhov, M., 1989: Investigations of units for basic soil cultivation in steel framed glasshouses

Zacharias, M., 1987: Investigations of variability in crude protein and oil contents in soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in the Gatersleben world and mutant collections

Mezes, M., 1988: Investigations of vitamin E transport of different age groups of domestic fowl

Sixl, W.; Sebek, Z.; Reinthaler, F.; Mascher, F., 1987: Investigations of wild animals as Leishmania reservoir in south Sudan

Banerjee, A.; Jain, M., 1988: Investigations on Buchanania lanzan seed oil

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869971

Bilapate, G. G., 1988: Investigations on Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in Marathwada - XIII. Growth and development on different host plants

Bilapate, G. G., 1989: Investigations on Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in Marathwada XXIV. Key mortality factors on cotton and pigeonpea

Bilapate, G. G.; Raodeo, A. K.; Pawar, V. M., 1988: Investigations on Heliothis armigera Hubner in Marathwada - VII. Growth with reference to progression factors for successive instars on pigeonpea

Jemsi Nobandegani, G. H.; Hassani Zadeh, M.; Farham, A., 1988: Investigations on Pentodon idiota Herbst in Khoozestan

Renieri, G.; Rindi, S.; Cerri, D.; Agrimi, P.; Lazzerini, L.; Pieroni, P., 1988: Investigations on Salmonella spp., Yersinina enterocolitica and thermophilic campylobacters in effluent from cattle and pig farms and public and private abattoirs

Feil, B.; Geisler, G., 1988: Investigations on accumulation and distribution of biomass in old and new German spring wheat varieties

Bond, E. J., 1987: Investigations on adverse properties of the fumigants methyl bromide and phosphine. 1. Residues of methyl bromide in fumigated commodities

Rai, M.; Singh, D. V., 1986: Investigations on age of maximum ontogenic susceptibility of pigeonpea plant to Xanthomonas campestris pv. cajani and its host range

Erer, H.; Sezen, I. Y.; Erganis, O., 1986: Investigations on aspergillosis in chickens

Rattan R.K.; Sehgal D., 1989: Investigations on cadmium adsorption on soils differing in physical and chemical characteristics

Chen, G. Z.; Ma, M. J.; Lan, C. G.; Zeng, S. S.; Li, S. H., 1990: Investigations on cattail plant purification pond ecosystem

Klenke, B., 1989: Investigations on cattle herds under different types of management with special reference to milk yield, health and fertility

Kierdorf, U., 1988: Investigations on chronic fluorosis in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) due to industrial emissions

Section 2, Chapter 1870, Accession 001869989

Krohn, C. C.; Jonasen, B.; Munksgaard, L., 1990: Investigations on cow-calf relations. 2. Effect of no suckling or suckling for 5 days on the behaviour, milk yield and udder health of cows in different types of housing

Klinke, G.; Buth, K.; Kretschmann, A., 1990: Investigations on crown diameters, external measurements and pulp-hard substance relationships in pig teeth

Kopak, R.; Paprocki, S., 1988: Investigations on cultivation technology for potatoes adapted to their type of use. II. Effect of cultivation technology on the chemical composition and consumption value

Bottcher, M.; Schuffenhauer, W., 1988: Investigations on cycle-dependent changes in the incidence of antral follicles in cattle

Sahai, R.; Vijh, R. K., 1989: Investigations on cytogenetic profile of Indian camel

Popova, Z., 1989: Investigations on determination of the irrigation rates in diluvial clay loam soils

Richter, W., 1989: Investigations on detoxification of zearalenone contaminated barley

Macan, G.; Macan, S.; Bas, M., 1987: Investigations on developing chemical control against the apple clearwing (Synanthedon myopaeformis Borkh., Lep.: Aegeriidae) which damages apple trees in south-east Anatolia

Schonenberger, W.; Frey, W. (Coordinators), 1988: Investigations on ecology and technique for afforestation at high altitudes: research results from the Stillberg avalanche region

Braun, J., 1988: Investigations on embryo transfer in horses. Synchronization of recipients and non-surgical transfer

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