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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1873

Chapter 1873 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Takahashi, Y.; Kuroda, H.; Tanaka, T.; Machida, Y.; Takabe, I.; Nagata, T., 1989: Isolation of an auxin-regulated gene cDNA expressed during the transition from G0 to S phase in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

Mcelroy, D; Zhang, W; Cao, J; Wu, R., 1990: Isolation of an efficient actin promoter for use in rice transformation

Woods, J. R.; Hudman, J. F.; Gregg, K., 1989: Isolation of an endoglucanase gene from Bacteriodes ruminicola subsp. brevis

Nosetto, E.; Pecoraro, M.; Galosi, C. M.; Massone, R.; Cid de La Paz, V.; Ando, R.; Ando, Y.; Etcheverrigaray, M. E., 1989: Isolation of an equine influenza virus strain and epizootiological study of the 1985-86 outbreak in Argentina

Bottomley, R. C., 1989: Isolation of an immunoglobulin rich fraction from whey

Osterhaus, A. D. M. E.; Broeders, H. W.; J. ; Visser, I. K. G.; Teppema, J. S.; Vedder, E. J., 1990: Isolation of an orthopoxvirus from pox-like lesions of a grey seal (Halichoerus grypus)

Kolomiets, N. D.; Votyakov, V. I.; Kolomiets, A. G., 1986: Isolation of an unconventional virus and the study of its etiological role in amyotrophic leukospongiosis in man

Goodman, BB.; Hanson, RP., 1988: Isolation of avian paramyxovirus-2 from domestic and wild birds in Costa Rica

Rusaleev, V. S., 1989: Isolation of bacteriophages from aerobic, spore-forming bacteria

Rossiter, PB.; Gumm, ID.; Stagg, DA.; Conrad, PA.; Mukolwe, S.; Davies, FG.; White, H., 1989: Isolation of bovine herpesvirus-3 from African buffaloes (Syncerus caffer)

Boutry, M.; Michelet, B.; Goffeau, A., 1988: Isolation of cDNA and generic clones for a plant transport ATPase

Belanger, F. C.; Houmard, N. M.; Stromberg, L.; Kriz, A. L., 1989: Isolation of cDNA and genomic clones corresponding to maize Glb1 genes

Li, S.; Klein, E. S.; Russo, A. F.; Simmons, D. M.; Rosenfeld, M. G., 1989: Isolation of cDNA clones encoding small nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated proteins with different tissue specificities

Davis, A. H.; Blanton, R.; Rottman, F.; Maurer, R.; Mahmoud, A., 1986: Isolation of cDNA clones for differentially expressed genes of the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Grotewold, E.; Peterson, T., 1990: Isolation of cDNA clones homologous to the P-gene flanking regions

Hebert, J. M.; Basilico, C.; Goldfarb, M.; Haub, O.; Martin, G. R., 1990: Isolation of cDNAs encoding four mouse FGF family members and characterization of their expression patterns during embryogenesis

Tedder, T. F.; Isaacs, C. M., 1989: Isolation of cDNAs encoding the CD19 antigen of human and mouse B lymphocytes. A new member of the immunoglobulin superfamily

Duguid, J. R.; Rohwer, R. G.; Seed, B., 1988: Isolation of cDNAs of scrapie-modulated RNAs by subtractive hybridization of a cDNA library

Hashimoto, K.; Nakanishi, T.; Kurosawa, Y., 1990: Isolation of carp genes encoding major histocompatibility complex antigens

Chwikowska, B., 1988: Isolation of cell lines with decreased or deficient nitrate-reductase activity from cell-suspension culture of mono- (2n = x = 12) and dihaploid (2n = 2x = 24) Solanum tuberosum plants

Nordquist, D. T., 1989: Isolation of cell-specific cDNA clones from mouse cerebellum

Kuti, J. O.; Mackay, W. A.; Ng, T. J., 1988: Isolation of cells and protoplasts from muskmelon leaves

Von Melchner H.; Reddy S.; Ruley H.E., 1990: Isolation of cellular promoters by using a retrovirus promoter trap

Firth, G. A.; Imai, K., 1990: Isolation of chicken anaemia agent from Australian poultry

Harnett, G. B.; Bucens, M. R., 1990: Isolation of chikungunya virus in Australia

Hearing, J.; Hunter, E.; Rodgers, L.; Gething, M. J.; Sambrook, J., 1989: Isolation of chinese hamster ovary cell lines temperature conditional for cell-surface expression of integral membrane glycoproteins

Machado, J. M.; Martinez, A. S.; Torres, A. N.; Torres, E.; Armas, T., 1988: Isolation of chlamydia in a case of infectious ovine keratoconjunctivitis

Tang, Y. M.; Ashendel, C. L., 1990: Isolation of cloned mouse protein kinase C beta II cDNA and its sequence

Saddour, M., 1989: Isolation of contagious ecthyma virus under field conditions and adaptation of the strains isolated to heterologous cells

Tsanava, Sh A.; Marennikova, S. S.; Sakvarelidze, L. A.; Shelukhina, E. M.; Yanova, N. N., 1989: Isolation of cowpox virus from jirds, Meriones libycus

Lendzian, K. J.; Nakajima, A.; Ziegler, H., 1986: Isolation of cuticular membranes from various conifer needles

Milner J.J., 1988: Isolation of defective interfering particles of sonchus yellow net virus from chronically infected plants

Oyeka, C. A., 1989: Isolation of dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi from mammals in Anambra State, Nigeria

Ruppel, S., 1988: Isolation of diazotrophic bacteria from the endorhizosphere and rhizoplane of winter wheat in a temperate region

Sadykov, B. F.; Propadushchaya, L. A.; Nazyrova, N. I., 1989: Isolation of diazotrophic bacteria promising for inoculating wheat and some patterns in their performance

Biswas, S.; Saxena, QB.; Sharma, VP., 1988: Isolation of different erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum and synchronization in culture

Arun Prasad; Sinha, B. K.; Prasad, C. B., 1988: Isolation of different species of fungi from the respiratory tract of poultry in health and disease

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872052

Michaeli, S.; Roberts, T. G.; Watkins, K. P.; Agabian, N., 1990: Isolation of distinct small ribonucleoprotein particles containing the spliced leader and U2 RNAs of Trypanosoma brucei

Conti, A.; Napolitano, L.; Lai, P.; Pinna, W.; Godovac Zimmermann, J., 1989: Isolation of donkey whey proteins and N-terminal amino acid sequence of alpha -lactalbumins A and B, beta -lactoglobulins I and II and lysozyme

Garber, A. T.; Retief, J. D.; Dixon, G. H., 1989: Isolation of dynein heavy chain cDNAs from trout testis which predict an extensive carboxyl-terminal alpha -helical coiled-coil domain

Schmitz, D.; Willenborg, A.; Lelley, J., 1990: Isolation of ectomycorrhizal fungi, testing of their performance and of the possibilities of utilising them in damaged forests

Szecsi, A.; Kadar, I.; Szanto, M., 1989: Isolation of endomycorrhizal fungi from maize grown on a Chernozem

Ugochukwu, E. I.; Anukam, K. U., 1988: Isolation of enterobacteria from diarrhoeic West African dwarf goats

Niazi, Z. M.; Refai, M., 1988: Isolation of enteropathogenic and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli from meat and cheese

Teulieres, C.; Alibert, G.; Boudet, A. M., 1986: Isolation of eucalypt protoplasts. Relationship between their survival at low temperature and frost resistance of different clones under natural conditions

Meade, H.; Lonberg, N., 1989: Isolation of exogenous recombination proteins from the milk of transgenic mammals

Nishida, R.; Fukami, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Magalhaes, BP.; Yokoyama, M.; Blumenschein, A., 1986: Isolation of feeding stimulants of Brazilian leaf beetles (Diabrotica speciosa and Cerotoma arcuata) from the root of Ceratosanthes hilariana

Alexander R.; Robinson W.F.; Mills J.N.; Sherry C.R.; Sherard E.; Paterson A.J.; Shaw S.E.; Clark W.T.; Hollingsworth T., 1989: Isolation of feline immunodeficiency virus from three cats with lymphoma

Bertels, A.; Pohl, P.; Schlicker, C.; Driessche, E. van; Charlier, G.; Greve, H. de; Lintermans, P., 1989: Isolation of fimbrial antigen ATT111 from Escherichia coli strains associated with calf diarrhoea. Its properties in relation to vaccines against calf diarrhoea

Huang, Bq; Russell, Sd, 1989: Isolation of fixed and viable eggs, central cells, and embryo sacs from ovules of Plumbago zeylanica

Purohit, SK.; Jatkar, PR.; Lodha, KR., 1987: Isolation of flagellae and cell membrane of Trypanosoma evansi

Puyvelde, L. van; Kimpe, N. de; Costa, J.; Munyjabo, V.; Nyirankuliza, S.; Hakizamungu, E.; Schamp, N., 1989: Isolation of flavonoids and a chalcone from Helichrysum odoratissimum and synthesis of helichrysetin

Herdenberger, F.; Evrard, J. L.; Kuntz, M.; Tessier, L. H.; Klein, A.; Steinmetz, A.; Pillay, D. T. N., 1990: Isolation of flower-specific cDNA clones from sunflower

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872074

Madrigal Sesma, M. J.; Pedrero Guillen, L.; Gonzalez Santiago, P., 1987: Isolation of free-living amoebae from specimens of Rana perezi at different times in the Canary Islands

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872076

Jand, S. K.; Singh, K. B., 1988: Isolation of fungi from clinical cases of mastitis

Lokesh, M. S.; Hiremath, R. V.; Hegde, R. K., 1988: Isolation of fungi from developing redgram (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) seed

Label, M. G.; Kogan, N. N.; Iribas, J. L., 1989: Isolation of fungi from nail pathology in patients with psoriasis

Malik K.A., 1988: Isolation of furnace oil utilizing bacteria capable of producing biosurfactant

Triplett, E. W., 1988: Isolation of genes involved in nodulation competitiveness from Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii T24

Meeks Wagner D.R.; Dennis E.S.; Peacock W.J., 1989: Isolation of genes involved in tobacco floral initiation

Coulson, RMR.; Smith, DF., 1990: Isolation of genes showing increased or unique expression in the infective promastigotes of Leishmania major

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872085

Weiss, D. J.; Kraemer, R.; Schmit, K., 1989: Isolation of granulocytes and mononuclear cells from the blood of dogs, cats, horses and cattle

Kruse, T; Tallman, G; Zeiger, E., 1989: Isolation of guard cell protoplasts from mechanically prepared epidermis of Vicia faba leaves

Henry, JM.; Raina, AK.; Ridgway, RL., 1990: Isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA from insects

Kreiss, J. K.; Coombs, R.; Plummer, F. et al., 1989: Isolation of human immunodeficiency virus from genital ulcers in Nairobi prostitutes

Ena, J. M.; Castillo, H.; Sanchez, L.; Calvo, M., 1990: Isolation of human lactoferrin by affinity chromatography using insolubilized bovine beta -lactoglobulin

Rice, J.; MacCarthy, P., 1989: Isolation of humin by liquid-liquid partitioning

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872096

Li Chan E.; Kwan L.; Nakai S., 1990: Isolation of immunoglobulins by competitive displacement of cheese whey proteins during metal chelate interaction chromatography

Hall, S. M.; Cipriano, J. A.; Schoneweis, D. A.; Smith, J. E.; Fenwick, B. W., 1988: Isolation of infective and non-infective Eperythrozoon suis bodies from the whole blood of infected swine

Gurkirpal Singh; Oberoi, M. S.; Kwatra, M. S.; Gill, S. S., 1987: Isolation of influenza virus from horses in the equine influenza outbreak of 1987

Luini, M.; Mortarino, P.; Cervio, G., 1988: Isolation of influenza viruses from ducks imported for slaughter

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872103

Lashko N.P.; Antonov Yu A.; Tolstoguzov V.B., 1990: Isolation of intact chloroplasts from lucerne leaves

Menna, L. F.; Fioretti, A.; Scebba, S., 1988: Isolation of invasive strains of Escherichia coli from migrating and resident wild birds

Liehr, E.; Grunewaldt, J., 1988: Isolation of isozymes from Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor

Cruz, R.; Dominguez, H.; Grau, A., 1989: Isolation of lignin in black liquors from chemical pulping of bagasse

Harrach, B.; Bata, A.; Sandor, G.; Vanyi, A., 1987: Isolation of macrocyclic and non-macrocyclic trichothecenes (Stachybotrys and Fusarium toxins) from the environment of 200 ill sport horses

Bijral, J. S.; Sharma, T. R.; Singh, B.; Gupta, B. B.; Kanwal, K. S., 1989: Isolation of maintainers and restorers for three cytoplasmic male sterile lines

Rao, P. V. S.; Geiger, J. P.; Einhorn, J.; Malosse, C.; Rio, B.; Nicole, M.; Savary, S.; Ravise, A., 1988: Isolation of methyl linolenate, a new antifungal compound from Arachis hypogaea L. leaves infected with Puccinia arachidis Speg

D'andrea R.J.; Sivaprasad A.V.; Bawden S.; Kuczek E.S.; Whitbread L.A.; Rogers G.E., 1989: Isolation of microbial genes for cysteine synthesis and prospects for their use in increasing wool growth

Sachs, R.; Cumberlidge, N., 1989: Isolation of microcercous cercariae from snails caught in an endemic focus of Paragonimus uterobilateralis in Liberia, West Africa

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872122

Anastasi, A.; Hunt, C.; Stebbings, H., 1990: Isolation of microtubule motors from an insect ovarian system: characterization using a novel motility substratum

Gronberg G.; Lipniunas P.; Lundgren T.; Erlansson K.; Lindh F.; Nilsson B., 1989: Isolation of monosialylated oligosaccharides from human milk and structural analysis of three new compounds

Portaels, F.; Larsson, L.; Smeets, P., 1988: Isolation of mycobacteria from healthy persons' stools

Mair T.S.; Jenkins P.A., 1990: Isolation of mycobacteria from the nasal cavity of horses

Ovdienko, N. P.; Kadochkin, A. M.; Ivanova, N. A.; Kozin, A. I.; Tkachev Kuz' min, A. V.; Kosenko, V. I.; Naimanov, A. Kh; Yakusheva, O. V., 1989: Isolation of mycobacteria in relation to the sensitivity of cattle to tuberculin

Lightfoot, D.; Dwyer, B.; Sievers, I.; Jackson, K., 1989: Isolation of mycobactin-dependent mycobacteria from clinical specimens

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872129

Binder A.; Amtsberg G.; Dose S.; Fischer W.; Scholz H.; Kirchhoff H., 1990: Isolation of mycoplasmas and bacteria from cattle with respiratory diseases

Kirchhoff, H.; Binder, A.; Liess, B.; Friedhoff, K. T.; Pohlenz, J.; Stede, M.; Willhaus, T., 1989: Isolation of mycoplasmas from diseased seals

Chiocco, D.; Bisceglia, E. D., 1990: Isolation of mycoplasmas from the oropharynx of clinically healthy pigeons

Hayashi, Y.; Ohara, S.; Takahashi, T., 1987: Isolation of new 3-hydroxylated flavonoid C-glucosides from the heartwood of Zelkova serrata Makino and other Zelkova species

Yamashita, N.; Sakata, K.; Ina, H.; Ina, K., 1989: Isolation of nicotinamide from Mallotus leaves as an attaching repellent against the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis

Frazier, J. A.; Howes, K.; Reece, R. L.; Kidd, A. W.; Cavanagh, D., 1990: Isolation of non-cytopathic viruses implicated in the aetiology of nephritis and baby chick nephropathy and serologically related to avian nephritis virus

Koleva S.T., 1988: Isolation of nuclear shells from plant cells

Smith, P. J.; Friede, M. H.; Scott, B. J.; Holt, C. von, 1988: Isolation of nuclei from melittin-destabilized cells

Reddy, G. M.; Coe, E., 1990: Isolation of nucleic acids from pollen grains

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872143

Mitroussia Ziouva A.; Palivos A.; Alexiou Moussatou I.; Marselou Kinti U.; Papavassiliou I., 1989: Isolation of opportunistic fungi in intensive care units

Hauser H., 1988: Isolation of overproducing recombinant mammalian cell lines by a fast and simple selection procedure

Jurajda, V.; Halouzka, R., 1988: Isolation of pathogenic Marek's disease virus from a flock of chickens vaccinated with turkey herpesvirus vaccine

Yang, C.; Lang, S., 1988: Isolation of pathogenic free-living Naegleria amoebae from cooling water of a power plant in Shanghai

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872149

Abu Elzein, E. M. E.; Hassanien, M. M.; Al Afaleq, A. I.; Abd Elhadi, M. A.; Housawi, F. M. I., 1990: Isolation of peste des petits ruminants from goats in Saudi Arabia

Millam, S.; Burns, A. T. H.; Hocking, T. J., 1988: Isolation of petal protoplasts of Brassica napus L

Byers, JA.; Birgersson, G.; Lofqvist, J.; Appelgren, M.; Bergstrom, G., 1990: Isolation of pheromone synergists of bark beetle, Pityogenes chalcographus, from complex insect-plant odors by fractionation and subtractive-combination bioassay

Proksa, B.; Uhrin, D.; Odonmazhig, P.; Badga, D., 1988: Isolation of phlorizin from leaves of Armeniaca sibirica

Darmwal N.S.; Singh R.B.; Rai R., 1989: Isolation of phosphate solubilizers from different sources

Oetting, W. S.; Smith, G. L.; Brumbaugh, J. A., 1988: Isolation of pigment genes using retroviral insertional mutagenesis

Pels A.E.IIi, 1988: Isolation of plasma lipoproteins by a combination of differential and density gradient ultracentrifugation

Keenan, T. W.; Valivullah, H. M.; Dunlevy, J. T., 1988: Isolation of plasma membranes from mammary gland by two-phase polymer partitioning

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872159

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872160

Nolte, I.; Niemann, C.; Bowry, S. K.; Becker, K.; Muller Berghaus, G., 1988: Isolation of platelets from whole blood of dogs using the Ficoll-Metrizoate density gradient

Hirahara, T.; Yasuhara, H.; Matsui, O.; Yamanaka, M.; Tanaka, M.; Fukuyama, S.; Izumida, A.; Yoshiki, K.; Kodama, K.; Nakai, M.; Sasaki, N., 1990: Isolation of porcine adenovirus from the respiratory tract of pigs in Japan

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872164

Schulze, J.; Muller, B.; Ryshchka, U., 1989: Isolation of protoplasts from immature embryos of wheat and barley

Horry Charrier, P., 1988: Isolation of protoplasts in Sequoia sempervirens

Imagawa H.; Matsumura T.; Kamada M.; Fukunaga Y.; Hasegawa A.; Ohishi H.; Matumoto M., 1989: Isolation of reovirus type 3 from foals

Noda, M.; Yamashita, H.; Miura, K.; Yamanaka, M.; Kubo, M.; Inaba, Y., 1989: Isolation of rhabdoviruses from cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872172

Haggblom, P., 1990: Isolation of roquefortine C from feed grain

Nakamura, M.; Istiyaningsih ; Nakashima, N.; Kaji, T.; Sato, S., 1989: Isolation of salmonellae from clinically normal cattle and pigs in Indonesia in 1986 and detection of plasmids in isolates

Babu K.; Sonnenberg M.; Kathpalia S.; Ortega P.; Swiatlo A.L.; Kocka F.E., 1990: Isolation of salmonellae from dried rattlesnake preparations

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872177

Giannini, J. L.; Holt, J. S.; Briskin, D. P., 1988: Isolation of sealed plasma membrane vesicles from Phytophthora megasperma f.sp. glycinea: II. Partial characterization of Ca2+ transport and glyceollin effects

Ramirez, AN.; Gurrola, GB.; Martin, BM.; Possani, LD., 1988: Isolation of several toxins from the venom of the scorpion Centruroides limpidus tecomanus Hoffmann

Ward, Er; Jen, Gc, 1990: Isolation of single-copy-sequence clones from a yeast artificial chromosome library of randomly-sheared Arabidopsis thaliana DNA

Thies W., 1988: Isolation of sinigrin and glucotropaeolin from cruciferous seeds

Yoshida, S.; Kawata, T., 1988: Isolation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum and tonoplast from mung bean hypocotyls (Vigna radiata Wilczek) using a Ficoll gradient and two-polymer phase partition

Nielsen, J. E.; Olesen, P., 1988: Isolation of sperm cells from the trinucleate pollen of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)

Knox R.B., 1988: Isolation of sperms from the pollen tubes of flowering plants during fertilization

Hosono, A.; Zhang, X.; Otani, H., 1989: Isolation of spontaneous induced-mutants of Streptococcus thermophilus having a high ability to produce acid

Uchida, T.; Uchiyama, T.; Koyama, A. H., 1988: Isolation of spotted fever group rickettsiae from humans in Japan

Orzuev, M. I.; Satorov, S. S., 1988: Isolation of strains of a new ecological varient of Staphylococcus aureus from donkeys

Demenev, V. A.; Gaidamovich, S. Ya; Roslaya, I. G.; Obukhova, V. R.; Koninskaya, A. I., 1987: Isolation of strains of the Negishi virus in the Khabarovsk Territory

Havelka, B.; Skarkova, A., 1989: Isolation of streptococci of various serological groups from animals

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872197

Krivanec, K.; Kopecky, J.; Tomkova, E.; Grubhoffer, L., 1988: Isolation of the TBE virus from the tick Ixodes hexagonus

Hargreaves, J. A.; Turner, G., 1989: Isolation of the acetyl-CoA synthase gene from the corn smut pathogen, Ustilago maydis

Merino Moncada, M.; Callejas Garay, G., 1988: Isolation of the actinomycete Dermatophilus congolensis in an outbreak of dermatophilosis in equines in Mexico

Dorairaj, S.; Banerjee, A. K.; Achari, B.; Pakrashi, S. C., 1988: Isolation of the anthraquinone norsolorinic acid from Cinchona ledgeriana

Komori, T.; Morimoto, Y., 1989: Isolation of the aromatic heptaenic antibiotics trichomycin A-F by high performance liquid chromatography

Matsui, Y.; Natori, S.; Obinata, M., 1989: Isolation of the cDNA clone for mouse glycophorin, erythroid-specific membrane protein

Verghese, J.; Joy, M. T., 1989: Isolation of the colouring matter from dried turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) with ethyl acetate

Aston W.P.; Mhatre A.; Macrae J., 1990: Isolation of the fifth component of the bovine complement system

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872208

Iida, K.; Kajiwara, M., 1990: Isolation of the insect metabolite trehalose by high-performance liquid chromatography

Franco, T. T.; Kurebayashi, A. K., 1986: Isolation of the main active constituents of propolis by two-dimensional paper chromatography and spectrophotometry

Bakulov, I. A.; Tsiganova, A. A.; Vasil' ev, D. A.; Belousov, V. E.; Kotlyarov, V. M.; Bakaldina, N. B.; Arkhipova G. F., 1988: Isolation of the membranes and ribosomes from virulent Listeria strains

Donovan, Sm; Lonnerdal, B., 1989: Isolation of the nonprotein nitrogen fraction from human milk by gel-filtration chromatography and its separation by fast protein liquid chromatography

Zoberi, M. H.; Grace, J. K., 1990: Isolation of the pathogen Beauveria bassiana from Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Cui, G. Y.; Guan, Z. X.; Wang, S. Z.; Ci, J. Z., 1989: Isolation of the pathogen from cases of tuberculosis in deer

Foussard, F.; Gallois, Y.; Tronchin, G.; Robert, R.; Mauras, G., 1990: Isolation of the pellicle of Toxoplasma gondii (Protozoa, Coccidia): characterization by electron microscopy and protein composition

Garcia Orbegozo, E.; Hymowitz, T., 1989: Isolation of three different triple null genotypes for seed protein components of soybeans

Butty A K.N.; Mhaisen F.T.; Ali N.M., 1989: Isolation of three water molds from two freshwater fishes and insect exuviae

Gasser, C. S.; Budelier, K. A.; Smith, A. G.; Shah, D. M.; Fraley, R. T., 1989: Isolation of tissue-specific cDNAs from tomato pistils

Bi, Y. P.; Mi, J. J.; Guo, J. C., 1989: Isolation of total mRNA from immature Beijing wild soyabean seeds and molecular cloning of its complementary DNA

Jodral, M.; Martinez, P.; Garrido, D.; Fernandez, C.; Salmeron, J.; Pozo, R., 1989: Isolation of toxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus from quince (Cydonia vulgaris, Pers.) and its products

Abdel Salam, M. S.; Klingmuller, W., 1988: Isolation of transposon induced auxin-negative mutations in Azospirillum lipoferum

Hafez, H. M.; Weiland, F., 1990: Isolation of turkey rhinotracheitis virus

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872230

Perl-Treves, R; Nacmias, B; Aviv, D; Zeelon, Ep; Galun, E., 1988: Isolation of two cDNA clones from tomato containing two different superoxide dismutase sequences

Van Loon L.C., 1987: Isolation of vacuoles from developing oat leaves

Clarke, R. C.; McEwen, S. A.; Gannon, V. P.; Lior, H.; Gyles, C. L., 1989: Isolation of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli from milk filters in south-western Ontario

Scheuer, R., 1989: Isolation of verrucosidin from cultures of Penicillium aurantiogriseum

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872237

Dieckmann, A.; Frank, W., 1988: Isolation of viable germinal cells from Echinococcus multilocularis

Dumas C., 1988: Isolation of viable wheat male gametophytes of different stages of development and variations in their protein patterns

Staroniewicz, Z., 1988: Isolation of virulent strains of Yersinia enterocolitica from the tonsils of pigs

Ogunbanjo, B. O., 1988: Isolation of yeasts from male contacts of women with vaginal candidosis

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872242

Saito, K.; Moriya, K.; Shimoi, H.; Sato, S.; Tadenuma, M.; Yoshizawa, K., 1987: Isolation of yeasts producing ethanol from beet molasses. Ethanol fermentation of beet molasses (part 1)

Tateishi, K.; Shibata, H.; Matsushima, Y., 1988: Isolation of zeanoside C, a new metabolite of IAA from corn (Zea mays L.) kernels

Ghorbani, S., 1988: Isolation of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in the Tehran Province

Ignatova, L. K., 1990: Isolation procedure and some properties of protoplasts isolated from red clover leaves

Kozhevnikova, L. K.; Asratyan, A. A.; Danilina, G. A.; Khokhlova, E. N., 1989: Isolation rate of the markers of hepatitis B virus in some regions of the USSR

Grindle, M.; Zhou, Y., 1988: Isolation, characterisation and genetic analysis of mutants of Aspergillus nidulans resistant to tolclofos-methyl

Sharp, P. J.; Desai, S.; Chao, S.; Gale, M. D., 1988: Isolation, characterization and applications of a set of 14 RFLP probes identifying each homoeologous chromosome arm in the Triticeae

Harbitz, I.; Chowdhary, B.; Chowdhary, R.; Kran, S.; Frengen, E.; Gustavsson, I.; Davies, W., 1990: Isolation, characterization and chromosomal assignment of a partial cDNA for porcine 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase

Diem, H. G.; Dommergues, Y. R., 1988: Isolation, characterization and cultivation of Frankia

Section 2, Chapter 1873, Accession 001872256

Rosenberg, I.; Bach, D.; Loew, LM.; Gitler, C., 1989: Isolation, characterization and partial purification of a transferable membrane channel (amoebapore) produced by Entamoeba histolytica

Egli, T.; Weilenmann, H. U., 1989: Isolation, characterization and physiology of bacteria able to degrade nitrilotriacetate

Burton, P. M.; Chiou, Y. M., 1989: Isolation, characterization and quantification of apolipoproteins A-I and B of the Golden Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) and modification of their levels by dietary cholesterol

Greenler, Jmcc; Sloan, Js; Schwartz, Bw; Becker, Wm, 1989: Isolation, characterization and sequence analysis of a full-length cDNA clone encoding NADH-dependent hydroxypyruvate reductase from cucumber

Roy, P.; Bhattacharyya, N.; Biswas, B. B., 1988: Isolation, characterization and sequencing of a novel repetitive DNA from the mung bean Vigna radiata

Townsend, A. J.; Goldsmith, M. E.; Pickett, C. B.; Cowan, K. H., 1989: Isolation, characterization, and expression in Escherichia coli of two murine mu class glutathione S-transferase cDNAs homologous to the rat subunits 3 (Yb1) and 4 (Yb2)

Gollnick, S. O.; Trounstine, M. L.; Yamashita, L. C.; Kehry, M. R.; Moore, K. W., 1990: Isolation, characterization, and expression of cDNA clones encoding the mouse Fc receptor for IgE (Fc epsilon RII)

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