Performance testing for feed intake in German Black Pied Dairy cows

Beilig, S.; Wolf, J.; Hanert, U.

Tierzucht 44(2): 55-56


Accession: 001907048

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An account is given of 6 trials involving short-term (3-4 wk) performance testing of German Black Pied Dairy cows and heifers, fed a complete or basic ration, for feed intake. Daily dry matter intake ranged from 9.6 kg for heifers fed a basic ration to 19.2 kg for lactating cows fed a complete ration. The correlation of feed intake with milk yield was 0. 72 for cows fed a complete ration and -0.12 for cows fed a basic ration. Possibilities of testing bull dams and young bulls and of progeny testing for feed intake are considered.