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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ali B.H.; El Sheikh H.A.; Mckellar Q.A., 1990: Pharmacokinetics of niclofolan in desert sheep

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Waterman A.E.; Kalthum W., 1990: Pharmacokinetics of pethidine administered intramuscularly and intravenously to dogs over 10 years old

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Sweeney, R. W.; Divers, T. J.; Benson, C.; Collatos, C., 1988: Pharmacokinetics of rifampin in calves and adult sheep

Munoz, M. J.; Aramayona, J. J.; Abada, A. R.; Bregante, M. A.; Saez, M. P., 1990: Pharmacokinetics of robenidine after intravenous administration to rabbits

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Prades, M.; Brown, M. P.; Gronwall, R.; Miles, N. S., 1988: Pharmacokinetics of sodium cephapirin in lactating dairy cows

Jain, S. K.; Uppal, R. P.; Garg, B. D.; Punia, J. S., 1989: Pharmacokinetics of sulphadimidine in buffalo calves

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908025

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908027

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908028

Dyke, T. M., 1989: Pharmacokinetics of therapeutic substances in racehorses

Sundlof, S. F.; Courtney, C. H.; Bell, J. U.; Jackson, R. F., 1986: Pharmacokinetics of thiacetarsamide in relationship to therapeutic efficacy

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908032

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908033

Schaefer Korting M., 1989: Pharmacokinetics of topical and oral antifungals

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908035

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908036

Wilson, Wd; Spensley, Ms; Baggot, Jd; Hietala, Sk, 1988: Pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, and in vitro antibacterial activity of rifampin in the horse

Srivastava, A. K.; Malik, J. K., 1989: Pharmacokinetics, biochemical effects and dosage of diacetyl-monoxime in buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis) following intravenous administration

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908039

Nouws, J. F. M.; Vree, T. B.; Mevius, D.; Degen, M., 1989: Pharmacokinetics, metabolism and renal clearance of sulphatroxazole in calves and cows

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908043

Martin, M. L.; Ortiz de Urbina, A. V.; Montero, M. J.; Carron, R.; San Roman, L., 1988: Pharmacologic effects of lactones isolated from Pulsatilla alpina subsp. apiifolia

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908045

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908046

Johns, K. J.; O' Day, D. M., 1988: Pharmacologic management of keratomycoses

Lipham, L. B., 1988: Pharmacologic modulation of serum prolactin concentrations: implications for antagonism of fescue toxicosis in cattle

Garg, R. C.; Donahue, W. A., 1989: Pharmacologic profile of methoprene, an insect growth regulator, in cattle, dogs, and cats

Walsh, J. A., 1988: Pharmacologic prophylaxis and mass therapy

Ortiz de Urbina, A. V.; Martin, M. L.; Montero, M. J.; Carron, R.; San Roman, L., 1988: Pharmacologic screening and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Calamintha sylvatica subsp. ascendens

Ram, S. N.; Dwivedi, S. P. D.; Pandey, V. B.; Rao, Y. V., 1989: Pharmacological actions of kaempferol-7-methyl ether isolated from Rhamnus triquerta

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908054

Nesterov, V. A.; Ryazanskii, M. P.; Uryupina, N. V.; Kolganova, G. A., 1988: Pharmacological and electrical stimulation of the uterus of cows with placental retention

Costentin, J., 1988: Pharmacological and molecular aspects of the regulation of feeding behaviour. Special attention to the roles of catecholamines and to the effects of amphetamine

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908058

Argunov, M. N., 1990: Pharmacological and toxicological studies of DAFK a sugar industry byproduct used as a mineral supplement

Magistretti, M. J., 1988: Pharmacological aspects of the blueberry

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908061

Pitman, R. M.; Davis, J. P. L., 1988: Pharmacological differentiation of responses to dopamine, octopamine and noradrenaline recorded from a cockroach motoneurone

Tandan, S. K.; Chandra, S.; Gupta, S.; Tripathi, H. C.; Lal, J., 1990: Pharmacological effects of Azadirachta indica leaves

Braide, V. B., 1990: Pharmacological effects of chronic ingestion of Garcinia kola seeds in the rat

Aparna Gomes; Sharma, R. M.; Ghatak, B. J. R., 1987: Pharmacological investigation of a glycosidal fraction isolated from Maesa chisia D. Don. var. angustifolia Hook. f. and Th

Galione, A. G.; Berridge, M. J., 1988: Pharmacological modulation of oscillations in the blowfly salivary gland

Lummis, S. C. R.; Sattelle, D. B., 1988: Pharmacological properties and molecular size of insect sodium channels

Mirbahar, K. B.; Eyre, P.; Soomro, H.; Sheikh, S. A.; Qureshi, T. A., 1989: Pharmacological reactivity of pulmonary blood vessels of antigen sensitized calves and adult cattle to sympathomimetics

Grzywacz, M.; Szkudlinski, J.; Zandaroska, E., 1985: Pharmacological receptors of Ascaris suum

Moran, A.; Montero, M. J.; Martin, M. L.; San Roman, L., 1989: Pharmacological screening and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Artemisia caerulescens subsp. gallica

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908080

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908081

Anonymous, 1990: Pharmacology and therapeutics. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Society held at Bowness-on-Windemere on 23rd and 24th November, 1989

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908087

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908089

Jacobson, M., 1989: Pharmacology and toxicology of neem

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908091

Nores, J. M.; Rochette, L.; Choffe, J.; Remy, J. M., 1988: Pharmacology of magnesium and treatment with magnesium

Gole, JWD.; Orr, GL.; Downer, RGH., 1987: Pharmacology of octopamine-, dopamine-, and 5-hydroxytryptamine-stimulated cyclic AMP accumulation in the corpus cardiacum of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana L

Birnbaum J.E., 1990: Pharmacology of the allylamines

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908096

Goh K.L.; Chang C.M., 1990: Pharyngeal tuberculosis

Hullen, W.; Grabbe, K., 1990: Phase 2 in trays - a new concept

Abdelrazig, B. E. I.; Sharp, J. H., 1988: Phase changes on heating ammonium magnesium phosphate hydrates

Soliev, L., 1988: Phase equilibria in the Na, K, Mg, CaSO4, Cl-H2O system at 25 degrees C. The schoenite and leonite fragments

Soliev, L., 1989: Phase equilibria in the Na2SO4-K2SO4-MgSO4-CaSO4-H2O system at 75 degrees C

Proust, D.; Meunier, A., 1989: Phase equilibria in weathering processes

Nedorezov, L. V., 1989: Phase portrait of the abundance dynamics of the pine moth

Niemiec, W., 1988: Phase separation of liquid manure in a settling tank with fill and auxiliary devices

Frazier, A. W.; Waerstad, K. R.; Kim, Y. K.; Crim, B. G., 1989: Phase system Fe2O3-K2O-P2O5-H2O at 25 degrees C

Frazier, A. W.; Waerstad, K. R.; Kim, Y. K., 1988: Phase systems melamine-H3PO4-H2O and melamine-NH3-H3PO4-H2O at 25 degrees C

Marangoni A.G.; Stanley D.W., 1989: Phase transitions in microsomal membranes from chilling sensitive and chilling resistant tomato plants and fruit

Dombalov, I.; Toneva, A.; Gruncharov, I.; Kashchieva, E.; Pelovski, Y., 1989: Phase transitions in tribochemically activated natural phosphates

Putten, G. van; Burgwal, J. A. van de, 1990: Phased farming

Gepts, P., 1988: Phaseolin as an evolutionary marker

Lioi, L.; Esquivel, M.; Castineiras, L.; Hammer, K., 1990: Phaseolin variation among common bean landraces from Cuba

Lioi, L., 1988: Phaseolin variation in a germplasm collection of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Nuske, J.; Fritsche, W., 1989: Phaseolotoxin production by Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola: the influence of temperature

Perez, J. A.; Valdez, S., 1987: Phaseolus aureus a new host of Meloidogyne incognita in Cuba

Debouck, D. G., 1988: Phaseolus germplasm exploration

Kaplan, L.; Kaplan, L. N., 1988: Phaseolus in archaeology

Roos, E. E., 1988: Phaseolus seed storage methodologies

Joubert, G. D., 1988: Phasic development of wheat (Triticum aestivum spp. vulgare McKey) cultivars in the eastern Orange Free State

Montanari, M.; Lovato, A., 1988: Phasing of forage cuts before cutting for seed and lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) seed production

Yankovsky N.K.; Fonstein M.Yu; Lashina S.Yu; Bukanov N.O.; Yakubovich N.V.; Ermakova L.M.; Rebentish B.A.; Janulaitis A.A.; Debabov V.G., 1989: Phasmids as effective and simple tools for construction and analysis of gene libraries

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908130

Roovers M.H.W.M.; Gerth Van Wijk R.; Dieges P.H.; Van Toorenenbergen A.W., 1990: Phazet skin prick tests versus conventional prick tests with allergens and histamine in children

Robertson, P. A., 1988: Pheasant management in small broadleaved woodlands

Warren, M., 1989: Pheasants and fritillaries: is there really any evidence that pheasant rearing may have caused butterfly declines?

Barrance, A., 1989: Phellinus noxius in Vanuatu - management considerations

Sellin J.H.; Oyarzabal H.; Cragoe E.J.; Potter G.D., 1989: Phenamil inhibits electrogenic sodium absorption in rabbit ileum

Rispail, P., 1990: Phenetic and cladistic approach to the genus Phlebotomus Rondani & Berte, 1840 (Diptera: Psychodidae). Contribution of imaginal morphological characters

Suarez, E. Y.; Buck, H.; Garcia, M.; Ierace, G., 1988: Pheno-karyotypic instability in wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908140

Otorepec, S., 1988: Phenoclimatic conditions for olive growing along the Adriatic coast

Harte, C.; Pohl, H., 1989: Phenogenetics of leaf shape in Antirrhinum majus L. X. Growth function parameters and growth criteria of leaves of Sippe 50 and some mutants under different environmental conditions

Matsuyama N., 1988: Phenol metabolism and plant disease resistance

Davy, M. W.; Payne, R. C., 1988: Phenol test color and coleoptile color of hard and soft red winter wheat varieties

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908147

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908148

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908149

Setia, R. C.; Richa ; Setia, N.; Malik, C. P., 1989: Phenolic acid induced shattering resistance in siliquae of Brassica juncea (cv. RLM 514) - anatomical evaluation

Nicolai, V., 1988: Phenolic and mineral content of leaves influences decomposition in European forest ecosystems

McCallum, J. A.; Walker, J. R. L., 1990: Phenolic biosynthesis during grain development in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). II. Changes in chalcone-flavanone isomerase activity

McCallum, J. A.; Walker, J. R. L., 1990: Phenolic biosynthesis during grain development in wheat: changes in phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity and soluble phenolic content

Hartley, SE.; Firn, RD., 1989: Phenolic biosynthesis, leaf damage, and insect herbivory in birch (Betula pendula)

Amiot, M. J.; Aubert, S.; Gonnet, M.; Tacchini, M., 1989: Phenolic composition of honeys: preliminary study on identification and group quantification

Zaman, K., 1988: Phenolic compounds and phenylalanine ammonia lyase activity in two soybean (Glycine max L. cv. Mandarin) cell lines that differ in their ploidy levels

Peters, N. K.; Verma, D. P. S., 1990: Phenolic compounds as regulators of gene expression in plant-microbe interactions

Deng, W. Y.; Shao, Q. Q., 1988: Phenolic compounds can promote the transformation of monocotyledonous Commelina communis by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908189

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908190

Yasuda, S.; Tachi, M.; Takagi, Y., 1989: Phenolization of red pine sulfuric acid lignin and guaiacyl sulfuric acid lignin model in the presence of sulfuric acid catalyst

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McDonald, G.; Smith, AM., 1988: Phenological development and seasonal distribution of the Rutherglen bug, Nysius vinitor Bergroth (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae), on various hosts in Victoria, south-eastern Australia

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908205

Jennersten, O.; Berg, L.; Lehman, C., 1988: Phenological differences in pollinator visitation, pollen deposition and seed set in the sticky catchfly, Viscaria vulgaris

Hutchins, S. H.; Pedigo, L. P., 1990: Phenological disruption and economic consequence of injury to alfalfa induced by potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

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Witkowska, B., 1983: Phenological observations of selected tree and shrub species in Chorzow Park in 1974-76. Part 2

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Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908250

Cates R.G., 1988: Phenology of an induced response in loblolly pine following inoculation of fungi associated with the southern pine beetle

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Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908271

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Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908277

Takahashi, K.; Ogiyama, K., 1985: Phenols of discolored sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) sapwood III. Norlignans of 'hachikami' and 'shimi' woods

Takahashi, K.; Ogiyama, K., 1986: Phenols of discoloured sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) sapwood IV. Norlignans of ayasugi (cultivar) in the Kyushu region

Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908281

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Section 2, Chapter 1909, Accession 001908307

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