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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baba S., 1988: Pancreatic endocrine function in cirrhotic rats

Saloniemi H.; Kalima T.V.; Rahko T., 1989: Pancreatic enzyme supplementation in normal and exocrine pancreatic insufficient pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904003

Oates, P. S.; Morgan, R. G. H., 1988: Pancreatic growth after partial resection of normal and enlarged pancreas in rats fed soya flour

Dew, R. K.; Szabo, J.; Gay, N.; Boling, J. A., 1989: Pancreatic hydrolytic enzyme activity in rats fed endophyte (Acremonium coenophialum) infected tall fescue seed

Lenzi H.L.; Lenzi J.A.; Rosman F.C., 1989: Pancreatic involvement in murine schistosomiasis

Edwards, D. F.; Bauer, M. S.; Walker, M. A.; Pardo, A. D.; McCracken, M. D.; Walker, T. L., 1990: Pancreatic masses in seven dogs following acute pancreatitis

Gumbmann, Mr; Dugan, Gm; Spangler, Wl; Baker, Ec; Rackis, Jj, 1989: Pancreatic response in rats and mice to trypsin inhibitors from soy and potato after short- and long-term dietary exposure

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904011

Makkink C.A.; Verstegen M.W.A., 1990: Pancreatic secretion in pigs

Donovan, K. L.; White, A. D.; Cooke, D. A.; Fisher, D. J., 1990: Pancreatitis and palindromic arthropathy with effusions associated with sodium stibogluconate treatment in a renal transplant recipient

Shortridge, K. F., 1988: Pandemic influenza: a blueprint for control at source

Pruthi, T. D.; Koul, J. L., 1989: Paneer from crossbred cows' milk

Dhingra, N. K.; Kapoor, C. M., 1989: Paneer preparation from caseinate enriched milk

Kanawjia, S. K.; Roy, S. K.; Singh, S., 1990: Paneer technology and its diversification

Gros, F., 1989: Panel on biotechnology

Melkania, N. P.; Tandon, J. P., 1989: Pangola (Digitaria decumbens Stent) a potential perennial pasture grass for mid-Himalaya

Leclercq, M.; Maldes, J. M.; Berenger, P., 1986: Pangonius micans Meigen (Diptera Tabanidae), a species autogenous then anautogenous

Mills, A. D.; Faure, J. M., 1990: Panic and hysteria in domestic fowl: a review

Jusu, M. S.; Monde, S. S., 1990: Panicle and grain characters of some glaberrima cultivars in Sierra Leone

Mallik, S.; Aguilar, A. M.; Vergara, B. S., 1988: Panicle characteristics of some glaberrima cultivars

Ilijanic, L.; Markovic, L., 1986: Panicum dichotomiflorum Michaux in the surroundings of Zagreb

Trzcinska Tacik, H., 1988: Panicum lanuginosum (Ell.) - a new addition to the flora of Poland

Emmanouel, NG.; Papadoulis, GT., 1987: Panonychus citri (MacGregor) (Tetranychidae) and Eriophyes medicaginis K. (Eriophyidae): two important phytophagous mites recorded for the first time in Greece

Ciesla, W. M.; Dull, C. W.; Wilson, E. T.; Mistretta, P. A., 1984: Panoramic aerial photography for detection of oak decline and mortality in central Texas

Howe, T. K.; Waters, W. E., 1989: Pansy cultivar evaluation in the landscape

Weilenmann, F.; Winzeler, H.; Lehmann, J.; Saurer, W.; Collaud, J. F.; Troxler, J., 1988: Panther, a new spring oats variety

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904032

Zierhut, M.; Kreissig, I.; Pickert, A., 1989: Panuveitis with positive serological tests for syphilis and Lyme disease

Ahmed, I. P., 1988: Panuwa lobivanelli (Burt, 1940) Spasskii, 1968 (Cestoda: Dilepididae) in Lobivanellus indicus from Thatta, Sind, Pakistan

Styles, E. D., 1988: Papago Flour Corn as a source of a3

Allen, K. A., 1990: Papanicolaou stain properties that allow Pneumocystis carinii to fluoresce

Kadereit, J. W., 1988: Papaver L. sect. Californicum Kadereit, a new section of the genus

Roberts, M. F., 1987: Papaver latex and alkaloid storage vacuoles

Cohen E.; Lavi U.; Spiegel Roy P., 1989: Papaya pollen viability and storage

Nyuksha, Y. P.; Sergeeva, L. E., 1987: Paper lamination: biological aspects

Kost, W., 1990: Paper mulches in vegetable- and ornamental-growing

Pandit, V. B., 1986: Paper on improved wheel

Brakeboer, T., 1989: Paper pots give high planting capacity and better produce

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904044

Anonymous, 1987: Papers and proceedings. Fourth annual general meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE), Islamabad, August 1-3, 1987. Part II

Anonymous, 1987: Papers and recommendations of the workshop on food and nutrition security in Jamaica in the 1980s and beyond

Anonymous, 1987: Papers contributed to the Workshop on Strategies for the Management of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Mangrove Ecosystems, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-25 June 1986 and country status reports on inland fisheries presented at the Third Session of the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission Working Party of Experts on Inland Fisheries, Bangkok, Thailand, 19-27 June 1986

Anonymous, 1990: Papers from the Second Uppsala Workshop on Modelling Forest Growth Processes. August 29th-September 2nd 1988. Uppsala, Sweden

Anonymous, 1989: Papers of the 4th world congress, International Forum of Travel & Tourism Advocates, Palma de Mallorca, 8-12 May 1988

Abstracts., 1990: Papers presented at the Annual Summer Conference of the Society for Veterinary Ethology, Bristol, Great Britain, 6-8 July 1989

Anonymous, 1989: Papers presented at the International Symposium on Plant Pathology, August 28, 1988, Agricultural Sciences Institute, Korea Republic

Anonymous, 1990: Papers presented at the Prima international exhibition

Lee, L. S., 1990: Papers that made a difference. Introduction to benchmark papers on mycotoxins

Morris, M. W., 1989: Papilio troilus L. on a new and rare larval food plant

Studdert, M. J.; McCoy, K.; Allworth, M. B.; Staples, P., 1988: Papilloma of the ears of calves following tattooing

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904058

Volobuev, V. P.; Provatorov, G. V.; Kordyukova, T. A., 1987: Paprin autolysates in feed mixtures for growing young pigs

Samana, U., 1988: Papua New Guinea: which way? Essays on identity and development

Baker, B. J.; Scheuer, P. J.; Shoolery, J. N., 1988: Papuamine, an antifungal pentacyclic alkaloid from a marine sponge, Haliclona sp

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904064

Perry, A. E.; Sherertz, E. F., 1987: Papules and nodules in a patient with sarcoidosis

Banks, P.; Britten, E. J.; Gordon, G. H., 1989: Para-fluorophenylalanine-induced chromosome number changes in higher plants. I. Maize

Azzara C.D.; Dimick P.S., 1989: Paracellular leakage of lipoprotein lipase across the mammary epithelium of the goat

Kennedy, M. S.; Grammas, J.; Arbuckle, W. B., 1990: Parachlorophenol degradation using bioaugmentation

Jimenez Finkel, B.; Restrepo Moreno, A., 1989: Paracoccidioidomycosis

Negroni, R., 1988: Paracoccidioidomycosis

Pedro R.D.; Aoki F.H.; Boccato R.S.B.S.; Branchini M.L.M.; Goncales Junior F.L.; Papaiordanou P.M.D.; Ramos M.D.C., 1989: Paracoccidioidomycosis and human immunodeficiency virus infection

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904074

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904075

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904076

Franco, M.; Montenegro, M. R.; Mendes, R. P.; Marques, S. A.; Dillon, N. L.; Mota, N. G. S., 1987: Paracoccidioidomycosis: a recently proposed classification of its clinical forms

Pripas, S., 1988: Paracoccidioidomycosis: treatment at the level of primary health care

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904080

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904081

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904082

Peterson, M., 1990: Paradigmatic shift in agriculture: global effects and the Swedish response

Soderbaum, P., 1989: Paradigms and environmental economics

Bealer, R. C.; Picou, J. S.; Curry, E. W.; Wells, R. H.; Falk, W. W.; Zhao, S., 1990: Paradigms, theories and methods in contemporary rural sociology: a critical reaction to critical questions; Partial paradigm shifts in the social sciences: twenty years of research in Rural Sociology; Paradigms, theories, and methods revisited: we respond to our critics.

Falk, W. W.; Zhao, S., 1989: Paradigms, theories and methods in contemporary rural sociology: a partial replication and extension

Anonymous, 1990: Paradise destruction: how Europe's farm policies are destroying the countryside

Aramberri, J. R., 1990: Paradise lost? Some of the theories on tourism

Johnson, D. G., 1989: Paradoxes in world agriculture

Anonymous, 1989: Paradoxes of leisure: ten years of the Leisure Studies Association

Dodge J.A.; Custance J.M.; Goodchild M.C.; Laing S.C.; Vaughan M., 1990: Paradoxical effects of essential fatty acid supplementation on lipid profiles and sweat electrolytes in cystic fibrosis

Vom Saal F.S.; Quadagno D.M.; Even M.D.; Keisler L.W.; Keisler D.H.; Khan S., 1990: Paradoxical effects of maternal stress on fetal steroids and postnatal reproductive traits in female mice from different intrauterine positions

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904094

Chernysheva, N. B., 1988: Paraergasilus rylovi and P. markevichi (Copepoda, Ergasilidae) are identical

Miles, K. G.; Pope, E. R.; Jergens, A. E., 1988: Paraesophageal hiatal hernia and pyloric obstruction in a dog

Czychowski, M., 1988: Paragraph 19 of section 4 of the Water Management Act (WHG) and its rights to compensation for limitations on agriculture in water conservation areas

Rodger J.L., 1989: Parainfluenza 3 vaccination of sheep

Senf, W.; Krippner, S.; Schneider, R.; Kirste, M., 1988: Parainfluenza-3-virus as a cause of pneumonia in calf units

Hodynski, C.; Korniak, K., 1989: Paralimestone soil communities of cereals weeds in Suwalki Landscape Park

Yaaska, V. E., 1988: Parallel and divergent variation in isoenzymes exemplified by cereals of the wheat group

Asokaraja, N.; Ramiah, S., 1988: Parallel and relay intercropping in rainfed redgram on growth and yield

Curran, M. C.; Allen, M. B, II I., 1990: Parallel computing for solute transport models via alternating direction collocation

Uemura, M; Steponkus, Pl, 1989: Parallel effects of freezing and osmotic stress on the ATPase activity and protein composition of the plasma membrane of winter rye seedlings

Boyan G.S.; Ball E.E., 1989: Parallel inputs shape the response of a giant interneurone in the cercal system of the locust

Houck, J. P., 1989: Parallel markets, price theory, and China's grain policy

Oosterbaan, R. J., 1990: Parallel pipe drains above a semi-confined aquifer with upward seepage

Mahon, G. F., 1990: Parallel processing in water management

Hussain, R.; Ottesen, E. A., 1988: Parallel recognition of filarial antigens by IgE and IgG4 antibodies

Pavlov, A. N., 1990: Parallelism of modificatory and genotypic variation in grain quality characters

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904120

Lehman, P. S.; Stirling, G. R., 1988: Paralongidorus australis, a needle nematode that may cause severe damage to rice

Heyns, J.; Coomans, A., 1989: Paralongidorus cebensis n. sp. from the Transkei (Nematoda: Longidoridae)

Phillips, R. E.; Theakston, R. D. G.; Warrell, D. A. et al., 1988: Paralysis, rhabdomyolysis and haemolysis caused by bites of Russell's viper (Vipera russelli pulchella) in Sri Lanka: failure of Indian (Haffkine) antivenom

Murtaza, A.; Khan, S. R.; Butt, K. S.; Finkel, Y.; Aperia, A., 1989: Paralytic ileus, a serious complication in acute diarrhoeal disease among infants in developing countries

Sharma, M.; Sen, S.; Ahuja, B.; Dhamija, K., 1990: Paralytic poliomyelitis 1976-1988: report from a sentinel centre

Green Abate, C.; Dekker, P. A.; Wapenaar, A.; Bekele, G. M., 1989: Paralytic poliomyelitis in Addis Ababa: follow-up survey of registered children

Strigutskiy, V. P.; Navosha, Yu Yu; Bambalov, N. N.; Liogon' kiy, B. I., 1990: Paramagnetism of humic substances and use of the EPR method in soil science

Schultz, G. A., 1987: Parameter determination and input estimation in rainfall-runoff modelling based on remote sensing techniques

Moore, R. K.; Kennedy, B. W.; Schaeffer, L. R.; Moxley, J. E., 1990: Parameter estimates for feed intake and production in first lactation using milk recording data

Mishra, S.; Parker, J. C., 1989: Parameter estimation for coupled unsaturated flow and transport

Murase, H.; Oke, S.; Shibusawa, S.; Nakamura, Y., 1988: Parameter estimation of mechanical properties of agricultural materials (Part 2). Measuring system

Murase, H., 1988: Parameter estimation of mechanical properties of agricultural materials. I. Application of finite element inverse analysis

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Sykes, J. F.; Thomson, N. R., 1988: Parameter identification and uncertainty analysis for variably saturated flow

Winter, F., 1989: Parameters affecting the costs of apple production in different fruit growing areas

Niemz, P.; Wenk, S., 1989: Parameters for evaluating particle mixtures, and their measurability

Pekdeger, A.; Isenbeck, M.; Schroter, J.; Taylor, T.; Fic, T.; Matthess, G., 1988: Parameters for modelling the transport of cadmium as influenced by the chemical properties of ground water and aquifer material

Aleman, G. L., 1989: Parameters for vacuum pan automation

Garibaldi Accati E.; Jona R., 1989: Parameters influencing gerbera cut flower longevity

Muller, A.; Pahle, T.; Gebhardt, G., 1989: Parameters of N-metabolism in male broiler chickens of the genotype Tetra 82

Pyl' nev, V. V., 1988: Parameters of a model variety of winter wheat for the steppe zone of the Ukraine

Klochkov, A. V.; Dubovskii, A. K., 1989: Parameters of a spring cultivator tine with a spiral shank

Bostock, C. J., 1988: Parameters of field inversion gel eletrophoresis for the analysis of pox virus genomes

Makhon' ko, K. P.; Vertinskii, Yu K., 1986: Parameters of microelement flow with surface water in small river basins of the permafrost-taiga zone

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904153

Olsen R.G., 1988: Parameters of production and partial characterization of feline interleukin 2

Kalinin, N. I., 1988: Parameters of spring a wheat cultivar in relation to drought type

Krotov, A. M.; Kots, I. V., 1989: Parameters of vibrating conveyors with hydraulic drive

Nachtigall, G. R.; Vahl, L. C., 1989: Parameters related to acidity in soils of southern region of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

Smit B.; Kristjanson J., 1989: Parametric approaches to rating the importance of lands for agriculture

Szakal, S., 1987: Parametric colour test of hydrogen peroxide bleaching of oak timber

Ikeda, Y., 1988: Parametric description of dynamic behavior for plant material and its application to quality control

Sugimoto I., 1988: Parametric relationships between genotype x environment interaction and genetic correlation when two environments are involved

Chamberland, A.; Labrecque, R., 1988: Parametric study of an oxygen-blown fluidised-bed reactor for wood gasification

Haan, C. T., 1988: Parametric uncertainty in hydrologic modeling

Haan, C. T., 1989: Parametric uncertainty in hydrologic modeling

Sirotenko, O. D.; Varcheva, S. E., 1989: Parametrization of dynamic models of productivity of agroecosystems for solving applied problems

Trematerra, P., 1988: Paramyelois transitella (Walker) American moth found on walnuts imported from California

Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904168

Kagawa, H.; Gengyo, K.; McLachlan, A. D.; Brenner, S.; Karn, J., 1989: Paramyosin gene (unc-15) of Caenorhabditis elegans molecular cloning, nucleotide sequences and models for thick filament structure

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904179

Moens, U.; Wold, I.; Mathiesen, SD.; Jorgensen, T.; Sorensen, D.; Traavik, T., 1990: Parapoxvirus papillomatosis in the muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus): genetical differences between the virus causing new outbreak in a vaccinated herd, the vaccine virus and a local orf virus

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Hanioka, Y., 1989: Paraquat-resistant biotype of Youngia japonica (L.) DC. in mulberry fields in Saitama Prefecture

Pereira, J. B.; Willcox, H. P. F.; Marcondes, C. B.; Coura, J. R., 1989: Parasitaemia in chronic Chagas' patients evaluated by the index of Triatoma infections by xenodiagnosis

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904208

Walter, U., 1988: Parasite fauna of Stizostedion lucioperca in the Bodden waters on the Baltic coast of the German Democratic Republic

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904241

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904248

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904270

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Section 2, Chapter 1905, Accession 001904280

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