Production of chhana from buffalo sweet-cream buttermilk: effect of adding cow milk

Bhargava, V.N.; Pandey, V.S.; Shukla, S.G.

Proceedings of the second World Buffalo Congress, India, 12-16 December 1988 4: 215-223


Accession: 001920116

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In an experiment involving 4 replications, yield and quality of chhana obtained from buffalo sweet-cream buttermilk containing 0, 20 and 40% of standardized cow milk (3.5% fat) were compared with that prepared from cow milk. Fresh chhana yields from buffalo buttermilk and standardized cow milk were similar, and averaged 15.25 and 15.50% of the original liquid resp. Moisture-free yield of buttermilk chhana was less than that of cow milk chhana. Mean yield of dry chhana from buttermilk increased by 27.60% when it contained 40% added milk. A highly significant (P<0.01) positive correlation (r = 0.82) was observed between moisture-free yield (y) of chhana and concn. of TS (x) in buttermilk and/or milk, when both were expressed as a percentage. The linear relationship was expressed as y = 0.34 + 1.33. A similar linear relationship (y = 0.88F + 3.01) existed between dry chhana yield (%) and the fat percentage (F) of the liquid used. The addition of milk in buttermilk caused progressive increase in the concn. of fat and TS in fresh chhana, and a decline in its moisture concn. Moisture percentage (M) in chhana was inversely related (M = 82.52 - 6.79F) to fat percentage (F) of liquid used. Fortification of buttermilk with milk improved both the organoleptic score as well as the springiness measurement of buttermilk chhana. Buttermilk with 40% added milk yielded chhana of quality suitable for making sweets.