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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Triboi, E., 1988:
Nitrogen and sulphur balance in pastures and annual and forage crops at mid-altitudes in the Massif Central

Sachdev, M.S.; Deb, D.L., 1990:
Nitrogen and sulphur uptake and efficiency in the mustard-moong-maize cropping system

Anonymous, 1988:
Nitrogen and water use by grassland: proceedings of a colloquium held to mark the retirements from the Institute for Grassland and Animal Production of Edward A. Garwood and John Morrison

Balyan, J.S.; Singh, R.R., 1987:
Nitrogen and weed control studies in sorghum + soybean intercropping system

Reinhardt, W.; Dauderstadt, M., 1989:
Nitrogen application to winter wheat for achieving high and stable yields under the conditions of the Halle district

Ilieva, R., 1989:
Nitrogen assimilation by wheat grown under different soil conditions

Burford, J.R.; Sahrawat, K.L., 1989:
Nitrogen availability in SAT soils: environmental effects on soil processes

Carranca, C.L.V.A.F., 1989:
Nitrogen availability in some maize cultivated soils of Portugal

Germon, J.C.; Couton, Y., 1989:
Nitrogen balance and gaseous nitrogen losses in soils

Hansen, J.F., 1989:
Nitrogen balance in agriculture in Denmark and ways of reducing the loss of nitrogen

Misner, S.F.x, H., 1988:
Nitrogen balance in pregnant adolescents and young adults

Masoni, A., 1989:
Nitrogen balance in spring barley grown in three soils given different nitrogen fertilizers

Krull, H., 1988:
Nitrogen balance in the districts of the Federal Republic of Germany

Nobili, M. de; Leita, L.; Petrussi, F.; Franzin, F.; Nannipieri, P.; Ciardi, C.; Sequi, P.; Youssef, J., 1988:
Nitrogen balance in the fertilization of apple trees

Ercoli, L.; Massantini, F.; Masoni, A., 1989:
Nitrogen balance of a two-year maize (Zea mays L.)-wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) rotation on three soils fertilized with different nitrogen levels. Note II: nitrogen leaching losses

Mohanty, S.K.; Chakravorti, S.P.; Bhadrachalam, A., 1989:
Nitrogen balance studies in rice using 15N-labelled urea and urea supergranules

Atinmo, T.; Mbofung, C.M.; Egun, G.; Osotimehin, B., 1988:
Nitrogen balance study in young Nigerian adult males using four levels of protein intake

Saxena, V.P.; Mandal, A.H.; Thakur, R.S.; Sagar, V., 1987:
Nitrogen balance, egg based fertility and hatchability in pullets fed diets with different energy protein ratios

Maples, R.L., 1989:
Nitrogen can increase cotton yield and soil organic matter

Velich, J.; Mrkvicka, J.; Belohoubek, A., 1990:
Nitrogen circulation in the grassland ecosystem treated with different fertilizer rates

Takenaka, T., 1987:
Nitrogen components and carboxylic acids of royal jelly

Sanderson, M.A., 1988:
Nitrogen composition of herbage in relation to the ruminant animal

Shindo, H.; Higashi, T., 1989:
Nitrogen composition of the plough layers of paddy soils in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Koval' , Y.V.; Lupan, V.S., 1990:
Nitrogen compounds in sugarbeet seeds on treatment of stecklings with trace elements and growth regulators

Giardini, L.; Ceccon, P.; Giupponi, C., 1989:
Nitrogen concentration in tile drainage water flow and evaluation of leaching losses

Sanderson M.A.; Wedin W.F., 1989:
Nitrogen concentrations in the cell wall and lignocellulose of smooth bromegrass herbage

Fayed, M.T.; Mostafa, M.T.; Abdrabou, R.T.; Osman, A.M., 1986:
Nitrogen content and photosynthetic pigments in soybean cultivars as affected by nitrogen fertilization

Tsanev, V., 1990:
Nitrogen content in the seeds and its association with some elements of nitrogen metabolism in wheat lines obtained by hybridization between Triticum aestivum and Aegilops crassa. II. Proteolytic activity of the leaves

Hochmuth, G.J.; Shuler, K.D.; Mitchell, R.L.; Gilreath, P.R., 1987:
Nitrogen crop nutrient requirement demonstrations for mulched pepper in Florida

Boon, P.I.; Cain, S., 1988:
Nitrogen cycling in salt-marsh and mangrove sediments at Western Port, Victoria

Bonilla, D.; Roda, F., 1990:
Nitrogen cycling responses to disturbance: trenching experiments in an evergreen oak forest

Loiseau, P., 1989:
Nitrogen derived from soil and mineral N uptake efficiency in mountain volcanic pastures

Ippersiel,, I.M.ckenzie, A.; Mehuys, G., 1989:
Nitrogen distribution, yield, and quality of silage corn after foliar nitrogen fertilization

Slangen, J.H.G.; Krook, G.J.; Hendriks, C.H.M.; Hof, N.A.A., 1989:
Nitrogen dressing and nutrient absorption of lilies (Asiatic hybrids) on sandy soils

Javid, Z.; Fisher, R.F., 1990:
Nitrogen dynamics in coniferous forests of Pakistan

Kamiji, Y.; Horie, T., 1988:
Nitrogen dynamics in soil-crop system and grain production processes in rice - influence of nitrogen pattern as induced by its different application on the growth and yield formation processes

Gysi, C.; Roth, K., 1988:
Nitrogen dynamics in vegetable fields in Switzerland

Lorenz, G.; Stahr, K., 1989:
Nitrogen dynamics of a loess region in southern Germany (FRG)

Schnier H.F.; Dingkuhn M.; D.D.tta S.K.; Mengel K.; Wijangco E.; Javellana C., 1990:
Nitrogen economy and canopy carbon dioxide assimilation of tropical lowland rice

Bhagat, R.M.; Kanwar, B.B.; Verma, T.S.; Minhas, R.S., 1988:
Nitrogen economy in lowland rice culture

Singh, R.P.; Kaushik, M.K., 1987:
Nitrogen economy in maize-legume intercropping system

John, P.S.; Prasad, R.; Pandey, R.K.; Buresh, R.J., 1989:
Nitrogen economy in rice based cropping systems through cowpea green manure or cowpea residue

Kadam, R.H.; Magar, S.S.; Shinde, S.H.; Umrani, N.K., 1987:
Nitrogen economy in sorghum - black gram intercropping system in black soils (Vertisol)

Avery, M.E., 1989:
Nitrogen economy of a Leucaena/sorghum agroforestry system

Mascagni H.J.; Sabbe W.E.; Parker P., 1990:
Nitrogen effects on five wheat cultivars at growth stage ten on a clay soil

Mughogbo, S.K.; Christianson, C.B.; Stumpe, J.M.; Vlek, P.L.G., 1990:
Nitrogen efficiency at three sites in Nigeria as affected by N source and management

Shaheen, A., 1988:
Nitrogen efficiency of Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.)

Cornellus, J.M.; Cunningham, G.L., 1987:
Nitrogen enrichment effects on vegetation of a northern Chihuahuan desert landscape

Zurakowski, M.; Chrapkowska, K.J., 1986:
Nitrogen enrichment of Scots pine needles for fodder use by addition of urea under pressure

Kocabiyik, S.; Alaeddinoglu, G., 1985:
Nitrogen enrichment of whey by fermentation

Beck, S.A.; Tisdale, M.J., 1989:
Nitrogen excretion in cancer cachexia and its modification by a high fat diet in mice

Newbould, P., 1989:
Nitrogen factor in organic matter cycling and utilisation in arid soils

Caballero, R., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilisation of field beans in central Spain. Effects on seeds yields and chemical composition

Westfall D.G.; Vaughan B.; Barbarick K.A., 1990:
Nitrogen fertility program for intensively managed dryland winter wheat

Demyttenaere, P.; Hofman, G.; Vulsteke, G.; Ossemerct, C., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization advice for self-blanching celery

Knapp J.S.; Harms C.L., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization and plant growth regulator effects on yield and quality of four wheat cultivars

Wolf, T.K.; Pool, R.M., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization and rootstock effects on wood maturation and dormant bud cold hardiness of cv. Chardonnay grapevines

Giardini, L.; Giovanardi, R.; Borin, M., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization and stalk incorporation in twenty-years of continuous maize (Zea mays L.) cropping II. Nitrogen balance and efficiency

Evanylo G.K., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization effects on potato leaf nutrient status

Kost, W., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization experiment in parsley

Milian, O.; Ruiz, L.; Portieles, M., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization in the tania clone Mexico 1 (Xanthosoma violaceum)

Jacobsen J.S.; Westermann R.L., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization in winter wheat tillage systems

Gonzalez, A.; Hubert, G., 1985:
Nitrogen fertilization of a sugar maple stand: behavior of various nitrogen fertilizers in the soil

Weier, U.; Scharpf, H.C., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization of butterhead and iceberg lettuce

Weier, U.; Scharpf, H.C., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization of cauliflower

Meijer, W.J.M.; Vreeke, S., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization of grass seed crops as related to soil mineral nutrition

Clark J.R.; Fernandez G.E.; Maples R.; Bordelon B., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization of highbush blueberry

Fowler, D.B.; Brydon, J.; Baker, R.J., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization of no-till winter wheat and rye. I. Yield and agronomic responses

Fowler, D.B.; Brydon, J.; Baker, R.J., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization of no-till winter wheat and rye. II. Influence on grain protein

Rhoads, F.M.; Olson, S.M.; Manning, A., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization of staked tomatoes in North Florida

Mascagni H.J.; Sabbe W.E.; Glover R.E., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization of wheat grown on wide beds

Mascagni, H.J.; Sabbe, W.E., 1990:
Nitrogen fertilization of wheat grown on wide, raised beds: final report

Gill, A.S.; Abichandani, C.T.; Maurya, R.K.; Mannikar, N.D., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilization on fodder sorghum

Mccaslin B.D.; Hughes M.R.; Baltensperger A.A., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilization x genotype interactions influence bermudagrass turf quality characteristics

Giardini, L.; Giovanardi, R.; Borin, M., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer application and stalk incorporation in a 20-year continuous maize system. I. Crop yield and quality

Traverso, J.E., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer application for seed production in Bromus auleticus, 1987/88 crop year

Ferri, D.; Giorgio, D. de; Lopez, G., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer application in a sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) - durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) rotation. Comparison of plant N uptake and soil mineral N levels during the durum wheat phase

Portieles, J.M.; Ruiz, L.A.; Sanchez, E.E.; Milian, J.O., 1986:
Nitrogen fertilizer application in taro (Colocasia esculenta) clone 'Camerun 14'

Cervato, A.; Piva, C.; Bonardi, P.A., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer application to wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). I. Relationship betwen soil mineral nitrogen content and crop absorption

Ruiz Martinez, L.; Portieles Rodriguez, J.M.; Milian Morales, J.O.; Arce Suarez, R., 1987:
Nitrogen fertilizer applications on the Amarilla Especial clone (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)

Raun W.R.; Sander D.H.; Olson R.A., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer carriers and their placement for minimum till corn under sprinkler irrigation

Romero, L.A.; Bruno, O.A.; Fossati, J.L.; Quaino, O.R., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer effects on chicory (Cichorium intybus)

Boquet, D.J.; Moser, E.B.; Coco, A.B., 1990:
Nitrogen fertilizer for optimal cotton yields

Gudmundsson, U., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer for spring oilseed crops

Delgado Enguita, I., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer for stubble turnips

Moletti, M.; Giudici, M.L.; Nipoti, E.; Villa, B., 1990:
Nitrogen fertilizer in the cultivation of rice sown in rows and submerged at the 2-3 leaf stage

Labois, R.V., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer management effects on grain yield and stalk quality attributes of corn hybrids

Morris C.F.; Ferguson D.L.; Paulsen G.M., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer management with foliar fungicide and growth regulator for hard winter wheat production

Thomas J.R.; Hickman M.V., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer needs of cabbage estimated from soil and crop indices

Carvalho, M.M.; Saraiva, O.F.; Freitas, V. de P., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer on molasses grass pasture: effect on botanical composition, forage quality and soil acidity

Mackay D.C.; Carefoot J.M.; Sommerfeldt T.G., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer requirements for barley when applied with cattle manure containing wood shavings as a soil amendment

Oyer, L.J.; Touchton, J.T., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer requirements for corn with no-tillage and cropping systems

Lee, C.H.; Ha, H.S.; Shin, W.K.; Lee, Y.S., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer response of rice in paddy fields irrigated with different NH4-N contents of waste water from night soil treatment

Korte, C.J., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer responses on Gisborne-East Coast pastures

Ginet, H., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizer statistics 1982/83 to 1986/87

Borin, M.; Sartori, G., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizer trials on maize (Zea mays L.): the effects of fertilizer rate, source and application date

Hernandez, O.A.; Funes, E., 1987:
Nitrogen fertilizer versus mixtures with lucerne in weeping lovegrass pastures. III. Changes in density, basal area and diameter of plants. Analysis of grass-legume competition

Arcara, P.G.; Sparvoli, E., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizers and nitrogen dynamics in a meadow soil of central Tuscany

Waldinger, T.E., 1988:
Nitrogen fertilizers and the environment

Katyal, J.C., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizers-their use and management in the Indian Semiarid tropics

Hanus, H.; Fahnert, D.; Schoop, P., 1989:
Nitrogen fertilizing of cereals and nitrate contamination of drainage water

Baalen, C. van, 1987:
Nitrogen fixation

Gallon, J.R.; Chaplin, A.E., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation

Guerin, V.; Trinchant, J.C.; Rigaud, J., 1990:
Nitrogen Fixation (C(2)H(2) Reduction) by Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.) Nodules and Bacteroids under Water-Restricted Conditions

Kucey, R.M.N.; Chaiwanakupt, P.; Snitwongse, P.; Toomsan, B.; Boonkerd, N.; Siripaibool, C.; Rennie, R.J.; Rungrattanakasin, W.; Wadisirisak, P., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation (N-15 dilution) with soybeans under Thai field conditions. III. Effects of Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains and herbicides in northeast Thailand

Chang, K.P., 1987:
Nitrogen fixation (acetylene reduction) by nodules of Cycas taiwaniana Carruthers

Jing, Y.X.; Shan, X.Q.; Zhang, B.T., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation and ATPase of root nodules on Sesbania cannabina with chemical and physical treatments

Tann, C.C., 1986:
Nitrogen fixation and allelopathy in arid and forest soils in the western United States

Palmgren, K.; Saarsalmi, A.; Weber, A., 1985:
Nitrogen fixation and biomass production in some alder clones. A greenhouse experiment

Wollenweber, B.; Zechmeister Boltenstern, S., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation and nitrogen assimilation in a temperate saline ecosystem

Shivaram, S.; Rai, P.V.; Hegde, S.V., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation and nitrogen balance studies in Rhizobium-VA mycorrhiza inoculated legume-grass association by 15N isotope dilution technique under a field condition

Hager, K.P.; Hundeshagen, B.; Bothe, H., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation and reversed respiratory electron transport in Azotobacter and Bradyrhizobium

Badji, S.; Ducousso, M.; Gueye, M.; Colonna, J.P., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation and the possibility of cross-nodulation in two acacia species which produce gum arabic: Acacia senegal and A. laeta

Jena P.K.; Rao V.R., 1987:
Nitrogen fixation as influenced by pesticides and rice straw in paddy soils

Gibson, A.H.; Halsall, D.M.; Roper, M.M., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation associated with residue breakdown

Postgate, J.R.; Kent, H.M.; Robson, R.L., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation by Desulfovibrio

Leschine, S.B.; Holwell, K.; Canale-Parola, E., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation by anaerobic cellulolytic bacteria

O.Hare, L.R., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation by electric arc and catalyst

Haunz, F.X.; Maidl, F.X.; Fischbeck, G., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation by grain legumes and its significance for nitrogen turnover in a crop rotation

Davey, A.G.; Simpson, R.J., 1990:
Nitrogen fixation by subterranean clover at varying stages of nodule dehydration. I. Carbohydrate status and short-term recovery of nodulated root respiration

Davey, A.G.; Simpson, R.J., 1990:
Nitrogen fixation by subterranean clover at varying stages of nodule dehydration. II. Efficiency of nitrogenase functioning

Chan Van, N.; Dang Ziem, K.; Zyong Dyk, T.; Gogotov, I.N., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation by the cyanobacterium, Aphanothece palida, isolated from a rice field soil

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Nitrogen fixation genes of Azospirillum

Rweyemamu, C.L.; Kondra, Z.P., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and its economic benefit in Central Alberta, Canada

Sreekumar, K.R.; Tilak, K.V.B.R., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation in forage plants

Urzua, H.; Ruiz, M.; Bernier, R., 1987:
Nitrogen fixation in pasture of the Xth region

Nelson, S.D.; Bliss, L.C.; Mayo, J.M., 1986:
Nitrogen fixation in relation to Hudsonia tomentosa: a pioneer species in sand dunes, northeastern Alberta

Yadav, R.L., 1987:
Nitrogen fixation in sugarcane

Dreyfus, B.L.; Diem, H.G.; Freire, J.; Keya, S.O.; Dommergues, Y.R., 1987:
Nitrogen fixation in tropical agriculture and forestry

Boller, B., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation of Egyptian and Persian clover as compared with red clover

Sanginga, N.; Mulongoy, K.; Ayanaba, A., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation of field-inoculated Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit estimated by the 15N and the difference methods

Wani, S.P., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation potentials of sorghum and millets

Puhler, A.; Reilaender, H.; Weber, G., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation regulator genes

Murphy, P.M.; Sherwood, M.T., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation, cycling, and utilisation

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Nitrogen fixation, nitrogenase and hydrogenase in the photosynthetic bacteria

Goodman, P.J., 1988:
Nitrogen fixation, transfer and turnover in upland and lowland grass-clover swards, using 15N isotope dilution

Anonymous, 1988:
Nitrogen fixation: hundred years after. Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Koln (Cologne), FRG, March 13-20, 1988

Barbieri, S., 1989:
Nitrogen fixation: results of agronomic trials on maize, soyabeans and lucerne

Nayak, D.N., 1988:
Nitrogen fixing ability of Azospirillum lipoferum in a spermosphere system in relation to former growth conditions

Roger, P.A.; Santiago Ardales, S.; Watanabe, I., 1986:
Nitrogen fixing blue-green algae in rice soils of northern Luzon (Philippines)

McDonald, H.G., 1988:
Nitrogen for 'alternative' spring wheat

Lopes, M.S., 1988:
Nitrogen for irrigated rice-demonstration plots

Adler P.R.; Simon J.E.; Wilcox G.E., 1989:
Nitrogen form alters sweet basil growth and essential oil content and composition

E.S.innawi, M.M.; E.S.idy, M.; Omran, M.S.; Barsoom, S.W., 1988:
Nitrogen forms in plants as affected by nitrogen source

John, P.S.; Buresh, R.J.; Prasad, R.; Pandey, R.K., 1989:
Nitrogen gas (N2 + N2O) flux from urea applied to lowland rice as affected by green manure

Engel, T.; Reiner, L., 1990:
Nitrogen in spring - don't measure it, calculate it

Shearer, G.; Kohl, D.H., 1988:
Nitrogen isotopic fractionation and 18O exchange in relation to the mechanism of denitrification of nitrite by Pseudomonas stutzeri

Chieng, S.T., 1988:
Nitrogen leaching in agricultural lands with subsurface drainage and subirrigation

Hallard, M.; Cuttle, S.P., 1989:
Nitrogen leaching losses from sheep grazed pastures

Simon, J.C.; Corre, L.L., 1988:
Nitrogen leaching under maize monoculture from a granitic soil in Finistere (Western Brittany)

Walsh, C.S.; Allnutt, F.J.; Miller, A.N.; Thompson, A.H., 1989:
Nitrogen level and time of mechanized summer shearing influence long-term performance of a high-density 'Redskin' peach orchard

Sher Singh; Saty Avir, 1989:
Nitrogen levels in relation to development and slow-rusting in wheat (Triticum aestivum) due to brown rust or leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici)

Scharf, P.C.; Alley, M.M., 1988:
Nitrogen loss pathways and nitrogen loss inhibitors: a review

Asmus F.; Huebner C., 1990:
Nitrogen losses as a result of ammonia volatilization after application of farmyard manure or slurry

Pobedov, V.S.; Kopytkov, V.V.; Lebedev, Y.A.; Sviridenok, A.I.; Koretskaya, L.S.; Il' ina, E.G., 1990:
Nitrogen losses from the soil with infiltrating water in a fertilized pine stand

Arlot, M.P., 1990:
Nitrogen losses in subsurface drainage water

Pobedov, V.S.; Kopytkov, V.V.; Lebedev, E.A., 1988:
Nitrogen losses with infiltration waters from ordinary and slow-acting forms of nitrogen fertilizers in pine plantations

Walters, D.T.; Malzer, G.L., 1990:
Nitrogen management and nitrification inhibitor effects on nitrogen-15 urea: 1. Yield and fertilizer use efficiency

Brandon, D.M.; McKenzie, K.S., 1988:
Nitrogen management for hybrid rice in southern United States

Jeyaraman, S., 1988:
Nitrogen management in high yielding cotton under rainfed conditions

Jee, R.C.; Mohapatra, A.K., 1989:
Nitrogen management in low land flooded transplanted rice

Wells, B.R.; Vories, E.; Norman, R.J.; Kamputa, D., 1990:
Nitrogen management of furrow-irrigated rice

Sun, S.T., 1989:
Nitrogen management of rainfed agriculture in tropical and subtropical regions of China

Lynch, G.; Jackson, C.Jr; Douglass, L., 1988:
Nitrogen metabolism and circulating amino acids of gestating ewes

Davenport, G.M.; Boling, J.A.; Schillo, K.K., 1990:
Nitrogen metabolism and somatotropin secretion in beef heifers receiving abomasal arginine infusions

Davenport, G.M.; Boling, J.A.; Schillo, K.K.; Aaron, D.K., 1990:
Nitrogen metabolism and somatotropin secretion in lambs receiving arginine and ornithine via abomasal infusion

Lindberg, J.E., 1989:
Nitrogen metabolism and urinary excretion of purines in goat kids

Lynch, G.P.; Elsasser, T.H.; Rumsey, T.S.; Jackson, C.; Douglass, L.W., 1988:
Nitrogen metabolism by lactating ewes and their lambs

Tiwari, S.P.; Singh, U.B.; Mehra, U.R., 1989:
Nitrogen metabolism in buffalo fed urea-molasses blocks

Singh, G.P.; Gupta, B.N., 1987:
Nitrogen metabolism in cattle fed alkali treated rice husk and urea

Gupta B.N.; Mohini M.; Kurar C.K., 1989:
Nitrogen metabolism in cattle fed on urine treated wheat straw

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Nitrogen metabolism in ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Study of nitrogen remobilization following defoliation, using 15N labelling

King, W.W.; Chu, T.M., 1988:
Nitrogen metabolism in sorghum. 2. Time and magnitude of nitrogen redistribution

King, W.W.; Chu, T.M., 1988:
Nitrogen metabolism in sorghum. I. Nitrogen fertility effects on accumulation and remobilization of N in the plant

Kretchmer, N.; Hurwitz, R., 1989:
Nitrogen metabolism in the intestine

Simakov, A.F.; Badlo, L.P., 1987:
Nitrogen metabolism in the intestine of sheep in different feeding conditions

Nau, H., 1988:
Nitrogen metabolism of albino rats

Katalin, K.H., 1990:
Nitrogen migration in soils and water

Freitas, S.S.; Cardoso, C.O.N.; Camargo, O.A.; Lopes, E.S., 1988:
Nitrogen mineralization and immobilization in soil incubated with filter cake and calcium carbonate

Bonde, T.A.; Lindberg, T., 1988:
Nitrogen mineralization kinetics in soil during long-term aerobic laboratory incubations: a case study

Heras, S.G. de; Nijensohn, L.; Olmos, F.S., 1987:
Nitrogen mineralization potential of five irrigated soils of Mendoza

Vessey, J.K.; Henry, L.T.; Raper, C.D.; Raper, C.D., 1990:
Nitrogen nutrition and temporal effects of enhanced carbon dioxide on soybean growth

Rabie, R.K.; Matter, M.K.; Khamis, A.M.A.; Mostafa, M.M., 1986:
Nitrogen nutrition of broad beans as influenced by soil salinity

Andriesh, S.V.; Lungu, V.K., 1988:
Nitrogen nutrition of maize on irrigated typical chernozem in Moldavia

Takac, J., 1988:
Nitrogen nutrition of new currant cultivars

Atkins, C.A.; Pate, J.S.; Sanford, P.J.; Dakora, F.D.; Matthews, I., 1989:
Nitrogen Nutrition of Nodules in Relation to ;N-Hunger' in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)

Simpson, J.R., 1987:
Nitrogen nutrition of pastures

Henzell, E.F., 1988:
Nitrogen nutrition of tropical pastures

Erickson, D.C., 1989:
Nitrogen partial expansion refrigeration for cryogenic air separation

Luyindula N.; Weaver R.W., 1989:
Nitrogen partitioning in cowpea as influenced by rhizobial strain and mineral nitrogen

Heitholt, J.J.; Croy, L.I.; Maness, N.O.; Nguyen, H.T., 1990:
Nitrogen partitioning in genotypes of winter wheat differing in grain N concn

Blaylock, A.D., 1990:
Nitrogen point injection in ridge-till corn

Pinto, A., 1989:
Nitrogen production

Howard, D.D.; Lessman, G.M., 1989:
Nitrogen rate and application timing on wheat

Boquet, D.J.; Coco, A.B., 1988:
Nitrogen rate and row spacing effect on two cotton varieties

Maples R.L.; Varvil J.J., 1989:
Nitrogen rates and placement for cotton

Valle Gonzalez, R. del; Santiago Cordova, M., 1990:
Nitrogen rates and sources and Guinea Negro yam in an Ultisol in Puerto Rico

Tandon, H.L.S., 1989:
Nitrogen recommendations for higher fertiliser efficiency

Khabirov, I.K., 1988:
Nitrogen regime of typical Cisuralian Chernozems

Castagnoli, S.P.; Weinbaum, S.A.; DeJong, T.M., 1989:
Nitrogen remobilization and nursery tree growth following autumn defoliation in plum (Prunus salicina) trees

Lin, K.C.; Tsang, K.W.R., 1989:
Nitrogen removal in an intermittently aerated ocmpletely mixed reactor

Sharma, K.N.; Bhandari, A.L.; Rana, D.S.; Sodhi, J.S.; Kapur, M.L., 1989:
Nitrogen requirement of wheat (Triticum aestivum) varieties as influenced by date of sowing

Hadjipanayiotou, M., 1988:
Nitrogen requirements of Damascus goats during maintenance

Langenegger, A.; Smith, B.L., 1988:
Nitrogen requirements of bananas in South Africa

Smith, AP.; Green, SW., 1987:
Nitrogen requirements of the sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps), an omnivorous marsupial, on a honey-pollen diet

Salette, J., 1988:
Nitrogen research: results and questions

Carr, N.G., 1988:
Nitrogen reserves and dynamic reservoirs in cyanobacteria

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Nitrogen response in the USA and Argentina of corn populations with different proportions of flint and dent germplasm

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Nitrogen transport in xylem of soybean plant supplied with 15NO3-

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No official method calculates total solids milk equivalent

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No diseases, even when standing in water

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No milk shortage, but greatly reduced numbers of milk producers

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No more cold feet in the milking parlour

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No more horns in the future? Breeding trial on polledness in Simmental cattle

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No nematicide breakdown in bananas

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No peace for the wicked: older married women and leisure

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No snow but they still show

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No treatment for cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients

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No trouble in spud store - a store for boxed potatoes

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No-overtime day and leisure

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Noble fir for Christmas trees

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Noise at work

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Nomenclature update

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Non-destructive methods of testing pulp and paper and wood-based materials

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Non-metallic electric heaters in piggeries

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Non-monetary inputs for the management of plant diseases

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Non-native plants

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Non-parametric method for grouping varieties for different traits

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Non-photosynthetic interactions of bentazone with plant growth and development

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Non-recurrent acute multinodular adiponecrosis. Cutaneous manifestation of recent toxoplasmosis

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Non-sensory assessment of cheese flavour and texture

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Non-specific diarrhoea of pigs, a new nutritional disorder ?

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Non-sugars: extraneous matter in raw and refined sugar

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Non-surgical correction of infection- induced struvite uroliths and a vesicourachal diverticulum in an immature dog

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Non-surgical embryo recovery and transfer in dairy cattle

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Non-surgical embryo recovery in the water buffalo

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Non-surgical embryo transfer in the horse

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Non-surgical treatment of anal sac disorders in dogs

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Non-tan type: a deceptive biological character to sorghum leaf blight susceptibility

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Non-toxic clarification agent

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Non-traditional energy sources in pig nurseries

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Non-traditional feeds

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Non-traditional irrigation

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Non-traditional team sports - taking full advantage of the teachable moment

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Non-traditional utilization of waste heat

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Non-traditional waste water treatment in two dairies in North Germany

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Non-transmission of cocoa swollen shoot virus by Phenacoccus manihoti Mat-Ferr. in Ghana

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Non-uniform decrease of nicotinamide in various tissues of rats fed on a niacin-free and tryptophan-limited diet

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Non-uniformity in the effect of urea on the activity of isoperoxidases in different lines of maize

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Non-woven fabrics and plastic nets for vegetable crop protection

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Nonabsorbed carbohydrate: effect on fecal pH in methane-excreting and nonexcreting individuals

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Nonallelic gene interactions in inbred lines of White Leghorns and their crosses

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Nonambulatory tetraparesis secondary to cervical disk disease in the dog

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Nonaqueous heterogeneous oxidation of sulfur dioxide

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Nonassociation of aflatoxin with primary liver cancer in a cross-sectional ecological survey in the People's Republic of China

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Noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema after amphotericin B administration

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Nonchemical methods for postharvest control of Botrytis cinerea on cut roses

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Nonclinical dose-ranging efficacy study of oral epostane administration to terminate pregnancy in time-bred bitches

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Noncompetitive effects of morning glory on the growth of soybeans

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Nondestructive detection of core breakdown in 'Bartlett' pears with nuclear magnetic resonance imaging

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Nondestructive measurement of fruit quality by electrical impedance (2). Influence of peel on measurement and calculation of internal properties

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Nondestructive measurement of transient moisture profiles in corn during drying using NMR imaging

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Nondestructive method of testing drought resistance of wheat and barley

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Nondestructive methods of evaluating quality of fresh fruits and vegetables

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Nondestructive plant mass determination by computer image analysis and microwaves

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Nondestructive techniques for measuring plant and internode elongation in rice

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Nondestructive testing of particleboards

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Nondestructive testing to determine internal quality of fruit

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None power ropeway design and calculation method

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Nonenzymatic isolation of Trichinella pseudospiralis infective L1 larvae at pH 7.4

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Nonequilibrium sorption during displacement of hydrophobic organic chemicals and 45Ca through soil columns with aqueous and mixed solvents

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Nonequilibrium transport of organic contaminants in groundwater

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Nonexchangeable potassium in relation to the development of soils in the loess region

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Nonexistence of exo-cellobiohydrolase (CBH) in the cellulase system of Trichoderma viride

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Nonfarm equity capital financing of production agriculture

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Nonfederal wilderness, wild and natural areas in the United States - a survey

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Nonfumigant nematicide conditioned populations of Criconemella xenoplax and their responses to subsequent treatments

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Nong Wah project enters new phase

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Nongenetic variation in litter size in Swedish sheep

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Nongovernmental organizations and local development

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Nonhomogeneity of inbred generations of blue quack grass according to general bushiness and its correlation

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Nonindustrial private forest landowner relations to wildlife in New England

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Nonindustrial private forest landowners as timber marketers: a field study of search for market information and decision quality

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Noninvasive Inguinal Approach for Cryptorchidectomy in Thirty-eight Stallions

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Noninvasive measurement of glucose uptake by two populations of murine embryos

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Noninvolvement of glyceollin in acquired resistance of soybean leaves to bacterial blight

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Nonisothermal internal moisture exchange in an incompletely saturated porous medium with alkaline interstitial solution

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Nonisotopic oligomeric probes for the human enteroviruses

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Nonlegume hemoglobin genes retain organ-specific expression in heterologous transgenic plants

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Nonlinear viscoelastic properties of apple flesh under creep

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Nonlipid formula components and fat absorption in the low-birth-weight newborn

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Nonmenclatura Oligochaetologica. Supplementum secundum. A catalogue of names, descriptions and type specimens of the Oligochaeta

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Nonmetabolizable base balance: effect of diet composition on plasma pH

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Nonmetropolitan minority families in the United States: trends in racial and ethnic economic stratification, 1959-1986

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Nonmonetary factors in the household choice of medical facilities

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Nonoutbreak species of forest Lepidoptera

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Nonparametric analysis of structural change in the household demand for fresh meat

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Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation: an analysis of multiproduct returns to scale

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Nonparametric confidence interval estimators for heritability and expected selection response

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Nonpartisanship and local democracy in rural Bangladesh: a case for revision

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Nonphotosynthetic pigmented bacteria in a potable water treatment and distribution system

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Nonpoint pollution and watershed management: a remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) approach

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Nonpoint source pollution impacts of agricultural land use

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Nonpoint sources

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Nonpoint sources

Despain, D.G., 1983:
Nonpyrogenous climax lodgepole pine communities in Yellowstone National Park

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Nonrandom mating on tasseled and detasseled plants in an open pollinated population of maize

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Nonrandom patterns of bacterial brown spot in snap bean row segments

Howard, W.H.; Shumway, C.R., 1989:
Nonrobustness of dynamic dual models of the US dairy industry

Weersink, A.J., 1990:
Nonrobustness of dynamic dual models of the northeastern and U.S. dairy industries

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Nonsexual interactions in the big-headed grasshopper Aulocara elliotti (Thomas) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Nonshivering thermogenesis and brown fat in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Siqueira, P.A. de, 1987:
Nonspecific immunostimulation action of levamisole in treatment of ringworm

Vallejo, J.; Renedo, G., 1988:
Nonspecific pulmonary images and oesophageal candidiasis in a patient with leukaemia

Keller J.D.; Loescher W.H., 1989:
Nonstructural carbohydrate partitioning in perennial parts of sweet cherry