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Pendimethalin options or the control of broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in winter wheat and winter barley in northern Britain

Townsend, S.C.E.; Nuttall, A.M.

Crop protection in northern Britain: 7-12


Accession: 001906195

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Field trials were conducted in N. Britain, between 1987-89 to evaluate pendimethalin combinations for autumn control of weeds dominated by chickweed (Stellaria media), annual meadow-grass (Poa annua) and mayweeds (Matricaria spp.) in winter wheat and winter barley. Pendimethalin + isoproturon (Encore) suspension concentrate at 370 g a.i./litre, 4 litres/ha, provided broad spectrum weed control and proved safe to both crops on all mineral soils.

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