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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1872

Chapter 1872 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wakayama, Y.; Wilkins, S.; Kimura, K., 1988: Is 5% dextrose in water a proper choice for initial postoperative feeding in infants?

Carme, B.; Ngolet, A.; Ebikili, B.; Ngaporo, A. I., 1990: Is African histoplasmosis an opportunistic fungal infection in AIDS?

Winstel, 1988: Is CO2-enrichment of the spray liquid economic?

Aggarwal, S.; Kumar, A., 1989: Is CT useful in the unequivocal diagnosis of hydatid cyst on a chest X-ray film?

Tonelli, C.; Consonni, G.; Gavazzi, G.; Viotti, A., 1988: Is DNA modification involved in Sn instability ?

Goldmeir, D.; Sargeaunt, P. G., 1987: Is Entamoeba histolytica in homosexual men a pathogen?

Lambert, F., 1990: Is European agriculture competitive in the face of its North American competitors? An analysis based on a comparison of producer prices

Damrow, T.; Freedman, H.; Lane, R.S.; Preston, K.L., 1989: Is Ixodes (ixodiopsis) angustus a vector of Lyme disease in Washington State?

G.T. Nurse, 1990: Is Madang Province representative of Papua New Guinea as a whole?

Rafferty, M. D.; Mulcahy, M. F., 1988: Is P.K. 'X'. related to Sphaerospora?

Maroli, M., 1988: Is Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) really rare in Italy? Some public health aspects related to its endophily

Roversi, A., 1988: Is Prunus tomentosa also among the small fruits?

Kirchhoff, L.V., 1989: Is Trypanosoma cruzi a new threat to our blood supply?

Roldan, E. R. S.; Fleming, A. D., 1989: Is a Ca2+-ATPase involved in Ca2+ regulation during capacitation and the acrosome reaction of guinea-pig spermatozoa?

Stroppel, A., 1990: Is a continuously variable and adjustable p.t.o.-speed of practical importance?

Schildwacht, P.M., 1989: Is a decreased water potential after withholding oxygen to roots the cause of the decline of leaf-elongation rates in Zea mays L. and Phaseolus vulgaris L.?

Elgersma, A., 1989: Is a selection criterion for seed yield in perennial ryegrass perceptible in individual plants?

Gladwin, C. H.; McMillan, D., 1989: Is a turnaround in Africa possible without helping African women to farm?

Hoekstra, J. H., 1988: Is allergy to cow's milk protein a new disease?

Deurenberg, P.; Weststrate, J.A.; van der Kooy, K., 1989: Is an adaptation of Siri's formula for the calculation of body fat percentage from body density in the elderly necessary?

Nies, V.; Klein, B., 1990: Is an alteration to paragraph 35 of the Building Act necessary to discourage mass livestock enterprises?

Walbot, V., 1989: Is anatomy destiny in plants?

Schafer, M. W., 1990: Is antennal preening in the chilopod Lithobius forficatus L. a displacement activity?

van den Assem, J. van Iersel, JJA.; Los-Den Hartogh, RL., 1989: Is being large more important for female than for male parasitic wasps?

Chatarpaul, L.; Lachance, D., 1989: Is birch a suitable reference in estimating dinitrogen fixation in alders by isotope dilution?

Bergmann, R.; Bergmann, K. E.; Hovels, O., 1988: Is breast feeding an alternative diet? Ideological aspects and facts

Lundin, P., 1989: Is breeding for pesticide resistance worth while?

Blaza, S. E.; Booles, D.; Burger, I. H., 1989: Is carbohydrate essential for pregnancy and lactation in dogs?

Nelson, J. H., 1989: Is cheese made from heat-treated milk safe?

Gallagher R.P.; Elwood J.M.; Yang C.P., 1989: Is chronic sunlight exposure important in accounting for increases in melanoma incidence?

Prasad, J. V. S.; Naidu, M. R., 1988: Is cooperative credit adequate?

Oosthuizen, J. H., 1989: Is covering of litchi clusters worthwhile?

Fekry, A. E.; Abdelaal, A. E.; Shebaita, M. K.; Salem, M. A. I., 1989: Is creatinine a good indicator for meat production in fat-tailed sheep?

Marin, J. A.; Gella, R., 1988: Is desiccation the cause of the poor survival rate in the acclimatization of micropropagated Prunus cerasus L.?

Briend, A., 1990: Is diarrhoea a major cause of malnutrition among the under-fives in developing countries? A review of available evidence

Chrominski, A.; Weber, D. J.; Smith, B. N.; Hegerhorst, D. F.; Horrocks, R. D.; Burgener, K. W., 1989: Is dimethylsulfonium propionate an osmoprotectant of terrestrial glycophytes?

Ribeiro, C.D.; Fitzgerald, T.C., 1988: Is enrichment culture necessary for isolating Campylobacter jejuni from faeces?

Hulme, M., 1989: Is environmental degradation causing drought in the Sahel? An assessment from recent empirical research

Ozga J.; Dennis F.G.Jr, 1989: Is ethylene required for apple seed or embryo germination?

Waal, A. de, 1989: Is famine relief irrelevant to rural people?

Castle, En, 1989: Is farming a constant cost industry?

Hansen, H.S., 1988: Is fasting necessary for the Schilling test?

Afzal, M.; Nasir, Z. M.; Farooqui, M. N. I., 1987: Is female labour force participation really low and declining in Pakistan? A look at alternative data sources; Comments

Bennett, R. M., 1989: Is fine wool production from sheep viable in the UK?

Hermans, G., 1988: Is flower thinning of newly planted trees a waste of time?

Maxwell, S.; Swift, J. J.; Buchanan Smith, M., 1990: Is food security targeting possible in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from North Sudan

Dalton, G. E., 1988: Is forward budgeting justified?

Williams, D.E.; Elder, E.D.; Worley, S.D., 1988: Is free halogen necessary for disinfection?

Bromfield, E. S. P.; Barran, L. R.; Prevost, D., 1989: Is frequency of occurrence of indigenous Rhizobium meliloti in nodules of field grown plants related to intrinsic competitiveness?

Lacey, J. M.; Wilmore, D. W., 1990: Is glutamine a conditionally essential amino acid?

Danielsson, L.; Stenhammar, L.; Aström, E., 1990: Is gluten challenge necessary for the diagnosis of coeliac disease in young children?

Davenport, K., 1990: Is golf driving too hard?

Jenkins, E., 1988: Is government doing enough to ensure safety of pesticides?

Gerster, H; Moser, U., 1988: Is high-dose vitamin C intake associated with systemic conditioning?

Moulia Pelat, J. P.; Garenne, M.; Schlumberger, M.; Diouf, B., 1988: Is inactivated poliovaccine more expensive?

Anastasio, G.; Palomares, G.; Costa, J.; Nuez, F., 1989: Is ionic content a good estimator of salt-tolerance in the tomato?

Aronsson, A., 1988: Is it better to fertilize and lime forest stands than to lime only?

Thrusfield, M., 1988: Is it hereditary?: 3. Identifying hereditary disease

Barre, J., 1988: Is it necessary to believe in Minitel? Part two: from its origins to its ascent

Kluthe, R.; Kist, L.; Ummenhofer, C.; Brecht, P., 1989: Is it necessary to include sodium-containing beverages in a sodium-defined diet? The influence of defined sodium supplies in mineral water on urinary sodium excretion in healthy adults

Trochoulias, T., unda: Is it necessary to irrigate macadamias on the north coast of NSW?

Kloft, W. J., 1989: Is it possible for blood-sucking insects to transmit AIDS?

Mantei, C., 1989: Is it possible to market without marketing personnel?

Haberle, S., 1986: Is it possible to obtain representative figures on time requirement by time-study experiments?

Bakken, M., 1989: Is it possible to predict the future maternal behaviour in silver fox cubs?

Bonischot, R., 1989: Is it possible to reduce P application to permanent pastures?

Kotze, W. A. G.; Nolte, S. H.; Dodd, M. C.; Gurgen, K. H.; Crouse, K., 1989: Is it possible to restrict the incidence of internal breakdown in plums?

Balkov, V. I.; Ismailov, V. Ya, 1988: Is it possible to store attractant dispensers?

Zehrer, W., 1985: Is it possible to use traditional agricultural methods for integrated pest management?

McEvoy, R., 1989: Is it vaginal candidiasis?

Anonymous, 1987: Is leisure pleasure? Problems relating to use of leisure among welfare recipients and possible solutions

Anonymous, 1989: Is less more ?

Roques, M. H.; Hamon, M.; Mareschi, J. P., 1989: Is lithium an essential trace element?

Hansen, R., 1989: Is long, costly, air-polluting road tanker haulage of milk avoidable by using partly recombined liquid milk?

Eling, W.M.; Jerusalem, C.R.; Heinen-Borries, U.J.; Hermsen, C.C.; van Run-van Breda, J.J., 1988: Is malaria involved in the pathogenesis of tropical endomyocardial fibrosis?

Beynen, A. C., 1988: Is man unique?

Heatley, R.V., 1988: Is measuring immune function a useful nutritional indicator in the perioperative period?

Pradalier, A.; Dry, J., 1989: Is migraine an allergic disease?

Yaron, D.; Regev, A., 1989: Is modernization of traditional irrigation systems in arid zones economically justified?

Matsuno, K., 1988: Is natural selection one and the same to everybody?

Zazzo, J.F.; Chalas, J.; Lafont, A.; Camus, F.; Chappuis, P., 1988: Is nonobstructive cardiomyopathy in AIDS a selenium deficiency-related disease?

Goodlad, R.A.; Ghatei, M.A.; Domin, J.; Bloom, S.R.; Wright, N.A., 1990: Is peptide YY trophic to the intestinal epithelium of parenterally fed rats?

O'Keefe, S.J.; Dicker, J. , 1988: Is plasma albumin concentration useful in the assessment of nutritional status of hospital patients?

Musgrove, P., 1988: Is polio eradication in the Americas economically justified?

Selivankina, S. Yu; Novikova, G. V.; Tikhaya, N. I.; Romanko, E. G.; Kulaeva, O. N., 1989: Is protein kinase of the plasmalemma of barley root cells a target for phytohormone action?

Beck, H. S.; Upton, M.; Wise, W. S.; Thirtle, C., 1988: Is publicly funded agricultural research excessive? - a comment; - a reply

Troyer, V. de; Schepper, J. de, 1989: Is pyometra commoner and more serious in Chow Chow bitches?

Agras, Ws, 1990: Is restraint the culprit?

Vaughn, K. C.; Vaughan, M. A., 1988: Is ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase present in guard cell chloroplasts?

Friedland, W. H.; Christenson, J. A.; Strange, M.; Copp, J. H., 1989: Is rural sociology worth saving?; Rural sociology: a commitment to people; Is rural sociology worth saving: a response to William Friedland; A response to 'Is rural sociology worth saving?'; An answer to three responses. (5 papers)

Baldwin, V. C, Jr, 1989: Is sapwood area a better predictor of loblolly pine crown biomass than bole diameter?

Durnin, J. V. G. A., 1990: Is satisfactory energy balance possible on low energy intakes?

Klein, E., 1985: Is selective thinning sensible in view of the forest damage?

Gillespie, S. H.; Chiodini, P. L., 1988: Is serology helpful in the diagnosis of malaria?

Schleicher, E.D.; Mayer, R.; Wagner, E.M.; Gerbitz, K.D., 1988: Is serum fructosamine assay specific for determination of glycated serum protein?

Bjork, A. K. K., 1989: Is social stress in pigs a deterimental factor to health and growth that can be avoided by Amperozide treatment

Miller, D. D.; Berner, L. A., 1989: Is solubility in vitro a reliable predictor of iron bioavailability?

Widholm, J. M., 1988: Is soybean transformation finally here?

Kesenne, S., 1990: Is sport healthy for the economy too?

Czoppelt, C., 1987: Is supply of pollen and sugar sufficient for brood development of honey bee colonies in a flight room?

Verstegen, S., 1990: Is tank growing a thing of the past?

Pfister, J. A.; Lacey, J. R.; Baker, D. C.; James, L. F., 1990: Is tansymustard causing photosensitization of cattle in Montana?

Saalfeld, K.; Bailly, F., 1989: Is the 'Chroma' soil test useful?

Prud' hon, M.; Molenat, G.; Lapeyronie, P.; Reboul, G., 1989: Is the Mediterranean sheep unit (UOM) a good standard for evaluating mediterranean pasture productivity? Assessment from four years of studies in garrigue vegetation and on the Crau plain

Bassett, Mj; Awuma, K., 1988: Is the P gene in common bean located in linkage group VII?

Larue, B.; Oxley, J., 1990: Is the PEG a viable option: a look at long run issues

Fedoroff, N.V.; Banks, J.A., 1988: Is the Suppressor-mutator element controlled by a basic developmental regulatory mechanism?

Krasil' nikov, A. A.; Noeva, N. A., 1987: Is the assessment objective? (a discussion of the article of E. A. Shevkunova; An objective evaluation of the problem of toxoplasmosis)

Dorresteijn, E. J.; Huiberts, J., 1988: Is the bill on accessibility a museum piece? Study into the reachability, accessibility and usability of museums in Noord-Holland

Deurenberg, P.; Smit, H.E.; Kusters, C.S., 1989: Is the bioelectrical impedance method suitable for epidemiological field studies?

Jasso, J., 1990: Is the cardiopulmonary insufficiency syndrome of foxes a distemper virus infection?

van Thiel, P.H.; Jansen, J., 1988: Is the case of presumed imported gnathostomiasis in The Netherlands a peculiar autochthonous case of anisakiasis?

Vulsteke, G.; Callewaert, D., 1989: Is the cultivar important with scorzonera?

Kromka, F., 1989: Is the declining number of farm holdings a loss for society?

Joly, P. B.; Zuscovitch, E., 1988: Is the economic advancement of biotechnologies foreseeable?

Geiger, H.; Bahner, U.; Palkovits, M.; Seewaldt, B.; Heidland, A., 1988: Is the effect of calcium diet or parathyroidectomy on the development of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats mediated by atrial natriuretic peptide?

Peterson, E. W. F.; Dickson, D. B.; Bowker, J. M., 1989: Is the family farm worth saving?

Schwendenwein, I., 1990: Is the feline dysautonomia syndrome new to Austria?

Michniewicz, M.; Rozej, 1988: Is the gibberellin limiting factor for the growth and development of Fusarium culmorum (W.G.Sm.) Sacc.?

Calle Pascual, A. L.; Leon, E.; Bordiu, E., 1989: Is the glycaemic index the ideal parameter?

Low, A., 1990: Is the introduction of a blood alcohol threshold value for navigators on German ships necessary?

Dehne, F., 1989: Is the possibility of objection to a land leasing agreement under para. 4 part 1 of the Land Leasing Act likely on the basis of 'unsound accumulation' according to the constitution?

Guilbault, L. A.; Roy, G. L.; Grasso, F.; Matton, P., 1989: Is the presence of an embryo partly responsible for oestrous cycle problems in the postpartum period in cows?

Huet, R., 1987: Is the production of the essential oil of bergamot moving towards a new equilibrium?

Kokkinn, MJ., 1990: Is the rate of embryonic development a predictor of overall development rate in Tanytarsus barbitarsis Freeman (Diptera: Chironomidae)?

Chiao, Y. S., 1988: Is the recent sharp drop in fertiliser usage a major concern for pastoral production

Sanfilippo, S.; Imbesi, R.M., 1989: Is the spermatogonium an androgen target cell? An histochemical, immunocytochemical and ultrastructural study in the rat

Wilkinson, C., 1988: Is the treatment of scabies hazardous?

Richter, J., 1986: Is the trend in prices for large Norway spruce timber forcing a decrease in the rotation period?

Nightingale, R. W., 1990: Is the world facing a food crisis?

Tuxen, J., 1988: Is there a future for our mires? The regeneration of mires and the Lower Saxony programme for mire conservation

Alto, W., 1989: Is there a greater incidence of abdominal pregnancy in developing countries? Report of four cases

Alvensleben, R. von; Janecke, T., 1989: Is there a lettuce cycle?

Matter, H. E., 1989: Is there a maternal effect on coat pattern and hair in newborn Karakul lambs?

Chan, H. T.; Nasir Husin; Chong, P. F., 1987: Is there a need to eradicate Acrostichum speciosum prior to planting of Rhizophora mucronata in logged-over mangrove forest area

Kulik, G., 1989: Is there a need to invest capital for development of the countryside?

Robertson, A. I.; Sakina, E. K., 1988: Is there a place for cassava in Zimbabwean agriculture?

Silva, A. B. da; Arrabaca, M. C., 1987: Is there a relation between crassulacean acid metabolism and endopolyploidy in Bryophyllum crenatum?

Kassai, T.; Fesus, L.; Hendrikx, W. M. L.; Takats, C.; Fok, E.; Redl, P.; Takacs, E.; Nilsson, P. R.; Leeuwen, M. A. W. van; Jansen, J.; Bernadina, W. E.; Frankena, K., 1990: Is there a relationship between haemoglobin genotype and the innate resistance to experimental Haemonchus contortus infection in Merino lambs?

Ticknor, R. L.; Long, J. E., 1987: Is there a relationship of soil and foliar boron levels in rhododendron nurseries?

Schwartz, N. E., 1988: Is there a role for producer and consumer subsidy equivalents in trade negotiations?

Estrada Rodriguez, M.; Gonzalez Cansino, J.; Haedo Quinones, W.; Gra Oramas, B., 1988: Is there a typical endoscopic image of duodenal giardiasis

Morin Labatut, G., 1990: Is there a user in the house? Connecting with the user of information services

Eaton, K., 1988: Is there an additional allergen in house dust?

Szal, R., 1988: Is there an agrarian crisis in Madagascar?

Haddad, L.; Kanbur, R., 1990: Is there an intra-household Kuznets Curve? Some evidence from the Philippines

Fitz-Earle, M.; Barclay, HJ., 1989: Is there an optimal sex ratio for insect mass rearing?

Verzar Petri, G.; Lemberkovics, E.; Lukacs, G.; Foldvari, M., 1986: Is there any relationship between the color of propolis and its chemical composition?

Paarlberg, R. L., 1990: Is there anything 'American' about American agricultural policy?

Lesovoi, M. P.; Panteleev, V. K.; Shelekhova, L. N., 1988: Is there horizontal resistance within the limits of the category of physiological immunity?

Seravin, L. N., 1989: Is there really such a taxon as the subkingdom Protozoa ?

Coate, D.; Fowles, R., 1989: Is there statistical evidence for a blood lead-blood pressure relationship?

Patterson, D. F.; Aguirre, G. A.; Fyfe, J. C.; Giger, U.; Green, P. L.; Haskens, M. E.; Jezyk, P. F.; Meyers Wallen, V. N., 1989: Is this a genetic disease?

Mordue, J. E. M., 1988: Is this a record of daisy smut from Galloway?

Gadd, J., 1990: Is this the end of parvo?

Robinson, R., 1988: Is tourism a viable strategy for growth and development in Caribbean economies?

Anonymous, 1989: Is tourism information necessary or a mill-stone?

Sestoft, L.; Damtoft, S., 1988: Is trivalent chromium an essential trace element?

Belloncle, G., 1988: Is user participation in hydroagricultural schemes possible? A discussion paper

Ruckert, E., 1987: Is wet bleaching and clay breakdown caused by ferrolysis?

Scheer, A., 1989: Is your fan capacity adequate?

Palchak, T. R.; Daugherty, A. N., 1989: Is your separator a flow promoting device?

Simonsen, T.; Nordøy, A., 1989: Ischaemic heart disease, serum lipids and platelets in Norwegian populations with traditionally low or high fish consumption

Redgate, N. D., 1989: Ischnopsyllus octactenus (Kolenati) (Siphonaptera: Ischnopsyllidae): a new vice county record

Morein B., 1990: Iscoms

Din, K. H., 1989: Islam and tourism: patterns, issues, and options

Lemu, B. A., 1988: Islamisation of education: a primary level experiment in Nigeria

Stockhausen, J. von, 1987: Islamization of banking: what does it mean for agricultural financing? -the case of Pakistan

Anonymous, 1988: Island entrepreneurs: problems and performances in the Pacific

Anonymous, 1989: Islands and tourism: in tropical and subtropical environments

O'Brien, T.D.; Westermark, P.; Johnson, K.H., 1990: Islet amyloid polypeptide and calcitonin gene-related peptide immunoreactivity in amyloid and tumor cells of canine pancreatic endocrine tumors

Skoglund, G.; Ahrén, B.; Lundquist, I., 1988: Islet hormone secretion and islet lysosomal enzyme activities in the mouse: effects of chloroquine

Keyserlingk, M. A. G. von; Mathison, G. W., 1989: Isoaldehydediureas as nonprotein nitrogen sources for ruminant animals

Visconti, A.; Bottalico, A.; Solfrizzo, M.; Palmisano, F., 1988: Isoaltenuene - a new metabolite of Alternaria alternata

Anonymous, 1979: Isoberlinia angolensis. Pericopsis angolensis

Grazia, L.; Suzzi, G.; Ferri, G., 1990: Isobutyric acid sources in silage

Mayr B.; Schleger W.; Swidersky W.; Loupal G., 1990: Isochromosomes 13 in a canine osteochondrosarcoma in the mammary region

Castro, L. C. M. de; Auad, A.; Pereira, L. C.; Paschoal, L. H. C.; Dorini, A. J., 1988: Isoconazole nitrate in superficial mycoses: a multicentre study

Lafuente, M. T.; Cantwell, M.; Yang, S. F.; Rubatzky, V., 1989: Isocoumarin content of carrots as influenced by ethylene concentration, storage temperature and stress conditions

Hoque, E., 1988: Isocratic reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of pigments in Norway spruce

Anonymous, 1988: Isocyanates (M.D.I.). FP 2.2.1

Bachmann, O.; Blaich, R., 1988: Isoelectric focusing of grapevine peroxidases as a tool for ampelography

Moio, L.; Addeo, F., 1989: Isoelectric focusing of proteins from musts and wines

Isaac-Renton, J.L.; Byrne, S.K.; Prameya, R., 1988: Isoelectric focusing of ten strains of Giardia duodenalis

Rispoli, S.; Saugues, R., 1989: Isoelectric focusing of wheys from cheeses made from cow/ewe milk using polyacrylamide gel - its application in assessing the proportion of cow milk added to ewe milk cheese

Mehta, J.R.; Braund, K.G.; McKerrell, R.E.; Toivio-Kinnucan, M., 1989: Isoelectric focusing under dissociating conditions for analysis of muscle protein from clinically normal dogs and Labrador retrievers with hereditary myopathy

Sato, K.; Sugiyama, Y.; Nagai, J.; Kai, O., 1989: Isoelectrofocussing of the chicken serum, with special reference to high and low IgG strains

Romashkin, V. I.; Valueva, T. A.; Revina, T. A.; Mosolov, V. V., 1988: Isoelectrophoretic spectra of proteinaceous proteinase inhibitors from tubers of different potato varieties

Darde, M. L.; Bouteille, B.; Pestre Alexandre, M., 1988: Isoenzymatic characterization of cloned strains of Toxoplasma gondii

Proctor, E.M.; Isaac-Renton, J.L.; Boyd, J.; Wong, Q.; Bowie, W.R., 1989: Isoenzyme analysis of human and animal isolates of Giardia duodenalis from British Columbia, Canada

Shamina, Z. B.; Chernysheva, V. G.; Khavkin, E. E.; Orlova, M. I., 1990: Isoenzyme analysis of somaclonal variants of maize

Alvar, J.; Ortiz, M., 1987: Isoenzyme analysis of strains of Leishmania isolated in Madrid Province

Saf' yanova, V. M.; Alieva, Kh Kh; Tursunov, S. S.; Nizamov, B.; Khuseinova, Kh Kh, 1988: Isoenzyme analysis of strains of Leishmania major isolated from patients with zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis from different areas of the endemic territory in the USSR

Schultz, C., 1989: Isoenzyme analysis of typhoid-Shigella and Escherichia-Shigella hybrid vaccines and their parental strains

Desjeux, P.; Dedet, J. P., 1989: Isoenzyme characterization of 112 Leishmania isolates from French Guiana

Boid, R., 1988: Isoenzyme characterization of 15 stocks of Trypanosoma evansi isolated from camels in the Sudan

Stevens, JR.; Nunes, VLB.; Lanham, SM.; Oshiro, ET., 1989: Isoenzyme characterization of Trypanosoma evansi isolated from capybaras and dogs in Brazil

Gramiccia, M.; Gradoni, L.; Maroli, M., 1989: Isoenzyme characterization of Trypanosoma platydactyli isolated from Sergentomyia minuta minuta in Italy

Weinke, T.; Lichy, S.; Janitschke, K.; Friedrich Janicke, B., 1988: Isoenzyme classification of monoxenically grown strains of Entamoeba histolytica

Netsvetaev, V. P.; Krestinkov, I. S., 1989: Isoenzyme composition of superoxide dismutase in the grain and the yield of spring barley plants

Jaaska, V.; Jaaska, V., 1989: Isoenzyme differentiation between Asian beans Vigna radiata and V. mungo

Meloni, B.P.; Lymbery, A.J.; Thompson, R.C., 1988: Isoenzyme electrophoresis of 30 isolates of Giardia from humans and felines

Estilai, A.; Hashemi, A.; Waines, J. G., 1990: Isoenzyme markers for cultivar identification in guayule

Shugalei, V. S.; Ivanova, E. B.; Kessler, R. M., 1988: Isoenzyme pattern of beta -glycosidases in tissue culture of normal and mutant forms of sunflower

Almansa M.S.; Del Rio L.A.; Alcaraz C.F.; Sevilla F., 1989: Isoenzyme pattern of superoxide dismutase in different varieties of citrus plants

Proctor, E. M.; Wong, Q., 1987: Isoenzyme patterns of Entamoeba histolytica strains isolated in British Columbia

Proctor, E.M.; Naaykens, W.; Wong, Q.; Bowie, W.R., 1988: Isoenzyme patterns of isolates of Trichomonas vaginalis from Vancouver

Leon, P.; Monteoliva, M.; Sanchez-Moreno, M., 1989: Isoenzyme patterns of phosphatases and esterases in Fasciola hepatica and Dicrocoelium dendriticum

Gao, M., 1988: Isoenzyme studies of the germplasm resources of foxtail millet

Zimniak Przybylska, Z.; Przybylska, J., 1989: Isoenzyme variation in the genus Pisum. V. Electrophoretic phenotypes of seed amylases in the primitive forms of P. sativum from Caucasia and the Lower Volga area

Marsalek, L.; Provaznikova, E.; Borovec, V., 1989: Isoenzymes as genetic markers of intact plants and regenerants of cauliflower

Leonova, N. S.; Levites, E. V.; Simonova, O. G.; Nabieva, A. Yu, 1988: Isoenzymes as markers of gene expression in callus and source plants of potato

Edwards, R.; Owen, W. J., 1987: Isoenzymes of glutathione S-transferase in Zea mays

León, P.; Monteoliva, M.; Sanchez-Moreno, M., 1988: Isoenzymes of malate dehydrogenase (E.C. of adult nematodes

Becana, M.; Paris, F.J.; Sandalio, L.M.; Del Río, L.A., 1989: Isoenzymes of Superoxide Dismutase in Nodules of Phaseolus vulgaris L., Pisum sativum L., and Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Stefl, M., 1988: Isoenzymes of tryptophan synthase (EC, serine hydrolase adding indolylglycerol phosphate) of higher plants and their role in growth regulation

Darde, M.L.; Bouteille, B.; Pestre-Alexandre, M., 1988: Isoenzymic characterization of seven strains of Toxoplasma gondii by isoelectrofocusing in polyacrylamide gels

Ryan, F. J., 1989: Isoenzymic variability in monoecious hydrilla in the United States

Wu, Z. K.; Deng, C. S.; Zhang, A. W.; Hong, H. Z.; Li, X., 1988: Isoesterase analysis of 13 strains of Beauveria bassiana

Russell G.B.; Sirat H.M.D.; Sutherland O.R.W., 1990: Isoflavones from root bark of gorse

Mizuno, M.; Matsuura, N.; Iinuma, M.; Tanaka, T.; Phengklai, C., 1990: Isoflavones from stems of Euchresta horsfeldii

Zacharius R.M.; Kalan E.B., 1990: Isoflavonoid changes in soybean cell suspensions when challenged with intact bacteria or fungal elicitors

Ishikawa N.; Nakagawa H.; Ogura N., 1989: Isoforms of invertase in grape berries

Kieu Cao Thang; Nguyen Thuy Binh; Nguyen Nu Hoai Vy; Nguyen Lan Dung; Truong Cao Suyen, 1988: Isolate and investigate activity of the microorganism turnovering iron

Hung, Ll; Sylvia, Dm; O'-Keefe, Dm, 1990: Isolate selection and phosphorus interaction of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in biomass crops

Bhaskar, K.V.; Malik, A.K.; Sharma, S.C.; Dhaka, R.S.; Kataria, R.N., 1988: Isolated amebic appendicitis: a pathologic rarity

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Camerlynck, P.; Bievre, C. de; Caillot, D.; Cuisenier, B.; Guy, H., 1986: Isolation of Basidiobolus haptosporus, Drechsler, 1947 from a patient with malignant lymphoma

Salamini, F.; Asperti, L.; Balconi, C.; Fonzo, N. di; Thompson, R.; Motto, M., 1989: Isolation of Bg-induced unstable mutations at the Wx locus

Vandercam, B.; Zech, F.; de Cooman, S.; Bughin, C.; Gigi, J.; Wauters, G., 1990: Isolation of Brucella melitensis from human sperm

Yantzis, D.; Kastanidou, C., 1990: Isolation of Brucella suis in fetuses. First case in Greece

Lvov, S. D.; Gromashevskii, V. L.; Voropanov, Yu V.; Andreev, V. P.; Skvortsova, T. M.; Usacheva, E. I.; Dmitriev, G. A.; Volcisi, O. V.; Shilov, A. A.; Butenko, A. M.; Kuznetsov, A. A.; Kondrashina, N. G.; Morozova, T. N.; Gushchina, E. A.; Bystrova, E. A.; Klimenko, S. M.; Schipanov, N. N.; Grigoryev, V. B.; Avershin, A. D.; Bogoyavlensky, G. V., 1989: Isolation of California encephalitis and Bunyamwera complex viruses (Bunyaviridae, Bunyavirus) from mosquitoes in the north-east of the Asian continent

Diker, K. S.; Erdeger, J.; Keskintepe, L.; Arda, M., 1987: Isolation of Campylobacter coli from a cow with mastitis

Diker, K. S.; Yurdaydin, N.; Aydin, F., 1988: Isolation of Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis and Campylobacter sputorum subsp. bubulus from bulls

Woldehiwet, Z.; Odiawo, G. O.; Pawandiwa, A., 1989: Isolation of Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis from bulls in a beef herd in Harare

Maruyama, S.; Katsube, Y., 1990: Isolation of Campylobacter jejuni from the eggs and organs in experimentally infected laying Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Montagna, C. O.; Ianieri, A.; Lacalandra, G. M., 1988: Isolation of Campylobacter jejuni from the vagina of clinically healthy ewes after parturition

Ionkova, G.; Stoyanov, T.; Dichev, R., 1989: Isolation of Campylobacter species from milk

Dichev, R.; Stoyanov, T.; Ionkova, G., 1990: Isolation of Campylobacter species from samples of faeces from calves

Buck, J.D., 1990: Isolation of Candida albicans and halophilic Vibrio spp. from aquatic birds in Connecticut and Florida

Pal, M., 1988: Isolation of Candida tropicalis from a case of empyema

Charon Karmal Singh; Dhingra, P. N.; Kumar, N., 1989: Isolation of Chlamydia from cerebral tissue of buffalo calf

Huerta, F.; Costarrica, L.; Parrilla, C.; Mota, L., 1987: Isolation of Clostridium perfringens from cooked meat products

Porto, E.; Melo, N. T. de; Heins Vaccari, E. M.; Lacaz, C. da S.; Assis, C. M. de, 1987: Isolation of Conidiobolus coronatus (Costantin) Batko, 1964, from soil samples with and without plant detritus

Bajalo, N.; Nevjestic, A.; Sola, J.; Sabirovic, M.; Bajrovic, T., 1990: Isolation of Coxiella burnetii from an aborted goat fetus

De Vroey, C.; Swinne, D., 1986: Isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans at canary singing competitions

Anan' ev, B. V.; Shchipkova, N. I.; Khvyrleva, Ts D.; Danilevskaya, O. N., 1989: Isolation of DNA fragments of the barley genome maintaining autonomous replication of plasmids in saccharomycete yeasts

Dawson, J. E.; Ristic, M.; Holland, C. J.; Whitlock, R. H.; Sessions, J. E., 1988: Isolation of Ehrlichia risticii from the fetus of a mare with Potomac horse fever

McGregor, D. H.; Hodges, G. R., 1990: Isolation of Exophiala jeanselmei

Guiguen, C.; Mosser, C.; Bievre, C. de; Boisseau Lebreuil, M. T.; Pibouin, M.; Chevrant Breton, J., 1986: Isolation of Exophiala jeanselmei from a skin lesion in a kidney transplant patient

Fullenwider, J. P.; Pearson, T. A.; Jenkins, J. J, I I. I.; Parham, D. M., 1989: Isolation of Exophiala jeanselmei from light-green staining solution

Dottori, M.; Santi, A.; Ansuini, A.; Carboni, A., 1990: Isolation of Flexibacter columnaris from sturgeons (Acipenser transmontanus) with gill disease

Kiorpes, A.L.; Kirkpatrick, C.E.; Bowman, D.D., 1987: Isolation of Giardia from a llama and from sheep

Quiroz Romero, H.; Zanatta Poegner, P., 1988: Isolation of Gongylonema pulchrum (Spirurida, Thelaziidae) from a goat in Queretaro, Mexico

Bayliss, G.J.; Jesson, W.J.; Evans, B.A.; McLean, K., 1989: Isolation of HIV-1 from small volumes of heparinized whole blood

Majmudar, P.; Shah, S.M.; Dhunjibhoy, K.R.; Desai, H.G., 1990: Isolation of Helicobacter pylori from dental plaques in healthy volunteers

Mourya, D. T.; Ilkal, M. A.; Mishra, A. C. et al., 1989: Isolation of Japanese encephalitis virus from mosquitoes collected in Karnataka state, India from 1985 to 1987

Gertman, M. I.; Galatova, L. V.; Petrov, A. A., 1990: Isolation of L forms of mycobacteria from cow's milk

Kiessling, D., 1989: Isolation of L-forms of bacteria from pigeons and their eggs, particularly L-forms of Salmonella typhimurium var. copenhagen

Lupotto, E.; Lusardi, M. C.; Nielsen, E.; Forlani, G., 1989: Isolation of L-glufosinate-tolerant embryogenic lines in various genotypes

Eckes, P., 1987: Isolation of L-phosphinothricin resistant plants

Mahdi, A. S., 1987: Isolation of L. bulgaricus from Kurdish cheese and its utilization in the manufacture of youghurt (leban)

Courtois, D.; Courrier, P. L.; Thierry, J.; Pelletier, J.; Boutet, B., 1988: Isolation of Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis from French soldiers training in French Guiana

Perkins, P. V.; Githure, J. I.; Mebrahtu, Y. et al., 1988: Isolation of Leishmania donovani from Phlebotomus martini in Baringo District, Kenya

Lainson, R.; Shaw, J. J.; Braga, R. R.; Ishikawa, E. A. Y.; Souza, A. A.; Silveira, F. T., 1988: Isolation of Leishmania from monkeys in the Amazon Region of Brazil

Naiff, R.D.; Talhari, S.; Barrett, T.V., 1988: Isolation of Leishmania guyanensis from lesions of the nasal mucosa

Dedet, J. P.; Gay, F.; Chatenay, G., 1989: Isolation of Leishmania species from wild mammals in French Guiana

Bolin, C.A.; Cassells, J.A., 1990: Isolation of Leptospira interrogans serovar bratislava from stillborn and weak pigs in Iowa

Rocha, T., 1990: Isolation of Leptospira interrogans serovar mozdok from aborted swine fetuses in Portugal

Poda, G.; Cesaroni, D.; Ponti, E.; Andreucci, A.; Bragaglia, B., 1989: Isolation of Listeria from raw meat with a cold pre-enrichment technique and with the FDA technique

Tiwari, Np; Aldenrath, Sg, 1990: Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes from food products on four selective plating media

D' Errico, M. M.; Villari, P.; Grasso, G. M.; Romano, F.; Angelillo, I. F., 1990: Isolation of Listeria spp. from milk and cheese

Stipkovits, L.; Marantidi, AN.; Dzikidze, EK.; Krylova, RI.; Vulvovich, JV., 1989: Isolation of M. pneumoniae from monkeys (Presbitus cristata)

Mansfield, P.D.; Stringfellow, J.S., 1990: Isolation of Microsporum vanbreuseghemii from skin lesions of a dog

Anzai, T.; Kamada, M.; Kanemaru, T.; Oikawa, M., 1989: Isolation of Mycobacterium avium complex from a Thoroughbred racehorse with fatal pneumonia

Roffe, T.J., 1989: Isolation of Mycobacterium avium from waterfowl with polycystic livers

Rohde, R.F.; Shulaw, W.P.; Hueston, W.D.; Bech-Nielsen, S.; Haibel, G.K.; Hoffsis, G.F., 1990: Isolation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis from washed bovine ova after in vitro exposure

Lombardo, P.C.; Weitzman, I., 1990: Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. avium complex from the same skin lesions in AIDS

Breard, A.; Poumarat, F., 1988: Isolation of Mycoplasma capricolum from the semen of a bull

Wang, Y.; Whithear, K.G.; Ghiocas, E., 1990: Isolation of Mycoplasma gallinarum and M. gallinaceum from the reproductive tract of hens

Giebel, J.; Binder, A.; Kirchhoff, H., 1990: Isolation of Mycoplasma moatsii from the intestine of wild Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Devakumar, C.; Baskaran, S.; Mukerjee, S. K., 1986: Isolation of N-triacontanol from Indian beeswax and its effect on dry matter of rice

Gurkipal Singh; Mangat, A. P. S.; Gill, B. S., 1989: Isolation of Newcastle disease virus (avian paramyxovirus-1) from pigeons (Columba livia) in India

Gunning, R.F.; Davies, C.H., 1989: Isolation of Pasteurella haemolytica from teat lesions in ewes

Nicholson, P.; Ingram, D. S., 1989: Isolation of Penicillium corymbiferum from basal rotted narcissus bulbs

Molinas de Ferrer, M. L.; Estanyol, M. O., 1984: Isolation of Phytophthora from cork oaks affected by 'scald'

Foos, K.M., 1989: Isolation of Pilobolus spp. from the northern elk herd in Yellowstone National Park

Rott, P.; Honegger, J.; Notteghem, J. L., 1989: Isolation of Pseudomonas fuscovaginae with a semiselective medium KBS

Bjourson, A.J.; Cooper, J.E., 1988: Isolation of Rhizobium loti Strain-Specific DNA Sequences by Subtraction Hybridization

Soberón, M.; Membrillo-Hernández, J.; Aguilar, G.R.; Sánchez, F., 1990: Isolation of Rhizobium phaseoli Tn5-induced mutants with altered expression of cytochrome terminal oxidases o and aa3

Datnoff, L. E.; Nagata, R. T., 1990: Isolation of Rhizomonas suberifaciens in Florida

Campbell, J.; Aldred, J.; Davis, G., 1989: Isolation of Ross River virus from Aedes camptorhynchus

Valdes Amey, E.; Rodriguez Mauriz, C.; Leyva Castillo, V.; Velazquez Gutierrez, J.; Fandino Cossio, N., 1986: Isolation of Salmonella in fresh poultry slaughtered in Havana City

Ghosh, S. S.; Nanda, S. K., 1988: Isolation of Salmonella virchow 6,7:r:1,2 from ducks in Tripura

Aganga, A. O.; Aganga, A. A.; Umoh, J. U.; Kudi, A. C., 1988: Isolation of Sarcocystis ovicanis sporocysts in dogs in Zaria area: its significance to small ruminant production

Skalka, B., 1988: Isolation of Staphylococcus hyicus strains from healthy hosts and identification of the strains

Higgins, R.; Gottschalk, M.; Fecteau, G.; Sauvageau, R.; Guise, S. de; Tremblay, D. du, 1990: Isolation of Streptococcus suis from cattle

Rajagopal, S. N.; Sandine, W. E., 1989: Isolation of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteriophages from Italian cheese whey

Sugimoto, C.; Conrad, P.A.; Ito, S.; Brown, W.C.; Grab, D.J., 1988: Isolation of Theileria parva schizonts from infected lymphoblastoid cells

Verma, S. P.; Bhardwaj, R. M.; Gautam, O. P., 1989: Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from the foetal brain of aborted ewes

Dumon, H.; Franck, J.; Arnaud, G.; Quilici, M., 1990: Isolation of Toxoplasma in pathological material. Use of peritoneal lavages in mice

Ladzianska, K.; Pauerova, A.; Lasanda, V.; Svec, J., 1989: Isolation of Trichosporon cutaneum from caimans

Ogg, J.E.; Ryder, R.A.; Smith, H.L., 1989: Isolation of Vibrio cholerae from aquatic birds in Colorado and Utah

Hansen, W.; Pohl, P.; Seynave, D.; Bughin, J.; Yourassowsky, E., 1989: Isolation of Vibrio metschnikovii in Belgium

Zyl, E. van; Kotze, J. M.; Steyn, P. L., 1988: Isolation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae from gall fly-induced lesions on mango leaves

Stefanov, I.; Kunev, Zh, 1990: Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and related species from slaughtered pigs

Maleszewski, J.; Jakubczak, A., 1988: Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from pig carcasses by two methods

Mitic, S.; Kasalica, A.; Otenhajmer, I., 1989: Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from raw milk

Moustafa, M. K., 1990: Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from raw milk and soft cheese in Assiut city

L' vov, S. D.; Gromashevskii, V. L.; Bogoyavlenskii, G. V.; Bailuk, F. N.; Skvortsova, T. M.; Kondrashina, N. G.; Kandaurov, E. K., 1987: Isolation of Zaliv-Terpeniya, Uukuniemi and Tahyna-like viruses from mosquitoes collected in the tundra, the forest-tundra and the northern taiga of the Kola and Taimyr Peninsulas, and in the central Karelian taiga

Soberón, M.; Williams, H.D.; Poole, R.K.; Escamilla, E., 1989: Isolation of a Rhizobium phaseoli cytochrome mutant with enhanced respiration and symbiotic nitrogen fixation

van Nieuwstadt, A.P.; Pol, J.M., 1989: Isolation of a TGE virus-related respiratory coronavirus causing fatal pneumonia in pigs

Masumura, K.; Yasunobu, H.; Okada, N.; Muroga, K., 1989: Isolation of a Vibrio sp. causing intestinal necrosis in Japanese flounder larvae

Colosia, A. D.; Lively, M.; El Maghrabi, M. R.; Pilkis, S. T., 1987: Isolation of a cDNA clone for rat liver 6-phosphofructo 2-kinase/fructose 2,6-bisphosphatase

Strub, K.; Walter, P., 1989: Isolation of a cDNA clone of the 14-kDa subunit of the signal recognition particle by cross-hybridization of differently primed polymerase chain reactions

Unger, E. A.; Hand, J. M.; Cashmore, A. T.; Vasconcelos, A. C., 1989: Isolation of a cDNA encoding mitchondrial citrate synthase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Cruz e Silva, E. F. da; Cohen, P. T. W., 1989: Isolation of a cDNA likely to encode a novel Ca2+-dependent/calmodulin-stimulated protein phosphatase

Bowes, C.; Danciger, M.; Kozak, C. A.; Farber, D. B., 1989: Isolation of a candidate cDNA for the gene causing retinal degeneration in the rd mouse

Murata, M.; Tamura, S.; Nitta, N., 1988: Isolation of a chromosome-specific sequence from common wheat DNA

Webster, P.; Mansour, TE.; Bieber, D., 1989: Isolation of a female-specific, highly repeated Schistosoma mansoni DNA probe and its use in an assay of cercarial sex

Paliwal, R.; Parkash, J.; Singhal, G. S., 1989: Isolation of a highly active PS II preparation from wheat Triticum aestivum and the chemical modification of tyrosine residues with 4-chloro-7-nitrobenzofurazan (NBD-C1)

Siddiqui, AA.; Zhou, Y.; Podesta, RB.; Clarke, MW., 1990: Isolation of a highly enriched plasma membrane fraction of Trypanosoma brucei by free-flow electrophoresis

Frenkel, N.; Schirmer, E.C.; Wyatt, L.S.; Katsafanas, G.; Roffman, E.; Danovich, R.M.; June, C.H., 1990: Isolation of a new herpesvirus from human CD4+ T cells

Mangiafico, J. A.; Sanchez, J. L.; Figueiredo, L. T.; LeDuc, J. W.; Peters, C. J., 1988: Isolation of a newly recognised Bunyamwera serogroup virus from a febrile human in Panama

Trant, J. M.; Thomas, P., 1989: Isolation of a novel maturation-inducing steroid produced in vitro by ovaries of Atlantic croaker

Tanaka, M.; Yamakawa, M.; Watahiki, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Nakashima, K., 1989: Isolation of a novel prolactin-like cDNA clone from bovine placenta: occurrence of new family members

Ulaganathan, K.; Mahadevan, A., 1988: Isolation of a plasmid from Xanthomonas campestris pv. vignicola

Vijai Pal; Gardan, L.; Charles, M., 1988: Isolation of a plasmid from strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae that cause bacterial blight BB in rice

Mileham, A.J.; Siggens, K.W.; Plastow, G.S., 1988: Isolation of a porcine male specific DNA sequence

Savva, D., 1989: Isolation of a potential DNA probe for Toxoplasma gondii

Ebrahim Nesbat, F.; Heitefuss, R., 1989: Isolation of a potyvirus from diseased Norway spruce in the Bavarian forest

Herbst, W.; Krauss, H., 1989: Isolation of a poxvirus from a sparrow (Passer domesticus)

Dilbeck, P.M.; Evermann, J.F.; Crawford, T.B.; Ward, A.C.; Leathers, C.W.; Holland, C.J.; Mebus, C.A.; Logan, L.L.; Rurangirwa, F.R.; McGuire, T.C., 1990: Isolation of a previously undescribed rickettsia from an aborted bovine fetus

Moremen, K. W., 1989: Isolation of a rat liver Golgi mannosidase II clone by mixed oligonucleotide-primed amplification of cDNA

Saifuddin, M.; Wilks, C.R.; Christensen, N.H.; Fu, Z.F.; Rice, M., 1989: Isolation of a reovirus from a broiler chicken flock with high early mortality

von Wright, A.; Wessels, S.; Tynkkynen, S.; Saarela, M., 1990: Isolation of a replication region of a large lactococcal plasmid and use in cloning of a nisin resistance determinant

Camp, B.J.; Bridges, C.H.; Hill, D.W.; Patamalai, B.; Wilson, S., 1988: Isolation of a steroidal sapogenin from the bile of a sheep fed Agave lecheguilla

Balaban, N.; Waithaka, H.K.; Njogu, A.R.; Goldman, R., 1989: Isolation of a subpellicular microtubule protein from Trypanosoma brucei that mediates crosslinking of microtubules

Irenkov, I. P., 1989: Isolation of actinomycetes and corynebacteria from cows with infectious diseases of the reproductive organs

Jiang, J. D.; Zhao, Z. Y.; Zhu, B. Q., 1987: Isolation of actinorhizal endophytes

Smith S, P.; Zurita A, L.; Nunez P, C., 1988: Isolation of adhesive Escherichia coli K99 from calves with diarrhoea

Costa, E. O. da; Macedo, M. M.; Coutinho, S. D.; Castilho, W.; Texeira, C. M.; Benesi, J. F., 1987: Isolation of aerobic Actinomycetales of the genus Nocardia from infections of domestic animals

Dusek, D.M.; Preston, J.F., 1988: Isolation of Amatoxin-Resistant Lines of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Evidence for RNA Polymerase Mutants

Lobstein-Guth, A.; Briançon-Scheid, F.; Victoire, C.; Haag-Berrurier, M.; Anton, R., 1988: Isolation of amentoflavone from Ginkgo biloba

Olesen, N. J.; Jorgensen, V.; Bloch, B.; Mellergaard, S., 1988: Isolation of an IPN-like virus belonging to the serogroup II of the aquatic birnaviruses from dab, Limanda limanda L

Khawaja, D. A.; Ahmad, S.; Rauf, A. M.; Zulfiqar, M.; Mahmood, S. M. I.; Mahmood ul Hasan, 1988: Isolation of an adeno virus from hydropericardium syndrome in broiler chicks

Abraham, A.; Rattner, D.; Zissman, A., 1989: Isolation of an adenovirus from the goatex - the wild ibex-domestic goat hybrid

Wu, S.C.; Bögre, L.; Vincze, E.; Kiss, G.B.; Dudits, D., 1988: Isolation of an alfalfa histone H3 gene: structure and expression

Closets, F. de; Lorette, G.; Vaillant, L.; Fournon, M.; Sorbier, C. M. du; Bievre, C. de, 1986: Isolation of an atypical strain of Cryptococcus from lesions of a patient with cutaneous cryptococcosis with multiple localizations

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