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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Camargo, A.H.A., 1988:
Production of Black Crioulo sheep

Cai, W.Q.; Wang, R.; Qin, B.Y.; Ma, S.F.; Tian, B.; Zhang, C.L.; Chen, J.; Ji, L., 1989:
Production of CMV specific monoclonal antibodies by electrofusion

Cox, D.A., 1987:
Production of Centaurea montana for early spring sales

Abha Agnihotri; Vibha Gupta; Lakshmikumaran, M.S.; Ranade, S.A.; Shivanna, K.R.; Shyam Prakash; Jagannathan, V., 1988:
Production of Eruca Brassica hybrids by embryo rescue and DNA analysis of the hybrids

Abha Agnihotri; Gupta, V.; Lakshmikumaran, M.S.; Shivanna, K.R.; Shyam Prakash; Jagannathan, V., 1990:
Production of Eruca-Brassica hybrids by embryo rescue

Eskesen, J.G., 1988:
Production of Exacum in 1986 and 1987

Repkova, J.; Smolikova, M., 1988:
Production of F1 interspecific hybrids between Brassica oleracea and B. campestris through in vitro embryo rescue

Hauptfeld-Dolejsek, V.; Shreffler, D.C., 1989:
Production of H-2 class II (Ia.7) antibody is under Ir gene control

Fadali, O.A., 1988:
Production of H2SO4 by electrochemical oxidation of sulphur

Arbatskaya, N.I.; Anokhina, L.N.; Kiba, V.I., 1986:
Production of Kazetsit at the Sibaiskii Combine

Alves, S.B.; Pereira, R.M., 1989:
Production of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok and Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill in plastic trays

Brusasco, G.; Monaldi, R.; Lucia, V. de; Barbera, A., 1986:
Production of NPK fertilizers with a spouted bed granulator-dryer

Ahmad, M.; Dahril, T., 1989:
Production of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) in floating cages in the Kampar river

Hansen, R., 1989:
Production of Norwegian 'Pult' cheese

Bekar, M.; Dogrul, F., 1988:
Production of O factor hyperimmune serum specific for B, C (C1, C2) and D group Salmonella and determination of the serogroup incidence in animals in Turkey

Os, P.C. van; Mourik, N.M. van, 1990:
Production of Paphiopedilum around Mother's Day is possible. Extending the flowering period by cold treatment

Karavaeva, N.P., 1988:
Production of Phytophthora-resistant potato mutants by treatment of the tubers with impulse-concentrated light

Podgaetskii, A.A., 1987:
Production of Phytophthora-resistant source material of potato using interspecific hybridization

Obata, H.; Umebayashi, M., 1989:
Production of SH-compounds in a selected tobacco cell line resistant to cadmium

Stepochkin, P.I., 1987:
Production of Siberian forms of triticale

Andrusovich, E.E., 1987:
Production of Sudan grass breeding material

Zamparini, S., 1987:
Production of Volvariella mycelium from cane sugar factory muds

Tu, G.L., 1988:
Production of Volvariella volvacea on beds of rice straw covered with cotton hulls

Collins, D.M., 1989:
Production of a DNA probe specific for Mycobacterium paratuberculosis

Sasaki, K.T.naka, T.N.shizawa, Y.H.yashi, M., 1990:
Production of a herbicide, 5-aminolevulinic acid, by Rhodobacter sphaeroides using the effluent of swine waste from an anaerobic digestor

Paterson, G.E.; Tiffin, A.I., 1988:
Production of a monoclonal antibody specific for Salmonella spp

Lenz, CJ.; Greenstone, MH., 1988:
Production of a monoclonal antibody to the arylphorin of Heliothis zea

Tanaka, K., 1989:
Production of a non-reducing fructotrisaccharide from levan in the culture of Arthrobacter ureafaciens

Vogel, M.; Gottstein, B.; Muller, N.; Seebeck, T., 1988:
Production of a recombinant antigen of Echinococcus multilocularis with high immunodiagnostic sensitivity and specificity

Bangela, S.; Baltadzhieva, M., 1987:
Production of a semi-hard, ripened cheese from cows' milk containing whey lipids

Donati, P.A.; Orcel, A.; Orcel, C., 1988:
Production of a standard chronology for chestnut in Ticino, Switzerland: preliminary results

Keckemethy, A., 1988:
Production of aboveground and belowground biomass in pasture grass mixtures at different fertilizer rates and water regimes

Marounek, M.; Simůnek, J.; Brezina, P., 1988:
Production of acids from inulin by a mixed culture of rumen microorganisms

Bellin, U., 1988:
Production of addition lines of Brassica napus with chromosomes of the B-genome

Takano, R.; Samejima, M.; Yoshimoto, T.; Karasawa, S.; Kayahara, M., 1989:
Production of adhesives utilizing phenolic extracts from coniferous barks. Effects of purification on properties of adhesives

Tanaka, T.; Hasegawa, A.; Aoki, N.; Yamamoto, S.; Udagawa, S.; Sekita, S.; Harada, M.; Nozawa, K.; Kawai, K., 1989:
Production of aflatrem and its related indoloditerpenes by microsclerotium-producing strains of Aspergillus flavus

Anonymous, 1989:
Production of alcohol from sugarcane

Dunn, W.W.; Morgan, P.; Lynch, A.M., 1990:
Production of alder (Alnus jorullensis) to meet fuelwood demand in the sierra of Ecuador

Varadaraj, K.; Pandian, TJ., 1990:
Production of all-female sterile-triploid Oreochromis mossambicus

Tennakone, K., 1988:
Production of ammonium phosphate containing fertilizers from apatite unsuitable for wet process

McGill, K.E., 1988:
Production of ammonium polyphosphate suspension fertilizers

Smith, J.J.; Raikhel, N.V., 1989:
Production of an antibody specific for the propeptide of wheat germ agglutinin

Gonzalez, M.; Larramendy, R.; Garcia, C., 1986:
Production of an antigen of Aspergillus fumigatus for serology

Gonzalez, M.; Larramendy, R.; Garcia, C., 1986:
Production of an antigen of Candida albicans for serology

Rotino, G.L.; Falavigna, A.; Restaino, F., 1987:
Production of anther-derived plantlets of eggplant

Callebaut, A.; Hendrickx, G.; Voets, A.M.; Perwez, C., 1988:
Production of anthocyanins by cell cultures of Ajuga reptans

Chardes, T.; Lebecq, J.C.; Pau, B.; Bastide, J., 1988:
Production of anti-Candida monoclonal antibodies: immunopurification of C. albicans cell wall antigens

Hirayae, K.; Wakimoto, S., 1987:
Production of antibacterial substance(s) by a bacterial strain, E-14, isolated from rice phylloplane

Yi, Y.K.; Min, T.G.; Park, W.M., 1987:
Production of antibacterial substance, and changes in peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase activities in tobacco plants inoculated with avirulent isolate of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Flanagan, TR.; O'Brien, MA.; Agui, N.; Bollenbacher, WE., 1989:
Production of antibodies to Manduca sexta cerebral neurosecretory cells

Schmidt P.; Hafner A.; Reubel G.H.; Wanke R.; Franke V.; Loesch U.; Dahme E., 1989:
Production of antibodies to canine distemper virus in chicken eggs for immunohistochemistry

Otani, H.; Karasawa, Y.; Hosono, A., 1989:
Production of antibody to bovine alpha s1-casein in the yolk of chicken eggs

Barnby Smith, F.M.; Roller, S.D.; Woods, L.F.J.; Barker, M.; Nightingale, M.; Gibbs, P.A., 1989:
Production of antimicrobial compounds by lactic acid bacteria

Polyakov, A.V., 1988:
Production of apomictic haploids in cultivated flax

Faretra, F.; Antonacci, E., 1987:
Production of apothecia of Botryotinia fuckeliana (de Bary) Whetz. under controlled environmental conditions

Champagne E.T.; Hinojosa O.; Clemetson C.A.B., 1990:
Production of ascorbate free radicals in infant formulas and other media

Christey, M.C.; Earle, E.D., 1988:
Production of atrazine resistant broccoli by protoplast fusion with Brassica campestris

Somowiyarjo S.; Sako N.; Nonaka F., 1990:
Production of avian antibodies to three potyviruses in coturnix quail

Champagne, C.P.; Goulet, J.; Lachance, R.A., 1990:
Production of bakers' yeast in cheese whey ultrafiltrate

Gorshkova, V.A.; Gorodov, V.T., 1987:
Production of barley varieties with a high degree of ecological adaptability

Goering, K.J.; Eslick, R.F., 1989:
Production of beta-glucan, bran, protein, oil and maltose syrup from waxy barley

Hasan M U.; Bhatti A.S.; Khan M.M., 1989:
Production of biogas from dried banana peelings

Ulku, G., 1988:
Production of biogas from sugar beet pulp

Bencat, T., 1987:
Production of biomass above ground in locust

Dawson, W.M., 1988:
Production of biomass from short-rotation coppice willow in Northern Ireland 1974-1987

Collins, R.A.; Jones, B.V.; Oldham, G., 1990:
Production of bovine immunoregulatory molecules by xenogeneic hybrids

Bertolini, P., 1988:
Production of brand names (DOC) and protection of local economies: the case of Parmesan cheese

Zhitlova, N.A., 1987:
Production of breeding material of potato resistant to Phytophthora and virus Y

Man' ko, A.E., 1987:
Production of breeding material of sugarbeet resistant to diseases

Granges, A., 1988:
Production of broad-leaved endive under cover in March and April: results of cultivar and planting date trials

Gerstenberg, O., 1988:
Production of butter with low fat content

Solodyankina, N.L.; Epifanov, V.S.; Oleinikova, T.V., 1988:
Production of calcium sulfide from phosphogypsum

Bulgakov, V.P.; Zhuravlev, Y.N., 1989:
Production of callus cultures of Aristolochia manshuriensis Kom

Jensen, I., 1989:
Production of cane and proletarians. A study of social differentiation in Drasa, Fiji

Considine, P.J.; Coughlan, M.P., 1989:
Production of carbohydrate-hydrolysing enzyme blends by solid-state fermentation

Zeringue H.J.Jr, 1988:
Production of carpel wall phytoalexins in the developing cotton boll

Guimaraes, A.G.; Linardi, V.R., 1988:
Production of cellulases by solid-state fermentation in different cellulosic substrates

Srivastav, A.K.; Meenu Srivastav, 1987:
Production of cellulolytic enzymes by staining fungus Ulocladium chartarum

Rodriguez, S.; Garcia, M., 1988:
Production of certified cassava planting material in the Republic of Cuba

Quehl, A.; Engst, W.; Ruttloff, H.; Leuchtenberger, A.; Erhardt, V., 1989:
Production of cheese flavour concentrate with special reference to the type 'Roquefort' using fermentation technique. 2. Testing of different factors in shaking culture

Ramanauskas, R.I.; Gibas, U.P.; Paserpskene, M.I., 1987:
Production of cheese using ultra-filtered milk

Bhargava, V.N.; Pandey, V.S.; Shukla, S.G., 1990:
Production of chhana from buffalo sweet-cream buttermilk: effect of adding cow milk

Picard, L.; Chartrain, I.; King, W.A.; Betteridge, K.J., 1990:
Production of chimaeric bovine embryos and calves by aggregation of inner cell masses with morulae

Yang, X.Z.; Foote, R.H., 1988:
Production of chimeric rabbits from morulae by a simple procedure

Tindale, C.R.; Whitfield, F.B., 1989:
Production of chlorophenols by the reaction of fibreboard and timber components with chlorine-based cleaning agents

Pos, H.G., 1990:
Production of clean snail eggs of Helix aspersa (Muller)

Allan, P., 1988:
Production of clonal 'Honey Gold' pawpaws and related problems

Eweida, M.; Oxelfelt, P., 1989:
Production of cloned cDNA from a Swedish barley yellow dwarf virus isolate

Faison, B.D.; Lewis, S.N., 1989:
Production of coal-solubilizing activity by Paecilomyces sp. during submerged growh in defined liquid media

Falovskii, A.V., 1987:
Production of complex hybrid populations of white clover

Mironov, V.E.; Beskov, V.S.; Bespalov, A.V.; Nagolov, D.G.; Koval, V.I., 1988:
Production of concentrated wet-process phosphoric acid

Shaw, G.E., 1989:
Production of condensation nuclei in clean air by nucleation of H2SO4

Kristiansen, J.R.; Christiansen, P.S.; Edelsten, D., 1989:
Production of cream cheese with lobster meat - 70% fat in dry matter

Jamrichova, S.; Brezaniova, M.; Knihova, A., 1988:
Production of cultured products with extended shelf-life

Reddy, V.K.; Reddy, S.M., 1987:
Production of cyclopiazonic acid by Penicillium griseofulvum

Suggitt, R.M., 1989:
Production of demercurized synthesis gas, reducing gas, or fuel gas

Ramakrishna, Y.; Bhat, R.V.; Ravindranath, V., 1989:
Production of deoxynivalenol by Fusarium isolates from samples of wheat associated with a human mycotoxicosis outbreak and from sorghum cultivars

Line, W.F.; Chaudhary, V.K.; Chicoye, E.; Mizerak, R.J., 1988:
Production of dextrose and maltose syrups using an enzyme derived from rice

Domotor, L.; Polya, G., 1989:
Production of diffusion water and utilization of waste heat

Furusawa, I., 1988:
Production of disease resistant plants using somaclonal variations

Bartkaite, O., 1988:
Production of disease-resistant tomato hybrids

Shtin, L.T., 1987:
Production of donors of resistance to Plasmopara viticola and Uncinula necator for breeding grape varieties of the intensive type

Kuhlmann, U.; Foroughi-Wehr, B., 1989:
Production of doubled haploid lines in frequencies sufficient for barley breeding programs

Reiffers, I.; Barros Freire, A. de, 1989:
Production of doubled-haploid rice plants through anther culture

Abramovic, A.; Perencevic, M.; Scuric, M., 1987:
Production of dried whey in 'Sirela', Bjelovar

Izmalkov, V.I., 1987:
Production of early varieties of Vicia sativa

Bianchin, I.; Honer, M.R.; Curvo, J.B.E., 1987:
Production of eggs by gastrointestinal nematodes in Nellore cows during the peri-parturient period

Valle J.; Piriz S.; Mateos E.; Vadillo S., 1990:
Production of elastase in staphylococci isolated from goats

Morency, M., 1989:
Production of elements and compounds by deserpentinization of ultramafic rock

Gordon I.; L.K.H., 1990:
Production of embryos in vitro and its impact on livestock production

Ravolanirina F.; Gianinazzi S.; Trouvelot A.; Carre M., 1990:
Production of endomycorrhizal explants of micropropagated grapevine rootstocks

Saito, M., 1990:
Production of enterotoxin by Clostridium perfringens derived from humans, animals, foods, and the natural environment in Japan

Gockler, L.; Notermans, S.; Kramer, J., 1988:
Production of enterotoxins and thermonuclease by Staphylococcus aureus in cooked egg-noodles

Goel, C.L.; Shiva, M.P.; Mehra, S.N.; Rai, Y.C.; Badola, K.C., 1989:
Production of essential oil from Skimmia laureola (S. arborescens) in Uttar Pradesh

Mathela, C.S.; Pant, A.K., 1988:
Production of essential oils from some new Himalayan Cymbopogon species

Grba, S.; Stehlik Tomas, V.; Majdak, K., 1988:
Production of ethanol and wine from whey

Kahlon S.S.; Chaudhary N., 1988:
Production of ethanol by saccharification of sawdust

Doelle, M.B.; Millichip, R.J.; Doelle, H.W., 1989:
Production of ethanol from corn using inoculum cascading of Zymomonas mobilis

Hahn Hagerdal, B.; Tjerneld, F.; Zacchi, G., 1988:
Production of ethanol from lignocellulosic materials

Makoveichuk, A.Yu, 1988:
Production of ethylene and ethane by cereal protoplasts

Dumenigo, B.E.; Espino, A.M.; Finlay, C.M., 1987:
Production of excretory-secretory antigens of Dirofilaria immitis microfilariae

Yang, B.Y.; Tseng, Y.H., 1988:
Production of exopolysaccharide and levels of protease and pectinase activity in pathogenic and nonpathogenic strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Bernier, R.; Kopp, M.; Trakas, B.; Stutzenberger, F., 1988:
Production of extracellular enzymes by Thermomonospora curvata during growth on protein-extracted lucerne fibres

Bracy, R.P.; Constantin, R.J., 1988:
Production of fall bell peppers in southeast Louisiana

Recker, L., 1988:
Production of feed meal and coarse wholemeal flour by means of millstones and rollers

Tratnik L.; Krsev L., 1988:
Production of fermented beverages from milk with demineralized whey

Kovalenko, A.G.; Shcherbatenko, I.S.; Oleshchenko, L.T.; Rud' , E.A.; Strelyaeva, N.I., 1989:
Production of fertile somaclones of interspecific tobacco hybrids with high resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus

Angelopoulos, G., 1989:
Production of fertilizer NP and NPK with NP slurry process achieving increased percentage of water solubility

Dmitrevskii, B.A.; Yarosh, E.B.; Tsvetkov, S.K.; Maksimenko, N.N.; Savel' ev, V.N., 1988:
Production of fertilizers based on nitrate-phosphate solutions and Karatau phosphorites

Omer, S.E., 1985:
Production of fire retardant particleboards

Couto, R.H.N.; Salles, L.A.; Couto, L.A., 1989:
Production of food and brood in hives of Apis mellifera confined with rations

Shakhmedova, G.S.; Lemeshev, N.K., 1987:
Production of forms of cotton differing in ploidy and their cytogenetic features

Makarenkov, M.A., 1990:
Production of forms of lucerne with increased dry matter digestibility

Pointurier, H., 1990:
Production of fresh cheese from recombined products, with the use of centrifugal separators

Geilman, W.G.; Schmidt, D.; Herfurth Kennedy, C.; Path, J., 1990:
Production of frozen dairy desserts from milk retentate

Jackson, M.A.; Bennett, G.A., 1990:
Production of fumonisin B1 by Fusarium moniliforme NRRL 13616 in submerged culture

Ross, P.F.; Nelson, P.E.; Richard, J.L.; Osweiler, G.D.; Rice, L.G.; Plattner, R.D.; Wilson, T.M., 1990:
Production of fumonisins by Fusarium moniliforme and Fusarium proliferatum isolates associated with equine leukoencephalomalacia and a pulmonary edema syndrome in swine

Thakur, M.; Karanth, N.; Nand, K., 1990 :
Production of fungal rennet by Mucor miehei using solid state fermentation

Abbas, H.K.; Mirocha, C.J., 1988:
Production of fusarenon-X, nivalenol, and zearalenone by Gibberella zeae isolates, and their toxicity in fibroblasts and rats

Bacon, C.W.; Marijanovic, D.R.; Norred, W.P.; Hinton, D.M., 1989:
Production of fusarin C on cereal and soybean by Fusarium moniliforme

Protsyuk, A.P.; Orlov, A.I.; Ershov, V.A.; Arlievskii, M.P.; Migutin, G.V.; Syrkin, L.N., 1988:
Production of fused phosphorus-magnesium fertilizers from beneficiation wastes of the Kovdor mining and beneficiation works

Bhumibhamon, O., 1987:
Production of glucoamylases by a rotting cassava tuber fungus on solid culture

Badger, P.C., 1988:
Production of granular fertilizers containing wood ash

Edwards, R.E.; Moore, O.E.; Hodge, C.A., 1987:
Production of granular urea-nitric phosphate fertilizer

Tergas, L.E.; Velez Santiago, J.; Saldana, D.V. de, 1988:
Production of grazed tropical grasses at Toa Baja in the humid northern coastal plains of Puerto Rico

Tergas, L.E.; Velez Santiago, J.; Saldana, D.V. de, 1988:
Production of grazed tropical grasses in different agroecosystems in Puerto Rico. 1. Humid mountain

Fabian, I., 1987:
Production of green forage from barley seed under hydroponic conditions

Overbeeke, N., 1988:
Production of guar alpha-galactosidase by hosts transformed by recombinant DNA methods

Gyles, A.; Delforce, J.; Ika, K., 1989:
Production of handicrafts by women in Tonga

Chen, Z.H.; Li, W.B.; Zhang, L.H.; Xu, X.E.; Zhang, S.J., 1988:
Production of haploid plantlets in cultures of unpollinated ovules of Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg

Rath, G.C.; Mohanty, S.S., 1987:
Production of haustoria by Cuscuta chinensis in contact with glass surface

Khurana A.S.; Kaur J.; Singh A.; Sedha R.K., 1989:
Production of heat stable proteinases by psychrotrophic bacteria in milk

Szennassy, A., 1989:
Production of high quality hay in solar hay driers

Rogash, A.R., 1988:
Production of high-fibre sources for breeding flax

Nachapetyan, L.A.; Menyailova, I.I., 1988:
Production of high-fructose corn syrups from starch-containing raw materials

Boles, J.L., 1988:
Production of high-grade nitrogen-sulfur suspension fertilizers

Serebrennikov, V.S., 1989:
Production of high-quality source material for breeding potato

Carrier, W.D.I.I., 1989:
Production of high-value cash crops on mixtures of sand tailings and waste phosphatic clays

Austin, M.E.; Bondari, K., 1989:
Production of highbush blueberry cultivars in the mountains of Georgia

Barbattini, R., 1988:
Production of honey from the honeydew of Metcalfa pruinosa

Yu, S.H.; Shim, H.K.; Park, J.S., 1987:
Production of host-specific toxin by Alternaria mali and its biological activity

Correll, P.H.; Fink, J.F.; Brady, R.O.; Perry, L.K.; Karlsson, S., 1989:
Production of human glucocerebrosidase in mice after retroviral gene transfer into multipotential hematopoietic progenitor cells

Wych, R.D., 1988:
Production of hybrid seed corn

Nicholas, D.M.; Hopkins, J.A.; Bushinsky, J.P., 1989:
Production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide

Roychowdhury, S.; Cox, D.; Levandowsky, M., 1988:
Production of hydrogen by microbial fermentation

Guillen, F.M.rtinez, A.; Martinez, M., 1990:
Production of hydrogen peroxide by aryl-alcohol oxidase from the ligninolytic fungus Pleurotus eryngii

Jolivet P.; Bergeron E., 1988:
Production of hydroperoxides and oxoenes during the oxidation of linoleic and linolenic acids by wheat foliar lipoxygenase

Bondioli K.R.; Westhusin M.E.; Looney C.R., 1990:
Production of identical bovine offspring by nuclear transfer

Wong, R.S.C. et al., 1989:
Production of improved rapeseed exhibiting an enhanced oleic acid content

Dambrauskas, E., 1988:
Production of inbred cucumber lines and their use to obtain heterotic hybrids

Inoue, T.; Yamaguchi, S.; Saeki, T.; Sekiguchi, K., 1990:
Production of infectious swine vesicular disease virus from cloned cDNA in mammalian cells

Mossberg I.; Lindell, L., 1989:
Production of intensively and semi-intensively fed male fattening cattle in an insulated or an uninsulated building

Takahata, Y., 1990:
Production of intergeneric hybrids between a C3-C4 intermediate species Moricandia arvensis and a C3 Brassica oleracea through ovary culture

Chung, G.H.; Kim, J.H., 1990:
Production of interspecific hybrids between Glycine max and G. tomentella through embryo culture

Kanoh, K.; Hayashi, M.; Serizawa, Y.; Konishi, T., 1988:
Production of interspecific hybrids between Lilium longiflorum and L. X elegance by ovary slice culture

Li, Y.; Ye, L.; Huang, Y.; Sui, P., 1989:
Production of invert sugar by immobilized yeast cells

Cervo, A., 1988:
Production of irrigated rice seed on small farms

Pélissier, B.; Bouchefra, O.; Pépin, R.; Freyssinet, G., 1990:
Production of isolated somatic embryos from sunflower thin cell layers

Prache, S.; Theriez, M., 1988:
Production of lambs on pasture

Buresti, E., 1986:
Production of large-sized planting stock

Kantelinen, A.; Hatakka, A.; Viikari, L., 1989:
Production of lignin peroxidase and laccase by Phlebia radiata

Yoshihara, K.; Kamishima, H.; Nishiyama, M.; Akamatsu, I., 1989:
Production of ligninolytic enzymes and degradation of proto-lignin by compatible monokaryons of Coriolus hirsutus

Kovalyshina, A.N., 1988:
Production of lines of winter wheat resistant to brown rust

Gordei, I.A.; Gordei, G.M., 1988:
Production of lodging-resistant forms of triticale using dominant sources of short straw in rye

Auche, M., 1988:
Production of long-life butter

Belkovskii, V.N.; Pachev, V.P., 1988:
Production of low and ultralow pressure tyres for farm machinery

Murdoch, W.J.; McCormick, R.J., 1989:
Production of low molecular weight chemoattractants for leukocytes by periovulatory ovine follicles

Pasha, S.T.; Sethi, P.; Hussain, Q.Z., 1987:
Production of low titre and non-precipitating antibodies against Plasmodium knowlesi isoenzyme bands

Sakharov, S.D.; Silaeva, V.M., 1986:
Production of low-fat cheeses

Tobiason, T.W., 1989:
Production of low-fluorine calcium phosphate and phosphoric acid and of silica

Husek, V.; Minarik, R., 1988:
Production of low-scalded hard cheeses with different types of rennets and their mixtures

Perez Fernandez, M., 1986:
Production of lucerne and other pasture species on reclaimed scrubland

Adhi, T.P.; Korus, R.A.; Crawford, D.L., 1989:
Production of Major Extracellular Enzymes during Lignocellulose Degradation by Two Streptomycetes in Agitated Submerged Culture

Kornienko, A.V.; Makogon, A.M.; Orlov, S.D.; Negovskii, N.A., 1987:
Production of male-sterile (MS) lines and sterility-maintaining pollinators, components of the sugarbeet hybrid Yubileinyi bred using male sterility

Woodroffe, C.D.; Bardsley, K.N.; Ward, P.J.; Hanley, J.R., 1988:
Production of mangrove litter in a macrotidal embayment, Darwin Harbour, N.T., Australia

Domelsmith, L.N.; Klich, M.A.; Goynes, W.R., 1988:
Production of mannitol by fungi from cotton dust

Qureshi, N.; Tamhane, D.V., 1985:
Production of mead by immobilized whole cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Popovic Vranjes, A.; Krizan, K., 1988:
Production of melted Travnik cheese spread

McNeill, J.M., 1988:
Production of membrane-derived nitrogen from combustion gases

Bizhev, I.; Denev, S., 1989:
Production of metal pellets for nitriding and investigation of their physical and mechanical properties

Sexstone A.J.; Mains C.N., 1990:
Production of methane and ethylene in organic horizons of spruce forest soils

Derikx, P.J.L.; Camp, H.J.M. op den; Bosch, W.P.G.M.; Vogels, G.D.; Gerrits, J.P.G.; Griensven, L.J.L.D. van, 1988:
Production of methane during preparation of mushroom compost

Sujarittanonta S.; Jeamteerasakul, S., 1989:
Production of methane gas from solid wastes by a two-stage anaerobic process

Larson, L.E.; Kertamus, N.J., 1988:
Production of methanol from biomass

Pannell, L.A.; Olson, N.F., 1989:
Production of methyl ketones in milkfat-coated microcapsules containing free fatty acids and Penicillium roqueforti spores

Heisey, R.M., 1989:
Production of micoherbicides and potential for use in weed control

Freer J.; Palma G.; Baeza J.; Campos V.; Salas E.; Ferraz A.; Duran N., 1990:
Production of microbial protein from forest products

Gonzalez Santillana, R., 1988:
Production of milk at pasture (with minimum feeding of fodder)

Abraham, S.; Nair, R.B., 1989:
Production of mitotic abnormalities by magnesium sulphate in Vicia faba L

Orus Pueyo, F.; Vivas Paniagua, R.; Garcia Carque, L.A.; Lobo Martin, J.; Serra Lapuerta, A., 1989:
Production of mixed feeds by producers' associations in Aragon (1986-88)

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Production of monobasic potassium phosphate with low chloride content from potassium chloride and phosphoric acid produced from the commercial wet process

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Production of monoclonal antibodies against banana bunchy top virus and their use in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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Production of monoclonal antibodies recognizing the oocyst wall of Cryptosporidium sp.: Preliminary results

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Production of monoclonal antibodies specific to viruses that cause bovine diseases

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Production of monoclonal antibodies to Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola and Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli

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Production of monoclonal antibodies to cucumber mosaic virus and their use in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

E.A.eb, M.; Rochat, H., 1988 :
Production of monoclonal antibodies. Antitoxins of scorpions: characterization and molecular mechanisms of neutralization

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Production of monoclonal antibody to characterize the antigen of Paragonimus westermani

Varadaraj, K., 1990:
Production of monosex male Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters) by administering 19-norethisterone acetate

Czonkowska, M.; Guszkiewicz, A.; Papis, K.; Dziak, J.; Kossakowski, M., 1988:
Production of monozygotic sheep twins from fresh and frozen demi-embryos

Renk, G.; Hahn, J., 1988:
Production of monozygous twins and chimeras in cattle

Branchard, M.; Chateau, M., 1988:
Production of musk melon (Cucumis melo L.) plants by somatic embryogenesis

Skorobrekha, P.I.; Zakhoba, V.P.; Blyandur, O.V., 1988:
Production of mutant maize lines and their utilization in the breeding process

E.B.nna, A.A.; Pitt, J.I.; Leistner, L., 1987:
Production of mycotoxins by Penicillium species

Volodin, V.G.; Elef, A.V.; Lobotskaya, L.I., 1987:
Production of new forms in unstable mutant X cultivar hybrids of spring wheat and triticale

Dumas, E.; Gianinazzi Pearson, V.; Gianinazzi, S., 1990:
Production of new soluble proteins during VA endomycorrhiza formation

Lopez, E.L.; Trujillo, E., 1989:
Production of new types of broiler fowls

Kovalenko, S.N.; Grigorus' , V.M., 1988:
Production of new varieties of winter wheat with multiple resistance to the main diseases

Omran, H., 1987:
Production of nira and brown sugar from coconut cultivar Mawa

Dudnikov, Y.S.; Kuprikov, M.Y.; Vakhrushev, V.I., 1988:
Production of nitric acid by the plasma chemical method at the point of use

Remde, A.C.nrad, R., 1990:
Production of nitric oxide in Nitrosomonas europaea by reduction of nitrite

Kabanov, F.I., 1987:
Production of nitroammofoska by the nitric acid digestion of apatite

Black, R.B., 1988:
Production of nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Boles, J.L.; Faulkner, L.C.; Hodge, C.A., 1987:
Production of nitrogen-sulfur suspension fertilizer

Singh, S.D.; Milliano, W.A.J. de, 1989:
Production of normal panicles by sorghum plants systemically infected by downy mildew in Zimbabwe

Yokoyama, M.; Akiba, H.; Katsuki, M.; Nomura, T., 1990:
Production of normal young following transfer of mouse embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization using cryopreserved spermatozoa

Lee C.S.; Park H.D.; Chung K.S.; Lee K K., 1989:
Production of nuclear transplanted mice

Hausmann, S.M.; Miller, J.R., 1989:
Production of onion fly attractants and ovipositional stimulants by bacterial isolates cultured on onion

Twigden T.K., 1989:
Production of onions on sandy soils using cereal nurse crops

Horitsu, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Adachi, S.; Xioa, R.; Hayashi, T.; Kawai, K.; Kautola, H., 1988:
Production of organic acids by immobilized cells of fungi

Sasaki, H.; Kawai, S.; Pulido, O.R.; Pengprecha, N., 1989:
Production of oriented board with an electrostatic field III. Semi-strand board having better orientation toward both surfaces

Yoshida, Y.; Kawai, S.; Pulido, O.R.; Sasaki, H., 1989:
Production of oriented particleboard I. Structure of particle mat formed with oriented particles

Yoshida, Y.; Pulido, O.R.; Kawai, S.; Sasaki, H., 1989:
Production of oriented particleboard II. Aligning methods and board properties

Poole R.T.; Conover C.A., 1989:
Production of ornamental foliage plants

Hata, T.; Subiyanto, B.; Kawai, S.; Sasaki, H., 1989:
Production of particleboard with a steam-injection press. III. Effects of injection time and timing on board properties

Hata, T.; Subiyanto, B.; Kawai, S.; Sasaki, H., 1989:
Production of particleboard with a steam-injection press. IV. Shortening the press cycle with steam injection

Pineiro Andion, J.; Perez Fernandez, M., 1988:
Production of pastures between pines - a solution to reduce the risk of forest fires

Harris W.; Kunelius H.T., 1988:
Production of pastures in the second year after drilling of red clover and ryegrass

Gibson, K.T.; McIlwraith, C.W.; Park, R.D.; Norrdin, R.W., 1989:
Production of patellar lesions by medial patellar desmotomy in normal horses

Gupta, G.K., 1988:
Production of pathogen free plant material of temperate fruits

Torres I.Grifo M.; Sanchis Almenar V.; Sala I.Marti N.; Canela I.Garayoa R., 1988:
Production of patulin and griseofulvin in different culture media

Menezes, J.E., 1989:
Production of pea seeds

Shevchenko, A.M., 1989:
Production of pea varieties of new morphological/biological types

Krebbers E.; Vandekerckhove J., 1990:
Production of peptides in plant seeds

Birgersson, G.; Byers, JA.; Bergstrom, G.; Lofqvist, J., 1990:
Production of pheromone components, chalcogran and methyl (E,Z)-2,4-decadienoate, in the spruce engraver Pityogenes chalcographus

Tarafdar J.C.; Rao A.V.; Bala K., 1988:
Production of phosphatases by fungi isolated from desert soils

Griffith, T., 1988:
Production of phosphates from alkali-processes phosphate rock

Najjar, M.; Szucs, F., 1989:
Production of phosphoric acid by the wet process

Silva, A.C.F. da; Muller, J.J.V.; Agostini, I., 1988:
Production of pickling cucumbers. A new technique for production of pickling cucumbers at high sowing density

Dewald, M.G.; Moore, G.A.; Sherman, W.B.; Evans, M.H., 1988:
Production of pineapple plants in vitro

Kovalenko, P.G.; Galkin, A.P.; Ponomarenko, S.P., 1989:
Production of plant regenerates from a cell suspension of the grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon

Gonzalez Roque, A.; Vera Roque, N.; Perez Rodriguez, M.; Rodriguez del Rio, E., 1987:
Production of plantlets of Eucalyptus saligna at Topes de Collantes using cuttings

Horst, R.K., 1988:
Production of plants free of virus and prevention of reinfection

Surga Rivas, J.G., 1988:
Production of plants of 2 banana cultivars free from cucumber mosaic virus by culture of apical meristems isolated in vitro

Murata, T.; Fukuoka, H.; Miyaji, Y., 1989:
Production of plants with reduced chromosome number by para-fluorophenylalanine treatment in sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam

Wallis, O.C.; Wallis, M., 1989:
Production of plasmids giving high expression of recombinant DNA-derived ovine growth hormone variants in Escherichia coli

Nazar, R.A.; Pinto, C.M.F.; Fontes, P.C.R.; Assis, A.F. de, 1988:
Production of potatoes in low-lying plains following the rice crop in Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais

Tsoi, R.M., 1987:
Production of productive types of carp through mutation and selection

Ismail A M.S.; Saleh S.A.; Abdel Fattah A.F., 1990:
Production of proteases by fungi

Luciano, E.; Carrasco de Mendoza, M.S.; Meinardi, C., 1988:
Production of proteiform biomass on a pilot scale

Wetter C.; Poeppinghaus K.; Morais H.; Dias M.; Mendes B.; Santana F.; Oliveira J.F.S., 1989:
Production of protein for animal feed stuff using organic wastewaters from wine distilleries

Kunitake, S.; Matsuyama, N.; Wakimoto, S., 1988:
Production of proteinous anti-fungal substance(s) by Pseudomonas avenae Manns

Babu, K.J.; Reddy, S.M., 1987:
Production of proteolytic enzymes by three isolates of Syncephalastrum racemosum

Pecchia, S.; Vannacci, G., 1987:
Production of protoplasts from Trichoderma harzianum Rifai by using commercial lytic systems: preliminary results

Terblanche, E. le F., 1989:
Production of quality mohair: implications for extension

Mignot, M.A., 1988 :
Production of queens and package bees: secrets of an American company

Pawar, V.D.; Ingle, U.M., 1987:
Production of quick-cooking moth bean (Phaseolus aconitifolius Jacq.) 3. Effect of soaking on activity trypsin inhibitor

Khrustaleva, V.V.; Shcherbakov, V.K., 1989:
Production of radiation mutants of wild tomato for breeding for Phytophthora resistance

Fabre, F.; Lambert, A.; Tognet, J.P., 1988:
Production of rare earth hydroxides from phosphate ores

Bhargava, V.N.; Pandey, V.S.; Shukla, S.G., 1990:
Production of rasogulla from buffalo sweet-cream buttermilk fortified with cow milk

Makino, T., 1988:
Production of reciprocal translocation lines and genetical analysis of tetravalent behaviour in barley

Kul' bii, A.I.; Shestopalova, R.E., 1987:
Production of recombinants by pollinating winter bread wheat stigmas of different ages with fresh and stored rye pollen

Burdasov, V.M.; Sviridenko, E.I., 1988:
Production of regenerates of sea buckthorn from apical meristems in in vitro culture

Fukuda, T.; Fujii, Y.; Kanamitsu, K., 1989:
Production of resistant pine plantlets against the nematode disease through tissue culture techniques. I

Inaba, H.; Hatanaka, Y.; Iimura, H.; Matsumura, Y.; Mori, T., 1988:
Production of rice cake doughs with a twin screw extruder and their retrogradation properties

Lilley, R.J.J.; DeCaprio, J.D.; Mayer, R.E.; Fisher, W.B., 1988:
Production of rounded, granular ammonium sulfate crystals

Cunningham, J.C.; McPhee, J.R., 1986:
Production of sawfly viruses in plantations

Verpoorte, R.; Wijnsma, R.; Harkes, P.A.A.; Hoopen, H.J.G. ten; Meijer, J.J.; Van Gulik, W.M., 1987:
Production of secondary metabolites in cell cultures of some terpenoid-indole alkaloids producing plants

Cervo, A.; Mariot, E.; Mengarda, V., 1988:
Production of seed of cultivars of irrigated rice by small rural farmers

Ioannou, N.; Vakis, N.J., 1988:
Production of seed potatoes in Cyprus: incidence and economic importance of virus diseases

Ioannou, N., 1989:
Production of seed potatoes in Cyprus: the effects of roguing and planting date on the spread of potato leaf roll virus, tuber yield, and infestation by potato tuber moth

Maynard, D.N., 1988:
Production of seedless watermelons: a new opportunity and challenge

Anonymous, 1990:
Production of selected milk products, Ontario, 1985-1989

Acurero, M. de; Rodriguez H.J.E.; Quintana, H., 1987:
Production of sheep in Venezuela. 1. General aspects and future prospects

Mollere, P.D.; Wiewiorowski, T.K.; Astley, V.C.; Thornsberry, W.L.; Murray, M.A., 1990:
Production of silica and fluorine-containing coproducts from fluosilicic acid

Dighe, A.S.; Khandeparkar, V.G.; Betrabet, S.M., 1988:
Production of single cell protein from enzymatic cellulosic hydrolysates

Bugarski, ; Handzic, R., 1988:
Production of single cell protein from industrial and agricultural wastes and its use in livestock feeding

Gomez, R., 1989:
Production of single-cell protein (SCP) from sugar industry juices

Tuset, R.; Garcia Taibo, R., 1987:
Production of sleepers from eucalypts

Mullins, C.; Straw, R.; Coffey, D., 1988:
Production of snap beans as affected by soil tillage method and row spacing

Bohmova, J., 1989:
Production of soft cheese in the world and development trends in Czechoslovakia

Kobayashi, S.; Ohgawara, T., 1988:
Production of somatic hybrid plants through protoplast fusion in citrus

Yamagishi, H.; Hirai, M.; Yoshikawa, H.; Yui, S., 1989:
Production of somatic hybrids between black mustard (Brassica nigra Koch.; BB) and Hakuran (B. napus L.; AACC)

Gandhi, D.N., 1989:
Production of some useful products of industrial importance through microbial fermentation of whey

Syachkova, N.S., 1988:
Production of source material for breeding flax by means of chemical mutagenesis

Shpota, V.I.; Bochkareva, E.B., 1989:
Production of source material for breeding winter turnip rape free of erucic acid

Matveenko, S.N., 1987:
Production of source material in breeding triticale

Farkas, J.; Doborjan, K., 1988:
Production of soya drinks from soya flakes

Wolffhardt, D., 1989:
Production of soyabeans and its problems

Azuma, Y.; Kondo, Y.; Itoh, H., 1990:
Production of specific pathogen free. 3. Comparison of egg laying performance of SPF chickens in three generations between the caged and floor feeding system

Sisto, D., 1989:
Production of sporophores of Pleurotus eryngii on olive husk

Noleto, A.L.; Malburg Júnior, L.M.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1987:
Production of staphylococcal enterotoxin in mixed cultures

Otero, A.; García, M.L.; García, M.C.; Moreno, B.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1990:
Production of staphylococcal enterotoxins C1 and C2 and thermonuclease throughout the growth cycle

Yamazaki, T.; Flores, H., 1989:
Production of steviol glucosides by hairy root cultures of Stevia

Stadhouders, J., 1987:
Production of stirred yoghurt, bacterial growth and other factors of importance for viscous milk products

Scott, E.W.; McKellar, Q.A.; Armour, J.; Bairden, K.; Bogan, J.A., 1988:
Production of strains of the sheep parasite Ostertagia circumcincta by implantation of adult parasites into the abomasum of lambs

Adda, J.; Dekimpe, J.; Vassal, L.; Spinnler, H.E., 1989:
Production of styrene by Penicillium camemberti Thom

Kaneuchi, C.; Seki, M.; Komagata, K., 1988:
Production of succinic Acid from citric Acid and related acids by lactobacillus strains

Dragovic, S.; Panic, A.; Maksimovic, I.L., 1988:
Production of sugar beet depends on the climatic factors and irrigation effects in Vojvodina

Bormotov, V.E.; Svirshchevskaya, A.M., 1989:
Production of sugarbeet regenerates in in vitro culture

Dhillon G.S.; Grewal S.K.; Singh A.; Kalra M.S., 1988:
Production of sugars from rice straw

Buchuchanu, M.I.; Karadzhova, L.V.; Rotaru, F.G., 1989:
Production of sunflower hybrids resistant to the main fungal diseases and broomrape - a promising means of freeing the environment of pollution

Wyatt J.E.; Mullins J.A., 1989:
Production of sweet corn from transplants

Garrido M.J.; Paez D.C.sares J., 1989:
Production of sweet potato plants free from feathery mottle virus through shoot tip culture in vitro

Karafian, M.; Tsang, I.C., 1989:
Production of synthesis gas using convection reforming

Surico, G.; Lavermicocca, P.; Iacobellis, N.S., 1988:
Production of syringomycin and syringotoxin in cultures of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Surico, G.; Lavermicocca, P.; Iacobellis, N.S., 1989:
Production of syringomycin and syringotoxin in cultures of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae: effect of the inorganic phosphate concentration

Thomashow, L.S.; Weller, D.M.; Bonsall, R.F.; Pierson, L.S., 1990:
Production of the antibiotic phenazine-1-carboxylic Acid by fluorescent pseudomonas species in the rhizosphere of wheat

Biryukova, N.K.; Gorshkova, N.S., 1990:
Production of the cucumber hybrid Topolek for the spring greenhouse

Yurina, O.V., 1990:
Production of the cucumber variety Vodolei with multiple resistance to diseases

Chetvertnykh, L.M.; Voronchikhina, A.P., 1987:
Production of the midseason red clover variety Volosovskii

Tateo, F.; Fellin, M., 1987:
Production of the oleoresin from Rosmarinus officinalis L. by high pressure extraction

Slavchev, G., 1990:
Production of thermostable enterotoxin by Yersinia enterocolitica strains of serotype O:3

Espejo Diaz, M.; Lopez Gallego, F.; Serrano Garrido, A.; Garcia Barreto, L.J., 1988:
Production of three genotypes of ewes (Merino, Romanov, Romanov X Merino) in extensive pasture of S.W. Spain

Vilichku, F.K., 1987 :
Production of three-way sunflower hybrids

Faid, M.; Tantaoui Elaraki, A., 1989:
Production of toxic metabolites by Penicillium italicum and P. digitatum isolated from citrus fruits

Blanco, J.; Gonzalez, E.A.; Garcia, S.; Blanco, M.; Regueiro, B.; Bernardez, I., 1988:
Production of toxins by Escherichia coli strains isolated from calves with diarrhoea in Galicia (North-western Spain)

Dietz, A.; Vergara, C.; Hurley, D.S.; Eischen, F.A., 1988:
Production of tracheal mite-free honey-bee queens with Apitol

Larsen, N.E., 1990:
Production of traditional Feta and similar white cheese

Schellander, K.; Fuhrer, F.; Schellander, E.; Schleger, W., 1988:
Production of transgenic mice by means of pronuclear micro-injection

Wieghart, M.; Hoover, J.L.; McGrane, M.M.; Hanson, R.W.; Rottman, F.M.; Holtzman, S.H.; Wagner, T.E.; Pinkert, C.A., 1990:
Production of transgenic pigs harbouring a rat phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase-bovine growth hormone fusion gene

Ernst, L.K.; Tikhonenko, T.I.; Suraeva, N.M.; Miroshnichenko, O.I., 1989:
Production of transgenic progeny from rabbits carrying the gene for antisense RNA against the E1A region of adenovirus Adh5

Gramatikova, M.; Gorastev, K., 1984:
Production of translocation and male-sterile (mag) lines of winter barley

Abbas, H.K.; Mirocha, C.J.; Kommedahl, T.; Vesonder, R.F.; Golinski, P., 1989:
Production of trichothecene and non-trichothecene mycotoxins by Fusarium species isolated from maize in Minnesota

Kravtsov, Y.F.; Sukhorukova, N.S., 1987:
Production of triploid hybrids of sugarbeet at the L'gov Breeding Station

Gao, F.; Zhang, J.R.; Wu, A.R.; Chen, S.C., 1988:
Production of triploid plantlets by in vitro culture of Citrus embryos

Sain, M.; Kalode, M.B., 1988:
Production of unisexual progeny in rice gall midge Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason)

Sheridan, R.C., 1989:
Production of urea fluorosilicate

Nunnelly, L.M.; Norton, M.M., 1987:
Production of urea with lignosulfonate conditioner

Heisey, R.M.; Huang, J.; Mishra, S.K.; Keller, J.E.; Miller, J.R.; Putnam, A.R.; Silva, T.D.J.D., 1988:
Production of valinomycin, an insecticidal antibiotic, by Streptomyces griseus var. flexipertum var. nov

Pohl, P.; Lintermans, P.; Mainil, J.; Deprez, P., 1989:
Production of verocytotoxin by porcine strains of Escherichia coli

E.B.nna, A.A.; Leistner, L., 1989:
Production of verrucosidin by Penicillium species

Don J.; Avtalion R.R., 1988:
Production of viable tetraploid tilapias using the cold shock technique

Granados, R.R.; Dwyer, K.G.; Derksen, A.C.G., 1987:
Production of viral agents in invertebrate cell cultures

Heta, H., 1989:
Production of virulent hybrid progenies to Hordeum spp. with resistant gene JMlsn by crossing between two avirulent isolates of Erysiphe graminis DC. f.sp. hordei

Bondok, A.; E.D.n, T.M.N.; Gabr, M.F.; Tadros, M., 1987:
Production of virus free Hindi banana plants utilizing meristem culture and thiouracil treatments

Wang, W.C.; Tronchet, M.; Larroque, N.; Dorion, N.; Albouy, J., 1988:
Production of virus-free Dahlia by: meristem-culture and virus detection through cDNA probes and ELISA

Bremer, K., 1990:
Production of virus-free plants of vegetatively propagated onion Allium cepa L

Gama, M.I.C.S., 1988:
Production of virus-free sweet potato plants by heat treatment and meristem tip culture

Naundorf, W.; Muller, C., 1988:
Production of water-resistant pressed articles from strongly hydrophilic fuels

Klassen, P.V.; Zykov, V.A.; Khlebodarova, E.V.; Mirkhodzhaev, M.M.; Shub, V.I.; Evmenenko, V.T., 1988:
Production of wet-process phosphoric acid from phosphate-silica shales of Karatau

Eremin, G.V.; Zabrodina, S.N., 1988:
Production of winter-hardy varieties of myrobalan plum

Mountfort, D.O.; Asher, R.A., 1989:
Production of xylanase by the ruminal anaerobic fungus Neocallimastix frontalis

Bailey, M.; Poutanen, K., 1989:
Production of xylanolytic enzymes by strains of Aspergillus

Polonelli L.; Conti S.; Gerloni M.; Campani L.; Mantovani M.P.; Morace G., 1990:
Production of yeast killer toxin in experimentally infected animals

Baltadjeva, M.; Tchoroleva, M.; Panayotov, P., 1989:
Production of yoghurt from goat milk

Abd Rabo, F.H.R.; Partridge, J.A.; Furtado, M.M., 1988:
Production of yoghurt utilizing ultrafiltration retentates of salted whey as a partial substitution for milk

Frigyesy, F., 1988:
Production optima and soil utilization

Verkeyen, G.; Decuypere, E., 1990:
Production parameters following forced moulting in broiler breeder hens with different body weights at 19 weeks of age

Sharma, J.L., 1988:
Production performance of Punjab agriculture - district-wise analysis

Yoshii, R.J., 1988:
Production plan for sugar and alcohol for the 1988/89 harvest

Mann, W.; Krug, H., 1989:
Production planning - CO2 enrichment

Krug, H.; Liebig, H.P.; Bazlen, E., 1989:
Production planning - germination period (temperature reaction)

Krug, H.; Liebig, H.P., 1989:
Production planning - main growth period. Radish

Krug, H.; Liebig, H.P., 1989:
Production planning - transplant period. Emergence to transplant size

Perlin, C.; Knizkova, H., 1988:
Production possibilities and the effectiveness of saccharide raw material production in the CSSR

Miocinovic, D.; Ostojic, M.; Karabasevic, S., 1989:
Production possibilities of cultured beverages made from ultrafiltrated goat's milk

Singh, J.N.; Kewala Nand, 1989:
Production potential and economic feasibility of crop sequences with Mentha arvensis L

Thakur, H.C.; Sharma, N.N., 1988:
Production potential and economic profitability of different cropping patterns including cereals, pulses and oilseeds

Tomar, S.S.; Namdeo, K.N., 1988:
Production potential and economics of multiple cropping systems

Patra, S.S.; Barik, T.; Misra, A., 1988:
Production potential and economics of rice-based relay cropping systems

Patra, S.S., 1990:
Production potential and economics of upland rice + pigeonpea

Strittmatter, K.; Schutt, E.; Franke, R.; Koch, W., 1990:
Production potential of German Mutton Merino wethers in relation to age

Rajput, O.P.; Singh, R.R.; Gajendra Singh, 1989:
Production potential of different rabi crops under resource constraints

Rao, B.R.R.; Kailash Singh, 1988:
Production potential of improved genotypes of Japanese mint in Andhra Pradesh - a preliminary study

Prasad, U.K.; Prasad, T.N., 1988:
Production potential of intercrops with winter maize

Singh, C.M.; Shah, M.H., 1987:
Production potential of natural grassland introduced with grass legume

Gupta, J.P.; Patil, R.R., 1987:
Production potential of triticales as affected by levels of nitrogen and irrigation

Isoda, A.; Nakaseko, K.; Gotoh, K. (Goto, K), 1988:
Production potential of two high-yielding hybrid strains between ssp. andigena and ssp. tuberosum in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Production potentialities of Indian mustard varieties at rainfed conditions in West Bengal

Prakash, V.; Tandon, J.P., 1987:
Production potentials and net returns from Echinochloa based crop sequences under rainfed conditions of north-western hills

Kanodia, K.C., 1988:
Production potentials of grazing lands and their management strategies

Prakash, K.S.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Panchal, Y.C.; Prakash, B.G., 1988:
Production practices for ratoon rice in Tungabhadra River project

Ostrowski, C.; Bethka, S.; Wesolowski, M.; Frychel, J.; Owszarek, K.; Olszewski, E., 1988:
Production process for a self-levelling and quick-hardening mortar, especially for the production of floor foundations

Friese, E.; Leuchtenberger, A.; Hermersdorfer, H., 1987:
Production process for pectinase preparations with various polygalacturonase and pectinesterase ratios

Sugisawa, K.; Matsumura, Y.; Taga, K.; Sengoku, K.; Nagatome, Y., 1985:
Production process for retort tofu

Guillermou, Y., 1988:
Production processes and forms of exploitation of labour in rural African societies: the case of the Congo

Gere, T.; Meszaros, M., 1987:
Production programme for Holstein Friesian lines transmitting milk with a high solids content

Garbuz, M., 1989:
Production quality - the main reserve for strengthening the agricultural economy

Saarilahti, M.; Ole Meiludie, R.E.L., 1987:
Production rate and work strain on workers in cutting of pines in Tanzania

Diekmann, R.; Hempel, D.C., 1989:
Production rates of CO2 by suspended and immobilized bacteria degrading 6-amino-2-naphthalenesulphonic acid

Legates, J.E., 1990:
Production research: past, present, and future: a review

Yockney, N.D.; Van der Oord, K., 1989:
Production responses of steers to growth promotant implants designed for heifers

Bertoen, A.C.; Pieters, J.B.; Klundert, A.F. van de; Baaijens, G.J.; Parma, S.; Vera, F.W.M.; Berg, M.C. van den; Stortenbeker, C.W., 1987:
Production restrictions in agriculture: new chances for nature and landscape

Lipari V.; Romano D., 1989:
Production results of the carnation cultivated in a cold greenhouse

Niedzielski, E., 1988:
Production services for agriculture (Conference report)

Alvisi, F., 1990:
Production situation and consumption prospects for apples and pears

Cruz, V.C. dela, 1985:
Production standards for aerial tramming pine forests

Pinol, A.A., 1984:
Production standards for felling and debranching operation of ipil-ipil plantations

Cruz, V.C. dela, 1982:
Production standards for yarding in pine forests

Trevisan, G., 1988:
Production structure and the market for local vegetables: the case of the Treviso red radish

Prinsloo, J.F.; Schoonbee, H.J.; Walt, I.H. van der, 1989:
Production studies with red and normal varieties of the sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell) using a mixture of minced fish, bakery-floor sweepings and a formulated pelleted diet

Flamant, J.C., 1989:
Production systems and land utilization in the Mediterranean basin

Ring, M.P., 1988 :
Production systems and scientific production systems: a normative analysis

Ivory, D.A.; Semali, A., 1987:
Production systems based on annual cropping

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Production systems based on tree cropping

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Production technology for whey drinks

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Production temperature is key to longer salad shelf-life

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Production to enterprise prices - the basis for the most important indices for evaluating the performance of state forest enterprises

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Production/operations management in tourism

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Productive and beautiful villages with a secure outlook

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Productive beekeeping

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Productive potential of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) as a source of biomass for energy production

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Productive response of the very early table grape variety Incrocio Conegliano 199 to forcing in a protected environment for advancing ripening

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Productivity - hydrology - nutrient models of forested wetlands

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Productivity and contents of nitrogenous compounds in the grain of Soviet and European winter wheat varieties

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Productivity and earliness of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) as affected by its temperature and water relations

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Productivity and easily fermentable carbohydrates yield of a cattail crop (Typha latifolia L.) developed in a secondary effluent of a sewage treatment plant

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Productivity and grain quality characteristics of 29 sorghum hybrids

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Productivity and labour cost

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Productivity and morphofunctional udder traits in Ayrshire-Simmental 1st-lactation cows of different generations

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Productivity and nutritive values in three ecotypes of Trichloris crinita, a native forage grass of the arid zones of Argentina

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Productivity and population dynamics of silverleaf desmodium (Desmodium uncinatum), greenleaf desmodium (D. intortum) and two D. intortum X D. sandwicense hybrids at two stocking rates in coastal south-east Queensland

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Productivity and profitability of grapple yarding B.C. coastal second growth timber

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Productivity and profitability of grapple yarding bunched B.C. coastal second-growth timber

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Productivity and quality of Nashi on Tatura trellis

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Productivity and quality of fodder from Carex cespitosa and Carex sp. pasture

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Productivity and quality of raspberry fruits in the forest steppe zone of the Lvov region

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Productivity and quality of, and sheep and goat preference for, forage shrubs growing in North Island, New Zealand, hill pastures

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Productivity and reproductive performance of beef heifers of 3 breed types. 1. Reproductive performance

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Productivity and reproductive performance of beef heifers of 3 breed types. 2. Preweaning growth of calves

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Productivity and reproductive performance of beef heifers of 3 breed types. 3. Productivity, efficiency of reproduction and heat tolerance

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Productivity and susceptibility to mineralization of peat soils in the 'Bechatow' depression region

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Productivity in dairying - the need of the hour

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Productivity of three-, four- and five-year-old crossbred cows with 0, 1/4 and 1/2 Brahman breeding in spring versus fall calving systems

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Productivity of tomato cultivar Rannii 83 in relation to seed treatment in a magnetic field

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Productivity under shade in Hawaii of five crops grown as vegetables in the tropics

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Products and processes at Auckland Milk Corporation

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Products for sports nutrition

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Products for tomorrow

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Products from Leguminosae: an underestimated risk of allergy

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Professional institutes orientated towards the tourism sector

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Profile of farms benefiting from the 1982 farm commodity programs

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Profile of investment incentives

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Profile of the selective dopamine D-2 receptor agonist N-0437: its effects on palatability- and deprivation-induced feeding, and operant responding for food

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Profile of thyroid function and urinary iodine excretion of pregnant women attending Harare Central Hospital antenatal clinic

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Profiles of undernutrition and underdevelopment. Studies of poor communities in seven regions of the country

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Profiling crop and livestock production from the point of view of fodder production

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Profiling of Alternaria mycotoxins in fungal cultures by liquid chromatography with UV-diode array and electrochemical detection

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Profit and profitability of selected agricultural and food producing complexes

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Profit efficiency among Basmati rice producers in Pakistan Punjab

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Profit, people in a Malaysian perspective

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Profit, supply and input demand functions: a case study of winter rice in Bangladesh - a comment

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Profit, supply, and factor demand functions: comment

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Profitability and financing of bulb growing in the Netherlands in 1986

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Profitability and financing of cultivation of flowering bulbs in the Netherlands in 1987

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Profitability and financing of mushroom growing in the Netherlands in 1986

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Profitability and financing of vegetable growing in the open in the Netherlands for 1985 (1985/86 harvest)

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Profitability and financing of vegetable growing in the open in the Netherlands for 1986 (1986/87 harvest)

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Profitability assessment of animal traction investment: the case of northern Ghana

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Profitability of cold storage of vegetables and fruits

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Profitability of farms in 1986-87

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Profitability of feeding young stock, and milk yield in the grazing period

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Profitability of integrated plant protection for potatoes

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Profitability of silage systems

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Profitable cultivation of Plumbago by proper fertilizing

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Profitable multi-product dairy-based operation exploiting new markets

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Profitable tree farming

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Profitable utilization of cooperative credit by cultivators - a study of Visyasagar C.C. Bank Ltd. (West Bengal)

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Profits - and losses

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Profits and risks of using crimson clover and hairy vetch cover crops in no-till corn production

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Profound muscle weakness as the presenting feature of disseminated cryptococcal infection

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Profound reversible myocardial depression after anaphylaxis

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Proftiability and financing of vegetable growing under glass in the Netherlands in 1986

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Progenies of indigenous and exotic birches for problem sites in the German Federal Republic

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Progeny and provenance tests of aroeira, Astronium urundeuva

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Progeny production and adult longevity of the mealybug parasitoids Anagyrus pseudococci, Leptomastix dactylopii, and Leptomastidea abnormis (Hym.: Encyrtidae) in relation to temperature

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Progeny production and duration of development of rusty grain beetles, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) (Coleoptera: Cucujidae), on cracked and whole corn

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Progeny reduction of Sitobion avenae Fab (Homoptera: Aphididae) by Aphidius ervi (Hymenoptera: Aphididae)

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Progeny test on resistance of survival trees in areas recovered from pine gall midge

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Progeny testing for carcass traits. Report on a current trial at the Swedish University of Agriculture

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Progeny testing for ease of milking to October 1988

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Progeny testing for fattening performance in 1988

Gruter, O., 1989:
Progeny testing for milk yield

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Progeny testing for milk yield and ease of milking in 1990

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Progeny testing for milk yield and ease of milking in March 1990

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Progeny testing for milk yield and milkability 1989

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Progeny testing for milk yield and milkability up to March 1989

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Progeny testing for milk yield, ease of milking and beef

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation in September 1989 of standard lactations

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of 1st lactation performance to March 1990

Gruter, O., 1989:
Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of 1st-lactation performance at March 1989

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of 1st-lactation yield at March 1988

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of March 1988 for 1st-lactation milk yield

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of standard lactations at March 1988

Gruter, O., 1989 :
Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of standard lactations at March 1989

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Progeny testing for milk yield. Evaluation of standard lactations to March 1990

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Progeny testing for milk yield: evaluation using sample yields at October 1988

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Progeny testing for milk yield: evaluation using standard lactations to October 1988

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Progeny testing for milking ability. Evaluation at March 1988

Gruter, O., 1989:
Progeny testing for milking ability. Evaluation at March 1989

Gruter, O., 1989:
Progeny testing for milking ability. Evaluation at September 1989

Gruter, O., 1990:
Progeny testing for milking ability. Evaluation to March 1990

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