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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rennie B.D.; Tanner J.W., 1989:
Mapping a second fatty acid locus to soybean linkage group 17

Post, D.F.; Mack, C.; Camp, P.D.; Suliman, A.S., 1988:
Mapping and characterisation of the soils on the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center

Hassett, A.L.C.; Radojcic, A.; Watters, J.W.F.; Locker, J.; Kunz, H.W.; Gill, T.J.I.I., 1989:
Mapping and sequence analysis of the rat MHC

Triplett, E.W.; Schink, M.J.; Noeldner, K.L., 1989:
Mapping and subcloning of the trifolitoxin production and resistance genes from Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii T24

Menier, D.; Bornand, M.; Hinsinger, P., 1987:
Mapping and typology of soils in crystalline and crystallophyllic middle-mountain zones. Application to the Margeride and Cevennes regions

Collins, M.; Doolittle, J.; Rourke, R., 1989:
Mapping depth to bedrock on a glaciated landscape with ground-penetrating radar

Frank, T.D., 1988:
Mapping dominant vegetation communities in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range with Landsat Thematic Mapper and digital terrain data

Roth, K.A.; Hertz, J.M.; Gordon, J.I., 1990:
Mapping enterocrine cell populations in transgenic mice reveals an unexpected degree of complexity in cellular differentiation within the gastrointestinal tract

Borland, J., 1988:
Mapping flaws. Part II

Ullah, E.; Shepherd, R.C.H.; Baxter, J.T.; Peterson, J.A., 1989:
Mapping flowering Paterson's curse (Echium plantagineum) around Lake Hume, north eastern Victoria, using Landsat TM data

Hanstein, U.; Sturm, K.; Jahn, G., 1986:
Mapping forest habitats in Sellhorn forest district, in the Luneburg Heath nature protection area

Volk, H., 1988:
Mapping forest habitats: a start towards determining the nature conservation value of forests

Avissar, R.; Mahrer, Y., 1988:
Mapping frost-sensitive areas with a three-dimensional local-scale numerical model. Part I: physical and numerical aspects

Avissar, R.; Mahrer, V., 1988:
Mapping frost-sensitive areas with a three-dimensional local-scale numerical model. Part II: comparison with observations

Cheong I.C.; Yeo J.S., 1989:
Mapping genes in dairy cattle

Harris, G.; Clary, M.B.; Hatzinger, P.; Root, K., 1988:
Mapping groundwater recharge areas for land use planning

Vincek, V.; Figueroa, F.; Gill, T.J.I.I.I.; Cortese Hassett, A.L.; Klein, J., 1990:
Mapping in the mouse of the region homologous to the rat growth and reproduction complex (grc)

Leone, A.; Krug, M.S.; Manrow, R.E.; Berger, S.L., 1989:
Mapping introns by exon excision

Thelin, G.P.; Heimes, F.J., 1987:
Mapping irrigated cropland from Landsat data for determination of water use from the High Plains Aquifer in parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming

Simpson, E.; Tomonari, K., 1989:
Mapping minor H genes

Rueff Juy, D.; Drapier, A.M.; Cazenave, P.A., 1990:
Mapping of Igk-V genes using backcrossed laboratory and wild mice

Guery, J.C.; Hedrich, H.J.; Mercier, P.; Reetz, I.C.; Mandet, C.; Mahieu, P.; Neilson, E.G.; Druet, P., 1989:
Mapping of a gene for the Mr 48 000 tubular basement membrane antigen in the rat

Patzelt, E.; Perry, K.L.; Agabian, N., 1989:
Mapping of branch sites in trans-spliced pre-mRNAs of Trypanosoma brucei

Martin DeLeon, P.A.; McLaughlin, J.; Mitzel, E.; Tailor, S., 1989:
Mapping of creatine kinase M gene to 19q11->q12 in the rabbit genome

Duve, H.; Thorpe, A., 1988:
Mapping of enkephalin-related peptides in the nervous system of the blowfly, Calliphora vomitoria, and their co-localization with cholecystokinin (CCK)- and pancreatic polypeptide (PP)-like peptides

Gusmao L.; Mexia J.T.; Gomes M.L., 1989:
Mapping of equipotential zones for cultivar yield pattern evaluation

Varallyay, G., 1989:
Mapping of hydrophysical properties and moisture regime of soils

Skow L.C.; Donner M.E.; Huang S M.; Gardner J.M.; Taylor B.A.; Beamer W.G.; Lalley P.A., 1988:
Mapping of mouse gamma crystallin genes on chromosome 1

Kleinhofs, A.; Chao, S.; Sharp, P.J., 1988:
Mapping of nitrate reductase genes in barley and wheat

Vincentz, M.; Flavell, R.B., 1989:
Mapping of ribosomal RNA transcripts in wheat

Kinzer, S.M.; Schwager, S.J.; Mutschler, M.A., 1990:
Mapping of ripening-related or -specific cDNA clones of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Szabolcs, I., 1989:
Mapping of salt affected soils

Carruthers, VB.; Clarke, MW., 1988:
Mapping of segmental antigenic determinants on structurally related variant surface glycoproteins of Trypanosoma brucei

Searcy, S.W.; Schueller, J.K.; Bae, Y.H.; Borgelt, S.C.; Stout, B.A., 1989:
Mapping of spatially variable yield during grain combining

Watanabe, T.; Ohno, K.; Shimizu, A.; Sakai, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Takahashi, N., 1990:
Mapping of the Hox-3.1 and Myc-1.2 genes on chromosome 15 of the mouse by restriction fragment length variations

Figueroa, F.; Vincek, V.; Kasahara, M.; Bell, G.I.; Klein, J., 1990:
Mapping of the Sod-2 locus into the t complex on mouse chromosome 17

Evans, E.P.; Burtenshaw, M.D.; Boyd, Y., 1990:
Mapping of the dystrophin gene to mouse band XC by in situ hybridisation

Maucorps, J., 1990:
Mapping of the risk of soil physical degradation in the North/Pas-de-Calais (at the scale of 1/250 000)

Jaffe E.; Bornstein P.; Disteche C.M., 1990:
Mapping of the thrombospondin gene to human chromosome 15 and mouse chromosome 2 by in situ hybridization

Yusoff, K.; Nesbit, M.; McCartney, H.; Emmerson, P.T.; Samson, A.C.R., 1988:
Mapping of three antigenic sites on the haemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein of Newcastle disease virus

Stamps, A.C.; Campo, M.S., 1988:
Mapping of two novel transcripts of bovine papillomavirus type 4

Miranda, L.E.C. de; Miranda, L.T. de; Villela, O.; Denucci, S.; Igue, T., 1990:
Mapping pairs of complementary or duplicated loci in the same chromosome

Legros, J.P., 1987:
Mapping pedological landscapes in humid Alpine regions. The Chablais example

Heun, M., 1988:
Mapping powdery mildew resistance genes of winter wheat lines CI 15886 and CI 15887

Knapp, S.J.; Bridges, W.C.; Birkes, D., 1990:
Mapping quantitative trait loci using molecular marker linkage maps

Geldermann, H., 1990:
Mapping quantitative traits by means of genetic markers

Ronis, D.H., 1988:
Mapping quantitative traits in soybeans with isozyme and morphological gene markers

Stoertz, M.W.; Bradbury, K.R., 1989:
Mapping recharge areas using a ground-water flow model - a case study

Handeli S.; Klar A.; Meuth M.; Cedar H., 1989:
Mapping replication units in animal cells

Brun, C.; Bernard, R.; Vidal Madjar, D.; Gascuel Odoux, C.; Merot, P.; Duchesne, J.; Nicolas, H., 1990:
Mapping saturated areas with a helicopter-borne C band scatterometer

Roldan, J.; Alcaide, M.; Laguna, A.; Giraldez, J.V., 1989:
Mapping techniques for rainfall fields

Silvertown J.; Smith B., 1989:
Mapping the microenvironment for seed germination in the field

Harty, R.N.; Colle, C.F.; Grundy, F.J.; O'Callaghan, D.J., 1989:
Mapping the termini and intron of the spliced immediate-early transcript of equine herpesvirus 1

Carter, A.D.; Palmer, R.C.; Monkhouse, R.A., 1987:
Mapping the vulnerability of groundwater to pollution from agricultural practice, particularly with respect to nitrate

Khatter, E.A.; Abdalla, M.M.; Hanna, F.; Abdel All, T.S., 1988:
Mapping units and their soil characteristics of the desertic belt between Fayoum and Rayan Depressions

Catt, J.A., 1988:
Maps of Quaternary features

Nadeau J.H., 1989:
Maps of linkage and synteny homologies between mouse and man

Jackson, G.V.H.; McKenzie, E.H.C., 1988:
Marasmiellus cocophilus on coconuts in Solomon Islands

Redhead, S.A.; Latterell, F.M., 1988:
Marasmiellus paspali var. americanus, the causal agent of borde blanco disease of maize in Latin America

Veracion, V.P.; Bersamin, J.B., 1983:
Marcottage of petroleum nut (Pittosporum resiniferum Hemsl.)

Giuliani, G.; Verni, C., 1990:
Marecchia River's Project: irrigation with surface waters and analysis of their interaction with groundwaters by realtime scheduling

Martin, A.; Dunnington, E.A.; Briles, W.E.; Briles, R.W.; Siegel, P.B., 1989:
Marek's disease and major histocompatibility complex haplotypes in chickens selected for high or low antibody response

Swayne, D.E.; Fletcher, O.J.; Schierman, L.W., 1989:
Marek's disease virus-induced transient paralysis in chickens: demonstration of vasogenic brain oedema by an immunohistochemical method

Babjee, A.M.H., 1987:
Marek's disease. A review

Patrascu, I.V., 1989:
Marek's disease. XX. Incidence and epizootiology of MD in broiler flocks

Liberona, P., 1990:
Marek's disease: still a threat

Essink, K.; Kleef, H.L., 1988:
Marenzelleria viridis (Verril, 1873) (Polychaeta: Spionidae): a new record from the Ems Estuary (The Netherlands/Federal Republic of Germany)

Gutierrez Ruiz, L.; Coll Hellin, L., 1989:
Margarines. Aspects of production and consumption

Singh, R.P.; Osman, M., 1988:
Marginal agriculture-its management strategy for India

Lichtenberg, E.; Parker, D.D.; Zilberman, D., 1988:
Marginal analysis of welfare costs of environmental policies: the case of pesticide regulation

Ameriana, M., 1987:
Marginal analysis on the application of mulch and farmyard manure to tomatoes

Pohronezny, K.; Dankers, W.; Schaffer, B.; Valenzuela, H.; Moss, M.A., 1990:
Marginal necrosis and intercostal leaf spots of cocoyam infected by Xanthomonas campestris pv. dieffenbachiae

Oteiza, P.I.; Hurley, L.S.; Lönnerdal, B.; Keen, C.L., 1988:
Marginal zinc deficiency affects maternal brain microtubule assembly in rats

Walravens, P., 1989:
Marginal zinc deficiency in infants and young children

Hampson, J., 1990:
Marginalisation and rural elderly: a Shona case study

Murishwar, J.; Fernandes, W., 1988:
Marginalisation, coping mechanisms and long-term solutions to drought

Leeuwis, C., 1989:
Marginalization misunderstood: different patterns of farm development in the west of Ireland

Boccaletti, S.; Moro, D., 1990:
Margins and price transmission for certain agro-food products: an analysis of causality

Hoveid, O., 1989:
Margins, costs and efficiency in the Norwegian dairy industry

Matijasevic, M.; Mlinar, R., 1989:
Marija - a new high-yielding and high-quality winter wheat variety

Chamberlain, A.H.L.; Simmonds, S.E.; Garner, B.J., 1988:
Marine 'copper-tolerant' sulphate reducing bacteria and their effects on 90/10 copper-nickel (CA 706)

Chamberlain, A.H.L.; McDonnell, C., 1989:
Marine bacterial sulphur metabolism on copper-nickel alloys

Alam, S.M.; Khan, A.K.; Nagabhushanam, R., 1988:
Marine biofouling at Ratnagiri Coast, India

Muslich, M.; Sumarni, G., 1987:
Marine borers and problems caused by them

Ross, A., 1989:
Marine fish farming - Scotland's pride or problem?

Srivastava, U.K.; Chidambaram, K., 1989:
Marine fisheries development: an outlook for the turn of the century and strategy for exports

Carpenter, M.; Robertson, J., 1988:
Marine hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms: community structure and biomass determination

Khan, H., 1986:
Marine intensive tourism in ASEAN countries

Tanabe, E., 1989:
Marine leisure is confronted with several problems

Anonymous, 1987:
Marine liquid bulk terminals. Part III

Eashwar, M.; Chandrasekaran, P.; Subramanian, G., 1988:
Marine microbial films and the corrosion of steel

Chesunov, A.V., 1988:
Marine nematodes of the genus Filipjeva (Monhysterida, Xyalidae)

Joshi, V.G., 1988:
Marine paints technology in India: a state of art survey

Tisdell, C.A.; Broadus, J.M., 1988:
Marine reserves: relevant policy and management issues with examples from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia, and the United States

Carrier, J.G.; Carrier, A.H., 1988:
Marine tenure and economic reward on Ponam Island, Manus Province

Boyle, P.J., 1988:
Marine wood biodeterioration and wood-boring Crustaceans

Alegret, J.A., 1989:
Maritime anthropology as a field of research for social anthropology

Grace, J.K., 1990:
Mark-recapture studies with Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Howard, J.J.; White, D.J.; Muller, S.L., 1989:
Mark-release studies on the Culiseta (Diptera: Culicidae) vectors of eastern equine encephalitis virus

Schaik, A.C.R. van; Vuurst de Vries, R.G. v d; Driessen, J.J.M., 1988:
Marked differences in flavour and keeping quality of strawberries. Elvira and Korona have the best flavour

Esaka, M.; Uchida, M.; Fukui, H.; Kubota, K.; Suzuki, K., 1988:
Marked increase in ascorbate oxidase protein in pumpkin callus by adding copper

Petersen, D.D.; Gonzalez, F.J.; Rapic, V.; Kozak, C.A.; Lee, J.Y.; Jones, J.E.; Nebert, D.W., 1989:
Marked increases in hepatic NAD(P)H:oxidoreductase gene transcription and mRNA levels correlated with a mouse chromosome 7 deletion

Kirnyus, M.D.; Aleksandrushkina, N.I.; Vanyushin, B.F., 1989:
Marked natural modulation of the degree of methylation of nuclear DNA in undividing cells and its coordination with the S phases in meristematic cells of the developing leaf in wheat seedlings

Grenzius, R., 1988:
Marked soil acidification and heavy metal accumulation through stemflow in the inner city of West Berlin

Remaley, A.T.; Goodman, D.B., 1990:
Markedly increased concentrations of ferritin in an AIDS patient with disseminated histoplasmosis

Fernando R.L.; Grossman M., 1989:
Marker assisted selection using best linear unbiased prediction

Oirschot, J.T. van; Gielkens, A.L.J.; Moormann, R.J.M.; Berns, A.J.M., 1990:
Marker vaccines, virus protein-specific antibody assays and the control of Aujeszky's disease

Kashi, Y.; Hallerman, E.; Soller, M., 1990:
Marker-assisted selection of candidate bulls for progeny testing programmes

Graml, R.; Buchberger, J.; Klostermeyer, H.; Pirchner, F., 1989:
Marker-associated and polygenic correlations between casein, whey protein and fat contents and yields in German Simmental and German Brown cattle

Stuber, C.W., 1989:
Marker-based selection for quantitative traits

Eggerth, L.L.; Diaz, L.F.; Gurkewitz, S., 1989:
Market analysis for multi-compost products

Blackholly, H., 1988:
Market and consumption changes: fruits and vegetables

Swaminathan, E., 1988:
Market centres and their hierarchy in Coimbatore region - Tamil Nadu

Dixit, R.S., 1988:
Market centres of a backward economy - Hamirpur District (U.P.): perspectives on centrality and hierarchy

Anonymous, 1989:
Market commentary: farm inputs and finance

Tschirley, D.L., 1989:
Market coordination and supply management in the feedgrains/poultry subsector of Ecuador. (Volumes I and II)

Mann, E.J., 1989:
Market cream - Parts I and II

Polkinghorne, R.J., 1988:
Market demand and influence on milk supply

Pabuayon, I.M., 1986:
Market development strategies and assistance for small farmers

Chauveau, J.P.; Samba, A., 1989:
Market development, government interventions and the dynamics of the small-scale fishing sector: an historical perspective of the Senegalese case

McCorriston, S., 1990:
Market distortions on the European agricultural inputs market

Ansell, R.G.; Martin, S.K., 1988:
Market diversification and risk in New Zealand export lamb markets

Geldard, J.; Wills, I., 1988:
Market enforcement of quality control: application to Australian meat exports

Messori, F., 1990:
Market equilibrium in the Parmesan cheese industry: theoretical and empirical aspects of the determination of production quotas

O.Sullivan, T., 1989:
Market expansion for breakfast milk

Pradhan, S.K., 1989:
Market failure and government failures: industrial restructuring and pricing policy analysis for the Indian fertilizer sector

Anonymous, 1989:
Market for fresh fruit and vegetables in the Nordic countries

Anonymous, 1988:
Market for wood protection materials in Great Britain

Anonymous, 1990:
Market forces and the state

Ziegler, W.; Wiese, G., 1989:
Market gardening in Hesse; The development of vegetable growing in South Hesse

Power, G., 1988:
Market gardens boost African village revenues

Dunbar, J.R.; Berry, S.L.; Garrett, W.N.; Adams, T.E.; Famula, T.R.; Lee, Y.B., 1989:
Market heifer research

Ruttan, V.W., 1989:
Market integration in agriculture: an historical overview

Zwart, A.; Blandford, D., 1989:
Market intervention and international price stability

Davies, R., 1988:
Market liberalisation in Zimbabwe: the case of subsidies, 1980-87

Kandoole, B.F.; Kaluwa, B.M.; Buccola, S., 1988:
Market liberalization and food security in Malawi

Hansen, K.; Laustsen, A.M.; Jensen, G.K., 1989:
Market milk product quality during 1988

Jamrichova, S., 1988:
Market milk with lowered lactose content

Ostendorf, H.D., 1989:
Market opportunities for Franconian vegetable production

Behla, V.S., 1990:
Market opportunities for UHT milk - a study of the Hyderabad market

Hickenbotham, T.L.; House, R.M.; Calvin, L., 1989:
Market orientation versus government intervention

Novak, I., 1987:
Market oriented farm management methods: wine production in Hungary

Speece, M., 1989:
Market performance of agricultural commodities in semi-arid South Kordofan, Sudan

Farris, D.E., 1989:
Market performance of international agriculture as modified by government subsidies and trade barriers

Farris, D.E.; Dosky, D. von, 1989:
Market performance of poultry industries under different North American and European market structures

McDonald, J.R.S.; Rayner, A.J.; Bates, J.M., 1989:
Market power in the food industry: a note

Hazledine, T., 1989:
Market power or relative efficiency? An examination of profitability performance in the Canadian food and beverage sector

Hayami, Y.K.kuchi, M.M.rooka, K., 1989:
Market price response of world rice research

Daumas, G., 1988:
Market prices of slaughter pigs in the EC: harmonization of criteria prior to comparison

Heuser, M., 1989:
Market promotion of meat and meat products in the by the CMA

Akinboro, L.O., 1988:
Market prospects for fruits in Nigeria

Weindlmaier, H., 1989:
Market prospects for imitation products in West Germany

Vik J., 1989:
Market quality as consequence of storage methods and varieties in onion

Doshi, R.R., 1987:
Market regulation - a lost game

Dietmann, M., 1988:
Market regulations 1988?

Markovic, P., 1989:
Market relations in agriculture

Finan, T.J., 1988:
Market relationships and market performance in Northeast Brazil

Krejci, J., 1989:
Market research - the source for formulating a nutrition policy

Ravallion, M., 1987:
Market responses to anti-hunger policies: effects on wages, prices and employment

Zellner, J.A., 1988:
Market responses to public policies affecting the quality and safety of food and diets

Preston, W.P.; Broder, J.M., 1990:
Market returns to agribusiness skills and competencies

Anonymous, 1990:
Market review

Blandford, D., 1988:
Market share models and the elasticity of demand for US agricultural exports

Sun, M., 1989:
Market sours on milk hormone

Kuhl, R. et al., 1989:
Market structure analysis and agribusiness

Weaver, R.; Chattin, P.B.nerjee, A., 1989:
Market structure and the dynamics of retail food prices

Gunner, D., 1989:
Market trends for meat

Khong, P.W., 1990:
Market trends for new biotechnology products in South-east Asia

Sachs, I., 1988:
Market, non-market, quasi-market and the 'real' economy

Negi, Y.S.; Tewari, S.C.; Sharma, L.R., 1989:
Marketable and marketed surplus of wheat and maize in Paonta valley of Himachal Pradesh

Thompson, P.G.; Hurley, R.M., 1989:
Marketable yields of insect-resistant sweet potato cultivars

Zala, Y.C.; Parmar, G.D., 1989:
Marketed surplus-price relationship in paddy production in South Gujarat

Ahlstrom, L. et al., 1989:

Burfitt, A., 1988:
Marketing Australia overseas - a corporate perspective

Cawley, N., 1988:
Marketing Irish dairy products abroad

Grassel, M.A.; Folwell, R.J., 1990:
Marketing Washington wines at the wholesale level

Vadas, V.; Vajda, R., 1989:
Marketing activity in thermal and medical tourism

Lagrange, L., 1989:
Marketing agricultural and food products

Engle, C.R.; Hatch, U.; Swinton, S.M.; Thorpe, T., 1989:
Marketing alternatives for East Alabama catfish producers

Teye, V.B., 1989:
Marketing an emerging international tourist destination: the case of Arizona

Pound, R.W. et al., 1989:
Marketing and Olympism

Gotz, W., 1987:
Marketing and cultivation of new types of vegetables

Taha, M.M., 1989:
Marketing and feasibility of cut flower project in Egypt

Richardson, W.W.; Russell, N.P., 1988:
Marketing and further processing on Farm Business Survey farms: results of a second stage pilot survey. Report to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Boer, J. de, 1989:
Marketing and promotion for the recreation sector

Barili, D., 1988:
Marketing and publicity in the dairy industry

Taylor, R.D.; Smith, E.M.; Rhodus, W.T., 1990:
Marketing and sales strategies practiced by Ohio nurseries

Sikder, F.S.; Elias, S.M., 1988:
Marketing and storage of pulses in Bangladesh

Abbott, J.C., 1988:
Marketing arrangements for agricultural and fish processing plants in the developing countries

Bedi, M.S., 1989:
Marketing as directional strength to cooperatives: an empirical study covering Milkfed Punjab

Csullag, J., 1988:
Marketing as part of higher education in agriculture

Kartali, J., 1988 :
Marketing attitudes in the food economy

Bernoth, E.M., 1990:
Marketing authorisation of fish drugs - current status and future intentions

McCann, E.; Lattimore, R.G., 1990:
Marketing boards and anti-trust policy

Wilson, E.M., 1988:
Marketing challenges in a dynamic world

Habashy, N.T.; Rehewy, S., 1983:
Marketing channels, costs and margins for some horticulture crops

Mubarak, A.Z., 1988:
Marketing considerations in project analysis

Bhan, M.K.; Pandita, P.N., 1989:
Marketing cost-benefit analysis of asparagus cultivation in Kashmir

Narayana, B.L., 1989:
Marketing costs-present status and emerging trends

Hertog, B. den, 1989:
Marketing for recreation areas: how to formulate concrete, measurable objectives

Rosen, B.N.; Kaiser, H.F., 1988:
Marketing forest management to nonindustrial private forest landowners: a field experiment

Lloyd, W.; Lloyd, W., 1989:
Marketing hardwood residues: Lakeland Charcoal

Sherif, H.S.A., 1989:
Marketing hotel operations: an investigation into the marketing behaviour of national and international chain affiliated hotels operating in Egypt

Leslie, D.; McAleenan, M., 1990:
Marketing hotels, tourism and Northern Ireland

Middleton, V.T.C., 1989:
Marketing implications for attractions

Mutz, W., 1990:
Marketing in a vertical association. How does the French inter-professional association for protein crops function?

Golding, I., 1988:
Marketing in horticulture

Jefferson, A., 1990:
Marketing in national tourist offices

Speece, M.W., 1988:
Marketing in the agricultural economic development of Kordofan, Sudan

Rao, I.M.K., 1988:
Marketing in tribal economy. A study with special reference to shandies (periodic markets) in the tribal belt of Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh

Henneberry, S.R.; Willoughby, C.V., 1989:
Marketing inefficiencies in Oklahoma's produce industry: grower and buyer perceptions

Henneberry, S.R.; Sanders, L., 1989:
Marketing institutions affecting Japanese imports of genetic material

Lewis, R.C.; Chambers, R.E., 1989:
Marketing leadership in hospitality. Foundations and practices

Digby, M.P., 1989:
Marketing margins in the meat sector, England and Wales 1978-1987

Brook, B.A., 1988:
Marketing methods for the New Zealand farmer

Helgegren, E.; Ohrner, M., 1989:
Marketing milk towards youngsters - the Swedish experience

Ingram, C.D.; Durst, P.B., 1987:
Marketing nature-orientated tourism for rural development and wildlands management in developing countries: a bibliography

Lee, J., 1990:
Marketing of Chinese taro in Los Angeles

Nicholson, K.B., 1990:
Marketing of agricultural and horticultural products - selected examples

Guillon, M., 1987:
Marketing of baculovirus based on biological insecticides application to Mamestra brassicae and Spodoptera littoralis NPV

Dawar, R., 1989:
Marketing of beedi leaves in Andhra Pradesh: socio-economic implications

Anonymous, 1990:
Marketing of breast milk substitutes

Himmat Singh, 1988:
Marketing of buffaloes

Raveendran, P., 1990:
Marketing of coconut and its products in Orissa state

Verhagen, H.; Parthasarathy Rao, P., 1988:
Marketing of commercial farm inputs in semi-arid tropical India

Bhupal, D.S., 1987:
Marketing of cotton - a study in Haryana (mimeo)

Bhupal, D.S., 1989:
Marketing of cotton in Haryana

Whitmore, S.C.; Gilbert, H., 1989:
Marketing of floricultural products in the United States. An annotated bibliography

Weinberg, Y., 1989:
Marketing of fresh citrus fruit - the market and Citrus Marketing Board of Israel in the next decade

Chen, H.Y., 1989:
Marketing of fruits and vegetables in the Republic of China

Satney, A.O., 1989:
Marketing of ginger in the United Kingdom: an overview

Bhasin, N.R., 1988:
Marketing of goat meat

Dinat, S., 1988:
Marketing of grain processing technologies: experiences at RIIC on the sorghum dehullers

Subrahmanyam, K.V., 1988 :
Marketing of horticultural crops in Karnataka: present status and future requirements

Gusain, P.P.S., 1989:
Marketing of improved portable stoves - problems and challenges

Natarajan, K.V., 1990:
Marketing of milk and milk products

Umeki, T., 1989:
Marketing of processed farm products of agricultural cooperatives

Endo, K., 1989:
Marketing of processed foods in Japan

Awasthi, P.K., 1990:
Marketing of rock phosphate as direct phosphatic fertiliser

Kgotlele, R., 1987:
Marketing of sorghum in Botswana: patterns of production and the influence of government policy on these trends

Yadav, R.N.; Azad, M.P.; Singh, R.I., 1988:
Marketing of summer vegetables at Kanpur: a case study

Go, F.; Haywood, K.M., 1990:
Marketing of the service process: state of the art in tourism, recreation and hospitality industries

Huang, C.R.; Suh, W.H., 1989:
Marketing of vegetables by agricultural cooperatives in ROC on Taiwan; Vegetable marketing by agricultural cooperatives in Korea

Subrahmanyam, K.V., 1988:
Marketing of vegetables: an inter state comparison of practices and associated costs

Behr, J.; Groenewald, J.A., 1989:
Marketing of venison by retail butchers in Transvaal

Thompson, G.D.; Lyon, C.C., 1989:
Marketing order impacts on farm-retail price spreads: the suspension of prorates on California-Arizona navel oranges

Fairchild, G.F., 1989:
Marketing orders and market segmentation: matching product characteristics to consumer preferences

Fletcher, A.S., 1988:
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Marketing organization for dairy products

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Marketing planning and communications for small winemakers

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Marketing practices of JCF

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Marketing products to foreign customers

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Marketing public lands: is it the right thing to do?

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Marketing recommendations for the Hawaii banana industry

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Marketing recreation right

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Marketing resorts to the 'gray' traveler

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Marketing sport

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Marketing strategies and alternatives for individual farmers

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Marketing strategies and demand trends

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Marketing strategies available to cattle producers: an analysis and comparison of hedging and options

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Marketing strategies of the Finnish forest industries

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Marketing strategy for fruit and vegetables

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Marketing strategy in Operation Flood concept of the national milk grid and the mother dairy

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Marketing strategy, vertical structure, and performance in the lodging industry: a contingency approach

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Marketing studies at cropping systems sites: discussion paper

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Marketing system and problems in the Patha area of Bundelkhand (U.P.)

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Marketing system of red raspberry industry in the Pacific Northwest

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Marketing systems and national development: the issue of food distribution in Nigeria

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Marketing systems of food products in the Indian Plains

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Marketing the Conservation Reserve Program

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Marketing the services of firms in the tourist industry

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Marketing theory and practice in the agricultural sphere

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Marketing therapeutic recreation programs

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Marketing to women

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Marketing tofu. Second generation products, varieties & okara products (1986-1988). Labels, ads, posters & other graphics

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Marketing tourism. A practical guide

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Marketing under famine conditions in rural Nepal

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Marketing unprocessed potatoes

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Marketing winter cauliflower: contrasts between Cornwall and Brittany

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Marketing your hotel: challenges of the 90s

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Marketing, markets and price policy in China's grain economy

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Marketing, transport, and storage in relation to food production, distribution and consumption in Koil Tehsil, Aligarh District, U.P

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Marketing: the role of the MMB

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Markets and governments in agricultural and industrial adjustment

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Markets and marketplaces

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Markets and prices in the peasant economy: the case of the high provinces

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Markets and technical change: the case of the Portuguese dairy sector

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Markets for cottonseed products: their value and the competition

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Markets for starch, starch-using products and byproducts of starch manufacture

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Markets, marketing boards, and cooperatives in Africa: issues in adjustment policy

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Marking Lepidoptera and their offspring: trace element labelling of Colias eurytheme (Pieridae) with rubidium

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Marking adult Colorado potato beetles, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) using paper labels

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Marking adult mosquitoes using fluorescent pigments in dispersal studies

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Marking of zoo animals and domestic animals with an electronic marking system, EURO I.D

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Marking snails with numbered, colored discs: a technique for identifying individual specimens

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Markov chain modelling of differentiation of farms

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Markov chains as a shortcut method to estimate age distributions in herds of beef cattle under different culling strategies

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Markovian dynamics of simple and complex desert plant communities

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Marl soils in south Florida

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Marooned in a mountain of manure

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Marquesia macroura. Mitragyna stipulosa

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Marriage and family law, consequences for the farm family

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Marriage and reproduction in the Kipsigis of Kenya

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Marriage patterns, trends and timing in Northern and urban Sudan

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Marriage rules and practices among the Muslims in rural Bangladesh

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Married women, ageing and leisure: a sociological contribution

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Marryat's technology breakthrough Robotic Multistak at -30 degrees C

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Marsh seed banks of the Okefenokee Swamp: effects of hydrologic regime and nutrients

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Marshallagia grossospiculum n.sp., a new trichostrongylid nematode from sheep in China

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Marshalls' physiology of reproduction. Volume 2. Reproduction in the male

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Marssonina canker and leaf spot (anthracnose) of weeping willow

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Martinique. Status of protected cultivation

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Maruca testulalis Geyer. Pyralidae. Pod borer

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Marwe is a promising late raspberry

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Marx and the relationship between work and leisure

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Mary wants only six children: family planning in Malawi

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Masks of class: labour market segmentation and state intervention in rural South Asia

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Mass and chemical composition of roots in two second-growth oak forests in eastern Tennessee

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Mass and energy balance analyses of a downdraft gasifier

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Mass and heat balances of a clean technology phosphoric acid process

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Mass and production rate of ejaculates in relation to monandry/polyandry in butterflies

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Mass appeal

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Mass attack of trees by Ips typographus induced by sex-specific pheromone: a model of attack dynamics

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Mass balance investigations by measuring milk

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Mass balances of dust in houses for pigs

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Mass clonal propagation of lilies

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Mass collection and storage of Taenia hydatigena eggs and the isolation of viable oncopheres

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Mass education and community development in the British colonies, 1940-1960: a study in the politics of community education

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Mass exchange between mobile freshwater and immobile saline water in the unsaturated zone

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Mass feeding of reduviid bugs with outdated human blood stored in plastic household bags: a possibility of in vitro xenodiagnosis of Chagas' disease

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Mass flow rate and density measurement with a single instrument

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Mass inoculum production of Cercospora sorghi and comparison of screening techniques to identify sorghums resistant to grey leaf spot

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Mass loading of soil particles on plant surfaces

Saini R.C., 1989:
Mass loss and nitrogen concentration changes during the decomposition of rice residues under field conditions

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Mass loss of wood and its components during transmission electron microscopy

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Mass media and health communication in rural Nigeria

Anonymous, 1988:
Mass media and leisure

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Mass media utilization by extension personnel

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Mass mortality in seals caused by a newly discovered virus-like morbillivirus

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Mass mortality of fishes in Lake Titicaca (Peru-Bolivia) associated with the protozoan parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis

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Mass movements on the eastern slopes of the Cauca river in southern Antioquia (Colombia)

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Mass occurrence of Allonyx quadrimaculatus (Col., Cleridae) in the mid-Elbe area

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Mass occurrence of the tree white Aporia crataegi L. (Lep., Pieridae)

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Mass produced village health workers and the promise of primary health care

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Mass production and introduction of the oligophagous predator Amblyseius mckenziei Schuster et Pritchard in greenhouse crops

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Mass production and purification of Euproctis chrysorrhoea (L.) nuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Mass production and utilization of Trichogramma: 10. Control of the codling moth Cydia pomonella and the summer fruit tortrix moth Adoxophyes orana (Lep.: Tortricidae)

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Mass production of beneficial arthropods: commercialization and other problems

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Mass propagation and germination of somatic embryos in Juglans regia L. (English walnut)

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Mass propagation of Begonia tuberhybrida Voss plantlets using tissue culture

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Mass propagation of Nosema furnacalis (Microsporida: Nosematidae) in Ostrinia furnacalis (Lep.: Pyralidae)

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Mass propagation of potato tubers using jar fermentor techniques

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Mass propagation of superior families and individual genotypes of some conifers in Queensland

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Mass rearing Ceratitis capitata: reuse of the finisher larval diet

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Mass rearing and sale of beneficial arthropods - the commercial supplier as a link between research and application

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Mass rearing of Bracon

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Mass rearing of Diglyphus begini (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) for biological control of Liriomyza trifolii (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

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Mass rearing of Trichogramma

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Mass rearing of a mirid predator

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Mass rearing of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae): continuous light in the adult stage

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Mass rearing of the Oriental fruit moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Mass rearing of the melon fly, Dacus curcubitae Coquillett, by the sterile insect release method. I. Changes in the amount of eggs laid and the longevity of mass-reared adults

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Mass rearing of the predatory mite Amblyseius mckenzei Sch. et Pr

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Mass rearing of the velvetbean caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis)

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Mass rearing of the wolf spider, Lycosa pseudoannulata Boes. et Str. (Araneae: Lycosidae)

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Mass rearing the gypsy moth pupal parasitoids Brachymeria lasus and Brachymeria intermedia (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) for small-scale laboratory studies

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Mass recruitment: an example of too efficient communication?

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Mass regulation at the coarse fodder doser H 10.2

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Mass selection in livestock using limited testing facilities

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Mass selection of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni M

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Mass selection of the honeybee Apis mellifera in Cuba

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Mass selection of walnut rootstocks using response surface methods to correct for environmental trends

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Mass specific metabolic rate of sheep from fetal life to maturity

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Mass spectra of lepidopterous sex pheromones with a conjugated diene system

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Mass spectra of selected trichothecenes

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Mass spectrometric identification of methyl-isofenphos

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Mass spectrometric identification of peptides present in immunized and parasitised hemolymph from honeybees without purification

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Mass spectrometry in animal nutrition studies

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Mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry as a tool for mycotoxin analysis

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Mass tourism and cultural resources

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Mass tourism in south and southeast Asia - a challenge to Christians and the Churches

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Mass transfer improvements for optimization of mammalian cell culture in hollow fiber bioreactors

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Mass transfer in pure sucrose solutions

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Mass transfer in the adsorption of nitrogen oxides in alkaline solutions

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Mass transport in anaerobic polyurethane carrier reactors

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Mass trapping of Cossus cossus L.: initial trials

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Mass treatment by ivermectin against onchocerciasis in northern Cameroon

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Mass treatment of Trichuris trichiura patients among rural inhabitants with mebendazole

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Mass treatment of schistosomiasis

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Mass vaccination campaign against rabies: are dogs correctly protected? The Peruvian experience

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Mass wasting features above the timberline in the Central Pyrenees, and their topographic controls

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Mass-production of baculoviruses (in vivo and in vitro) and aspects of the commercialization of virus preparations

Anonymous, 1987:
Mass-rearing and preliminary sex pheromone studies on tomato fruitworm

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Mass-rearing of rice hispa Dicladispa armigera Olivier and testing of BR varieties for resistance

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Mass-spectrometric method of analyzing mixtures of diterpene bases from plants of the genus Aconitum

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Mass-transfer and supersaturation in crystal growth in gels. Application to CaSO4.2H2O

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Mass-trapping of Trypodendron lineatum Ol. (Col., Scolytidae): effect of infestation of cut timber temporarily left in the forest

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Massarina eburnea Sacc. and Leptosphaeria maculans (Desm.) Ces. & De Not. - two new fungus records from India

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Massecuite vacuum pan with forced circulation

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Massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage due to Candida esophagitis

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Massive plasma cell infiltration of the small bowel in celiac disease

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Massive polymorphism: how do we test for frequency-dependence?

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Mast cell associated-immune resistance against ticks

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Mast cell differentiation in cultures of T cell-depleted mesenteric lymph node cells from Nippostrongylus brasiliensis-infected mice

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Mast cell numbers in appendices with threadworm infestation

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Mast cell numbers in normal and glaucomatous canine eyes

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Mast cell tumor destruction by deionized water

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Mast cell tumor in a puppy

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Mast cells in contact with heart muscle fibres in the myocardium of patients with severe chagasic cardiopathy

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Mast cells in the bovine lower respiratory tract: morphology, density and distribution

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Mast-cell tumours in dogs: histopathological findings between 1980 and 1986, with reference to the TNM classification of tumours of domestic animals

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Mastering maintenance and modernization of working equipment through cooperation

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Mastigosporium leaf fleck on cocksfoot (Dactylis spp.) in Austria

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Mastigosporium muticum (Sacc.) Gunnerb., a new parasitic fungus on cocksfoot (Dactylis spp.) in Austria

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Mastitis - cell count. Interpretation and practical application of cell counts in udder total milk from individual cows

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Mastitis - counting the cost

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Mastitis and milk quality

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Mastitis and the environment

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Mastitis and toxic shock syndrome

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Mastitis associated with suspected Nocardia sp

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Mastitis control in a Devon veterinary practice

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Mastitis control practices: differences between herds with high and low milk somatic cell counts

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Mastitis diagnosis on SELMA (selective mastitis media) plates

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Mastitis herd investigation report

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Mastitis in bulk tank milk culture in Ontario

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Mastitis in cows

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Mastitis in dairy cattle. 1. Definition, detection methods and economic importance of mastitis - factors influencing the sensitivity of mastitis and the somatic cell count

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Mastitis in heifers in a large herd

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Mastitis indicator

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Mastitis mystery

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Mastitis prevention in Sweden

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Mastitis resistance of Bestuzhev cows

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Mastitis survey of cows reared by the small breeders

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Mastitis, milk quality and new EEC-regulations

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Mastitis. One school of thought

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Mastitis: current problems and methods of treatment

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Mastitis: dry-cow therapy products are one of the links in the chain

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Mastomys natalensis or Mastomys coucha. Correct species designation in animal experiments

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Mastoparan, a peptide toxin from wasp venom, stimulates glycogenolysis mediated by an increase of the cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration but not by an increase of cAMP in rat hepatocytes

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Matagouri, hawkweed and purple fuzzweed control with sheep, goats and legumes in the New Zealand tussock grassland

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Matching pasture production and animal requirements

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Matching protein properties to foods and beverages

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Matching spatial databases and quantitative models in land resource assessment

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Matching technology generation with farmer needs in a flood affected area: 1. Studies on the farm level feeds and feeding under hazardous situation

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Matching technology generation with farmers need in a flood affected area: 2. Studies on the effect of adjustment of ration on cattle health and milk production

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Mate conflict and male behaviour in a solitary wasp, Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) politum (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

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Mate finding and mating behaviour of Microplitis croceipes

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Mate-locating strategies and multimodal communication in male mating behavior of Panurgus banksianus and P. calcaratus (Apoidea, Andrenidae)

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Material and technical provision for the creation and maintenance of greenery

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Material captured and utilized in feeding by Polybia (Trichothorax) sericea (Olivier, 1791) (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

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Material composition of soils with texturally differentiated profile and its genetic interpretation

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Material dependence and symbolic independence: constructions of Melayu ethnicity in island Riau, Indonesia

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Material for the flora of the Alpes Maritimes. Catalogue of the herbarium of Emile Burnat deposited at the Conservatoire Botanique of the city of Geneva. II. Rubiaceae - Orchidaceae

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Material incentives - a factor in raising labour productivity on collective farms

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Material on the Chinese Euphorbiaceae (IV)

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Material on the biology and ecology of wood-cutters (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), damaging tree species in Tajikistan

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Material on the fauna of geometrids of the genus Eupithecia (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) of the Crimea with description of a new species

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Material property effects on granular flow through orifices

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Material selection and design considerations for a dairy processing building

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Material verification and inspection program

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Materials for flora of Mahabaleswar-6A

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Materials of construction for NPK granular mixed fertilizer plants

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Materials of construction for retail liquid and dry fertilizer plants

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Materials to pack grains and their resistance to Zabrotes subfasciatus

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Materials to the knowledge of the Epilachninae (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) of Australian Region, with a description of a new species

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Materials to the knowledge of the genus Hydrellia Robineau-Desvoidy (Ephydridae, Diptera)

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Materials usage and their effects on the microbiological quality of water supplies

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Maternal body weight and pregnancy outcome

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Maternal effects and biology of insect populations

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Maternal hormone manipulations and the development of obesity in rats

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Maternal immunization against feline viral rhinopneumonitis with a booster dose during pregnancy - a retrospective clinical study

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Maternal immunological recognition of pregnancy in equids

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Maternal influences on birth weight

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Maternal inheritance of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase activity in mice

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Maternal lineage effects on production traits of dairy cattle from animal model analyses

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Maternal nutrition, lactation and infant growth in urban slums

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Maternal pinealectomy abolishes the diurnal rhythm in plasma melatonin concentrations in the fetal sheep and pregnant ewe during late gestation

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Maternal programming of the fetal brain dictates the response of juvenile Siberian hamsters to photoperiod: dissecting the information transfer system

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Maternal recognition of pregnancy and embryonic loss

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Maternal recognition of pregnancy and maintenance of the corpus luteum

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Maternal transmission of mitochondrial DNA in ducks

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Maternal-neonatal immunoregulation: suppression of de novo synthesis of IgG and IgA, but not IgM, in neonatal pigs by bovine colostrum, is lost upon storage

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Maternally-mediated neonatal lithium-cesium interaction in the mouse

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Mathematical algorithm for effective phosphorus determination in a rice based cropping system

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Mathematical analysis and modeling of epidemics of rubber tree root diseases: probability of infection of an individual tree

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Mathematical analysis of artificial recharge from basins

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Mathematical analysis of the wait times under selfing with selection for multiallelic systems

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Mathematical and statistical ecology of plant parasitic nematodes in the tropics

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Mathematical description and modelling of solid-liquid separation process for suspensions and waste sediments

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Mathematical description of tertiary waste water treatment in bioponds with higher vegetation

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Mathematical description of the trajectories of granules as they are encapsulated in drum-type equipment

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Mathematical description of trifluralin degradation in soil

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Mathematical description of water and solution flows in segments of maize roots and in branches of white birch

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Mathematical descriptions of plant growth and development

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Mathematical efficiency calculations of the new boiler at Hussein Sugar Mills Limited, Jaranwala

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Mathematical expressions for lateral potato pressures

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Mathematical formulation of the system of uniform height curves of even-aged stands in the Slovak Socialist Republic

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Mathematical interpretation of the effectiveness of pasteurization

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Mathematical methods for data processing examplified on the assesment of losses caused by gall nematodes on cucumber

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Mathematical model and algorithm for controlling a section

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Mathematical model for creating a long-range picture

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Mathematical model for determining the energy consumption of horizontal axis rotary cutters

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Mathematical model for dynamics of seeds, squirrels and seedlings in Korean pine forest

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Mathematical model for energy and protein balance simulation in broilers

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Mathematical model for leaching from antifouling paint films of the insoluble matrix type

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Mathematical model for leukosis virus distribution in cattle population

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Mathematical model for predicting oxygen concentration gradients in muskmelon fruits

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Mathematical model for the input of a pseudorabies epizootic on the productivity of a farrow-to-finish operation

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Mathematical model of a separate ecosystem of insects

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Mathematical model of combined transformation of nitrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen compounds in an aquatic environment: its use for analyzing the dynamics of components in a eutrophic lake

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Mathematical model of drying rates of American ginseng

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Mathematical model of dynamics of groundwater level in pine plantations of sandy soils

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Mathematical model of heat flow through layers of grainy material

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Mathematical model of sewage treatment plant operation

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Mathematical model of the Veneto region groundwater system

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Mathematical model of the energy and mass interchange in a light-proof greenhouse

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Mathematical model of the migratory spreading and search for host eggs by Trichogramma

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Mathematical model of the production process in the sand sedge-white saxual rangeland ecosystem in the Repetek reserve

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Mathematical model of the working surface of a plough body

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Mathematical model to obtain quickly the contour map of diesel engine specific fuel consumption

Friso, D., 1988:
Mathematical model to quickly obtain the contour map of a diesel engine's specific fuel consumption

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Mathematical modeling in the study and control of Triatominae populations

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Mathematical modeling of gas exchange in modified atmosphere package

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Mathematical modeling of immunity to malaria

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Mathematical modeling of in situ vapor stripping of contaminated soils

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Mathematical modeling of the formation of rainfall runoff and erosion on a small agricultural drainage basin

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Mathematical modeling of the reduction of phosphates with natural gas

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Mathematical modeling of the reliability of irrigation systems installations

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Mathematical modelling and Monte Carlo simulation of CSD in continuous urea crystallisers

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Mathematical modelling and optimizing of multisection heat exchangers with intermediate heat carrier

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Mathematical modelling in agricultural science

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Mathematical modelling in preparation of technologies

Anonymous, 1989:
Mathematical modelling of agricultural and food producing complexes

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Mathematical modelling of convective drying processes for granular materials

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Mathematical modelling of immobilized living yeast cell reactor for sugar bioconversion to ethanol

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Mathematical modelling of infiltration with temperature as a governing environmental factor

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Mathematical modelling of microbial growth in soil

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Mathematical modelling of microclimate in livestock housing

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Mathematical modelling of spatially heterogeneous composition of soil cover

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Mathematical modelling of the process of moisture evaporation from soil

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Mathematical modelling of the runoff process on slopes and in small basins

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Mathematical modelling of the selection process in a herd of dairy cattle

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Mathematical modelling of the water regime for farm crops when programming the yield

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Mathematical models for calculating the power required for batch processing of roundwood

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Mathematical models for estimating preferential pairing and recombination in triploid hybrids

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Mathematical models for transmission and control of malaria

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Mathematical models of deformation of elastic wheels

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Mathematical models of gene amplification with applications to cellular drug resistance and tumorigenicity

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Mathematical models of predator/prey/plant interactions in a patch environment

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Mathematical models of sow reproduction

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Mathematical models of the cutting process of culmy and stalky plants

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Mathematical models of the population biology of Ostertagia ostertagi and Teladorsagia circumcincta, and the economic evaluation of disease control strategies

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Mathematical models to determine the importance of the subsoil for the K supply to cereal on loess soils

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Mathematical pollutant fate modeling of petroleum products in soil systems

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Mathematical prognosis of the development of the grey grain moth

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Mathematical programming

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Mathematical programming model for the optimization of nutritional strategy for a dairy cow

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Mathematical programming models for farm planning

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Mathematical simulation and advance calculation of tractor travel curves to ease driver strain and prevent accidents during implement hitching

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Mathematical simulation of feed intake by grazing beef cattle

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Mathematical simulation of responses of wheat stomata to environmental factors in the field

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Mathematical simulation of the epidemiology of trichophytosis

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Mathematical simulation of water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) tows

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Mathematical study for cylindrically orthogonal log

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Mathematical study of some components of daily resin production

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Mathematical, statistical procedures for revealing motivational structures among managerial staff in agriculture, particularly for utilizing advances in science and technology

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Mathematical-physical model of transient drainage flow

Stibinger, J., 1988:
Mathematical/statistical evaluation of drainage systems

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Mathematics and science provided through vocational agriculture in Texas

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Mathematics of recombination and the breeding of self-pollinated crops

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Mating Romney ewes in November-December using CIDRs and pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin

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Mating and oviposition behaviour in the legume pod borer, Maruca testulalis

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Mating and oviposition of three Encarsia species (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

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Mating and pollinating behavior of Callonychium sp. (Andrenidae) on Petunia integrifolia and ovalifolia (Solanaceae)

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Mating and sperm transfer in Apis florea

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Mating behavior and auditory information flow in an arctiid moth

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Mating behavior and dispersal in Paltothyreus tarsatus Fabr. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Mating behavior and longevity of a wide spread aphid parasitoid species in southern Italy, Trioxys (Binodoxys) angelicae (Haliday) (Hymenoptera Braconidae)

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Mating behavior in response to toe nail removal in broiler breeders

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Mating behavior of honey bees

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Mating behavior of the beet armyworm moth, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Mating behavior of the rice leaf-folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Mating behaviour at the beginning of the breeding period

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Mating behaviour in three species of myrmicine ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Mating disruption and control of the oriental fruit moth, Grapholitha molesta (Busck) in California

Boller, E., 1989:
Mating disruption as the most selective control method against the banded grape tortricid

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Mating disruption by sex pheromone of the clearing moth Aegeria myopaeformis

E.A.l, M.A.; Hosny, M.M.; Campion, D.G., 1988:
Mating disruption for the control of pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) in the delta cotton growing area in Egypt

Englert, W.D., 1987:
Mating disruption in field populations of the grape berry moth Eupoecilia ambiguella (Hb.) (Lep. Tortricidae, Cochilini) with Z-9-dodecenyl acetate

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Mating disruption of the California red scale Aonidiella aurantii

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Mating disruption of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis, monitored by direct night observations

Audemard, H., 1988:
Mating disruption with pheromones in western Europe

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Mating flights of honey bee drones (Apis mellifera L.). A film documentation

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Mating in the afternoon: time-saving in courtship and remating by females of a polyandrous butterfly Pieris napi L

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Mating potential and chromosome number of some Japanese and U.S. populations of the pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

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Mating prior to overwintering in the imported willow leaf beetle, Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

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Mating receptivity of wild type females for wild type males and mass-reared males in the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Mating systems and reproduction in mink

Govindaraju D.R., 1988:
Mating systems and the opportunity for group selection in plants

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Mating type, race composition, nuclear DNA content, and isozyme analysis of Peruvian isolates of Phytophthora infestans

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Mating-type genes and the control of expression of fruiting genes in Basidiomycetes

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Matisia exalata (Bombacaceae), a new species from the Highlands of central Panama

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Matrix method for measuring forces in three dimensions

Alisheikhov, A., 1989:
Matserobatsillin G3X

Young, B.; Lu, C.R.; Zhan, C.C., 1986:
Matsucoccus shennongjiaensis Young et Lu, n.sp. (Coccoidea: Margarodidae)

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Maturation and capacitation of mammalian spermatozoa

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Maturation and degeneration of the fat body in the Drosophila larva and pupa as revealed by morphometric analysis

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Maturation and fertilization of pig follicular oocytes cultured in pig amniotic fluid

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Maturation and fertilization of porcine follicular oocytes cocultured with granulosa cells during in vitro culture

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Maturation and germination of mango somatic embryos

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Maturation and quality of sunflowers

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Maturation and subcellular compartmentation of potato starch phosphorylase

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Maturation characteristics in lucuma (Lucuma bifera Mol., L. obovata HBK)

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Maturation competence and chromatin behaviour in growing and fully grown cattle oocytes

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Maturation feeding and oogenesis in the dock leaf beetle Gastrophysa viridula (Deg.) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

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Maturation in larch : I. Effect of age on shoot growth, foliar characteristics, and DNA methylation

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Maturation induction of mouse immature oocytes by fusion

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Maturation of bovine oocytes

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Maturation of bovine oocytes by co-culture with rabbit preovulatory follicle cells

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Maturation of chikungunya virus in salivary glands of Indonesia strains of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes: an electron microscopic study

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Maximum use of hill land aimed at enlargement of employment and reactivation of the local town. The case of Kuzumaki in Iwate Prefecture

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Maximum utilization of soil water reserves with falling groundwater table

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