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Lipid composition, fluidity and enzymatic activities of rat liver plasma and mitochondrial membranes in dietary obese rats

Izpisúa, J.C.; Barber, T.; Cabo, J.; Hrelia, S.; Rossi, C.A.; Parenti Castelli, G.; Lercker, G.; Biagi, P.L.; Bordoni, A.; Lenaz, G.

International Journal of Obesity 13(4): 531-542


ISSN/ISBN: 0307-0565
PMID: 2793305
Accession: 001877073

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Total lipids and fatty acid composition were determined in liver plasma and mitochondrial membranes from control and dietary obese rats after 4 weeks of the experimental period. The lipid composition of liver plasma and mitochondrial membranes showed an increase of triacylglycerols in obese rats. The liver plasma membranes showed a decrease of saturated/unsaturated fatty acid ratio and an increase of (n-6) polyunsaturated fatty acids, whereas the (n-3) polyunsaturated acids were decreased. Contrary to what occurs with plasma membranes, few modifications were observed in mitochondrial membranes. Changes of the fatty acid composition of the phospholipid bilayer are of potentially great importance in structural and functional parameters of membrane. Fluidity of liver plasma membranes of dietary obese rats was highly increased, while the mitochondrial ones remained unchanged. These results can be well explained by the decreased saturated/unsaturated fatty acid ratio. A significant decrease of (Na+ -K+) ATPase activity (a membrane bound enzyme) was found in plasma membranes of dietary obese rats. Mitochondrial enzymatic activities and oxidative phosphorylation showed few changes except a small, but significant decrease of state 3 respiratory rate. In this study we also determined the fatty acid composition of all the foods offered to animals and their daily intakes in order to discuss their possible influence on changes in structural and functional membrane parameters.

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