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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Das, A.N., 1988:
Peasant movements and agrarian change in Bihar

Belloncle, G., 1985:
Peasant participation and irrigated land development: the lessons from five African cases

Commins, S.K., 1988:
Peasant producers and rural development projects: a Liberian study

Smith, C.D., 1989:
Peasant resistance to the 'grow more coffee' campaign in Kagera region, Tanzania

Zalkin, M., 1987:
Peasant response to state grain policy in revolutionary Nicaragua

Vandergeest, P., 1989:
Peasant strategies in a world context: contingencies in the transformation of rice and palm sugar economies in Thailand

Dove, M.R., 1986:
Peasant versus government perception and use of the environment: a case study of Banjarese ecology and river basin development in South Kalimantan

Mencher, J.P., 1988:
Peasants and agricultural laborers. An analytical assessment of issues involved in their organizing

Kemp, J.H., 1989:
Peasants and cities: the cultural and social image of the Thai peasant village community

Pateman, R., 1989:
Peasants and state farms: problems in the transition to socialism in Africa and Latin America

Laure, J., 1988:
Peasants and the crisis

Roseberry, W., 1989:
Peasants and the world

Chang, Y., 1989:
Peasants go to town: the rise of commercial farming in Korea

Sellamna, N.E.; Cammaer, R., 1989:
Peasants of the Togo plateaux: between coffee and food production. Analysis of the farming system of the Elevanyo area, Dayes Plateau, Togo

Gordillo, G., 1988:
Peasants reach for the sky. An agrarian reform with autonomy

Watts, M., 1990:
Peasants under contract: agro-food complexes in the Third World

Misiuna, M., 1988:
Peasants' aspirations in life

Thorpe, A., 1988:
Peasants, participation and productivity: an evaluation of Sandinista agrarian reform 1979-88

Driessen A., 1987:

Bertness M.D., 1988 :
Peat accumulation and the success of marsh plants

Ozols, A.; Sheshukova, T.; Kalnynya, A.; Krastin' sh, V.; Gailitis, Yu, 1988:
Peat hydrolysate - a feed supplement

Lenk, T.; Benda, A., 1989:
Peat paste, a humic acid containing animal health agent for prevention and treatment of diarrhoea in calves

Pangudijatno, G., 1989:
Peat soil management for oil palm plantations

Rabassa, J.; Heusser, C.J.; Coronato, A., 1989:
Peat-bog accumulation rate in the Andes of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) during the last 43 000 years

Schuch, M., 1988:
Peatland cultivation in earlier times-results of legislation in Bavaria and the present situation

Paavilainen, E.; Tiihonen, P., 1988:
Peatland forests in Finland 1951-1984

Mattila, E.; Penttila, T., 1987:
Peatland forests of Lappi and Koillis-Suomi forestry board districts, North Finland, 1952-1984

Succow, M., 1988:
Peatland landscape ecology

Rowell, T.A., 1988:
Peatland management handbook

Mikola, P., 1989:
Peatlands in Finnish forestry

Yates, I.E., 1988:
Pecan callus morphology altered by abscisic acid

Worley R.E., 1990:
Pecan leaf scorch in response to various combinations of nitrogen and potassium fertilization

Thompson, T.; Young, E.J.; Mcilrath, W.; Petersen, H.; Sibbett, G., 1989:
Pecan nut and kernel characteristics show genotype-environment interactions

Wood B.W.; Gottwald T.R.; Reilly C.C., 1988:
Pecan phylloplane chemicals influence germination of pecan scab conidia

Wood B.W., 1989:
Pecan production responds to root carbohydrates and rootstock

Wang T Y.; Polorny F.A., 1989:
Pecan shells as an organic component of container potting media

Worley, R.E., 1989:
Pecans show little response to low rates of applied GA and BA

Adret Hausberger, M.; Cumming, R.B., 1989:
Pecking behaviour of different breeds of chicks in isolation

Cahill, J.M.; Pong, W.Y.; Weyermann, D.L., 1987:
Pecky rot in incense-cedar: evaluation of five scaling methods

Eberhard, S.; Doubrava, N.; Marfa, V.; Mohnen, D.; Southwick, A.; Darvill, A.; Albersheim, P., 1989:
Pectic Cell Wall Fragments Regulate Tobacco Thin-Cell-Layer Explant Morphogenesis

Petruccioli, M.; Servili, M., 1987:
Pectic enzyme production by Cryptococcus albidus var. albidus growing on sunflower calathide meal

Jona R.; D.A.brogio F.; Fronda A.; Garibaldi Accati E., 1989:
Pectic variations of gerbera cell walls during vaselife

Pratima Roy; Mazumdar, B.C., 1989:
Pectin content in some minor fruits and fruit parts

D.L.renzo, C.; Williams, C.M.; Hajnal, F.; Valenzuela, J.E., 1988:
Pectin delays gastric emptying and increases satiety in obese subjects

Alaña, A.; Gabilondo, A.; Hernando, F.; Moragues, M.D.; Dominguez, J.B.; Llama, M.J.; Serra, J.L., 1989:
Pectin Lyase Production by a Penicillium italicum Strain

Morvan, O.; Jauneau, A.; Morvan, C.; Voreux, H.; Demarty, M., 1989:
Pectin synthesis and cellulose fibre differentiation during growth of flax

Fossum, T.W.; Boudrieau, R.J.; Hobson, H.P., 1989:
Pectus excavatum in eight dogs and six cats

Beuret, E., 1988:
Peculiar feature of resistance to atrazine and linuron in Amaranthus lividus L. and Erigeron canadensis L

Kudaba, C.; Mardosienne, D., 1987:
Peculiarities of active erosion in the Vilnius District

Sidorova, N.V.; Morgun, V.V.; Loyvihenko, V.F., 1988:
Peculiarities of callus and morphogenesis in immature embryo culture of different winter wheat genotypes

Dekonenko, E.P.; Umanskii, K.G., 1989:
Peculiarities of clinical picture of a new tickborne spirochetosis (Lyme disease)

Pankova, N.G., 1987:
Peculiarities of development of a standard sample of salinized soil

Ivanova, R.B.; Barbashev, S.V.; Arlinskaya, A.M.; Dobrova, T.I.; Filipenko, L.A., 1989:
Peculiarities of distribution of macro-and micro-elements in soils of the Kiev Polessie

Neusypina, T.A.; Nurmatov, N.K., 1988:
Peculiarities of dynamics of water absorption into soil irrigated by microfurrows

Mutsmakher, E.M.; Imangulov, S.A., 1987:
Peculiarities of feed energy utilization by broiler chicks on consuming warm water

Zhivotkov, L.A.; Yudin, Y.N.; Kuchin, V.D.; Sharovskii, B.V.; Klyukina, L.K., 1989:
Peculiarities of kinetics of the electrical properties of seeds of winter cereals

Khar' kov, G.D.; Tukan, B.V., 1989:
Peculiarities of lucerne nutrition on drained soils of the nonchernozem zone

Yartiev, A.A.; Kostenko, S.I., 1988:
Peculiarities of microclonal propagation of fodder beet

Bogdanova, T.L.; Vorobets, N.N.; Musatenko, L.I.; Sytnik, K.M., 1988:
Peculiarities of nitrogen metabolism in stems

Orlova I.N., 1988:
Peculiarities of normal endospermogenesis in wheat and rye as revealed with a new preparative technique

Borisenko, T.V., 1989:
Peculiarities of preservation of grasses grown on peat bog soils

Lukashev, A.A., 1989:
Peculiarities of primary assimilation of nitrogen of sunflower varieties

Gantberg, A.N.; Perevoznikov, M.A.; Rozengart, V.I.; Sherstobitov, O.E., 1989:
Peculiarities of resistance of some freshwater fishes to carbophos

Chernyaeva, I.I.; Aksenov, S.M.; Sviridova, O.V., 1988:
Peculiarities of soil microbiological processes according to forms of nitrogenous fertilizers

Nikulina, N.A., 1986:
Peculiarities of the biotopic distribution of small mammal ectoparasites in the Chara River valley

Dietrich, W., 1987:
Peculiarities of the fungus flora of the Westerzgebirge (VI)

Mikhno, A.N.; Minakova, S.G.; Kharchenko, L.V., 1990:
Peculiarities of the nuclear RNA biosynthesis during growth disruption by synthetic auxin picloram

Lapa, I.V.; Kuzyura, M.N., 1988:
Peculiarities of the response of grain legumes to fertilizers under conditions of the Ukrainian forest zone

Artyukova, E.V.; Rodionova, N.P.; Krylov, A.V.; Atabekov, I.G., 1987:
Peculiarities of the translation of potato aucuba mosaic virus RNA

Kreitsberg, O.E.; Romanovskaya, O.I.; Vytsina, I.A., 1988:
Peculiarities of translocation of 2-chlorethyl-phosphonic acid in plants

Nyers, J., 1988:
Peculiarities of vegetable and fruit marketing in Western Europe

Price, C., 1990:
Pecuniary externalities and project appraisal

Brownell, M.S.; Warner, C.M., 1988:
Ped gene expression by embryos cultured in vitro

Olesen, A., 1987:
Peddling in East Afghanistan: adaptive strategies of the peripatetic Sheikh Mohammadi

Pizzo, P.A., 1990:
Pediatric AIDS: problems within problems

Tsaihong, J.C.; Tang, R.B.; Wu, K.K.; Wu, T.C.; Chung, C.H., 1988:
Pediatric cryptosporidiosis: a report of 2 cases

Kairys, D.J.; Webster, H.J.; Terry, J.E., 1988:
Pediatric ocular phthiriasis infestation

Heird, W.C.; Hay, W.; Helms, R.A.; Storm, M.C.; Kashyap, S.; Dell, R.B., 1988:
Pediatric parenteral amino acid mixture in low birth weight infants

Prive, J.P.; Elfving, D.C.; Proctor, J.T.A., 1988:
Pedicel characteristics of four apple cultivars

Awahmukalah, D.S.; Dinga, J.S.; Nchako Njikam, J., 1988:
Pediculosis among urban and rural school children in Kumba, Meme division, south-west Cameroon

Armoni, M.; Bibi, H.; Schlesinger, M.; Pollak, S.; Metzker, A., 1988:
Pediculosis capitis: why prefer a solution to shampoo or spray?

Kamyszek F.; Gibasiewicz W., 1986:
Pediculosis in pigs in the light of clinical and laboratory studies

Sperber, J.; Rosen, T.; Dunn, J.K.; Kalter, D.C., 1988:
Pediculus pubis (crab lice)

Krafek, G.W.; Mayr, B.; Schleger, W., 1990:
Pedigree analyses in dogs by means of a modified DNA fingerprinting method

Souza, E.S.rrells, M., 1989:
Pedigree analysis of North American oat cultivars released from 1951 to 1985

Song, G., 1989:
Pedigree analysis of the main sweet potato varieties in Shandong province

Mangan, RL., 1988:
Pedigree and heritability influences on mate selectivity and mating aggressiveness in the screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Petit, C.; Audeval Gerard, C., 1988:
Pedigree checking in domestic animals: contribution of molecular biology

Overholdt W.A.; Smith J.W.Jr, 1989:
Pediobius furvus parasitization of overwintering generation southwestern corn borer pupae

Dapper, M. de, 1987:
Pedisediments and stone-line complexes in peninsular Malaysia

Braudeau, E., 1988:
Pedo-hydric characterisation of soil based on the analysis of the shrinkage curve

Paoletti, MG.; Iovane, E.; Cortese, M., 1988:
Pedofauna bioindicators and heavy metals in five agroecosystems in north-east Italy

Bettis, A.E.I.I., 1988:
Pedogenesis in late prehistoric Indian mounds, upper Mississippi Valley

Anderson, D.W., 1987:
Pedogenesis in the grassland and adjacent forests of the Great Plains

Felix Henningsen, P.; Liu, L.W.; Zakosek, H., 1989:
Pedogenesis of red earths (Acrisols) and yellow earths (Cambisols) in the central subtropical region of SE China

Choudhari, J.S., 1988:
Pedogenic distribution of zinc in Aridisols of western Rajasthan, India

Bornand, M.; Menier, D., 1989:
Pedological approach to the grassland environment in Margeride (Massif Central, France)

Janetzko, P., 1989:
Pedological data for landscape planning and nature conservation-an example from the Lauenburg district, Schleswig-Holstein

Majer, C., 1989:
Pedological investigation on three selected sampling sites of the altitude profile 'Zillertal' (Austria)

Gonzalez Parra, J.; Gonzalez Huecas, C.; Lopez Lafuente, A., 1987:
Pedological study of the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaen). (III). Characteristics of soils with a mollic epipedon

Anonymous, 1988:
Pedology and Soil Fertility: Interactions and Applications

Duchaufour, P., 1989:
Pedology and ecological groups. I-Roles of humus type and pH

Achterberg, W.; Kamzelak, U., 1988:
Peeling and slicing trials on Abies concolor

Devlieger Sollier, F.; Cuevas Doering, H.; Inzunza Diez, L., 1987:
Peeling characteristics of Acacia melanoxylon

Nielen, L. van, 1989:
Peeling of potatoes for manufacture of processed products

Nagarkar, P.K.; Apshankar, S.G.; Kulkarni, M.V.; Kulkarni, D.J., 1988:
Peformance of canals in expansive soils

Yurchenko, V.Y.; Al' muratova, D.N., 1987:
Peganum harmala L. - poisonous weed on the pastures of Kazakhstan

Lao, Z., 1989:
Pekin - the leading role in world market production

Vasil' chenko, S.S., 1987:
Pektavamorin in diets for pigs during fattening

Marani, F.; Bertaccini, A.; Cignolo, S., 1988:
Pelargonium clones obtained by the in vitro culture of apical meristems

Purer, O.; Mayak, S., 1989 :
Pelargonium cuttings - effect of growth regulators

Wiedemann, W.; Oertel, C., 1988:
Pelargonium flower break virus on pelargoniums - occurrence, importance and treatment

Bachthaler, E.; Krebs, E.K., 1987:
Pelargonium zonale and Pelargonium inquinans. In search of Xanthomonas-resistant wild types

Biermann, W.; Deiser, E.; Hartrath, H.; Hurka, W.; Milde, H.; Loeser, H.; Wassing Shadfan, M., 1989:
Pelargoniums on trial. A further cultivar trial at six sites

Biermann, W., 1988:
Pelargoniums: comparing cultivars on six sites

Charlwood, B.V.; Brown, J.T.; Moustou, C.; Charlwood, K.A., 1988:
Pelargoniums: flavours, fragrances and the new technology

Simon, D.M.; Krause, R.; Galambos, J.T., 1988:
Peliosis hepatis in a patient with marasmus

Thompson M.P.; Brower D.P.; Van Hekken D.L., 1989:
Pellet solvation of casein and whey protein containing systems

Mee, R.A., 1988:
Pelleted feeds for wild animals

Smallman, C., 1988:
Pelleting compression or retention?

Reinbek, G.F., 1989:
Pelleting of high-fat mixtures

Murthy, A.V.R.G.K., 1988:
Pelletization and aerial seeding in forestry

Migutin, G.V.; Bocharova, E.V.; Korabel' skaya, I.P.; Arlievskii, M.P.; Protsyuk, A.P.; Orlov, A.I.; Osipova, V.M., 1988:
Pelletizing phosphorus-magnesium feed and processing it in electrothermal furnaces

Talkhaev, M.P.; Borisova, L.I.; Gal' perina, S.Y.; Petrov, A.V., 1988:
Pellets-a new form of raw material for the phosphorus industry

Clark E.G.; Griffin S.; Goodall P., 1989:
Pelodera dermatitis in a dog

Aszakies, C., 1988:
Pelt colour in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.)

Garcia Mata, R., 1987:
Pelt production in Argentina and the world

Lahteenmaki, M., 1988:
Pelt production in local breeding associations in 1987/88

Lahteenmaki, M., 1989:
Pelt production in local breeding associations in 1988-89

O'Connor, K.F.; Bagg, M.N.; Croley, M.R.; Schabel, S.I., 1989:
Pelvic actinomycosis associated with intrauterine devices

Williams, C.E.; Lamb, G.H.; Lewis-Jones, H.G., 1990:
Pelvic actinomycosis: beware the intrauterine contraceptive device

Ferrer, R.; Rizo, J.M.; Blanco, G.S.; Martinez, V., 1988:
Pelvic development in Holstein Friesian first-calf heifers in relation to ease of calving

Katcherian G., 1990:
Pelvic osteotomy and distal transfer of the greater trochanter for luxation of the hip

Andersen, H.K.; Kristensen, F., 1988:
Pemphigus foliaceus in the cat

Noxon, J.O.; Myers, R.K., 1989:
Pemphigus foliaceus in two Shetland sheepdog littermates

Tsankov, N.; Dimitrowa, J.; Obreschkowa, E.; Lasarowa, A., 1987:
Pemphigus induced by the pesticide phosphamide

Hoofs, A., 1989:
Pen equipment for fattening pigs

Hameed Ali, K.; Alikunhi, K.H., 1987:
Penaeid prawn hatchery designs for India

Steinhagen, H.; Sim, H.; Govett, R., 1989:
Penalty of insufficient conditioning of grand fir and Douglas-fir veneer blocks

Morrison, K.J.; Konzak, C.F.; Reisenauer, P.; Davis, M.; Rubenthaler, G.L., 1988:
Penawawa spring wheat

Scheffer, J.J.C.; Hume, R.J., 1988:
Pendimethalin for early season weed control in onions in Pukekohe

Townsend, S.C.E.; Nuttall, A.M., 1990 :
Pendimethalin options or the control of broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in winter wheat and winter barley in northern Britain

Cooper R.J.; Jenkins J.J.; Curtis A.S., 1990:
Pendimethalin volatility following application to turfgrass

Srebotnik, E.; Messner, K.; Foisner, R., 1988:
Penetrability of White Rot-Degraded Pine Wood by the Lignin Peroxidase of Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Arthur, T., 1988:
Penetrate residue with on-board impregnation

Spellman, P.G.; Spencer, J.E.; Knox, A.I., 1990:
Penetrating grass seed

Ingram, D.E., 1989:
Penetrating the language frontier in tourism

Okuda, K.; Murase, T.; Sato, K.; Matsuzaki, S.; Iwano, S.; Iwama, N., 1988:
Penetration ability of bull spermatozoa into bovine cervical mucus

Dodson B.L.; Robinson W.H., 1988:
Penetration and permanence of chlorpyrifos in pine sapwood

Storey, G.; Gardner, W.; Tollner, E., 1989:
Penetration and persistence of commercially formulated Beauveria bassiana conidia in soil of two tillage systems

Shukla, R.M.; Balwinder Singh; Garg, A.K.; Sethi, G.R., 1989:
Penetration of 14C-labelled methyl parathion in Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Walker, J.T.; Huitink, G., 1989:
Penetration of Tilt into a rice canopy

McKellar, Q.A., 1990:
Penetration of antibiotics into specific sites

Rosin, E.; Ebert, S.; Uphoff, T.S.; Evans, M.H.; Schultz-Darken, N.J., 1989:
Penetration of antibiotics into the surgical wound in a canine model

Lebow, S.; Morrell, J., 1989:
Penetration of boron in Douglas-fir and western hemlock lumber

Popov, A., 1990:
Penetration of bovine leukosis virus through the rectal mucosa

Frey, W. von; Vidal M.R.; Santa Maria S.A.; Reyes, M. de los, 1988:
Penetration of bull spermatozoa in cervical mucus and its relationship with some semen traits using different thawing methods

Slavik, T.; Pavlok, A.; Fulka, J., 1990:
Penetration of intact bovine ova with ram spermatozoa in vitro

Parker, J.M.; Booth, S.K.; Foster, S.S.D., 1987:
Penetration of nitrate from agricultural soils into the groundwater of the Norfolk Chalk

Steffens, A.B.; Scheurink, A.J.; Porte, D.; Woods, S.C., 1988:
Penetration of peripheral glucose and insulin into cerebrospinal fluid in rats

Sukul, N.C.; Sultana, N., 1986:
Penetration of skin by infective larvae of human hookworms. Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus

Sokoowski, A.; Wisniewski, J., 1987:
Penetration of the pyrethroid Decis 2.5 EC into nests of Formica polyctena (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Sano, Y., 1989:
Penetration of tobacco mosaic virus protein into L- alpha -phosphatidylcholine monolayer from underlying aqueous solutions

A.A.oudi, A.R.; Shnawa, I.M.S.; Hassen, A.A.; A.S.njary, R.B., 1988:
Penetration rate of Proteus organism through egg shell membranes at different temperatures

Novak, R.J.; Steinly, B.A.; Webb, D.W.; Haramis, L.; Clarke, J.; Farmer, B.; Cieslik, R., 1990:
Penetration rate of two pesticide carriers at a large used-tire storage facility in Chicago, Illinois

Carter M.R., 1988:
Penetration resistance to characterize the depth and persistence of soil loosening in tillage studies

Castro de Cantarini, S.M.; Evangelista de Duffard, A.M.; Duffard, R.O., 1989:
Penetration studies and residue determinations of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid butyl ester in fertile hen eggs and chicks hatched from treated eggs

Borchert H.; Graf R., 1988:
Penetrometer measurements at different soil water contents

Billot, J.F., 1989:
Penetrometers - choosing cultivation dates and implements

Jaeck, W.; Pabst, K., 1990:
Penetrometry to measure fat hardness

Meissonnier, E., 1989:
Penicillin G-neomycin combination in the treatment of mastitis in dairy cows. I. Pharmacodynamics

Biswas, A.K.; Nagar, P.K., 1988:
Penicillin induced changes in cytokinin activity of mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) seedlings

Bradbeer, C.S.; Thin, R.N.; Tan, T.; Thirumoorthy, T., 1988:
Penicillin treatment for gonorrhoea in relation to early syphilis in prostitutes

Johnston, P.I.; Lavery, M.; Braidwood, J.C., 1990:
Penicillins: stability and efficacy in-feed

Vincent, M.A.; Pitt, J.I., 1989:
Penicillium allii, a new species from Egyptian garlic

Pandiyan, V.; Pichappa, C.V.; Shanmugasundaram, E.R.B., 1987:
Penicillium cyclopium and penicillic acid toxicosis in chicks

Chan, J.K.; Tsang, D.N.; Wong, D.K., 1989:
Penicillium marneffei in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

DiSalvo, A.F., 1989:
Penicillium marneffei infection: a follow-up

Chan, J.K.; Tsang, D.N., 1989:
Penicillium marneffei infection: an update

Sieber, R., 1984:
Penicillium mycotoxins and the cheese industry

Sharif, F.M.; Okasha, A.M.; Kazem, K.T., 1988:
Penicillium stipitatum and Trichoderma harzianum in the biological control of cucumber damping-off disease caused by Pythium aphanidermatum

Woo, Y.T.; Lai, D.Y.; Acros, J.C.; Argus, M.F., 1988:
Penicillium toxins

Munzenmayer, W.; Thibaut, J.; Deppe, R., 1988:
Penile paralysis in a dog

Benedetti, D.A., 1990:
Penn State entomologists study mite infesting bee colonies

Kativu, S.; Mithen, R., 1988:
Pennisetum in southern Africa

Anonymous, 1989:
Pennzoil Company celebrates its centenary

Penrose, D., 1989:
Penrose de-boxer

Kirchner, M., 1989:
Pens with slatted floors for fattening bulls

Molavi, A., 1989:
Pentamidine for the prevention and treatment of P. carinii pneumonia

Arnott, M.A.; Hay, J., 1989:
Pentamidine isethionate--induced inhibition of neutrophil respiratory burst

Arnott, M.A.; Hay, T.; Croft, S.L., 1988:
Pentamidine isethionate-induced neutrophil dysfunction

Engl, B., 1988:
Pentane exhalation and antioxidative metabolism of broiler chickens under dietary loads

Salmanoglu, B., 1988:
Pentane production of broiler chickens (in vivo and in the intestinal chyme) under influence of feed fat quality and vitamin E supply

Geertsen, V., 1989:
Pentas as a cut-flower

Horn, W., 1989:
Pentas lanceolata as a cut flower

Drabick, J.J., 1987:

Arroyo, R.; Vargas, M.; Santamaría, S., 1986:
Pentastomiasis in Costa Rica caused by Linguatula serrata and its differential diagnosis from L. recurvata

Dickerson, R.N.; Fried, R.C.; Daniel, M.G.; Stein, T.P.; Mullen, J.L.; Buzby, G.P., 1989:
Pentobarbital improves nitrogen retention in sepsis

Ito, M.; Atobe, I.; Watanabe, H.; Amano, H., 1988:
Pentose phosphate cycle in tissue from the caput, corpus and cauda epididymidis of the boar

Smith W.K.; Knapp A.K.; Reiners W.A., 1989:
Penumbral effects on sunlight penetration in plant communities

Heeres, H.J., 1988:
Peoldijkse Pad - horticulture under glass in a reconstruction area in Westland, Netherlands

Bardhan, A.; Dubey, D.C., 1987:
People - the missing link of the national health and family welfare programme

Millward, A.; Mostyn, B., 1988:
People and nature in cities - summary

Millward, A.; Mostyn, B., 1989:
People and nature in cities. The social aspects of planning and managing natural parks in urban areas

James, C., 1989:
People and projects in development anthropology: a literacy project in Madhya Pradesh, India

Sutton, D.H., 1989:
People and technology for development - the human factor in agricultural mechanisation

Anonymous, 1989:
People first. NGOs, the state and international cooperation in the Third World

Walters, S.; Kruss, G., 1989:
People's education in South Africa

Birgegard, L.E., 1990:
People's participation

Dewan, M.L., 1990:
People's participation in Himalayan eco-system development

Drijver, C., 1990:
People's participation in environmental projects in developing countries

Mercaida, E.G., 1987:
People's participation in managing IIRR's credit program: early experiences and prospects

Kallabaka, J.W.M., 1989:
People's participation in rural development

Pollnac, R.B., 1988 :
People's participation in the small-scale fisheries development cycle

Mistry, M.D., 1989:
People's research and mobilisation: drought relief and minimum wages

Anonymous, 1989:
People, land and livestock. Proceedings of a workshop on the socio-economic dimensions of livestock production in the communal lands of Zimbabwe, 12-14 September, 1988, Great Zimbabwe, Masvingo

Anonymous, 1990:
People, trees and woods. Proceedings of the 1989 Countryside Recreation Conference, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 19-21 September 1989

Jowett, A.J., 1990:
People: demographic patterns and policies

Chetty, N.V.R., 1989:
Peoples participation in wasteland development

Unander, D.W.; Varela Ramirez, F., 1988:
Pepper cultivars on the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico

Tanzi, M.; Betti, L.; Bertaccini, A.; Canova, A., 1988:
Pepper mosaic virus strains and their adaptation to the host. II. Morphological behaviour

Betti, L.; Tanzi, M.; Canova, A., 1988:
Pepper mosaic virus strains and their adaption to the host. I. Biological and serological behaviour

Gumbek, M., 1987:
Pepper research. Pests

Rast, A.T.B., 1988:
Pepper tobamoviruses and pathotypes used in resistance breeding

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Peptide enteral formulas

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Peptide transport in Candida albicans: implications for the development of antifungal agents

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Peptide uptake is essential for growth of Lactococcus lactis on the milk protein casein

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Peptide-hydrolysing enzymes of Pediococcus species

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Peptide-phospholipid interactions and their implications for the molecular mechanism of membrane insertion and translocation of proteins

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Peptides as modulators and channel blockers

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Peptides in human nutrition

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Peptides related to phytosiderophore secretion by Fe-deficient barley roots

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Per capita consumption of dairy products and margarine, Canada 1980-1989

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Peracute toxic coliform mastitis

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Perceived change among participants in an exercise program for older adults

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Perceived competence of agricultural extension workers

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Perceived control/reactance: a framework for understanding leisure behaviour in natural settings

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Perceived effects of a training program to enhance family members' ability to facilitate reminiscing with older disoriented residents

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Perceived scenic beauty and contingent valuation of forest campgrounds

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Percentage comparison of plant extracts activity on Meloidogyne incognita race 1

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Percentage of nitrate nitrogen in total N determination by the Kjeldahl method

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Percentage of parasitism and sex ratio in different parasites of the diapausing larvae of Pectinophora gossypiella Saund

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Perception and reality in travel-related employment

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Perception capacity of the ant Tetramorium guineense for the biological control of the banana black weevil

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Perception of antifeedants by lepidopterous larvae

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Perception of foraging costs and intakes, and foraging decisions

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Perception of leisure in an austere economy. Paper presented at the 2nd International Leisure Studies Association Conference at the University of Sussex, Brighton, England, June 29-July 3, 1988

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Perception of sex pheromone in Diacrisia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

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Perception of soil drying via the increased synthesis of abscisic acid in roots

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Perception of sport in Kenya

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Perceptions and preferences of urban forest users

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Perceptions by farmers, extension agents and researchers of linkages among and between organizations involved in the development and dissemination of agricultural innovations in Cameroon

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Perceptions of agriculture in Nigeria by students of the Division of Agricultural Colleges, Ahmadu Bello University

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Perceptions of boredom in leisure: conceptualization, reliability and validity of the Leisure Boredom Scale

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Perceptions of development approaches applied at Ncora irrigation scheme, Republic of Transkei

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Perceptions of quality in demand for the theatre

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Perceptions of secondary agricultural science teachers toward proposed changes in agricultural curricula in Texas

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Perceptions of selected educators of the quality of instruction in secondary vocational agriculture programs

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Perceptions of sexism in F&B-oriented corporations

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Perceptions of social inequality in the Yemen Arab Republic

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Perceptions of the 'typical' female, male, female athlete, and male athlete

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Perceptions of the causes of procrastination by sports administrators

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Perceptions of the rural landscape

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Perceptions of the social position and occupation of the farmer

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Perceptions of traditional and new style exhibitions at the Natural History Museum, London

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Perceptions of training and performance in change agent roles by selected agricultural extensionists in Latin America

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Perceptual and mental workload during selection tasks

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Percolation losses for half-circle center pivots

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Percutaneous absorption and inherent toxicity

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Percutaneous absorption in rhesus monkeys and estimation of human chemical exposure

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Percutaneous absorption of pesticides

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Percutaneous aspiration and drainage of hydatid cysts in the liver

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Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for enteral nutrition of patients with severe cerebral dysfunction

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Percutaneous extraction of renal fungus ball

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Percutaneous liver biopsy. Using the ultrasound-guided Biopsy instrument

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Percutaneous nephrostomy in the management of renal candidiasis

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Percutaneous, tunneled silicone elastomer central venous catheters for total parenteral nutrition: low sepsis and thrombosis rate. A prospective study of 315 catheters

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Perennation of powdery mildew of mango as leaf infections

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Perennial crop allocation in Malaysia: a macro model simulation and optimal control approach

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Perennial grass response to environment and herbicides in a yellow starthistle site

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Perennial lobelias at Longstock Park Gardens

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Perennial or Russell lupin: a potential high country pasture legume

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Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.): literature survey

Anonymous, 1988:
Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) variety 'Yatsyn 1'

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Perennial ryegrass cultivar evapotranspiration rates

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Perennial sowthistle control in crop production systems

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Perennial teosinte introgressed population of maize: variation within S1 derived lines

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Perennial vine control in multiple cropping systems on a clay soil

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Perennial weed control

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Perennials in reforestation: the economic aspects of some alternative agroforestry systems

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Perestroika and world agricultural markets

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Perestroika in agriculture: Gorbachev's rural 'revolution'?

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Perestroika in the Latvian agroindustrial sector and the development of international cooperation

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Perestroika in the agrarian sphere

Yakovlev, M., 1990:
Perestroika in the organization of the management structure of the agroindustrial sector

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Perfect asparagus leaf removal with a chopper

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Perfecting a technique for the rapid evaluation of cotton plant infestation by nymphal instars of whitefly

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Perfecting management, planning and economic accounting in the field of environmental protection

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Perfecting the crab

Atanasowa, A., 1989:
Perfecting the norms for labour costs as a condition for implementing economic accounting

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Perfecting the structure of roughage cultivation and products requires a complex farm management assessment

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Perfecting the structure of the agroindustrial sector of the Moldavian SSR

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Perfection of a technique for the production of feedblocks without molasses

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Perfection of the technological machinery system and work organization in industrial scale vineyards

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Perfluorinated moth pheromones : Synthesis and electrophysiological activity

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Perforated amebic liver abscesses: successful percutaneous treatment

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Perforated gastric ulcer caused by Toxocara cati in a cat

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Perforated inner wall for the circulation of air

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Perforated ray cells in the wood of some dicotyledons

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Perforation of hydatid cyst of the liver into the stomach

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Perforation plates in vessels of Citharexylum myrianthum Cham. (Verbenaceae)

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Perforations of the small intestine and intestinal parasitoses. Report of a case of peritonitis due to perforation caused by Taenia saginata

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Performance analysis of Black-Pied Lowland cattle in Iraq

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Performance analysis of ridge profile rotary weeders

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Performance analysis of the aeration tanks in the activated sludge system

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Performance and adverse response of sheep during grazing of four legumes

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Performance and behaviour of four sex conditions in male suckled calves

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Performance and carcass characteristics of cattle differing in frame size and muscling

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Performance and carcass characteristics of turkey toms as influenced by dietary protein and metabolizable energy

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Performance and carcass quality of steers supplemented with zinc oxide or zinc methionine

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Performance and design of a selector for bulking control

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Performance and feeding value for sheep of IGFRI-3108 variety of Cenchrus in semi-arid tract of Rajasthan

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Performance and genetic parameters of the synthetic populations of red clover

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Performance and meat quality of chickens in relation to genotype and metabolizable energy in the diet

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Performance and model of two types of greenhouses with solar energy storage

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Performance and physiological parameters of 'Comune' clementine influenced by four rootstocks

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Performance and possibility of utilization of varieties from the International Winter Wheat Nursery in Nanjing

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Performance and productivity of two types of crossbred cows derived from both dairy and beef herds

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Performance and prospects of major oilseeds crops in India

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Performance and ruminal changes of early-weaned calves fed lasalocid

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Performance and safety of the new anticoagulant rodenticide flocoumafen

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Performance and stability of indeterminate and determinate soybean in short-season environments

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Performance and yield of self regenerating medic (Medicago spp.) in short rotation with cereals in northern Syria

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Performance appraisal of Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Bank

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Performance aspects of a solar water heated greenhouse

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Performance assessment in the Sudan's Gezira System

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Performance assessment of maize hybrids in micro- and macro environments

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Performance assessment of the Porac River Irrigation System

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Performance changes for growth and meat production of pigs under restricted and full feeding with selection

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Performance changes of the cleaning unit of a combine harvester during field tests

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Performance characteristics of PTO airblast sprayers for citrus

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Performance characteristics of a batch grain drier. Part 2: Computer modelling of moisture distribution in the bulk grain

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Performance characteristics of cotton ginning machinery

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Performance characteristics of evaporative vegetable cooler for the Southeast

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Performance characteristics of milking machines and pulsators

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Performance characteristics of the PTO powered disk tiller

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Performance comparisons of naturally- and mechanically ventilated solar-assisted swine nurseries

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Performance contracts in Mongolian agriculture

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Performance criteria for stocker and feeder cattle

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Performance data from a rabbitry in Trinidad (West Indies)

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Performance details of different biogas plant in the context of India

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Performance differences between hens of different breeds with consideration of genotype combinations of protein loci G3 and G2

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Performance evaluation of Farmers Service Cooperative Societys (FSS) Limited, Singanayakanahalli, Bangalore North Taluk, Karnataka

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Performance evaluation of a no-mix continuous flow anaerobic digester operating on dairy manure

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Performance evaluation of a protective irrigation project-the case of Tungabhadra Project in India

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Performance evaluation of a single-axle tractor powered cowpea harvester

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Performance evaluation of a sugar mill

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Performance evaluation of an enamel coated mouldboard plough

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Performance evaluation of chickpea thresher in Pakistan

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Performance evaluation of molasses-based distilleries - a new approach

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Performance evaluation of neem oil (Melia azadirachta) as diesel engine supplementary fuel

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Performance evaluation of stationary threshers

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Performance in nursery beds of planting material of 'Zanzibar' and 'Mzuzu Green' plantains weighing under two pounds

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Performance in storage of some cauliflower varieties

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Performance increase of aerobic-biological waste water treatment plants in papermills by anaerobic pretreatment of high-strength partial flows

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Performance increase of papermill waste water treatment plants by a high-capacity trickling filter inserted as first biological stage

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Performance of 'Empire' on dwarfing rootstocks and interstems

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Performance of 15 provenances of teak (Tectona grandis) five years after planting in Itabo, Matanzas

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Performance of 3 potato cultivars on different culture media for in vitro micropropagation

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Performance of 34 progenies of Pinus cubensis in the presence of Dioryctria horneana

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Performance of 4 cultivars on withholding water supply at 50% heading under production conditions

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Performance of 4x X 4x families and their common 4x parents

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Performance of 7 selections of Poncirus trifoliata as rootstocks for nucellar Ruby Blood orange

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Performance of 9 cultivars with a short growth period in three localities in Region X of Chile

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Performance of AC 222,293 and chlorsulfuron for weed control in wheat and their persistence in soil

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Performance of Amelonado and hybrid cocoa in Fiji

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Performance of Atylosia scarabaeoides Benth. under different watering intervals

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Performance of Australian provenances of Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus saligna in Hawaii

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Performance of Booroola Merino and Finnsheep crossbred lambs and ewes

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Performance of Canchim and Nellore cows. 5. Growth of calves

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Performance of Canchim and Nelore cows. 3. Milk yield

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Performance of Canchim steers fed on pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp) in feedlot

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Performance of Chianina cattle in the German Democratic Republic

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Performance of Citrus species under partial shade in coconut garden

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Performance of Dorset Horn sheep in Malaysia

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Performance of Douglas-fir intervarietal hybrids after 10 years of field testing

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Performance of Eucalyptus on the wastelands of Madhya Pradesh

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Performance of Eucalyptus species of various provenances in the lateritic soil of West Bengal

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Performance of F1 hybrids in Jammu and Kashmir

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Performance of Ficus altissima and Podocarpus nagi in the interiorscape

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Performance of Hibiscus elatus in Puerto Rico

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Performance of Holstein calves fed varying additions of endophyte-infected tall fescue

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Performance of Holstein cows fed high alfalfa diets supplemented with raw or extruded full fat soybeans, and with or without rumen-protected methionine and lysine

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Performance of IITA's grain and vegetable type cowpeas in Chitwan, Nepal

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Performance of Indian agriculture and the rural sector in the post-Green Revolution period

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Performance of Indonesia's agriculture. Food self-sufficiency and beyond

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Performance of Irish dairy farming

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Performance of Jerseys on the Slopes of Mount Meru

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Performance of Leghorn type hens fed two levels of energy and a synthetic estrogen during the growing period

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Performance of Lotus corniculatus cultivars and lines in an altitudinal sequence on the East Otago Plateau

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Performance of Madura cattle fed wafered sugar-cane tops supplemented with molasses-urea blocks

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Performance of Mandya sheep

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Performance of Mexican agriculture: the effects of economic and agricultural policies

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Performance of Murrah and native X Murrah crossbred buffaloes in Nepal

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Performance of NREP in Tamil Nadu: comparison of growth and equity by taxanomic method

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Performance of Nili-Ravi buffaloes

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Performance of Quebec farm-tested purebred pigs. 1. Sources of variation

Savoie, Y.; Minvielle, F., 1988:
Performance of Quebec farm-tested purebred pigs. 2. Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters

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Performance of S1 alfalfa lines from original and improved populations

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Performance of Santa Gertrudis bulls in serving capacity tests and multiple sire breeding groups

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Performance of Sim carnations under sub-tropical climatic conditions of Punjab

Kiflewahid, B., 1988:
Performance of Simmental X Tswana crossbreds and Tswana milking cows fed crop by-products based diets in small farms in Botswana

Sharma, A.K., 1989:
Performance of Stylosanthes for augmenting the pastures of Bay Islands

Sharma, A.K.; Pal, R.N., 1989:
Performance of Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. under natural conditions

Singh, N.P.; Dave, S.K., 1989:
Performance of Tharparkar X Holstein-Friesian inter-se crossbreds in Central India

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Performance of Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr. at the centre and northern edge of its range: a comparison

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Performance of VFC tobacco line L-621 in Shimoga area

Anonymous, 1987:
Performance of Valencia orange on different rootstocks

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Performance of Vinca rosea and Solanum viarum under Akola conditions

Hilton, D.J., 1989:
Performance of a coiled tube irrigation pump

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Performance of a deep litter system for egg production

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Performance of a few RRII clones in the estate trials

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Performance of a herd of Gir cattle selected for milk yield

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Performance of a mechanized strawberry production system

Mitchell, B.W., 1988:
Performance of a microcomputer based control and monitoring system for environmental control

Kuroda M.; Sakakibara Y.; Arai T.; Arai A.; Shibayama D., 1990:
Performance of a new equipment for treating domestic wastewater

Masuda, T.; Uehara, Y.; Okabe, M.; Fujii, H., 1988:
Performance of a new type rice seeding machine in the submerged paddy field where wheat straw was applied

Burnett, G.A.; Michie, W., 1989:
Performance of a perchery building with ACNV for laying hens

Small, D., 1989:
Performance of a perforated plastic ventilation duct

Das, T.N.T.; Singh, B.P.N.; Narain, M., 1988:
Performance of a plate heat exchanger in commercial pasteurization of milk

Jenkins, B.M.; Goss, J.R., 1988:
Performance of a small spark-ignited internal combustion engine on producer gas from rice hulls

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Performance of a solar heated timber seasoning kiln installed at Bangalore (13 degrees N)

Simpson, W.T.; Tschernitz, J.L., 1989:
Performance of a solar/wood energy kiln in tropical latitudes

Sakai, K.; Hata, S.I.; Nanbu, S., 1987:
Performance of a vibrating cutting blade on a potato digger

Egharevba, N.A., 1989:
Performance of a water driven wheel for low lift irrigation

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Performance of agricultural solar systems in Illinois

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Performance of an aerated facultative lagoon for the removal of chlorinated organic compounds from kraft mill effluent: research plan

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Performance of an alfalfa germplasm selected for acid soil tolerance

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Performance of an extract heat system supplying heat to greenhouse

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Performance of an integrated solar collector/heat recovery system

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Performance of areas producing fodder crops in Czechoslovakia

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Performance of associations of Desmodium canum/Brachiaria spp. in the Oxisol savannas of Colombia

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Performance of broiler breeder with restricted feeding during growing period

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Performance of broilers in Cuba according to season and district

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Performance of bullocks under varying conditions of load and climate

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Performance of clusterbean varieties for forage yield and quality during summer season

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Performance of coffee genotypes against Ceratocystis fimbriata

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Performance of commercial groups of beans of national cultivars in relation to water uptake in laboratory conditions

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Performance of community nutrition workers (CNW) the grass root level workers in the Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project (TINP)

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Performance of completed projects : why do they not attain the projected benefits?

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Performance of construction particleboard II. Bending in service as underlayment of floors

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Performance of construction particleboard III. Prediction of bending in service by water-immersion accelerated-aging treatment

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Performance of construction particleboard IV. Some considerations of the reduction mechanism of bending properties caused by moisture

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Performance of construction particleboard V. Bending and water-resistance of low-compaction ratio board

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Performance of container and bare-root stock on prescribed burns in Saskatchewan

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Performance of cooperative marketing vis-a-vis private traders: the case of marketing eggs in Japan

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Performance of cooperative sugar mills in Punjab

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Performance of cooperative tea factories in Tamil Nadu - an economic analysis

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Performance of cooperatives and investor owned firms in the dairy industry

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Performance of deep tillage implements

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Performance of different anti-resistant DDT formulations against DDT resistant Tribolium castaneum

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Performance of dipterocarp tree species in the grasslands

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Performance of double transplanted photoperiod-sensitive rice varieties under delayed transplanting

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Performance of eight purebred and two composite swine populations

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Performance of feedlot lambs during the adjustment and finishing phases when fed varying fiber and protein levels

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Performance of finger millet relay cropped with legumes as influenced by establishment times and N levels

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Performance of finishes on wood modified with chromium nitrate versus chromic acid

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Performance of finishing pigs fed canola meal in growing and finishing diets

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Performance of five post-emergent herbicides applied in mixture for the control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in a soyabean (Glycine max L.) crop

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Performance of five stone removers. Part 4

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Performance of five-year-old growth of Leucaena species on cool and acid soil habitat

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Performance of flue cured tobacco line FCH 6005 against black shank disease in nursery and field

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Performance of fodder cowpea varieties in South Andaman

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Performance of forage cover crops spring seeded by three methods under winter rye

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Performance of forage crops in Manipur

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Performance of four cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) cultivars in different Cuban regions

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Performance of four improved wheat varieties and one triticale variety under farmers' conditions in Rwanda

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Performance of four sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) clones over a 120-day cycle

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Performance of fungicides in storage of coriander seed at high RH

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Performance of garlic cultivars on the Santa Catarina plateau

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Performance of geranium cultivars entered in the 1988 Penn State Trials

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Performance of gram varietal mixtures in normal and late plantings

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Performance of greengram as an intercrop with pearlmillet at different levels of nitrogen and planting patterns

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Performance of growing medium drench applied A-Rest in various container media - Part 1

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Performance of growing-finishing pigs when fed diets containing fresh cassava leaves and roots

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Performance of heading type Chinese cabbage lines at Hisar

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Performance of heat exchangers on three types of Quebecois livestock buildings

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Performance of herbicides for weed control in blackgram

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Performance of highbush blueberries on sites previously used for agricultural crops

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Performance of hybrid layers on low-protein diet supplemented with methionine

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Performance of imported and home-bred Corriedale sheep. 1. Shearing weight and fleece length

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Performance of indigenous and crossbred cattle under the agroclimatic condition of Assam, India

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Performance of irrigation pipelines buried within the frost zone

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Performance of laboratory-scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactors

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Performance of lactating dairy cows fed varieties of endophyte-free tall fescue and calves fed varying levels of infected tall fescue

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Performance of lactofen alone and in combination with post-emergence herbicides in California perennial crops

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Performance of lambs grazing pearl millet at four levels of herbage allowance

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Performance of lambs on a clean grazing system compared with lambs on a traditional system

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Performance of lard-type pigs in Mata District, Minas Gerais

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Performance of large groups of chicks using operant conditioning to control the thermal environment

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Performance of late sown wheat at different sowing methods and different sources of nitrogen in coastal saline soils of Orissa

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Performance of laying hens and egg quality after a moult

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Performance of laying hens of semi-heavy and light breeds housed 3 or 4 birds to a cage measuring 40 x 45 cm during the second production cycle

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Performance of leaf-tip clones

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Performance of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cultivars in Pacajus, Ceara

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Performance of local tomato varieties against bacterial wilt disease

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Performance of low-multiple-storey hives at their free placement in the apiary

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Performance of machine vision based tree seedling grader

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Performance of maize cultivars in Sergipe State. II. Yield trials in 1986 and 1987

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Performance of maize hybrids as affected by fertilization and irrigation. II

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Performance of male broiler chicks exposed to heat from infrared or microwave sources

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Performance of microencapsulated fungicide in exterior latex paint on wood substrate

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Performance of microirrigation under conditions in Poland

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Performance of micropropagated and budded pear trees: interaction between scion and dwarf-quince clones

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Performance of moth varieties for forage yields under rainfed conditions

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Performance of multiline versus pureline wheats in northwestern USA

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Performance of mustard cultivars and their degree of drought tolerance efficiency under high temperature zone of Vidarbha

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Performance of near-isogenic lines lacking seed lipoxygenases

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Performance of new maize cultivars in Tucuman

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Performance of new pasture cultivars in a hill country finishing system

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Performance of new sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) clones over a 120-day cycle in the spring season

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Performance of niger and sunflower grown as winter crops under double cropping system in rainfed upland latosol soil

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Performance of nitrogen-fixing MPTS on mountainous wastelands in low rainfall areas

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Performance of non-astringent persimmons (Diospyros kaki L.) in Florida

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Performance of nutri-shield in protecting alfalfa hay cubes

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Performance of oat genotypes under different tree covers and open

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Performance of oil milling technologies in India

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Performance of okra cultivars in a high management cultural system

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Performance of outplanted western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg.) seedlings inoculated with Cenococcum geophilum

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Performance of oxyfluorfen as pre-emergence herbicide in transplanted and direct-seeded rice

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Performance of packing line sizers for fresh market tomatoes

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Performance of paclobutrazol (Cultar) in controlling vegetative growth and cropping of stone fruits

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Performance of parasitized pigs following ivermectin treatment

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Performance of pasture legumes in inter row water harvesting system in sandy rangeland of western Rajasthan

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Performance of pea varieties against powdery mildew in Himachal Pradesh

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Performance of peaches in high density systems

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Performance of pearl millet genotypes in sole and intercropping systems in Alfisols of Telengana

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Performance of pigeonpea M4 variants

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Performance of pigeonpea as an intercrop in sorghum

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Performance of pigeonpea genotypes under rainfed conditions

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Performance of pigeonpea in semi arid black soil region

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Performance of pigeonpea in sorghum based intercropping system

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Performance of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Vanuatu

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Performance of potato varieties in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Performance of potato ventilation ducts

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Performance of potatoes derived from unilateral sexual polyploidization

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Performance of pre-emergence herbicides on irrigated transplanted onions at New Halfa, Sudan

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Performance of progeny of Booroola Merino and Finnsheep rams

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Performance of proprietary mixture of chlorothalonil, copper and maneb in the control of bacterial blight of coffee and coffee berry disease in Kenya

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Performance of pure and mixed stands of two wheat varieties at varying nitrogen levels

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Performance of pyrethroids against German cockroaches Blattella germanica (L.) (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

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Performance of rake mechanisms for creating residue free seed bands

Nelson, W.S.; Shinners, K.J., 1989:
Performance of rake mechanisms for creating residue-free seed bands

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Performance of red raspberry cultivars in the dry interior of Cauquenes

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Performance of rice (Oryza sativa L.). varieties in Vanuatu

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Performance of rice Oryza sativa L. in deep water in the state of Tabasco

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Performance of rice varieties at different levels and times of nitrogen application

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Performance of rope-wick glyphosate treatments on dallisgrass

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Performance of ryegrass varieties in Alabama, 1989-90

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Performance of second and third generation synthetics of alfalfa based on different number of parents

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Performance of selected high yielding and traditional rice varieties under rainfed upland conditions

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Performance of selected tillage implements

Cheva Isarakul, B., 1988:
Performance of sheep fed urea-treated or urea/molasses supplemented straw with or without fresh leucaena supplement as compared with fresh grass

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Performance of single and double cross autotetraploid maize hybrids with different levels of inbreeding

Najib, H., 1988:
Performance of single comb White Leghorn layers (52-72 weeks of age) maintained on different levels of protein and feed restriction programs

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Performance of single strain Rhizobium japonicum inoculants on soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

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Performance of solar-assisted modified-open-front swine nurseries

Anonymous, 1988:
Performance of some P. trifoliata hybrids

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Performance of some Stylosanthes accessions at five harvest dates for two consecutive years

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Performance of some barley genotypes in relation to soil acidity

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Performance of some foreign-bred apple varieties at Michurinsk

Sajjapongse, A., 1987:
Performance of some heat tolerant tomatoes in St. Lucia, East Caribbean

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Performance of some herbicides in upland rice under stale bed and conventional methods of land preparation

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Performance of some important characters of hybrid soybean (F1) in a cool climate

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Performance of some linseed varieties on different dates of sowing under rainfed conditions

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Performance of some native and introduced grasses in a semiarid region of western Canada

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Performance of some pesticides in controlling Orobanche

Iftime, D.; Movileanu, A.; Aniculaesei, E., 1989:
Performance of some red currant and highbush blueberry cultivars at Falticeni

Finlay, J.R., 1988:
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