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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876000

Liloqula, R.; Johnson, C. M., 1987: Lethal bole rot (Marasmiellus cocophilus)

Villain, L., 1988: Lethal concentrations of insecticides on the coffee cherry borer Hypothenemus hampei Ferr. 1987

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Li, J. T. C., 1987: Letters to the editor

Anonymous, 1989: Letting the cat out of the bag on privatization

Alconero, R., 1988: Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

Trimboli, D., 1988: Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) variety Chifley

Trimboli, D., 1988: Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) variety Target

Klapwijk, J., 1988: Lettuce cultivar trials

Cools, M. H., 1988: Lettuce cultivars for autumn culture. Wide choice if resistance to mildew strain 15 is not required

Cools, M. H., 1988: Lettuce cultivars for early autumn culture. Competition for Sitonia

Stolk, J. H., 1988: Lettuce cultivars for spring culture. Norden confirms its top position anew

Schickhoff, M., 1987: Lettuce cultivars with large heads

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Maaswinkel, R., 1988: Lettuce plants can be cooled under certain conditions

Paul, G., 1989: Leu gardens: past, present and future

Relwani, L. L.; Khandale, D. Y., 1988: Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit). A potential fodder tree for livestock

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Beremand, Mn-Ia, Illinois; Van-Middlesworth, F; Taylor, S; Plattner, Rd; Weisleder, D., 1988: Leucine auxotrophy specifically alters the pattern of trichothecene production in a T-2 toxin-producing strain of Fusarium sporotrichioides

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Harrison, R. A.; Lewin, M. R.; Halliday, D.; Clark, C. G., 1989: Leucine kinetics in surgical patients. 2. A study of the effect of malignant disease and tumour burden

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Val' kyunas, G. A. (Valkjunas, G. A), 1988: Leucocytozoon (Haemosporidia, Leucocytozoidae) as biological markers in bird population studies

Lakshminarasimhan, A.; Onyeanusi, B. I., 1988: Leucocytozoon neavei in the grey-breasted helmet guinea fowl (Numida meleagris galeata Pallas)

Slocombe, R. F.; Mitten, R.; Mason, T. A., 1989: Leucoencephalomyelopathy in Australian Rottweiler dogs

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876066

Hayes, T. K.; Pannabecker, T. L.; Hinckley, D. J.; Holman, G. M.; Nachman, R. J.; Petzel, D. H.; Beyenbach, K. W., 1989: Leucokinins, a new family of ion transport stimulators and inhibitors in insect Malpighian tubules

Shaw, B. G.; Harding, C. D., 1989: Leuconostoc gelidum sp. nov. and Leuconostoc carnosum sp. nov. from chill-stored meats

Igbokwe, I. O.; Anosa, V. O., 1989: Leucopenia in Trypanosoma vivax infection of sheep

Saez, H.; Nguyen, T. L., 1989: Leucosporidium lari-marini, a new yeast species isolated from an aquatic bird

Chang L.S.; Iezzoni A.; Adams G.; Howell G.S., 1989: Leucostoma persoonii tolerance and cold hardiness among diverse peach genotypes

Alexander, F. E.; Cartwright, R. A.; McKinney, P. A.; Ricketts, T. J., 1990: Leukaemia incidence, social class and estuaries: an ecological analysis

Ozonoff D., 1987: Leukemias and blood dyscrasias following exposure to chlordane and heptachlor

Horii, Y.; Owhashi, M.; Ishii, A.; Fujita, K., 1989: Leukocyte accumulation in sparganosis: further characterization of an eosinophil chemotactic factor of the plerocercoid of Spirometra erinacei

Latimer, K. S.; Tang, K. N.; Goodwin, M. A.; Steffens, W. L.; Brown, J., 1988: Leukocyte changes associated with acute inflammation in chickens

Hauner, G.; Cwik, S.; Weiland, G.; Schmid, D. O., 1989: Leukocyte migration inhibition after experimental trypanosome infection in cattle

Dias, M. C. S.; Lage, M.; Pereira, J. P. da, 1987: Leukoencephalomalacia in horses fed with mouldy maize (Zea mays)

Fried, T., 1989: Leukosis eradication by selection on a large-scale farm

White, S. D.; Batch, S., 1990: Leukotrichia in a litter of Labrador Retrievers

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Debrabant, A.; Delplace, P., 1989: Leupeptin alters the proteolytic processing of P126, the major parasitophorous vacuole antigen of Plasmodium falciparum

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876094

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876095

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876096

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876098

Leaver, J. D., 1988: Level and pattern of concentrate allocation to dairy cows

Sharma, A. K.; Handa, D. P.; Maharaj Singh; Rajaali, S. K., 1987: Level and pattern of investment of small and marginal farmers in Ajmer district (Rajasthan)

Rosowski, S., 1988: Level and trends of the home production of apples in Poland and their purchase prices

Patra, S. C.; Nayak, R. C., 1989: Level basin design for smallholder rice based irrigation systems

Murphy, R.; Kay, R.; Murphy, J., 1990: Level of accreditation/knowledge of Australian secondary teachers who teach gymnastics in compulsory physical education classes

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876107

Pawowski, F.; Wesoowski, M., 1989: Level of agrotechnology versus yields and weediness of crops cultivated in the crop rotation on loess soil. Part 1. Crop yields

Prasad, B. K.; Prasad, A.; Shanker, U.; Kumar, S., 1987: Level of change in carbohydrate in lablab bean FD 5 cv. seed due to seedborne Aspergillus niger

Gupta, N.; Mathur, M. P., 1989: Level of distribution of ribonuclease in milk from different species

Ueda, T; Pichersky, E; Malik, Vs; Cashmore, Ar, 1989: Level of expression of the tomato rbcS-3A gene is modulated by a far upstream promoter element in a developmentally regulated manner

Lough D.S.; Beede D.K.; Wilcox C.J., 1989: Level of feed intake and thermal stress effects on mammary blood flow and other physiological measurements in lactating dairy cows

Khavinzon, A.; Skvaruk, A.; Shavkun, V., 1989: Level of feeding and oestrus in gilts

Martial, J. P.; Copin, Y., 1987: Level of hay supplementation in dairy cows

Maeoca, M. R. M.; Prada, F., 1987: Level of manganese concentration in dogs' hair as an auxiliary method for the diagnosis of mineral deficiency. Preliminary note

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876120

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876121

Narojek, L.; Kirschner, H., 1988: Level of nutritional knowledge and its relation to dietary attitudes of families living in Warsaw

Campadelli, G.; Fanti, P., 1988: Level of parasitiziation in relation to the stage of contamination of the victim in the host-parasitoid pair Galleria mellonella L.-Pseudogonia rufifrons Wied

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876124

Singh, J. P.; Singh, M. K.; Singh, R. D., 1988: Level of self incompatibility in tropical cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.)

Urrea Aristizabal, A.; Prieto Vanegas, O., 1988: Levelling and mechanization in rice-growing soils

Masek, V.; Mach, J.; Prosek, V., 1989: Levelling and recording equipment for land reclaiming

Teuber K, N.; Rosso N, L.; Winkler H, C., 1988: Levels and application frequencies of nitrogen for Sabalan annual ryegrass

Rao, A., 1988: Levels and boundaries in native models: social groupings among the Bakkarwal of the Western Himalayas

Barbo, C. V. S.; Coelho, V. de O., 1989: Levels and dates of application of nitrogen to irrigated wheat

Beer G.J., 1989: Levels and economics of slug damage in potato crops 1987 and 1988

Pardo, R.; Barrado, E.; Arranz, A.; Perez, J. M.; Vega, M., 1989: Levels and speciation of heavy metals in waters of Valladolid

Johnson Acsadi, G., 1990: Levels and trends of contraceptive use in developing countries with special references to Africa

Schecter, A.; Vu, D.; Tong, H. Y.; Monson, S. J.; Gross, M. L.; Constable, J. D., 1989: Levels of 2,3,7,8-TCDD and 2,3,7,8-TCDF in human adipose tissue from hospitalized persons in the North and South of Vietnam 1984-88

Axelson, M.; Aly, A.; Sjovall, J., 1988: Levels of 7 alpha -hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one in plasma reflect rates of bile acid synthesis in man

Yla-Mononen, L.; Salminen, P.; Wuorenrinne, H.; Tulisalo, E.; Nuorteva, P., 1989: Levels of Fe, Al, Zn and Cd in Formica aquilonia, F. polyctena and Myrmica ruginodis (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) collected in the vicinity of spruces showing different degrees of needle-loss

Kumar, A.; Hossain, M. D. A.; Ganguli, N. C., 1990: Levels of RNA and mRNA in rabbit mammary gland during lactation as evaluated by cell-free translation

Gill, J., 1989: Levels of T4, T3 and cortisol in the blood serum of the European bison (Bison bonasus) in the winter period

Alonso de Vega, F. D.; Garcia Partida, P.; Gutierrez Panizo, C., 1986: Levels of Zn, Cu, and Fe in the liver, pancreas, lungs, heart, kidneys, skin, wool and hooves of sheep with an experimental chronic zinc deficiency

Engelsjord M., 1988: Levels of a neurotoxic alkaloid in a species of low larkspur

Strzelecki, E. L.; Gasiorowska, U.; Gorazdowska, M.; Cader Strzelecka, B.; Paweczak, M., 1988: Levels of aflatoxin B1, bacteria and fungi in feed and food in 1971-1987

Andersen, R. A.; Fleming, P. D.; Burton, H. R.; Hamilton Kemp, T. R.; Hildebrand, D. F.; Sutton, T. G., 1990: Levels of alkaloids and their derivatives in air- and fire-cured KY 171 dark tobacco during prolonged storage: effects of temperature and moisture

Fisher, C. E.; Knowles, M. E.; Massey, R. C.; McWeeny, D. J., 1989: Levels of aluminium in infant formulae

Sarkela, M.; Nuorteva, P., 1987: Levels of aluminium, iron, zinc, cadmium and mercury in some indicator plants growing in unpolluted Finnish Lapland

Dutkiewicz, J; Olenchock, Sa; Sorenson, Wg; Gerencser, Vf; May, Jj; Pratt, Ds; Robinson, Va, 1989: Levels of bacteria, fungi, and endotoxin in bulk and aerosolized corn silage

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876157

Ram, H. Y. M.; Saradhi, P. P., 1989: Levels of cationic macroelements, sodium and phosphorus during development and senescence of ray floret in chrysanthemum

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876159

Mazzarri B, H.; Mazzarri de Lauschner, M., 1988: Levels of chlorinated pesticides in the sera of occupationally exposed spraymen in Venezuela, 1984

Padmanaban V.D., 1988: Levels of complement activities in the sera samples of apparently healthy pigs

Berchielli, T. T.; Andrade, P. de; Pinotti, R. F.; Kronka, S. N. do, 1989: Levels of concentrate and urea in the diet of Nelore Cattle given hydrolysed sugarcane bagasse

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876163

Sinha, N. K. P.; Rawat, D. S., 1985: Levels of development and development potential of Chamoli District: an approach in integrated area development of a mountainous terrain

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876165

Bronswijk, J. E. M. H. van, 1988: Levels of domestic allergens tolerable to man

Belanger, A.; Caron, S.; Labrie, F.; Naldoni, C.; Dogliotti, L.; Angeli, A., 1990: Levels of eighteen non-conjugated and conjugated steriods in human breast cyst fluid: relationships with cyst type

Choubey, K.; Tiwari, P. D., 1989: Levels of food consumption in Rewa Plateau: a geographical analysis

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876171

Hunter, S. S., 1990: Levels of health development: a new tool for comparative research and policy formulation

Slovin, J. P.; Cohen, J. D., 1988: Levels of indole-3-acetic acid in Lemna gibba G-3 and in a large Lemna mutant regenerated from tissue culture

Buta, J. G.; Reed, A. N.; Murti, G. S. R., 1989: Levels of indole-3-acetic acid in vigorous and genetic dwarf apple trees

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876175

Felski, J.; Brzezinska, A., 1988: Levels of input and efficiency of direct labour with various methods of harvesting black currant on individual family farms in Poland

Landsberg, J.; Ohmart, C., 1989: Levels of insect defoliation in forests: patterns and concepts

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876179

Radhakrishna, R.; Sastry, S. A. R.; Sudhakar Reddy, S.; Mitra, G. K., 1988: Levels of living in a state setting: the case of Andhra Pradesh

Kozanecki, M.; Burzynski, A.; Drozdz, A.; Brzozowski, P.; Kostrzynski, S., 1989: Levels of mastitis in cows in machine- and hand-milked herds on private farms

Golovina, L. P.; Lysenko, M. N.; Aleksandrova, A. M., 1989: Levels of microelements in soils of the Ukrainian forest steppe

Tsao C.S.; Leung P.Y.; Young M., 1990: Levels of minerals in serum and urine of guinea pigs following intraperitoneal administration of ascorbate

Reddy, G. R. S., 1988: Levels of nitrogen and forms of urea in relation to growth and yield of rice

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876187

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876188

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876189

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876191

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876192

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876193

Robertson, J. M., 1989: Levels of satisfaction individuals with physical disabilities experience in the participation of aquatic activities

Salvador Rivas, J.; Velazquez Cagal, M.; Perez Herrera, P., 1988: Levels of soil moisture availability and plant density in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.), at the 003 Tula irrigation district, Hidalgo

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876197

Vasques, R. M. P.; Matsunaga, A. K.; Yoneda, H., 1987: Levels of sulfotep in commercial samples of diazinon

Sabatinelli, G.; Majori, G., 1988: Levels of susceptibility to insecticides in Culex quinquefasciatus and Anopheles gambiae from Comoros

Tomate, H. B.; Hirobe, T.; Wakamatsu, K.; Ito, S.; Shibahara, S.; Ishikawa, K., 1989: Levels of tyrosinase and its mRNA in coat-color mutants of C57BL/10J congenic mice: effects of genic substitution at the agouti, brown, albino, dilute and pink-eyed dilution loci

Baker, S. W.; Gibbs, R. J., 1989: Levels of use and the playing quality of winter games pitches of different construction types: case studies at Nottingham and Warrington

Pathak, S., 1988: Levels of use of jute production technologies in farmers' fields

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Curtis, R. O., 1987: Levels-of-growing-stock cooperative study in Douglas-fir: Report No. 9 - some comparisons of DFSIM estimates with growth in the levels-of-growing stock study

Canaris, AG.; Lei Ching, H., 1989: Levinseniella yucatanensis n. sp. (Digenea: Microphallidae) and other parasites from the blue-winged teal, Anas discors, from Yucatan, Mexico

Parton, K. A., 1987: Lexicographic wants in LDC agriculture

Phalaraksh, K., 1988: Ley farming on upland areas in northeast Thailand

Reventos, J.; Perrard Sapori, M. H.; Chatelain, P. G.; Saez, J. M., 1989: Leydig cell and extracellular matrix effects on Sertoli cell function: biochemical and morphological studies

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Regius Mocsenyi, A.; Anke, M.; Szentmihalyi, S., 1987: Li-content in some major forages and Li-status of animals

McCann, M. J.; Verbalis, J. G.; Stricker, E. M., 1989: LiCl and CCK inhibit gastric emptying and feeding and stimulate OT secretion in rats

Schenke, W. R., 1990: Liability for unlawful regulation from the example of para. 6, section 6a.F. of the Milk Guarantee Quantities Regulation (MGVO)

Schirilla, G., 1988: Liability of adequate weed control in the safety zones of electric, gas and oil industrial installations

Kolaczkowski, A.; Hahnefeld, K., 1988: Liability to self-heating of particular samples of fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate

Coolen, P., 1989: Liaison as a strategy for knowledge transfer and utilization in development

Cusicanqui, S. R., 1990: Liberal democracy and ayllu democracy in Bolivia: the case of northern Potosi

Anonymous, 1988: Liberalisation and Philippines agriculture

Winter, D., 1989: Liberalization regarding air traffic in Europe

Gunasekera, H. Don B. H.; Parsons, D.; Kirby, M. G., 1989: Liberalizing agricultural trade: some perspectives for developing countries

Patterson, B. E.; Bates, C. J., 1989: Liberation of 14CO2 from 14C-fatty acids by riboflavin-deficient sucking rat pups: a study of 14C-octanoate and 14C-palmitate oxidation in vivo

Bates, Cj, 1990: Liberation of 14CO2 from adipic acid and octanoic acid by adult rats during riboflavin deficiency and its reversal

Barros, N. F. de; Pereira, A. R.; Borba, A. M. de, 1982: Liberation of mineral nutrients by burning

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Harsany, P., 1989: Liberation of the collective farms

Srivastava, K. D.; Joshi, L. M.; Nagarajan, S., 1987: Liberation of uredospores of Puccinia recondita tritici under varying wind speeds

Pathak N.; Benjamin B.R.; Mohan G.; Sahni K.L., 1990: Libido in relation to other reproductive traits among the crossbred bulls

Beratto M, E., 1988: Libra - INIA/CCU new malting barley cultivar

Pankhurst, R., 1989: Librarianship education in Ethiopia

Anonymous, 1989: Libraries and information in East and Southern Africa

Macmillen, A. D. S., 1990: Libraries and information services in Vietnam

Lindung, Y., 1989: Library book loans

Palca, J., 1990: Libya gets unwelcome visitor from the West

Smith, S. A.; Smith, B. J., 1988: Lice in birds of prey

Keh, B., 1985: Lice in the urban environment with special reference to head lice

Nielsen, E. V., 1989: Licencing of ewes and rams in 1988

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Hodson, D., 1990: Life after CCT: the public sector in the 21st century

Perry, B. D., 1988: Life after the tsetse fly

Leplaideur, A., 1989: Life and domestic survival in the forest zone of Cameroon: is continuation guaranteed?

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Torossian, C.; Roques, L., 1989: Life cycle and pratical importance of the species Yponomeuta rorellus Hubner in the riparian forests of Salix alba in the Midi-Pyrenees region

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876268

Giunchi, P.; Giovanni, G. de, 1987: Life cycle and symbionts of Gypsonoma minutana Hubner (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) developing on poplar in Emilia-Romagna

Bristovetzky, M.; Paperna, I., 1990: Life cycle and transmission of Schellackia cf. agamae, a parasite of the starred lizard Agama stellio

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Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876275

Yoshinaga, T.; Ogawa, K.; Wakabayashi, H., 1989: Life cycle of Hysterothylacium haze (Nematoda: Anisakidae: Raphidascaridinae)

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Mattana, A. L.; Foerster, L. A., 1988: Life cycle of Spodoptera eridania (Cramer, 1782) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on a new host, Mimosa scabrella Bentham (Leguminosae)

Section 2, Chapter 1877, Accession 001876286

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