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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914000

Kaur C.; Guraya S.S., 1990: Possible role of uterine innervation in ovum implantation

Robert, E.; Favier, A.; Rual, M.; Alcaraz, A.; Arnaud, J.; Martin, C.; Favier, M., 1987: Possible role of zinc deficiency in the mother in the occurrence of spina bifida aperta in the foetus

Clark, I. A.; Cowden, W. B.; Chaudhri, G., 1989: Possible roles for oxidants, through tumor necrosis factor, in malarial anemia

Kawamoto, F.; Shozawa, A.; Kumada, N.; Kojima, K., 1989: Possible roles of cAMP and Ca2+ in the regulation of miracidial transformation in Schistosoma mansoni

Hedin, Pa; Mccarthy, Jc, 1990: Possible roles of cotton bud sugars and terpenoids in oviposition by the boll weevil

Hunt N.H., 1987: Possible roles of tumor necrosis factor in the pathology of malaria

Tissot, M.; Boulanger, J., 1988: Possible small-scale production of newsprint from Hibiscus cannabinus

Hirai, K., 1988: Possible source and route of migration of the armyworm, Pseudaletia separata Walker, invaded to Tohoku District in June of 1987

Mikhnevich, O. Ch, 1989: Possible storage of the aphid predator Cycloneda limbifer Casey under lowered temperatures

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914014

Georges, P.; Perrine, D., 1989: Possible survival of free-living amoebae responsible for keratitis in cleansing solutions recommended for contact lenses

Goesch, T. R.; Gotz, G.; Stellbrinck, K. H.; Albrecht, H.; Weh, H. J.; Hossfeld, D. K., 1990: Possible transfer of Pneumocystis carinii between immunodeficient patients

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914018

Nakatsuka, H.; Satoh, H.; Watanabe, T.; Ikeda, M., 1990: Possible urban-rural difference in habitus of school children in Sendai

Joi, M. B.; Pawar, R. B.; Shinde, P. A., 1986: Possible use of cross protection technique in papaya mosaic virus

Meixner, B., 1987: Possible use of local feed resources for fattening broilers

Bizik, J.; Hudak, P., 1988: Possible use of newly developed fertilizers with copper and zinc in the nutrition of cereals and maize

Vanachter, A.; Thys, L.; Wambeke, E. van; Assche, C. van, 1988: Possible use of ozone for disinfestation of plant nutrient solutions

Nikolic, L.; Salihodzic, Z., 1988: Possible use of soya products in bakers' confectionery

Verma, A.; Yadav, B. P. S.; Sampath, K. T., 1987: Possible use of spreng (Eupatorium adenophorum) in animal feeding

Peri, C., 1990: Possible uses of the synoptic table of food processes and products

Siddiqui M.A.; Alam M.M., 1989: Possible utilization of a noxious weed in nematode control

Sherif, A.; Hall, R. G., 1985: Possible vector control substances from the giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera (L.)

Ajayi, O. A.; Maja, S. O.; Onabolu, Y. O., 1989: Possible vitamin B6 deficiency in Nigerian young adults: assessment by xanthurenic acid excretion

Dovzhenko, L. I., 1988: Possible ways of applying meiosis selection in tetraploid buckwheat improvement

Dencso, I., 1985: Possible ways of in vitro morphogenesis in tissue cultures of conifers. I. Bud cultures

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914033

Riechenbacher, D.; Schliephake, E., 1988: Possiblities for the serological detection of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the cabbage moth Mamestra brassicae L

Bajpai R.P.; Tomar S.S.; Bisen C.R., 1989: Post emergence application of metoxuron for control of weeds in wheat

Hawtree, J. N.; Wongmek, Y.; Nanta, B.; Pitakpaivan, C., 1987: Post emergence weed control in soyabeans in Thailand with fluazifop butyl and halosafen

Groot, J. J. R., 1988: Post floral nitrogen behaviour in grain crops: measurements and theory

Sharma, R. C.; Dharam Vir, 1985: Post harvest Cladosporium rot of grapes and its control

Rao, D. V. R.; Chundawat, B. S., 1988: Post harvest behaviour of banana bunches of cv. Basrai in response to certain chemical and packing treatment

Solomon, S.; Srivastava, K. K.; Bhatnagar, S.; Madan, V. K., 1990: Post harvest changes in invertase activity and juice quality in sugarcane

Nunes, G. P., 1989: Post harvest conservation of gladious flowers (Gladiolus communis)

Fortes, J. F., 1988: Post harvest diseases on apples in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Geeta Sumbali, 1989: Post harvest fungal disease of Prunus amygdalus from Jammu

Ludwig, J. H. D.; Pinson, G., 1987: Post harvest technology development. I. Agro-industries development in selected transmigration areas. Benchmark survey of Rimbayn, Middle Mahakam area, Indonesia

Skalska, E., 1990: Post harvest treatment of cut flowers. Part 1

Prasad, S. S.; Sinha, A. K., 1987: Post infection changes in amino acid contents of mango fruits

Midha, RL.; Trivedi, PC., 1990: Post infection life cycle of the reniform nematode (Rotylenchulus reniformis) on black-gram (Vigna mungo L.)

Pour, M.; Skrivan, M.; Mikolasek, A., 1988: Post mortem changes in the quantitative and qualitative indices of carcass value in broiler geese in relation to the duration of storage

Tishkov, A. I., 1988: Post mortem diagnosis of gossypol poisoning in pigs

Lopes, E. R.; Rocha, A.; Adad, S. J.; Fernandez, E. L.; Chapadeiro, E., 1988: Post mortem examination of a case of chronic Chagas disease with normal thoracic radiography and electrocardiogram with special reference to the excitory-conducting system of the heart

Petermann, S.; Glunder, G.; Heffels Redmann, U.; Hinz, K. H., 1989: Post mortem findings in guillemots, kittiwakes, herring gulls and black-headed gulls found ill or dead in the Heligoland Bight between 1982 and 1985

Tomar, S. S., 1988: Post partum performance of Tharparkar cows bred to sires of different breeds

Usanakornkul, S., 1987: Post parturition and their problems

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914057

Asplund J.M.; Nelson K.S., 1989: Post ruminal biological value and limiting amino acids in corn gluten meal for sheep

Chin K.K., 1989: Post treatment of anaerobic effluent using sequencing batch reactors

Gruell, G. E., 1986: Post-1900 mule deer irruptions in the Intermountain West: principal cause and influences

Anonymous, 1987: Post-1980 Turkish agriculture: structural developments and problem areas

Newell, R. S., 1989: Post-Soviet Afghanistan: the position of minorities

Monk, L. S., 1988: Post-anoxic injury in higher plants

Mossman, D. J.; Schnoor, J. L., 1989: Post-audit study of dieldrin bioconcentration model

Purohit, N. R.; Chouhan, D. S.; Choudhary, R. J., 1989: Post-caesarean ventral hernia in two camels

Martin, W. L., 1986: Post-clearcutting forest floor nitrogen dynamics and regeneration response in the coastal western hemlock wet subzone

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914067

Sekoulov, I.; Addicks, R.; Oles, J., 1990: Post-denitrification with controlled feeding of activated sludge as H donator

Nogala Kaucka, M.; Gogolewski, M., 1989: Post-deodorization condensates from soya and rapeseed oils as a source of tocopherols

Hanell, B., 1984: Post-drainage site index of peatlands in Sweden

Bushman, DW.; Raina, AK.; Nelson, JO., 1989: Post-eclosion diuresis in adult Heliothis zea

Sivakumar, C. V., 1987: Post-embryonic development of Aphelenchoides besseyi in vitro and its longevity in stored rice seeds

Iatrou, GD.; Stamou, GP., 1988: Post-embryonic growth of Glomeris balcanica (Diplopoda: Glomeridae)

Fabro, L. E., 1988: Post-emergence control of Rottboellia cochinchinensis (Lour) Clayton in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

Kaufman, L. M.; Ritter, R. L., 1988: Post-emergence control of johnsongrass in soybeans

Gooding, M. J.; Baldwin, N. A.; Bennett, J. R., 1989: Post-emergence damping-off in Poa pratensis and its relationship with seed weight and seedling establishment

Snel, M., 1989: Post-emergence herbicides for broad-leaved weed control in cereals

Wells, D. W.; Constantin, R. J., 1988: Post-emergence herbicides over ornamental ground covers

Olea, I.; Romero, E.; Scandaliaris, J., 1988: Post-emergence herbicides: recommendations for use

Polak, P., 1988: Post-emergent control in goatroot restharrow (Ononis arvensis L.)

Brand, CJ.; Docherty, DE., 1988: Post-epizootic surveys of waterfowl for duck plague (duck virus enteritis)

Vodopija, I.; Ljubicic, M.; Baklaic, Z.; Svjetlicic, M.; Mihaljevic, I.; Palmovic, D., 1989: Post-exposure prophylaxis for hepatitis B

Nurliani Bermawie; Pickersgill, B., 1989: Post-fertilization breakdown in interspecific crosses between C. chacoense and two purple-flowered species (C. pubescens and C. tovarii)

Shay, J. M.; Thompson, D. J.; Shay, C. T., 1987: Post-fire performance of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. in the Delta Marsh, Manitoba, Canada

Veblen, T. T.; Lorenz, D. C., 1987: Post-fire stand development of Austrocedrus-Nothofagus forests in northern Patagonia

Tarrega, R.; Luis, E., 1989: Post-fire succession and survival mechanisms in Quercus pyrenaica communities in Leon province

Stewart, M. K.; Fauveau, V.; Chakraborty, J.; Briend, A.; Yunus, M.; Sarder, A. M., 1990: Post-flood nutritional anthropometry of children in Matlab, Bangladesh

Schar, E.; Schweingruber, F. H., 1987: Post-glacial finds of stems from Grachen, Valais Canton

Clark, J. S.; Merkt, J.; Muller, H., 1989: Post-glacial fire, vegetation, and human history on the northern alpine forelands, south-western Germany

O' Connell, M.; Molloy, K.; Bowler, M., 1988: Post-glacial landscape evolution in Connemara, Western Ireland with particular reference to woodland history

Dickson, J. H., 1988: Post-glacial pine stumps in central Scotland

Imbroglini, G.; Margarita, L.; Leandri, A.; Conte, E., 1988: Post-harvest antibotrytic treatment of kiwifruit

Tripathi, J. S., 1988: Post-harvest changes during storage and ripening of Gaurjeet mango fruits

Jag Shoran; Saini, J. P.; Joshi, H. C., 1988: Post-harvest dormancy in wheat (Triticum aestivum) collections from Nepal hills

Goyal, M. R.; Guadalupe Luna, R.; Hernandez, E. R. de; Chao de Baez, C., 1989: Post-harvest evaluation of nitrogen fertigated sweet peppers under drip irrigation and plastic mulch

Abdel Rahim, A. M., 1988: Post-harvest fungal diseases of some vegetables in Kuwait

Sy, O.; Wainwright, H.; Seymour, G., 1989: Post-harvest handling of mangoes: a case study from Senegal

Jeger, M. J.; Plumbley, R. A., 1988: Post-harvest losses caused by anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) of tropical fruits and vegetables

Clucas, I. J.; Poulter, R. G.; Caygill, J. C., 1990: Post-harvest losses of fish in West Africa

Werner, R. A., 1986: Post-harvest management of garlic

Sosnowski, S., 1989: Post-harvest mechanical damage of soya beans

Sudhir Chandra, 1986: Post-harvest microbial spoilage of fruits

Harnisch, R., 1988: Post-harvest protection: a challenge for the Third World

Nwufo, M. I.; Emebiri, L. C.; Nwaiwu, M. Y., 1989: Post-harvest rot diseases of fruits of the African pear (Dacryodes edulis) in south eastern Nigeria

Singh, R. S.; Prashar, M., 1989: Post-harvest spoilage of peach and plum fruits in north India due to Aspergillus

Augustin, M. A.; Osman, A., 1988: Post-harvest storage of guava (Psidium guajava L., var. Taiwan)

Hussain, I. F. A.; Urs, Y. S. V.; Udayakumar, M.; Rao, K. B., 1989: Post-harvest studies in sugarcane

Pawlica, R., 1988: Post-harvest treatment and drying of grain in primary agricultural production

Margarita, L.; Imbroglini, G., 1987: Post-harvest treatment of Actinidia fruits with iprodione. Note 1

Skalska, E., 1990: Post-harvest treatment of cut flowers. Part 2

Street, K. A.; Sedgley, R. H., 1990: Post-harvest water relations of Leucadendron cv. Silvan Red

Nikolova, G.; Baeva, G.; Marinkov, P., 1989: Post-harvest weed control and runner control with glufosinate-ammonium in strawberries

Parys, E.; Romanowska, E.; Lechowicz, W.; Poskuta, J., 1989: Post-illumination burst of CO2 in maize and reed grass leaves determined in a closed gas exchange system

El Hassan, A. M.; Ghalib, H. W.; Zylstra, E.; Eltoum, I. A.; Ali, M. S.; Ahmed, H. M. A., 1990: Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis in the absence of active visceral leishmaniasis

McMillan, W. H., 1987: Post-mating progesterone supplementation in ewes and hoggets

Erickson, R. P., 1990: Post-meiotic gene expression

Erskine, R. J.; Eberhart, R. J., 1990: Post-milking teat dip use in high and low somatic cell count dairy herds

Tiwari, K. P.; Dixit, J. P.; Saran, R. N., 1988: Post-monsoon irrigation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) in intercropping system in black soils of Tawa-command area

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914136

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914139

Hundt, H. K. L.; Steyn, J. M.; Wagner, L., 1990: Post-morten serum concentration of cantharidin in a fatal case of cantharides poisoning

El Fateh, R. H. M.; El Halawani, R. S.; Ghallab, Z. R., 1987: Post-natal changes of Friesian calves' testicles

Gustafson, AW.; Damassa, DA.; Pratt, RD.; Kwiecinski, GG., 1989: Post-natal patterns of plasma androgen-binding activity in Djungarian (Phodopus sungorus) and golden (Mesocricetus auratus) hamsters

Waterlow, J. C., 1988: Post-neonatal mortality in the Third World

Clark, R. G.; Zeiderman, M. R., 1988: Post-operative fatigue

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914145

Beerjan, M. L.; Boer, P. de, 1988: Post-ovulatory changes in mouse oocytes, a study of fertilization kinetics and DNA-repair capacity

Ciuryk, S.; Filipczuk, U.; Piestrak, T., 1989: Post-partum behaviour of ewes and lambs kept on litter or a slatted floor

Chaudhry, M. A.; Ahmad, M.; Khan, N. U., 1987: Post-partum involution of the cervix and uterus in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

Kumar, S.; Prakash, R., 1987: Post-partum oestrus interval in nondescript rural buffaloes

Ordonez, H.; Gatica, A.; Miranda, J.; Matamoros, R., 1990: Post-partum ovarian activity in adult and first-calf dual-purpose cows in Guatemala

Garcia, M.; Echevarria, L.; Huanca, W., 1990: Post-partum reproductive efficiency of pure- and cross-bred zebu cattle under different management and nutritional conditions in the Amazon basin of Peru

Section 2, Chapter 1915 , Accession 001914152

Carr, J., 1990: Post-parturient problems in swine

Frova, C.; Padoani, G., 1989: Post-pollination gene expression: a methodological approach and preliminary results

Ly, J.; Figueroa, V.; Maylin, A., 1988: Post-prandial fructosuria and lacticiduria in growing pigs fed sugar cane molasses as the only carbohydrate source in the diet

Cindric, M.; Zigic, M.; Vrbanac, S.; Kim, R., 1988: Post-processing contamination of UHT milk

Lahsaeizadeh, A., 1988: Post-revolutionary land distribution in Iran

Gupta, G. K.; Gupta, S. K., 1987: Post-symptom antisporulant activity of chemicals against apple powdery mildew

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914161

Kandasamy, N.; Iyue, M.; Ulaganathan, V., 1989: Post-thaw motility and fertility of ram spermatozoa frozen in tris diluent

Kumar, P.; Sarma, P. A., 1988: Post-thaw recovery and survivability of spermatozoa of buffalo frozen semen in plastic straws

Rombert, P.; Pereira, M. I., 1984: Post-therapeutic kinetics of specific IgE in hydatidosis

Deng, Xw; Tonkyn, Jc; Peter, Gf; Thornber, Jp; Gruissem, W., 1989: Post-transcriptional control of plastid mRNA accumulation during adaptation of chloroplasts to different light quality environments

Taliercio, Ew; Chourey, Ps, 1989: Post-transcriptional control of sucrose synthase expression in anaerobic seedlings of maize

Takahashi, S. Y., 1987: Post-translation processing, by phosphorylation, of vitellogenin and vitellin from the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Bureau, D.; Lauriere, C.; Mayer, C.; Sadowski, J.; Daussant, J., 1989: Post-translational modifications of beta -amylases during germination of wheat and rye seeds

Ryan Poirier, K.; Eiseman, R. M.; Beaty, J. H.; Hunt, P. G.; Burghen, G. A.; Leggiadro, R. J., 1988: Post-traumatic cutaneous mucormycosis in diabetes mellitus. Short-term antifungal therapy

Peremans, K.; Verschooten, F.; Moor, A. de; Steenhaut, M.; Gasthuys, F., 1988: Post-traumatic osteomyelitis of the sustentaculum tali in the horse: 4 cases

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914176

Christensen, M. A.; Tilton, J. E.; Weigl, R. M.; Crenshaw, J. D., 1989: Post-weaning exogenous gonadotropin treatment for improved swine production

McCracken, K. J., 1989: Post-weaning voluntary food intake of pigs weaned at 2 or 4 weeks of age

Bedard M.; Weingarten H.P., 1989: Postabsorptive glucose decreases excitatory effects of taste on ingestion

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914181

Hunt, R. J.; Boles, C. L., 1989: Postcastration eventration in eight horses (1982-1986)

Helbing, G., 1989: Postecdysial cuticular protein, haemolymph protein and chitin synthesis activity in Lithobius forficatus (L.) (Chilopoda)

Zdarek, J.; Denlinger, D. L., 1987: Posteclosion behaviour of the flesh fly, Sarcophaga crassipalpis: a comparison of wild-type and unicorn mutants

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914188

Ruiz-Martinez, I.; Soler-Cruz, MD.; Benitez-Rodriguez, R.; Perez-Jimenez, JM.; Diaz-Lopez, M., 1989: Postembryonic development of Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Schiner, 1862) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Carlberg, U., 1988: Postembryonic growth in length and mass in Extatosoma tiaratum (MacLeay) (Insecta: Phasmida)

Weeks J.C.; Levine R.B., 1990: Postembryonic neuronal plasticity and its hormonal control during insect metamorphosis

Olson, B. D.; Hall, A. B., 1988: Postemergence broadleaf weed control in turf with non-phenoxy herbicide combinations

Olson, B. D.; Wright, W. G., 1988: Postemergence broadleaf weed control in turf with triclopyr and phenoxy herbicides

Dobrotka, M. J.; Drake, D. C.; McKelvey, R. A.; Gorrell, R. M.; Wilms, W. C.; Hageman, L. H.; Rick, S. K.; Flanigan, H. A.; Poliquin, B.; Green, J. M.; Schumacher, W. L.; Hatting, J. L., 1986: Postemergence broadleaf weed control with DPX M6316 in corn

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914196

Johnson, B. J., 1987: Postemergence herbicide activity on broadleaf winter weeds, wild garlic, and bermudagrass turf

Olness A.; Evans S.D.; Harris K.R.; Rinke J.L.; Gooch S., 1990: Postemergence mortality and barrenness of two maize hybrids affected by tillage and nitrogen

Harvey, R. G.; Fischer, H. L.; Albright, J. W., 1986: Postemergence-directed sethoxydim application for wild proso millet control in field and sweet corn

Goltenboth, R.; Klos, H. G., 1989: Posterior ataxia among Przewalski horses and zebras in West Berlin Zoo. Role of vitamin E deficiency

Weinstein, J. M.; Morris, G. L.; ZuRhein, G. M.; Gentry, L. R., 1989: Posterior ischemic optic neuropathy due to Aspergillus fumigatus

Costa, M.; Weir, M.; Coulson, A.; Sulston, J.; Kenyon, C., 1988: Posterior pattern formation in C. elegans involves position-specific expression of a gene containing a homeobox

Chutivongse S.; Wilde H.; Supich C.; Baer G.M.; Fishbein D.B., 1990: Postexposure prophylaxis for rabies with antiserum and intradermal vaccination

Morneau, C.; Payette, S., 1989: Postfire lichen-spruce woodland recovery at the limit of the boreal forest in northern Quebec

Horn, S. P., 1989: Postfire vegetation development in the Costa Rican paramos

Tolonen, M.; Kukkonen, I., 1989: Postglacial landscape development in the lower reaches of the River Paimionjoki, SW Finland. With palaeovegetation maps from 8000 to 1200 BP

Richard, P. J. H.; Larouche, A. C., 1989: Postglacial vegetation of Temiscaming, Quebec, during the time of proglacial Lake Barlow

Vianna, S. S. da S.; Mattos Junior, D. G. de; Tortelly, R., 1988: Postharmostomum gallinum (Trematoda Brachylaemidae) from Vale do Paraiba, Sao Paulo: occurrence in intermediate hosts

Salunkhe D.K.; Bhat N.R.; Desai B.B., 1990: Postharvest biotechnology of flowers and ornamental plants

Salunkhe, D. K.; Desai, B. B., 1988: Postharvest biotechnology of sugar crops

Abbott J.A.; Conway W.S.; Sams C.E., 1989: Postharvest calcium chloride infiltration affects textural attributes of apples

Brown, B. I.; Wong, L. S., 1987: Postharvest changes in respiration, ethylene production, firmness and ripe fruit quality of sapodilla fruit of different maturities

Gautam, S. K.; Chundawat, B. S., 1989: Postharvest changes in sapota cv. Kalipatti: I. Effect of various postharvest treatments on biochemical changes

Sjaifullah ; Napitupulu, B.; Lunis, M. H., 1988: Postharvest control of soft rot incidence on cabbages using lime, alum and silica gel

Zieslin N., 1989: Postharvest control of vase life and senescence of rose flowers

Michailides, T. J.; Spotts, R. A., 1990: Postharvest diseases of pome and stone fruits caused by Mucor piriformis in the Pacific Northwest and California

Sun, S. K., 1988: Postharvest diseases on subtropical and tropical fruits and their control

Carpenter, A., 1987: Postharvest fumigation of fresh asparagus with dichlorvos

Dezman, D. J.; Nagy, S.; Brown, G. E., 1986: Postharvest fungal decay control chemicals: treatments and residues in citrus fruits

Lambert D.H., 1990: Postharvest fungi of lowbush blueberry fruit

Chen, R. Y.; Liu, M. S.; Chang, T. C.; Tsai, M. J., 1989: Postharvest handling and storage of bamboo shoots (Bambusa oldhami Munro)

Ketsa, S., 1987: Postharvest handling of orchid flowers by growers

Anonymous, 1988: Postharvest handling of tropical and subtropical fruit crops

Naidu, S. N.; Reid, M. S., 1989: Postharvest handling of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)

Lin, S. C.; Chen, C. H., 1988: Postharvest handling system for subtropical fruits in Taiwan

Paull, R. E., 1990: Postharvest heat treatments and fruit ripening

Mcdaniel G.L., 1990: Postharvest height suppression of potted tulips with paclobutrazol

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914245

Dolci, M.; Deambrogio, F.; Accati, E., 1989: Postharvest life of stems of Asparagus plumosus (Baker)

Tan, X. J., 1989: Postharvest physiology and preservation of tropical and subtropical fruits

Lill, R. E.; O' Donoghue, E. M.; King, G. A., 1989: Postharvest physiology of peaches and nectarines

Anonymous, 1988: Postharvest physiology of vegetables

Koga, Y., 1989: Postharvest processing technology and the prospect for rural development in Asia (Part 2)

Mencarelli, F.; Botondi, R.; Moraglia, D., 1989: Postharvest quality maintenance of new varieties of tomato, pepper and eggplant with small size fruits: preliminary results

McFarlane, J. A., 1990: Postharvest research in developing countries: issues and prospects from a storage viewpoint

Helgeson J.P., 1989: Postharvest resistance through breeding and biotechnology

Campbell, C. A.; Huber, D. J.; Koch, K. E., 1987: Postharvest response of carambolas to storage at low temperatures

Robbins J.; Sjulin T.M.; Patterson M., 1989: Postharvest storage characteristics and respiration rates in five cultivars of red raspberry

Anonymous, 1989: Postharvest technology

D'hont K.; Van Der Sprong J., 1989: Postharvest treatment of chrysanthemum

Purer, O.; Mayak, S., 1988: Postharvest treatments for improvement of the quality of Pelargonium cuttings

Stander, H. J, I I. I.; Becker, D. G., 1990: Postimperialism revisited: the Venezuelan wheat import controversy of 1986

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914265

Singh, S. J.; Bhargava, B. S., 1987: Postinfection changes in carbohydrate fractions of pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima Duch.) plant affected by watermelon mosaic virus 1

Anderson, G., 1990: Postinfection mortality of Palaemonetes spp. (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) following experimental exposure to the bopyrid isopod Probopyrus pandicola (Packard) (Isopoda: Epicaridea)

Singh I.P.; Coppenhaver D.H.; Sarzotti M.; Sriyuktasuth P.; Poast J.; Levy H.B.; Baron S., 1989: Postinfection therapy of arbovirus infections in mice

Hannah, Js; Dubey, Ak; Hansen, Bc, 1990: Postingestional effects of a high-protein diet on the regulation of food intake in monkeys

Makker H.; Mcconnochie K.; Gibbs A.R., 1989: Postirradiation pulmonary fibrosis complicated by aspergilloma and bronchocentric granulomatosis

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914275

Zakhryalov, Ya N.; Karchevskaya, T. N.; Kondratyuk, V. I.; Tumakova, O. S., 1990: Postmortem diagnosis of Ollulanus tricuspis infestation in pigs

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914277

Svoboda, M.; Hejlicek, K.; Neuhybel, P.; Jelinek, O.; Beranek, L., 1988: Postmortem diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in cats and dogs

Klatt E.C.; Shibata D.; Strigle S.M., 1989: Postmortem enzyme immunoassay for human immunodeficiency virus

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914280

Pitirimova, M. A., 1989: Postmutagenic repair and mutational variation in barley

Kavlock, R. J.; Rogers, J. M.; Gray, L. E.; Chernoff, N., 1987: Postnatal alterations in development resulting from prenatal exposure to pesticides

Holub, A., 1988: Postnatal changes in food intake behaviour of piglets

Strain, G. M.; Graham, M. C.; Claxton, M. S.; Olcott, B. M., 1989: Postnatal development of brainstem auditory-evoked potentials, electroretinograms, and visual-evoked potentials in the calf

Miller W.W.; Albert R.A.; Boosinger T.R.; Holloway C.L.; Simpson S.T.; Tojvio Kinnucan M.A., 1989: Postnatal development of the photoreceptor inner segment of the retina in dogs

Daniel, C. W.; Silberstein, G. B., 1987: Postnatal development of the rodent mammary gland

Kwekkeboom, J.; Kempen, H. J.; Voorthuizen, E. M. van; Griffioen, M.; Cohen, L. H., 1990: Postnatal developmental profile of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase, squalene synthetase and cholesterol 7 alpha -hydroxylase activities in the liver of domestic swine

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914292

Perez Ruz, Y.; Trejo Gonzalez, A., 1987: Postnatal growth in sheep

Sebova, K.; Kuliskova, L., 1988: Postnatal growth of pelvic limbs in Japanese quails

Taluja J.S.; Saigal R.P., 1989: Postnatal histomorphological changes in buffalo omasum

Slotkin T.A., 1988: Postnatal nutritional status influences development of cardiac adrenergic receptor binding sites

Watson, Ag; Stewart, Js, 1990: Postnatal ossification centers of the atlas and axis in Miniature Schnauzers

Stewart, K.; Willoughby, J. M. T., 1988: Postnatal presentation of coeliac disease

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914299

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914300

Massaro D., 1988: Postnatal undernutrition slows development of bronchiolar epithelium in rats

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Dugue, P., 1989: Potential for and constraints in intensification of food production systems in the Sudano-Sahelian zone: Yatenga

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King, E. G.; Coleman, R. J., 1989: Potential for biological control of Heliothis species

Munoz, C.; Lobos, W.; Lavin, A.; Valenzuela, J., 1989: Potential for blueberry growing in Chile

Hulme, M. A.; Miller, G. E., 1988: Potential for control of Barbara colfaxiana (Kearfott): (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae) using Trichogramma sp

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914723

Jawetz, P., 1989: Potential for desert management

Cavan, Kr; Macdonald, Ej; Smith, Tk, 1988: Potential for dietary amino acid precursors of neurotransmitters to overcome neurochemical changes in acute T-2 toxicosis in rats

Ney, D. M., 1990: Potential for enhancing the nutritional properties of milkfat

Hilder, V. A.; Gatehouse, A. M. R.; Boulter, D., 1989: Potential for exploiting plant genes to genetically engineer insect resistance, exemplified by the cowpea trypsin inhibitor gene

Hall, I. R., 1988: Potential for exploiting vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas in agriculture

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914731

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Qureshi, A. W., 1988: Potential for goat meat marketing in the Near East region

Harrison Murray, R. S.; Howard, B. H.; Thompson, R., 1988: Potential for improved propagation by leafy cuttings through the use of fog

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Bond, D. A.; Smith, D. B., 1988: Potential for improving the nutritional quality of grain legumes by breeding

Driesche, R. G. van; Peters, T. M., 1987: Potential for increased use of biological control agents against pests of forage crops in Massachusetts

Meredith W.R.Jr; Wells R., 1989: Potential for increasing cotton yields through enhanced partitioning to reproductive structures

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914740

Humphery Smith, I.; Chastel, C., 1988: Potential for mechanical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus by the hut tampan, Ornithodoros moubata

Buning Pfaue, H.; Bartsch, A., 1988: Potential for milk fat fractionation

Guzik, H., 1989: Potential for mitigation of regional disproportions in Polish agriculture

Wallis, E. S.; Woolcock, R. F.; Byth, D. E., 1988: Potential for pigeonpea in Thailand, Indonesia and Burma

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Pires, I. E.; Ferreira, C. A., 1982: Potential for reforestation of northeast Brazil

Tonn, R. J., 1988: Potential for research on vectors of Chagas' disease

Stewart, J. I., 1989: Potential for response farming in sub-Saharan Africa

Roy, S. K. B.; Mondal, J.; Chatterjee, B. N.; Bhattacharya, S.; Debnath, P.; Mondal, B., 1988: Potential for rice ratooning in eastern India with special reference to photoperiod-sensitive rices for deepwater areas

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Wilson, D. R.; Robson, M.; Heaton, T. C., 1988: Potential for sunflower production in Canterbury

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914755

Maier, C. T., 1990: Potential for the biological control of apple leafminers by parasitic wasps

Kelly, R., 1988: Potential for the development of the goat fibre and meat industries

Anonymous, 1989: Potential for the introduction of chalkbrood disease into Australia in imported honey

White, E. F. T., 1988: Potential for the modification of jute for new markets

Cheriuyot, H. K.; Jordan, H. E., 1990: Potential for the spread of Fasciola hepatica in cattle in Oklahoma

Vahala, Z., 1989: Potential for the use of cattle slurry in the establishment of permanent grasslands

Miller, R. V., 1988: Potential for transfer and establishment of engineered genetic sequences

Pennington, D. A.; Wolf, R., 1989: Potential for use of rainfall during permanent flood of rice in Mississippi

Quinones Olguin, J. O.; Herrera Baylon, A., 1984: Potential for utilizing oaks in the north of Mexico

Medel S, F.; Montaldo B, P.; MacDonald H, R.; Torres M, J. P.; Velasquez V, M., 1988: Potential fruit production zones in the Araucania Region (IX region)

Pilyaschenko Novokhatnyi, A. I., 1989: Potential functions of the hydrogenase of sulfate-reducing bacteria in relation to the underground corrosion of metals

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Hoeschele I., 1990: Potential gain from insertion of major genes into dairy cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914772

Betteridge, K. J.; Smith, C.; Stubbings, R. B.; Xu, K. P.; King, W. A., 1989: Potential genetic improvement of cattle by fertilization of fetal oocytes in vitro

Hastings, Im, 1989: Potential germline competition in animals and its evolutionary implications

Sullivan, M. G.; Irby, L. R.; Marlow, C. B., 1989: Potential green ash browse in hardwood draws in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Marschner, B.; Stahr, K.; Rengen, M., 1989: Potential hazards of lime application in a damaged pine forest ecosystem in Berlin, Germany

Porter, G. A.; Clapham, W. M.; Leach, S. S., 1988: Potential herbicides for use in sweet white lupin

Singh, R.; Srivastava, PN., 1987: Potential host-habitat location by Alloxysta pleuralis (Cameron) (Alloxystidae: Hymenoptera)

Gillespie, S., 1989: Potential impact of AIDS on farming systems. A case study from Rwanda

Polge, C., 1990: Potential impact of advanced biotechnology on genetic conservation programmes

Halbrendt, C.; Blase, M., 1989: Potential impact of biological nitrogen fixation: the case of corn

Section 2, Chapter 1915 , Accession 001914786

Turner, G. K.; Weinmann, P. E., 1988: Potential impacts of the greenhouse effect on irrigation in northern Victoria

Greeley, M.; Farrington, J., 1989: Potential implications of agricultural biotechnology for the Third World

Raden, P. M. van, 1990: Potential improvements in animal model evaluation systems

Aikman D.P., 1989: Potential increase in photosynthetic efficiency from the redistribution of solar radiation in a crop

Tenreiro, P. C., 1989: Potential introduction of perennial C4 grasses into irrigated swards

Lowell, K. E.; Garrett, H. E.; Mitchell, R. J., 1989: Potential long-term growth gains from early clump thinning of coppice-regenerated oak stands

Souza Neto, J. de; Baker, G.; Sousa, H. Guerra de, 1987: Potential market for goat milk cheese in North East Brazil

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Rafats, J., 1989: Potential new crop: meadowfoam. January 1970 - November 1988

Rafats, J., 1989: Potential new crops: Lesquerella, Lunaria, Sapium sebiferum, and Stokesia. January 1970 - November 1988

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Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914808

Pandey, A.; Kumar, S., 1989: Potential of Azotobacters and Azospirilla as biofertilizers for upland agriculture: a review

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McLaren, D. G., 1990: Potential of Chinese pig breeds to improve pork production efficiency in the USA

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Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914823

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Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914826

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Khan, M. S., 1989: Potential of finfish production in Malaysia

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Dong, W. L., 1989: Potential of groundwater in Korea

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Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914852

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Luchanska, E., 1985: Potential possibilities for honey production from meadows of the type Alopecurus pratensis/Festuca pratensis

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Ishina, N. B., 1988: Potential production of conifer vitamin flour and the economic viability of its use

Ambros, Z., 1987: Potential production of forest tree species

Spelter, H; Sleet, G., 1989: Potential reductions in plywood manufacturing costs resulting from improved technology

Zucker Aprison E.; Blumenthal T., 1989: Potential regulatory elements of nematode vitellogenin genes revealed by interspecies sequence comparison

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Rosson, J. F, Jr, 1989: Potential residual biomass in mature pine stands of the Midsouth, USA

Mohd Yusuff, M. K., 1989: Potential selection response in composite and parental sheep breeds

Boon, D. Y., 1989: Potential selenium problems in Great Plains soils

Byrne, R. D, Jr; Bishop, J. R.; Boling, J. W., 1989: Potential shelf-life estimation of pasteurized fluid milk utilizing a selective preliminary incubation

Smocek, J.; Hubik, K., 1989: Potential sink capacity of the spike in different wheat morphotypes

Vora, R. S., 1988: Potential soil compaction forty years after logging in northeastern California

Golubeva, E. G., 1986: Potential speed of growth of a population of Musca domestica L

Jodha, N. S., 1989: Potential strategies for adapting to greenhouse warming: perspectives from the developing world

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Maguire R.J.; Tkacz R.J., 1989: Potential underestimation of chlorinated hydrocarbon concentrations in fresh water

Chen, P.; McCarthy, M. J.; Kauten, R., 1988: Potential use of NMR for internal quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables

Nekrasov, V. G.; Muratova, V. I., 1990: Potential use of biogas in the village

Cole, E. C.; Newton, M., 1988: Potential use of fluroxypyr alone and in mixtures for pine release

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914906

Smith, S. E.; Meiners, M.; Putzar, N.; Dobrenz, A. K., 1989: Potential use of measurements of callus and male gametophyte NaCl tolerance in lucerne breeding

Majid, A.; Aslam, A.; Hashmi, N. I.; Hobbs, P. R., 1988: Potential use of minimum tillage in wheat after rice

Caron, M., 1989: Potential use of mycorrhizae in control of soil-borne diseases

Crisp L.M.; Bland C.E., 1990: Potential use of ozone to disinfect sea water of fungi causing diseases of cultured marine crustacea

Bidanel, J. P., 1990: Potential use of prolific Chinese breeds in maternal lines of pigs

Al Raheem, S. N.; Aziz, D. A.; Aziz, A. A.; Alkass, J. E., 1990: Potential usefulness of plasma insulin levels as an indirect selection criterion for growth in sheep

Qualls, N. L.; Robertson, R. L., 1989: Potential uses of cost analyses in child survival programmes: evidence from Africa

Dobie, P., 1987: Potential uses of host plant resistance

Singh, S.; Rai, T., 1989: Potential uses of lactose in food industry

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Kavka, M., 1988: Potential utilization of expert systems in mechanized agriculture

Myer, R. O.; Johnson, D. D.; Otwell, W. S.; Walker, W. R.; Combs, G. E., 1988: Potential utilization of scallop viscera silage for solid waste management and as a feedstuff for swine

Wilkins E.G.L.; Ivanyi J., 1990: Potential value of serology for diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Kovgan, Aa; Zhdanov, Vm, 1989: Potential vector for insertion of animal virus genes into cells of higher plants

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Section 2 , Chapter 1915, Accession 001914944

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914946

Asiri, S. M. B. A.; Chinnis, R. J.; Banta, W. C., 1990: Potentially pathogenic species of Acanthamoeba and Hartmannella (Protozoa: Amoebida) in sediment of the Potomac River near Washington, D.C

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Falaye, A. E., 1986: Potentials for the utilization of mangrove swamp forests for aquaculture development in Nigeria

Peron, J. Y., 1989: Potentials for widening the range of vegetables belonging to the family Umbelliferae: the examples of tuberous-rooted chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum L., and skirret, Sium sisarum L

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Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914959

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914961

Section 2, Chapter 1915, Accession 001914962

Boudreaux, M. K.; Weiss, R. C.; Toivio Kinnucan, M.; Spano, J. S., 1990: Potentiation of platelet responses in vitro by feline infectious peritonitis virus

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Anonymous, 1988: Poultry development in Salem district of Tamil Nadu (an ex-post evaluation study)

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