Measuring the effectiveness of the Export Enhancement Program for poultry

Haley, S.L.

Agribusiness New York 6(2): 97-108


DOI: 10.1002/1520-6297(199003)6:2<97::aid-agr2720060203>;2-k
Accession: 001882515

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This report examines the economic effects of the Export Enhancement Program for US poultry meat for 1987. Total exports have increased 79 000 Mt due to the programme. Model results indicate that every metric ton of poultry meat subsidized has resulted in an additional 0.83 Mt of poultry meat exports at an average cost of $761/Mt. Although US poultry exports have increased, other poultry exporters (including the EC) have not been significantly affected. US producers have gained marginally, while US consumers have lost an equivalent amount of welfare through higher domestic poultry prices.