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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Newton, I., 1988: Monitoring of persistent pesticide residues, and their effects on bird populations

Morrison, I., 1988: Monitoring of pesticides and heavy metals in dairy products

Singh J.P.; Lather B.P.S., 1989: Monitoring of pink bollworm moths and larvae

Romero F.; Elejalde C.; Gomez G., 1989: Monitoring of plant and soil pollution based on ionic impulsion

Brathen, G.; Stray Pedersen, O., 1989: Monitoring of radioactivity in Norwegian milk products during 1986-88

Brathen, G.; Stray Pedersen, O., 1989: Monitoring of radioactivity in Norwegian milk products during 1986/87/88

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889007

Nisoli, L. G. C.; Grandi, S.; Colombani, C.; Maffeo, G., 1989: Monitoring of some reproductive traits of boars by a computerised management system

Erichsen, E.; Daebeler, F., 1987: Monitoring of the brassicae pod midge (Dasyneura brassicae Winn.) in winter rape

Pujol, R., 1990: Monitoring of the function of a sewage treatment plant incorporating physico-chemical treatment and biofiltration = Metabief (France)

Rossow, N.; Staufenbiel, B.; Staufenbiel, R.; Bauer, J., 1989: Monitoring of the metabolism of dairy cows by assessment, and by body fat deposition

Roediger, K. J., 1988: Monitoring of the spruce wood engraver with Chalcoprax

Celli, G.; Porrini, C.; Balestra, V.; Menozzi, R., 1989: Monitoring of urban atmospheric pollutants using honeybees

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889015

Kaiser, M.; Irmer, U.; Weiler, K., 1989: Monitoring of water quality: seasonal variations of heavy metals in sediment, suspended particulate matter and tubificids of the Elbe River

Hannah, D. J.; Pickston, L.; Fraser, J. S.; Hannah, M. L., 1988: Monitoring pesticides and heavy metals. A total diet survey

Kabeer, N., 1989: Monitoring poverty as if gender mattered: a methodology for rural Bangladesh

Kaku, S.; Iwaya Inoue, M., 1988: Monitoring primary response to chilling stress in etiolated Vigna radiata and V. mungo seedlings using thermal hysteresis of water proton NMR relaxation times

Andriesse, J. P., 1987: Monitoring project of nutrient cycling in soils used for shifting cultivation under various climatic conditions in Asia. Part I Text. Part II Annexes

Graves, J. B.; Leonard, B. R.; Pavloff, A. M.; Burris, G.; Ratchford, K.; Micinski, S., 1988: Monitoring pyrethroid resistance in tobacco budworm in Louisiana during 1987: resistance management implications

Graves, J. B.; Leonard, B. R.; Pavloff, A. M.; Sparks, T. C.; Micinski, S.; Burris, E.; Ratchford, K. J., 1989: Monitoring pyrethroid resistance in tobacco budworms

Rosenhagen, C.; Schulte, A., 1988: Monitoring respiration in the dog and cat - a new monitoring principle

Ryerson, R.; Germain, M. F.; Neilson, U.; Villani, R., 1987: Monitoring rural land-use change: a pilot project

Millington, A. C.; Drake, N. A.; Townshend, J. R. G.; Quarmby, N. A.; Settle, J. J.; Reading, A. J., 1989: Monitoring salt playa dynamics using Thematic Mapper data

Burk, Dg; Miles, Rj; Broderson, Wd; Sievers, Dm, 1988: Monitoring saturated zones in soils containing coarse fragments

Dabis, F.; Breman, J. G.; Roisin, A. J.; Haba, F., 1989: Monitoring selective components of primary health care: methodology and community assessment of vaccination, diarrhoea, and malaria practices in Conakry, Guinea

Essiet, E. V., 1987: Monitoring soil and water quality in agricultural development

Lal, R., 1988: Monitoring soil erosion's impact on crop productivity

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889036

Maxwell, S., 1988: Monitoring sulphate reduction activity in the field using radiorespirometry

Dmitriev, E. A.; Pozdnyakov, A. I.; Sibul' , R. A.; Borodkin, V. A., 1988: Monitoring the activity of nitrates and calcium, using ion selective electrodes in soils of differing genesis in a humid zone

Fukal, L.; Reisnerova, H.; Sova, Z., 1989: Monitoring the aflatoxin content in feeds by a radioimmunochemical method

Vincent, C.; Mailloux, M.; Hagley, E. A. C.; Reissig, W. H.; Coli, W. M.; Hosmer, T. A., 1990: Monitoring the codling moth (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae) and the obliquebanded leafroller (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with sticky and nonsticky traps

Levadoux W.; Johnson M.; Andre G., 1989: Monitoring the degradation of commercial microbial rennet preparations

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889042

Spencer, D; Higgins, Tjv; Freer, M; Dove, H; Coombe, Jb, 1988: Monitoring the fate of dietary proteins in rumen fluid using gel electrophoresis

Zhukov, N. M.; Kolonitskaya, E. I., 1986: Monitoring the flight of the codling moth

Krushelnicki, B. W.; Bell, S. J., 1989: Monitoring the loss of agricultural land. Identifying the urban price shadow in the Niagara Region, Canada

Coleman, S. W.; Stuth, J. W.; Holloway, J. W., 1989: Monitoring the nutrition of grazing cattle with near-infrared analysis of feces

Kennedy, P. J., 1989: Monitoring the phenology of Tunisian grazing lands

Diekmann, M., 1987: Monitoring the presence of Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica) in germplasm exchange at ICARDA

Simon, T.; Sowdat, M.; Vercesi, R.; Boulvert, Y., 1988: Monitoring the seasonal development of a natural environment in the humid tropical zone

Morrison, R. B.; Thawley, D. G., 1988: Monitoring the serological status to pseudorabies virus in growing/finishing pigs

Vlasova, E. A., 1987: Monitoring the structure of disease pathogen populations on vegetable crops and their territorial distribution in the USSR

Kennedy, P., 1989: Monitoring the vegetation of Tunisian grazing lands using the normalized difference vegetation index

Anonymous, 1987: Monitoring the viability of seeds in cold storage

Anonymous, 1990: Monitoring the volume and value of the conference and exhibition market in Scotland 1989

Anonymous, 1989: Monitoring the volume and value of the conference and exhibition market in Scotland: a report to the Scottish Tourist Board

Reginato R.J., 1988: Monitoring the weather at five winter wheat experimental field sites

Dineura, P., 1988: Monitoring the weed flora under production conditions

Baladron, J. J.; Ordas, A., 1988: Monitoring viability in the genus Brassica

Karpinski, K; Hidiroglou, M., 1990: Monitoring vitamin E pools in sheep tissue and plasma after intravenous dosing of radiotocopherol

Richardson, A. J.; Everitt, J. H., 1987: Monitoring water stress in buffelgrass using hand-held radiometers

Scheuhammer A.M., 1989: Monitoring wild bird populations for lead exposure

Tinker, P. B., 1989: Monitoring, reclaiming and increasing soil fertility

Schwan, TG.; Oprandy, JJ.; Main, AJ., 1988: Mono Lake virus infecting Argas ticks (Acari: Argasidae) associated with California gulls breeding on islands in Mono Lake, California

Tsujii, S.; Nakai, Y.; Fukata, J.; Nakaishi, S.; Takahashi, H.; Usui, T.; Imura, H.; Ikeda, H.; Matsuo, T., 1988: Monoamine metabolism and its responses to food deprivation in the brain of Zucker rats

Fal, W.; Lucinska, A.; Kubiszyn, E., 1985: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity in the blood and homogenates of the spleen, mesenteric lymph node and small intestine of mice experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis

Fal, W.; Lucinska, A.; Kubiszyn, E., 1985: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity in the blood, spleen, mesenteric lymph node and small intestine of mice infected with Trichinella pseudospiralis

Myers, R. D.; Peinado, J. M.; Minano, F. J., 1988: Monoamine transmitter activity in lateral hypothalamus during its perfusion with insulin or 2-DG in sated and fasted rat

Dzhamalbekova, R. A., 1987: Monoamine-opioidergic interaction in the mechanism of hypothalamic release of prolactin

Crim, L. W.; Evans, D. M.; Moreland, K., 1989: Monoaminergic substances in the teleost brain: catecholamine levels in male and female winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus Walbaum, associated with gonadal recrudescence

Kumazawa, T.; Adachi, K.; Suzuki, O., 1988: Monoaminergic systems in neurological mutant mice

Mccorkle F.M.; Taylor R.L.Jr; Denno K.M.; Jabe J.M., 1990: Monoamines alter in vitro migration of chicken leukocytes

Ryss, A. Y., 1989: Monobutlerius kaplini sp. n. (Nematoda: Rhabditida: Diplogasteridae) from Turkmenia and a key to the species of Monobutlerius

McGrew, K., 1989: Monocast nylon mill bearing liners

Kutschke, H., 1986: Monochamus galloprovincialis (Olivier) - new for the Schwerin district (Col., Cerambycidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889082

Bazzi, C.; Minardi, P.; Burr, T. J.; Katz, B. H.; Bishop, A. L.; Blanchard, L. M., 1988: Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in a comparative serological study of Agrobacterium Conn. biovars

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889085

Rimmelzwaan, G. F.; Bunschoten, E. J.; UytdeHaag, F. G. C. M.; Osterhaus, A. D. M. E., 1989: Monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibody vaccines against poliovirus, canine parvovirus, and rabies virus

McLaughlin, R. J.; Chen, T. A.; Wells, J. M., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies against Erwinia amylovora: characterization and evaluation of a mixture for detection by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Paramasivan, C. N.; Jackett, P. S.; Coates, A. R. M.; Lowrie, D. B.; Mitchison, D. A., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies against Mycobacterium avium/intracellulare

Haan, P. de; Raay Helmer, E. M. H. van der; Wikler, J., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies against Trichophyton rubrum and their cross-activity with related and non-related antigens

Veromaa, T.; Vainio, O.; Eeerola, E.; Toivanen, P., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies against chicken Bu-la Bu-lb alloantigens

Jiang X.F., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies against the maize bushy stunt agent

Brink D.E.; Price S.C.; Martinez C., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies against zeins

Holaway B.L.; Evans P.T.; Malmberg R.L., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies and floral development

Anonymous, 1988: Monoclonal antibodies and immunological techniques to detect plant pathogens. Proceedings of the first COST-88 workshop, Wageningen, Netherlands, 24-27 November 1987

Jonsson, L.; Magnusson, C.; Book, M.; Juntti, N., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies applied in an immunoperoxidase method for detection of parvovirus in specimens of small intestine from dog and mink

Graf, R.; Binz, H.; Briegel, H., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies as probes for Aedes aegypti trypsin

Zhou, Z., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies as probes for developmental events in pea (Pisum sativum L.) seedlings

Chapman, M. D., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies as structural probes for mite, cat, and cockroach allergens

Hack, R.; Terplan, G., 1987: Monoclonal antibodies as tools for analysing residues such as mycotoxins in foodstuffs

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889111

Haase A.; Richter J.; Rabenstein F., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies for detection and serotyping of cucumber mosaic virus

Groyer Picard, M. T.; Vu Hai, M. T.; Jolivet, A.; Milgrom, E.; Perrot Applanat, M., 1990: Monoclonal antibodies for immunocytochemistry of progesterone receptors (PR) in various laboratory rodents, livestock, humans, and chickens: identification of two epitopes conserved in RP of all these species

Davelaar, E.; Vonk, C. R.; Boonekamp, P. M.; Pomp, H., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies for the determination of abscisic acid

Teixeira, MMG.; Plessmann Camargo, E., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies for the identification of trypanosomatids of the genus Phytomonas

Rupp, W.; Buttgereit, W., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies in food and feed tests

Thorns, C. J.; Nolan, A.; Boarer, C. D. H.; Roeder, P. L., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies in the diagnosis of infectious diseases

Bundle, D. R.; Perry, M. B.; Cherwonogrodzky, J. W., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies in the identification and characterization of Brucella species

Schooneveld, H.; Smid, HM., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies obtained through insect brain homogenates: tools for cell-specific neuroanatomical studies in the Colorado potato beetle

Augustine, P. C.; Danforth, H. D.; McAndrew, S. J., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies reveal antigenic differences in refractile bodies of avian Eimeria sporozoites

Bleau G., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies specific for an oviductal component associated with the hamster zona pellucida

Lopes, AHCS.; McMahon-Pratt, D., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies specific for members of the genus Endotrypanum

Cooper, A.; Rosen, H.; Blackwell, JM., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies that recognize distinct epitopes of the macrophage type three complement receptor differ in their ability to inhibit binding of Leishmania promastigotes harvested at different phases of their growth cycle

Hwang, Y. S.; Panangala, V. S.; Rossi, C. R.; Giambrone, J. J.; Lauerman, L. H., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies that recognize specific antigens of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae

Cornaglia, E.; Elazhary, Y.; Roy, R. S.; Talbot, B., 1990: Monoclonal antibodies to Quebec strain (Q17) of bovine rotavirus

Swaminathan, B., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies to Salmonella and Campylobacter

Mackie J.T.; Bath M.L.; Stear M.J.; Davis W.C., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies to bovine major histocompatibility system antigens

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889149

Chirnside, E. D.; Cook, R. F.; Lock, M. W.; Mumford, J. A., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies to equine arteritis virus

Carter M.J.; Routledge E.G.; Toms G.L., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies to feline calicivirus

Rodak, L.; Granatova, M.; Valicek, L.; Smid, B.; Vesely, T.; Nevorankova, Z., 1990: Monoclonal antibodies to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus and their use in the diagnosis of infection

Drobyshevskaya, E. I.; Nedyalkov, Yu A.; Spitsyn, S. V.; Makarova, V. A.; Dyuisalieva, R. P.; Tarasevich, I. V.; Nesterenko, V. G., 1990: Monoclonal antibodies to species-specific and group antigens of Rickettsia prowazekii

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889161

Laan, H.; Smid, E. J.; Leij, L. de; Schwander, E.; Konings, W. N., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies to the cell-wall associated proteinase of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris Wg2

Hopkins, J.; Dutia, B. M., 1990: Monoclonal antibodies to the sheep analogues of human CD45 (leucocyte common antigen), MHC class I and CD5. Differential expression after lymphocyte activation in vivo

Esen A.; Mohammad K.; Schurig G.G.; Aycock H.S., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies to zein discriminate certain maize inbreds and genotypes

Donovan, G. R.; Skerritt, J. H.; Castle, S. L., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies used to characterize cDNA clones expressing specific wheat endosperm proteins

Shimizu M.; Satou K.; Nishioka N., 1989: Monoclonal antibodies with neutralizing activity to equine herpesvirus 1

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889170

Pasquini, G.; Barba, M., 1988: Monoclonal antibodies: their preparation and use in plant virology

Grau G.E.; Heremans H.; Piguet P F.; Pointaire P.; Lambert P H.; Billiau A.; Vassalli P., 1989: Monoclonal antibody against interferon gamma can prevent experimental cerebral malaria and its associated overproduction of tumor necrosis factor

Hofte, H; Van-Rie, J; Jansens, S; Houtven, A. Van; Vanderbruggen, H; Vaeck, M., 1988: Monoclonal antibody analysis and insecticidal spectrum of three types of lepidopteran-specific insecticidal crystal proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis

Stetzenbach, L. D.; Arrowood, M. J.; Marshall, M. M.; Sterling, C. R., 1988: Monoclonal antibody based immunofluorescent assay for Giardia and Cryptosporidium detection in water samples

Erdei, J.; Erdei, J.; Kissi, B.; Meder, M.; Saghy, E.; Palya, V.; Tanyi, J.; Meszaros, J.; Lomniczi, B., 1988: Monoclonal antibody identification of Newcastle disease virus vaccine (LaSota) type strains isolated from poultry flocks with respiratory symptoms

Smith, J. S., 1988: Monoclonal antibody studies of rabies in insectivorous bats of the United States

Candlish A.A.G.; Smith J.E.; Stimson W.H., 1989: Monoclonal antibody technology for mycotoxins

Ramakrishna, N.; Lacey, J.; Candlish, A. A. G.; Smith, J. E.; Goodbrand, I. A., 1990: Monoclonal antibody-based enzyme linked immunosorbent assay of aflatoxin B1, T-2 toxin, and ochratoxin A in barley

Shankarappa, B.; Dutta, SK.; Sanusi, J.; Mattingly, BL., 1989: Monoclonal antibody-mediated, immunodiagnostic competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for equine monocytic ehrlichiosis

Breitschwerdt, E. B.; Woody, B. J.; Zerbe, C. A.; Buysscher, E. V. de; Barta, O., 1987: Monoclonal gammopathy associated with naturally occurring canine ehrlichiosis

Lisi, P. J.; Dondero, R. S.; Kwiatkowski, D.; Spence, M. R.; Rein, M. F.; Alderete, J. F., 1988: Monoclonal-antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Trichomonas vaginalis

Sarode S.V.; Krishnamurthy P.N., 1989: Monocrotophos and quinalphos residues in grape fruits

Cooter, J., 1988: Monoctenus juniperi (L.) (Hym., Diprionidae) in Montenegro, Yugoslavia

Cannon, L. R. G.; Jennings, J. B., 1988: Monocystella epibatis n.sp., a new aseptate gregarine hyperparasite of rhabdocoel turbellarians parasitic in the crown of thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci Linnaeus, from the Great Barrier Reef

Pizl, V., 1989: Monocystid gregarines (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) of some Czechoslovak earthworms

Chu Y.; Dietert R.R., 1989: Monocyte function in chickens with hereditary muscular dystrophy

Bogdanov, A. V.; Nikitin, N. V., 1990: Monodispersion rotary sprayers

Ross, M. W.; Rosser, B. S., 1988: Monogamy is

Lebedev B.I., 1988: Monogenea in the light of new evidence and their position among platyhelminths

Mitenev, V. K.; Shulman, B. S., 1988: Monogenea of fish from the Kola Subarctic region

Gvozdev, E. V.; Karabekova, D. U., 1990: Monogenea of freshwater fish in Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Dyer, WG.; Williams, E H.; Jr.; Williams, LB., 1989: Monogeneans from marine fishes of Okinawa, Japan

Musselius, V. A., 1987: Monogeneans of fish farms and their importance in modern methods of pisciculture

Mikailov, T. K.; Seidli, Y. M., 1989: Monogeneans of fish of the Kyzylagachskii Bay, Caspian Sea

Mitenev, V. K.; Shul' man, B. S., 1987: Monogeneans of fishes of the Kola Peninsula

Bocharova, T. A., 1987: Monogeneans of fishes of the Vasyugan River

Miroshnichenko, A. I., 1987: Monogeneans of fresh-water fishes of Crimea

Golovin, P. P., 1987: Monogeneans of the eel cultured in warm waters

Mamaev, Yu L., 1988: Monogeneans of the family Heteromicrocotylidae Unnithan, 1961

Liu, M. C.; Zhang, J. Y., 1987: Monogenetic trematodes of freshwater fishes from Tianjin

Karabalin, B.; Terlikbaev, Kh, 1989: Monogenic heterosis in sheep

Solov' ev, A. M.; Firsov, I. P., 1988: Monogerm varieties of fodder beet

Anonymous, 1988: Monogermy in beet: embryology, genetics, breeding

Porto, C. da; Bortolomeazzi, R.; Sensidoni, A., 1989: Monoglucoside anthocyanins in Terrano grapes and in wines obtained by traditional vinification and by preconditioning with CO2

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Manzo, P.; Tamponi, G., 1987: Monograph of table grape cultivars

Turci P., 1988: Monograph on strawberry cultivars

Bahadur, K. N., 1988: Monograph on the genus Toona (Meliaceae)

Anonymous, 1987: Monograph on the protopaussine and paussine Coleoptera. Containing descriptions and illustrations of living and fossil species with dichotomous keys to all species

Detienne, P.; Thiel, J., 1988: Monograph on wapas of French Guiana

Anonymous, 1989: Monograph, efficiency of machine milking. II

acicowa, B., 1986: Monographella nivalis on triticale leaf sheaths

Cobos, A., 1986: Monographic essay on the Melanophila Eschscholtz sensu lato (Coleoptera, Buprestidae). Part I: Melanophila Eschs., sensu novo; Trachypteris Kirby; Xenomelanophila Sloop

Anonymous, 1988: Monographs on individual drugs

Popolzukhina, N. A., 1988: Monohybrid heterosis in spring wheat

Mariau, D.; Bikoi, J. D., 1990: Monolepta apicicornis Thomson (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae) oil palm root miner in west Africa - Initial results

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889237

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889238

Hirling, W., 1989: Mononchida, an insufficiently studied predatory nematode order (Nematoda: Mononchida)

Yaqoob, M.; Ahmad, R., 1989: Mononeuritis multiplex as an unusual complication of leptospirosis

Godfrey Faussett, P.; Behrens, R. H.; Kapoor, R., 1990: Mononeuritis multiplex in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889243

Wood, P. M., 1988: Monooxygenase and free redical mechanisms for biological ammonia oxidation

Uchida, K; Mitsui, M; Kawakishi, S., 1989: Monooxygenation of N-acetylhistamine mediated by L-ascorbate

Conia J.; Muller P.; Brown S.; Bergounioux C.; Gadal P., 1989: Monoparametric models of flow cytometric karyotypes with spreadsheet software

Mandahar C.L., 1989: Monopartite elongated viruses

Sehgal O.P.; White J.A.; Mandahar C.L., 1989: Monopartite spherical viruses

Zechner, G.; Zechner, U. G., 1988: Monophase high-voltage therapy in veterinary practice

Jones, D. W., 1988: Monopsony and plant location in a Thunen land use model

Parks A.H.; Scott E.A.; Cox J.E.; Stick J.A., 1989: Monorchidism in the horse

Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889253

Williams, N. R.; Davison, B. E.; Ferrier, R. J.; Furneaux, R. H.; Tyler, P. C.; Wightman, R. H., 1989: Monosaccharides, disaccharides, and specific oligosaccharides

Clarke, W. A.; Batterham, E. S., 1989: Monosodium glutamate as a flavour enhancer in creep-weaner diets for piglets

Lange, W.; Bock, T. S. M. de; Geyt, J. P. C. van; Oleo, M., 1988: Monosomic additions in beet (Beta vulgaris) carrying extra chromosomes of B. procumbens. 2. Effects of the alien chromosomes on in vivo and in vitro plant development

Jena, K. K.; Khush, G. S., 1989: Monosomic alien addition lines of rice: production, morphology, cytology, and breeding behaviour

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Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889284

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Section 2, Chapter 1890, Accession 001889304

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