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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Luger, S.W., 1990:
Lyme disease transmitted by a biting fly

Cawthorn, R.J.; Horney, B.S.; Maloney, R., 1990:
Lyme disease vector, Ixodes dammini (the northern deer tick), identified in Prince Edward Island

Galloway, T.D., 1989:
Lyme disease vector, Ixodes dammini, identified in Manitoba

Costero, A., 1989:
Lyme disease vector, Ixodes dammini, identified in Quebec

Bengert, O., 1989:
Lyme disease, erythema migrans, borreliosis (a review)

Benhamou, C.L.; Gauvain, J.B.; Calamy, G.; Lemaire, J.F.; Kervran, J.P.; Bardet, M.; Caplan, F.; Luthier, F., 1988:
Lyme disease. Clinical, biological and developmental aspects of 29 cases in the Orleans region

Trap, D., 1990:
Lyme disease: a poorly known cause of arthritis and lameness in horses

Bukowski, J.A., 1988:
Lyme disease: a tick-borne threat to people and pets

Sigal, L.H., 1988:
Lyme disease: a world-wide borreliosis

Feder, H.M.; Zalneraitis, E.L.; Reik, L., 1988:
Lyme disease: acute focal meningoencephalitis in a child

Nicholson, W.L.; Greene, R.T., 1989:
Lyme disease: current concepts

Eichenfield, A.H.; Athreya, B.H., 1989:
Lyme disease: of ticks and titers

Stechenberg, B.W., 1988:
Lyme disease: the latest great imitator

Monzon, R.B.; Kitikoon, V., 1989:
Lymnaea (Bullastra) cumingiana Pfeiffer (Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae): second intermediate host of Echinostoma malayanum in the Philippines

Prasad, A.; Gupta, S.C.; Chandra, R., 1987:
Lymnaeid snails as intermediate hosts of Fasciola gigantica in Rohilkhand and Kumaun region of Uttar Pradesh

Lamb, C.R.; Schelling, S.H.; Berg, J., 1989:
Lymph node uptake of 99m-Tc-MDP during bone scintigraphy in dogs

Ray, C.S.; Pringle, D.; Legg, W.; Mbengeranwa, O.L., 1988:
Lymphadenitis associated with BCG vaccination: a report of an outbreak in Harare, Zimbabwe

Swayne, D.E.; Mahaffey, E.A.; Haynes, S.G., 1989:
Lymphangiosarcoma and haemangiosarcoma in a cat

Rudd R.G.; Veatch J.K.; Whitehair J.G.; Withrow S.J.; Cook J.E., 1989:
Lymphangiosarcoma in dogs

Hyma, B.; Ramesh, A.; Gunasekaran, K., 1989:
Lymphatic filariasis in Madras, India

Bourée, P.; Sauvagnac, B.; Montaville, B., 1987:
Lymphatic filariasis in Vanuatu

Dasgupta, A.; Bala, S.; Dutta, S.N., 1986:
Lymphatic filariasis: lymphocyte sub-populations in Wuchereria bancrofti infection

Nandy, A.; Chowdhury, A.B., 1988:
Lymphatic leishmaniasis in India

Pearce, M.; Humphrey, J.D.; Hyatt, A.D.; Williams, L.M., 1990:
Lymphocystis disease in captive barramundi Lates calcarifer

Spezialetti, R.; Osebold, J.W., 1989:
Lymphocyte blastogenesis and cellular cytotoxicity in a congenital infection of bovine fetuses related to epizootic bovine abortion

Brarda, O.A.; Vanella, L.M.; Greco, C.R., 1989:
Lymphocyte blastogenesis in children with cow's milk hypersensitivity after its elimination from the diet

Barta, O.; Barta, V.D.; Crisman, M.V.; Akers, R.M., 1990:
Lymphocyte blastogenesis inhibition by milk whey as an indicator of mastitis

Brandonisio, O.; Altamura, M.; Carelli, G.; Ceci, L.; Antonaci, S.; Jirillo, E., 1989:
Lymphocyte functions in Leishmania infantum-infected dogs

Joshi, P.; Glick, B., 1990:
Lymphocyte inhibitory and chemotactic factors produced by bursal and thymic lymphocytes

Kuroczycka, I.; Machnicka, B.; Prokopowicz, D.; Kaczmarska, A.; Borzuchowska, A., 1987:
Lymphocyte migration inhibition test in trichinellosis in man

Hutchings, D.L.; van Drunen Littel-van den Hurk, S.; Babiuk, L.A., 1990:
Lymphocyte proliferative responses to separated bovine herpesvirus 1 proteins in immune cattle

Purswell B.J.; Dawe D.L.; Brown J., 1989:
Lymphocyte reactivity to mitogens and natural killer cell activity in crossbred swine during the reproductive cycle

Peyron, F.; Jacob, M.C.; Boudin, C.; Picot, S.; Bensa, J.C.; Ambroise Thomas, P., 1989:
Lymphocyte subpopulations during a longitudinal study in a malaria endemic zone

Tongtawe, P.; Chaicumpa, W.; Tapchaisri, P.; Looareesuwan, S.; Webster, H.K., 1988:
Lymphocyte subpopulations during acute and convalescence phases of malaria

Mbakop, A.; Leke, R.; Tedong, F.; Ngu, J.L., 1989:
Lymphocyte subpopulations in onchocercal nodules

Sharma R.; Woldehiwet Z.; Spiller D.G.; Warenius H.M., 1990:
Lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood of lambs experimentally infected with bovine respiratory syncytial virus

Saha, K.; Garg, M.; Rao, K.N.; Thirupuram, S.; Gupta, M.M., 1987:
Lymphocyte subsets in human colostrum with special reference to that of undernourished mothers

Desowitz, R.S.; Raybourne, R.B.; Buchbinder, G.; Jongsakul, K., 1989:
Lymphocyte subsets in two cases of acute malaria of pregnancy and in cases of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in western Thailand

Modlin, R.L.; Pirmez, C.; Hofman, F.M.; Torigian, V.; Uyemura, K.; Rea, T.H.; Bloom, B.R.; Brenner, M.B., 1989:
Lymphocytes bearing antigen-specific gamma delta T-cell receptors accumulate in human infectious disease lesions

Lawn, A.M.; Rose, M.E.; Bradley, J.W.A.; Rennie, M.C., 1988:
Lymphocytes of the intestinal mucosa of chickens

Wellman, M.L.; Couto, C.G.; Starkey, R.J.; Rojko, J.L., 1989:
Lymphocytosis of large granular lymphocytes in three dogs

Steel, R.J.S., 1989:
Lymphoid leucaemia in a dog after chemotherapy for mast cell sarcomas

Sokolov, VE.; Stepanov, LV., 1987:
Lymphoid tissue associated with the interdigital glands of ungulates

Dabes, T.M.; Garcia, A.A.; Colley, D.G.; Ramalho-Pinto, F.J., 1989:
Lymphokine production by blood or spleen mononuclear cells from patients with schistosomiasis mansoni

Arrena A.; Saxena S.K.; Agrawal A.K.; Srivastava O.P., 1987:
Lymphokines in experimental corneal aspergillosis in relation to their effect on phagocytes

Okihiro, MS.; Hinton, DE., 1989:
Lymphoma in the Japanese medaka Oryzias latipes

White, J.; Williams, V.; Duncan, B., 1989:
Lymphopenia after snakebite

Blake, J.E.; Nielsen, N.O.; Heuschele, W.P., 1990:
Lymphoproliferation in captive wild ruminants affected with malignant catarrhal fever: 25 cases (1977-1985)

Herenda, D.; Dukes, T.W., 1988:
Lymphoreticular lesions in beef cattle at an ontario abattoir

Gatei, M.H.; Brandon, R.; Naif, H.M.; Lavin, M.F.; Daniel, R.C.W., 1989:
Lymphosarcoma development in sheep experimentally infected with bovine leukaemia virus

Watari, A.; Inoue, M.; Saida, K.; Kurihara, O.; Nomura, Y., 1988:
Lymphosarcoma on the pericardium of a sow

Rogers, K.S.; Janovitz, E.B.; Fooshee, S.K.; Steyn, P.F.; Frankum, K.E., 1989:
Lymphosarcoma with disseminated skeletal involvement in a pup

Chen J.; Neilson K.; Van Dyke T., 1989:
Lymphotropic papovavirus early region is specifically regulated in transgenic mice and efficiently induces neoplasia

Ninow, N.; Stojew, I.; Jordanow, N., 1988:
Lyophilised live vaccine for immunoprophylaxis of colibacteriosis and salmonellosis in swine

Dehority, B.A.; Tirabasso, P.A., 1989:
Lyophilization of rumen fluid for use in culture media

Tokumaru, S.; Kubo, M.; Nogami, M., 1989:
Lyophilized process for the production of a kefir yoghurt

Nkrumah, M.; Griffith, S.M.; Ahmad, N.; Gumbs, F.A., 1989:
Lysimeter and field studies on 15N in a tropical soil. I. Applied (NH2)2CO-15N and the movement of NO3-15N in a loam soil: the effect of initial soil moisture content on infiltration rate

Nkrumah, M.; Griffith, S.M.; Ahmad, N., 1989 :
Lysimeter and field studies on 15N in a tropical soil. II. Transformation of (NH2)2CO-15N in a tropical loam in lysimeter and field plots

Klausen, P.S.; Hansen, J.F., 1988:
Lysimeter experiments with combinations of mineral nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. I. Yield and nutrient uptake

Kappeli, T.; Schulin, R., 1988:
Lysimeter studies on the water balance of poplar, Alnus incana, Picea abies and grass on a sandy soil over gravel

Haman, D.Z.; Campbell, K.L.; Graetz, D.A., 1988:
Lysimeter study of microirrigation and fertigation of tomatoes

Vermes, L., 1988:
Lysimetric investigations on the wastewater treatment capacity of the sandy soils of the Danube-Tisza inland area

Wilson, J.W.; Webb, K.E., 1990:
Lysine and methionine transport by bovine jejunal and ileal brush border membrane vesicles

Mennenga, V.O., 1987:
Lysine and tryptophan supplementation of low-protein, corn-soybean meal diets for lactating swine

Kusainov, K.; Kozhabergenov, O., 1988:
Lysine in diets for high-producing cows

Pan' kov, P., 1989:
Lysine preparations

Bourdon, D.; Henry, Y., 1988:
Lysine requirement in relation to sex during finishing in pigs

Takada, R.; Mori, T., 1988 :
Lysine requirement of pigs weighing 8 to 18 kg and fed on a purified diet

Salter, D.N.; Montgomery, A.I.; Hudson, A.; Quelch, D.B.; Elliott, R.J., 1990:
Lysine requirements and whole-body protein turnover in growing pigs

Noll, S.L.; Waibel, P.E., 1989:
Lysine requirements of growing turkeys in various temperature environments

Peet Schwering, C.M.C. van der; Huchshorn, I.E., 1989:
Lysine- and energy-level in diets for fattening pigs

Brochetto Braga, M.R.; Leite, A.; Arruda, P., 1989:
Lysine-ketoglutarate reductase in normal and opaque-2 endosperm

Gatel, F.; Fekete, J., 1988:
Lysine-threonine balance in the diet for weaned piglets

Costa, A.; Stary, P., 1988:
Lysiphlebus testaceipes, an introduced aphid parasitoid in Portugal (Hym.: Aphidiidae)

Owen, J.S.; Gillett, M.P.T., 1987:
Lysis of African trypanosomes by human plasma lipoproteins

Gerencer, M.; Valpotic, I.; Kastelan, Z.; Tadic, Z.; Basic, I., 1990:
Lysis of autologous virus infected cells by direct cytotoxicity and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity in lentiviral infection: equine infectious anemia

Lam, K.M., 1988:
Lysis of chicken lymphocytes by infectious bursal disease viruses

Ijaz A.; Hunter A.G.; Ayoub M., 1989 :
Lysis of oocytes by bovine sperm and seminal plasma

Spears, J.W.; Burns, J.C.; Wolfrom, G.W., 1989:
Lysocellin effects on growth performance, ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen metabolism in steers fed forage diets

Palmgren, M.; Sommarin, M., 1989:
Lysophosphatidylcholine stimulates ATP dependent proton accumulation in isolated oat root plasma membrane vesicles

Gahl, W.A., 1989:
Lysosomal membrane transport in cellular nutrition

Evans, R.J., 1989:
Lysosomal storage diseases in dogs and cats

Schlesinger, P., 1988:
Lysosomes and Entamoeba histolytica

Lunau, M., 1989:
Lysozyme - an important component of the natural defence system of the bovine mammary gland (review)

Lechowski, R.; Winnicka, A., 1988:
Lysozyme activity in the blood serum of sheep with experimental hyperammoniaemia

Husek, V.; Pivcova, J., 1988:
Lysozyme and its application in dairying

Reisinger, O.; Festino, C.; Durecu, S.; Aubart, C., 1987:
Lytic activities occurring in the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes: presentation of the investigation methodology and some results

Garavaglia, C.; Mirenna, L.; Puppin, O.; Spagni, E., 1988:
M 14360, a new broad-spectrum and versatile antifungal triazole

Yao, G.D.; Saxena, R.C.; Barrion, A.A., 1989:
M-phase in eggs of Nephotettix virescens Distant

Ruger, H., 1989:
M.27 - an apple rootstock for commercial production?

Scholtens, A.; Wijsmuller, J.; Wertheim, S.J., 1989:
M.27 even with fertigation is inferior to M.9

Masseron, A., 1989:
M.9 rootstock for apples: new virus-free selections

Nolan, P.D., 1990:
M.A. titres following one and two injections with Leptospira hardjo vaccines in heifers in Ireland

Geden, C.J.; Stinner, R.E.; Kramer, D.A.; Axtell, R.C., 1990:
MACMOD: a simulation model for Macrocheles muscaedomesticae (Acari: Macrochelidae) population dynamics and rates of predation on immature house flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

Cross, J., 1989:
MAFF and the Farm Animal Welfare Council

LeDoux, C.B., 1986:
MANAGE: a computer program to estimate costs and benefits associated with eastern hardwood management

Morton, N.E.; Andrews, V., 1989:
MAP, an expert system for multiple pairwise linkage analysis

Haegermark, U.; Nilsson, S.; Nilsson, G., 1988:
MBC-resistance in the eyespot pathogen (Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides) on winter wheat in southern Sweden

Karlis, G., 1989:
MBO: a sustainable process of operation for the future management of volunteer organizations

Anonymous, 1989:
MD Foods - the 'locomotive' of the Scandinavian dairy industry

Mortensen, H., 1990:
MD Foods builds the world's largest dairy for the production of Feta cheese and other special cheeses

Jebaraj, S.; Soundarapandian, G.; Subramanian, M.; Venugopal, M.S.; Logiswaran, G., 1990:
MDU3, a new gall midge-resistant rice

Choe, B.; Lee, H.; Seo, Y.; Kim, B.; Park, J., 1988:
MET maize - update

Sinden, J., 1990:
MFM - magnesium multiphosphate

Guillemot, F.; Auffray, C.; Orr, H.T.; Strominger, J.L., 1988:
MHC antigen genes

Misra, D.N.; Kunz, H.W.; Gill, T.J., 1989:
MHC class I antigens in rat pregnancy: biochemical comparison between the pregnancy-associated (Pa) antigen and the classic class I MHC antigen RT1.Aa in the rat

Morrison, I., 1989:
MHC restriction and cytotoxic T cells in East Coast fever

Blankert, J.J.; Tilanus, M.G.J.; Hepkema, B.G.; Albers, G.A.A.; Egberts, E.; Zijpp, A.J. van der, 1990:
MHC-associated resistance against Marek's disease in White Leghorn chickens: refined typing of B-G and B-F alleles using protein and DNA analysis

Heifets, L.B.; Lindholm Levy, P.J., 1990:
MICs and MBCs of Win 57273 against Mycobacterium avium and Myco. tuberculosis

Beaulieu, J.; Corriveau, A.; Daoust, G., 1985:
MIMOSOL - Interactive computer program for minimum inbreeding and maximum outcrossing seed orchard layouts

Riley, M.J.; Stefan, H.G., 1988:
MINLAKE: a dynamic lake water quality simulation model

Keya, S.O.; Freire, J.; DaSilva, E.J., 1986:
MIRCENs: catalytic tools in agricultural training and development

Magarey, P.A.; Plavsic, B.; Wachtel, M.F., 1988:
MLO associated with Australian grapevine yellows diseased phloem cells

Anonymous, 1990:
MMB counts the cost of cell count control

King, R.P.; Stevens, S.C.; Held, P.A., 1990:
MMS - a decision support system for commodity marketing management

Arikan, A., 1988:
MODALP: a deterministic rainfall-runoff model for large karstic areas

Brem, G.; Krausslich, H., 1988:
MOET in cattle - breeding programmes based on new biotechnology possibilites

Kasai, M.; Itoh, M.; Fujiyama, M.; Yamane, S., 1987:
MON 15100 - A new high active herbicide for the control of annual grass weeds in turf

Riego, D.C., 1988:
MON-15100 efficacy trials for annual grass control in turfgrass

Steenhuis, T.S.; Pacenka, S.; Porter, K.S., 1987:
MOUSE: a management model for evaluating groundwater contamination from diffuse surface sources aided by computer graphics

Jakobsen, I.; Heidmann, T., 1990:
MPN estimates of VAM diaspores in cultivated soils

Yousem, D.M.; Galetta, S.L.; Gusnard, D.A.; Goldberg, H.I., 1989:
MR findings in rhinocerebral mucormycosis

Block, L.O.; Hendry, M.J.; Chan, G.W., 1988:
MRCON: Computer program for estimating soil moisture retention and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

Beeson, D.M.W., 1988:
MRNA and cloned cDNA for the alpha -subunit of the acetylcholine receptor from chicken muscle

Raghavan, V., 1989:
mRNAs and a cloned histone gene are differentially expressed during anther and pollen development in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Anonymous, 1989:
MSI databrief: garden chemicals UK

Anonymous, 1989:
MSI databrief: garden products retailing: UK

Anonymous, 1989:
MSI databrief: gardening equipment: UK

Doherty, D.A., 1989:
Maasai pastoral potential: a study of ranching in Narok District, Kenya

Allan, P., 1989:
Macadamia cultivar evaluation in Natal

Landsberg, J.J., .:
Macadamia decline: disorder or a matter of resource allocation?

Spooner, B.D., .:
Macadamia harvesting methods

Bell, H.F.D.; Bell, M.A.; Bell, D.J.D., 1988:
Macadamia integrifolia X tetraphylla

Ironside, D.A., .:
Macadamia kernel quality

Anonymous, 1990:
Machevo '89. Food technology in the Netherlands

Kadirov, A.M.; Gordinskii, A.A., 1990:
Machine MVU-5A

Shvarts, D.M.; Kudryavtsev, A.M., 1989:
Machine for bundling shortwood

Dreyer, H., 1989:
Machine for ejecting seed and fertilizer

Umberto, C., 1989:
Machine for express-type ice-cream production with an automatic cycle of ice-cream dispensing on cone

Manyatin, A.N., 1989:
Machine for packaging smetana in plastic beakers

Mukhanov, A.A.; Mukhanov, N.A., 1990:
Machine for removing soil from potatoes

Jadhav, R.V., 1986:
Machine for sugarcane harvesting

Oberle, E.M.; Klein, J.M., 1989:
Machine for working soil

Otto, F.K., 1990:
Machine hangars with repair and maintenance facilities

Afzal, M., 1990:
Machine intelligence applications in agriculture

Lang, L.; Balla, L.; Bedo, Z., 1989:
Machine mass selection of winter wheat hybrid populations

Grindal, R.J., 1988:
Machine milking and mastitis

Macpherson, R., 1989:
Machine milking and mastitis

Nicolescu, I.; Petre, N., 1986:
Machine milking of ewes

Du, J. le, 1989:
Machine milking of goats

Hatzemenaoglou, I., 1988:
Machine milking of sheep and goats

Stanciu, G.; Nyeste, M.; Bodor, E., 1986:
Machine milking technology and efficiency in three types of milking parlour

Brinker, R.W.; Miller, D.; Stokes, B.J.; Lanford, B.L., 1989:
Machine rates for selected forest harvesting machines

Garkunov, G.A., 1988:
Machine sorting of trees, and the advance growth

Anonymous, 1987:
Machine stress rating panel products

Yun, Y.D.; Oh, Y.B.; Lim, M.S.; Park, R.K.; Park, S.H., 1989:
Machine transplanting cultivation with infant rice seedlings. I. Effects of different nursery soil and plumule length on the infant rice seedling for machine transplanting

Yang, W.H.; Yun, Y.D.; Song, M.T.; Lee, M.H.; Lim, M.S.; Park, R.K., 1989:
Machine transplanting cultivation with infant rice seedlings. II. Effects of raising temperature, duration and nutritional residue in endosperm on seedling growth after transplanting

Yule, I.J., 1988:
Machine utilisation on arable farms

Shaw, W.E., 1990:
Machine vision for detecting defects on fruits and vegetables

Jia, J.C.; Krutz, G.W.; Gibson, H.G., 1989:
Machine vision for locating corn plants from moving vehicles

Draper S.R.; Keefe P.D., 1989:
Machine vision for the characterization and identification of cultivars

Kranzler, G.A.; Rigney, M.P., 1989:
Machine vision grading of tree seedlings

Kranzler, G.A.; Rigney, M.P., 1989:
Machine vision inspection of tree nursery seedlings

Shearer, S.A.; Payne, F.A., 1990:
Machine vision sorting of bell peppers

Muir, A.Y.; Shirlaw, I.D.G.; McRae, D.C., 1989:
Machine vision using spectral imaging techniques

Ozols, Y.G., 1988:
Machine wheel track spacing when cultivating grain crops using intensive technology

Imhof, U.; Weghe, I.H. van den, 1989:
Machinery and equipment for removing, transporting and distributing ensiled material from silage clamps

Bonauer, A., 1989:
Machinery and implements for fruit growing

Schueller, J.K., 1988:
Machinery and systems for spatially-variable crop production

Yanchuk, B.M., 1990:
Machinery builders - for the sugar industry

Anonymous, 1989:
Machinery costs 1990. Cost elements and depreciation estimates for agricultural machinery usage

Anonymous, 1990:
Machinery costs 1991. Cost elements and depreciation estimates for agricultural machinery usage

Krchnacek, F., 1989:
Machinery for handling vegetables, fruit and tobacco

Ryzhov, S.V., 1988:
Machinery for small farms

Zulfiqar Ahmad, 1988:
Machinery forced-shutdowns

Witney, B.D., 1989:
Machinery management

Csath, L., 1989:
Machinery operation with compensation for expenses

Bosma, A.H., 1989:
Machinery performance requirements in modern wilted silage processes

Bohm, M., 1988:
Machinery repairs on the farm

Koeller, K., 1989:
Machinery requirements and possible energy savings by reduced tillage

Vazquez, O., 1986:
Machinery used for phytosanitary protection of low-growing crops in Cuba

Voronkin, V.V., 1990:
Machines MTT-F-13 and MTT-F-19

Voronkin, V.V., 1990:
Machines MZhT-F-13 and MZhT-F-19

Koninov, V.M., 1989:
Machines and advance growth: economic aspects

Colzani, G.; Cammilli, A.; Pirrone, S., 1989:
Machines and aids for gathering or crushing stones. Part 3

Mikaya, B.L., 1990:
Machines and equipment for fodder storage

Kukieka, L.; Milanowski, J.; Radomski, G., 1985:
Machines and installations for mechanization of technological processes in storage houses of various types

Rhodes, K.H.; Brennan, S.R.; Peterson, H.A., 1990:
Machines and microbes. Still serious hazards to youths on the farm

Irla, E., 1989:
Machines and procedures for integrated weed control

Vinogorov, G.K., 1987:
Machines and regeneration

Sankin, I.N.; Ivanchikov, A.A.; Frolov, V.I., 1988:
Machines and the forest environment

Seitbekov, L.S.; Zhortuylov, O.Z.; Alimov, V.V.; Auezov, E.A.; Kazymtbetov, K.A., 1990:
Machines for fence construction around pastures

Kozachok, B.D.; Baranovskii, P.P.; Kondaurov, D.I., 1988:
Machines for grain harvesting

Shulev, S.N., 1988:
Machines for making winter lorry roads and river crossings

Cherkashin, Y.V.; Taranin, V.I.; Khvorostyanov, L.I.; Spivak, A.I., 1990:
Machines for reducing surface moisture loss during cultivation

Demin, K.K.; Vasyukov, V.A.; Popov, V.P.; Tarasevich, V.E., 1987:
Machines for thinnings

Searcy, S.W.; Reid, J.F., 1989:
Machines see red - and so much more

Rachman, O.; Balfas, J., 1987:
Machining properties of wood species from West Java

Kasuya, S.; Hamano, H.; Izumi, S., 1990:
Mackerel-induced urticaria and Anisakis

Maclean, N., 1987:
Macmillan dictionary of genetics and cell biology

Rosen, F.S.; Steiner, L.; Unanue, E., 1989:
Macmillan dictionary of immunology

Vaidyanathan, A., 1989:
Macro and micro approaches to studying rural economic change: some pointers from Indian experience

Murugan, M.; Ravi, R.; Kathaperumal, V., 1987:
Macro and micro mineral content in certain tree leaves of Tamil Nadu

Barnes, T.G.; Varner, L.W.; Blankenship, L.H.; Fillinger, T.J.; Heineman, S.C., 1990:
Macro and trace mineral content of selected south Texas deer forages

Marx, S., 1989:
Macro considerations in marketing management: consumers, producers and fresh produce markets

Balatoni, M.; Csapo, J., 1986:
Macro elements in milk and cheese and their retention during cheesemaking

Ranis, G., 1989:
Macro policies, the terms of trade and the spatial dimension of balanced growth

Shimura, H., 1989:
Macro view of the stages of development in a water resources system, a water transportation system, and an on-farm irrigation system and their organization for water management-based on the experience of Japanese irrigation development

Teicher, K.; Fischer, P.; Bartels, W.; Gunther, J., 1987:
Macro- and micronutrients in Sphagnum-peats and the physical properties of these peats

Georgiev, G.D.; Tenev, S.; Bochukov, A.; Ribarski, S., 1988:
Macro- and microscopic study of some organs of the digestive system of pigs fattened with slaughter waste autoclaved or preserved with Pentacil-80

Ihara, H.; Aoki, Y.; Saito, Y.; Aoki, T., 1988:
Macro-creatine kinase type 1 possibly induced by intravenous hyperalimentation

Anonymous, 1988:
Macro-economic consequences of farm-support policies. Seminar papers. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1. A seminar convened by the Trade Policy Research Centre, London and the Centre for International Economics, Canberra, Wednesday 4 May 1988

Doryan Garron, E., 1990:
Macro-economic policy, technological change and rural development: the Costa Rican case

Singh, R.R., 1988:
Macro-element requirements and fertility management issues in rice-wheat rotation areas

Kariuku, J.G., 1990:
Macro-level benefits and costs of maize research in Swaziland

Epstein, T.S., 1988:
Macro-planning versus micro-needs

Bautista, R.M., 1990:
Macro-policies and technology choice in the Philippines

Stewart, F.; Ranis, G., 1990:
Macro-policies for appropriate technology: synthesis of findings

Jagadeesh, K.S.; Adkoli, N.S., 1987:
Macro-propagation in Eucalyptus hybrid - an approach for genetic improvement and breeding program

Falkenmark, M.; Lundqvist, J.; Widstrand, C., 1989:
Macro-scale water scarcity requires micro-scale approaches. Aspects of vulnerability in semi-arid development

Saith, A., 1990:
Macro-strategies and rural industrialization in comparative perspective

Entwisle, T.J., 1989:
Macroalgae in the Yarra river basin: flora and distribution

Corazza, M.; Bizzeti, M.; Mancianti, F.; Novantini, G., 1989:
Macroamylasaemia in healthy dogs and dogs with leishmaniasis; brief note

Khalil, LF.; Abdul-Salam, J., 1989:
Macrobothridium rhynchobati n. g., n. sp. from the elasmobranch Rhynchobatus granulatus, representing a new family of diphyllidean cestodes, the Macrobothridiidae

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Macrocations present at different ratios in the medium: their uptake and interactions

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Macrocephalic male bees as functional reproductives and probable guards

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Macrocolony formation in the nitrogen-fixing blue-green alga, Nostoc commune Vauch

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Macrodynamic adjustment mechanisms in a dual semi-industrialized economy

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Macroecological studies on protozoan diseases of carps in tropical intensive fish culture ponds in India

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Macroeconomic accounts for coffee

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Macroeconomic and monetary policies and economic growth

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Macroeconomic and trade implications of consumer-oriented food subsidies

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Macroeconomic consequences of farm support policies

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Macroeconomic evaluation of renewable resources from biomass. Papers presented at a seminar held in Braunschweig, Federal Republic of Germany, April 1989

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Macroeconomic impacts of irrigation under arid and drought conditions: the Egyptian case

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Macroeconomic impacts on Indonesian agricultural exports

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Macroeconomic linkages to agriculture

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Macroeconomic policies and their impact on the cultivation of wheat. The Colombian experience

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Macroeconomic policy, the real exchange rate and agricultural growth in Ecuador

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Macroeconomic shocks, foreign trade, and structural adjustment: a general equilibrium analysis of the US economy, 1982-1986

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Macroeconomic studies: Kenya

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Macroeconomics and agriculture in Brazil: results for vector autoregressions

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Macroeconomics and famine

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Macroelements in sheep production

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Macroevolutionary comparisons of host and parasite phylogenies

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Macrofilaricidal activity of oral flubendazole on Brugia pahangi

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Macrofossil and pollen representation of coniferous trees in modern sediments from Washington

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Macrofoulants in Kalpakkam coastal waters, east coast of India

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Macrogeographic genetic variation in the Enchenopa binotata complex (Homoptera: Membracidae)

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Macrohabitat selection by some species and community analysis of dung beetles (Coleoptera) in the Aylloon massif (Sistema Central, Spain)

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Macrohematuria and life-threatening anemia attributable to subepithelial vascular ectasia of the urinary bladder in a dog

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Macroinvertebrate communities in Wheeler Reservoir (Alabama) tributaries after prolonged exposure to DDT contamination

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Macrolepidoptera of the botanical reserve 'Vidzgiris'

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Macrolide compounds, ivermectin and milbemycin D, stimulate chloride channels sensitive to GABAergic drugs in cultured chick spinal neurons

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Macromolecular absorption in preterm and term infants

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Macromolecular components of tomato fruit pectin

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Macromolecule-P associations and inosotol phosphates in some Chilean volcanic soils of temperate regions

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Macromorphological conformation of the udder in sheep of different breeds in relation to milk yield and suitability for machine milking

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Macronutrient deficiency in groundnuts

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Macronutrient intake of US athletes compared with the general population and recommendations made for athletes

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Macronutrient malnutrition in algaroba

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Macronutrient, copper and zinc intakes of young adult males as determined by duplicate food samples and diet records

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Macronutrients in Pinus caribaea. II. Internal levels under conditions of sufficiency and deficiency

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Macrophage activation enhances the human chorionic gonadotrophin-induced disruption of spermatogenesis in the rat

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Macrophage activity in rabies virus infection of genetically selected high and low antibody responder lines of mice

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Macrophage clearance of 125I-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone in the horse: effect of ovarian steroids and persistent endometritis

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Macrophage-parasite interactions in Leishmania infections

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Macrophages in central nervous system canine distemper: friends or foes?

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Macrophomina (charcoal) root rot of sesame in Syria

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Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. in bean fields

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Macrophomina phaseolina in the Sonoran desert

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Macrophomina phaseolina: spatio-temporal dynamics of inoculum and of disease in a highly susceptible crop

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Macrophomina stem canker of pigeonpea in Nepal

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Macropterous adults of alligatorweed thrips, Amynothrips andersoni, found in Florida

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Macroptilium (Bentham) Urban in Brazil. (Leguminosae - Faboideae - Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae)

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Macroscopic abnormalities of the genital organs and embryonic loss in repeat breeding swine

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Macroscopic and functional characteristics of the ovaries in embryo donor cows

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Macroscopic scale soil moisture dynamics model for a wheat crop

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Macrosporogenesis of diploid and triploid apple cultivars (Malus domestica Borkh.)

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Macrostructure of Sphagnum peat as an indicator of bog processes

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Macrostructure of string cheese

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Macva weed vegetation

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Mad honey

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Madagascar: policies of irrigated agriculture

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Maddening myths of agricultural marketing in developing countries

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Made-to-measure chain saws

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Madeira and the Azores

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Maduromycotic mycetoma

Anonymous, 1990:
Maedi-visna and related diseases

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Maedi-visna in sheep: host-virus interactions and utilization as a model

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Maggot therapy for severe skin infections

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Maggot therapy revisited

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Maggoty wool increases blowfly numbers

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Magic numbers in kinetic energy releases for unimolecular decompositions of (NH3)nH+ ion clusters

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Magnaporthe poae sp. nov., a hyphopodiate fungus with a Phialophora anamorph from grass roots in the United States

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Magnesium absorption from the large intestine of sheep

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Magnesium absorption in the cat and possible factors influencing it

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Magnesium and coronary revascularization

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Magnesium and fetal growth

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Magnesium and long-term treatment with diuretics

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Magnesium and manganese uptake, accumulation and regulation by a terrestrial isopod, Porcellio spinicornis Say (Porcellionidae, isopoda, Crustacea)

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Magnesium and methionine deprivation affect the response of rats to boron deprivation

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Magnesium and other nutrient deficiencies as possible causes of hypertension and low birthweight

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Magnesium and the acclimation of photosynthesis to low leaf water potentials

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Magnesium at different periods of life: infancy, pregnancy and old age

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Magnesium balances and 28Mg studies in man

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Magnesium content in the aboveground biomass of cereals

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Magnesium content of drinking water: statistical and public health aspects

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Magnesium deficiency in peripheral vascular disease

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Magnesium deficiency symptoms associated with the sugar maple dieback in a Lower Laurentians site in southeastern Quebec

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Magnesium deficiency syndrome in elderly persons with malabsorption

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Magnesium dietary intake modulates blood lipid levels and atherogenesis

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Magnesium fertilizing in forest nurseries

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Magnesium in cardiology. Basis and possible indications

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Magnesium in feline diets

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Magnesium in grassland production

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Magnesium in pregnancy. Evidence for dietary supplementation is unconvincing

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Magnesium induced inhibition of photochemical activities in osmotically stressed spinach chloroplasts

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Magnesium influences on leaf chlorophyll, leaf mineral composition, yield and fruit quality of Washington Navel oranges in Egypt

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Magnesium metabolism in lactating goats fed on grass diets differing in mineral content

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Magnesium metabolism in the cardiovascular system

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Magnesium metabolism in the hypertensive rat of Lyon strain

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Magnesium metabolism. A review with special reference to the relationship between intracellular content and serum levels

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Magnesium requirement for biological removal of phosphate by activated sludge

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Magnesium requirement of the guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters)

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Magnesium status and bone

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Magnesium uptake in intestinal brush-border vesicles of spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Magnesium, neuromuscular hyperexcitability and blood pressure: study on wage-earning women in the Paris area

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Magnesium, zinc, and copper status of US Navy SEAL trainees

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Magnetic enzyme immunoassay (MEIA) for staphylococcal-enterotoxin B

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Magnetic field effects on activity and ageing in honeybees

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Magnetic measurements in agricultural substances

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Magnetic resonance imaging and dexamethasone therapy for bacterial meningitis

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Magnetic resonance imaging in a dog with a choroid plexus carcinoma

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Magnetic resonance imaging of the human female breast. Current status and pathologic correlations

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Magnetic resonance imaging of the ischemic femoral head in pigs. Dependency of signal intensities and relaxation times on elapsed time

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Magnetic resonance microscopy: in vivo sectioning of a developing insect

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Magnetic stimulation of normal and cut spruce seedlings

asinska, E., 1990:
Magnetic treatment of beet juice as a method of protecting evaporators against scaling of tubes by boiler-scale-type deposits

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Magnification of the rDNA cluster in Kluyveromyces lactis

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Magnitude and causes of maternal mortality as a basis for its prevention

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Magnitude and distribution of option value for the Washakie Wilderness, northwest Wyoming, USA

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Magnitude and distribution of weed seeds in lowland rice soil

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Magnitude and sources of error in Wisconsin breakage tester results

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Magnitude of body-cell-mass depletion and the timing of death from wasting in AIDS

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Magnitude of diet selection by sheep grazing smooth bromegrass

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Magnitude of effects and interactions influencing the slaughter value of pigs

Gelei, I.; Harskuti, L.; Horn, P.; Kovach, G., 1988:
Magnitude of effects of interactions influencing the fattening performance of crossbred pigs

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Magnitude of faecal contamination of rural community well waters in Nigeria and its relationship to well and water properties

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Magnitude, cause and basin response to fluvial erosion, Redwood Creek basin, northern California

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Magnitude, presentation, management and outcome of acute respiratory infections in children under the age of five in hospitals and rural health centres in Tanzania

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Magrane's canine ophthalmology

Valbuena, V.T., 1988:
Mahaweli Community Radio project: an evaluation

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Maillard browning effects on in vitro availability of zinc

okic, A., 1990:
Main aims in breeding wheat and their significance for production

Erk, F.N.; Volkov, V.V., 1989:
Main approaches to setting up an automatic control system for postharvest treatment of seeds of grain crops

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Main aspects of automating cytological and cytogenetic studies

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Main aspects of the modernization of grassland cultivation

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Main biological features of the selected plum trees Ka-best and Sub-m-Lju

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Main causes of rejection of Holstein bulls for AI purposes and the effect of sire on abnormalities of the reproductive tract

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Main characteristics of the structural organization of chromosomes in Festuca valesiaca Gaud. established by means of differential staining

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Main characters of a model soyabean variety for the south of the Ukraine

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Main clinical and pathological signs of parasitic infections in domestic animals

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Main destination ratios: analyses of tourist flows

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Main dietary errors of senior citizens. Role of the attending physician

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Main directions of increasing the efficacy of the use of mineral fertilizers

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Main diseases and pests in wide-ridge crops of seed potato under the conditions of the southern zone of the Pskov region

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Main features of production and transpiration of Kochia prostrata L. (Schrad.) in the northwest Caspian area

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Main features of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome in adults in Burundi

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Main features of the development and spatial restructuring of the food industry

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Main fungus diseases of barley observed in the field in 1978-88

Anonymous, 1989:
Main market in Athens

Feng, D.Y.; Fu, L.Q., 1989:
Main meteorological problems of rice production and protective measures in China

Lourd, M.; Noda, H.; Alves, M.L.B., 1988:
Main pathogenic fungi and bacteria of market garden plants in the Manaus region

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Main patterns and structural models of morphogenesis of the vegetative part of the shoot in Triticum durum Desf. and T. aestivum L

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Main reasons for reduction in yield capacity of potato crops in Czechoslovakia

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Main results obtained in plant genetic and cytogenetic studies

Sambuu, A., 1987:
Main results of studies on breeding bread wheat and identification of further problems

Brik, M.I.; Rakhmanin, G.A., 1988:
Main scope : in technology

Agbodjan, A.K.; Bertrand, B., 1988:
Main selection criteria for Canephora in Togo. Results and prospects

Zsarnoczai, S., 1989:
Main tasks of and trends in the renewal of the cooperative policy

Shen, S.Q., 1989:
Main techniques for the production of the high-yielding cultivar Kunyanping 841

Komarov, V.; Sedova, O., 1990:
Main trends and directions of development in branches of the agroindustrial sector

Belous' ko, Y.; Vasilenko, Y., 1989:
Main trends and reserves for reducing material inputs in agricultural production

Dremlyuk, G.K., 1987:
Main trends and results in breeding grain sorghum

Untila, I.P.; Gaina, L.V.; Postolatii, A.A., 1987:
Main trends in breeding winter wheat for Moldavia

Kozlova, L.S., 1988:
Main trends in buckwheat breeding

Csendes, B., 1989:
Main trends in changes in ownership in the agricultural and cooperative sectors

Sychev, S.I.; Pivovarov, V.F.; Ludilov, V.A.; Epikhov, V.A.; Tarakanov, G.I.; Tarasenkov, N.I., 1990:
Main trends in the breeding and seed production of vegetable crops

Novotny, F., 1987:
Main trends in the world development of cereal combine harvesters

Stoyanova, I., 1988:
Main trends of research in the field of biotechnology in plant production

Zerova, M.D., 1988:
Main trends of the evolution and system of chalcids of the family Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

Littmann, W., 1989:
Main ways of improving the fodder economy in cooperative associations of arable and livestock farms in the GDR

Tsuruuchi, T., 1988:
Main weeds in winter cereal fields and distribution of ivyleaf speedwell (Veronica hederifolia L.) in Kyushu district

Fraga, M.I.; Bujan, M.; Romero, M.I., 1988:
Main weeds of vineyards and maize in Galicia (N.W. Spain) without herbicides

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Main wheat diseases in Paraguay

Chi, Y., 1989:
Mainland China's grain crisis

Jowett, A.J., 1989:
Mainland China: a national one-child program does not exist (part one)

Raj K.G.; Virmani S.S., 1989:
Maintainers and restorers for different cytoplasmic male sterility systems

Anonymous, 1988:
Maintaining a balanced environment

Gotlober, V.; Davydyuk, N., 1989:
Maintaining and improving economic soil fertility

Engels, W.; Engels, E., 1987:
Maintaining and overwintering of stingless bee colonies in a flight room

Columbus, E.P.; Bel, P.D.; Robert, K.Q., 1989:
Maintaining cotton quality

Reffel, G.; Kanaley, D., 1988:
Maintaining environmental quality in Chinese rural areas: the case of Sanshui County

Roiter, Ya, 1988:
Maintaining guineafowls in cages

Hegenbart, S., 1990:
Maintaining harmony in the base

Prickett, A.J., 1987:
Maintaining insecticide susceptibility in stored grain pests

Walsh, C.; Miller, A.; Bohning, M.; Chalmers, D., 1989:
Maintaining peach productivity and quality in the absence of size-controlling rootstocks

Goulart, B.L.; Evensen, K.B.; Hammer, P.; Braun, H.L., 1990:
Maintaining raspberry shelf life: Part 1. The influence of controlled atmospheric gases on raspberry postharvest longevity

Laszlo, L., 1989:
Maintaining the export function of the poultry sector

Ootake, Y.; Tanaka, Y., 1988:
Maintaining the freshness of strawberry fruits by precooling before packing

Szabo, T., 1988:
Maintaining traditions and tourism in County Somogy

Reimann, D.; Koppler, J.; Muhle, H., 1988:
Maintenance - an important factor for stable production

Zuger, A.; Schuster, M.; Simberkoff, M.S.; Rahal, J.J.; Holzman, R.S., 1988:
Maintenance amphotericin B for cryptococcal meningitis in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Westwood, M.N., 1989:
Maintenance and storage: clonal germplasm

Watts, D.M.; Bailey, C.L.; Roberts, N.T.; TAmmariello, R.F.; Dalrymple, J.M.; Clark, G.C., 1988:
Maintenance and transmission of Keystone virus by Aedes atlanticus (Diptera: Culicidae) and the gray squirrel in the Pocomoke Cypress Swamp, Maryland

Moore, M., 1988:
Maintenance before management: a new strategy for small scale irrigation tanks in Sri Lanka?

Hamadejova, A., 1989:
Maintenance breeding of grape in the western Slovakian region

Svensson, J.E.T., 1989:
Maintenance costs for farm machinery

Studenik, B.; Hrajnoha, M., 1989:
Maintenance costs of milking and cooling equipment

Borkmann, R.; Dahse, F.; Koallik, M.; Troger, R., 1990:
Maintenance expenditure for stationary equipment in milk production plants

Gendrop Funes, V.; Duarte Moreno, J.H.; Andrade Jimenez, R., 1986:
Maintenance experiment of the European oyster (Ostrea edulis) under laboratory conditions

Amarneh, S.; Amin, M., 1990:
Maintenance management system

Heinonen Tanski H., 1990:
Maintenance methods for ectomycorrhizal fungi

James, E.R.; Jackson Gegan, M.; Rawls, J.T.; Smith, B.; Hodgson Smith, A.; Callahan, H.L.; Murrell, K.D., 1989:
Maintenance of Trichinella spp. isolates by cryopreservation

Buralli, G.M.; Bergo, E.S., 1988:
Maintenance of a colony of Anopheles darlingi Root, 1926 in the laboratory

Flamm, R.; Coulson, R.; Beckley, P.P.lley, P.; Wagner, T., 1989:
Maintenance of a phloem-inhabiting guild

Cheon C I.; Delauney A.J.; Verma D.P.S., 1990:
Maintenance of a plant line containing an antisense gene and silencing of the target gene following sexual crosses

Zilberstein, D.; Philosoph, H.; Gepstein, A., 1989:
Maintenance of cytoplasmic pH and proton motive force in promastigotes of Leishmania donovani

Seginer, I.; Kantz, D., 1987:
Maintenance of desirable nighttime temperature and humidity in greenhouses

Aslam, A.M.; Singh, B.P., 1988:
Maintenance of dorotheanthus yellow spot virus (DYSV) and effect of ribavirin and dyestuffs on DYSV infected Nicotiana tabacum var. Samsun NN cultures

Ochs, W.J., 1988:
Maintenance of drainage projects

Rossier, E., 1989:
Maintenance of economic activity of breeds by changing emphasis: the case of heavy horses

Disney, J.E.; Johnson, K.R.; Banks, D.K.; Thorgaard, G.H., 1988:
Maintenance of foreign gene expression and independent chromosome fragments in adult transgenic rainbow trout and their offspring

Ashcar, H.; Paula, C.R.; Petrocini, V.R., 1988:
Maintenance of fungi by lyophilization for a prolonged period of time - 34 years

Martinic Jercic, Z., 1989:
Maintenance of genetic purity and yield potential in varieties of autogamous small-grain crops

Bulmer, M.G., 1989:
Maintenance of genetic variability by mutation-selection balance: a child's guide through the jungle

Cano-Mancera, R.; Lopez-Revilla, R., 1988:
Maintenance of integrity, viability, and adhesion of Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites in different incubation media

Gama, A., 1989:
Maintenance of land abandoned by agriculture. Stop wasteland

Huang, C.X.; Van Steveninck, R.F., 1989:
Maintenance of low cl concentrations in mesophyll cells of leaf blades of barley seedlings exposed to salt stress

Downs, S.M.; Daniel, S.A.; Bornslaeger, E.A.; Hoppe, P.C.; Eppig, J.J., 1989:
Maintenance of meiotic arrest in mouse oocytes by purines: modulation of cAMP levels and cAMP phosphodiesterase activity

Sowokinos, J.R.; Preston, D.A., 1988:
Maintenance of potato processing quality by chemical maturity monitoring (CMM)

Velea, C.; Buzan, V.; Vomir, M.; David, V.; Muresan, G.; Pelea, M., 1989 :
Maintenance of pregnant cows on pasture during the dry period

Overchuk, V.A.; Nupreichuk, V.P.; Zelenyak, N.K.; Yushchenko, V.N., 1988:
Maintenance of replacement heifers on intensively manured grass pastures

Nilanjana Choudhuri; Basu, R.N., 1988:
Maintenance of seed vigour and viability of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Caliman, J.P.; Concaret, J.; Olivin, J.; Dufour, F., 1990:
Maintenance of soil fertility under oil palm in humid tropical regions

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Maintenance of soil in viticulture

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Major consumer trends affecting the US food system

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Major increase in agricultural imports

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Major influences on the demand for opera tickets

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Major orders for Kone

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Major payments carried over from 1988 farm budget 'underspend'

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Make a splash with swimming programs

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Make composting easy with Trichoderma

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Make ecological farming a reality, et seq

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Make more out of your milk

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Make provision for light in the tree

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Make the most of certainties

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Make way for the versatile corn planter-cum-fertilizer applicator

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Make wider use of poplar in Central Asia

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Making Brachiaria resistant to spittlebug

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Making camps work for the challenging camper

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Making caseinate by extruder

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Making catalysts work efficiently for the fertilizer industry

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Making cheese as with ladles, and equipment for milk coagulation

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Making cheese from milk from cows given bentonite in feed

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Making chloride-free potash fertilizers

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Making fuels from wastes and crops

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Making insect repellents safe

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Making leisure available in Dartmouth

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Making money out of Granny Smiths

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Making pet foods

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Making products sterile. Parts I and II

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Making quality assurance work for you

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Making room for new business

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Making sense of soymilk

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Making sense of the infant formula controversy

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Making the 'third age' well worth living: self-help education and recreation

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Making the alternative sustainable: lessons from development for tourism

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Making the case for the gender variable: women and the wealth and well-being of nations

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Making the link: agricultural research and technology transfer in developing countries

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Making the market for African agriculture: II

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Making the match: the franchise business

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Making the most of added value

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Making the most of our floral resources

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Making the most of sports halls

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Making the orchard system decision

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Making the poor creditworthy: a case study of the Integrated Rural Development Programme in India

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Making the transition from single-unit to multi-unit fast-service management: what are the requisite skills and educational needs?

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Making up sowing units with regard to decreasing the packing of soil

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Making use of contaminated soil

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Making use of the breeding progress in winter rape

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Making use of the delta

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Making use of the most favourable natural and economic conditions to improve vegetable supplies

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Making way for more cheese

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Making women matter: the role of the United Nations

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