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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kamiya, F.; Oshiumi, S., 1989:
Lateral loading tests of plywood-lumber nailed joints and proposed allowable lateral capacity

Sekino, N.; Okazaki, M., 1989:
Lateral nail-resistance of low-density particleboards II

Hager, W.H., 1986:
Lateral outflow over side weirs

Wang, Z.J.; Niu, C.J.; Zhang, X., 1989:
Lateral pressure changes on a model grain bin by unloading from different orifice positions

DeFrancisco, R.J.; Thompson, S.A.; Seigler, W.E., 1988:
Lateral pressure in cottonseed storage buildings

Wright, A.E.; Schafer, M.; Midland, S.; Munnecke, D.E.; Sims, J.J., 1989:
Lateral root inducing compounds from the bacterium Erwinia quercina: isolation, structure and synthesis

Ruehle, J.L.; Kormanik, P.P., 1986:
Lateral root morphology: a potential indicator of seedling quality in northern red oak

Wolfe J., 1987:
Lateral stresses in membranes at low water potential

Haldar, D.P.; Ray, S.K.; Bose, R., 1988:
Laterospora phenacocca n.gen., n.sp., a new septate gregarine (Apicomplexa: Sporozoea) from a hemipteran insect pest

Allsopp, R., 1988:
Latest advances in fight against tsetse fly

Weaver, J.H., 1990:
Latest developments at Hoyer

Tang, T.S., 1988:
Latest developments in fractionation of palm oil and palm kernel oil

Lok, W.D.J., 1989:
Latest developments in tensiometry for irrigation scheduling

Emde, H., 1988:
Latest developments in the law on milk - a critical appraisal by a veterinary officer

Qureshi, M.A.; Masood, S.J., 1988:
Latest trend of brucellosis in livestock at livestock experiment stations in the Punjab

Kudaeva, N.V., 1987:
Latest wheat accessions for the gene bank of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)

Golovko, A.N.; Gnatenko, G.V.; Krasnikov, G.A., 1990:
Latex agglutination test for adhesin antigen of Escherichia coli

O'Neill, K.P.; Lloyd-Evans, N.; Campbell, H.; Forgie, I.M.; Sabally, S.; Greenwood, B.M., 1989:
Latex agglutination test for diagnosing pneumococcal pneumonia in children in developing countries

Bouree, P.; Diallo, D., 1989:
Latex agglutination test in serological diagnosis of trichinellosis

Sukura, A.; Neuvonen, E., 1990:
Latex test for rapid rotavirus diagnosis in calves

Burnie, J., 1987:
Latex tests in the early diagnosis of systemic candidosis

Carretero, M.V.; Mello, F. de A.F. de, 1988:
Latex yield of rubber (Hevea spp.) clones in the high plains and coastal region of Sao Paulo State

Szmeja, K., 1987:
Lathyro-Melandrietum Oberd. 1957 on the black soils of Gniew in the lower Vistula valley

Sams A.R., 1990:
Lathyrogen effects on the collagen heat stability and tenderness of spent fowl muscle

Murray, B.G.; Hammett, K.R.W., 1989:
Lathyrus chloranthus X L. chrysanthus: a new interspecific hybrid

Kush, A.; Goyvaerts, E.; Chye, M.L.; Chua, N.H., 1990:
Laticifer-specific gene expression in Hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree)

Marimuthu S.; Subramanian R.B.; Kothari I.L.; Inamdar J.A., 1989:
Laticiferous taxa as a source of energy and hydrocarbon

Camillo Coura, L., 1989:
Latin America

Gorgoni, M., 1989:
Latin America in the world agriculture-food economy

Thomas, R., 1989 :
Latin America: the internal factor

Fouquet, H., 1989:
Latin America: the worldwide context

Vellas, F., 1989:
Latin America: tourist overview

Caballero, J.M., 1989:
Latin American agriculture: current problems and future prospects

Caballero, J.M., 1990:
Latin American and Caribbean agriculture: current themes and prospects

Andrews, K.L., 1988:
Latin American research on Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Sturgess, O.W., 1990:
Latin American sugar technology

Anonymous, 1985:
Latin American women: historical review

Labrada, L.A.; Smith, D.S., 1990:
Latin American workshop for the evaluation of DNA probes for leishmaniasis

Markley, J.L.; McMillan, C.; Thompson, G.A.J., 1982:
Latitudinal differentiation in response to chilling temperatures among populations of three mangroves, Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa, and Rhizophora mangle, from the western tropical Atlantic and Pacific Panama

MacLellan, P.; Stewart, J.M., 1986:
Latitudinal gradients in vegetation along a disturbed transmission line right-of-way in Manitoba

Smith, M.A.H.; MacKay, P.A., 1990:
Latitudinal variation in the photoperiodic responses of populations of pea aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Archer, V.E., 1989:
Latitudinal variation of digestive tract cancers in the US and China

Kuga, S.; Brown, R.M., 1987:
Lattice image of ramie cellulose

Stone, J.F.; Koehler, K.J.; Kim, C.J.; Kadolph, S.J., 1986:
Laundering pesticide-soiled clothing: a survey of Iowa farm families

Arkcoll, D., 1988:
Lauric oil resources

Dimitrov, S., 1988:
Lavender variety Yubileina

Mahajan, K., 1988:
Law and development

Scott, M., 1988:
Law and leisure services management

Baley, J.A.; Matthews, D.L., 1988:
Law and liability in athletics, physical education, and recreation

Maloy, B.P., 1988:
Law in sport: liability cases in management and administration

Hu, M.; Li, S.Q.; Liu, F.Y., 1987:
Law of growth and decline on Petrobia latens and its integrated control

Thome, J.R., 1989:
Law, conflict, and change: Frei's Law and Allende's agrarian reform

McMillan, T.A.; Mitchell, H.W., 1989:
Lawn sprinkler device

McCarthy, V.P.; Murphy, M.D., 1990:
Lawnmower tularemia

Ala, A.Ya, 1989:
Laws of inheritance of characters in interspecific soya hybrids

Panouillot, G., 1988:
Laxative milk products containing liquid paraffin

Dubensky, H.J.; Puri, V.M.; Manbeck, H.B.; Roush, W.G., 1989:
Layer heat and moisture production measurements in constant and cyclic temperature and humidity environments

Ghabru, S.K.; Mermut, A.R.; S.A.naud, R.J., 1989:
Layer-charge and cation-exchange characteristics of vermiculite (weathered biotite) isolated from a Gray Luvisol in northeastrn Saskatchewan

Borissova, M.; Stoinev, K., 1987:
Layer-specific changes in the fertility of a leached smolnitza induced by continuous tillage systems

Chang, C.D.; Hellring, S.D., 1989:
Layered divalent metal hydrogen phosphates

Ayorinde, KL.; Ayeni, JSO.; Oluyemi, JA., 1989:
Laying characteristics and reproductive performance of four indigenous helmeted guinea fowl varieties (Numida meleagris galeata Pallas) in Nigeria

Tind, E.; Ambrosen, T., 1988:
Laying hens kept in cages. The effect of cage shape, group size and unit area

Dronen, S.I., 1988:
Layout and design criteria for livestock windbreaks

Hoofs, A., 1989:
Layout of the farrowing and rearing pen

McEnroe, B.M.; Schroeder, P.R., 1988:
Leachate collection in landfills: steady case

H.G.E.; Mathew K.; Newman P.W.G., 1989:
Leachate quality from gypsum neutralized red mud applied to sandy soils

Hartmann, K.H.; Hoffmann, E., 1990:
Leachate treatment; design recommendations for small but extremely fluctuating, highly polluted quantities of water

Takahashi, K.; Ohyagi, Y., 1988:
Leaching behaviour of copper and tributyltin from self-polishing type antifouling paints

Van Biljon J.J.; Groeneveld H.T.; Nel P.C., 1988:
Leaching depth of metolachlor in a drift sand soil

Goetz, D.; Holz, C., 1989:
Leaching from heat treated soil materials in a field lysimeter experiment

Velu, V.; Saravanan, A.; Ramanathan, K.M., 1988:
Leaching loss of nitrogen in clay loam soils of Cauvery delta

Monaghan R.M.; Cameron K.C.; Mclay C.D.A., 1989:
Leaching losses of nitrogen from sheep urine patches

Fagniart, E.; Colard, J.; Kirchmann, R., 1989:
Leaching of Co-60 and Cs-134 from the rooting zone of an experimental field

Huhta, V.; Setala, H.; Haimi, J., 1988:
Leaching of N and C from birch leaf litter and raw humus with special emphasis on the influence of soil fauna

Bandyopadhyay, A.K., 1989:
Leaching of acid saline soils of Sunderban

Bohmer, B.M., 1989:
Leaching of cadmium and nickel from the plant-efficacious layer of uncontaminated arable soils

Hamid A., 1988:
Leaching of chloride in soil columns

Reiml, D.; Scheunert, I.; Korte, F., 1989:
Leaching of conversion products of buturon from soil during 12 years after application

Watabe, N., 1988:
Leaching of fertilizer elements from tea soils and tea growth. III. Tea growth and nitrogen uptake

Zandvoort, R., 1989:
Leaching of fluridone, hexazinone and simazine in sandy soils in the Netherlands

Pfirrmann, T.; Runkel, K.H., 1987:
Leaching of inorganic nutrients from the needles of young spruce clones with varying nutritional history, following exposure to ozone and acid mist

Torma, A.E., 1988:
Leaching of metals

Heer, H. de; Hamaker, P.; Tuinstra, L.G.M.T.; Burg, A.M.M. van der, 1986:
Leaching of methyl and bromide ions into surface water after fumigation of glasshouse soils

Simon, J.C.; L.C.rre, L., 1989:
Leaching of mineral elements (except nitrogen) in maize monoculture on granitic soil in south-west Brittany, France

Sherwood, M.; Fanning, A., 1989:
Leaching of nitrate from simulated urine patches

Feige W.; Roethlingshoefer R., 1990:
Leaching of nitrate on two fields with different farming methods

Goss, M.J.; Colbourn, P.; Harris, G.L.; Howse, K.R., 1988:
Leaching of nitrogen under autumn-sown crops and the effects of tillage

Boon, J. van der; Elk, B.C.M. van, 1987:
Leaching of nutrients during the culture of woody nursery stock in pots

Korotkov, A.A.; Kravtchuk, E.I., 1986:
Leaching of nutrients from an arable sandy dernopodzolic soil under intensive chemigation

Soprano, E.; Alvarez V.V.H., 1989:
Leaching of nutrients from soil columns treated with several calcium salts

Leonardi, S.; Fluckiger, W., 1986:
Leaching of nutrients from tree crowns: studies in beech stands in northwest Switzerland

Romero, F.; Elejalde, C.; Sabin, H., 1989:
Leaching of polluted soils by acid rain

Sheppard, S.C.; Evenden, W.G., 1990:
Leaching of radionuclides from decaying blueberry leaves: relative rate independent of concentration

Shihab, R.M.; Fahad, A.A.; Tawfeek, H.A., 1990:
Leaching of saline soils with low- and high-salt drainage water

Tanton T.W.; Armstrong A.S.B.; Dervis O., 1990:
Leaching of salts from saline clays by subsoiling and induced lateral drainage

Imbach Hermida, A.C., 1987:
Leaching of the principal nutrients in four agroforestry systems with perennial crops in Turrialba, Costa Rica

Francis, C.W.; White, G.H., 1987:
Leaching of toxic metals from incinerator ashes

Pardini, G.; Aringhieri, R., 1988:
Leaching soil columns with 1N NaCl solution: effects on soil physico-chemical properties

Sundaram, K.M.S.; Feng, C.; Boyonoski, N.W.; Manniste Squire, V., 1985:
Leaching, degradation and fate of 14C-mexacarbate in columns packed with forest soils

Who, 1989:
Lead - environmental aspects

Kulich, J.; Puskas, J., 1988:
Lead accumulation in plants

Pucci, A.A.J.; Harriman, D.A.; Ervin, E.M.; Bratton, L.; Gordon, A., 1989:
Lead and cadmium associated with saltwater intrusion in a New Jersey aquifer system

Kreuzer, W.; Rosopulo, A.; Sell, D.; Frangenberg, J.; Koberstein, S., 1988:
Lead and cadmium contents in muscle, liver and kidneys of slaughter calves. 1. Calves from uncontaminated areas and/or farms that have passed meat inspection

Cirugeda Delgado, C.; Cirugeda Delgado, M.E.; Santos Diaz, M.D., 1988:
Lead and cadmium in basic foods. 1. Fresh and canned vegetables

Santos Diaz, M.D.; Cirugeda Delgado, C.; Cirugeda Delgado, M.E., 1989:
Lead and cadmium in prepared baby foods

Moir, A.M.; Thornton, I., 1989:
Lead and cadmium in urban allotment and garden soils and vegetables in the United Kingdom

Zawadzka, T.; Wojciechowska Mazurek, M.; Brulinska, E., 1986:
Lead and cadmium intakes with daily diets by boys and girls from 14 to 18 years old

Turski R.; Wojcikowska Kapusta A., 1987:
Lead balance in soils differently fertilized and watered in a lysimetric experiment

Reyes Mendez, D.; Rosiles Martnez, R.; Garca Escamilla, R.M.; Alvarez Garca, J.S., 1990:
Lead concentrations in the hair and blood of horses living in Mexico City

Wunschmann, A.; Kosters, J.; Drasch, G.; Grimm, F.; Korbel, R., 1990:
Lead contamination of aquatic birds through weights used in angling

Lechner, W.; Schinner, F.; Pernfuss, B.; Huter, O.; Daxenbichler, G.; Marth, C.; Pastner, E., 1988:
Lead content in breast milk in Tyrolean regions with heavy or light traffic

Sillanpaa, M.; Ylaranta, T.; Jansson, H., 1988 :
Lead content of different plant species grown side by side

Cantoni, C.; Cattaneo, P., 1989:
Lead content of pig meat

Petry, K.P., 1989:
Lead content of tissues and organs of young bulls kept near an emission source of organic lead compounds and a literature review of behaviour of organic lead compounds in man, animals and the environment.

Madhavan, S.; Rosenman, K.D.; Shehata, T., 1989:
Lead in soil: recommended maximum permissible levels

Jorhem, L.; Mattsson, P.; Slorach, S., 1988:
Lead in table wines on the Swedish market

Barbieri, G.; Federico, E. di; Mattioli, S.; Negrini, R.; Violante, F.S., 1988:
Lead in the blood of civic policeman in Bologna in 1985-86

Gulson B.L.; Mizon K.J.; Korsch M.J.; Noller B.N., 1989:
Lead isotopes as seepage indicators around a uranium tailings dam

Davies, D.J.A.; Watt, J.M.; Thornton, I., 1987:
Lead levels in Birmingham dusts and soils

Takla, P.G.; Mohamed, H.A.; Wright, J.; Fahmy, F., 1989:
Lead levels in whole blood of sheep from different areas of the Nile delta

Baars, A.J.; Beek, H. van; Visser, I.J.R.; Vos, G.; Delft, W. van; Fennema, G. ; Lieben, G.W.; Lautenbag, K.; Nieuwenhuijs, J.H.M.; Coulander, P.A. de L.; Pluimers, F.H.; Haar, G. van de; Jorna, T.; Tuinstra, L.G.M.T.; Zandstra, P.; Bruins, B., 1990:
Lead poisoning among cattle in North Netherlands between October 1989 and January 1990

Koçak, R.; Anarat, A.; Altintaş, G.; Evliyaoğlu, N., 1989:
Lead poisoning from contaminated flour in a family of 11 members

Hoffheimer, M.S., 1988:
Lead poisoning in a cat

Anonymous, 1989:
Lead poisoning in bridge demolition workers: Massachusetts

O'Halloran, J.; Myers, AA.; Duggan, PF., 1988:
Lead poisoning in swans and sources of contamination in Ireland

Honda, K.; Lee, DP.; Tatsukawa, R., 1990:
Lead poisoning in swans in Japan

Roscoe D.E.; Widjeskog L.; Stansley W., 1989:
Lead poisoning of northern pintail ducks feeding in a tidal meadow contaminated with shot from a trap and skeet range

Papajova, H.; Hermanova, V., 1986:
Lead, cadmium and copper in ex-farm milk

Tyksinski, W.; Bres, W.; Golcz, A.; Komosa, A.; Kozik, E.; Roszyk, J., 1989:
Lead, cadmium, zinc and iron contents in vegetables sold in the city of Poznan

Mylroie, A.A.; Tucker, C.; Rosselli-Austin, L., 1987:
Lead-exposure of neonatal rats through maternal milk : A confounded model

Ruparelia, S.G.; Verma, Y.; Mehta, N.S.; Salyed, S.R., 1989:
Lead-induced biochemical changes in freshwater fish Oreochromis mossambicus

Seger, D.J.; Lins, D.A.; Hudson, M.A., 1989:
Lead-lag relationships between interest rates, exchange rates, and agricultural exports to Japan

Tillett, N.D.; Nybrant, T.G., 1990:
Leader cable guidance of an experimental field gantry

Tillett, N.D., 1989:
Leader cables to guide agricultural vehicles - a review

Waart, A.J.P. van de; Westerlaken, J., 1988:
Leader treatment of young apple trees

Philipp, H.J., 1990:
Leadership and competence in the advisor - client relationship

Worsfold, P., 1989:
Leadership and managerial effectiveness in the hospitality industry

Williams, R.P.; Kubica, J.; Dixon, C.F., 1989:
Leading commodity cash receipts, 1960-87

Tervo, M., 1987:
Leading indicators for forecasting commercial fellings

A.Whaibi, M.H., 1988:
Leaf CO2 assimilation and conductance of two date palm cultivars

Rao, M.H.; Subramanian, T.R.; Shikamany, S.D.; Iyer, C.P.A., 1988:
Leaf NPK fluctuations and their relationship with yield of guava in the annual cycle in alfisol

Ramon, A.M.; Garate, A.; Penalosa, J.M.; Carpena Ruiz, R.O., 1989:
Leaf P fractions as an index of assimilable phosphorus to tomato plants grown in a glasshouse

Wang, Y.T.; Dunlap, J.R., 1990:
Leaf abscission in Radermachera sinica in response to ethylene and silver thiosulfate

Prince T.A.; Cunningham M.S., 1988:
Leaf abscission of poinsettias affected by preharvest fertilization termination and sleeving stress

Ehleringer, J.R.; Comstock, J., 1987:
Leaf absorptance and leaf angle: mechanisms for stress avoidance

Krieg, D.R., 1988:
Leaf age - gas exchange characteristics

Walker G.P.; Zareh N., 1990:
Leaf age preference for oviposition by three species of whitefly on lemon

Visintini Romanin, M.; Marizza, L., 1985:
Leaf analysis of maize, soyabean and winter wheat: critical levels and DRIS indices obtained from fertilizer trials

Suryakumari, D.; Seshavatharam, V.; Murthy, U.R., 1989:
Leaf anatomical features of some interspecific hybrids and polyploids in the genus Arachis L

Lecain D.R.; Morgan J.A.; Zerbi G., 1989:
Leaf anatomy and gas exchange in nearly isogenic semidwarf and tall winter wheat

Codignola A.; Fieschi M.; Maffei M.; Fusconi A., 1990:
Leaf anatomy and photosynthetic characteristics of succulent alpine plants growing at high elevations

Brown, R.H.; Hattersley, P.W., 1989:
Leaf anatomy of c(3)-c(4) species as related to evolution of c(4) photosynthesis

Napp Zinn, K., 1988:
Leaf anatomy. II. Leaf anatomy of the angiosperms. B. Experimental and ecological anatomy of the angiosperm leaf

Chang, K.H.; Suh, J.K., 1989:
Leaf and bark yield and organic and inorganic components in Eucommia ulmoides trees of different ages

Dietz K J., 1989:
Leaf and chloroplast development in relation to nutrient availability

Marcelle, R.D.; Deckers, T., 1988:
Leaf and fruit analysis at the Gorsem Research Centre

Bonman J.M.; Estrada B.A.; Bandong J.M., 1989:
Leaf and neck blast resistance in tropical lowland rice cultivars

Evers, F.H., 1986:
Leaf and needle analysis as a means of bio-indication

Dirr M.A.; Lindstrom O.M.Jr, 1990:
Leaf and stem cold hardiness of 17 broadleaf evergreen taxa

Tsyganok, N.S.; Epikhov, V.A., 1990:
Leaf apparatus and yield in determinate forms of garden pea

Boone M.Y.L.; Rickman R.W.; Whisler F.D., 1990:
Leaf appearance rates of two winter wheat cultivars under high carbon dioxide conditions

Gaborcik, N., 1988:
Leaf area amount and its photosynthetic activity of intensively managed grassland ecosystem

Pirani, V., 1988:
Leaf area and quantitative characteristics in sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)

Krivobochek, V.G.; Movchan, V.K.; Rud' , O.I., 1987:
Leaf area and yield of F2 hybrids from crosses between spring and winter bread wheats

Lonhard Bory, E.; Nemeth, I., 1989:
Leaf area as affected by K fertilizer application in maize (Zea mays L.)

Chandramony, D.; Nayar, N.K., 1989:
Leaf area constant for Sesamum

Ghani, F., 1986:
Leaf area determination of Malaysian cultivars of C. esculenta

Patil, S.J.; Reddy, P.P.; Goudar, K.V.K.; Patil, S.A., 1989:
Leaf area estimation by linear measurements in Niger (Guizotia abyssinica L.)

Khajehpour, M.R.; Karimi, M.; Mousavi, S.F., 1988:
Leaf area estimation of cotton

Titova, N.V.; Syrbu, I.G., 1987:
Leaf area formation and photosynthetic productivity in peach transplants on different rootstocks

Babu, R.C.; Mohandass, S.; Veerannah, L.; Nagarajan, M., 1989:
Leaf area in relation to petiole length in papaya

Landivar, J.A.; Baker, D.N.; Hodges, H.F., 1988:
Leaf area index development and yield in cotton cultivars differing in maturities

Tokar, F., 1989:
Leaf area index of tree crowns as an important criterion of above-ground biomass production in different stand types of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa)

Peterson, D.L.; Arbaugh, M.J.; Lardner, M.A., 1989:
Leaf area of lodgepole pine and whitebark pine in a subalpine Sierra Nevada forest

Vose, J.; Allen, H., 1988:
Leaf area, stemwood growth, and nutrition relationships in loblolly pine

Reid, M.S.; Doorn, W. van; Newman, J.P., 1989:
Leaf blackening in proteas

Hernandez Torres, I.; Koch, S.D., 1988:
Leaf blade anatomy of Trisetum, Deschampsia and Peyritschia (Gramineae: Pooideae) and its taxonomic implications

Mukerjee, P.; Rathi, S.P.; Maurya, D.M., 1988:
Leaf blast Bl outbreak at Faizabad, India

Jana, B.K.; Laha, S.K.; Khatua, D.C., 1989:
Leaf blight caused by R. solani and its control

Zwatz, B., 1988:
Leaf blight in maize (epidemic caused by turcicum leaf spot)

Bishop, A.L.; Basarich, L., 1989:
Leaf blight of Alnus rhombifolia and A. cordata caused by Xanthomonas campestris

Singh, H.B., 1988:
Leaf blight of pigeonpea by Fusarium udum

Basak, A.B.; Mridha, M.A.U., 1987:
Leaf blight of ponyal in Chittagong University campus

Bhardwaj, S.S.; Dohroo, N.P.; Shyam, K.R., 1987:
Leaf blight of sweet flag

Ehleringer J.R.; Field C.B.; Lin Z F.; Kuo C Y., 1986:
Leaf carbon isotope and mineral composition in subtropical plants along an irradiance cline

Macdowall, F.D.H.; Lowdon, J.A., 1989:
Leaf carbon isotopic composition ( delta 13C) and cold hardiness of wheat in relation to growth temperature and moisture stress

Servaites, J.C.; Geiger, D.R.; Tucci, M.A.; Fondy, B.R., 1989:
Leaf Carbon Metabolism and Metabolite Levels during a Period of Sinusoidal Light

Alibegovic Grbic, S., 1988:
Leaf characters in some local populations and foreign varieties of sainfoin

Schaffer, A.A.; Nerson, H.; Aloni, B.; Rylski, I.; Fogelman, M.; Sultan, T.; Masarva, M., 1987:
Leaf chlorosis - a physiological disorder of greenhouse cucumbers

Deal, D.; Raulston, J.; Hinesley, L., 1990:
Leaf color retention, dark respiration, and growth of red-leafed Japanese maples under high night temperatures

Sul, J.H.; Lee, K.M.; Kwack, B.H., 1989:
Leaf colour change in variegated Lonicera japonica var. aureo-reticulata at various nitrogen and light intensity levels

Valicente, F.H., 1988:
Leaf consumption by larvae of the maize borer Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797) infected with granulosis virus or nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Brar, J.S.; Rataul, H.S., 1990:
Leaf crinkle virus induced biochemical changes in mash bean (Vigna mungo) and its effect on Aphis craccivora Koch

Tyree, M.T.; Scherbatskoy, T.D.; Tabor, C.A., 1990:
Leaf cuticles behave as asymmetric membranes : evidence from the measurement of diffusion potentials

Roh, M.S., 1989:
Leaf cutting propagation of Asiatic hybrid lilies

Davies, T.G.E.; Rogers, L.J.; Thomas, B.J.; Thomas, H., 1990:
Leaf development in Lolium temulentum: formation of the photosynthetic apparatus in the presence of the porphyrin synthesis inhibitor gabaculine

Kolos, G.E.; Moskal' chuk, N.I., 1989:
Leaf diagnosis of mineral nutrition in hops

Wittmann, W.; Fickert, W., 1988:
Leaf disease of plane (Discula platani (Pesk.) Sacc.) (= Gloeosporium nervisequum Sacc.) (= Gloeosporium platani (Mont.) Sacc.). Teleomorph: Apiognomonia veneta (Sacc. & Speg.) Hohn. (= Gnomonia veneta Kleb.)

Utomo, C., 1987:
Leaf diseases of oil palm nurseries in north Sumatra

Wilson, J., 1989:
Leaf diseases of wheat and time of sowing

Wulf, A., 1989:
Leaf diseases on maple

O'Dowd, DJ.; Willson, MF., 1989:
Leaf domatia and mites on Australasian plants: ecological and evolutionary implications

Meeteren, U. van, 1990:
Leaf drooping in Bouvardia results from air in stems

Budelman, A., 1988:
Leaf dry matter productivity of three selected perennial leguminous species in humid tropical Ivory Coast

Owen, D.F.; Wiegert, R.G., 1987:
Leaf eating as mutualism

Clark J.R.; Maples R., 1990:
Leaf elemental concentration of highbush blueberry cultivars grown on a mineral soil

Gonzalez Hernandez, V.A.; Manjarrez Sandoval, P.; Mendoza Onofre, L.; Engleman, E.M., 1986:
Leaf elongation rate and stomatal diffusive resistance of sorghum plants under water stress at different developmental stages

Pokhriyal, T.C.; Pant, S.P.; Joshi, S.R., 1989:
Leaf emergence and shedding behaviour of Populus deltoides

Sharma, M.L.; Jain, M.; Raj Kumar, 1986:
Leaf epidermal studies in bamboos (Gramineae) I

Laxmi Chauhan; Bisen, S.S.; Agrawal, S.P., 1988:
Leaf epidermis of Indian bamboos. Part 1. - Dendrocalamus Nees

Dickson, R.L.; Andrews, M.; Field, R.J., 1988:
Leaf expansion effects on post-emergence herbicide performance

Novais, R.F. de; Poggiani, F., 1983:
Leaf fall and nutrient return in pure and mixed plantations of Pinus and Liquidambar

Vos, L. de; Roose, D. de, 1989:
Leaf fall, water stress, dormancy, abscissins ensure a happy ending (part I)

Gendel's T.V., 1988:
Leaf formation in woody dicotyledons

Venanzi, G.; Pasqualini, S.; Pocceschi, N.; Antonielli, M.; Soldatini, G.F., 1988:
Leaf gas exchange and carboxylating enzymes in three hybrids of Zea mays L. of different earliness

Winzeler, M.M.cullough, D.; Hunt, L., 1989:
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Lee Valley and Gillingham ice rinks: an evaluation of performance

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Leech infestation of livestock

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Leech infestation of mute swans (Cygnus olor)

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Legal battle in Norway over sex-tours to Thailand

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Legal forms of organization for subsidiary farms owned by industrial enterprises

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Legal framework of time-share in Yugoslavia

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Legal hygienic requirements to be met by composts produced from waste materials

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Legal implications in development and use of expert systems in agriculture

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Legal problems of biotechnology

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Legal problems of land leasing in the USSR

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Legal protection of breeding achievements in member countries of CMEA

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Legal protection of new varieties in the German Democratic Republic (GDR)

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Legal protection of plant varieties, biotechnology and changing rights of ownership in agriculture

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Legal regulations concerning tourist expenditure

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