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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Claxton, M.S., 1989:
Methods of surgical preparation of teaser bulls

Nachtigall, M.; Ficke, W., 1989:
Methods of testing bactericidal substances in vivo in selected host-pathogen combinations

Nedelnik, J., 1988:
Methods of testing the resistance of vegetatively propagated red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) to Fusarium spp

Morrison, R.K., 1988:
Methods of the long-term storage and utilization of eggs of Sitotroga cerealella (Oliver) for production of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley

Diarra, M.M.; Cisse, I.; Diallo, T.F., 1989:
Methods of weaning infants in Bambara, Bozo and Peulh ethnic groups in the Sansanding district, Segou, Mali

Catargiu, D., 1988:
Methods of working drained brown mollic clayey-illuvial pseudogleyed soils in the Calinesti-Suceava area

Irigoyen, H.; Muniz, O.; Gonzalez, M., 1988:
Methods of zinc application to rice grown in pots in greenhouse conditions in dark gleyed plastic soil

Lauvergne, J.J., 1988:
Methods proposed for the study of the Ovocaprinae of the Mediterranean in 1986

Ahmad, R., 1989:
Methods to control migration by Apis dorsata colonies in Pakistan

Zemanek, J., 1989:
Methods to determine the occurrence of weeds resistant to triazine herbicides in soil

Marocco, A.; Conte, D., 1988:
Methods to identify auxin substances produced by Azospirillum sp. and to test their biological activity

Maki Tanila, A.; Smith, S.P., 1990:
Methods to implement dominance genetic effects into prediction equations

Saavalainen, J.; Virtanen, S., 1989:
Methods to improve efficiency of drainage on clay and peat soils in Finland

Breeze, V.G., 1988:
Methods to investigate sub-lethal effects of herbicides on plant species

Verma, O.P.; Singh, P.V., 1989:
Methods to overcome hardseededness in moongbean

Sawitsch, W.; Lo, H., 1989:
Methods to reduce heavy metal contents in soil and agricultural products

Radosevich, S.R., 1988:
Methods to study crop and weed interactions

Hallauer, A.R., 1990:
Methods used in developing maize inbreds

Schaack, J., 1990 :
Methods used to alleviate the effects of a drought on irrigated agriculture

Prosser, B.A., 1989:
Methods used to investigate a possible source of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare-scrofulaceum (MAIS) infection in farmed deer

Voss, L.; Schmidt, S., 1989:
Methods, solutions and mechanization variations for cereal harvesting

Igrc, J.; Maceljski, M., 1987:
Methods, theories and possibilities of biological control of weeds

Saul, S.; Seifert, J., 1990:
Methoprene on papayas: persistence and toxicity to different developmental stages of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Yang, S.; Roberts, M.F.; Phillipson, J.D., 1988:
Methoxylated flavones from Artemisia annua L

Shiomi, N.; Yamada, J., 1988:
Methyl alpha -maltotrioside formed by transfer action of rice debranching enzyme

Armstrong, J.W.; Harvey, J.M.; Garcia, D.L.; Menezes, T.D.; Brown, S.A., 1988:
Methyl bromide fumigation for control of Oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in California stone fruits

Kobayashi A.; Kawamura M.; Yamamoto Y.; Shimizu K.; Kubota K.; Yamanishi T., 1988:
Methyl epijasmonate in the essential oil of tea

Pannell, L.A.; Olson, N.F., 1989:
Methyl ketone production in milkfat-coated microcapsules containing pancreatic lipase and Penicillium roqueforti spores

Shanwal, A.V.; Karwasra, S.P.S.; Mohinder Singh, 1987:
Methylene blue adsorption and cation exchange behaviour of soil clays and synthetic aluminosilica gels

Neal, J.J., 1990:
Methylenedioxyphenyl-containing alkaloids and autosynergism

Larsson, B.; Eriksson, A., 1989:
Methylhydrazine in false morels

Wambeke, E. van; Buset, N.; Vanachter, A.; Assche, C. van, 1988:
Methylisothiocyanate residues in crops and how to avoid them

O'Harte, F.P.; Kennedy, D.G.; Blanchflower, W.J.; Rice, D.A., 1989:
Methylmalonic acid in the diagnosis of cobalt deficiency in barley-fed lambs

Lobato Garcia, J.A.; Navarro Merino, M.; Lluch Fernandez, M.D.; Marchante Serrano, C.; Gonzalez Hachero, J., 1988:
Methylmalonic aciduria sensitive to vitamin B-12

Margaritis, I., 1990:
Metoestrual bleeding and silent oestrus in cows and heifers

Anonymous, 1989:

Cardina J.; Swann C.W., 1988:
Metolachlor effects on peanut growth and development

Buttle J.M., 1990:
Metolachlor transport in surface runoff

Haderlie, L.C.; Love, S.L. , 1988:
Metribuzin application timing influence on three potato cultivars

Sharma, S.R.; Khehra, A.S.; Bhullar, B.S., 1987:
Metroglyph analysis in coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Katiyar R.B.; Sharma M.L.; Saxena M.M.S., 1988:
Metroglyph analysis of geographical complexes in sugarcane

Kumar, K.; Uppal, D.K.; Singh, O.S., 1989:
Metroglyph analysis of highly desirable characters in almond (Prunus amygdalus) selections under subtropical conditions

Vijayakumar, N.K.; Ramankutty, N.N., 1988:
Metroglyph analysis of yield attributes in certain tall indica rice (Oryza sativa) varieties in north Kerala

Sidhu, A.S.; Chadha, M.L., 1988:
Metroglyph and index score analysis in brinjal

Pradeep, T.; Reddy, N.M.; Khan, Y.A., 1988:
Metroglyph and index score analysis of morphological variation in Gossypium arboreum L

Gill, S.S.; Tripathi, B.K., 1988:
Metroglyph and index-score character analysis of some exotic sugarcane hybrids

Amr, Z.S.; Hyland, K.E.; Myers, J.E., 1988:
Metroliasthes lucida in the eastern wild turkey from Rhode Island

Burshtein, Y.P.; Gol' tman, G.Y., 1989:
Metrological guarantee for the production of dielectric moisture meters for fodder

Friedman, G.D.; Selby, J.V., 1989 :
Metronidazole and cancer

Korsunskaya, I.M.; Kukoleva, L.I.; Roitburd, M.F.; Kosorukova, I.M., 1988:
Metronidazole ointment in the therapy of dermatophytoses and onychodystrophies

Kabickova, H.; Kulda, J.; Cerkasovova, A.; Peckova, H., 1986:
Metronidazole resistant Tritrichomonas foetus: activities of hydrogenosomal enzymes in course of development of anaerobic resistance

Hammill, H.A., 1989:
Metronidazole, clindamycin, and quinolones

Celifarco, A.; Warschauer, C.; Burakoff, R., 1989:
Metronidazole-induced pancreatitis

Lloyd, D.; Yarlett, N.; Yarlett, N.C.; Pedersen, J.Z.; Kristensen, B., 1986:
Metronidazole-resistant clinical isolates of Trichomonas vaginalis maintain low intracellular metronidazole radical anion levels as a consequence of defective oxygen scavenging

Ackerson, R.C.; Davis, L.A., 1987:
Metsulfuron methyl - new herbicide for use in rice and plantation crops

Bianchi, A.; Oliveri, T.; Maroni, D.; Abal, R., 1988:
Metsulfuron-methyl (Escort): a new postemergence selective systemic herbicide for broadleaved weed control in wheat

Gonzalez de Alba, L.A.; Staff, C.; Richter, R.L.; Dill, C.W., 1990:
Mexican Asadero cheese; a survey of its composition

Vidali, C.C., 1989:
Mexican agriculture in GATT: experiences in Central America

Goodman, L.W., 1985:
Mexican agriculture: rural crisis and policy response

Wells, M.J., 1990:
Mexican farm workers become strawberry farmers

Price, D.P., 1990:
Mexican rule changes permit feedlot industry growth

Zinsou, C., 1989:
Mexican yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus Urban): a new legume for the Antilles

Homes Villa, A.S.; Chalita Tovar, L.E.; Portillo Vazquez, M.; Barrera Islas, D., 1987:
Mexico's agricultural trade balance and demand forecasts for 10 major agricultural products

Colombo, R.; Cerana, R.; Lado, P., 1987:
Mg, ATP-dependent H+ transport in vacuoles and tonoplast vesicles from Acer pseudoplatanus cells

Choudhari, J.S.; Dhir, R.P., 1987:
Mica in arid soils

Fanning D.S.; Keramidas V.Z.; E.D.soky M.A., 1989:

Beckmann, R., 1988:
Mice on the farm

Smith, W.B.; Hahn, J.T., 1986:
Michigan's forest statistics, 1987: an inventory update

Rozema, M., 1989:
Mickey Mouse in France: the French constitution being adapted for the construction of Euro Disneyland

Baumgratz, J.F.A., 1980:
Miconia in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, section Miconia (Melastomataceae)

Baumgratz, J.F.A., 1982:
Miconia of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Section Tamonea (Melastomataceae)

Baumgratz, J.F.A., 1984:
Miconia species of the state of Rio de Janeiro, section Chaenanthera (Melastomataceae)

Kiesel, G.; Tauchnitz, J.G.; Petzold, G., 1988:
Micosite differentiation of the vegetation on a PAN/B type dump

Bidau, C.J., 1988:
Micro and macrospermatid production induced by meiotically unstable B-chromosomes in two species of grasshoppers (Acrididae)

Huang, Z.K., 1987:
Micro area distribution of potassium in maize leaves and ways for diagnosis of potassium nutrition

Naas, I.A.; Bucklin, R.A.; Zazueta, F.S., 1989:
Micro computer simulation of swine housing under a warm climate

Karmakar, P.; Dutt, S.C.; Narasimham, M.V.; Sharma, R.C., 1990:
Micro in vitro assessment of Plasmodium falciparum sensitivity to chloroquine and mefloquine in Gujarat

Hills, D.J.; Mansoubi, A.; Gu, Y.P.; Rumsey, J.W., 1988:
Micro irrigation interval on squash yield under saline conditions

Anonymous, 1990:
Micro perspective on grain production 1984-89

Clark, G.A.; Izuno, F.T.; Everett, P.H.; Grimm, J., 1987:
Micro versus seepage irrigation of tomatoes on sandy soils

Leduc, S., 1990:
Micro- versus macrodynamics of the very early horse embryo

Bostandzhieva, R.; Ivanov, Y.; Kharalambiev, K., 1989:
Micro-complement fixation test for antibodies to bovine respiratory syncytial virus

Peshev, R.; Ivanov, Y., 1989:
Micro-complement fixation test for viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits

Campbell, S.R., 1988:
Micro-computer decision support systems in wood procurement planning

Achten, J.; Tollens, E., 1988:
Micro-computer management of dairy cattle feeding

Wang, R.B.; Liu, F.; Chang, Y.K., 1989:
Micro-computerized measuring and controlling system design for tractor drawbar performance test

Volgin, V.G.; Kharitonov, V.V., 1989:
Micro-computers in the sorting of roundwood

Chernichovsky, D.Z.ngwill, L., 1990:
Micro-economic theory of the household and nutrition programmes

Pitts, D.J.; Clark, G.A.; Grimm, J.M., 1989:
Micro-irrigation of sugarcane on a sandy soil

Decroix, M., 1988:
Micro-irrigation worldwide

Niedermaier, M., 1989:
Micro-lysimeter experiments to study the vertical translocation of lindane in forest humus

Mishra, S.S.; Gulati, J.M.L.; Nanda, S.S.; Garnayak, L.M.; Jena, S.N., 1989:
Micro-nutrient studies in wheat

Kamat, S.R.; Ojha, K.L.; Yadav, B.P., 1987:
Micro-organisms associated with onion bulb and their control

Indrani Karunasagar; Venugopal, M.N.; Jeyasekaran, G.; Segar, K.; Karunasagar, I., 1988:
Micro-organisms associated with prawn pickle spoilage

Stewart, L.J., 1988:
Micro-organisms in building services

Schurmann, B., 1987:
Micro-organisms in sewerage systems and their significance for wastewater treatment

Odongo, M.O.; Ambani, A.I.A., 1989:
Micro-organisms isolated from bovine milk samples submitted to the veterinary diagnostic laboratory, Kabete, Kenya, between 1981 and 1985

Lambert, R.A., 1987:
Micro-scale irrigation in Africa

Oertli, J.J., 1987:
Micro-spatial differences in soil characteristics and flora on saline soils of the Hungarian puszta

Sharon, D.; Morin, J.; Moshe, Y., 1988:
Micro-topographical variations of rainfall incident on ridges of a cultivated field

Khan, H.K., 1988:
Micro/drip irrigation:-state-of-the-art in India

Anonymous, 1989:
MicroMagic's milkshake meltdown

Reynaud, P.A.; Lumpkin, T.A., 1988:
Microalgae of the Lanzhou (China) cryptogamic crust

Ikekawa, N.; Fujimoto, Y.; Nishiyama, F., 1987:
Microanalysis of natural brassinosteroids by GC-MS

Goh, K.; Lange, W., 1989:
Microarthropods associated with insecticide-treated and untreated artichoke fields in California

Seastedt T.R.; Reddy M.V.; Cline S.P., 1989:
Microarthropods in decaying wood from temperate coniferous and deciduous forests

Beckmann, M., 1988:
Microarthropods in household refuse composts with particular reference to oribatid mites

Gazaliyev, N.A., 1990:
Microarthropods in typical Solonchaks of the Terek River Delta and features of their distribution in the soil profile and by season

Tarva, Z.M.; Eshba, D.A., 1988:
Microarthropods of citrus plantations

Wolin, M.J.; Miller, T.L., 1988:
Microbe-microbe interactions

Sarkar, A.; Paul, J.; Saxena, S.; Varma, A., 1985:
Microbes and cellulose biotechnology

Agrawal, S.; Garg, S.K.; Dutta, S.M., 1989:
Microbial beta -galactosidase: production, properties and industrial applications - a review

Helweg, A., 1988:
Microbial activities in soil from orchards regularly treated with pesticides compared to the activity in soils without pesticides (organically cultivated)

Chen, W.H.itink, H.; Madden, L., 1988:
Microbial activity and biomass in container media for predicting suppressiveness to damping-off caused by Pythium ultimum

Weber, O.B.; Loures, E.G.; Borges, A.C.; Regazzi, A.J.; Barros, N.F. de, 1987:
Microbial activity in eucalypt bark: effect of the application of wood ash, nitrogen and phosphorus

West A.W.; Sparling G.P.; Speir T.W., 1989:
Microbial activity in gradually dried or rewetted soils as governed by water and substrate availability

Dellow, DW.; Hume, ID.; Clarke, RTJ.; Bauchop, T., 1988:
Microbial activity in the forestomach of free-living macropodid marsupials: comparisons with laboratory studies

Weritz, N.; Schroder, D., 1988:
Microbial activity in town soils under varying utilization

Weritz, N.; Schroder, D., 1989:
Microbial activity in urban soils and their evaluation in terms of heavy metal pollution

Chung Y C.; Neethling J.B., 1989:
Microbial activity measurements for anaerobic sludge digestion

Suttner, T., 1987:
Microbial activity of Bavarian soils with different uses

Seitz E.W., 1989:
Microbial and enzyme induced flavors in dairy foods

Navarro, E.; Josserand, A.; Bernillon, D.; Bardin, R., 1987:
Microbial aspects of nitrification: effect of quantitative variations and diversity of Nitrobacter strains

Anonymous, 1985:
Microbial aspects of water management

Burges, H.D.; Pillai, J.S., 1987:
Microbial bioinsecticides

Phelps, T.J.; Hedrick, D.; Fliermans, C.B.; Ringelberg, D.; Davis, J.; White, D.C., 1988:
Microbial biomass and activities associated with subsurface environments contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons

Schuller E., 1989:
Microbial biomass measured by fluorescence microscopy and its relation to total organic carbon and dehydrogenase activity in selected soil samples

Chavez, E.R.; Touchburn, S.P.; Moo Young, M., 1988:
Microbial biomass protein from the fungus Chaetomium cellulolyticum. 1. Composition and nutritive evaluation

Chavez, E.R.; Touchburn, S.P.; Moo Young, M., 1988:
Microbial biomass protein from the fungus Chaetomium cellulolyticum. 2. Effect of method of drying and response to amino acid supplementation

Chavez, E.R.; Touchburn, S.P.; Moo Young, M., 1988:
Microbial biomass protein from the fungus Chaetomium cellulolyticum. 3. Nutritive value for chicks and piglets

Srinivasan, M.C.; Laxman, R.S., 1988:
Microbial cellulases: a status report on enzyme production and technology aspects

Kreuzer, M.; Roth, F.X.; Kirchgessner, M., 1989:
Microbial changes in the hindgut of sows after intercaecal infusion of large amounts of pure substrates. 1. Changes in nitrogen and amino acid digestibility

Anand S.K.; Mahapatra C.M.; Pandey N.K.; Verma S.S., 1989:
Microbial changes on chicken carcasses during processing

el-Sharkawy, S.; Abul-Hajj, Y.J., 1988:
Microbial cleavage of zearalenone

Escher, A.R.; Characklis, W.G., 1988:
Microbial colonization of a smooth substratum: a kinetic analysis using image analysis

Humbert, F.; Salvat, G.; Morin, M.; Colin, P.; Lahellec, C.; Bennejean, G., 1989:
Microbial colonization of the caecal mucosa of specific-pathogen-free chicks and adherence of an adult SPF chicken microflora to the caeca of conventional newly hatched chicks: study by scanning electron mircroscopy

Rozhanskaya, A.M.; Andreyuk, E.I., 1988:
Microbial communities, isolated from ferroconcrete construction materials

Fresquez, P.R.; Sabey, B.R., 1989:
Microbial community in the rhizosphere of native plant species growing on reclaimed coal mine soils varying in age

Tiwari, S.C.; Tiwari, B.K.; Mishra, R.R., 1989:
Microbial community, enzyme activity and CO2 evolution in pineapple orchard soil

Colwell, F.S., 1989:
Microbial comparison of surface soil and unsaturated subsurface soil from a semiarid high desert

Jones, F.T., 1990:
Microbial compound holds promise as Salmonella control

Troeger, K.; Woltersdorf, W., 1988:
Microbial contamination by scalding water of pig carcases via the vascular system

Lafarga Gil, M.A.; Pinilla Alvarez, M.J.; Cebrian Fernandez, M.C., 1989:
Microbial contamination in pastry products in relation to hygienic-sanitary conditions of the workshops

Freedland, C.P.; Roller, R.D.; Wolfe, B.M.; Flynn, N.M., 1989:
Microbial contamination of continuous drip feedings

Stojanovic, E.; Zakula, R.; Skrinjar, M., 1987:
Microbial contamination of equipment and raw materials used in semi-hard cheese production

Forbes, G.I., 1989:
Microbial contamination of food: control measures

Hennerty, M.J.; Upton, M.E.; Furlong, P.A.; Harris, D.P.; James, D.J.; Eaton, R.A., 1988:
Microbial contamination of in vitro cultures of apple rootstocks M26 and M9

Schoenen, D.; Schulze Robbecke, R.; Schirdewahn, N., 1988:
Microbial contamination of water by materials of pipes and hoses. 2nd communication: growth of Legionella pneumophila

Schoenen, D.; Schlomer, G., 1989:
Microbial contamination of water by materials of pipes and hoses. 3rd Communication: reaction of E. coli, Citrobacter freundii and Klebsiella pneumoniae

Alaboudi A.R.; Hammed D.A.; Ali D.S., 1988:
Microbial content of market eggs

Chowanadisai, L.; Krairiksh, S.; Thanasripukdikul, S., 1989:
Microbial control of Anopheles sundaicus, a malaria vector in Thailand, by Bacillus sphaericus 2362

Kulkarni, U.V.; Amonkar, S.V., 1988:
Microbial control of Heliothis armigera (Hb): Part I - isolation and characterization of a new strain of Bacillus thuringiensis and comparative pathogenicity of three isolates of B. thuringiensis against H. armigera

Kulkarni, U.V.; Amonkar, S.V., 1988:
Microbial control of Heliothis armigera (Hb): Part II - relative toxicity of spores and crystals of Bacillus thuringiensis varieties to H. armigera and their efficacy in field control

Jangi, M.S., 1987:
Microbial control of agricultural insect pests in Malaysia

Hardman, D.J., 1987:
Microbial control of environmental pollution: the use of genetic techniques to engineer organisms with novel catalytic capabilities

Ko, J.H., 1987:
Microbial control of insect pests in Korea

Hou, R.F., 1987:
Microbial control of insect pests in Taiwan

Payne, C.C., 1989 :
Microbial control of insect pests: current and potential uses

Hall, G., 1988:
Microbial control of poultry feeds

Shimazu, M., 1987:
Microbial control of the pine sawyer, Monochamus alternatus

Nemoto, H.; Okada, M., 1987:
Microbial control of the tobacco cutworm, Spodoptera litura, on strawberry grown in the greenhouse

Daldorff, A.S., 1987:
Microbial corrosion and museum iron objects

Overby, A.J., 1988:
Microbial cultures for milk processing

Mouzouras, R.; Jones, E.B.G.; Venkatasamy, R.; Holt, D.M., 1988:
Microbial decay of lignocellulose in the marine environment

Paje, M.L.F.; Ueda, K., 1988:
Microbial decolorization of distillery slops and biogas effluent

Harper, S.H.T.; Bowen, R.M., 1988:
Microbial decomposition of cereal straw in arable soils

Torstensson, N.T.L., 1987:
Microbial decomposition of herbicides in soil

Torstensson, L., 1988:
Microbial decomposition of herbicides in the soil

Yadav K.; Jha K.K.; Jha K., 1989:
Microbial decomposition of poultry manure and sewage sludge in soil

Crouse J.D.; Anderson M.E.; Naumann H.D., 1988:
Microbial decontamination and weight of carcass beef as affected by automated washing pressure and length of time of spray

Springael, D.; Kreps, S.; Mergeay, M., 1988:
Microbial degradation of PCBs

Gibson, T.L.; Abdul, A.S.; Olsen, R.H., 1988:
Microbial degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons in hydrogeologic materials: microcosm studies

Izumori, K.; Umemura, A., 1987:
Microbial degradation of artificial carbohydrates. II. Calorimetric studies on microbial degradation of artificial carbohydrates in soil

Andhale, M.S., 1988:
Microbial degradation of cyanide containing effluent from a dye industry

Leahy, J.G.; Colwell, R.R., 1990:
Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons in the environment

Wright, R.T., 1987:
Microbial degradation of organic compounds in soil and water

Dragun, J., 1988:
Microbial degradation of petroleum products in soil

Leisinger, T., 1988:
Microbial degradation of problematic waste air components

Aislabie, J.; Bej, A.K.; Hurst, H.; Rothenburger, S.; Atlas, R.M., 1990:
Microbial degradation of quinoline and methylquinolines

Baggi, G., 1989:
Microbial degradation of s-triazines

Steen, W.C.; Collette, T.W., 1989:
Microbial degradation of seven amides by suspended bacterial populations

Cameron, J.A.; Bunch, C.L.; Huang, S.J., 1988:
Microbial degradation of synthetic polymers

Schmidt, W.; Braune, W., 1986:
Microbial degradation of the herbicide nitrofen in field trials

Barry, P.; Grenet, E., 1988:
Microbial degradation of wheat stalks at different stages of development in the rumen observed by scanning electron microscope

Pfarl C.; Ditzelmueller G.; Loidl M.; Streichsbier F., 1990:
Microbial degradation of xenobiotic compounds in soil columns

Antinone, M.J.; Ledford, R.A., 1990:
Microbial destruction of diacetyl in cottage cheese

Zyska, B.J.; Cieplik, Z.T.; Wojcik, A.R.; Kozowska, R., 1988:
Microbial deterioration of historic glass plate negatives

Zyska, B.J., 1988:
Microbial deterioration of rubber

Kobayashi Y.; Takizawa H.; Wakita M.; Hoshino S., 1990:
Microbial development and metabolic aspect of the rumen of calves given ionophore antibiotics

Brady, M.S.; Katz, S.E., 1988:
Microbial diffusion assay for antibiotics in feeds using a simplified design

Tisserand, J.L., 1989:
Microbial digestion in the large intestine in relation to monogastric and polygastric herbivores

Mackie, R.I., 1987:
Microbial digestion of forages in herbivores

Nguyen, T.H., 1988:
Microbial ecology of the digestive tract in the rearing of domestic animals

Fernandez, W.L., 1988:
Microbial examination of mature coconut fruit

Ford, T.E.; Walch, M.; Mitchell, R.; Kaufman, M.J.; Vestal, J.R.; Ditner, S.A.; Lock, M.A., 1989:
Microbial film formation on metals in an enriched arctic river

E.M.rrakchi, A.; Tantaoui Elaraki, A.; Hamama, A.; Grini, A., 1988:
Microbial flora of Moroccan smen. II. Lipolytic and caseolytic flora

Mallikeswaran K.; Padmanaban V.D., 1989:
Microbial flora of apparently healthy goat milk

Mallikeswaran, K.; Padmanaban, V.D., 1989:
Microbial flora of milk of goats affected with sub clinical mastitis

Prouskas J.; Economou Stamatelopoulou C.; Papavassiliou J., 1989:
Microbial flora of shampoos

Mason, P.R.; Katzenstein, D.A.; Chimbira, T.H.K.; Mtimavalye, L., 1989:
Microbial flora of the lower genital tract of women in labour at Harare Maternity Hospital

Moss, M.O., 1987:
Microbial food poisoning

Patil, P.L.; Salunkhe, D.K., 1989:
Microbial food poisoning - a review

Weijers, C.A.G.M.; Leenen, E.J.T.M.; Klijn, N.; Bont, J.A.M. de, 1988:
Microbial formation of chiral epoxyalkanes

Characklis, W.G.; Escher, A.R., 1988:
Microbial fouling: initial events

Kuykendall, L.D.; Hengen, P.N., 1988:
Microbial genetics of legume root nodulation and nitrogen fixation

Anonymous, 1989:
Microbial groups in milk

Ordonez, J.A.; Selgas, M.D.; Garcia, M.L.; Sanz, B., 1988:
Microbial groups of dairy interest

Lettner, F.; Preining, F., 1989:
Microbial growth promoters. Use of probiotics in sow and piglet feeding

Silenzi, J.C.; Echeverria, N.E.; Commegna, M.A.; Grossi, T., 1988:
Microbial gums content in an undisturbed soil and its relationship with structural stability

Ceynowa, J.; Schulz, F.A., 1989:
Microbial health status of airtight stored cereal grains in Schleswig-Holstein

Stappen, R. van; Huysman, F.; Verstraete, W., 1989:
Microbial indicators of the application of pig slurry on agricultural land

Cannon, R., 1989:
Microbial insecticides: the opening of a new era?

Krumbein, W.E., 1988:
Microbial interactions with mineral materials

Beck, T., 1989:
Microbial investigations on vineyard soils

Lukasova, J., 1987:
Microbial lipolysis in milk

MacRae, I.C., 1989:
Microbial metabolism of pesticides and structurally related compounds

Oyamada M.; Kuwatsuka S., 1989:
Microbial metabolism of the herbicide chlornitrofen and its amino derivative

Schnabel, E.; Schneider, R.; Bolduan, G., 1990:
Microbial metabolites in hindgut sections of the pig with diets rich in crude fibre

Ahmad, I., 1990:
Microbial parasites and predators

Mathew, G.; Mohamed Ali, M.I., 1987:
Microbial pathogens causing mortality in the carpenterworm, Cossus cadambae Moore (Lepidoptera, Cossidae), a pest of teak (Tectona grandis Lin. f.) in Kerala (India)

Kulpa, C.F.; McAuliffe, K.S., 1989:
Microbial perspectives on biodegradation

Eighmy, T.T.; Collins, M.R.; Spanos, S.K.; Fenstermacher, J., 1988:
Microbial population distributions and benzoate mineralization kinetics in a municipal slow sand filter

Kumar, P.K.R.; Lonsane, B.K., 1989:
Microbial production of gibberellins: state of the art

Shnawa, I.M.S., 1989:
Microbial profile of some equine infections in northern Iraq

Richards, G.P., 1988:
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Microbial strain data network

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Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 2. Methods of general application for enumeration of microorganisms. Section 2.5. Enumeration of bacteria by direct microscopic counts

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Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 3. Methods for detection and/or enumeration of specific groups of microogranisms. Section 3.14. Enumeration of mesophilic microorganisms

Anonymous, 1989:
Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 3. Methods for detection and/or enumeration of specific groups of microorganisms. Section 3.10. Staphylococcus aureus. Subsection 3.10.2. Detection

Anonymous, 1989:
Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 3. Methods for detection and/or enumeration of specific groups of microorganisms. Section 3.4. Enumeration of lipolytic microorganisms. Subsection 3.4.2. Tributyrin agar method

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Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 3. Methods for detection and/or enumeration of specific groups of microorganisms. Section 3.5. Enumeration of proteolytic microorganisms

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Microbiological examination for dairy purposes. Part 5. Ancillary methods. Section 5.1. Resazurin reduction test for raw milk

Anonymous, 1989:
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Microbiological investigation of wild birds

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Microbiological surface contamination of swine after slaughter processing and cooling

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Microbiological survey of health foods from health food stores and bioshops in the Vienna area

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Microbiological testing of milk. Preparation of samples. Method for cheese and cheese products

Anonymous, 1986:
Microbiological testing of milk. Preparation of samples. Method for ice cream and ice cream mix

Anonymous, 1986:
Microbiological testing of milk. Preparation of samples. Method for milk and liquid milk products

Anonymous, 1986:
Microbiological testing of milk. Preparation of samples. Method for milk fat products

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Microbiology of meat and meat products

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Microbiology of meat and milk products in cold storage

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Microbiology of meat freezing

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Microbiology of milk

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Microbiology of paper and board manufacture

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Microbiology of the fermentation of locally produced ugba

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Microbiology of the rumen and intestine

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Microbiology of waste disposal systems

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Microcalculator program for determination of sugars

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Microcirculation of the coronary band of the equine hoof

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Microclimate and state of the building envelope of a cowhouse in wintertime

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Microclimate and transpiration of greenhouse crops

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Microclimate of the cabs of tractors and grain combine harvesters (estimated by the method of P.O. Fanger)

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Microclonal propagation of sugarbeet using different types of explants

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Microcolony epifluorescence microscopy for selective enumeration of injured bacteria in frozen and heat-treated foods

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Microcomputer analysis of selected traction peculiarities of a soil

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Microcomputer applications in stochastic hydrology

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Microcomputer assisted telemetric system for recording ultradian temperature fluctations in farm animals

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Microcomputer based controller for flow regulation of a chemigation pump

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Microcomputer control of a small-scale ethanol distillation system

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Microcomputer control of totally enclosed broiler house

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Microcomputer controlled laboratory rainfall simulator

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Microcomputer display of energy partitioning in cattle

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Microcomputer herbicide selection system for weed control in landscape horticulture

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Microcomputer identification of hardwood species

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Microcomputer network model for machinery selection in dairy waste management

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Microcomputer programs will allow better use to be made in future of farm and cooperative 'mirrors'

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Microcomputer remote sensing image processing system

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Microcomputer survey of irradiation effects on chromosomes. I. Survey of the dosage effect

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Microcomputer use by the Malaysian Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority

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Microcomputer use for energy and labor savings in Japanese protected cultivation

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Microcomputer-based distributed control and monitoring system for environmental control

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Microcomputer-based low flow meter/controller for liquids

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Microcomputer-based measuring device for collecting biological data

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Microcomputer-based monitoring system for broiler housing

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Microcomputer-guiding irrigation management system

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Microcomputers and the processing of agricultural census data

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Microcomputers as a means to introduce effective management procedures in primary health care: the Haiti experience

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Microcomputers for breeding work at cattle nucleus breeding centres

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Microcomputers in energy-saving greenhouses

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Microcomputers in micropropagation

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Microcomputers in research on the simulation of complex soil processes

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Microcrystalline cellulose from cotton stalk pulp

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Microdialysis of adipose tissue and blood for in vivo lipolysis studies

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Microeconomic aspects of the measurement and evaluation of the production efficiency of productive capital in socialist farms

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Microeconomic issues of labor markets in developing countries. Analysis and policy implications

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Microeconomic study of fertility behaviour in rural China

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Microelectronics and intensive technologies

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Microelectronics and rational energy use on farms

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Microelement composition of cow colostrum and milk during feeding of pre-mixes

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Microelement contents in barren soils of the Kolubara coal mining basin in the process of agrobiological recultivation

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Microelement uptake by winter wheat, rye and triticale during the growing season

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Microelements in Finnish soils: research history and current status

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Microencapsulation: innovative technology

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Microfilaria density distribution in the human population and its infectivity index for the mosquito population

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Microfilariae of Brugia pahangi in the blood of cats have variable levels of feline IgG on their sheaths

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Microfilarial surface carbohydrates as a function of developmental stage and ensheathment status in six species of filariids

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Microfiltration of brine

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Microflora of dry grapevine shoots - II

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Microflora of silage containing ferment from lactic acid bacteria and its effect on microbiological processes in the rumen of sheep

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Microflora of the Scots pine phyllosphere in areas affected by industrial emissions

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Microflora of the ears of dogs with otitis

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Microflora, yogurt and the immune system

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Microfluorometry of pectic materials in the dehiscence zone of almond (Prunus dulcis [Mill.] DA Webb) fruits

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Microfouling film composition, thickness and surface roughness on ship trial antifouling paints

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Microfungi and bacteria as decomposers of organic matter in soil

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Microfungi associated with the mycorrhizal mantle and adjacent microhabitats within the rhizosphere of black spruce

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Microgeographic adaptation to temperature in pitch pine progenies

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Microgeographic genetic variation in the Enchenopa binotata complex (Homoptera: Membracidae)

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Microgeographic variation in a Drosophila melanogaster larval behavior

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Microgeographical patterns of allozyme differentiation in Douglas-fir from southwest Oregon

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Micrografting between N-fixing and non-N-fixing genera of the rosaceae

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Micrografting in Genista monosperma Lam

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Micrografting technology for recovering three virus/affected Femminello lemon clones

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Microhabitat distribution of two Quercus (Fagaceae) species in relation to soil differences within a Kansas gallery forest

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Microhabitat distribution of velvetbean caterpillar (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) pupae in soybean fields in Louisiana

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Microhabitat use and hindwing phenotype in Hipparchia semele (Lepidoptera, Satyrinae): thermoregulation and background matching

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Microhardness of enamel and dentine of cat premolar teeth

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Microheterogeneity in the primary structure of the small reiterated unit of 5S DNA in the diploid wheat Triticum monococcum L

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Microhydro in rural development: five key factors for success

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Microinjected DNA from the X chromosome affects sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Microirrigation in China

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Microirrigation-world wide usage. Report by microirrigation working group

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Microjet irrigation of avocado

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Microlights in green clothing

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Micromanipulation and sexing of bovine embryos prior to embryo transfer

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Micromanipulations with early pig embryos

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Micromechanics of particleboards under bending load

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Micrometeorologic factors affecting field host-seeking activity of adult Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae)

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Micrometeorological instrumentation to assist with effective mosquito control

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Micromorphological characteristics induced by subsurface water flow in the Judean Desert

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Micromorphological characterization of the pore system of sandy and loamy substrates in the plough pan at moraine sites

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Micromorphological diagnosis of pedogenetic processes in soils of interfluves and slopes in southern taiga subzone of European USSR (with soils of CFSBR as model)

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Micromorphological diagnosis of solonetzic soils on Kulunda steppe

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Micromorphological interpretation of physico-chemical processes occurring in chernozemic soils in different regions of Poland

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Micromorphological study on the argillification in Aridisols of China

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Micromorphology and adaptative significance of the embryonal membranes of ova of cestodes from the suborder Hymenolepidata (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea)

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Micromorphology and classification of secondary calcium carbonate accumulations that surround or occur on the undersides of coarse fragments in Idaho (U.S.A.)

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Micromorphology and genesis of soils enriched with gypsum

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Micromorphology and genesis of some calcite pseudomorphs after lenticular gypsum

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Micromorphology of a clayey Bs horizon in an ash-derived podzolic soil from Shimokita Peninsula in northeastern Japan

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Micromorphology of calcic and petrocalcic horizons

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Micromorphology of degraded archaeological pine wood in waterlogged situations

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Micromorphology of dune sands and soils

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Micromorphology of gypsiferous soils

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Micromorphology of induced iron sulfide formation in a Chesapeake Bay (USA) tidal marsh

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Micromorphology of iron minerals from bog ores of the Belgian Campine area

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Micromorphology of recent hydromorphic soils in the lacustrine basin of Bientina in the lower Arno river valley

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Micromorphology of solonetz soils

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Micromorphology of swell-shrink soils

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Micromorphology of the tegument of allotetraploid seeds in the genus Phaseolus (P. vulgaris L. X P. filiformis Benth.)

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Micromorphometric and submicroscopic study of the diagnostic horizon of different brown-earth soils

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Micromorphometric aspects of transformations of the macroporosity in irrigated soils

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Micromorphy in New Forest Rubi

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Micromycetes of decomposed seed sugarbeet roots under different storage conditions

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Micromycetes on spontaneously growing plants from the Upper Somes region

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Micronema deletrix-induced granulomatous osteoarthritis in a lame horse

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Micronutrient assessment at the country level: an international study

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Micronutrient contents of leaf litter in cerrado and some Pinus stands

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Micronutrient harvest by peanut as influenced by sulphur and phosphorus application in vertisol soils

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Micronutrient intakes in laboratory animals and humans

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Micronutrient problems in intensive crop production in Romania

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Micronutrient status in Indian agriculture

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Micronutrient studies under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions

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Micronutrients as related to the soil characteristics of different countries

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Micronutrients for increasing sugarcane production

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Micronutrients in human milk

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Micronutrients in infant formula

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Micronutrients in milk and milk-based food products

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Micronutrients in plant production in Finland

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Micronutrients, chromatin alterations, and cancer

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Microorganisms as a structural and functional unit of grasslands ecosystems

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Microorganisms detected from nasal discharges of calves before and at the onset of pneumonia

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Microorganisms found on frescoes at Ferapont Monastry

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Microorganisms in our food: yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Microorganisms stimulating the establishment of mycorrhizal symbiosis (literature review)

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Microorganisms, their mutual relations and functions in the rhizosphere

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Microplot assessment of the fertility of coconut soils in Sergipe State (Brazil)

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Microplot design for determining corn recovery of nitrogen fertilizer applied in the row

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Microplot size requirements for measuring balances of fertilizer nitrogen-15 applied to maize

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Microprocessor based real time grain loss prediction and monitoring

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Microprocessor based tractor performance monitors

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Microprocessor control of chemical sprayers

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Microprocessor control structures for raw sugar factories

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Microprocessor control system for electric drives in agriculture

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Microprocessor controls for a heat-storing low-temperature corn drying system

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Microprocessor environmental control in a large farrowing complex

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Microprocessor system for controlling technologic electrical installations

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Microprocessor-based electronic systems and agricultural equipment challenges

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Microprocessors for automatic control of greenhouse environment

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Microprojectile-mediated gene transfer to plants

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Micropropagation - controlled environment facilities and equipment for weaning

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Micropropagation and fruit trees. Work in 1988

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Micropropagation of 3 virus-free edible aroids

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Micropropagation of Cordyline terminalis cv. Atoom - a European cooperation project

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Micropropagation of Dendrobium chrysanthum Wall. through pseudobulb segments

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Micropropagation of Eucalyptus X trabutii, E. viminalis and E. gunnii

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Micropropagation of Hyacinthus orientalis cv. Carnegie in a double-phase culture medium. I. Effect of cytokinins on growth and development

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Micropropagation of Ixia maculata L

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Micropropagation of Lavandula species

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Micropropagation of Leucospermum

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Micropropagation of Musa AAA cv. Poyo in the Ivory Coast

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Micropropagation of Oxydendrum arboreum

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Micropropagation of Pelargonium X domesticum (P. grandiflorum hybrids)

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Micropropagation of Peperomia and Begonia species using petiole segments

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Micropropagation of Xeronema callistemon

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Micropropagation of adult trees of Acacia albida (Leguminosae)

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Micropropagation of apomictic Malus clones of diverse ploidy level and parentage

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Micropropagation of apple and pear rootstocks. II. In vitro rooting of Pyrus malus L. (M.25, 26, 27, MM.106, M.9 Jork type) and of Cydonia oblonga Mill. (A)

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Micropropagation of ash (Fraxinus)

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Micropropagation of azaleas using thidiazuron

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Micropropagation of clones of marjoram (Origanum vulgare L.) under in vitro conditions

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Micropropagation of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

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Micropropagation of cucumber plant through reproductive organ culture and semi-aquaculture of regenerated plants

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Micropropagation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Khadrawy using tissue culture technique

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Micropropagation of flame azalea

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Micropropagation of floriculture crops

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Micropropagation of giant sequoia

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Micropropagation of ginger

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Micropropagation of gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) from hypocotyl and cotyledon segments and the effects of treatment with ethyl methanesulfonate and colchicine on regenerated shoot tips

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Micropropagation of lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

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Micropropagation of peach

Paoli, G. de, 1987:
Micropropagation of pear cultivars

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Micropropagation of pepinos (Solanum muricatum Ait)

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Micropropagation of roses (Rosa hybr.)

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Micropropagation of some members of the Myrtaceae

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Micropropagation of temperate fruits - applications and limitations

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Micropropagation of the cold-hardy apple rootstock KSC-3: a morphological analysis

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Micropropagation of winter cauliflower cultivars

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Micropropagation of woody plants: post tissue culture aspects

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Micropropagation of woody species - state of the art on in vitro aspects

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Micropropagation techniques as tools for studying plant growth, tuberization and sprouting of potatoes

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Micropropagation: studies of gaseous environments

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Micropropagation: the problems with woody species

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Micropylar infection of post-harvest caryopses of Zea mays by Aspergillus flavus var. columnaris var. nov

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Microsarcocysts in pigs in Uttar Pradesh, India

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Microscopic algae - a means of protection against pests

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Microscopic analysis of herbivore diets - a problem and a solution

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Microscopic analysis of honeys from Saskatchewan, Canada

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Microscopic anatomy and ultrastructure of the male genital system in Porocephalus crotali and P. stilesi (Pentastomida: Porocephalida)

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Microscopic evaluation of carbon and phosphorus accumulation in nutrient removal activated sludge plants

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Microscopic evaluation of egg shell quality

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Microscopic evaluation of hygienic conditions of extract and puree of tomato and of ketchup

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Microscopic features of Sarcocystis falcatula in skeletal muscle from a Patagonian conure

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Microscopic fungi as biodestructors of photographic films

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Microscopic observation of ezomatsu (Picea jezoensis Carr.) wood decayed by the dry rot fungus, Serpula lacrymans (Fr.) S.F. Gray

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Microscopic structure of the wheat grain

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Microscopic studies of the skin of Turkish Angora goats. I. Skin layers

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Microscopical examination of semen and the interpretation of the results in the context of natural mating in the Charolais region

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Microscopical investigations on the storage of oils in the seeds of native oil plants

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Microscopy of progressive decay of cottonwood by the brown-rot fungus Gloeophyllum trabeum

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Microscopy of the mycoflora of Abies alba. I. Thysanophora penicillioides

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Microscopy of the mycoflora of fir (Abies alba) needles. IV. Decomposition of the cuticle, hypodermis and epidermis

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Microscopy techniques in crop plants

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Microsequencing of plant proteins and cloning of the corresponding genes by oligonucleotide probing

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Microsite and interspecific interactions affecting emergence of root-infesting pine weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Wisconsin

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Microsite variation and soil dynamics within newly created treefall pits and mounds

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Microsomal phosphatidate phosphatase in maturing safflower seeds