Outdoor own-rooted roses - propagation and uses

Zlebcik, J.; Pinc, M.

Acta Pruhoniciana 58: 83-105


Accession: 001902945

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For producing own-rooted roses, stock plants should be kept under high plastic covers during growth to provide cuttings to be taken on 2 dates; in these conditions the plants provide about 320 cuttings/msuperscript 2. The wide range of cultivars tested all rooted in 4 weeks. June-propagated material was ready for field planting in Aug., but plants propagated in July were best overwintered in deep covered frames. Own-rooted roses of several cultivars observed for 5 years, compared well with bedded plants and showed no marked differences in frost damage, vigour or flowering. The most suitable cultivars for growing on their own roots were Queen Elizabeth, Escapade, Marchenland, Romance, The Fairy, Schneewittchen and Dortmund.